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I Fancy Work
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Even Heat Day and Night Fire Never Out.
CALEY HDW. CO. Sole Agts.
M^W And the "Interests." ff*
Gov. Eberhart, alias Gus Olson, is
attracting the silk stocking republi
cans.Roseau Times.
Necessary to Gad Them
Northern Minnesota farmers are
not hard to convince of the advantage
of better roads, but it is difficult to
stir some of them to action.Brainerd
S* $-
Frank Is Flaying the Game.
Frank Day, the democratic boss,
favors county option and will en
deavor, it is said, to have a county
option plank inserted in the next
democratic state platform. Janesville
Not a Bad Platform
We believe that the gubernatorial
candidate who will come out square
toed, for arti-tonnage tax and county
option, will have the southern hall of
the state shaking hands with the north
end over his nomination.Walker
t j
Have Yon Noticed?
Have you noticed how anxious
Frank Day and his clique are to have
Gov. Eberhart "carry out the John
son policies?" "The Johnson poli
cies" in this instance means keeping
democrats in the appointive offices.
Lester Prairie News.
What the Change Indicates
Many glowing tributes are paid to
Gov. Eberhart's political shrewdness,
but the fact remains that he voluntari
ly changed his name from Olson to
Eberhart, indicating a vile appetite
for sauer kraut instead of ludefisk.
Ortonville Herald-Star.
Approved by St. Paul Boomers.
Governor Eberhart's proposal that
the state purchase the land in front of
the capitol for an approach or park
way is not meeting with the approval
of the country press and it is hardly
likely that it will be approved by the
people.North Branch Review.
A Doubting Thomas
The friends who said that Bob Dunn
was out of the gubernatorial game,
probably wished to convey the im
pression that he was "all in." Any
one who tells us that Bob is out of the
jame will have to bring on his Eski
mos. We're from Missouri.Walker
$- 5
Sailing Under False Colors?
Why doesn't the Pioneer Press throw
off that false face of independence and
come out flat footed for democracy?
Everyone would think a lob more of
the paper. Warfare from ambush
passed out of fashion with the last
Indian scrimmage.Winnebago City
5* $- $-
Which Would Appeal to Common People?
Wonder if a candidate who stood
on a platform of "good roads in the
rural districts" would not appeal to
the common people more than one
who is pledged to lend his official in
fluence to acquiring a half dozen city
blocks to help out St. Paul in her
"capitol approach" scheme?Fairfax
$- $- j
Democratic Party Not Considered
The county optionist are flirting
with the republican party and expect
to present a county option plank to
the next republican state convention
for adoption. There will be a pretty
contest. The democratic party is not
considered in this connection, it being
too hopeless a case.Litchfield
.$. j. .3.
A Wonderful Metamorphosis
Of course the "commission plan" of
municipal government will change the
aldermanic grafter to an honest com"
missioner. That is the way it works.
Great thing that "commission plan."
You just stick a grafter into one end
of the machine and he comes out at
the other a dyed in the wool respec
table citizen.West St. Paul Times.
A Democratic Issue.
The attempt to create sentiment
favorable to the proposition that
"Cannonism" shall be an issue in the
congressional elections next year is
simply playing into the hands of
democracy. Of course the democrats
want that sort of thing. But why
should anybody want it who calls
himself a republican?Janesville
Twenty-five Miles Would be Better Still
General George B. Davis, judge
advocate general of the army, says
that the action of\some states making
it an offense to sell intoxicating
liquors within a certain
usually a mileof military reserva,.
tions has been
beneficial results. Sure. And five
miles would be still more beneficial.
Austin Transcript.
j. j. .$.
Good Koads Must Come First
We would much prefer to have
Governor Eberhart advocate the ex
penditure of $5,000,000 on the roads
A i
that amount upon an addition to our
new capitol and the purchase of all
the property between the old and new
capitol. After we get good roads, is
ample time to talk of that addition
and the purchase of all the land that
joins the state property on Wabasha
street.Bricelyn Sentinel.
Father Should Operate on Johnny
The telegrams say that a doctor's
operation, which removed some
splinters from a bad boy's brain,
made him good. That's good. And
if father would operate in the old
fashioned way on bad little Johnny
once in a while it would do him a
heap of good, too. Of course the
latter proposition would not involve
the brain.Stillwater Gazette.
5* $- $-
Good for Another Tweuty-five Tears.
S. E Farnham announced last week
that he had been with the Madison
Independent Press as editor and pub
lisher for the past twenty-five years
and that he was good for twenty-five
more. He has always labored dili
gently for his home city and every
week the paper is made just a little
bit better than the preceding issue.
That is why he has been there twenty
five years.Lake City Republican.
John Would Protest If Could
Editor Sherwood of the Bird Island
Union speaks but the simple truth in
saying frankly that some of the news
papers are running their adulation of
Gov. Johnson to ridiculous excess.
As the Union puts it, Governor John
son was a plain man, a good man
and an honest one. To try and make
him appear as God would be as dis
tasteful to him, were he alive, as to
any other plain and honest man.
Bricelyn Sentinel.
A Little Bit Personal.
The little scuttle fish, who edits the
Cannon Falls Beacon, still harps on
the Heney-Tawney incident when even
the Pioneer Press has admitted that it
lied. But it is always so. The big
'uns start a yarn and the little fellows
take it up and cackle away even after
the originators have been forced to
retract. The Beacon is a shining
example of this sort of journalism
and is never so happy as when rubbing
,it into somebody or something.
Preston Times.
Dema nd County Option Pla nk
The officials of the anti-saloon
league have given notice that the
league will demand a plank in the re
publican state platform next year
giving a full and strong endorsement
for county option. Unless this is done
the county optionists, who say they
will go into the convention next sum
mer with at least a third of the dele
gates, will nominate a separate state
ticket. The true slogan will be
sounded before long at a monster
county option convention to be held
at Minneapolis.Fertile Journal.
A Common Sense View
Much has been said of late regard
ing who would be the logical man for
the republicans to nominate for
governor next year and judging from
the numerous conflicting views ex
pressed it is doubtful if it will be pos
sible for the party to unite upon any
one man as the schism now existing
is too wide to be bridged. Therefore
it'appears to simmer down to the man
who can at least command a respec
table number in his own party and at
the same time rally a large number of
democrats to his standard.Foley
Its A Top Notch Doer.
Great deeds compel regard. The
world crowns its doers. That's why
the American people have crowned
Dr. King's New Discovery the king
of throat and lung remedies. Every
atom is a health force. It kills germs,
and colds and la grippe vanish. It
heals cough-racked membranes and
coughing stops. Sore, inflamed
bronchial tubes and lungs are cured
and hemorrhages cease. Dr. Geo.
More, Black Jack, N. writes, "i
cured me of lung trouble, pronounced
hopeless by all doctors." 50c, $1.00.
Trial bottlo free. Guaranteed by
A. Jack.
As persons of late have been wil
fully and maliciously destroying the
property of the Santiago-Blue Hill
Telephone company by shooting off
cross-arms from the poles and also
carrying away poles, bolts, etc., this
notice is given to warn them that a
strict watch is being kept and that
whosoever is hereafter found com
mitting such depredations as above
named will be arrested and prosecuted
to the full extent of the law. By order
of the board.
Cookit,says hee
did it Peary say
did but th chance. are neithes
one did it unless he took Hollister's
productive of most Rocky Mountain Tea. It is the most
searching and finding remedythere
is no doubt after takingas sure as
you take it you get results. Do it
tonight. C. A. Jack.
Feed Grinding.
I have purchased the Spencer
Brook feed and grist mill and am pre
pared to grind buckwheat and
kinds of feed at reasonable rates.
44-tfc J. S. Bengtson
Velvet and Cloth Collar Dress
$5.00 to 25.00
Fur Collar and Plush Lined
$10.00 to 30.00
Sheep Lined, Corduroy, Mole-
skin, Whipcord and Covert
Coats. The largest stock of
fine coats and workmen's
coats in the city and prices
by far the lowest. Make us
prove this to you.
The Avery 1
Dress Goods.
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
What You Are Looking For
"We have it in Armitage's Lilly Cream. This is absolute
ly the best in town. If not satisfied your
money refunded. 15c a box.
Armitage's Drug' Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Hr* .M..fr.fr.M"t"fr4"H"t-*.iH
Hats and Caps, Shoes, Clothing, Under-
wear, Rugs and Carpets, Gloves and Mit-
tens, Prints and Ginghams, Hosiery and
Staple Groceries
Town Talk Pineapple, per can |g
Standard Tomatoes, per can |(Jc*4
University Tomatoes, per can |5
University Corn, per can |Q
University Peas, per can 12c
University Lima Beans, per can 15c
Try our University brandsthey are fine.
Butter and Eggs taken at market value.
Come and see us.
InM-HnM, I..M, i .1..t..l! t' t"l'*J I I HHnM I U"

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