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Published Every Thursday.
Business Manager.
If Alvah Eastman should be a can
didate for congressman-at-large, for
the sake of "auld lang syne," we will
forget 1904, and the Union will give
him a loyal support.
Paymaster General Whipple of the
United States army does not think
that our soldiers are paid a sum com
mensurate with the amount of work
they perform Workg
The Illinois young man who
married a Persian princess would
have made a much better selection
had he harnessed himself up to an
American kitchen mechanic.
Upon what doth this individual,
Mose Clapp, feed? The venom of
His vitriolic attacks upon
President Taft impregnate even the
atmosphere with poisonous gases.
The Pioneer Press says that St.
Paul is to have a new union station.
Good. There will then be no longer
any reason for referring to the hole
where the trains come in as the union
The dailies say that during the
national campaign Theodore Roose
velt will remain silent. Impossible.
To attempt such a procedure would
mean the consequent explosion and
disintegration of Teddy
to a farm wagon."
that way.
of operation, while the ownership re-
Those English suffragettes who are
strutting about this country are ap
parently doing the cause more harm
than good and we would suggest to
Mary McFadden that she take im
mediate steps to have them deported.
They are violating the new constitu
tion and by-laws.
Jimmy Arneson is an astute poli
tician and an adept letter-writer.
Mr. Bryan is quoted as saying, I
never will be president." The remark but they are
was plainly unnecessary.
The Minneapolis police believe that
they have broken up a gang of yegg
men, says a daily. Puzzle: Find the
The missionaries in China may
thank their lucky stars that ere this
they have not been converted into
chop suey.
That pet scheme of Mose Clapp's,
the recall, should have been applied
to the invitation sent the vihfier to
attend the Taft functions.
Sing Sing prison is to be enlarged
but the extension is not made neces
sary by the number of trust magnates
the courts are sentencing to that insti
Does the fact that no news appears
in the great dailies anent the strike
of 35,000 men on the Harriman roads
mean that the newspapers have been
bought up?
The Galveston News draws a con- provement will have to be effected in
elusion like unto that of ours when it the machines which navigate the air.
says: "Our idea of shame is to ride The monoplane, biplane, triplane and
back to town in an automobile hitched dirigible are all far from perfect.
We have traveled
Trusts Are Being Gradually Dis
solved," reads3a headline in a daily
Poppycock. The alleged disintegra
A publicity bureau has been estab
lished in Minneapolis, with W. R.
McKenzie of Bemidji in charge, to
divert immigration to northern Min
nesota. It is expected that the
owners of unsold lands in the northern
counties will contribute the funds nec
essary for the maintenance of the
bureau. With a live man like Mr.
McKenzie at the helm people will
know that northern Minnesota is on
the map and offers unsurpassed ad
vantages to home-seekers.
Indignant, indeed, are the demo-
Another tidal wave from the gulf
has rushed over a couple of Mexican
towns and caused great destruction.
Minnesota has its tidal waves, too,
of a different type-
starting points on the farms.
Another wolf has been admitted to
the democratic sheepfoldWilliam It will be a long time before any
Hearstand he is bound to stir up headway is perceptible under the so-
trouble. called Elwell road bill so long, in
deed, that highways will then be un-
necessar y_ W shall all be traveling
iq airships and using the same means
for the transportation of farm prod
uce and merchandise.
Governor Eberhart: Wish to good
ness I had never made that rash
promise at Brainerd last Decemberto
call an extra session of the legislature
if an equitable reapportionment law
was not enacted at the regular session.
If redeem my promise I'm d,
and if I don't I'll be doubly d.
The state of Wisconsin has an idea
that fishermen are making too much
money catching carp,which the fish
and game warden says are canned,
colored and sold as salmon,so it
intends going into the business itself.
A very creditable business indeed for
the state of Wisconsin to engage in!
Poor John R. Walsh, the Chicago
captain of high finance, did not live
long after his liberation from the
United States penitentiary at Leaven
worth. He passed away at his home
in Chicago in less than a week after
his release from prison. The way of
the transgressor, occasionally, is
If the crime is proven, the two fel
lows arrested in Chicago the other
day upon the^ charge of burning a car
of decrepit horses in order to secure
damages from the railroad company
should be steeped in kerosene and
touched off. A prison sentence or
even hanging would be inadequate
punishment for the infernal black
W. E. Black, one of Uncle Ike
Stephenson's attorneys, turned a
trunk containing numerous documents
relative to the senator's primary cam
paign over to the investigating com
mittee last week. It is to be presumed
that the trunk's contents were sub
jected to close scrutiny and a process
of careful expurgation resorted to be
fore they were turned over to the in
The aeroplane service suggested by
the government is prematurethere is
altogether too much uncertainty about
such a service. Before the suggestion
can possibly be adopted, so that re
liability may be placed on the de
livery of mail by airships, a vast im-
Mayor Seberger of St. Cloud has
decided to hold in his possession du
plicate keys of every saloon in the
city so that he may at any time sur
reptitiously enter the groggeries and
tion merely means a change in form determine fodr himself whether liquorr be is also one of thethe greatest tax-
bein S
some mayors we have rea, oftheir
visits would be frequent
Seberger is
W IIH 1 ii i in
mains the same and there will be no hours. This would be a snap for sinner presented himself before the country. He gave signal proof of hi
ofthei tax department of New York and courage and devotion to his adopted
But Mayor swore that his personal property was country in the sixties. The views of
reliable temperance worth only 8550,000 while he was as.
sessed on $800,000, and the kind.
Frank Murlowski, who has been in
terpreting German, Bohemian
Russian and a dozen or more Slav
onic dialects in an official capacity i
for the Minneapolis municipal court,
finds himself in a bad boat. He has
received no pay since last January,
his wife has left him for non-support,
Men who are familiar with the value
crats of Louisville, Ky., and Mil- of iron ore on the Mesabe range have
Wis. The democratic always claimed that the steel corpora- Union that it is costing too much to
committee has decided to tion made a bad bargain when it administer the affairs of the state, the
meet in Washingtona place where leased the Hill iron properties, hence Minneapolis Journal urges that "Mr
the members will be altogether out of it is not surprising that the corpora
their element. tion has served notice of the can
collation of the lease. But, under the
notice must be given
waves of prosperity that have their favorably impressed with the recent tLe truth of that assertion-the legis-
pow wow of progressives at Chicago lature is partly to blame
Jim Wilson, secretary of agricul
ture, doubtless insinuated himself into
the good graces of the brewers when
he told them in convention at Chicago
that the government would "deal
fairly" with them in respect to the in
gredients which they put into their
product, but he aroused a strong pub
lic sentiment against him by accepting
a honorary chairmanship in the beer
makers' associationa sentiment
which will eventually result in his re
moval from office.
Women who wear "rats" and
"puffs" should be on their guard
leprosy and bubonic plague germs
have been found strutting about in a
factory which turns out these vanities
for women in New York. A large
proportion of the hair used for these
so-called "rats" comes from China,
where a harvest of pigtails is in
progressthe emperor has decreed
that his subjects may cut oft their
queues and live, and American hair
buyers are gathering up the crop.
Arbuckle announces that he has
found it necessary to drive up the
price of coffee a few cents higher
that circumstanes make it absolutely
necessary to so do. "Circumstances"
mean that the old vulture considers
he is not making money fast enough
and has decided to extort more from
the people who use his stuff. But we
have the consolation of knowing that
coffee is poisonousespecially certain
brandsand that our health will be
improved by keeping it out of our
One of the biggest prevaricators in
this country is old J. P. Morgan, and
on Sunday or afte dodgers. Las week lying old
nves ted
and a couple of the foreigners whose turned from a visit to his mother-in
battered in his face on general prin
ciples. It seems that there is no
municipal court fund set aside to pay
interpreters and that it is up to the
mayor to make some provision for
payment. The mayor, however, has
failed to act. Murlowski can now
console himself with the knowledge
that it doesn't pay to talk too much.
of the Northfield News, has just re
testimony he interpreted to the jury law at Bitter Creek, and he gives it ton, a reduction of 25 to 40 per cent
This is a great boon to the indepen
shippers. The reduction
freight rates means a correspond
Victor L. Berger, the socialist a large measure must go back to the
Milwaukee congressman, was not very legislature." There is no disputing
he says it was composed mainly of is no good reason why it should cost
men who held political jobs or wanted almost double in 1911 what it cost in
such. Berger is of the opinion that 1901 to maintain the state government
an industrial crisis is impending, The executive and administrative
and he thinks President Taft will be
renominated and elected.
That wide-awake paper, the Bemidji
Pioneer, is waging a red-hot cam
paign for an extra session of the
legislature with reapportionment and
justice to northern Minnesota as its
slogan. The vivacious Pioneer has
undertaken a large contract,the
world, the flesh and the devil are all
arrayed against the cause it so ably
advocates,but grit and perseverance
may win in the end.
If tne public poisoners do not offer
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson a fat
job when President Taft kicks him out
of office we shall be greatly sur
prised. Wilson is an aider and
abettor of the food adulterators and
his aim seems to be to place obstacles
in Dr. Wiley's way to prevent him
from carrying out the letter of the
law. Wilson's modus operandi con
stitutes the doctor's principal handi
cap. hearted officials reduced the amount to patriotism on public questions are
not to be slightly regarded.
conform with Morgan's statement.
In paintings alone the unscrupulous
old rascal has several million dollars the
Tom Noswal," the all-wise and sidiaries of the United States Steel
all-knowing St. Paul correspondent corporationhave reduced charges
for carrying ore from any point
their lines to the lake to 60 cents
as his deliberate opinion that
Governor Eberhart's name is Dennis, dent
"Why," the omniscient Noswal ex
claims, "every man I met at the reduction in the gross earnings
Bitter Creek corner grocery, including that will be paid to the state by
my uncle, Cy Jones, assured me that
they had no confidence in, no respect
for, Governor Eberhart!" What an
awful state of affairs!
AJ J%x~ -**T?^ ta?i5i&5fS
Referring to the charge made by the
Dunn should enlighten the public with
more details as to the extravagance
wastefulness he alleges." The
i ..i
terms of th,e,lease, at least three years Journal then goes on say: "If, as
Mr. Dunn says, it costo too much to
govern the state, the responsibility in
But there
officers are constantly clamoring for
more money for their several depart
ments and institutions, and the pro-
of a fiv mill tax,
the derived fro indireco
taxation, would not begin to satisfy
their demands. We believe that the
cost of carrying on the state govern
ment can be greatly reduced without
detriment to the interests of the state,
but it cannot be done by doubling the
army of office-holders and increasing
the compensation of those we already
have. We agree with the Journal,
that the legislature should commence
by reforming itselfthe last session
cost thousands of dollars more than
it ought to have costand then pro
ceed to lop off the useless excres
cences in the various bureaus, de
partments and institutions. Ample
means should be provided for the
actual needs of the state, especially
for the improvement of our public
highways and the proper maintenance
of our charitable and correctional
institutions, and with proper manage
ment this can be done without increas
ing the tax levy for state revenue pur
poses. We believe that it is possible
to levy a one mill state road and
bridge tax next year and still keep the
total levy for state purposes down to
3.50 or 3.75 mills.
A case of much importance to the
dairying interests of the state will
shortly be argued in the supreme
court. The case, resulting from two
indictments returned by a grand jury
at Pine City, involves alleged dis
crimination on the part of Bridgeman
& Russell, centrahzers, against local
creameries. It is charged that on
certain specified dates the company
discriminated between localities in the
prices paid for butterfat with the in
tention of creating a monopoly and
destroying the business of compet
itors. Should the state win the case
it will greatly benefit the co-operative
creameries, for the centralizers will
not be permitted to pay more for
butterfat in localities where they have
competition than where there is none.
Discriminatory methods of the cen
tralizing concerns have for a long
time proven disadvantageous to the
operation of farmers' creameries and
there appears no reason why the
practice should not be stopped.
Archbishop John Ireland of St.
Paul is a man who commands the
respect of all intelligent men in Min
nesota regardless of their political
predilections or religious convictions,
not because he is a high dignitary
of the Catholic church, but for the
reason that he is broad-minded,
philanthropic and intensely patriotic
one who if need be would willingly
offer his life on the altar of his
a man of Archbishop Ireland's
acknowledged ability and proven
By their own voluntary action
Duluth, Mesabe & Northern and
Duluth & Iron Range railroadssub-
railroads, hence the state will be
greatest loser. Reducing the charges
for carrying ore was a politic move
of the steel corporation.
In a letter to the Bemidji Pioneer,
reference to an extra session of
legislature for the purpose of re
districting the legislative and con
gressional districts and apportioning
representation on the basis of popu
lation as plainly provided for by the
state constitution, Hon. L. C.
Spooner of Morris concludes by
saying: with
"If I were well assured that a ma
jority of both houses of the legis
lature would vote for a reapportion
ment law equitable as may be framed
under the constitution of this state, to
all parts of the state, for a gross
earnings law essentially like house
file 78 of the last session, and not ex
ceeding six other laws that I have in
mind, but will not now or here under
take to name, and equally well as
sured that certain other kinds of
legislation would not be undertaken,
but be deferred until the next regular
session, I would feel inclined to favor
an extra session which under such
conditionsif such conditions might
be imposedneed not exceed thirty
days in duration."
Mr. Spooner is one of the fairest,
ablest and most valuable members of
the legislature, and he voted and
worked for the passage of an
equitable reapportionment measure
at the regular session. It is ap
parent from the tenor of his letter,
however, that he has little faith an
apportionment law, fair to the entire
state, could be enacted at a special
session, and, greatly as we dislike to
disagree with out northern friends,
we are of the same opinion.
In an interview published in the
Albert Lea Tribune, Hon. H. H.
Dunn, speaker of the house, reiterates
his views relative to an extra session
of the legislature for the purpose of
enacting the following measures:
Five per cent railroad gross earnings
tax, state-wide primary election law,
Spooner waterway conservation bills,
the recall bill, extending local option
to cities of the fourth class, prohibit
ing county commissioners" from issu
ing liquor licenses, the federal income
tax amendment, a fair reapportion
ment law, distance tarift and legisla
tion relative to state lands. All of
the measures Mr. Dunn mentions,
save the five per cent gross earnings
tax, passed the house at the regular
session but were either defeated or
not acted upon by the senate.
Governor Eberhart has been re
quested by the brotherhood of Mer
riam Park Presbyterian church to
issue an order forbidding maneuvers
by the National Guard on Sunday.
As Sunday is the only day when
many of the militia boys can find time
to attend maneuvers, and as such
maneuvers are for the public benefit
in that the guardsmen are perfecting
themselves in military tactics, the
governor should ignore the request
upon the grounds that it is unreason
able. The brotherhood seems to have
allowed its piety to run away with its
He Was a Sucker.
"What would you think of a man
who became engaged to a girl whom
he had known only a day and loaned
her five hundred dollars with which
to buy a trousseau?" inquires one of
these love experts who writes for the
columns of a steamed contemporary.
Our thoughts of him. dear one, can
be summed up in one wordand we
think there is a fish that spells its
name that way.Quentin in Minne
apolis Tribune.
They Certainly Are
While we are pensioning soldier
patriots, faithful policemen, brave
firemen and self-sacrificing school
teachers, how about these splendid
fellows, the horses that gallop to fires,
dragging the heavy apparatus with
which the flames are fought? Are
they not also worthy of being kept
in comfort and plenty after they have
given years of service to the city.
Minneapolis Journal.
Progressives finks of Perfection
There was a gathering of progres
sives last week in Minneapolis to ar
range a platform and propose candi
dates. Being a progressive gather
ing, it was a patriotic meeting of
highminded gentlemen. If members
of any regular party gathered for a
like purpose it would be a meeting of
the gang to put up a slate. It makes
a difference.Slayton Gazette.
President Taft Makes Many Friends
President Taft was royally received
in St. Paul and Minneapolis, where
he addressed immense audiences at
the auditoriums of both cities on
Tuesday and Wednesday. He created
much enthusiasm by his commonsense
treatment of the many subjects which
he touched upon and made thousands
of friends during his visit.
)u i II ny.wiiipmn
A Pleasant Diversion, Koen.
We have infcer?iewed fourteen
school teachers and they all deny
having ever milked a cow.Biwabik
Multiplying the Evil.
Dissolving the trust is much like
cutting up that mythical snake, each
piece of which becomes a new serpent.
Belle Plaine Herald,
And Contrary to Their Opinions.
Some of the newspapers that are
running ready-made editorials ex
press opinions in language entirely
foreign to the proprietors.Still
water Gazette.
i* 4
Who Finds It Easier?
It's no credit to the sugar trust
that many of us find it easier to buy
ten pounds of sugar than we did
when a dollar bought twice as much.
Hubbard County Clipper.
$- 5*
Couldn't Ton Cover the Bet?
Say, doesn 'fc it make you sick to
have a bunch of fellows shake a big
roll under your nose and then have
your team win by a score of 44 to 0?
Grand Rapids Herald-Review.
5 4
Public Sentiment Against It.
The Duluth Herald has made a
good fight for an extra session of the
legislature, but it has been a losing
fight from the start, as there is not
and has not been any great public
sentiment in favor of such a step just
at this time.Madison Independent.
"Progressives" Are Aii '-Leaders
The "progressive" element, "so-
called," in the republican party in
Minnesota are in sorry straits to find
a formidable leader to oppose
Governor A. O. Eberhart for the re
publican nomination in 1912.Cam-
bridge Independent-Press.
$- $-
He Should Swear Out Loud
Governor Eberhart is said to be so
wrought up over this talk ot calling
the legislature together that every
time he hears a newsboy yell,"extra,"
he says things under his breath that
has a tendency to lower his deport
ment far below the 100 mark.Walker
Mary's Kignt i.gam.
Dr. Flora Aldrich of Anoka wrote a
book not long since and called it
"The One Man." The doctor is a
suffragistand it all goes to show
that the girls are alike when it comes
to the most important thing in the
world, after all, one man.Mary
McFadden in Duluth News-Tribune.
Are the Executive Officers Blameless?
Next year the state tax will be the
highest in the history of the state
while last year the receipts of the
state treasury were so great from
other sources that it was announced
that this year we would not need any
state tax at all But the legislature
met and created so many new offices
that an extra tilt had to be given to
the tax.Cambridge North Star.
An Accurate Comparison
I recently read one' of Moses'
speeches and, except that he did not
advocate free silver, it was almost
the exact counterpart of a speech de
livered some years ago in this state
by Mary Ellen Lease. The utter
ances and sentiments which he un
corked on that occasion would have
been in every way worthy of a
bedlamite.Man in the Dome in Wesfc
St. Paul Times.
Mucu Ado About Nething.
To a plain outsider it seems that
the twin cities are raising a lot of
fuss and feathers over the mere
installation of a new president of the
state university. Some of the Min
neapolis papers have been devoting
more space and gush to the subject
than would be expected were the
event the inauguration of a monarch.
What's the excitement, anyhow9Red
Wing Daily Eagle.
Well Said, Brother.
No member of a political party
should be nominated for public office
on account of his nationality or the
nationality of his forbears. It is un
American. Every voter is an Ameri
can citizen and should be proud of
the honor as the old Romans were of
being citizens of Rome. Aspirants
for public office should be nominated
on account of fitness and not on ac
count of blood.Faribault Pilot.
Must Hare Had Clapp View
A great many good souls that are
now advocating the referendum, the
recall, and all the other so-called re
form dope, were just as crazy about
greenbackism, the grange movement,
free silver, free trade and other isms
in the past, and if they lived for an
other third of a century they would
swallow every new thing in politics
that would come. Those of the same
mould that did not live a dozen years
ago are ready to adopt every like
issue that comes to the front.Slay
ton Gazette.

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