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$ SaturdaySpecialDisplay
Embroideries and Laces
Watch our display Saturday, both window and inside
displays. "We promise to show the finest line of em-
1W broideries and laces ever shown in Princeton. You will
be interested to see them. They are all new and the
latest designs.
%fQ Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
Millet Simonson spent Saturday
evening at the Magnus home.
Mrs. H. W. Magnus and Miss Ethel
spent Sunday with relatives in San
Mrs. Huldah Hubbard and daugh
ter, Eunice, visited Mrs. Gust Daline
on Sunday afternoon.
Miss Edythe Kallstrom spent Sun
day with Miss Margaret Latfcera],
teacher of school No. 2, in district 33.
Miss Mary Larson, John Knutson
and Lavis and Arthur Halvorson vis
ited at the Hubbard home on Sunday.
A large crowd from here attended
the party at J. E. Hughes' home on
Saturday evening and had a grand
Peter Olson left for Minneapolis last
Saturday to attend the funeral of his
brother's son, William, who died of
(brain fever.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend the dance atErickson's on Sat
urday evening. Don't forget to at
tend, as "Dreamland" is the place
$o go to have a good time.
Mr. Piero bought a binder last
Mrs. Will Leathers has seventy hens
Charley O'Brien bought a horse
last week.
E. W. Severance visited in Baldwin
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bye and family vis
ited at Alex. Nelson's on Sunday.
The dance at Charlie Berry's was
well attended and everybody had a
fine time.
Will Sand berg and Harry Nelson
were visiting at Orin Hamilton's on
Somebody poisoned Pete Lambert's
dog. We are all sorry as Pete
thought a lot of him.
Roy Fiero, Scott Lambert and
Prank and Lloyd Buckingham at
tended the dance at Elias Fiero's in
Baldwin on Friday night.
Virgil Winsor visited*his parents
last week.
Roy Winsor and his bride returned
on Monday.
Pelbert Cotton of Milaca visited his
sister, Miss Mamie Cotton, a few days
this week.
Miss Myrtle Carr spent Sunday with
Miss Daisy Mott.
Miss Daisy Mofct went to Crystal
Bay on Thursday.
Last Tuesday James Tomlinson left
for parts unknown.
Mr. and Mrs. Val Mott visited
Eric Hedstrom's on Sunday.
Drescher Bros, of Princeton
building a barn for Geo. Carr.
Josephine and Almon Henschel are
at home for their Easter vacation.
Clara and Ethel Henschel of Prince
ton spent Saturday and Sunday at
Peter Henschel's.
John Duby left last Monday for
Williamsburg, Kansas, for an indefi
nate stay with* relatives.
Leon Annis left on Monday for
Kalispell-, Montana. He was accom
panied by Gust Roadstrom.
Most of the young folks from this
vicinity attended the masquerade in
the M. B. A. hall and report a fine
Exclusive Sale ef Zion City |^ces^of
A I I CZ SL f%
Farm for Kent.
The T. J. Kelly farm, Z% miles
southwest of Princeton, for rent cheap
to the right party. Good dwelling,
barn, well and outbuildings. Fo
terms apply to Chas. A. Dickey,
Princeton. 14-tfc
Mrs. E. H. Foley is on the sick list.
E. H. Foley went to Anoka Wednes
day on business.
Frank Brown is moving into the
Geo. T. James house.
L. D. Carter made a business trip
to Elk River on Monday.
Sheriff Iliff of Elk River was in
town on business Tuesday.
Frank Smith and Mr. Dow of
Princeton were in town on Tuesday.
Jack Larsen has been in Princeton
a few, days wtih his Shetland ponies.
I. F. Walker shipped three cars of
stock to South St. Paul on Tuesday.
Nora Stendahl has returned to the
city after a few weeks' visit at home.
Maud Bowles has been very sick the
past week but is improving at this
Mrs. Hurtt attended a Sunday
school convention in St. Paul on
Chas. Nelson is confined to the
house with a sprained ankle.
Some of our young folks attended
the dance at J. Jensen's, Santiago, on
sortment of imported laces. Dress trimmings of all descriptions. We invite you to come into our
store. We shall be pleased to show you all these things whether you purchase or not.
Saturday evening and report a good
Rev. and Mrs. P. E. Langseth enter
tained the Ladies' Aid society on
Thursday. S'
Mr. and Mrs. A. Alickson werepthe
guests of their son, Charles, at Santi
ago on Sunday.
Misses Julia Kittilsbn, Anna Alick
son and Josie Stay visited Santiago
friends on Monday.
O. H. Stay left for the west last
week. We understand the family will
not go until later in the spring.
O. G. Wold, N. Nelson and Mr.
Hoff attended the meeting of the
school board at Foley on Saturday.
Misses Julia Kittilson, Anna Alick
sun and Olga Knutson, who are
attending high school in Princeton,
Sundayed at their homes here.
During one of the windy days last
week Oscar Wicktor's hog house
burned to the ground. Two hogs
perished in the fire but the rest were
Miss Anna Frysmith is again be
hind the counter at the Odegard store
after a prolonged stay at her home in
Orrock. Her many friends are pleased
to see her back again.
AH Kinds of Peed.
I have made such arrangements that
I am in a position to supply the
farmers and others with every
description of feed, including bran
and shorts also corn, oats and flour
at right prices. I have been kept so
busy with feed grinding that I have
decided to rent my farm and devote
my whole time to the operation of this
business. Henry Holthus,
Call up on either phone. 14-2tc
Shetland Ponies for Sale.
Larson & Foley of Zimmerman
have a number of Shetland ponies for
sale at reasonable prices. They are
pretty animals and are all broken.
If looking for a Shetland pony it
will pay you to see them. 14-2tc
Farm Loans.
If your farm is for sale at reason
able price list it with Robt. H. King
and he will find a buyer.
For sale, a full-blooded "cream-col
ored Jersey bull. Apply, to Elmer
Woodman, Princeton, l-tp
For sale or rent, the store at Car
mody and stock of merchandise there
in. Reason for selling is that propri
etor intends leaving .this part of the
country. The location is a good .one,
five miles from-the nearest store and
10 miles from Princeton. For terms
apply to Ole Swahson, Box 22, Route
2, Dalbo, Minn. 14-2tp
50c $1.00 $1.50 $2.50
For a Well Kept Corset Stock
See Ours.
The Prett Style so Sprin 1
Dress Goods Waists Shoes and Oxfords to
There is a daintiness, a prettiness to the things of spring that invites all the world and you to wear them '|V
Never have we shown a more attractive line of Spring Goods than this spring. Selections are large
and pretty. Those who purchase dress materials at our store are assured of the latest. il\
line Laces and Embroideries. Large as-
The Correct Corsets
The Nemo Corsets-
$3.00 $4.00 $5.00
F^L 1 I ^1 WXi General Merchandise & PRINCETON
Have Yon a 160-Acre Tract for Sale?
The board of county commissioners
having appointed a committee of three
to investigate such 160-aere tracts as
are available for a county poor farm,
and the district assigned to me being
that comprising the towns of Prince
ton, Greenbush and Bogus^Brook, I
hereby request that all persons having
such tracts for sale in the towns
named notify me.
i3-5t F. C. Cater, Princeton.
or Sale.
Four good milk cows, one platform
spring wagon,one set driving harness,
one buggy pole almost as good as
new and one double wagon. Will sell
on a year's time.
14-2tc E. Grant, Princeton.
For Sale.
A new R. R. Howell well-drilling
machine for putting down 2 and 3-inch
wells. A bargain if taken soon.
Apply to Knutson & Erickson, Route
1, Box 74, Foreston, Minn. 15-ltp
For Sale.
One good, young, heavy team,
weight about 3,000 pounds, well
matched, acclimated and ready for
heavy work. Also one driving team.
Inquire of Benj. Soule. 14-tfc
Team and Seed Oats for Sale.
Span of 4-year-old coltsone geld
ing, one mareweighing about 2,700
pounds, color black. Also some
choice white Lincoln seed oats, seed
secured last spring from a reliable
seed company. John F. Thoma,
Tri-State phone. 15-2tp.
Route 2, Princeton.
First Pub. April 6, 1911-
14962 14963
14547 14982
15171 14835
15141 15150
16374 15259
15162% 15151
15140 15237
15159% 2236
15163J4 15161& 1534r
15254 15251 15247
15203 15260
15153% 15262
14971 15192
15148% 15273
15348 15285 15363
15150 14836
15172 15143 15186
15149: 15244, 15203 15187 15194 15293
15344 15371
15366 15459
15444 15463 15686 15697 15691 7808 7798 7850 7901 7906 7896
?fjijlfv6' "f^^^^^Wll^ SPSS**7
Persons holding county warrants numbered
as follows:
14964' 14965 14966
15176 15175 15073 15144 15091 15145 15001 15373 15257 15261
15204 15301
15286 15360 15365
15460 15461 15464 15436 15438
15445 15446 15447 15448 15421
15680 15716 16689 15709 15674
15688 15684 15687 15692 15693
15694 15698 15695 -15699 15679
15455 15425 15678 15676 ^5677
14967 16100. 15154 15151 15149
15142 15146
15179 15196 15197
15248 15253 15183
14714 15292 15300
13834 15138
15152 14756
15146 15148 15249
15800 15300 15179 10244
15367 15361
15195 15250
15258 10242
15194 15256 15299
15368 15271
15457 15681
15696 15683
7897' 7900
7d04 7902 7905 7898.,'7899-
and all- outstanding county poor warrants
will please present same to the county treas
urer at Princeton, Mlrin., for payment. Inter
est on the above numbered warrants will cease
thirty days from and after this date.
Dated at Princeton, Minn., April 6. 1911.
County Treasurer, Mille IA CS Co.
Gent's Furnishings
For Correct
Styles in
Hats Wear
a Gordon
We invite the men, young and old, to visit our store now ik\
and see our splendid line of furnishing goods, such as "Gordon
Hats," Gold and Silver Brand Shirts and Collars, Hamilton- ff|
Brown Make of Shoes and Oxfords.
Special Showing of Men's Shoes and Oxfords Saturday
In order to introduce our entire fine line of Men's Shoes v.
and Oxfords we will make a special display Saturday. Those ff\
who care to have correct styles in footwear should see this
display. Remember, Saturday is the day.
Store TKat Serves You Best
&^r 0KK^ ^B 0^r ^BV^ ^^^F ^BB' ^B^
Carload of Swiffs Fertilizer
There are three kinds in the consignment, for Lawn,
Grain and Potatoes respectively. This fertilizer is
used extensively in the middle states and the east. It
is absolutely no experiment and positively shows
splendid results on old and worn out ground. Special
rates on ton lots. j& j& J& & j&
l''}"S"{"S"$"fr''l' I 'M"tM{M$MiM$Mfr^.fr4MiMiMfr.SM^.S..{Mg}Mfr.j
The Union Gives All the News All the Time
g= Van Brunt Disc Drills.
Moline Disc Harrows. 3
Moline Riding Cultivators. 3
Moline Riding and Walking Plows. 3
The genuine T. D. Mandt Wagon. Jf
Henney Buggies. 3
Hero Fanning Mills. 3
H" 3 Brand Harness. 3
De Laval Cream Separators. 3
Come and look this line overthey are 3
right and so are our prices. 2
'J* 6*r

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