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a. i. STAPLES,
Batinese manager.
With this issue the Union enters
upon its 34th year.
This north pole question bids fair
to become as embarrassing as "How
old was Anne?"
Peary will now seek the south pole
and, when he gets back, he will no
doubt make some people believe that
he found it.
There are scores of men just as
competent to represent Minnesota in
the United States senate as either
Moses E. Clapp or Frank B. Kellogg.
Nine Chicago aldermen went down
to Cherry, the scene of the mine
disaster, last week and played the
role of Santa Claus, which goes to
show that some of these gentlemen are
not as black as they are painted.
Some of the great educators of the
country advocate the abolishment of
cube and square root from the col
lege curricula. They probably think
that football rooting furnishes all the
exercise the boys need along this line.
If the political editor of the Hold
ingford Advertiser has sized up the
situation correctly C. A. Smith is the
coming governor of Minnesota. As
between Smith and some of those who
have received "favorable mention"
the Union prefers Mr. Smith.
An eminent astronomerWilliam
H. Pickeringhas discovered some
green stuff growing on the moon.
The man up there has probably been
reading Jas. J. Hill's speeches and is
following his advice to engage in
A New York paper says that a state
which has a governor who can play
poker should consider itself lucky,
for it has a strategist at its helm. But
there is no proof that our governor
can play poker, or didn't he lose that
wad as reported by a number of news
Upon the day preceding Christmas
every year the Duluth Herald's news
boys pay nothing for their papersa
kindhearted man of that city foots the
bills and all the papers the boys sell
bring in a clear profit to them. This
man is indeed a philanthropist in the
true meaning of the word.
Colonel Roosevelt and his son
Kermit, appear to be killing species
of animals in the jungles of Africa
that the oldest inhabitants never heard
of. Such names as sitatunga, bongo,
gulpalog and lagarag would instill
horror into the mind of the person
who did not know they were merely
species of field mice.
It is said that Joe Cannon will be
compelled to retire from the speaker
ship You can't compel Joe to do
anything. If he insists upon holding
down that office until his knees wabble
and his nose and chin strike one
another as he speaks the house of
representatives will acquiesce. The
talk of firing Cannon is poppycock.
Notwithstanding the report from the
university of Copenhagen that the
learned and bewhiskered topogra
phers, astronomers and other scientific
gentlemen have found from Cook's
records that he did not reach the pole,
we shall be slow to change our opin
ion. If anyone discovered the pole
we contend it was Cook, and it would
not surprise us if proof were ultimate
ly produced that Peary stole Cook's
most important lecords. With Ad
miral Schley we shall stand by Cook.
Down in Youngstown, Ohio, Judge
Robinson fined ten self-confessed
grafters an aggregate of $14,000 and
ordered that they be kept in the cus
tody of the sheriff until the fines were
paid, which will not be long if these
grafters have as many wealthy and
influential friends as most of their
ilk. The imposition of fines unac
companied by jail sentences in such
instances as this is an abominable
shame. Imprisonment at hard labor
for long terms is Ihe 'proper dose to
administer to grafters.
Prince Albert has been crowned
King Of the Belgians. He is said to
be a highly learned man and'a human
itarian. If King Albert will nOw give
personal attention to conditions in
the Congo Free State and put an erid
to the atrocities which are being com
mitted there by officials of the*Belgian
government the people of the civilized
world will bless him.
An employe of the Chicago & North
western railroad at Sterling, 111.,
named Leroy Clifton, who as the re
sult of an accident lost both his legs,
has recently received from the com
pany $8,000 in cash, besides he is
given a position for life and a per
petual pass over the road, and the
settlement was effected without the aid
of a lawyer. Corporations are not
altogether soulless.
A merger of the bituminous coal
companies of Maryland, West Virgin
ia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio
is announced. If combinations in
restraint of trade continue to be
formed at the rate they have been
for the past few months the govern
ment will be compelled to double its
force of attorneyspresuming, of
course, that it intends prosecuting
the illegal combinations.
St. Paul lawyers seem to be
favorites with the attorney general of
the United States. Frank Kellogg
was selected to prosecute the
Standard Oil trust, and now Pierce
Butler has been chosen to represent
the government in the bleached flour
cases, the first of which is to be tried
in the U. S. district court at New
Orleans next January. Mr. Butler is
an able lawyer and a good fighter.
Albert Lea Times-Enterprise: It
would be well for those well-meaning
but theoretical citizens who are so
inflated with the doctrine of party
independence to stop and consider
who would be the gainers by the com
plete disruption of political parties.
They will find upon investigation
that legislative integrity is based
upon party solidarity, and that legis
lative corruption and official graft
thrives and fattens on "non-partisan-
Paul C. Ewert, who formerly
practiced in justice of the peace
courts and edited a little insignifi
cant sheet in Pipestone, and was re
warded for his treachery to the repub
lican state ticket in 1904 with a federal
appointment, is talked of as a pos
sible candidate for the republican
congressional nomination in the
Second district. It is fashionable
nowadays to reward traitors and
renegades, besides it is conducive
to party harmony, hence Mr. Ewert
should be made the unanimous
nee of the party.
"A Little Lecture for Bob," is the
caption of a paragraph in the Duluth
Herald copied from the St. Peter Free
Press, the first sentence of which
reads as follows: "From the way the
democratic papers are quoting the
Princeton Union, Bob Dunn's paper,
it would seem that Bob is manufactur
ing campaign material quite agreeable
to our democratic friends." The
postmaster editor of the Free Press
must have had his boss, Congress
man Davis, in mind. Anyhow if he
will substitute Davis for Dunn he will
come nearer the truth.
A banker from a southern Minne
sota town, possibly Blue Earth, was
arrested in a St. Paul department
store on Christmas eve on the charge
pilfering holiday wares. Upon of being searched by the detectives he
was caught with the goods and
several articles which he had swiped
were tumbled out of his pockets he
had in his wallet a roll of bills sever
al inches in diameter. The only
explanation he gave was, I
don't know why I did it." The store
owners took pity on the old hypocrite
and refused to prefer charges against
him. Had it been some poor devil
without a dollar in his pocket who
had stolen to provide bread or fuel
for his family he would have been
instantly jugged and probably given
90 days the next morning. The rich
sneak-thief, we presume, will continue
to pose as a great moral reformer in
his home town until 'such' time as the
devil may claim his own.
Governor A. O. Eberhart may take
the initiative in a test of the federal
corporation tax.St. Paul Dispatch,
Dec. 27.
The article goes on to say that the
governor deems the lav unjust be
cause it imposes double taxation, and
that it is also an invasion of state's
rights, and he may ask Attorney
General Simpson to bring an action
to test the constitutionality of the act.
The governor, if his personal organ
quotes him correctly, seems to be
overly anxious to curry favor with
the corporations. It is a matter
does not concern him officially,
corporations are amply able to
for their own interests. If 'the
and powerful corporations of
country are obliged to contribute a
few million dollars in taxes toward
the support of the United States
government we fail to see why the
accidental governor should raise his
eloquent voice in protest. Governor
Eberhart is altogether too solicitous
of the welfare of the poor, down
trodden, under-capitalized corpora
The time is approaching when the
colored cover for Christmas numbers
of newspapers will disappear. These
gaudy embellishments, which are of
a tiresome sameness, are being used
less every year.
A very creditable industrial edition,
finely illustrated, was issued last week
by the Waconia Patriot. There were,
among other illustrations, several
views of Coney Island of the West and
a picture of our old friends, Monsieur
and Madame Amblard, who own a
beautiful summer residence on the
island mentioned. Editor Reil's in
dustrial edition is an excellent produc
tion and, from what we know of the
enterprising people of Waconia, they
certainly appreciate it.
The government has appealed the
decision of Judge Holt of New York
in the sugar case to the United States
supreme court. The judge held that
certain of the trust officials were pro
tected from prosecution by the statute
of limitations. It will be a disgrace
to the country if these rascally thieves
worm out of punishment upon such
grounds as these.
'Congressman James A. Tawney
says that the Panama canal will be
open on January, 1915, and as he has
been down to the isthmus and had
every opportunity for securing data,
he certainly knows whereof he speaks.
The estimate of the total expenditure
for the construction of the canal is
placed at $375,000,000, and this is not
an extravagant sum considering the
enormous amount of work involved.
A. Smith the Moses
The republicans are having a
regular Kilkenny cat of a time picking
out a candidate for governor to suc
ceed Eberhart. One thing is certain
they won't have the present incumbent
if they can possibly avoid it. Jacob
son finished himself last time. Dunn
the best man they have, but he
cannot get the support of all of his
party. The Eberhart faction will bolt
him under any and all circumstances.
Brower and Lee are the longest kind
of shots for place. C. A. Simth is
not mentioned much but he is being
carefully groomed by the actual
manipulators of the political sweep
stakes. Mr. Smith will stand an ex
cellent show of winning out if he is
nominated. At least he is the only
man they can put up who will stand a
show.Holdingford Advertiser.
Joel Heatwole Praises Mattson.
They are talking of nominating
Hon. G. H. Mattson of Roseau
county, state treasurer. Mr. Mattson
might well fill a more honorable and
responsible position. If the republi
can party really wishes to select for
the executive office one who is able,
honest and uprightan independent
man of high characterwho has a
mind of his ownone who has formed
no entangling alliances and who is
not identified with any factiona man
of fine presence and good addres, who
could be depended upon to represent
the state on all occasions adequately
and with dignity, it could not well do
better than to select the Hon. G. H.
Mattson of Roseau.Northfield News.
All Fixed by Dar and Ed.
The Pioneer Press last week printed
a list of the candidates for republican
nomination on the state ticket that
have been "agreed upon" by the
astute politicians of the twin cities,
meaning "Ed." Smith and "Dar"
Reese, probably. This is a par
ticularly happy disposition of things
and will of course obviate the neces
sity for a state convention next
spring.Elk River Star-News.
Same Old Price
Somehow tbe price of kerosene keeps
about in the old place, notwithstand
ing Kellogg's coup.Rush City Post.
Will ob Up Occasionally.
Some of de gang who are trying so
hard to keep Bob down, can't help
but take notice of a few of the good
ideas that bob up whenever the ex
auditor gets to talking.Walker Pilot.
.$- $-
Hold Your Jack Pine.
A north state exchange predicts that
in a few years the farmers who have
jack pine on their lands will be able
to get into the millionaire class from
the sale of their trees.Mississippi
Valley Lumberman.
Can't Stop 'Em by Statute
If anyone thinks a little thing like
a statute is going to prevent the
democrats from nominating John
Lind for governor next year, they
have another guess coining.Orton
ville Herald-Star.
Frank Day Wants an Easy Mark.
We repeat: The proper and logical
thing for our republican friends to do
is to renominate A. O. Eberhart for
governor by acclamation. Any other
action will spell party disruption and
ingratitude.Fairmont Sentinel.
Roads Absolutely Necessary
Because Northern MilleLacs county
is not settled, is not to say we haven't
the best land on earth. Even a gold
mine requires a shaft to get into it
and a road to take the ore away.
Roads are what we must have.Lake
W Love Our Rugged Northland
The development of Northern Min
nesota is a theme on which the editors
of the state can write many volumes.
Nearly every issue of every paper in
this section has something about the
growth of its locality.Brainerd
No Task Cannot Accomplish!
[t is stated on good authority that
Gov. Eberhart is at work rearrang
ing the schedule of Halley's comet,
and that hereafter its appearance will
be annual and will mark the opening
of the Minnesota state fair.Wilkin
County Gazette.
Wants I Handed to Him.
The Brainerd Tribune asks Rip
Brower to rise up and tell an expec
tant constituency just where he is at.
Rip's right at home, brother, waiting
for that expectant constituency to
ring the iront door bell and hand
himxsomething on a platter.Walker
he All Important Issue
Bob Dunn says the Alpha and
Omega of state development can be
summed up in two wordsGood
Roadsand Mr Dunn is right. The
improvement of our waterways sink
into insignificance when compared to
the question of good roads.Madison
Hill's Head Is Level.
Bryan denies that he intended to
make a national issue of prohibition.
He does think, however, that if a state
votes for prohibition, it should be able
to give the proposition a fair trial,
and liquor should not be shipped into
the state under federal permits. That's
different.Little Falls Herald.
Resigned Because He Was "Obliged" Too
The state agricultural school is to
be congratulated on its rescue from
the slough of politics that threatened
it when Mr. Olson was elected to the
position of dean. Albert Woods, a
practical and able man, was elected
to the deanship vice Mr. Olson, re
signed.Dassel Anchor.
A Mere Supposition.
Some of our exchanges are insinuat
ing that a number of subscribers ap
pear to think that the tariff placed the
papers on the free list. It didn't
neither is the paper used on the free
list. And even if it was true we rather
think the newspaper boys would insist
upon being paid occasionally by the
subscribers.Stillwater Gazette.
I Would Pay One Hundred Fold
If the State Capital Combination
was half as anxious to give roads
and bridges to the roadless and
bridgeless section of northern Minne
sota as Bob Dunn seems to be, mil
lions of dollars would be pouring
into the treasury from the sales of the
state lands for the benefit of southern
Minnesota in place of the few thous
ands that dribble in now.Big Fork
Will Some One Please Explain?
Here's a mighty queer thing. On his
trip to Washington Governor Eber
hart is said to have had two men ar
rested .for cheating at poker on the
train. Later he explained to a re
porter that he himself never played a
game of poker nor any games of
chance but when he saw these men be
ing fleeced he thought it time some
action was taken, ttow how the deuce
did he know those fellows were cheat
ing if he had never* played poker?
Will some one kindly tell us?Owa
tonna Tribune.
J. $-
Jacobson a Good Man.
The talk is now that Lac qui Parle
county is going to return Hon. J. F.
Jacobson to the legislature. As a
member of the house Jake is a valua
ble man. He stands for what ia right
and further isn't afraid to express
his views. A dozen members like
Jacobson in the legislature would be
a great improvement and doubtless
result in good to the people of the
state.Winnebago City Press News.
$- J*
Political Defeneration.
Gov. Eberhart declared for absolute
divorcement of his office from politics.
Not only is the governor's office under
his regime a more active political
center than formerly, but the brand
of politics played is of a lower grade.
He having miserably failed in his
divorce case, it is now up to the peo
ple to divorce him from the office.
And there is little doubt that they
will do it, if not at the primary then
at the polls.Redwood Reveille.
*S $-
A Horse of Another Color.
The joke is on the Fairmont Senti
nel. The board of county com
missioners of Martin county, over
whelmingly democratic, appointed
a republican, J. E. Palmer, county
attorney, and the Sentinel doesn't like
it a little bit. For several years that
paper has been preaching "inde
pendent voting" but now that the
commissioners have followed out the
doctrine the Sentinel winces under
the lash. It is to laugh!Winnebago
His Christmas Present
S. M. Fullerton, who has been con
nected in one capacity or another with
the game and fish commission for the
past 21 years, drew, his Christmas
present last week in the shape of a
dismissal "for the good of the ser-
vice." The dismissal proved quite a
shock to Mr. Fullerton, who, instead
of looking for a discharge, was figur
ing on stepping into Executive Agent
Avery's shoes, nexc January. Which
reminds us that while aiming for the
stars one should always look out for
stump's.Red Wing Free Press.
Not Much Sympathy for Samuel.
The position of the superintendent
of the state fish hatchery is more or
less humble and obscure, and yet
the announcement that S. F. Fullerton,
familiarly known as "Pickerel Sam,"
had been deposed from that position
has met with the hearty approval of
the state press without regard to
political affiliations. By changing
his politics with rapidity and dis
cretion Sam has hung on through
successive administrations for 10 or
15 years but he couldn't fool the
powers that be any longer.Orton
ville Herald-Star.
straight Talk to Joel.
It appears, according to some of the
political highbrows, that the candi
date nominated for governor must be
satisfactory to Mr. Dunn, Mr. Jacob
son and a few other defeated candi
dates. Perhaps, we would take our
chances, however, with one who would
be satisfactory to the people and
represented their views.Northfield
Joel P. Heatwole, editor of the
above named paper, and a few twin
city guys have been the main cause of
the defeat of the republican party the
three past state campaigns, because
they did not have the whole say as to
who should represent the people.
Vesta Censor.
He Believes in Advertising.
Whoever it is that handles the pub
licity department for Governor Eber
hart, he is certainly delivering the
goods in a manner that should make
all other press agents before him
blush with shame. Every paper tells
what the governor is doing, has done,
or intends to do or try to do. He is
making speeches in the east, settling
the strike, or conserving the public
resources of Minnesota, advocating
fine new issues, doing something
every minute that will serve as an
excuse to get him into the papers.
Guess Ralph Wheelock is making
good, all right.North Branch
Farmers' Short Coarse
The short course for farmers at the
state school of agriculture will com
mence on January 14 and continue
four weeks. The course includes in
struction and demonstrations agri
culture, horticulture, live stock, farm
I Ought to be Everybody's Slogan
botany, dairying, poultry, entomol
ogy, cope tying, good roads, farm and outing trips yon should not for
chemistry, farm drainage, veterinary get to take a case of golden grain
science, farm and power machinery, belt beer with you. Your outing is
tetc. The enrollment fee is five dol-'not complete without it. Order of
lars. A bulletin giving full informa- your nearest dealer or be supplied by
tion will be furnished upon applica- Sjoblom. Bros., Princeton,
tion to the School qf Agriculture,
University Farm, St. Paul.
State News.
A fire caused $70,000 damages at
Millard hall, the main dental and
pharmacology building at the univer
sity of Minneosta, on Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer and their
two children, residing twelve miles
south of Red Wing, are critically ill
of trichinosis, the result of eating
fresh pork. This should be a warn
ing to people not to eat pork which is
only partly cooked.
The bequest of the late Julia A. R.
Flint of $19,500 to Hamline university
for the advancement of women's ed
ucation was announced last Friday,
when Judge William Louis Kelly of.
the district court issued an order for
that amount to be granted the insti
tution. Mrs. Flint died five years
ago and left one-fourth of her prop
erty to Hamline. Judge Kelly has
authorized the immediate sale of the
Oscar Erstinea started with his wife
to attend Christmas night exercises at
the Finnish Temperance hall at Vir
ginia, but he stopped on tbe way to
blow himself up with a dynamite cap.
Erstinea warned his wife and she
escaped by running. Erstinea was
instantly killed. The desperate man
deliberately lit a match and ignited
the fuse, holding the deadly charge in
his hand until it exploded. He was
35 years old and, besides his wife, left
four children.
Dr. Thomas Jonnesco, the Rouman
ian surgeon, on Friday demonstrated
the use of the new anaesthetic, stov
aine, before forty Minnesota surgeons
at the state hospital, Rochester. Three
operations were performed, one upon
an aged woman, one upon a man with
a weak heart, and one upon a tubercu
lar patient. Owing to conditions, not
one of the three would have been
desirable under ether. The operations
were regarded by the gallery of sur
geons as illustrating admirably the
practical use of stovaine under cer
tain circumstances. Not one of the
patients felt pain. One said he felt
good the tubercular negro said he
felt rather numb. The woman tried
several times to lift her head and
watch the surgeons. No bad results
followed in any case.
Starting in the Como yards, a Great
Northern freight tram ran wild for
four miles on Christmas day, ending
its runaway career by crashing
through two brick walls in the bag
gage room of the St. Paul union sta
tion, the engine landing in the base
ment, a freight car being left in the
inner baggage room and the rest of
the train piled high under the ti ain
shed. There were twelve cars to the
train. It was the worst wreck in the
history of the St. Paul union station
yards. Failure of the airbrakes on
the engine to operate caused the wreck.
With the airbrakes uncontrollable
engineer and fireman were powerless.
It is all down grade from the Como
yards and by the time the depot was
reached the train was traveling at a
tremendous rate. The train crew
jumped and escaped injury.
No Settlement In Sight
It was confidently expected that the
switchmen's strike would have been
terminated by the close of last week,
but negotiations between- the repre
sentatives of the strikers and the
railroads were abruptly broken off
the first of the week, and the prospects
of an early adjustment of the trouble
have gone glimmering. The stumbling
block was in taking back the strikers
en masse pending arbitration of the
matters in dispute. The railroads
offered to put all the strikers they had
places for to work, but absolutely re
fused to discharge those switchmen
who had stood by them and men with
whom they had contracts. The
officials of the switchmen's union de
manded that all the strikers should be
immediately reinstated in the posi
tions they occupied prior to the strike.
The switchmen were perfectly willing
to submit to arbitration the matters in
disputejust what the railroads pro
posed to do before the strike was
orderedbut, as related, insisted
upon the reinstatement of all the
strikers in their former positions.
A Home In An Auto
Turning an automobile into a prac
tical traveling house is the idea of a
party of Boston men who are ardent
lovers of the woods and wilds. It is
equipped with all possible conven
ience for hunting in the Maine woods.
It is furnished with comfortable bunks
and bedding, carries a complete cook
ing outfit and is literally a portable
home. The ponderous machine is
hung low and furnished with immense
power so that it can grind through
boggy ground and over small stumps
iif necessary. For hunting, fishing
i For Sale
Bob Dunn has adopted the slogan that had
of Good Roads, and here's hoping! of the Zenith rang coa for
he will make it win.Fairmont Senti- stoves. It cannot be excelled
nel. 47-8t
Maple and oak wood. We also
complete stock of coal
Weemakela specialtycoo
G. E. Rice & Co.
tw ^iMkM i mJ "3, -53S Si-'

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