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f| High time we were thinking about those
Christmas Presents we're going to make
Zephyr yarn in all shades, for slippers.
India linen and fancy laces for handkerchiefs.
Main Street,
Fleeces in fancy patterns and all shades, just the:
thing for dressing sacks, per yard,
10c to 19c
Sultan silks for scarfs, per yard,
Wool Panamas in blue, brown and wine colors, per yd,
Shadow striped Panamas in blue and brown, per yd,
9VCall and see the things we haven't room to tell about^d^
Princeton, Minn. 3
Come in and look our Mill Work over, such 3
as Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Window and 3
Door Frames and Porch Finish. We have 3
a fine stock on hand. 3
You Are Thinking of
Building a House
or barn, or making repairs, come in and look 3
EE at our Lap and Drop Siding, Flooring and 3
Common Boards. Red and White Cedar 3
Shingles, none better on the market, and at 3
prices that suit. 3
QEO. A. COATES, manager
Dealer in
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
I Edison Phonographs
A full line of records always on hand
Fishy Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
*^^^^*^****^*^^*^*w*w^ i^ ii*^m^*i^*^0^^^^.
The very best machines on the market,
ranging in price from
$15.00 to $65.00
Ewings' Music Store
You no doubt find it a hard
matter to sell your rough lumber
to advantage because most of
your customers want it finished.
Furthermore you can get twice
as much for your lumber by plan
ing it, making it up into flooring,
drop siding, window casing and
mouldings, for which there is an
unlimited demand at big prices.
The Hpwell Planer and Matcher
does all this work to perfection.
You can also make big money
by working up all your slabs and
waste material into Lath and
Shingles. All you need for this purpose is our Lath Mill and Shingle Machine. We build the
best and most up-to-date machines of this kind on the market which we can furnish you at
manufacturers prices. Keep your plant running all the time. Remember we build complete
baw Mill Plants from top to bottom, all of our own manufacture. Our new Catalog is just
now out. If you have not received it, witre to-day. Manufactured by
Xi x,t
Wo Also Hav*
Established 1879
Laurentian Highlands the Oldest Land
In the World.
Stretching across Canada north of
the St. Lawrence and ending in the
regions about the source of the Missis
sippi is a range of low granite hills
called the Laurentian highlands. These
hills are really mountains that are al
most worn out, for they are the oldest
land in America and. according to
Agassiz. the oldest in the world.
In the days when there was nothing
but water on the face of the globe
these mountains came up, along is
land of primitive rock, with universal
ocean chafing against its Shores. None
of the other continents had put in
an appearance at the time America
was thus looking up. The United
States began to come to light by the
gradual uplifting of this land to the
north and the appearance of the tops
of the Alleghenies. which were the
next in order. Later the Rockies
started up. The United States grew
southward from Wisconsin and west
ward from the Blue Ridge.
An early view of the country would
have shown a large island which is
now northern Wisconsin and a long,
thin tongue of this primitive rock
sticking down from Canada into Min
nesota, and these two growing states
looking out over the waters at the
mere beginnings of monntain ranges
east and west. They were waiting for
the rest of the United States to ap
pear.Charles D. Stewart in Atlantic.
What the Lovers Intended to Say and
What They Did Say.
What he intended to say: Lucille, I
cannot tell you how I have waited,
how I have longed for this moment.
Do you remember. Lucille, the first
time we met? Well. I loved you from
that moment. Are you surprised? I
could not help itI felt as though
fate had drawn us together. Only tell
me, darling, that some of my love is
returned. There must be hope for me
say there is! (Takes her hand.) I
love youlove you more than words
can tell. All I ask is that for the re
mainder of my life I may be your
willing slave. All I desire is your hap
piness. Tell me, sweetheart, that my
love is reciprocated. Will you be
mine? (Kisses her.) Darling, at last
my happiness is complete.
What she intended to say: Why,
Jack! I did not dream of this! I have
always thought of you merely in a
friendly way. and it seems so strange
now to have you speak of love. I sup
pose I conld get used to it in time.
Yes. I might learn to love you a little
just a little. But you must really.
Jack, give me some time to readjust
myself. What! Kiss me! You sillv
boy! Well, just one.
What they said: JackThe fact is,
Lucy. IIIIwill you marry me?
LucyOh. Jack!New York Journal.
Simplified Oratorios.
The new minister was consulting the
organist as to the music to be sung
on his first Sunday.
"And besides the hymn tunes," said
the organist whose daily occupation
was that of plumber and iceman for
the village, "we always have two se
lections from the choir, from real
classical music', generally from one of
Handel's or Haydn's oratorios."
"Why, that is good news," said the
minister, who was no mean musician
and had a cultivated taste and ear.
"But don't you find the music rather
difficult for untrained singers?"
"Well, they aren't untrained, for I
train 'em," said the organist with some
resentment. "And. besides that, where
the music's difficult I alter it for 'em.
I strike out all the cadenzas and trills
and things of that kind, and where the
tune runs too low or too high 1 either
set it up or down an octave, or if I
can't do that just have 'em quit sing
ing, and I put on the vox humana stop
and play the tune till it gets into their
range again. It's easy enough when
you know how to do it."
The Steady Man.
We'd lik to write a little rhyme
about the steady man, who keeps on
pegging all the time and does the best
he can the man who early goes to
work and doesn't get home late, who
never tries to shirk in order to be
great. There are some fellows who
will try to do their business tricks
and have a finger in the pie of city
politics. They try to put on lots of
style and play a heavy role, and in a
little bit o' while you find them in a
hole. 1 like the man of steady pace:
his system I admire. He has no wild
desire to place more irons in the fire!
Los Angeles Express.
Love must be cultivated and can be
increased by judicious culture, as wild
fruits may double their bearing under
the hand of a gardener, and love can
dwindle and die out of neglect, as
choice flower seeds planted in poor
soil dwindle and grow single.Harriet
Beecher Stowe.
He Saw Double.
Stymie (who has dallied too long at
the clubhouseiHey, old man! What
chuh wanter tee up two balls for?
Green (ditto)That's all right, old
chap. Can't you see I'm driving witu
two clubs?Puck.
Would Be Nice.
"I tell you that the world shall yet
give me what I deserve!" he ranted.
"That will be nice." replied his wife,
trying to view her back in the mirror.
"1 look well in black.'-Houston Post.
There is no grace in a benefit. *hat
sticks to the fingers.Seneca.
Mrs. E. C. Earley was here last
week on a visit to friends. She re
cently returned from International
Fails, where her husband is working
at the barber trade. Mr. Earley has
commuted on his timber claim near
Big Falls.
The choral services at the Methodist
church on Sunday evening were very
attractive. A choir of thirty-one
members, under the direction of Mrs.
C. A. Caley, rendered a number of
selections and there were several ex
cellent instrumental selections. Mrs.
Guy Ewing presided at the organ.
Rev. C. L. Lehnert, superintendent
of the Minneaapolis district of the
North German conference held quar
terly conference, at the Ebenezer
German Methodist church on Satur
day and Sunday. Rev. Lehnert
preached Sunday evening at the
Battle Brook school house.
A. E. Allen & Co. 's advertisement
occupies page 8 of this number of
the Union. A special sale of coats,
furs, etc., is announced which will
begin tomorrow and continue until
Thanksgiving. It will pay you to
read the ad and see what is offered in
the line of bargains.
Ernest H. Sellhorn returned on Fri
day from Medicine Hat, where he is
interested in a brickyard. It appears
that he engaged in an altercation
with the old chap who operates the
weather mill and that, as a conse
quence, the revengeful old cuss sent
down a snowstorm the very night
Ernest arrived here.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sfceeves arrived
here from the Golden Valley on Fri
day and will remain about ten days.
Mr. Steeves says all the Princeton
boys are well except Watson, the
tailor, who is in a hospital at Beach
suffering from a stroke of paralysis.
Crops in the Golden Valley have been
prolific, says Mr. Steeves.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bender have left
for Germany to visit their relatives
and friends. They will be missed by
their many friends here. Mr. Bender
has been mteresteed in the bible and
tract cause and Mrs. Bender has been
superintendent, and later teacher in
the Battle Brook Sunday school.
Their many friends wish them a
happy journey and visit and a safe
County Commissioner Erickson of
Milaca called on Tuesday to remon
strate with us for publishing the story
of his automobile experience. He
asserted that the story cost him a box
of cigars, but before he left offered to
take us out and buy another box.
"You confined yourself too closely to
the truth," said Erick "everybody in
Milaca is familiar with the circum
William Ross has succeeded in
purchasing a bunch of fine young
native horses and has them on hand
at his stables for sale. These horses
are perfect in every respect and weigh
from 1,200 to 1,400 pounds. Among
them you can find horses suitable for
any purpose desired. They will sell
fast, so if you need a high-grade
horse you should lose no time in
getting to the stables.
The Anoka football team has
promised to come here next Saturday
and give the high school eleven a
whirl at the fair grounds and Coach
Doane feels confident that the Prince
ton boys will show the Anokas a
trick or two. On Thanksgiving day
Princteon will play the South Side
high school of Minneapolis and on
the following Saturday it will tackle
the Princeton alumni.
A. Jack came down from Camp
Bullis, in the northern wilds, yester
day morning. When Charley left
there the boys had killed nine deer
Andy Bullis bringing down the first.
Andy has mighty keen sight for a
man of his age and his aim is ac
curate. How long the boys will re
main in the north Mr. Jack did not
know, but now that snow has fallen
they will probably make an attempt to
kill the limit before they return.
Just as soon as there is money
available the county road running
south from Cove should be completed.
There ought to be a first-class straight
main thoroughfare clear through
from the lake to the southern border
of the county. With this end in view
the several towns should co-operate
with the county authorities. A good
beginning has been made and ere the
close of another year we hope to see
this main road throughout the entire
length of the county'completed and in
good condition.
According^to the Independent-Press
a Spring Vale farmer claims to have
saved three dollars^by taking a grist
of wheat to the flour mill at Sunrise
in preference to patronizing either the
Cambridge or Princeton mills 29 miles
nearer his home. The farmer in
question it appears lost his fur coat
and cap on the trip to Sunrise. If the
truth were known that Spring Vale
argiculturist could have done as well
and perhaps better at either Cam
bridge or Prniceton. But a fellow
who has not gumption enough to
keep his coat on his'back and his cap
on"his head on* a 'chilly November
night is liable'to"make any old claim.
Overcoats The Newest, Up-to-date Coats
in a large variety of styles
and patterns, a coat to please
every taste and purse. You
should see them.
Military Great Coats
$5.00 to 25.00
Velvet and Cloth Collar Dress
$5.00 to 25.00
Fur Collar and Plush Lined
$10.00 to 30.00
Sheep Lined, Corduroy, Mole-
skin, Whipcord and Covert
Coats. The largest stock of
fine coats and workmen's
coats in the city and prices
by far the lowest. Make us
prove this to you.
Dress Goods
The Avery Clothing House
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
W Have Them. See our Holiday Post
cards for i, 2 and 3 cents. The kind you
have been paying 5 and 10 cents for. We
have a complete line of postcard albums
from ioc to $3.00 each. Get them now.
Armitage's Drug' Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Hats and Caps, Shoes, Clothing, Under-
wear, Rugs and Carpets, Gloves and Mit-
tens, Prints and Ginghams, Hosiery and
Staple Groceries
Town Talk Pineapple, per can |g
Standard Tomatoes, per can |QC
University Tomatoes, per can |5
University Corn, per can |Q
University Peas, per can |2
University Lima Beans, per can |5c
Try our University brandsthey are fine.
Butter and Eggs taken at market value.
Come and see us.
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