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PwfetlisHed lVrerr Thursday.
BMlnew Manager.
Many amateur gardeners raise a
variety of crops, the most prolific
being in most instances blisters.
There seems to be no truth in the re
port that the Methodists sent Mr.
Tipple to Italy to start a prohibition
Since Speaker Cannon was subject
ed to that "dehorning" operation he
seems to be, if anything, a trifle more
"The wise man consults the time
table before sprinting for the train,"
says the Chicago News. In this part
of the country the wise man consults
the girl at central.
A Pittsburg paper declares that the
public morals are improving. It
would be interesting to know whether
it draws its conclusions from existent
conditions in its own town.
Mars alighted with terrific force on
the top of a big touring car at
Memphis last week. Luckily it was
not the planet Mars which descended
merely Mars, the aeronaut.
Ex-Congressman Bede is of the
opinion that the next national house
of representatives will be democratic.
Better a democratic house than a con
glomeration of mongrel republicans.
Mayor Seidel of Milwaukee says
that every dollar of tax money ex
pended must produce an equal amount
of benefit. The idea is all right but
Seidel will have a hard time putting it
into practice.
Some of the city papers intimate
that Hon. Wm. Lee would be satis
fied with the lieutenant governorship.
Mr. Lee has never given the slightest
intimation that he would accept a
nomination for second place on the
In spite of the fact that the Mil
waukee brewers spent thousands of
dollars in the city of Madison,
Wis., it went wet by only 720 majority.
Are the sturdy Germans of that city
tiring of lager or are they brewing it
at home?
The United States circuit court of
New York last week fined the sugar
trust $500 for contempt of court. If
the courts continue to fine this much
persecuted trust in amounts so
enormous it will be compelled to goasserted,
into bankruptcy.
"Senator 'Beverage' was made
chairman of the republican state
convention held at Indianapolis,"
says the Todd County Argus. The
Argus should not be surprised to find
a libel suit on its hands if Beveridge's
attention is called to the item.
Boston is said to have more human
windbags than any city on earth and
the reason is of course obvious. But
last week the whole of them were com
pelled to take a back seatthey
dwindled into insignificance when
Samuel Van Sant blew into town.
A movement is about to be made by
the department of justice against the
butter trust, which it is claimed fixes
the price of butter throughout the
country. While engaged in prosecut
ing monopolies the government should
not overlook the oleomargarine trust.
A man may now take a course in
automobile manipulation through a
correspondence school. And from the
way some of the fellows run their
machines there is reason to believe
that the correspondence school is theSome
source from which they received their
State Auditor Iverson's idea of thepublicans
state improving and enhancing the
value of its lands by assisting in con
structing roads over and through the
same is all right as far as it goes, and
it does not conflict with the state-wide
road-improvement proposition. The
state owns immense bodies of land in
northern Minnesota that cannot be
sold at the minimum price of five
dollars per acre until they are im
fffi. z* hm^^ f*J8kMm
A great many republicans lire
heartily sick and tired of CannoniBm
and Insurgency, and they will express
their disgust 'at the polls next
November by voting for straight-out
democratic candidates for congress.
John Lind and W. E. MeEwen for
governor and lieutenant governor on
the democratic ticket is Frank Day's
latest political suggestion. John and
Bill would make a team all right.
That fellow Day has some political
Of the primary election law
Adam Bede truly says: "Under the
primary system a poor man has
show at all. The system as it is now
is a fine thing for the rich men,
plutocrats, but it puts the poor man
out of the running."
John Lind did not attend the Jeffer
son day dollar dinner at the St. Paul
auditorium last evening. Mr. Lind
did not wish to be placed in a posi
tion where he would have to commit
himself on the gubernatorial question.
He had pressing business in Oregon.
Even the temporary and permanent
chairman of the republican state con
vention have already been selected by
the powers that be. The delegates will
meet, ratify the slate and platform
already prepared by Ed, Dar and
Bill Grimshaw, adjourn, pay their
hotel bills and go home.
The papers are asking what Roose
velt will do when he returns home. It
is perfectly safe to assume that he will
not long remain idle or abandon
politics. The United States senate
would be a good place for Mr. Roose
velt. It needs new lifesome one to
arouse it from its slumber.
The Hague peace tribunal will con
vene on June 1 for the purpose of de
termining where the American fishing
grounds end and the Canadian
grounds begin. The question is anpurchased
important one from the fact that
American fishermen are charged with
kidnapping Canadian lobsters.
Senator Clapp may and does in
surge to his heart's content in Wash
ington, but in Minnesota he will pose
as the regular nominee of the republi
can state convention to succeed him
self in the United States senate and
will insist upon the support of allDouglasfiron
A meeting of the county option com
mittee, appointed by the chairman of
the recent state county option conven
tion, was held in St. Paul Tuesday,
but no candidate for office was en
dorsed. Leaders of the movement
however, that they would be
heard from in the republican state
So the Standard Oil and Tobacco
Trust cases are to be re-argued in the
United States supreme court? Evi
dently the court is not unanimous.
Some of the judicial big-wigs lean
toward the trusts. The Standard Oil
and Tobacco trusts will continue to
do business at the old stand for some
little time yet.
The supreme court of the United
States has long held the distinction of
being the slowest institution extant,
but now comes the military court,
after a year's inquiry into the Browns
ville affair, and reports that the
Twenty-fifth colored infantry shot up
the town. Shall we never hear the
last of this Brownsville episode?
Lord Kitchener feels a trifle shaky
for fear Japan may gobble up Aus
tralia, and advises that a larger
standing army be maintained there!
He believes Japan has an eye on the
country and is awaiting an opportuni
ty to annex it with one fell swoop.
of the nations seem to fear
Japan as much as they did Napoleon I.
It may be, however, that the
association will be held this week to
fessional conduct made against
in ii II i~n
city have acouired the habit of vnt.incr
city have acquired the habit of voting
who go to the state conven
tion as delegates will take a notion
to smash that slate into smithereens,
which would change the situation
somewhat.Brainerd Tribune.
Not one chance in a thousand of
smashing the slate. The fellows in
control of the well-greased machine
have the situation in hand, have
barrels of lubricants within reach
and there is small danger of a break
downnot a cog will be slipped at the
state convention*
out squarely in
It is pleasing to note the push mani
fested in the towns of northern Minne
sota. There seems to be a general
awakening of the people to their in
terests. Farmers' clubs, are being
organized, co-operative creameries
established and more attention given
to the gbod roads movement. With
good roads there will be no lack of
settlers, for there is plenty of dehas
sirable land to be had.
Beware the prospectuses being sent
out by Florida land sharksor rather
sharks who are offering Florida lands
for sale. If you bite on these
"orange orchard" propositions you
are very liable to find that you have
swamps where nothing but
saurians and rank vegetation
flourish. There is a big boom in
Florida swamps and suckers in allof
parts of the country are investing
their hard-parned savings in sink
On the Olympic national forest re
serve, in the Puget Sound country, the
government will this spring plant
six or seven hundred
acres of cut-over land. It will be
from fifty to seventy-five years before
this fir becomes of any commercial
value, but even at that the govern
ment's example is a good one. There
are thousands of acres of such land in
this country which could be planted to
trees of a variety which would grow
much faster than fir.
Southern Minnesota is beginning to
realize that there is such a place as
northern Minnesotaat any rate the
papers down there occasionally refer
to occurrences in the northern towns.
And southern Minnesota should not
be surprised when northern Minnesota
leaves it in the rear so far as prog
ress is concerned. The day is com
ing all right, and it is not far distant,
when the northern part of the state
will be so far ahead of the southern
part as the automobile is of the jaunt
ing car.
Wisconsin has abolished the use of
the public drinking cupthe 'tin cup
hung up at fountains and in theboom
schools heretofore fused by whomso
ever was thirsty. Paper cups which
can only be used once have been sub
stituted for these bacteria infested
vessels. Wisconsin's plan is highly
commendable and should be followed
everywhere. AH sorts of diseases are
communicated by the public drinking
cupit harbors more deadly mi
crobes to the inch than a compost
As an outcome of the senate com
mittee's report on the high cost of
legislation will probably be
enacted which will provide that food
kept in cold storage for more than
one year will be considered as adul
terated. It is also suggested that
hams, eggs and carcasses be stenciled
with the dates upon which they are re
ceived at the warehouses. The cold
storage people should enter no protest
against a law of this sort. When the
stuff approaches the age limit they
can easily wash off the dates and
stencil it.
The.crop scarecrows hate* already
commenced to send "out their bulle
tins. 'These bulletinswith the ex
ception of those sent out by the
government agricultural department roads will take back all of their old
are manufactured by brokers and men that they can find places for,
others for the purpose of affecting the but many of the strikers will have to
market so that they may reap the ad
vantage. Beware of the crop scare
crow. At the request of the Minnesota
Association for the Prevention and things to buy the prices are too high
A special meeting of the Seattle Bar Relief of Tuberculosis a bill will be
introduced at the next session of theprices
northwestern switchmen who went out
on a strike over four months ago have
voted to return to work. The rail-
seek work elsewhere.
take action on the charges of unpro- legislature asking for a state subsidy
to assist in the establishment of
Richard A. Ballinger by Collier's county hospitals for the treatment and
Weekly. We should think that
would possess sufficient sumption.
intelligence to ignore accusations
against one of its members by
a bar oare of persons suffering from con-
the Collier's Weekly stripe, provide a subsidy should with-
doubt that such
Keller, the republican candidate for
mayor of St. Paul, is a first-class
but many of the republicans of that 00
the beer city. Among other things,
he will start a crusade of reform to
benefit the laboring man, to shorten
and the probabilities are that Haas,
the democratic candidate, will be
elected. Even republicans who
aspire to positions on the state ticket the working hours of children and toliberty,
are afraid to come
Keller's behalf.
14, 1M0.
By an overwhelming majority the
provide means of giving them a better
education. Seidel is a foe to monop
olies, which makes the fact that he
was elected mayor of Milwaukee all
the more surprising. The Rose
machine had all the big brewers with
their mililons at its back, and yet itlegislature
was defeated. Seidel's administration
will be watched with interest.
A writer in the Duluth News-Tribune
arrived at the conclusion that the
climate and soil of St. Louis county is
all that could be reasonably desired,
that a good market for farmers' prod
uce exists, but the stumbling block
in the way of agricultural develop
ment is the lack of good roads. With
an assessable valuation of $247,000,-
000 there is no reason why St. Louis
county should not have a splendid
system of highways in every township
within its boundaries. It is the fault
the people of the county if they do
not elect county officials who will im
pose a, county road tax thatiwill pro
vide sufficient funds to build good
In an address before the Ohio
society at Washington President Taft
asked why it is that the small states
of the east exercise so much power in
congress? He then answered the
question in these words: "It is not
because an eastern man has any more
capacity in the matter of legislation
than a western man, but because when
the eastern states get a good repre
sentative they keep him as long as he
lives, and then he obtains an influence
that vastly exceeds the mere numerical
representation of population." In
the west the reverse appears to be the
rule rather than the exception: When
a good man is elected to congress he
is allowed to remain but a short time
his good qualities are not appreci
All the nwespapers speak kindly of
Joel Heatwole. Mr. Heatwole always
was popular with his brethren of the
country press. He will be sadly
The newspaper boys continue to
Sam Gordon for lieutenant
governor. Boys, come as delegates
to the state convention there is where
you can do Sam the most good.
On the 2nd inst. "Old Pease"
rounded out his 44th year with the
Anoka Union. In noting the event
the sly old philosopher, naively re
marks that'' there has been something
doing every week." Mr. Pease also
boasts that he never had a benefit or
held a public office. Owing to the fact
that Pease has always been on Easy
street and never worried over public
office he bids fair to live to attain a
hundred years. The old boy im
proves with age and in action and
appearances he is younger today than
he was ten years ago. Happy "Old
Pease," keep on growing younger.
School Report, District 5.
Report for school No. 2, district 5,
Greenbush: Number enrolled, 25
average attendance, *19 number
present every day, 15, viz., Katie,
Abraham, Peter, Carl, Olaf and
Thomas Abrahamson Annie and
Helga Nelson Ida, Lizzie and Bert
Gilbertson Ole, Joseph, Otto and
at Mae Da vis* Teacher.
There is not the least
are need
ed throughout the state and a bill to
Seidel, socialist, who was last
UJ. tuou
Believes In Dual Purpose
Governor Eberhart believes in a
dual-purpose cow and a dual-purpose
declaration on county option.
Kenyon Leader.
Sad, Indeed.
Isn't it sad that when one has
What Cannot be Compromised.
An individual cannot afford to
compromise with his conscience, nor
a state with justice, nor a nation with
nor a political party with
honor.Roseau Region.
Very Condescending.
The republican state convention to
beheld in June will "nominate" a
candidate for United States senator.
The gentlemen of the state committee
have kindy concluded to allow the
to elect, however. Orton
ville Herald-Star.
Earthly Puffs Count Not In Heaven
Men who were anywhere as near to
perfection as their obituary notices
would indicate, certainly had no diffi
culty in getting a seat on the stage
with St. Peter and the others who are
generally believed to have the O. K.
mark on them.Stillwater Gazette.
Kelley Despises the Insurgent.
The La Follette bunch at Milwaukee
voted for the social-democrat for
mayor in preference to the regular re
publican when they found that their
own insurgent candidate could not
win. When it comes to playing cheap,
dirty politics those insurgents are
past masters.Menahga Journal.
Andy May Yet Die Poor
OPINIONS O EDITORS wanted/ She wanted them afl, but
Trim ws accorded' only 89 out of 1,075.
things to sell the
but when one has
are toolow?Little
the Aurora News. We
Koen1Enjoying Prosperity
W were approached one day
iujjii5 .rruBptjriiiy
Wet were approached one day this
newspapers don't sell them
Got something good you want to sell?
Biwabik Times.
The Strongest of Them All.
If John Lind can break away from
the democratic nomination for
he is made of stronger stuff
*/r-i i
..o electe^ mayor of Milwaukee ninnd Tn.,.i
,._..i.d Ros6
for^democratic^candidates for mayor, tends to turn things upsidec down in
thann some other democrats.St.
^oud Journal-Press.
It is reported that Andrew Carnegie
contemplates starting a newspaper
either in New York or Washington.
Perhaps Andy has despaired of dying
poor via the public library route.
The starting of a large metropolitan
newspaper has hardly its equal in
ducing the surplus.Wells Forum.
All That It is Entitled To.
In the assignment of delegates to
the republican state convention, which
is to be held at St. Paul, June 21,
On the other hand those who have
noted with what ease and alacrity
Minneapolis republicans elect demo
cratic governors and congressmenf
are wondering how it happened that
Minneapolis got as many delegates to
a republican state convention as she
did.Red Wing Free Press.
Taking the Census
Tomorrow 70,000 men and women,,
white and colored, will begin the tak
ing of the census. The United States
census bureau estimates that it has a
family of 90,000,000 men, women and
children, and it will put to work a
body of enumerators greater than the
standing army The enumeration
will cover all of the forty-five states
and two territories of the union*
proper, and also Hawai and Porto
Rico. Alaska, the Philippine islands
and Guam will not be included, as
especial arrangements are made for
numbering the people of those de
pendencies. Under the statutes
governing the work, the entire enum
eration must be completed within a
month, and in the cities the work is
limited to fifteen days, but it is not
expected that the exact population of
the whole territory covered will be
known until September. The mere
getting of the information will cost
the government $5,500,000. Of this
amount $4,500,000 will be paid to
enumerators and the remaining
$1,000,000 to supervisors.
She Alade Quick Time.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
Case Corsetsi
A story is going the rounds that a
certain woman in Blue Earth not long
ago had an occasion to go to Winne
bago for a visit for a few days, upon
arrival there discovered that she had
lost her watch, a small affair, which
she thought she had dropped on the
dining room floor, which was covered
with a rug, so she wrote to the hired
girl at home as follows: "Let me
know if you find anything on the rug
in the dining room." A few days
later she received a letter from the
hired girl saying: "Dear Madam:I
was to let you know if I found any
thing on the dining room rug. This
is what I found this morning:
Thirteen empty beer bottles, nineteen
cigar butts, five cigarette ends,
fourteen blue and thirty-one red poker
chips, thirty-six hundred matches
and one pink satin slipper." The
wife hired an auto and was home in
just 27 minutes.Bricelyn Sentinel.
Free Lecture
Dealer i
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Hon. Clarence A. Buskirk of In
diana, member of Board of Lecture
ship of the mother church, Boston,
Mass., will deliver a lecture on Chris
tian Science in Firemen's hall, Mil
on Tuesday evening, April 19,.
at 8 p. m. This will be a free lecture,
to which everybody is invited.
Mrs. James Norcross,
Mrs. M. A. Barry,
Mrs. A. C. Wilkes,
Lecture Committee.
If you haven't tried a Case corset do so at 3
E once. They are easy, comfortable and grace
ful. Styles to fit every figure. 3
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graceful lines vliOU
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There are many other styles we haven't men-
tioned., Call and see them. These corsets are all
boned "with double aluminum, non-rustable stays.
Made in coutille and batiste.
Sole Agent
sr Princeton, Minn. 3
%4 *A#i1JrffiSwSiiS* ^is_
J%L J***-^*** [81
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