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SWJI^ i^^mrw?
Ctpjr.gU ISOUKaboCoreetCo.
Kabo Style 1012-The latest improved form
corsete foar
stout fibres, which does not
^brnce of .flesh but keeps th
sf t^
SiuiiuuuuiUiUiUiuu^^ I &/>e Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
I Correspondents
Carpenter Bros, are hauling hay to
Joe Gustache has returned from his
visit at Kennan, Wis., and in the twin
The condition of the roads is bad
for hauling loads. Tip-overs are
Rev. Tracey preached to a large
audience at Wheeler's school house on
Sunday evening.
Elmer Thompson is having a car
load of hay pressed. Clarence Taylor
is doing the work.
Tom Belair sawed Fred Barneka's
wood pile Saturday and Robt.
McQuoid's on Monday.
Clarence Taylor made a business
trip to Minneapolis last Thursday
and returned the same evening.
Miss Gertrude Thompson was soweek.
unfortunate as to fall on the icy side
walk in Princeton last week and break
her arm.
Miss Aurora Taylor has recovered
from an attack of la grippe and was
enabled to return to school at Prince
ton on Monday.
Kohlman Bros, have purchased a
feed mill and grind corn and cob and
other grain on Saturdays. We hope
the boys may prosper.
Harfcman Camp had a two year old
colt get tangled in the halter, and
fell down in the stable last Saturday
night and at last reports it was in bad
There is some probability of a
cheese factory being built in Blue
Hill the coming spring, somewhere in
the vicinity of the ranch. It is said
that the parties who will run it areoccupied
from Wisconsin and have a number of
factories there.
Pneumonia Follows a Cold.
but never follows the use of Foley's
Honey and Tar, which stops the
ough, heals the lungs, and expels
the cold from your system. Sold by
all druggists.
Victor Nystead is home on a visit.
Edward Trachy lost a valuable
horse this week.
Frank Griswold and family, Frank
Salee and family, L. Kempton and
jamily, and Mr. and Mrs. Bartelt were
supporters coutij!l
SizesSi1y9 ton 26. Price, $3.50
for Princeton, for these
1 Unexcelled Corsets
matter what
of figure
you have, you'll
get the best effect in the
appearance of your gowns
by wearing a Kabo Corset.
You can be sure that the
Kabo models are the very
latest thingsdirect from
Kabo Corsets are cel e
brated for the fact that they
are first in the field with new
W guarantee you com
plete satisfaction. No matter
what model Kabo you buy,
you may return it and get
satisfaction if it isn't just
what you want. W protect
the dealer, so you should in
sist on exchanging till you
get what you want.
Stout women should wear a Kabo
Form Reducing Corset those ex
pecting the Stork should wear a
Kabo Maternity Supporter.
Kabo Corset Co.
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Modin
on Sunday.
Roy Dayton of Morrison county has
bought the Marsh farm south of town.
Rev. Henry Orrock preached to a
large congregation in the school
house Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smiley are vis
iting the latter's mother, Mrs. Ny
stead, and friends this week.
Making: Life Safer.
Everywhere life is being made more
safe through the work of Dr. King's
New Life Pills in constipation,
biliousness, dyspepsia, indigestion,
liver troubles, kidney diseases and
bowel disorders. They're easy, but
sure, and perfectly build up the
health. 25c at C. A. Jack's.
Mrs. John Gates visited her mother,
Mrs. Lundgren, last Sunday.
Mrs. Carl Grapentin has returned
from her visit to Howard Lake.
Andrew Beigloof was visiting
Walter Annis a couple of days last
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steeves were
pleasant callers at Geo. Carr's Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Henschel and
children visited at Peter Henschel's
on Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. August Thoma of
Princeton were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Carr on Sunday.
It is remarkable how eager some
young men are to perform odd jobs of
work around school houses at this
of the year.
Miss Freda Anderson is sick with
mumps and her mother, Mrs. P. O.
Anderson, spent Saturday and Sun
day with her in Princeton.
Millard Mott has opened up a
barber shop in the rooms formerly
by Louis Horstman in theC.
basement under Mark's store.
Lessie and Alvah Bockoven have
been staying at Lennie Bockoven's
the past week and have also been
calling on friends in the neighbor
A young lady was recently heard to
remark that all the nice men seem to
be dead or married or to be found
only in story books, mostly in story
On Tuesday evening of last week
Harold Anderson was surprised by a
number of young friends, the occasion
being his twelfth birthday. The
evening was pleasantly spent in play
ing games and disposing of the good
P-liHfrrlftiii i-i! it'll' t\*mJHMA*mmiui fc t^mLr^^SSS^^SlS^SS^t MMMJ:
things prepared for the youngsters by
Mrs. Anderson. Those present were
William, George, Almon and Edward
Henschel, John Duby, Richard Dehn
and Egmont Radeke.
On Sunday last Mr. and Mrs. Ed.of
Larson of Wyanett and Miss Esther
Chalstrom and Richard Papenhausen
of Princteon were entertained at theLadies'
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chal
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dehn and Mrs.good
John Gates were in attendance at theFebruary
revival meeting at the Schmidt school
house last Sunday evening. The
house was well filled and considerable
interest was manifested in the speak
ing and singing.
There was a dance last Saturday
evening at the old Roadstrom house.
Besides the young folks of the
neighborhood there were present Eric
Erickson and Misses Emma and
Edna Erickson from north Carmody
and Fred Hoehn from near Prince
ton. A jolly time was had by all.
A calf belonging to Herb Gates met
death in rather an odd manner one
day last week. The animal, about 10
months old, was found drowned in
the water tank. Whether it was a case
of deliberate suicide or whether the
poor creature was crowded in by some
of the rest of the stock is not known.
Simple Remedy for taGrlppe.
La grippe coughs are dangerous, as
they frequently deveolp into
pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar
not only stops,the cough, but heals
and strengthens the lungs so that
no serious results need be feared.
The genuine Foley's Honey and Tar
contains no harmful drugs and is in
a yellow package. Sold by all
Miss Edith Smith, daughter of A.school
Smith of Oxlip, is at home for anMiss
indefinite stay. Miss Edith is a
milliner, and is an artist in that line
of work.
The tobboggan slide is becoming
very popular and people of all ages
are enjoying the sport. There are a
good many accidents and bruises but
nobody complains.'
The remains of Mrs. Maggie Forest
were brought here for burial and
interred in the Mitchell cemetery last
Sunday. Mrs. Forest was a sister-in
law of Charley Finstrom and lived
near Bemidji.
Mrs. Lottie Severance was hostess
at a bean bee last Friday to which a
number of her friends were invited.
M^.* .w-*--^!.. ^sa&flEJga^
Mrs. Alice Foote will have a bean bee
next Friday. They always have jolly
times at these gatherings.
There will be a concert and supper
at the Woodman hall for the benefit
the M. E. church on the evening of
February 4. A small admission fee
will be charged to the concert'and the
Aid society will serve supper.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend this function and help on a
cause. Don't forget the date,
The long indoor life of winter makes
the blood weak, the system easily
catches cold and disease. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea is the greatest
winter remedy prevents colds and
disease keeps you well all winter.
35 cents, tea or tablets. C. A.
Many Baldwin people were in
Princeton on Saturday.
Mrs. I. F. .Walker was in St.the
Paul Jast Wednesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Fisk were in
Princeton Saturday taking in theDunn
various sales.
Jim Wheeler ran down four rabbitts
one day last week. Jim always could
go. some.
Mrs. Trunk, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs.
Angstman and Mrs. Young visited
Mrs. Lafavor last Tuesday afternoon.
Fred Murphy is a regular caller at
the George Townsend home. Only his
most intimate friends know the reason
Ed. Judkins and his McVicker
engine are on good terms at last and
are doing a land-office business grind
ing feed and sawing wood.
Miss Iva McCracken is teaching
at Page. We wish her success.
Pauline Trunk, another
Baldwin school-ma'am, is teaching a
successful term at Pease.
John Wheeler has invented a new
fangled three-horse evener and also a
cow-stanchion. He will endeavor to
secure patents" thereon.. Lawrence
Angstman is his architect.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Grant will soon
change their place of abode from
Baldwin to Princeton. We regret to
lose such kind-hearted people and
can only, wish them a life of luxury in
their new home.
Miss Emma Trunk has been doing
sewing for Mrs. Dorff the past week,
consequently Henry hasn't had tosevered
move from the fireside. We will be
On Saturday Next, January 29th
Offe Special Inducements
in Every Line of Goods Carried
This is Made Necessary by the
Fact that I am Overstocked
and in Consequence a Large Quantity of
Goods Must be Closed Out
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Briggs,
January 20, a boy.
Miss Ada Neumann is visiting
friends at Mankato.
Miss Dowlin went to Champlin
Saturday and returned Sunday.
Mrs. Harry Pratt was an Elk River
visitor on Thursday of last week.
Mrs. Ed. Healy of Elk River visited
relatives here a few days this week.
Henry Swanson was in the twin
cities from Saturday until Monday.
Mrs. Albin Oberg went to Minne
apolis last Thursday for a
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lovell spent last
week with their daughter, Mrs. Chas.
Swanson, at Elk River.
E. H. Foley is filling the ice houses
for M. C. Blanchett and the Crescent
Creamery company this week.
Miss Inez Mickelson of Mora and
Chas. Rideout of Meadow Vale spent
Sunday at the Mickelson home.
exceedingly glad when she gets back
home, so Hank will be compelled to
keep the road in a passable condition.
A basket social will be held at thedriving
school house in district 31 on thetaking
evening of February 4. The pro
ceeds will go toward the betterment of
conditions in the school.
Blue Hill, Zimmerman and Green
wood surely have live reporters and it
is a pleasure to read their items. We
hope to be numbered among the live
ones in the near future. May our
hopes never be shattered.
'Mrs. W. Trunk has taken up
painful task of rearing a yoke of
oxen. So far she has only been able
to obtain one ox, but expects to soon
secure another one. The one she has
weighs about 100 pounds.
From this week's edition of
Union, until further notice is given,
we intend to furnish the editor of said
paper with news from Baldwin, and
hereafter wish to be numbered among
editors from the country.
We sometimes hear some of
friends in the country discuss Bob
and his good roads' proposi
tion. Generally they have a miscon
ception of Mr. Dunn's idea and some
of them seem to think he is working
against the farmers' interests. Get
that idea out of your noddle, fellows,
for Bob Dunn is the farmers' friend
from start to finish.
Rev. Roper of Spencer Brook has
his connection with the Zimmaker.
merman M. E. church on account of
^^^kU^^^^^mi Skrt&sti^ttfei
poor roads and the accumulating
work nearer home.
A. W. Nyberg of Minneapolis is
around among the farmers
orders for Swift's fertilizer.
The M. B. A. boys will give a dance
in their hall Friday night, February
4. Everybody come and have a good
The boycot on meat has struck
town as there is'very little to be had.
The stockyard ,men are getting every
thing that can stand up alone.
A party of eleven went to the dance
Elk River last Friday night but
they spent most of their time on the
road, getting out of snowdrifts.
W. R. Hurtt spent a few days in
Minneapolis last week. He has a
large horse now, that the lumber
furnishes him to work in the
The Zimmerman people can boast of
a first class barber, who recently
came from Isanti and occupies the
building formerly occupied as a meat
C. A. Stillman, who is doing busi
ness for the Crescent Creamery com
pany, handles cream, chickens, veal
calves and most all farm produce,
and pays cash for the same.
Gust Anderson and Fred Erickson
were in Minneapolis on Tuesday.
Henry Uglem made several im
provements in his store last week.
Tillie Uglem arrived home from
Kenyon on Saturday for a short visit.
Roy Home arrived from Minne
apolis on Saturday and returned
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Osell and Mr.
and Mrs. Shaker were visitors at
Anderson's on Sunday.
Miss Clara Evenson and Mrs.
Henry Uglem visited Mr. and Mrs.
Everson at Milo on Sunday.
A meeting will be held at Wolf
Bros, in Greenbush on Monday even
at 8 o'clock for the purpose of
discussing the advisability of build
ing a telephone line in that part of
the township. All interested should
The West Branch Creamery com
pany held its annual meeting on
Saturday and elected the following
officers: Andrew Larson, president
John Teutz, secretary B. G. Benson,
treasurer Oscar Erickson, Jacob
Ellenbaum, Jacob Egge, trustees.
Gust Anderson was retained as butter
The business of the past year
proved very satisfactory.
'^^^^^kBd'fM^iM^M M^&

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