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6:00 a.m Duluth 10:15 p.m.
8:55 a.m Brook Park 7:20 p.m.
9:04 a.m Mora 6:56 p.m.
9:31 a.m Ogilvie 6:39 p.m.
9:42 a.m Bock 6:26 p.m.
10:10 a.m Milaca 6:05 p.m.
10:23 a.m Pease (f) 5:49p.m.
10:35 a.m...Long Siding (f)... 5:37 p.m.
10:41 a.m Brickton (f) 5:33 p.m.
10:56 a.m Princeton 5:27 p.m.
11:15 a.m Zimmerman 5:06 p.m.
11:40 a.m Elk River 4:46 p.m.
12 05 a.m Anoka 4:25 p.m.
12:45 p.m Minneapolis 3:45 p.m.
1:15 p.m St. Paul 3:15 p.m.
(f) Stop on signal.
10:18 a.
10:23 a.
11:20 a. ...St. Cloud.
5:34 p.
m. m. m.
Daily, except Sun. Daily, except Sun.
8:30 a.m Milaca 2:10 p.m.
9:30 p.m Princeton 1:00p.m.
10:30 p.m Elk River... .10:30a.m.
3:00p. Anoka 8:00a.m.
Any information regarding sleeping
cars or connections will be furnished at
any time by
G. H. PENNISON, Agent.
Princeton, Minn.
Bogus BrookA. J. Franzen...Route 2, Milaca
BorgholmEmil Sioberg Bock
East SideOscar C. Anderson Opstead
GreenbushJ. H. Grow Prinoeton
HaylandAlfred F. Johnson Milaca
Isle HarborO. S. Swennes Lawrence
MilacaJ. A. Overby Milaca
MileR. N. Atkinson Forestoa
OnamiaLars Erickson Onamia
PageAugust Anderson Milaca
PrincetonA. Kuhfleld Route 2, Princeton
KathioE. E. Dinwiddie Garrison
South HarborChas. Freer Oove
A. N. Lenertz Princeton
W. C. Doane Milaca
F. T. P. Neumann Foreston
BaldwinH. B. Fisk Route 3, Princeton
Blue HillM. B. Mattson Princeton
Spencer BrookJ. L. Turner.. .R. 3, Princeton
WyanettP. A. Chilstrom R. 2. Princeton
LivoniaW. R. Hurtt Zimmerman
SantiagoChas. Nelson Santiago
DalboM. W. Mattson Dalbo
BradfordWm. Conklin Cambridge
StanfordLee Hass St. Francis
Spring ValeHenry A. Olson Cambridge
NO. 92, A. & A. M.
Regular communications.2d and4th
Wednesday of each month.
NO. 93, of
Regular meetings every Tuesday eve
ning at 8 o'clock.
A. J. ANDERSON, K. R. & S.
GEO. E. RICE, Master of Finance.
NO. 208,1. O O.
Regular meetings every Monday evening at
8:00 o'clock. SOLOMON LONG, N.
F. C. CATER. Rec. Sec.
NO. 1266 C. O
Regular meetings second Sunday in
every month.
M. J. BRANDS, Chief Ranger.
Jos. PAYETTE, Recording Sec.
Brotlierliood Americ an Yeoman
NO. 1867
Regular meeting nights second and fourth
Wednesday in month.
RALPH CLAGGETT, Correspondent.
KARL B. TAKBOX, Foreman.
WM. MILLER, Master of Accounts.
Undertaker and
State Licensed Embalmer.
Dlsinf ecting'a Specialty. Rural Phone No. 30
Princeton, Minnesota.
R. D. A. McRAE
Office In Odd Fellows Block.
Townsend Building.
Princeton, Minn
Office hours 9 a. m. to 12m. 2 p.m. to5 p.m.
Over E B'Anderson's store
Princeton, Minn.
Office and Residence over Jack's Drugstore
Tel.-Rural. 36.
Office In Carew Block,
Main Street Prinoeton.
A fine line of Tobacco and Cigars.
Main Street, Princeton.
Will take full charge of dead bodies when
desired. Coffins and caskets of the latest styles
always ^n stock. Also Springfield metalics.
Dealer In Monuments of all kinds.
E. A. Ross, Princeton, Minn. Telephone No. 30.
Practical, Beliable and Honest
Tubular Well Driller.
Established in 1884. Pioneer well driller of
the state. If in need of a well do not fail to
write or phone me, as my long experience will
save you money and insure very best results.
R. E. LYNCH Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Feed Grinding-.
I have purchased the Spencer
Brook feed and grist mill and am pre
pared to grind buckwheat and all
kinds of feed at reasonable rates.
44-tfc Bengtson.
State News.
The Armour Packing company will
start a factory at Hill City, Aitkin
county, where pails and tubs for
lard export will be made from popple,
basswood and white birch.
Mrs. Mina Arbogast has been
acquitted by a jury in the Ramsey
county district court, where she
being tried on the charge of the
murder of her husband, Louis Arbo
With her knitting lying on the bedcounty
beside her, Mrs. Phoebe Emily Wat
son, who is said to have been 100
years old, died at the woman's build
ing of the Minnesota Soldiers' home
last Thursday. She was the oldest
woman at the home. Her father
fought in the revolutionary war.
A. A. Kremer, former treasurer of
Itasca county, who was indicted on
five counts for the alleged embezzle
ment of funds, pleaded not guilty.
Bail was fixed at $25,000 and
furnished. Mr. Kremer has turned
over securities amounting to $50,000,
and his shortage may reach that sum.
August C. Ferm was found guilty of
manslaughter in the district court at
Minneapolis, Saturday. He killed
John R. Carlson at Golden Valley on
May 30 last. Carlson was Mrs.
Ferm's nephew. The killing took
place after a Memorial day celebra
tion at the Ferm pig farm in Golden
James M. Quigley, who grew up
with the Minneapolis fire department
from the time it was a volunteer
organization, and lost an arm in the
service, is dead. For twenty years,
or since the day he left the hospital in
18B9 with an empty sleeve, Mr. Quig
ley has been engineer in charge of the
stationary engines at the department
repair shops.
J. A. Hartigan, insurance com
missioner, has had so many inquiries
from the northern part of the state
relative to the standing of the Western
Fire Insurance company of Phoenix,
Arizona, that he is led to believe the
company is attempting to do business
in this state. ''The company is not
licensed to do business in this state,"
said Mr. Hartigan. "I is organized
under the laws of Arizona, which are
so lax they afford no protection to the
policy holders. The policies of this
company offer no protection and
one issuing them is violating the laws
of the state."
$25 For a Broken Tooth.
A pebble in a loaf of bread broke a
woman's toobh as she was bitting into
a slice. She brought suit for
damages, and the court awarded her
$25 in settlement against the bread
maker. There is no danger of break
ing a tooth when you drink golden
grain belt beer atlhough on account
of its nutritive qualities this beer is
often called liquid bread. Have a
case in your cellar and drink it regu
larly. Order of your nearest dealer
or be supplied by Sjoblom Bros.,
Test Mine Explosions.
Recent experiments in creating mine
explosions for the purpose of study
have been made at Sheffield. England,
and the result given by Consul Hamm
of Hull. A test was made in a gallery
free of the gas known as fire damp,
but sprinkled with coal dust. A light
cannon shot first put the dust "in sus
pension," as it would be after a mine
blast. A second heavier shot was fol
lowed by a loud explosion in the gal
lery and the belching forth of flame
with clouds of dense smoke.
The demonstrators claim to have
proved that coal dust is both inflamma
ble and explosive. The safeguarding
of coal miners now holds the attention
of experts and legislators in this coun
try, and it is important to note that in
the Sheffield experiments certain sec
tions of the gallery were laid with
stone dust, to be mingled by the force
of thp concussion with the coal dust,
and where stone dust was present
there was no flame. Stone dust to
prevent explosions has been tested in
a circuit of collieries near Sheffield for
many years and is claimed to be ef
The statue of Verrazzano, reputed
first discoverer of New York bay,
was placed on Battery park by for
eigners. The statue of Liberty out in
the bay was the gift of a foreigner.
It is creditable to outsiders to do
these things, but where is the boasted
patriotism of the city fathers of New
York that foreigners must do them if
they are done at all?
Bruin is a knowing as well as a
nosing animal, and the five polar bears
recently landed in New York would
make a good committee to adjust the
Cook-Peary muddle.
Laugh your laugh now. at the
thought of cotton going up on the eve
of the football opening. The boys
will need your sympathy as well as
the cotton later on.
Although it fell to Harry Whitney
to corner the biggest relief supply
known in arctic exploration, he show
ed no particular zeal about getting it
to the front.
Proceedings of Board of County Com
missioners of Mille Lacs County.
Auditor's Office, Mille Lacs County,
Minn. Princeton, November 2nd,
Board of county commissioners of
said county met at the office of the
county auditor pursuant to adjourn
All members of the board
Meeting called to order by the
chairman at 11 o'clock a. m.
The following claims against the
were audited and allowed in
amounts as stated:
Pioneer Press Co.. blanks $ 9.50
The Pioneer Co., blanks and office sup
plies 12.50
Miller-Davis Printing Co., blanks, and
office supplies 43.56
Security Blank Book & Printing Co
blanks, office supplies and survey
or's books 34.60
Security Blank Book & Printing Co.,
collection and payment registers. 40.00
Louis F. Dow Co., carbon paper 3.50
Fritz & Cross, blanks 4.60
Village of Princeton, electric light and
mdse.. and street sprinkling 39.65
Tri-State Tel. & Teleg. Co., telephone
rents and tolls 2.40
Midland Chemical Co., disinfectants... 13.25
& Lomb Optical Co.. transit
with solar attachment.. 308.00
D. W. Spaulding. material and labor
painting and repairing court house 132.45
R. D. Byers, goods for court house 1.35
Wm. Neely, repairing sheriff's chair 1.75
Hennepin County, boarding county
prisoners 21.30
H. P. Bacon, coroner's services and
mileage viewing remains of I. B.
Nelson 5.60
Harry Shockley, sheriff's expenses
serving tax citations 17.20
Harry Shockley. sheriff's expenses sub
poenaing grand and petit jurors.. 34.25
Allen's Dept. Store, goods for Jennie
Roman 5.62
Allen's Dent. Store, goods for Peter
Hanson 10.00
Allen's Dept. Store, goods for Sven
Skoglund 3.00
W. F. Waldhoff, goods for Jennie Ro
man 5.00
W. P. Waldkoff, goods for Mrs. E. O.
Willets 15.00
W. J. Eynon, goods for James Streeter. 24.88
F.T. Kettelhodt, goods for Ray Leach
family 15.04
C. A. Jack, drugs and medicine for
countypoor 26.46
E. A. Ross, coffin and undertaking for
body of S. F. Woods 50.00
Northwestern Hospital, hospital care
for Mildred Schwartz 30 00
Northwestern Hospital, hospital care
aHd medical treatment for Knute
Morgan 7.50
Northwestern Hospital, hospital care
for Wm. Dorr 86.00
Milaca Hospital, hospital care and
treatment for Paul Johnson 155.40
F. C. Cater, wood for Wm. Simpson 3.00
Allen's Dept. Store, goods for county
surveyor on survey of state road
No. 1 6.26
Otto Polsf uss. road work in Com. Dist.
Dist. No. 1 40.00
N. P. Olson, road work in Com. Dist.
No 2 15.00
N. G. Orton, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 2 60.00
A. C. Barnick, road work in Com. Dist.
No.2 10.00
O. Dery, road work in Com. Dist. No. 2 25.00
Louis Kocheford, road work in Com.
No.2 25.00
Oscar Erickson, road work in Com.
Dist. No.2 42.25
Herman Johnson, road work in Com.
Dist.No.3 10.00
Oscar Osborne, road work in Com. Dist
3 40.00
Strom, road work in Com. Dist.
No.3 30 00
Arthur E. Asp, road work in Com. Dist.
No.3 68.00
Cust Hedin, road work in Com. Dist.
No.3 25.00
D. J. Blomberg, road work in Com.
Dist. No 3 13.00
J. A. Larson, road work in Com. Dist.
No.3 10.00
Gust S. Johnson, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 4 71.57
Albin and Gust Rosenberg, road work
in Com. Dist. No. 4 50.00
John A. Peterson, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 4 6.32
Grant Weatherly, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 4 12.43
Axel Broman. road work in Com. Dist.
No. 4 26 68
Joseph Peach, road work in Com, Dist.
No.4 C.32
Herman Andersou, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 4 7.05
Albert Swanson. road work in Com.
Dist. No. 4 7.55
Andrew Skarin. road work in Com.
Dist. No.4 28.13
Gust Molander, road work in Com. Dist.
No.4 21.70
Nels Banson, road work in Com. Dist.
No.4 13.32
Carl Sholm, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 4 5.95
John Bruflodt, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 4 11.03
Hans Thompson, road work in Com.
Dist. No 5 29.00
John Oberg, road work in .Com. Dist.
No. 5 28.00
Wictor Sjodin. road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 5^.00
H. O. Oliver, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 12.00
E. E. Dinwiddie. road work in Com.
Dist. No. 5 21.37
Wm. Anderson, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 52.76
Henry Britton, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 12.00
L. M. Dinwiddie, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 5 13.50
Wm. Generous, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 is
Geo. H. Rowley, road work in Com.
Dist. No. 5 9.75
George Wakeman. road work in Com.
Dist. No. 5 12.75
B. P. Lund, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 32.25
J. H. Faught, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 21.00
K. P. Albert, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 21.09
B. E. Gee, road work in Com. Dist. No. 5 9.87
Peter Evans, road work in Com. Dist.
No. 5 13.50
F. C. Cater, 2 miles travel, meeting of
county board 20
Ole H. Uglem, 14 miles travel, meeting
of eounty board 140
John Dalchow. 12 miles travel, meeting
of county board 1.20
C. E. Erickson, 28 miles travel, meeting
of county board 2.80
O. S. Swennes. 120 miles travel, meet
ingof county 12.00
On motion the following claims
were laid over for further considera
tion: Louis F. Dow Co., $53.50
Joseph Scbmitz, $32.65 H. Siren,
$55.75 A. G. Phelps, M. D., $30.00
and Dr. C. A. Lester, $110.00.
On motion of C. E. Erickson,
seconded by F. C. Cater, the claim
presented by the Pioneer Company
for seal, records, etc., for Torrens
land registration system shipped to
Mille Lacs county was rejected, and
said goods ordered returned.
On motion duly made and carried
by a unanimous vote of the board, the
following claims were rejected:
Ellingboe Hardware Co.. goods furnish
ed Robert Hanson 40.55
Town of Milo, expenses in control of
contagious disease 44.92
On motion duly made and seconded,
the board by a unanimous vote re
fused the petition of eight legal voters
of the towns of South Harbor and
Isle Harbor, asking that Gilbert
Wilkes, who at the last session of said
board was declared disqualified to
serve as a viewer on county ditch No.
8 on the ground that he was not a
freeholder, be reinstated as a member
of the board of viewers on said ditch.
On motion of F. C. Cater, seconded
by C. E. Erickson, the petitions pre
sented asking for a change of the
boundary lines of school districts
Nos. 18 and 33 were laid over until
the next session of the board.
The Great Northern Railway Com
pany, through its agent at Princeton,
having asked for payment by the
county of the further sum of $61.00 for
building and constructing the two
railroad crossings on state road No.
2, on motion of C. E. Erickson,
seconded by O. S. Swennes, Com
missioners Cater, Dalchow and
Uglem were appointed a committee to
consult with the attorney employed
by the board in said matter, with full
authority to make final determination
and adjustment of the matter in
On motion the application of N. E.
Anderson for refundment of taxes
paid on the xx% 'of sw}4 of nw of
section 14, in township 37, range 27,
for the year 1908, was laid over for
further consideration.
On motion the appilcafcion of S. A.
Johnson for transfer of the Wm.head
McHale liquor license in the town of
Isle Harbor was laid over until the
next session of the board.
In the matter of the hearing on the
application of O. N. Peterson for
license to sell intoxicating liquors for
a period of one year, commencing
on the 19th day of October, 1909, and
terminating on the 18th day of
October, 1910, on the ground floor
room of that certain two story build
ing situate on lot 4, in block 17,
the townsite of Wahkon, in the town
of Isle Harbor, county of Mille Lacs
and state of Minnesota, due notice of
the time and place of hearing said
application having been given as re
quired by law and proof thereof filed
in the office of the county auditor of
said county, the said application was
publicly read and considered by the
board, and all objections thereto
duly heard and considered, and on
motion duly made and seconded the
said application was granted by a
unanimous vote of the board.
Bond of O. N. Peterson to sell in
toxicating liquors in the town of Isle
Harbor for the period commencing on
the 19th day of October, 1909, and
terminating on the 18th day of OcPrinceton
tober, 1910, was presented and
examined by the board, and on moliquors
tion made and carried by a unani
mous vote, the said bond and theterminating
sureties thereon were duly approved.
Applications on file for survey and
subdivision of sections were again
laid over.
No further business appearing, on
motion the board adjourned until
Tuesday, December 7th, 1909, at 11
o'clock a. m.
Chairman Board of County Commis
sioners, Mille Lacs County, Minn.
Attest: E. E. WHITNEY, County Auditor
and Ex-Officio Clerk of Board.
(Official Seal)
Forced Into Exile.
Wm. Upchurch of Glen Oak, Okla.,
was an exile from home. Mountain
air he thought would cure a lung
racking cough that had defied all
remedies for years. After six months
he returned, death dogging his steps.
"Then I began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery," he writes, "and after
taking six bottles I am as well as
ever." It saves thousands yearly
from desperate lung diseases. In
fallible for coughs and colds, it dis
pels hoarseness and sore throat.
Cures grip, bronchitis, hemorrhages,
asthma, croup, whooping cough. 25c
and $1.00, trial bottle free, guaranteed
by C. A. Jack.
Masquerade Ball.
In the Blue Hill town hall on Satur
day evening, November 13, Henry
Garloff will give a masquerade ball,
when prizes will be awarded for theJack's.
best and homeliest costumes. Supper
may be obtained in the hall. Music
for the danee will be furnished by
Shaw & Peterson's orchestra. Tickets
for dance 50 cents. All are invited
and an enjoyable time is promised
those who attend. 45-2tc
In 1904, when I sold my office, I
agreed not to practice dentistry in
Princeton for three years. Beginning
with the 18th of November I will make
regular monthly visits to Princeton
prepared to do any and all kinds of
dentistry. As before, I will guaran
tee all my work in every respect.
Hoping for a share of your patronage,
I remain, respectfully yours,
Dr. C. P. Walker.
If your farm is for sale, list it with
Robt. H. King and he will-find you a
buyer. 6_tf
The Wise's
Kept No Maid
Delay Has Heretofore Been Dangerous
In Princeton.
This was economical and satisfying
to Mrs. Wise. Things seemed right
only when she did them.
It worked fineeverybody satisfied. Busy
hands are happiest but the strain toldphysi
cally first, then mentally. One day she gave out
had to quit"All run down" she said.
The facts werecomplete physical exhaustion and
ragged nerves, due to never-ending monotonous tasks.
The Wise's doctor said "DIGESTO"a wine glass
three times a day.
That did it
The doctor made good, DIGESTO made good and
both made Mrs. Wise good, and equal to her tasks with
energy to spare.
Moral: Don't waittake DIGESTO now. A perfect
liquid food and body builder.
For Sale by All Druggists
Do the right thing at the right time
act quickly in times of danger.
Backache is kidney danger. Doan's
Kidney Pills act quickly. Cure all
distressing, dangerous kidney ills.
Plenty of evidence to prove this.
Mrs. Joseph Leathers, across the
river, Princeton, Minn., says: I
was troubled for two or three years
with kidney and bladder complaint.
My back was so lame that I could
hardly perform my housework. My
ached severely and dizzy spells
would come on. My eyes were very
weak and my whole system was runestateinfthe
down. The kidney secretions were
irregular and*.also caused me great
annoyance. A neighbor advised me to
try Doan's Kidney Pills and I pro
cured a box at the Home Drug store.
This remedy proved of such great
value to me that I can conscientiously
it to other kidney suffer-
For sale by all dealers.
Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the nameDoan's
take no other.
Application for Liquor License.
County of Mille Lacs, ss.
Village of Princeton,
Notice is hereby given, that appli
cation has been made in writing to the
common council of said village of
and filed in my office, pray
ing for license to sell intoxicating
for the term commencing on
the 20th day of November, 1909, and
on the 19th day of
November, 1910, by the following
person, and at the following place as
stated in said application, respective
ly, to-wit: Elvina Smith, in that cer
tain room located in that certain brick
building being annexed to on the east
side of that certain brick building
known as the Riverside hotel, situated
on lot one (1) and lot two (2\ block
five (5), of the original tow'nsite of
Said application will be heard and
determined by said common council of
the village of Princeton at the re
corder's office in the village of Prince
ton in Mille Lacs county, and state
of Minnesota, on Tuesday the 16th
day of November, 1909, at 7:30 o'clock
p. m., of that day.
Witness my hand and seal of village
of Princeton this 3rd day of Novem
ber, 1909.
(Corporate Seal) Village Recorder.
Kills Her Foe ot 20 Years.
"The most merciless enemy I had
for 20 years," declares Mrs. James
Duncan of Haynesville, Me., "was
dysspepsia. I suffered intensely after
eating or drinking and could scarcely
sleep. After many remedies had
failed and several doctors gave me
up, I tried Electric Bitters, which
cured me completely. Now I can eat
anything. I am 70 years old and am
overjoyed to get my health and
strength back again." For indi
gestion, loss of appetite, kidney
trouble, lame back, female complaints
it's unequaled *"-i- Only 50c at C. A
(First Pub. Nov. 11)
Order Limiting Time to File Claims
Within Three Months, and for
Hearing Thereon.
State of Minnesota, County of Mille Lacs.
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Philemon
Holland, decedent.
Letters of administration with the will an
nexed this day having been granted to George
A Eaton and it appearing by the affidavit of
said representative that there are no debts of
said decedent
It is ordered that the time within which all
creditors of the above named, decedent may
present claims against Ms estate in this court,
be, and the same hereby is, limited to three
months from and after the date hereof and
that Monday, the 14th day of February, 1910.
at 10 o'clock a. m.. in the probate court
rooms at the court house at Princeton, in
said county, be, and the same hereby is, fixed
and appointed as the time and place for hear
ing upon and the examination, adjustment and
allowance of such claims as shall be presented
within the time aforesaid.
Let notice hereof be given by the publication
of this order in the Princeton Union, as pro
vided by law.
Dated November 8th, 1909.SAKFOBD,
_ ,_
(Seal Probate Court) Judge of Probate.
Young Girls Axe Victims
of headache, as well as older women,
but all get quick relief and prompt
cure from Dr. King's New Life Pills,
the world's best remedy for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure
blood, and strong nerves and build
up your health. Try them. 25c at C.
A. Jack's.
(First Pub. Nov. 4.)
Citation for Hearing on Petition lor
State of Minnesota, County of Mille LaCs.
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Charles H.
Chadbourne, decedent.
The State of Minnesota to all persons inter
ested granting of administration of the
said decedent.
The petition of Lowell J. Chadbourne, hav
ing been filed in this court, representing that
Charles H. Chadbourne, then a resident of the
county of Mille Lacs, state of Minnesota,
died intestate on the 14th day of October, 1909
and praying that letters of administration of
his estate be granted to said petitioner: and
the court having fixed the time and place for
hearing said petition
Therefore YOU, and each of you, are hereby
cited and required to show cause, if any you
have, before this court at the probate court
rooms, in the court house, in the village of
Princeton, in the county of Mille Lacs, state of
Minnesota, on the 29th day of November, 1909
at 10 o'clock a. m., why said netition should
not be granted.
Witness the Judge of said court, and the seal
of said court this second day of November, 1909.
(Court Seal) Probate Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner
(First Pub. Sept. 30)
County of Mille Lacs. (ss
District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
The First National Bank of Princeton.
Jane Norton. Olof p! Strandberg, also
all other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or I
interest in the real estate described in
the complaint herein, Defendants,
The State of Minnesota to the above named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above entitled action, which complaint has
been filed in the office of the clerk of said dis
trict court at the village of Princeton, county
of Mille Lacs and state of Minnesota, and to
serve a copy of your answer to said
on the subscriber at his office in th1
Princeton in the county of Mille Lacs within
twenty (20) days after the service of this sum
mons upon you exclusive of the day of such
service: and if you fail to answer the said com
plaint within the time aforesaid the plaintiff ia
this action will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in said complaint together with
plaintiff's costs and disbursements herein.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Princeton, Minn.
Notice of Lis Pendens.
County of Mille Lacs, fs
District Court, Seventh Judicial District
The First National Bank of Princeton.
Jane Norton, Olof P. Strandberg, also
all other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or I
interest in the real estate described in
the complaint herein, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an action has
been commenced in this court by the above
named plaintiff against the above named de
That the object of said action is to determine
the adverse claim of the defendants and each
and all of them, and the rights of the parties
respectively herein in and to the real estate
hereinafter described, and that the premises
affected by said action situated in the county
of Mille Lacs and state of Minnesota are
described as follows:
The east half of the southeast quarter of
section nineteen (19 and the northwest quar
ter of the northeast quarter of section thirty
two (33), township thirty-eight (38), range
twenty-seven (27).
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Princeton. Minn.
(First Pub. Nov. 4.)
Citation for Hearing on Final Account
and for Distribution.
State of Minnesota, County of Mille Lacs.
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Edward
Larkin, decedent.
The State of Minnesota to the next of kin and
all persons interested in the final account and
distribution of the estate of said decedent
The representative of the above named
decedent, having filed In this court her
final account of the administration of
the estate of said decedent, together with
her petition praying for the adjustment and
allowance of said final account and for dis
tribution of the residue of said estate to the
persons thereunto entitled Therefore you
and each of you, are hereby cited and required
to show cause if any you have, before this
court, at the Probate Court Booms in the
Court House, In the village of Princeton in
the County of Lacs State of
th'e a, -S
Petitio should not bMinnesota.,e
witness, the Judge of said Court, and the
Seal of said Court, this 30th day of October,
(Court Seal) WM. V. SAOTORD,
J. A. Ross, Probate Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner.
For farm loans go to Robt. H.
King. He gives lowest rates, best
terms and quick service. 50-tf
29th day of November, 1909. at 10 o'clock

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