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A Good Start
Main Street,
II' **m
In order to show my appreciation to the public
for their very liberal patronage the year just past, and
I to solicit a continuation of the same for this year,
I shall start this New Year by making a very liberal
$ special offer to every one that favors me with an
order for pictures between now and the first of May,
1910, as per special offer coupon printed herewith.
Special Offer Coupon
This Coupon entitles the holder of the same to one extra picture
put up in a fine gilt frame, with every order of a dozen or more
Photographs (cabinet size or larger) if presented at
Princeton, Minn., before the first of May, 1910.
P. J. NELSON, Photographer
Studio open first and third Saturday of every month
Building Material 1
I of All Kinds I
Come in and look our Mill Work over, such 3
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Window and 3
We have 3
as Door Frames and Porch Finish.
a fine stock on hand.
You Are Thinking of
Building a House I
g= or barn, or making repairs, come in and look 3
at our Lap and Drop Siding, Flooring and 3
Common Boards. Red and White Cedar 3
E Shingles, none better on the market, and at 3
2~ prices that suit. 3
QEO. A. COATES, manager 3
Wall Papers
Our new 1910 wall papers are now ready for your inspection. Our
prices cannot be beat. We will meet any price set by sample book agents.
Varnished tiles, single 18
Oatmeal patterns, single at 30c
Look these prices up. See our line before you buy.
Armitag'e's Drug' Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Rural Telephone Bldg.
i Xi *m i ^IM ^n0^m^0^m^mmt0mm^0*m M N 'I ^^^amt^a^t^0^^0^^0^^0^^
Dealer In
Prime meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle an6 Hogs.
Dealer in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
M**^^i^rf%i^MaM*^^' ta
J. C. Stark of St, Cloud makes
them. All sizes and designs. Barre,
Vt., St. Cloud and other granites.
Work Guaranteed. Prices Right. Leave orders with
Oscar Stark Byers' Store Princeton
Plucky Little North Dakota School
Ma'am Who Knew How to Take
Care of Herself. E't
There is a slip of a girl teaching
school about seven miles northeast
of this city who is entitled to a
Carnegie hero medal if the writer
had his way about it the residents of
Golden Valley would give her a suit
able testimonial.
Her name is Jennie Molloy. She
earns a living in the noblest pro
fession of them allnot even except
ing the expounding of the gospelin
giving the little ones of her country
school a start towards acquiring an
education. She is unable to procure
a room in the neighborhood, so- she
sleeps in the school house, taking her
meals at the home of one of the near
by farmers, and not so nearby, either.
One night last week some one at
tempted to force an entrance to the
schoolhouse, frightening the poor
girl nearly to death. She managed to
escape by one of the windows, and
fled across the snow to the nearest
house, half a mile away, falling
several times and sustaining sundry
bruises. After that she provided
herself with a 32-calibre revolver and
resolved to use it if further molested.
Tuesday morning about 2 o'clock,
she received another visit, presumably
from the same man. He was bent on
forcing an entrance and disregarded
her warning to desist, so she fired at
him and got him. He picked himself
up and made off without revealing
his identity, but early that morning a
fellow by the name of John Witmer of
that locality, rode into Wibaux on a
horse. He was suffering from a gun
shot wound in the head, and was given
surgical attention by Dr. Gaines,
assisted by Dr. O. R. Niece of this
city. The bullet had struck him in
the left cheek and ranged backward
and lodged in his neck, missing the
jugular vein by the smallest fraction
of an inch. The doctors were unable
to get anything from him except the
bullet, but anyone who can add two
and two together and make it come
four can certainly understand how
he happened to get injured.
Here's to Jennie Molloylong life
to her and more power to her arm!
Beach (N. D.) Chronicle.
Avalanches Bury Two Towns.
Two snowslides on Sunday night
brought dismay to two rich mining
townsMace and Burkein the
Couer d' Alene district, Idaho, and
killed scores of people. At 10:35
p. m. a huge avalanche plunged down
the mountain side and swept the town
of Mace, with its twenty-five homes
and their sleeping occupants, into
the canyon below, burying them
under thousands of tons of snow. At
5:30 the next morning another slide
rushed down on the town of Burke,
crushing a score or more of houses in
its course. Thirty-five Italians who
were sleeping in an outfit car on the
Northern Pacific siding were swept,
with their car into the canyon below,
but dug themselves out with the im
plements at hand. Many bodies have
been recovered by rescuing parties.
Wm. Cordiner of this village is
working in one of the mines of the
Couer d'Alene district, but is many
miles from the scene of Sunday
night's snowslides. In a recent letter
to his wife he stated that there is no
cessation to the fall of snow in that
countrythat it is snowing all the
time without any indication of
stopping. This winter's snowfall in
the mountains' has been particularly
heavy. Not for sixteen years had
any devastating avalanches been
known in the Couer d'Alene district.
Capt. Boffardas A grain Hits the Bull's Eye.
This world famous rifle shot, who
holds the championship record of 100
pigeons in 100 consecutive shots, is
living at Lincoln, 111. Recently in
terviewed, he says: I have suffered
a long time with kidney and bladder
trouble and have used several well
known kidney medicines all of which
gave me no relief until I started tak
ing Foley's Kidney Pills. Before I
used Foley's Kidney Pills I was
subjected to severe backache and
pains in my kidneys with suppression
and oftentimes a cloudy voiding,
while upon arising in the morning I
would get dull headaches. Now I
have taken three bottles of Foley's
Kdney Pills and feel 100 per cent
better. I am never bothered with my
kidneys or bladder and onoe more
feel like my own self. All this I owe
solely to Foley's Kidney Pills and
always recommned them to mv fellow
sufferers." Sold by all druggists.
Trade Disputes In Canada.
In the dominion of Canada during
the year 1909 there were sixty-eight
trade disputes involving IT,881 work
men, and the methods of settlement
were as follows: Arbitration, 1
conciliation, 4 negotiations between
the parties concerned, 21 replacement
of workmen, 20 work resumed on
employes' terms, 1 work resumed
(employer not involved), 1 employ
ment found elsewhere by strikers, 2
unsettled, 5 not reported, 5. The
above figures are from the report of
Vice Consul Hazeltine of Halifax,
Nova Scotia.
For rent, four upstair
to O. B. Newton.
IBhQ Farm Fireside,
,|r_ Gleanings by Oar Conatry
k. Correspondents..
Thomas Grow was a guest of Frank
Wenberg on Tuesday.
James Kenely was in Glendorado
on business last Friday.
Dr. Cooney was calling on his
Greenbush patients last week.
Elmer Orton of Beach, N. D., was
visiting friends in this vicinity last
Miss Clara Wold spent Saturday
and Sunday at her home in Glen
The Ladies' Aid society was enter
tained by Mrs. Alexander Blair last
Miss Gertrude Grow has returned
from St. Paul and is now working for
Mrs. Reed at Santiago.
A. E. Shaw lost a valuable horse
last week. It fractured its leg and
the poor animal had to be killed.
School district No. 10 is planning
an entertainment for the near future.
The date will be announced later.
Nels Robideau left last Wednesday
for Williston, N. D., to attend the
funeral of his sister, Mrs. Albert
Among those from Greenbush who
attended the card party at J. C.
Herdliska's in Princeton on Saturday
evening were Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Among the visitors at Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Robideau's on Friday evening
were William, Oscar and Hilma
Wahlfors, Jessie and Timothy
Harmon and Stanley and Alma Wen
How Good News Spreads.
I am 70 years old and travel most
of the time," writes B. F. Tolson of
Elizabethtown, Ky. "Evreywhere I
go I recommend Electric Bitters be
cause I owe my excellent health and
vitality to them. They effect a cure
every time." They never fail to tone
the stomach, regulate the kidneys and
bowels, stimulate the liver, invigorate
the nerves and purify the blood.
They work wonders for weak, run
down men and women, restoring
strength, vigor and health that's a
daily joy. Try them. Only 50c.
Satisfaction is positively guaranteed
by C. A. Jack.
Mrs. James White is still very low.
She improves very slowly.
Fred Murphy was calling in western
Baldwin one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Frankiln were
callers at the Fiero home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Winkleman were
callers at the Campbell home Sunday
Gunnar Hofflander was a caller on
his schoolmates, Burlie and Ernie
Campbell, on Sunday.
Miss Bjoraker returned on Monday
from Minneapolis, where she spent
Sunday with her people.
Mrs. Vetsch returned last week
from Dakota, where she went to attend
the funeral of her mother.
It kept the people busy the last week
clearing the road for the mail and
then travel was none too good.
O. J. Thorssen was calling on old
friends Friday, before leaving for
Washington to occupy his claim.
Mr. and Mrs. Fiero, Miss Fullwiler
and the Campbells called on Mr. and
Mrs. Fisk one evening last week.
We were quite surprised to see A. B.
Damon in town Saturday and hope he
may be in town many times more.
Miss Alice Fullwiler has returned
to her home in Greenbush after a
week's visit with her aunt, Mrs. C. L.
We hear that Frank Patten has
bought the James Brown place but
will remain on the Haley place the
coming season.
FUR S etc.
Deal direct with the largest and oldest house
in the West. Highest prices and immediate
cash returns. Write for price list, tags and
full information,-
__^^__^^^ Etc.
Horse and Cow Hides tanned and $
made up into a finished Coafitor $ I
$8 to $10
Send for Circulars and Shipping Tags.
The Greatest Values in
For Men and
Young Men
Obtainable in this city, are to be
had here. This you can easily prove
to your satisfaction. Look where
you will then come and see our
large and superb collection of
Suits and Overcoats at
$10.00 to $25.00
In style, workmanship, materials,
finish and fit, you can readily see
the superior value of our clothes
over others costing the same. If
you would be posted on the correct
fashions, get the best there is in
wearables and save money, then
come to this store for everything
you need from hat to half hose.
Horses at Anoka
At Weavers' Sale Stable. 70 Head.
All first-class and will be found as
represented. Horses weighing
from 1200 to 1600 lbs. Shipments
by car lots every two weeks.
The Avery ClothingCBtCAQO
"A^^l*^a*^^^^^*^^*^^^^*^ ^t^WA^%^Mv
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine^Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
5~ A full new line of Ginghams, Zephyrs, Toile3
E du Nord, Amoskeag, etc. The latest patterns 3
and fast colors. Now is the time to do the 3
spring sewing. The early buyer gets the 3
S~: best choice. 3
Rubbers and Arctics
Big inducements are being offered on all the 3
rubbers and arctics left in stock. They 3
t~ must go. 3
E Princeton* Minn. =1
For Sale.
Maple and oak wood. We also
carry the most complete stock of coal
that can be had. We make a specialty
of the Zenith range coal for cook
it cannot
be. excelled.& E..Ric Co.
For Sale.
An 80-acre dairy farm one mile west
of Princeton. Price $4,000, part cash
and part on time. Write or call on
R. W. Freer, Princeton, Minn. 5-tfe
Wanted, from 600 to 1,000 cords of
16-inch oak and maple wood. Apply
to Geo. E. Rice & Co. l-tfo

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