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ifeZ, if
interesting News from Sweden,
Norway and Denmark.
**Reds" Have Made Several Attempts
in Sweden During the Past Twc
Weeks to Wreck Electric Cars, Se
ing Successful In Two CasesBomb
Exploded on the Rails of the Karls
burg Line, but Fortunately No One
Is Injured by the Blast.
During the past two weeks there
have been several attempts on the pari
of anarchists to wreck the street cars
On one of the northern electric lines
In the vicinity of Ropsten road, a bi|
and strong piece of iron had beea
screwed fast to one of the ties ano
"when an electric car came passing bj
It was thiown off the track. Fortunate
ly no one was hurt. The same even
ing out on the Karlsberg line, a smal
bomb had been placed on the track ano
when the car passed over it, there was
a terrific explosion, but not in this in
stance either was any one injured. Th
pohce are watching matters prettj
close and deputies have been placed
all along the line and a rigid watch
is being kept in all parts of the ritj
where the electric lines are passing
Dr. Otto Nordenskiold is another
south polar explorer, who has confi
dence in Dr Cook and believes thai
he had reached the pole Says Dr
Nordenskiold a recent interview
with a prominent Swedish daily. "Thf
report from Rasmussen convinces me
that Dr. Cook has reached the pole. 1
regret that he did not leave his obser
vations and data to the Copenhagen
University as soon as he arrived in
Copenhagen, for that would have pre
Vented Dr Peary from making the ac
cusation that they had been manufact
ured. The claims of Dr Peary w.Il
have no effect on people who are as
well acquainted with Dr. Cook as 1
am. I know him to be an earnest and
honest man of research and have all
confidence him."
In Berlin and Paris, there is, as is
well known, magnificent ice palaces,
where irrespective of weather condi
tions, people can go and enjoy skating
to their heart's content. Now a cou
pie of enterprising Stockholmians are
going to put up a similar palace and
there is one thing certain that they
will be in a position to get ice under
fully as favorable conditions as Paris
or Berlin The gentlemen figure on
erecting such a building at an ex
pense of 200,000 crowns It will con
tain an immense skating rink, where
at least 1,000 people can find room to
skate at one time There will be a afe
in connection and the best of musn
will be furnished for the skaters whil
they are gliding along the ice
lohn Forsell, the eminent SwediSxi
opera singer has now arrived in this
countiy It is not announced in mst
what connection Mr Forsell will
appear, but it is thought that he will
sign a contract with the Metropolitan
Opera company of New York. During
the past two months, I\Ir Forsell h.is
been gning series of faiewell con
certs in Sweden Mr Forsell has ap
peared tipP before the TJnittd
States and each time he created a very
fine imprtsMon. on all Ins audiencts
He sang in Minneapolis at Ibe gnat
Swedish saongeifct 1904 and ever
since people all over the northwest
have been wanting to hear him auain
At any rite Forsell is considered to
be Sweden greatest baritone
Frans Svanstiom, papei dealer and
manufacturei, died
Stockholm a few
days ago, aged seventv seven years
The deceased started in business in
Stockholm in 1844 .uid ha been theie
e\er since He has been very success
and it is believed that he gnw vw,iv
thousmds of crowns *o the poor e\ ei
year hut he never snd a word about il
to any one, so there is rtallv no ivay
of determining lust ho\ much he give
auny Had il not been for nianv j'ict
suih good heaited men .is he was the
pno? people in Stockholm would ha\
had to polish during these trouble
some tinier which have drained the
cnuntiv -sueoidllv during the pfii
yt ai
A gymastic troupe from Stockholm
gave in exhibition in St Petersburg
Oct IS 20 under the auspices of the
Russian Tourist Society The exbih,
tiou was attended In thousands of peo
pie and the participants
the e\hibi
tinn wprp roundly applauded and re
ceived much in,use tor the St Peters
burs: papers The result or thi *x
hibition tnav be that the Russian gov
ernment may officially adopt the Swe
dish gymnastic system and have it in
troudced in the schools and universi
The Emperor and Empress of Russia
have presented the Stockholm Yacht
club with immense silver service
which is reported to be one of the fin
est th continent The gift was
made as an appreciation for the way
in which the chib arranged a pleasant
visit tor them t0 Sweden last summer
Every year dunnsr the past ten years
the public school boards of Stockholm
have distributed shoes among poor
children on or about Oct 1 This year
it was impossible to do this owing to
the big strike This is only another
evidence of the misery that has been
brought about by the strike
The average daily attendance in th
Stockholm schools during the month
or ^September was 25,270. There Is a
slight decrease in the attendance ov
er that of last year, but it amounts to
only abut 100, a figure that may be ex
ceeded for the present'month.
The* Chilean government have or
dered a complete set of light house ma
terials from Sweden. The Swedish
Dalen system for light houses will be
used exclusively after this on the en
tire Chilean coast, where light houses
naturally are much in demand.
Oline Staven, the seventeen year old
girl who two months ago murdered
her mother by choking her to death by
means of holding a pillow over her
face, and afterwards attempted to
shield the crime by putting fire to the
house, has been sentenced to fifteen
years imprisonment The remarkable
thing about it all is that the girl has
a splendid education and is an excep
tionally bright young woman. She had
on several occasions robbed her aunt
of considerable sums of money and ev
en purchased books for same It took
a long time for the authorities to dis
cover who had committed the crime
and meantime the young girl attended
school and the teachers all state that
she knew her lessons and that her de
portment was the very best.
While making excavations under the
old German church in Bergen recently,
there were found the walls of the old
St. Peters church and a number of
corpses which were in a petrified condi
tion. The corpse of a child was found,
which was remarkably well pie
served and had evidently been very
carefully embalmed There were also
found numerous samples of pottery
from the early times and the excava
tors have only begun their work. Much
interest attaches to these excavations
and a number of Christiania profes
sors are coming to Bergen to study the
specimens They will all be placed in
the museum in Bergen
"Verdens Gang" wonders if it would
not be a good idea to use rein deei
in future polar explorations They eat
less than a dog, are several times as
strong and can stand the cold better
than other animals The paper sug
gests that the next attempt to reach the
pole should be with rein deer, instead
of dogs As interests in polar explora.
tions are quickening in these days, it
Is very possible that some one will try
the scheme
A large floating derrick is under
course of construction at Fredriksstad
The frame is to be 109 by 52 feet and
the apparatus is to have a depth of 13
feet and 9 inches There will be two
different hoists the larger one of which
will be strong enough to raise a load
of 200 tons This will be the largest
floating derrick ever constructed
Kristoffer Janssen is giving a series
of lectures in the coast towns this fall
His subject is "Peer Gynt," also "Hans
Nielsen Hauge" and "Ameline Skram"
are included in his course. He is an
able lecturer and has drawn large au
diences wherever he has appeared
There is a majority of the committer
on military affairs that arc ready and
in favor of building a new cruiser at
the Horfen navy yards The vessel i*
to be a duplicate of "Haraal Haarga-
gre," and will cost, when completed
Bergen has this year over 12,500
school children There are seven pub
lic schools in the city at present and
they are considered the best in the
Consul W Wilhelsmsen of Tonsberg
has donated 10,000 crowns each to the
Tonsbeig and Gamlehjem orphanages
Bjornson is again reported better and
his physicians are becoming more and
more hopeful for his recovery.
A young Norwegian arrived in Co
penhagen the other day and created
quite -t demonstration by claiming
that he was possessed of a sixth sense
and that lie was able to tell wheie
things weie hidden, etc He is benij,
closely watched however, and if his
"sixth sense" will not amount to anv
more than that boy Flottums did, why
there is nothing doing Still he is the
object ot much curious attention at
present He has however dene wonder
ful things A week ago last Tuesday,
he steered blindfolded a steamer into
the haibor of Copenhagen which is a
difficult thing to do for even a pilot
with two eves and with yeais of exper
ience A number of Danish specialists
were present on this occasion, all n,
tbem being men of repute who have
been eve eai and throat specialists in
the city for years and they all agres
that the young man is possessed of a
wonderful eift which baffles them en
King Frederick has now officially ac
cepted the resignation of premiei
Christensen The direct cause of Christ
ensen resignation was the almost
unanimous demand for his resignation
owing to his apparent connection with
the Alberti scandals While Christen
sen was not accused of anything direct,
it is believed 'hat he in a measure at
tempted to shield Alberti At any rate,
there was a public demonstration
against him which served to make his
position a most delicate one His suc
cessor has as yet not been named
The Danish government's polar yacht
"Godthaab* arrived a week ago last
Tuesday at Copenhagen from Green
land Its commander, Captain Schou
bye, was the first white man who Dr.
Cook encountered on his return from
the north pole The captain was at
first a little doubtful if Dr Cook had
really been to the pole, but after look
ing over his data and journal he be
came convinced that it was so
Knud Rasmussen cabled his father in
Copenhagen from Greenland the other
day that he would arrive in the Danish
capital on or about No 1 and that he
would bring conclusive proof that Dr
Cook had been at the north pole.
EJirio: 'Nip
Farm Fireside.
Glemalags by Oar Country
Cotrtspondeuts. I
Sidney Lane spent Sunday with his
uncle, T. F. McCracken.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Fisk are enter
taining Rev. Mace this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jones and family
have moved onto R. E. Jones' place.
Everyone in this vicinity attended
the market day in Princeton Satur
Mrs. John Lane visited her brother,
T. F. McCracken, and family last
A large number of the boys from
this vicinity are attending school in
H. B. Fisk was laid up the greater
part of last week with a large car
buncle on his neck.
Services are being held every night
this week in the school house in dis
trict 10 by Rev. Mace.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor of Maine are
visiting Mrs. Taylor's sister, Mrs.
Charles Judkins, and family.
School has reopened in the Judkins
district after being closed a couple
of weeks on account of diphtheria.
Miss Pauline Trunk spent Saturday
night with her parents. She returned
to her school at Estes Brook on Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Holan and daughter
of Minneapolis have been visiting
Mrs. Holan 's'parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Dorff, and family.
Miss Edna Babb and Mrs. Chas.
Babb spent a few days in Minneapolis
this week.
Editor John E. Kienitz of the Inde
pendent-Press was a caller at the
Brook Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Chapman and
children of Princeton are guests at
the Foote home this week.
Miss Lizzie Wentworth came over
from Cambridge Saturday to attend
the party at Mrs. Foote's.
Miss Marian Price has returned to
Spencer Brook after an absence of
several weeks spent with friends in
Those who are interested in the
Mitchell cemetery should look to its
appearance somewhat. The weeds are
higher than the tombstones.
Miss Hazel Scalberg and Miss
Gladys Foote of Princeton, and Miss
Jessie Swanbro of Wyanett were visit
ing at the home of Mrs. M. L. Sever
ance Saturday and Sunday.
We think out here that the com
pulsory education law is the best
thing that ever happened. The at
tendance is much more regular, hence
every scholar makes better progress.
Elmer Reynolds barely escaped
having a serious accident on his way
home from Princeton one evening last
week. His team ran away and collid
ed with another. The two wagons
were overturned and the horses were
thrown to the ground. One of the
wagon boxes struck Elmer on the
back which caused him considerable
lameness, but further than that no
damage was done.
Mrs. Mary Foote was hostess at a
Hallowe'en party at her home Satur
day evening. About fifty young
people were present and indulged in
the romps and games peculiar to the
celebration. There was music too,
as they have a gramophone and a
piano-player at the Foote home.
Jack o'lanterns and candles with
turnips, gourds and squashes for
candle sticks, presented a unique
appearance in all the rooms. At
midnight a fine lunch was served,
after which all returned to their homes
to dream about their fortunes, and
all agreed that they had spent an en
joyable evening.
I. F. Walker shipped two cars of
stock from here Tuesday.
M. K. Iliff of Elk River was in
town on business Monday night.
Mrs. Mike Looney is here from
Iowa visiting her son, John, and his
James Harrison came up from Min
neapolis last Monday to visit rela
Mr. and Mrs. Heffner drove to
Bethel Sunday to visit Mrs. Heffner's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Starkey.
The Stendahl and Mode families
drove to Elk River Sunday and spent
the day with Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Miss Pearl Hetrick, who is working
at the Blanchett hotel at Elk River,
came up Saturday night to visit rela
tives over Sunday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Emil Swartz
last Thursday, a boy on Saturday a
girl to Mr. and Mrs. Ole A. Erickson,
and on Monday a girl to Mr. and
Mrs. John Looney.
Miss Ina Bean, who has been quite
sick, is now able to attend to her
duties in the postoffice. Mrs. Jay
Smith has also been on the sick list
bub is better now. Both were patients
of Dr. Cooney.
tt tf
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tf tf
Sanitary Steel Couch, like this cut,
for one week
fff. J. St JU J
Iter- -"*"-'J
5** ?i%iiM
We Want You to Come in and Visit*bur Carpet
and Rug Dept. See Our New Display Rack
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Prices for Good Rugs Were Never So Low.
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A Large Line of Couches
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Black Hawk Mercantile Co.
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