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H/e Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
Fred Murphy was a caller at the
Campbell home Monday.
Julius Egge was calling on neigh
bors in Baldwin Sunday.
School commenced last Tuesday
after a two weeks' vacation.
Mrs. Henry Young was a caller in
western Baldwin one day last week.
We were very sorry to hear of the
death of Johnny Looney's little child.
Julius Egge and Gunder Gunderson
have been hauling hay the past week.
County Superintendent Bailey was
visiting schools in this vicinity last
Mrs. F. B. Mitchell was visiting
her aunt, Mrs. C. L. Campbell, one
day last week.
Sam Lambert has bought the James
Edmunds' eighty and will move onto
it this spring.
Mrs. Roy Winckleman has been on
the sick list for the past week, but is
now on the mend.
We learn that Emil Swartz of
Livonia has bought the Allen Heath
place and will move onto it in the
We understand that Mr. and Mrs.
Pratt are talking of leaving us for a
time, having rented their farm for the
coming year.
A sleigh load of neighbors called
on Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Franklin Sun
day. A pleasant evening was spent,
with music and coffee.
District 50 is the possessor of a
bran new bookcase for the school,
paid for out of the proceeds of an
entertainment by the teacher and
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
but never follows the use of Foley's
Honey and Tar, which stops the
eough, heals the lungs, and expels
the cold from your system. Sold by
all druggists.
Harry Pratt and John Looney each
shipped a carload of potatoes on
Miss Gladys Neumann of Princeton
visited relatives here last week from
Tuesday until Thursday.
The young men of this town held a
meeting a few nights ago and organ
ized a commercial club. We will
have to await developments to find
out the benefits derived in a burg of
this size.
Ray Smith and Mrs. Jay Smith
drove to Spencer Brook last Friday
to attend the M. W. A. dance.
Joseph Cohoe, our genial mail
carrier on route No. 2, was sent up to
Dr. Cooney last Tuesday for repairs.
Mr. and Mrs. James Iliff went to
Elk River Saturday and spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Iliff.
M. K. Iliff of Elk River and his
brother-in-law, Mr. Schriber of Min
neapolis, wefe in town one day last
Tuesday evening the Woodmen gave
a dance for the benefit of the Muffley
family. About thirteen dollars was
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lynch went to
Minneapolis on Wednesday of last
week. Mr. Lynch returned the same
day and Mrs. Lynch on Saturday.
We feel highly honored by the
courtesy of the Greenwood correspon
dent and some time in the future
hope to meet and exchange greetings.
Wednesday night the Odd Fellows
and Rebekahs had a social gathering
in the hall. Dancing was the chief
amusement and refreshments were
An association of christian traveling
men called the Gideons propose to
place a bible in every hotel guest
room in the United States and
Canada. An enlarged picture of
Jonah swallowing a whale would
create more enthusiasm.
Saturday night the Rebekahs in
stalled their officers after which they
served a fine lunch to quite a number
of invited guests. The rest of the
evening was spent by the older ones
visiting, playing cards, etc., while
the younger people tripped the light
fantastic for a short time.
Mrs. Mickelson and Miss Bowles
gave their Sunday school classes a
great treat last Thursday afternoon.
At the close of school they were taken
from the school house for a sleigh
ride and afterwards given supper at
Mrs. Mickelson's. The little tots all
returned happy and think their
teachers the best ever.
Farmers and laboring men, remem
ber that our present congressman,
Clarence B. Miller, of Duluth voted
for free lumber during the discussion
on the Payne tariff bill. Those that
till the soil are largely interested in
getting cheaper building material as
they have to house their families and
all their stock on the iarm. Work for
those who work for your interests.
Making Life Safer
Everywhere life is being made more
safe through the work of Dr. King's
New Life Pills in constipation,
biliousness, dyspepsia, indigestion,
liver troubles, kidney diseases and
bowel disorders. They're easy, but
sure, and perfectly build up the
health. 25c at C. A. Jack's.
The skating rink is in full swing.
Mrs. Ege and children are on the
sick list.
Charlie Hairdahl is suffering from
la grippe.
J. A. Erstad made a trip to the twin
cities on Saturday.
Jacob Ege has been fixing up the
roads in this locality.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson visited
friends in Milaca last week.
Mr. Lance is busy sawing logs from
early in the morning to late at night.
Jim and Hilbard Robinson are
cutting soft wood for summer burning.
Mr. and Mrs. Wiprud were visitors
at the Peter Skaaland home on Satur
day evening.
Miss Anna Wiprud and Miss
Skaaland have recovered from an at
tack of quinsy.
Miss Hilda Jacobson returned to
the cities on Monday after a two
months' vacation at home.
A number of the boys are trying to
capture jackrabbits but so far have
been unsuccessful. Jackie is too swift
for them.
The Lutherans held their annual
meeting in the Greenbush church last
Wednesday and elected officers for the
ensuing year.
The new dress goods are here and we can truthfully say that they are the very best we have ever shown
both as to quality and style. We buy dress goods direct from the mills and have also purchased this
year a large consignment of imported goods. We are leaders in dress goods. We carry the largest Stock
as well as the most up-to-date stock at all times.
Golden Gross Fabrics Jamestown Woolen Mills Fancy Imported Goods Vegoureux Batiste Stripe Panama Fancy Suitings
Nov. Serge Wool Popline Epingeline Chiffon Panamas The New Shades in All the New Goods
Simple Remedy for ILaGrlppe.
La grippe coughs are dangerous, as
they frequently deveolp into
pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar
not only stops the cough, but heals
and strengtthens the lungs so that
no serious results need be feared.
The genuine Foley's Honey and Tar
contains no harmful drugs and is in
a yellow package. Sold by all
Thomas Tomlinson is working in
Princeton for Wheeler & Manke.
Mrs. Mathias Meyers is visiting
relatives in Wisconsin for* a few
Lennie Bockoven and Ed. Hall pur
chased new bobsleds last week, the
former from Peterson & Nelson and
4 '.^kMd^^fk^^^^*^
Summer Goods, Linens and White Goods
Large Assortments, Beautiful Patterns, the most splendid summer goods we've ever had the pleasure of
showing. Our dry goods sales have more than doubled in the last year over previous years at this store
which has encouraged us to buy very extensively for this spring, and we will be in position to show the
largest variety of patterns and styles in all kinds of dress materials this town has ever seen.
We take special pride in carrying the Finest Laces and Embroideries that can be purchased. Our purchases this year are far 1
superior to last years, larger varieties and more tasty patterns. Ladies are respectfully invited to come and see the new goods. 1
*"V r/"" *"V* S*""?'
mmtkim ^-'^^ifrf^CT'-^-i
Laces and Embroideries I
fi^~ SPECIA a 1
After our Holiday Sale we had left a large number of Remnants. These will all be placed on sale Friday and Saturday at
Greatly Reduced Prices. Dates, January 21 and 22. |f
the latter from the Evens Hardware
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chalstrom visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Larson last
Arthur Koenig of Princeton is en
gaged in hauling potatoes for P. O.
Many farmers around here are en
gaged in getting out the year's supply
of firewoo*d.
Several Oxbow residents attended
services at the Schmidt school house
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Francis were
pleasant callers at Val Mott's last
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Gertrude Steeves and Miss
Mazie Mott were guests of Miss Helga
Chalstrom over Sunday.
Mrs. Carl Grapentine and two
children have gone to Howard Lake
to make a visit to friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Annis were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Clofus Bulleigh last Sunday.
We hear that Emil Lundgren killed
three coons one day recently. Pretty
fair wages for one day's work.
Axel Bengtson, Charlie Roadstrom,
Miss Annie Roadstrom and Miss
Nettie Swanson called at Wm. Chal
strom 's on Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Larson spoke after Sunday
school at the Gates school house last
Sunday. There are to be weekly
prayer meetings in the neighborhood.
We are again requested to announce
that the Oxbow local A. S. of E. will
hold a meeting at the Gates school
house on Tuesday evening, January
25, regardless of wind or weather.
The Woman's Auxiliary met with
Mrs. Joseph Rudolph last Thursday
afternoon. A goodly number of
ladies were in attendance and one new
member was added to the list. Plans
were laid for the work of the present
year and also for an entertainment to
be given about the middle of next
month, at which time a home-made
carpet which is the work of the club
will be disposed of. Lunch was
served by Mrs. Rudolph, after which
the meeting adjourned to meet Janu
ary 27 at the home of Mrs. Wm.
Jesse Steeves returned on Wednes
day evening of last'week from a visit
with his uncles, Abe and Fred Steeves
at Golden Valley, Montana. The
young man tells of quite a disagree
able encounter with a Montana bliz
zard in which the blizzard came near
getting the best oflhim and his unele,
The Store That Serves You Best i
General Merchandise, Princeton
Fred. They were returning home
with a load of coal when the storm
struck them and they became be
wildered in the blinding snow and
sleet, but by leaving the sled and tak
ing the horses they succeeeded in
reaching home at about 3 a. m. When
they afterwards went back for the sled
they found that they had been going
directly away from home at the time
they unhitched the team.
The long indoor life of winter makes
the blood weak, the system easily
catches cold and disease. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea is the greatest
winter remedy prevents colds and
disease keeps you well all winter.
35 cents, tea or tablets A.
Will Swanbro was a visitor
Isanti and Cambridge Friday.
Walter Anderson of Isanti was
calling on friends here last Sunday.
G. L. Wilson has been confined to
the house for several weeks. He has
been quite ill but is well enough to be
around again now.
Misses Ethel Clough and Kate
Budelman were over from Cambridge
to attend the Woodman/party Friday
evening and returned to Cambridge
The Woodmen gave a very delight
ful dancing party at their hall last
Friday evening. Music was furnished
by Henry Beck and Mrs. Blanche
Albert Day and family have vacat
ed the Nichols' house that was partly
burned down and have moved into
the house belonging to Eugene Clough
near the Baptist church.
Our bridge across the Rum river is
destined to cost the town $192.00 more
than was expected, as we have to pay
half the cost of the approaches, the
county paying the other half.
Mrs. Emma Moore, who has been
visiting with her son, Erastus Moore,
in North Dakota for several months,
has returned to the Brook. She is
stopping with her brother, Chas.
Miss Emma Taylor was unable to
teach on Friday on account of sick
Herman Rottier and Emil Caen
have returned from a trip to Min
A number of Miss Sophie John
son's schoolmates gave her a surprise
party on .Monday evening. On
Wednesday she went to visit her aunt,
Mrs. Berg, at Cedar Falls, Iowa, till
Clarence Taylor is busy pressing
hay in northwest Blue Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brande called
on John Kaliher and wife Tuesday
Elmer Thompson and wife and Miss
Addie spent Sunday with Edwin
Bailey and family.
It is reported that the family of
John Johnson, who live southwest of
the mound, are sick with smallpox.
Tom Belair broke a portion of the
machinery on his hay press and was
obliged to go to Princeton for repairs.
Miss Newman of Minneapolis came
home to care for her brother,
H]aimer, who is very sick with con
Mr. Bracken and Mrs. Caen of
Grenbush spent Saturday night visit
ing with Chas. Gaulier and Mrs.
Marie Rottier.
Mrs. .John South returned Mon
day evening from Manchester, Iowa,
where she spent the holidays with her
mother and sister.
We were pleased to see that your
honorable correspondent of Green
wood has decided to favor us with
writing for another year. We wish,
the Greenbush correspondent would
wake up also.
Carl Rick is busy hauling wood to
A baby boy arrived at H. Dalchow's
last week.
John Bandemer is reported on the
sick list.
Mrs. A. Kuhfield is at the hospital
at the present time.
Henry Holthus and C. Rick were
callers at Lund's sawmill Sunday.
Albert Harmon and family visited
at Fritz Miller's on Sunday after
There was a feather stripping party
at G. Hoeft's on Monday evening of
last week.
We are glad to hear that Miss
Annie Bandemer has arrived home
from South Dakota.
The surprise party at Miss Minnie
Bandemer's was well attended last
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Helen and Otto Hoeft were
callers at the home of Miss Bertha
Harmon Sunday afternoon.
Miss Mary Falk was a pleasant,
caller at the home of Miss Clara
Hoeft on Wednesday evening. -s

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