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Published Every Thursday.
Business Manager.
Nicaragua cablegrams convey the
intelligence that Madriz has been de
posed and Estrada proclaimed presi
dent. Merely a case of one scoundrel
being succeeded by another.
To secure a reputation it is not ab
solutely necessary to be either a
moral man or a millionaire. Merely
let the public get an inkling that you
are a grafter and a reputation will
attach itself immediately.
A newspaper scribbler is of opinion
that old Nick is responsible for the
cigarette habit which Mrs. Longworth
is alleged to have acquired. Why
not blame young Nick, with whom she
is more closely associated?
It is customary for a mother to
address the baby of the family as
"My little lamb" while the oldest son
who has been turned out into the
world to make his own living and
never writes home, is often character
ized as "the black sheep."
Senator Clapp is over in Wisconsin
stumping the state for Bob La Fol
lette It is a little surprising to us
that Mr. La Follette did not select
that eloquent campaign orator, Hon.
Samuel Van Sant, for this purpose.
Samuel is a marvelous persuader.
We are told that in the new lan
guage, Esperanto, there are no equiv
alents for d, and other
forceful expressionsthat there are
in fact no cuss words at all. This
means that the language will never
be advocated or adopted by congress.
Another blow has been dealt Mr.
Bryan. Editor Metcalf of the Com
monwealth, whom Mr. Bryan induced
to run for the nomination of United
States senator from Nebraska at the
democratic primaries, has been de
feated by Gilbert M. Hitchcock of
John J. Ryder, former state senator
from Polk county and prior to that a
well known St Paul newspaper re
porter, has been nominated on the re
publican ticket for secretary of state
of Nebraska. We hope Mr. Ryder
will be successful at the polls with a
ma]ority expressed in five figures.
Mr. Roosevelt, who is now on his
western trip, said at Buffalo, N. Y.:
I feel that it is just a little more of
my duty to hunt the crook out of pub
lic life because he happens to be in
my own party." And there is no
doubt that Theodore will make good,
for he has proven himself a mighty
A jury in New Orleans acquitted
Mamie McLaughlin, an orphan 18
years of age, who killed a black
guardly saloonkeeper named Hugh
Smith. The girl did not deny com
mitting the deed but said that Smith
had betrayed her and she was in con
sequence impelled to the act. It took
the jury but a few minutes to find her
not guilty. Here is a case where the
jury was justified in resorting to the
"unwritten law."
Japan has gobbled up Korea and it
is therefore no longer an independent
kingdom. The annexation has been
quietly effected but the great powers
gave their consent to the proceedings
months ago. Russia is naturally a
trifle chagrined and Korea is opposed
to the annexation, but that is inconse
quential. Under the direct rule of
Japan the Hermit kingdom will be
materially benefited. Japan is a
progressive, modernized nation while
Korea is many laps behind, but
henceforth it will be interesting to
note its rapid strides.
Henry Waterson says in the Louis
ville Courier Journal that no demo
crat "can be a prohibitionist.
Henry probably meant to say that no
democrat "is."
The maharaja of Mourlehanj, an
East Indian prince, is visiting in New
York. He had better be careful or
one of the heiresses will prevail upon
him to sell himself.
f'IndiMfs wfll
Americanized," says
never become
a writer. He
The Pullman Sleeping Car company
declares that its compliance with the
new rate law means bankruptcythat
it is on the verge of bankruptcy al
ready! If the company is in this con
dition so are the Guggenheims,
Rockefeller, Morgan and other
financiers. It is very evident to us
that the Pullman company is an un
scrupulous prevaricator.
At least one good thing can be said
of the socialists they respond
promptly to the call of a member in
distress. In Massachusetts recently
Julius Vezosal, a fugitive, was cast
into jail at the instigation of the
Russian government and charged
with stealing $50,000 from a sub
treasury at Titlis. His bail, while
awaiting extradition proceedings, was
party of Massachusetts, of which the
fugitive is a member, immediately
should not feel so confident. Down in and into which is supposed to enter
the Cherokee nation recently ~an old
Indian chief entered into a compact
with an attorney by which the two
were to rob members of the tribe of
their lands and divide the spoils.
Isn't this proof that the old boy is
Roseau county aspirants for office
appear to be particularly scarce.
There are counties, however, which
could furnish it a limitless number of
candidates for any old office at a
moments's notice. The Warroad
Plaindealer has this to say of the situ
"There seems to be only one man
who really cares to get a county job
in this county. Come out of the bush,
you men who figure on getting into
the game, and give the voters a
chance to get you under the micro
An edict will shortly go forth, says
the Pekin Gazette, from the grand
council of the Chinese empire order
ing its subjects to cut off their queues
and thereafter to keep their hair
closely cropped. This is not only
another step toward civilization but
it should materially affect the human
hair marketreduce the price of
"rats" which the prevailing style of
coiffure demands that American and
European women wear. China sup
plies more human hair for such pur
poses than any other country on the
A peculiar condition exists in the
Philippines. With the exception of
the Moros all other tribes ask that
they be granted their independence.
The Moros, however, say that if the
Americans withdraw from the archi
pelago they will fight the other tribes
they have vowed their allegiance to
the United States and do not want in
dependence. There are 335,000 of
these warlike head hunters and,
should they turn upon the rest of the
islanders, whom they hate, they would
probably make short work of them.
Under existing circumstances it would
never do to grant independence to the
fixed at $5000. The socialist labor Saturday. Congressman Miller will
ably discuss the political issues of
the day from a national viewpoint
Mr. Miller is an eloquent talker and
produced the amount and the prisoner
ULBU Lne amuum ana *ne prisoner
was released. The man is probably starmt finish.
not guilty, as it is an old game of the
Russian government to trump up
charges against former citizens and,
when it gets them into their clutches,
to send them to Siberia.
We have heard of two or three rep
utable citizens in Sherburne county,
and there are doubtless others, who
would ilke to go to the legislature,
but are prevented from being candi
dates because of the enormous ex
pense of a winning campaign. To
cover this legislative district it is rep
resented that the cost of making a
campaign ranges from $500 to $1,500,
which naturally debars men of
moderate means.Elk River Star
We know of one candidate who will
not expend half of the minimum
amount mentioned by the Star-News
to go to the legislature. No candi
date of moderate means can afford to
squander $1,000 to obtain a seat in
the legislature unless he expects to
barter his vote as a law-maker and
be known as a "gray wolf." We do
not believe that the people of this
legislative district want to be repre
sented by legislators of that brand.
A candidate whose only recommenda
tion is his pocket-book is not the
right kind of a man to send to the
It is now charged that butterine,
which is made by the packing trust
pure fats, is being manufactured from
all sorts and conditions of stuff, in
cluding the suet and lard from cattle
and hogs which die in transit. A
grand jury at Chicago will investgate
the charges and there the matter will
probably end. But why are such in
vestigations necessary when the gov
ernment has inspectors stationed at
the packing plants to prevent such
frauds? Are these inspectors re
ceiving bribes from the packers, or
While almost every paper you pick
up is thrusting its stiletto into Joe
Cannon, the old boy is pursuing
the even tenor of his way, ap
parently giving little attention to
the attacks which are being
made on him. Admitting that he
is no saint and has made mistakes,
yet he has his good points and is no
man's fool. Joe is no traitor, neither
has he ever entered into a question
able compromise with the opposition.
He stands on his own ground in the
face of all obstacles, and is entitled
to some credit for the backbone which
he possesses.
In the big 52nd legislative district
which is composed of the counties of
Carlton, Aitkin, Itasca, Cass and
Koochiching, there are half a dozen
candidates who have filed for the re
publican nomination for representa
tive. Two only can be nominated and
elected, and we sincerely hope Charles
H. Warner of Aitkin will be one of
the two. There is no man in the five
counties better equipped than Mr.
Warner to represent that great district
in the legislature. He understands
the needs of northern Minnesota and
he has the ability to express his views
and the courage to maintain them'.
This is the year when northern Min
nesota should be represented in the
legislature by its ablest men.
Lett er From W Chase
The Union is in receipt of a letter
from W. P. Chase dated Beachwood,
Maine, August 24, and takes the fol
lowing excerpts therefrom:
"We break camp next Tuesday after
a very cool, delightful summer on the
beach. We can hardly realize we
have had any summer for we have
had to keep fire in the grate a great
deal of the time, especially evenings.
All the fish,* including clams, lob
sters, etc., we could eat was readily
obtainable, as well as all sorts of
berries. How some of my Princeton
friends would like to pull out forty
or fifty fine fish in a couple of hours.
I see by the i on you have had
some dry, hot weather out in Minne
sota. Here we had almost too much
rain early in June, but it has been all
right since and crops are good, hay
especially so. But the tourist crop
is the biggest of all in this country.
Best regards from myself and wife to
our Princeton friends. Very truly
yours, W. P. Chase."
Bis: Time at Foreston Saturday
lto intere
The live little hamlet of Foreston tunity.Delano Eagle
will be more lively than usual next
st his audience
lunch served to all the visitors at
noon. There will be games in the
afternoon and special cash prizes are
offered the successful competitors.
The merchants will offer special in
ducements in the way of bargains all
day Saturday. Foreston will be the
objective point for farmers, pleasure
seekers and politicians next Saturday.
Reunions of Veterans.
The annual reunion of the surviv
ing members of the Eighth regiment
of Minnesota volunteer infantry is to
be held at 10 a. m., September 7, in
court room No. 4, St. Paul city hall.
All regimental organizations will
meet at 2 p. m. in the house of repre
sentatives of the old capitol.
The twenty-fifth annual reunion of
the Seventh Minnesota Veterans'
association will be held September 7
in the Minneapolis court house. Re
freshments will be served in Rich
mond hall, Third avenue S and Fifth
Isanti, Sherborne and. Benton Farmers
Farmers of Isanti, Sherburne and
Benton counties, in behalf of the
Mille Lacs County Agricultural so
ciety, the Union extends to you a
special invitation to visit the 19th an
nual fair of the association at Prince
ton on September 15, 16 and 17, and
compete for all the premiums and
prizes offered. You will all be cor
dially welcomed and will receive the
same treatment accorded the farmers
and exhibitors of Mille Lacs county.
Hm~ A n* 3 Zd
Got the Calls Mixed
Frank Day evidently confused "the
call of the wild" with a call from on
high.Foley Independent.
Overlooks Hi Ow Crop
We now have with us the political
candidate who appears to know more
about the wild oats crop of his op
ponent than he does of his own.
Walker Pilot.
John's Reason for Decamping?
John Lind seems to have taken to
the woods to avoid the kitchen cabinet
created by Johnson and still running
the Eberhart cooking room.Nor
wood Times (Dem.).
merely Taking Well-Earned Re st
No doubt some of the opposition
papers will insist that Gov. Eberhart
has gone to Isle Royal on a political
mission. We wouldn't be so unfair
as to say that was the reason John
Lind hiked to Alaska.Stilllwater
Don't Know How to Work Them.
Most of the roads are bad because
there is ignorance and carelessness in
working them. We expend enough
money on roads to obtain great deal
better results than we get but the
failure to get them is due to lack of
system in expending it.Fergus Falls
Samson the First Advertiser.
For the benefit of those who abhor
printers' ink as a prime factor to the
advancement of their interests, we
may state that Samson, the strong
party, was the first man to advertise.
He took two solid columns to demon
strate his strength, and several
thousand people "tumbled" to the
scheme. He brought down the house.
Owatonna Tribune.
What the Farmers Need Most
The people are contented with the
present rate of taxation for state
purposes why not let the surplus
accumulate and give the legislature
of 1911 some chance to redeem the
pledges that are being scattered
broadcast, promising good roads
legislation. The farmers do not need
that one-half mill nearly so bad as
they do better roads.Royal ton Ban
Taf and Teddy No the Whole Wor ks
Unless we mistake the temper of the
country the people don't care much of
a what the relations are be
tween Beverly and Oyster Bay.
There is a whole lot of country and a
whole lot of people outside those two
remote if interesting places, and for
the most part with just as much intel
ligence and an equally fair sprinkling
of brains.Ortonville Herald-Star.
The Best State in the Union.
Minnesota is a pretty good old
state to live in, anyway. Just fancy,
after a season of drouth such as has
seldom been seen, we get a bumper
crop of wheat and corn, and it was
just the same for the past few years
when it rained nearly every day until
the sixth of Julybig crops in spite
of everything. Then, if one doesn't
like farming there is lumbering and
mining. If none of these suit one
may go fishing or flying. There is
plenty of room and plenty of oppor-
Frank Stacy Ha I Already Prepared
As an indication of the importance
he attaches to the forthcoming nation
a conservation congress Gov Ebe
hart has retired, with his
Ther will be a fre (democratic) to the confines Isl
prepare the wise things he proposes
to say to that august assemblage,
he is a good listener, and the wild
Royale within the broad reaches of Maple Ridge cemetery. Deceased is
Lake Superior, to there ponder and survived by his wife, four sons and
three daughters. Mr. Berg was a
If man who was thought well of by all
his acquaintances, and he will be
waves do their duty, the governor sadly missed. Much sympathy is felt
ought to make a sensation when he
appears before Taft and Roosevelt,
for he is no nature fakir. Ortonville
5* S* S*
Reality Knocks the Glamour Oft
In theory the American people are
land crazy. But when it comes down
to the grim reality of moving onto
the soil they hesitate. When the
Standing Rock reservation was opened
thousands of lawyers, doctors and
business men flocked to the tlrawirig,
until there were about eight appli
cants to every home. But those
lucky enough to get tickets calling for
land defaulted until about two thirds
of the land still remains unclaimed.
Pioneering looks good from a city
office if you do not go into details.
But when a man used to luxury
bumps up against the reality it
knocks the glamour off.Cloquet
Direct and Indirect Taxation.
The value of the direct state tax is
two-fold: It keeps the state interested
in local assessments and it keeps the
individual taxpayer interested in
what is done with the state's money.
If there is no state ta* the state" loses
'interest in local assessments which
rUMf iiiiijiiitjp^MMiigrtaf^M"^^ MlH^F
give powerful local interests'a chance
to induce too-liberal officials to lower
their assessments. If there is- "no
direct state tax the individual tax
payer, paying nothing directly into
the state treasury, loses his interest
in state economy. He forgets of
course that even though indirect tax
ation provides all the state's money,
the consumer pays it just the same
through the rates he pays to railroads
and other corporations upon which
the indirect taxes are levied.Duluth
I is the Governor's Sworn Duty.
There seems to be a good deal of
dodging about the enforcement of law
in Minnesota. The governor on be
ing appealed to in regard to the
violation of liquor and other laws
refers the matter to the attorney gen
eral. The attorney general shifts the
responsibility on to the sheriff. The
sheriffs will no doubt blow up the
constables. Meanwhile the law is
disregarded. By the way, who is
responsible when the law is openly
and flagrantly violated on the state
capitol grounds?Northfield News.
Inefficient Legislators Not Wanted.
There has been no campaign in re
cent years in this state in which there
were so many indications of a deter
mination on the part of the people to
be well represented in the legislature.
The service of men who have been
faithful to the people is being recog
nized and rewarded. Inefficient repre
sentatives are being sent to the right
about, and men of parts and integrity
are selected for their places. The
people of every legislative district
who want to make their influence felt
should be in line. The best men are
needed at the state capitol to protect
the public interests and see that the
plain people get a square deal.
Northfield News.
Republican Candidate lor Representafve 45th
Legislative District
Ole Larson, the three-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Larson of Big
Lake, who was submitted to an oper
ation for strangulated hernia, is con
Miss Mary Newbert was operated
upon Tuesday for a throat ailment as
was also Homer Anderson of Dalbo.
Both are getting along nicely.
Miss Selma Hanson of Minneapolis
underwent an operation yesterday for
an abdominal abscess.
Carl Axel Berg of Maple Ridge.
Mr. Carl Axel Berg died at his
home in Maple Ridge on the 23rd ult.
He was a comparatively young man,
being less than forty-four years old
at the time of his death. He had been
ill for several months. The funeral,
which was largely attended was held
cunservauon congress uov. j^oer- wmcn was largely attended, was helc
last Thursday afternoon and the re
mains were interred in the South
for his widow and children.
Death of Sirs Jerome Harrington
Adeline, wife of Jerome Harring
ton, died at her home in Bradford on
Friday, August 26, aged 79 years.
Death was due to senile decay. Her
husband and four children survive
her. The children are George and
Hiram Harrington, Mrs. Nancy
Tabor and Mrs. J. F. Bockoven.
Funeral services were conducted by
Rev. Hall at the home of Chas. Foote
on Sunday at 3 p. m. and the inter
ment was( in the Nichols cemetery,
Spencer Brook. .Mrs. Harrington had
been a resident of Bradford for 35
A Cave That Breathes.
A curious crevice has been found in
a cave of lava formation on a high
piece of tableland near Prescott,
Arizona, which is said to breath be
cause there is a constant current of
air issuing from it or being drawn
into it. Because of its purity and
invigorating qualities golden grain
belt beer remains unexcelled as a sum
mer beverage. Order of your
nearest dealer or be supplied by Sjo
blom Bros.
Mille Iiacs County Fair, Princeton,t
September 15i? iBttfand ttth.
For State Senator.
Fndley, Anoka County, Aug 15,1910
I wish to announce to the voters of the 45th
legislative district that I have again filed for
the office of stajie senator. If I am again hon
ored with the nomination and election it will
be my aim the future, as it has been in the
past to work for the interests of the taxnayers
by reducing the burden of taxation, which
largely has to be carried by the farmers, for
upon their work depends the prosperity of all
Therefore. I believe the state should aid them
liberally improving the country roads
rather than wasting its great incomes in vis
ionary schemes for the benefit of a few If
this meets with your approval I shall appre
ciate your support at the primary election on
September 20 Yours very truly,
Candidate for Representative
To the Voters of the 45th Legislative District
Gentlemen Quite a number of people
withm and without the district, seem to labor
under the impression that, if I were a mem
ber of the legislature I could, perhaps, be of
assistance in securing the enactment of legis
lation ihat would tend towards the bettering
of the. public highways of the state, and at
their solicitation I have filed for the republi
can momination for one of the three repre
sentatives from this district and respectfully
solicit your support at the ensuing primarv
election DU NN
Princeton, Minn Aug 29,1910
For Representative
To the Voters of the 45th Legislative District
I hereby desire to tender my candidacy to
the voters of the 45th legislative district as a
candidate for the legislature from Isanti coun
ty in said district In so doing I declare that
I am not influenced by nor supported in my
candidacy by any influence other than my
earnest desire to assist in shaping legislation
that will be beneficial to the people of my dis
trict and of the entire state The candidate of
no class, or clique, and absolutely untram
meled in my views I believe I can, if elected
vie-w every question from the right standpoint
namely Is it of any benefit to the people and
to all the people0
To the Voters of Mille Lacs County, Minn
At the request of many voters in different
parts of this county I hereby announce myself
as a candidate for the republican nomination
for county auditor, at the primary election to
be held September 20th 1910 If nominated
and elected I shall devote all my time to the
discharge of the duties of the office
Respectfully yours,
For Register of Deeds.
To the Veters of Mille Lacs County
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate
for nomination on the republican ticket for
the office of register of deeds, at the primary
election to be held September 20,1910
For County Auditor
At the instance and request of many friends
and voters throughout Mille Lacs county, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for the
republican nomination for county auditor at
the coming primary election to be held Sept
20th, 1910 I fully realize the importance of
this office and, if I am nominated and elected,
it will receive my undivided attention and I
will devote all my time to the discharge of the
duties of the office DOANE
For County Superintendent.
I hereby announce my candidacy for the re
publican nomination for superintendent of
schools of Mille Lacs countv at the coming
primary election to be held September 20,1910
I believe that the service I have given the peo
ple of the county in this office will speak for
itself and, if you are satisfied with my record
in that capacity, I shall much appreciate your
support and will endeavor to continue ner
forming the duties of the office, if elected, to
the best of my ability UY EAN ING
For Register of Deeds
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
re-election to the office of register of deeds for
Mille Lacs county at the primary election to be
held September 20 1910. I am a candidate be
cause I am familiar with the work of the office
and like itbecause I believe that I have made
good and should have an endorsement My ad
ministration of the office for the past four
years is proof to the voters that I understand
the duties of the office and I will perform
them with the same courtesy and promptness
as has always been done in the past Your
vote and support will be appreciated ,i
Respectfully yours,
For Register of Deeds.
To the Voters of Mille Lacs Countv
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
the republican nomination-tor the office of reg
ister of deeds-subject to your approval at the
primary electien to be held September 20,1910.
Your support will certainly be greaflyjappre
ciated and, if nominated and elected, I promise
to give you prompt and punctual service and
courteous treatment, and do all in my power to
serve you right Sincerely yours.
Far Sheriff of Sherburne Comity.
This is to announce to my friends in Sher
burne county that I am a candidate for the
office of sheriff and respectfully solicit your
support at the primary election, Sept 20th
Elk River. Minn.
,For Comity Auditor
This is to announce to the voters of Sher
burne county that I have filed for the nomina
tion, on the republican ticket, for the office of
county auditor Your assistance and vote at
the primaries,-Sept. SO, 1910. will certainly be
appreciated. Cwr F. NICKIRSOI*.
Elk River, Minn August 24, 1910.
If nominated and elected I
pledge myself to study every bill and measure
that comes before the house of representatives
for Consideration and east my -vote on every
measure according to whether it is of benefit
to the people or not Hoping to receive your
favorable consideration at the polls, I am.
Yours very truly,
Cambridge Minn
For District Judge.
To the Voters of the Seventh Judicial District
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate
for nomination on the republican ticket for the
office of judge of the seventh judicial district,
at the primary election to be held September
20th, 1910 JOHNSTON,
Detroit, Minn
For Judge of District
Xo the Voters of the Seventh Judicial District
of Minnesota
At the instance and request of all members
of the bar at Fergus Falls, who practice in the
courts, and a very general request of the bar
of the district, I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the republican nomination for
judge of said district, at the next primary
election to be held September 20,1910
Fergus Falls, Minn
For Connty Auditor.
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