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Use THese* Spices'
I Items Ep^'- i
If you have a recipe calling for a certain
spice or for mixed spices, it means that the
best is needed to produce the desired flavor.
The writer of the recipe you use, had in mind
only perfect, full flavored spices if you use
the ordinary ones, results must be unsatis
factory. We have the better kind, the very
choicest the world produces, and this is the
kind you should have.
Open Sundays from 9
Oscar Stark made a trip to the twin
cities on Friday.
Charles Kopp attended to business
in the cities on Tuesday.
Mamie Lenertz is visiting her
family here. She came up from St.
Paul on Saturday evening.
Serenus Skahen went to Minne
apolis on Monday morning and reton
turned on Tuesday evening.
Fred Bradshaw was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Walker and
family for two days this week.
F. Gulliford and H. A. Dunlap of
Big Lake were in town Tuesday and
made the Union a short call.
Mrs. Kennedy Thomas of Foley
visited friends and relatives in Prince
ton from Saturday to Monday.
John Stumm was in town from
Saturday to Tuesday. He left on
Tuesday morning to resume his work.
Clara and Leon Moore have been in
Minneapolis since Monday visiting
friends. They intended to return
Harry Pratt was in town Saturday.
Harry used to be a frequent visitor
here but appears to be drifting out
of the fold.
Alta Jaax, Postmaster Briggs1
charming assistant, is spending a two
weeks' vacation with friends and rela
tives in the cities.
The powerhouse pump is again in
working order. Superintendent Ran
dall says that it is pumping more
water than ever before.
On Thursday and Saturday evenings
of this week moving pictures will be
displayed at Brands' opera house.
Show opens at 8 30 sharp.
Ruth Mark spent the early part of
the week visiting friends and relatives
here. Marjorie Dickey returned to
the cities with, her on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Flint of Dodge
Center departed for their home on
Tuesday morning after a fortnight's
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Leach.
Mrs. G. N. Saxon departed for her
old home at Converse, Indiana, on
Monday morning. Mrs. Saxon is
on a visit to her mother, Mrs. J. W.
A dance will be given at Sandy lake
on Friday evening, July 29. Good
music will be furnished and ice cream
and soft drinks will be served. All
are invited. 30-2tp
Mr. H. T. McKeen, who has been at
the Northwestern hospital for surgi
cal treatment for the past two weeks,
returned to his home in Big Lake on
Monday morning.
FoundA purse containing a small
sum of money. The purse was found
between Dr. Armitage's and T. H.
Caley's residences. Owner will
please apply at i Office.
Henry Plaas, known throughout the
length and breadth of Mille Lacs
county for his good humor, is enjoy
ing a ten days' vacation. He took the
Sunday evening train from Cam
bridge for the cities.
i. to 1 n.
The Rexall Druggist
fc^****^ various source*.
George I Staples Is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office In
every case the party paying money is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt DUNN Publisher.
Nelson's photos please the people.
W. G. McVicar returned form Port
Arthur, Canada, on Saturday.
Cheapest money on farm loans can
be had at M. S. Rutherford & Co. 's.
Miss Margaret I. King and
C. H. Rines are spending the week in
the cities.
Underwear that was 75 cents per
suit now 42 cents per suit at Kopp &
Mrs C. S. Neumann went down to
Minneapolis on Tuesday and came
back on Wednesday.
Miss Sigried Newmann is visiting
friends in the twin cities.
Mabel Prescott returned from
neapolis on Friday evening.
Make money by saving it. See
Kopp & Bartholomew's ad. this week.
Fred Warner of Foreston is visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. M.
Warner, of this town.
For farm loans go to Robt. H.
King. He gives lowest rates, best
terms and quick service. 50-tf
left for Grand
He will be ab-
Herman Schwartz
Rapids on Monday,
sent for a couple of weeks.
George Newton left for Sandstone
on Tuesday evening to work on the
new school house they are erecting at
that place.
Speaking of the efficiency of the
spilt-log drag, doesn't it do pretty
good work right here on our Prince
Jennie Whitney returned
Onamia on Tuesday morning,
had been visiting her sister,
Fred Burrell.
M. S. Rutherford & Co. will loan
you money on your farm at the lowest
rate of interest. We give liberal pay
ment privileges. 19-tf
Eileen Walker is visiting relatives
at Northolm, on the shores of Lake
Minnetonka. She will probably be
absent two weeks.
Mr. Frank Campbell returned on
Sunday evening from an extended trip
in the we'st. Mrs Campbell went to
the cities to meet her husband.
Misses Rose and Emma Rusness
enjoyed a week's visit with their
mother, Mrs. Anna Rusness, and redaughters,
turned to the cities on Tuesday.
A girl baby was born to Mr. and
Mrs. John Briggs on last Thursday
morning at 4:30 o'clock. Both mother
and baby are progressing nicely.
You all ought to see the moving
pictures that will be shown at 8:30
o'clock on Thursday and Saturday
evenings at Brands' opera house.
Dr. J. F. Kothman. optometrist,
will be in town on Tuesday evening,
August 30, and on Wednesday, August
31. Eyes examined and glasses
fitted. 33-tfc
Alfred Jaques of Duluth, the demo
cratic candidate for congress in the
Eighth conrgessional district, was in
town Monday and paid the Union
a pleasant visit.
Grayce Brennan, Stella Prescott,
Eleanor Walker and Esther Koenig
returned from Aitkin on Saturday
morning. The girls attended summer
school at that town.
Lawrence Wiesniswski of Foley has
filed asa candidate for the democratic
nomination from! the Benton-St.
Cloud district. Mr. W. may be all
right, but that surname of his!
Maud Brown and Ruth Nordstrom
went to Minneapolis on Monday
morning. Miss Nordstrom will make
Minneapolis her home henceforth and
Miss Brown is spending the week as
her guest.
Mrs. OnerS. W is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. A. R. Davis of this
town. Mrs.J*Dow has just returned
from Edinburgh, Scotland, where she
went as a delegate from Iowa to the
World's Missionary conference.
William Thomas of Wyanett, who
has been receiving treatment from
Dr. Cooney for the past ten days, re
turned to his home in Wyanett on
Tuesday. Mr. Thomas stayed at the
home of his sister, Mrs. John Camera
on, while in town.
KTNUUTv^ Tfjru
Louise Lenertz if visiting relatives
in St, Paul
5 7yv
Mrs.'Petterson and Gerald went to
the cities on Wednesday morning.g^
John Thompson of Blue Hill was a
downriver passenger on Wednesday
Helen Thompson visited friends in
Princeton and vicinity from Saturday
to Wednesday.
John Sjoblom made a trip to the
twin cities on Tuesday and Wednes
day of this week.
Agda Krona of Minneapolis visited
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
Krona over Sunday.
Invest in good clothes while
bottom is out of the market. It's
at Kopp & Bartholomew's.
Mr. and
week with Rev. A. Lundquist.
St. Mrs. S. A. Bonderson went to
Paul on Tuesday morning and
turned Wednesday evening.
Charles S. Wheaton, jr., of
and Miss Helvig Strohmeier of
Minneapolis were married yesterday.
Miss Anna Whiting arrived in
Princeton on Tuesday evening. She
had been in Montana for the past few
Julius Yngve and Elmer Carlson
drove to Cambridge on Saturday
evening and returned Sunday night.
For SaleA wide tired wagon has
not been run a hundred miles Will
sell for $45. Jas. Kenely, Route 1,
Princeton. 32-3tc
Mrs. L. E. Tompkins departed for
Minneapolis on Wednesday where
she will spend the next two weeks
visiting friends.
Earl Newton, son of Mr. and Mrs.brought
George Newton, came down from
Coleraine on Monday morning and is
enjoying a few days with his parents.
A dance will be held ac the M. B.
A. hall, Wyanett, on Saturday even
ing, August 6. Supper and refresh
ments will be served. All are ingrapher
Miss Lizzie Bandemer returned to
Minneapolis on Monday morning
after enjoying a week's vacation with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Ban
Miss Evelyn Bibeau of Anoka re
turned to her home on Wednesday
morning after a two weeks' visit with
Mrs. Frank Bibeau and Mrs. Clair
Lowell Chadbourne transacted busi
ness in Princeton during the early
part of the week. He was accom
panied by his 10 year old son,
Louise and Josephine Zimmer of
Minneapolis visited Mr. and Mrs. A.
N Lenertz for a few days this week
and returned to their home on
Wednesday morning.
Mrs. John Peterson returned to her
home in Minneapolis on Tuesday
morning. Mrs. Peterson had been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Nelson
for the past fortnight.
A dance will be given at Elk Lake
park tomorrow evening, Friday,
August 5. Murphy's orchestra will
furnish the music. Refreshments and
soft drinks will be served.
Leo Lenertz returned from
Kelley Lake on Saturday, where he
has been employed for the past few
months as yard clerk by the Great
Northren Railway company.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brodeen have
enjoyed the company of their
Ellen and Hilda, the past
week. The girls returned to Minne
apolis on Monday morning.
Ole H. Olson of Santiago was at the
county seat Monday, and filed for
commissioner in the 4th district
makes three candidates, all from
town of Santiago.Star-News.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wood of
Boston, who have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. W. G. McVicar for the past
two months, will spend the next month
on the shores of Lake Superior.
Mrs. Thomas Prowse arrived in
Princeton on Saturday evening, after
a most pleasant outing of six weeks
at Mille Lacs lake. Mr. Prowse will
return toward the close of the week.
Royal and Darius Hatcher of St.
Louis Park will spend the next two
weeks with their father, Mr. Benjamin
Hatcher of this town. The boys ar
rived in Princteon Saturday evening.
Miss Mabel Kronstrom of Minne
apolis has established dressmaking
parlors over Roadstrom's store and
will be pleased to accommodate any
one desiring good, up-to-date dress
niaking. ^ltp
Lostr-A Scotch Collie dogwhite
breast-Land white band around the
neck. 'Has been gone from home
about a month. Finder will please
return J. D. Olson, Princeton,
Route 2, and receive reward.
Mr. and Mrs. T1.
H. Caley, Harold
and Thomas left in their automobile
on Monday morning for a week's tour
of western Minnesota and North Da
kota. The route planned extends as
far north and west as Fargo and
Grand Forks.
Frank Goulding took Sheriff
Shockley, Guy Ewing, Robt. H. King
and Aulger Rines, fearless man
hunters, to Onamia on Monday morn
ing in his automobile. The party,
with the exception of the sheriff, re?
turned on Mondayjevening
FT W. Manke returned
Dakota last evening.
Mrs. Grant Hultberg of
Island, 111., are spending a
mrsT 4 iBto
from South
Jeanette Waofle spent Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keith. ,k
William Neely was in the cities
from Monday to Wednesday attend
ing to business.
The bridge across the St. Francis
river between sections 15 and 32 of
Blue Hill township, is now ready for
Ethel Palmer is renewing acquain
tances in Princeton. She came Mon
day evening and intends to return to
St. Paul Friday morning.
The Braham Journal tells of a Mrs.
Christine Stone who died recently in
Maple Ridge at the advanced age of
90 years, 8 months and one day.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Moore of Mankato
returned to their home on Wednesday.
For the past two weeks they had been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. O. New
mann of Milo township.
Maud Holm left for Duluth on
Wednesday. She received an invita
tion to be one of a party to partici
pate in a week's cruise on Lake Su
perior in a private launch.
If you are looking for good, sound
native horses, young and suitable for
all purposeshorses that are guar
anteedcall at Wm. Ross' barns.
These horses are among the best ever
to Princetonthey will give
satisfaction. 2-tfc
Before you start for Princeton to
have your picture taken be sure it is
the first or third Saturday of the
month, as these are the only days you
will find Nelson, the famous photo
from Anoka, at his studio in
Princeton. 2-tf
M. S. Rutherford and Mr. and Mrs.
A. M. Davis went to Mora in the
Rutherford automobile on Sunday
morning and returned in the evening.
Mildred Ruthreford and Hazel Davis
accompanied them as far as J. A.
Erstad's home, where the girls visited
for a few days.
LostA gentleman's folding pocket
book, containing a small sum of
money. The pocket-book was lost
somewhere on the Greenbush road
between Princeton and Uglem 's grove.
Finder will please return same to the
Union office for reward. E. J. Dun
ton, Princeton. 1-tp.
For SaleForty acres of land
about 20 acres of which is wild hay
meadow. The hay has not been cut
this year. A good mare will be taken
in partial payment. Land is situated
6 miles east of Princeton on Green
lake road. Apply to E. Nystrom,
Route 4, Princteon. ltp
May Hall completed the steno
graphic course in Mankato Com
mercial college last week. She
sent to a good position at $50 a
month. We predict she will soon be
getting $100 a month. Just think of
it] Why don't you take a course in
that school9
Send for catalogue.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Berglund and
family paid the Union a pleasant
visit on last Thursday. They have
spent the last four years in Canada
but returned a few weeks ago to the
good old U. S. A. Mrs. Breglund
emphatically asserts that they will
never leave this community again.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
society met with Mrs. R. I. Goodell
on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Oner
Dow gave a most interesting talk on
observations made wkile attending the
World's Missionary Conference at
Edinburgh, Scotland. Mrs. Dow will
speak at the M. E. church on Sunday
The annual West Branch creamery
picnic will be held in Uglem's grove,
north of the school house in district
No. 4, Greenbush, on Sunday,
August 7, 1910. Speakers will be
present and music and a ball game
will help to make the day enjoyable.
All sorts of light refreshments may be
obtained. Everybody is invited.
The piece of crushed rock road be
tween Princeton and Brickton, which
has been under construction for the
past three weeks, is completed and
presents a most excellent appearance.
After a certain amount of travel has
passed over this road it certainly1
ought to be as fine a stretch of road
way as we have in Mille Lacs county.
D. P. Ordways Improved Plasters
may be obtained from Captain
Nathaniel Small, either at the Small
residence or at Dr. Small's office.
These plasters may be applied as
remedies for rheumatism, lumbago,
bronchial troubles, neuralgia, etc.
Captain Small has sold, thousands of
these plasters and has never received
a complaint. ltc
We hear from good authority that
several complaints have been regis
tered with the state game and fish
commission with regard to illegal
hunting in this vicinity. A state
game warden will in all probability
be detailed to look into the matter
and under the present law several
arrests will probably result. When
you take your gun and dog, keep
your eye peeled.
%g* Jk *feSte
HfL. Cowles was in the citicr from
Monday to Thursday this week. ?f|
Jay Smith of Zimmerman was in
town on Saturday looking after his
business interests.
Mr. L. E. Fox went to the cities on
Monday morning and from there pro
ceeded to the south.
Mrs. Elmer Chapman of St. Cloud
has been the guest of Mrs. Cooney
for the passed week.
The Ladies' Aid society will meet in
the parlors of the M. E. church on
next Wednesday afternoon.
Seventy-two head of cattle, 4 hogs
and 5 sheep were shipped from the
Princeton stock yards this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Orr and son,
Donald, of St. Paul, paid friends and
relatives in Princeton a visit from
Saturday to Monday.
Clerk of Court King issued a mar
riage license last Thursday, July 28,
to George F. Stumm and Gertrude M.
King, both of Princteon.
Are the other banks in the small
towns of the county any better pre
pared than the Onamia bank to with
stand an onslaught by yeggmen?
Fred Newton is enjoying a trip to
Milwaukee. Fred departed on Mon
day morning but refused to state just
why he wished to visit Milwaukee.
G. G. Goodwin and H. J. Gould
berg of Cambridge were in Princeton
on Saturday transacting business.
They paid the i on a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Rutherford, Ira
Stanley and Martin Brands went to
St. Paul on Tuesday in the Rutherford
automobile. They returned Wednes
Will all persons interested in the
maintainance of the cemetery, who
have not yet contributed this year,
please remit to Mrs. Guy Ewing,
Rev. Father Bay departed for Le
mont, 111., this morning. Clerical
duties made it necessary for Rev.
Bay to depart sooner than he had
Will Jones and family arrived here
Tuesday night. They have been lo
cated in Nebraska for the passed nine
months and will return to that state in
about four weeks.
Rev. J. O. Fisher and his father,
W. H. Fisher, who has been visiting
here for a month past, will both
depart for Chicago on Friday morn
ing for a two weeks' sojourn.
George Wheeler of St. Paul is
spending his vacation with friends
and relatives here. He came Monday
evening and will return to the cities
in the course of a week or ten days.
Gertrude Chapman returned to St.
on Monday after a six weeks'
visit with friends in Princeton. Irene
Koenig accompanied her and will
visit in St. Cloud for several days.
Fifteen or twenty Princeton girls
are going to spend the day picnicking
near Zimmerman. The girls, well
provisioned, took the morning train
and will return in the evening.
Mrs. Joseph Oos and children re
turned to their home in Minneapolis
this morning. Mrs. Oos had been
visiting her mother, Mrs. John Bren
nan, for the greater part of the sum
On account of the illness of Mrs.
Anson Howard the Woman's Relief
association will meet with Mrs. C. O.
Moore tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock. All members are requested
to be present.
Last Sunday the Crown second
team defeated the Tigers, on the
Crown grounds, by a score of 16 to
27. The game was undecided up to
the last inning when the Crown team
ran in 13 scores.
Sunday evening Dr. Cooney was
summoned by Dr. Hill of Monticello
to operate upon Mrs. John Peterson
for acute appendicitis. Dr. Cooney
drove over in his automobile and
performed the operation.
Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Soule and Dr.candidate
and Mrs. Small entertained Mr. andjudge
Mrs. M. K. Rudd, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Allen and son, and Mr. and Mrs. P.
M. Northway, all of Milaca, at their
cottage at "Elk lake on last Sunday.
A first-class blacksmith from the
cities is now located in Sandy Hatch's
old shop on the north side of the
river. A. Whitcomb owns and man
ages the shop and guarantees^ first
class work: in any and jail lines, ltc
Fred Neumann of Foreston, Mr.
and Mrs. N. Neumann of Zimmer
man, Ernest and Alfred Neumann of
Bemidji and Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Entrup of St. Paul were here on Sun
day to attend the funeral of Herman
Prof. Hoffert of St. Paul Park col
lege, has been visiting Rev. Koenig
for the past ten days. The professor
has preached at numerous points
about here such as Ogilvie, Green
bush, Germany, etc. All who have
heardjProf. Hoffert speak most highly
of his abilityJIB a preacher. i
Church Topics
4, 4 5andayand Weekday
Next Sunday morning services will
be held in the Livonia church, Zim
merman, at 10:30 Sunday school at
12 m. Afternoon services in the town
church of Zimmerman at 3 p. m.
Aug. Lundquist, Pastor.
There will be no preaching services
held in either the Congregational
church or the country school houses
for the next two Sundays, August 7
and 14. Sunday school will be held
at the usual hour, however.
Sunday morning at 10:30 at the M.
E. church Mrs. Oner Dow, the Iowa
delegate to the World's Missionary
Conference, held during the earlier
part of the summer at Edinburgh,
Scotland, will give ,a lecture on ob
servations made during the con
ference. Sunday school at 12 m.
Special musical program will be given
at 8 o'clock.
Prof. Ewing is mainly responsible
for the editorial work on last week's
Saturday will be a day of mourning
throughout the'United Statesmourn
ing for the illustrious soldier and ex
president, U. S. Grant.
Lowell Chadbourne bid adieu to his
Princeton friends Monday evening
and on Tuesday morning'departed for
the wilds of Arizona, where he expects
to make his fortune. We wish Lowell
all sorts of good luck.
Dan Findell and Louis Erickson
will start out with their new steam
thresher shortly. Last season they
commenced operations" 'at Spencer
Brook and gave excellent satisfac
tion and we understand they have se
cured the promise of a good many
jobs in Baldwin and Spencer Brook
this year. Their machine does excel
lent work and does it quickly.
Anyone owing bills to Gillespie,
Stoneburg & Co. will please call at
the harness shop where the books
have been left, and settle the same as
soon as possible. All notes have
been left at the SecuritylStatelbank of
Princeton. Gillespie & Stoneburg,
Cambridge, Minn. 31-2tc
An opportunity is now^open at the
Northwestern Hospital Training
School for Nurses for two young
women desirous of becoming trained
graduate nurses. A small salary at
tached. For particulars address*Dr
H. C. Cooney, Princeton, Minn,
What They Were There For
They were there to prevent John
Lind's nomination. They may have
professed different. They may have
posed as his friends and^confidants
deputed to act for him. They may
have assumed the atttiude, of men
zealous only in the party's interest
anxious to avoid placing the party in
an embarrassing position as it whi be
in case Mr. Lind ultimately declines.
No matter what profession they made
they were there to fight thefight^ofthe
brewers, and the representatives of
the brewers were there to see that they
didn't shirk.Tom Noswal in North
field News.
For District Judge
To the Voters of the Seventh Judicial District
I hereby announce that 1 will be A candidate
for nomination on the republican ticket for the
office of judge of the seventh judicial district,
at the primary election to be held September
20th, 1910 JOHNSTON,
Detroit, Minn
For Judge of District
To the Voters of the Seventh Judicial District
of Minnesota
At the instance and request of all members
of the bar at Fergus FaUs, who practice in the
courts, and a very general request of the bar
of the district, I hereby announce myself a
for the republican nomination for
of said district, at the next primary
election to be held September 20,1910
-.SStCgus Falls, Minn
For County Auditor.
To the Voters of Mille Lacs County, Minn
At the request of maiiy voters in different
parts of this county I hereby announce myself
as a candidate for the republican nomination
for county auditor, at the primary election to
toe held September 20th 1910 If nominated
and elected I shall devote all nay time to the
discharge of the duties of the office.
Respectfully yours,
For Recruiter of Deeds.
To the Veters of Mille Lacs County
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate
for nomination on the republican ticket, for
the office of register of deeds, at the primary
election to be held September 30,1910
For County Auditor
At the instance and request of many friends
and voters throughout Mille Lacs county, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for the
republican nomination for county auditor at
the coming primary election, to be held Sept
20th, 1910 I fully realize the importance of
this office and, if I am nominated and elected,
it will receive my undivided attention and I
win devote aU my time to the discharge of the
duties of the office. W. G. D0AM.

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