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IWW 1 i I
Main Street,
From $12.50 to $17.00
5 Also a Few Bearskins for Children at3
E From $2.50 to $4.75 3
Bonnets to match any coat 3
E: Princeton, Minn. 3
J~ Come in and look our Mill Work over, such 3
E as Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Window and~3
g~ Door Frames and Porch Finish. We have 3
8r a fine stock on hand. ~8
1// You Are Thinking of
j Building a House 1
g or barn, or making repairs, come in and look ~3
r at our Lap and Drop Siding, Flooring and 3
Common Boards. Red and White Cedar 3
Shingles, none better on the market, and at 3
g: prices that suit. 3
r GEO. A. COATES, rianager 3
Deafer /n
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
Pianos and Organs
Ewings' Music Store
You no doubt find it a hard
matter to sell jour rough lumber
to advantage because most of
your customers want it finished.
jithermorc you can get twice
as ach for your lumber by plan
ing it, making it up into flooring,
drop siding, window casing and
mouldings, tor which there is an
unlunted demand at big prices
The Howell Planer and Matcher
doe3 all this work to perfection
You can also make big money
by working up all your slabs and
waste material into Lath and
Shingles All you need for this purpose is our Lath Mill and Shingle Machine. We build the
best and most up-to-date machines of this kind on the market which we can furnish you at
manufacturers prices. Keep your plant running all the time. Remember we build complete
Saw Mill Plants from top to bottom all of our own manufacture. Our new Catalog is just
now out. If you have not received it, witre to-day. Manufactured by
have them in vari
ous grades to sell on
monthly installments if
desired. We have
now on hand
a splendid
assortment to select fronr
and the prices are very $
'*'V 'J' J'J'*j
W Also Hava
Established 1879
Interesting News from Sweden,
Norway and Denmark.
Sweden Will Raise a Fund from Which
Men Out of Employment Can Bor
row Enough Money to Purchase a
Small Piece of Land on Which They
Will Be Enabled to Make a Living
in Their Own Country.
A national subscription has been
started throughout Sweden for the pur
pose of checking emigration, especial
ly among the agricultural classes. The
money thus collected shall constitute
a fund from which such men as are
out of employment now, can borrow
money with which to purchase a small
piece of land on which they will Ije
enabled to make their living. It is al
so a scheme on the part of the govern
ment to open up government lands, the
same as is done in America and thus
give the buyer a period of ten years
time in which to pay for his land The
plan may be a feasible one, but in the
meantime, emigration of young men
is going on at an alarming rate, and
America is getting the most of it. It
is especially noticeable that there are
unusually large numbers of young men
who leave the country They are the
very ones that the government is
loathe to let go, because they consti
tute the citizens on which the future
country depends.
Carl Cederstrom, member of the
Swedish nobility, who some years ago
was a vaudeville artist in Chicago,
has recently returned from Paris to
Stockholm, where he has informed the
it will only be a matter of
a ie months before he will return to
the capitol and give a flying exhibition
in an aeroplane, which will have all
the others beat a city block He is a
deciple of Bleriot, of course, and it
seems that Bleriot bad much to teach
him. He is willing to be taught too,
and will return to Paris soon and com
plete his aeronautic education there if
possible. He will return to Stock
holm next year with his improved
monoplane, which be says is easier
to run than an automobile, and it will,
according to "Baron" Cederstrom. only
be a short time before his monoplane
will be so popular that all Stockholm
ians in average good circumstances
can afford to have them.
Lieutenant Shackleton, the English
south polar explorer gave a lecture on
the evening of Oct 12 under the aus
pices of the Swedish Anthropological
Society in Stockholm, in one of the
lecture rooms in the Grand Hotel,
which was filled to its utmost capacity
by eager listeners He described the
expedition to the South pole most vi
vidly to the crownprinre and prin
cess, the Swedish premier, Royal Anti
quarian Montehus and many other
men of note in the scientific world
Lieutenant Shackleton was made an
honorary member of the society and
after the lecture a dinner was givtn
in his honor
Sir E Nordenskiold, who had
made an expedition to the interior of
Central South America during the
early part of 1908, has written a let
ter to Forsstrand of Stockholm,
dated August 7, St Antonio, RioPara
piti. In this letter the explorer state*
that his ethnological and archaeologi
cal researches in that section of tho
earth, have been crowned with sue
cess, and that his collection from the
interior of Boliva and Brazil are of the
most unique character The explorer
further states that he will soon return
to his native land, stating that he
"longs for some good books and civil
ized people."
To Stockholm arrived the other day
a Chinese commission from the em
peror in China, which came to formal
ly advise the Swedish king of the
fact that here is a new emperor and
empress on the Chinese throne The
commission consisted of China's new
minister Brussels, Yang Shoo, the
emperor's special messenger. He was
accompanied by Lynn Tong-Sih, Liou
Sy-Tschang and the attaches Chung
Yun-Ho, Chang-Chung-Chen and Yang
The university collection of pictures
of Swedish kings is now complete
from the time of the two Carls down
to King Gustaf. The new picture
hangs beside that of Karl II, the great
warrior king, possibly because too.
there was such a great contrast be
tween the character of these two
kings. Oscar II appears in civil dress,
without either military or royal em
blems, thus expressing the man of
Anonymous letters are still being
circulated among prominent men,
stating tnat on such and such date,
they will be blown up in the air or
words to that effect. Nothing hov
ever, of any startling nature has hap
pened recently and not a great deal
of importance is attached to these let
The widow of the late King Oscar
has presented the Lund University
with a fine oil painting of her husband
An exchange says- Miss Hannah
Larsen writes that Professor Carl
Lorentzen, of Columbia University,
has just returned from Norway, Swe
den and Denmark, where he spent
some time in the interest of the Ami
lean-Scandinavian society, of which he
is secretary. He speaks enthusiasti
cally of the results accomplished since
the organization of the society lese
than a year ago. The interchange ol
professors and of students is already
an actual fact. The next step will be
to extend the activity of the society tc
the middle west where the Scandina
vian element is more powerful in tat
universities. "Wherever I went I met
with a cordial response," said the pro
fessor, "and I may say that Norway
has taken the lead. I met no man on
my travels who took a keener interest
in our plans than Professor Broegger
of the University of Norway He hopes
that they may be the means of making
the Scandinavian countries at home
draw closer through a comman union
with America. During our talk he be
came so interested that he jumped
up and said he would present me to
the King. That could not be done as
the King was in Bergen at the time,
hut Rector Broegger will no doubt lay
the matter before the King in the not
distant future." Professors S. P. Dut
fion of the Columbia University, was
sent to Europe by the American Scan
dinavian society. He has just finished
his course of lectures in Sweden after
first having given a similar course In
Norway and Denmark. Professor Dut
ton's lectures have been extensively
reported in the papers of Norway. His
subject was "The Influence of
Education in the United States"
He dwelt on the great power for
small college which
spiritual and intel
of the new states
At the close of his lecture in Chiisti
ania, a dinner was given in his honor
by the University and the Scientific
society In Denmark he was received
in audience by the King and entertain
ed at dinner. Three Scandinavian
students have already arrived the
United States and are studying at the
Carnegie Technical school in Pitts
burg. They are Harald Erbing from
Sweden, Frode Kjems of Denmark and
Haakon Styri from Norway. The in
stitution has invited them as guest
students, which means that they ha^e
no tuition fees to pay. The work of
the American-Scandinavian society has
thus been successfully begun and itl
Is urgently hoped that it will be pro-]
ductive of much good.
good of the
is really the
"ectual pioneer
In Vaerdalen there are an abund
ance of wolves this season and peo
ple are complaining that they are hun
gry and attacking cattle and sheep
The authorities are going to do their
utmost to kill them off They seem to
be fully aware of a person coming up
on them with a gun, but the minute
a person comes near them unarmed,
they are almost ready to make an at'
tack at any time.
The Wilson Line Steamship com
pany have placed two new steamers
on the Christiania-Trondjem route,
viz, the "Olso" and the "Aaro Both
steamers are modern and splendidly
equipped in every way to suit the
passenger traffic.
Bjornson's new play "When the Vine
is in Bloom," Is being rendered at the
Bergen theater at present. The thea
ter is packed to its utmost capacity
every night, and seats are sold for
many days advance. Mme. Ivar
son takes the leading part.
There were severe frosts during the
early part of last month all through
Trondelagen, considerable damage was
done to fruits and vegetables Many
fruit and vegetable raisers lost their
entire crop
An Englishman, Albert Kroger of
London.'has donated a sum to the
city of Trondhjem, which shall consti
tute a legacy, the interests accrueing
to be divided among the poor of the
The head station for wireless tele
graphy is located in Bergen and has
now been completed at an expendi
ture of 100,000 crowns
Count Hostein-Ledreborg's cabinet
resigned last Friday after receiving
a vote of censure from the Folketli
inget, where the cabinet has been the
object of much criticism owing to the
recent budget proposition, which it
has prepared The cabinet has been
shortlived It was organized in the
early part of August after the Neer
gaard cabinet had been dissolved The
radical leader Zahle has now taken
it upon his shoulder? to form a nex\
ministrv to take the place of the one
which ]us+ resigned Zahl's proposi
tion is for the folkethinget to appoint
a committee of fifteen to examine the
Alberti affaiis, eventually seeking to
bring to justice Alberti, Christen
sen, another premier who recentlv re
signed and Sigurd Berg The coun
try is now awaiting the outcome of it,
hut there will evidently be more trou
ble in store in the near future
Prince Gtorge of Greece who has
been sojourning for some time in
Copenhagen as the guest of Prince
Waldemar, announced in the Copen
hagen papers recently that he desired
to buy a pala'ce and estate in the vi
cinity of Copenhagen He offers a cool
million crowns for a suitable place
The fact that the prince has made this
announcement, would indicate that he
intends to spend the remainder of his
days in Denmark He has tendered
his resignation as admiral in the fleet
to the Grecian government
Knud Rasmussen arrived Tuesday of
last week with his steamer "Nans
Egede." He asserted in an interview
with a correspondent for one of the
Copenhagen dailies, that he was fully
convinced that Dr. Cook had reached
the north pole. He positively stated
that he had seen Dr Cook's data and
believed that they were genuine. Ras
mussen intends to return to Greenland
next spring and thent hopes to meet
the two Eskimos, who went with Cook
to the north pole.
Sheep Lined, Corduroy, Mole-
skin, Whipcord and
Coats. The largest stock of
fine coats
coats in the city and prices
by far the lowest. Make
prove this to you.
The Avery
Dress Goods
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
WG~ 500 "Wl
New 10c Novels Just Received
All the Latest Stories by the Best Writers.
Armitag'e's Drug Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Hats and Caps, Shoes, Clothing, Under-
wear, Rugs and Carpets, Gloves and Mit-
tens, Prints and Ginghams, Hosiery and
Staple Groceries
Town Talk Pineapple, per can |6c
Standard Tomatoes, per can |Qc
University Tomatoes, per can |5c
University Corn, per can |0c
University Peas, per can |2c
University Lima Beans, per can 15c
Try our University brandsthey are fine.
Butter and Eggs taken at market value.
.Come and see us.
NORELIUS *+*\%*h*%M\\*%%\*M*\**++\*\$tt**\*\b**W***++W++*\

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