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The Two Measures Fathered by R.
C. Dunn Which Passed the
House Last Thursday.
One Relates to State Highway Com-
mission and the Other Provides
for a One Mill Tax.
nft flf
.hfe i.*
passed bv th hous- of
tpuomng are the two committee carried over to the credit of the corn-
bills pertaining to good roads legis- mission for subsequent years, and
lation prepared by R. C. Dunn and E?Sj!ed,
nf representa-
in any one year for the necessary ex
penses of the office of the said com
mission provided further that all un
expended funds in any year may be
$20,000 oafr the
commission and the otter provides &%SSX%M2L%
for a constitutional amendment to by the state auditor.
increase the state road tax from a Sec. 6. No member of the highway
quarter of a mill to one mill: commission, the state engineer, his
-r,.., -B,
fiscal ye
taves last Thursday morning by a be available May 1, 1911
practically unanimous vote. The first Allb accounts and expenditures
measure relates to the state highway
A Bill For an act Relating toA. the person iand the employ the
Highway Commission, Defining commission, shall be, either directly
Its Powers and Duties and Appro- or indircetly, interested in any
pnating Money Therefor. rac
Section 1. Within a reasonable any road under this act.
time after January 1st, 1912, the Sec. 7. On or before the first Tues-
governor shall appoint one commis- day in March of each year the high-
sioner to succeed that member of the way commission shall estimate the
board of highway commissioners ap- probable sum of money that will
pointed under the provisions of Chap, accrue to the state road and bridge
163, G. L. 1905, whose term of service fund during that year, and apportion
then expires, and each year thereafter the same among the different counties
he shall appoint one commissioner, of the state, as herein provided, and
they each shall be appointed for three shall immediately send a notice to the
years, and until his successor has state auditor and to the board of
been appoined and qualified, but not county commissioners of each county
more than two members of said com- stating the amount that such county
mission shall belong to same politi- shall be entitled to receive for said
cal party. Such commissioners shall year out of said fund. In making an
serve without compensation. The estimate of the amount of state road
governor shall fill all vacancies and and bridge fund accruing to the
may remove a member for inefficiency, eral counties in the state, no county
malfeasance or neglect of duty. All shall receive in one year more than
questions shall be determined by a three per cent nor less than one-half
majority vote of such commissioners, of one per cent of said fund, to be ex-
Sec. 2 Said highway commission pended during such year, and in de-
shall elect from its members a chair- termining the percentage accuring to
man and vice chairman, it shall have any one county, the said highway
a common seal, the members thereof commission shall take into considera-
shall have power to administer oaths, tion the extent of the area of such
and it shall be provided with a county, the amount of money ex-
suitable office at the capitol where pended by it in road construction, the
it shall hold regular meetings not difficulty and expense of such road
less than once in every two months, construction and the extraordinary
Said commission shall appoint a expense connected with the develop-
secretary, who shall be a civil engi- ment of new territory,
neer and practical road builder, who Sec. 8. As soon as the highway
shall be known as che state engineer commission shall have ascertained the
and who shall hold his office subject location of the available road mate-
to the pleasure of said commission, rial throughout the state, and the best
and it may also employ deputy and methods of road and bridge construc-
assistant engineers and such other tion, as far as the same may be prac-
persons as it may from time to time ticable, it shall prepare and adopt
require, and shall fix their compen- such rules and regulations for the
sation. Said state engineer, his dep- construction and improvement of
uties and assistant engineers, shall, state roads as shall be most suitable
each, before entering upon the duties to the requirements of, and bring the
of their office, subscribe to, execute most practical results to the several
and file an oath of office and a bond parts of the state,
in the penal sum of three thousand Such rules and regulations shall be
dollars ($3,000) with sufficient sure- printed and copies shall be forwarded
ties, conditioned on the faithful per- to the county auditor of each county
formance of their official duties. The in the state for general distribution,
secretary 3hall keep a record of every Such rules and regulations may be
vote and official act of said com- amended from time to time, but such
^mission, shall file and safelj keep all amendments must be printed and dis-
maps and papers belonging to it, tributed not later than April 1st of
shall devote all of his time to the in- each year.
terest of the state as prescribed by Sec. 9. Any county board may des-
said commission and shall be in ignate any established road, or sped-
charge of the offices of the commission fied portion thereof in its county as a
at the state capitol. There shall be state road, and construct or improve
present at all times in the office of the same in accordance with the regu-
said commission, either the state engi- lations of the said highway com-
neer or one of his deputies. It shall mission relative to state roads. Said
also be the duty of the said state engi- state engineer shall make or cause to
neer and his deputies and assistants be made all necessary surveys, estab-
to give such advice, assistance and Hsh grades and prepare plans and
supervision with regard to road and specifications for all state roads, and
bridge construction throughout the shall cause to be superintended all
state as may be required and as the work done on such designated state
rules and regulations of the com- roads. Such work may be done under
mission may prescribe, and to render contract or by day labor, as the
such other engineering and surveying county board may direct, and a re-
services as may be required by the port thereof shall be made by such
governor for any of the state depart- superintendent in duplicate as may be
ments, and said state engineer and required by the highway commission,
his deputies and assistants may be re- one copy of which shall be delivered
quired by the commission to attend to the county auditor and one to the
any public meeting held by the com- state engineer.
mission or other parties in the inter- Sec. 10. Whenever any county
est of road improvements in this state, board makes application to the state
provided that the members of said highway commission for the designa-
commission, such state engineer, dep- tion of an established road running
uties, assistants, and other persons from the county making such applica-
employed by said commission, shall tion into an adjoining county, as a
be allowed necessary traveling ex- state road, said commission shall in-
penses while performing their official vestigate the need for such road and
duties outside of the state capitol, or if it shall decide that it is necessary,
outside the town or county in which shall so designate such road and de-say,
they reside. termine andfixthe part of toe-cost of
All of the files and records of said the improvement thereof to be paid
commission shall, under reasonable by each county.
regulations, be kept open for public Sec. 11. The word "road" or
inspection and certified copies thereof "highway" whenever used in this act
shall be received in evidence in any shall be construed to include all
court of the state. The attorney gen- bridges upon or which form a part of
eral of the state shall be ex-officio the road or highway to be improved
attorney for the commission and shall or constructed, provided that in no
give the commission such legal coun- case shall more than one-half of
sel, advice and service as it may from the cost of constructing any road or
time to time require. bridge be paid by the state from such
Sec. 3. Whenever practicable said fund,
commission shall investigate and de- Sec. 12. The highway commission
termine the location of road material shall appoint as many assistant enei-
the state, ascertain the most ap- neers throughout the state as they
proved methods of construction and may deem necessary for the purpose
improvement of roads, investigate the of superintending all work done on
most approved laws in relation to state roads under state aid. Such
roads in other states, and held public assistant engineers may be assigned
meetings throughout the state when to one or more counties as deemed ad-
deemed advisable. On or before visable and shall act under the in-upon
March 1st of each year it shall make structions of the state engineer and
a printed report to the governor, stat- the rules and regulations of the high-
mg among other things deemed by it way commission. It shall be the duty
expedient and of general interest on of said assistant engineers to make all
the subject of road-building, as near necessary surveys, estimates and spe
as possible, the number of miles of cifications for work to be done
state roads built or improved during
the preceding year and their cost the
general character and location of ma
terials suitable for road construction
the general character and needs of the
roads of the state and recommend
such legislation as it deems advis
Sec. 4 For the purpose of state aid
in the construction and improvement
of public highways, there shall here
state roads and for that purpose they
shall have the co-operation and assis
tance of the state engineer or any of
his deputies or assistants. It shall
also be the duty of said assistant en
gineers upon the request of any board
of county commissioners or any
board of town supervisors, within
their respective towns and counties,
to advise and consult with such county
or town board in the construction or
after be levied annually' on"T Jlte- towfJ*SX^aff. ^Mffi^o.^^
able property of the sate a tax of cial roads to make plans and speci- of oSe (1)percenof? he tota /Uni
one-fourth of a mill on each dol- fixations when so required to exercise thus provided and expended dunnf
lar of valuation, to be collected in the supervision over such construction or such year. expended during
same manner as other state taxes, and improvements, and lend everv nos- Sen 2 Thio r^
the money so raised, together with all sibV assistance to the? local road ^bJ^utoitt^T^^Snl^f
moneys accruing from the income de- authorities in bettering the public this state fortoeS^Drovtlm?
rived from investments in the internal highways. Final payment shall not tion at thegenwal effi?on iSL-F
improvement land fun^1, or that may be made on any contract for road vStm^ffSSim^i^^i
hereafter accrue to said fund, and all work, where the amount involved ex- the qualified? electors of 'Ih^Sk^
funds accruing to any state road or ceeds two hundred dollars ($200), by theirrVspectivl^districts mav il!,
bridge fund, however provided, shall any county or town board, until & electionvote for orr/inJt Xt
constitute a general state road and district engineer has certified that the amendment by bSfot^ and'thS rotu?w
bridge fund, and suoh fund shall be work has been projplrjy done and
expended only on state roads. completed according th contract, and
See. 5. There ir herebyg appropri-, of certificatetothate effect shall be
ated out of anyymoneys in the state filed in the office of the countyanditor
treasury, noat otherwise appropriated, of the county or with the town clerk
endin July 31 town where th work has been
1912, and annually thereafter, the Bum performed, as the ease may be pro
of 9150,000 to pay the expenses of said vided that any county new having or
commission, including the salary and which may hereafter have a county
other traveling expenses of the state superintendent of highways or other
engineer and his deputies and assis- officer to superintendent the eonstruo-
tants, and all other persons employed tion and improvement of roads with
by the commission provided that not in its confines shall not be subject to
more than $15,000 shall be expended the provisions of this section pro-
the sum
for thle
ending July, 31, 1912 shal
ow ^on by the chairman of
assistants,for anyhighway
for constructing or improving
vided, however, that all work done on
state roads in such counties on which
state aid funds are to be applied,
shall be subject to the inspection and
approval of the state engineer and the
highway commission.
All persons appointed or employed
by the highway commission shall be
appointed solely on their merits and
qualifications, and shall not be re
moved except for cause provided,
that the highway commission may at
any time decrease their force by the
discharge of employes whose services
are not needed.
Sec. 13. Whenever the county
board of any county shall determine
to build or improve any state road
for which state aid is to be claimed,
they shall proceed as follows:
If the estimated cost of such work
not exceed $500 the said board
shall cause surveys, when necessary,
to be made therefor by an assistant
engineer, and shall thereupon receive
bids for all or part of said work and
let the contract to the lowest re
sponsible bidder, or may cause the
same to be done by day labor under
the supervision of said superinten
dent. In case such improvement is
estimated to cost over $500, the said
county shall cause surveys, plans and
specifications therefor to be made by
said assistant engineer and submit
the same to the highway commission
for approval, and when such plans
and specicfiations are approved, the
said county board shall proceed to do
work by contract or day labor,
and the supervision thereof shall be
under the assistant engineer who shall
in all matters pertaining to such
work act under the rules and regula
tions of the highway commission and
the instructions of the state engineer.
Sec. 14. After any county board
shall have completed any work on
state road for which state aid is
claimed, the auditor of such coun*^
shall make a statement to the hj
way comission, showing the locatioi
nature and cost of such work, i
shall also submit a detailed rej i
from the assistant engineer in chj* _.
showing all such details conceri nt.
the same as may be required by
highway commission. On reo I
thereof the said highway commis i
shall proceed to examine such reject
and if found satisfactory thesecre an
of the highway commission shall
tify the same to the state auditor ,h--\(-
shall issue a warrant for one-hal
the amount of such report, payattf .r
the treasurer of such county, bn' xn\
no case shall said warrant exceer1
A Bill for an act Proposing
Amendment to Section Six
(16) of Article Nine (9) oi
Constitution of the State cf
nesota, Establishing the i o^d
and Bridge Fund, and Auihi i
mg the Legislature to Lwj AL
Annual Tax for the Puri ot
Constructing and Im jor
Roads and Bridges With
Be it enacted by the Legislature of
the State of Minnesota:
Section 1. The following amend
ment to section sixteen (16) of article
nine (9) of the constitution of the
State of Minnesota, is hereby pro
posed to the people of the state for
their approval or rejection that is to
changing section sixteen (16) of
article nine (9) of said constitution so
that said section sixteen (16) shall
read as follows:
"Section 16. For the purpose of
lending aid in the construction and
improvement of public highways and
bridges, there is hereby created a
fund, to be known as the 'state road
and bridge fund,' said fund shall in
clude all moneys accruing from in
come derived from investments in the
internal improvement land fund, or
that may hereafter accrue to said
fund, and shall also include all funds
accruing to any state road and bridge
fund, however provided.
"The legislature is authorized to
add to such fund, for the purpose of
constructing or improving roads and
bridges of this state, by providing, in
its discretion, for an annual tax levy
the property of this state of not
to exceed in any year one mill on all
the taxable property within the
state." The legislature is also
authorized to provide for the appoint
ment by the governor of a board to
on be known as the State Highway Com
mission consisting of three (3)
members. Such commission shall
have general superintendence of
the construction and improve
ment of state roads and bridges
and shall use such fund in the con
struction and improvement thereof
and distribute the same in the several
counties of the state upon an equitable
basis. Provided, that no county shall
mm Tim&m&Yl
9of shall be made and
within the time, and
BS canvassed and the
Bit thereof declaied in the
'h 'T
amount allotted to such county, ar h)
shall be the duty of the assistant
gineer to report such work in ph j,,,
cate to the county auditor with details
and cost within thirty days after rox
pletion thereof, one copy of cl
shall jbe sent JQ the highway n,
mission with the auditor^sreporh.
Sec. 15. It shall be the duty
state engineer to make an annus
spection of all bridges exceedir^
feet in length, as far as time anc
ditions permit, and report the (.cm -J-
tion of the same to the highway re
mission and the county board
make such recommendations a
may deem advisable.
Sec. 16. This act shall take
and be in force from and afle
a, i
ner provided by law with reference to
theelection of state officers, and if it
shtjl appear thereupon that a majori
ty of all the electors voting at said
election as provided in the next sec
tion have voted in favor of the same,
then the governor shall make proc
lamation thereof, and such amend
ment shall take effect and be in force
as it part of the constitution.
Sec. 3. The ballots used at said
elejtion on said amendment shall
haje printed thereon, "Amendment to
sec|ion sixteen (16) of article nine (9)
of the constitution, establishing the
ro%d and bridge fund, and authoriz
ing the legislature to levy an annual
tax for the purpose of constructing
ant improving roads and bridges
within this state Yes.... No
and each elector voting on said
anandment shall place a cross mark
this (X) in a space to be left oppo
site eithe the
wordor shall countedthe fo
ag inst the proposition in accordance
wifo the expressed will of the elector,
as provided by the election laws of
this state.
Sec. 4. This act shall take effect
anl be in force from and after its
State News.
7he annual meeting of the Minneso
ta Editorial associaton will be held at
St. Paul on Thursday and Friday,
February 16 and 17, with headquarters
at'he St. Paul hotel.
i big paper mill for Brainerd is
assired if flowage rights are secured
asexpected. It means that a modern
steel and cement paper mill will be
cotstructed in northeast Brainerd at
a cost of $450,000. The Northwest
Paoer company will erect the mill.
Por every person in Minnesota who
dis two babies are born, at least that
was the ratio in 1910 according to the
figires of the state board of health,
and it boasts that no state in the
union gets more complete reports of
*v-His and deaths than does Min-
R. Brill of the Ramsey
"t 'iurt filed an order on JVIon
si sing the election contest of
eske against Congressman
ofavens. Judge Brill holds
v. ui8 no jurisdiction in elec
oi'ssts affecting members of
ev that such contests must be
er* lely by congress itself.
to rent safety deposit
a iie last week has been so
every box in Minneapolis
rented and the personal
A rr^* -watches, rings, diamonds
p*i cashof the renters has
-uorod away. People are afraid
leave their valuables at
i carry ihem around with them
v* bhe prevalent epidemic of
1 John Thomas Fanning, a
cV. of Minneapolis for the last
ive years, and one of the most
shed members of the engi
T'K profession of this country,
crly on Monday at his rooms in
I *1 Waverly. He had been ill
days with pneumonia. The
i v*e,L. was not at first dangerous, but
I ations followed, and though a
i remarkable strength and
'it, he was unable at last to with
he attack of the disease.
scored heavily in some
rand awards at the national
exhibition at Columbus, Ohio
1 3an Sickle of Warren won the
and championship for hard wheat
aid also the second prize for white
otts and barley. These are both
world honors. W. Walker of Roch
eiter won the sweepstakes of the
world for flax, and J. W. Beckman of
Cokato won the sweepstakes for the
bjst sheaf of wheat. A. B. Lyman of
Ixcelsior won a world sweepstakes
for the best alfalfa. Minnesota as
ate won all five prizes in the world
asses for flax.
J*- intdsota
A Strauss Story.
A French contemporaiy tells
piquant stotv of the composer of "Sa
Iorae He was dining one night with
a party ot musical tnends when the
conversation unued on the composi
tons of the kaiser. Some of the
guests had expressed their opinions
pietty freelj when Herr Strauss put
bs fiagei to his lips and said: *'Sh-sh
You should never run down the com
positions of crowned heads in com
pany There is no telling who wrote
Soma Letters.
An ingenious person has discovered
that the three most forcible letters in
our alphabet are NRG (energy), that
the two which contain nothing are
(empty), that four express great cor
pulence, O (obesity) that two
are in a decline, (decay) that
four indicate exalted station, N
(excellency), and three excite our
tears, yet when pronounced together
are necessary to a good understanding
-LEG (elegy and leg)
Twenty-Five Dollars toward.
The above will be paid to any one
who furnishes such information as
will lead to the conviction of any per
son or persons who shall give or in
any other way furnish intoxicating
liquors to those whose names appear
on the black list posted in the saloons
of this village. Thomas Post,
7-4tc Village Marshal.
Main Street,
A Few Odds and Ends in 1
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8~ Princeton, Minn. 3
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Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle ant Hogs,
OflfJugthe past ten years toe population of Dolotb increased 48 per cent.,
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