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The Princeton union. (Princeton, Minn.) 1876-1976, November 02, 1911, Image 3

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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A Steel
$ Stewart
Range at
to 14/
to to Oil to to
Made from I4-
A good sized o\en, nickel
trimmed high warming clos
et, made of best cold rolled
steel Warranted in e\ery
One of These Barrels Filled With
Crown Gasoline
P. P. Stewart
We wish to impress upon you
the importance of buying a P. P.
Stewart Heater. It will reduce
your coal bill, and give you more
heat than any other stove made.
We have them in different sizes
and styles from
Evens Hardware Co.
We wish to ad\ise ^ou that -ne have arranged with the Standard Oil
Co foi acailoadot Steel Barrels, which can be used for storage
tanks, These ban els are for jour use and should last a lifetime
When empt\ load on to jour agon, bring to town and we will fill
them with Perfecion Oilthe Best Water White Oil on the market,
and you can ^.et hom us at am and all times
Read the Following Description
of the Steel Barrels
gauge STE1 welded throughoutchimes reinforced
with ireh non ba i 2 inch bung and inch \ent plug in one end,
gaham/ed both uisid and outpainted black on outside A inch
\SS i VLB \l CET with each ban el Take out \ent plug,
sci ew in taucet and \ou ha\e an ideal tank
Place-sour order with us now. If you cannot come in, 'phone us
so we can set aside what you want.
George Newton
Evens Hardware Co.
H. Nelson
Mcllhargey Hdw. Co.
J. C. Herdliska
Notice the S
Low Price 8
One of These Barrels
Filled With 55 Gallons fl
of Perfection Oil for
R. D. Byers
A. E. Allen & Co.
F. T. Kettelhodt
Caley Hdw. Co.
Princeton Auto Co.
Church Topics &
Minnesota Will Have 24 JDelegates
5unday and Weekda
Announcements. METHODIST.
Rev. Service's subjects for Sunday:
Morning, "Patience." Evening, "A
Telegram." Special music by the
choir, both morning and evening.
Sunday school, 11:45 a. The
Brotherhood class will meet at the
close of the service. Boys and men
are invited. Epworth league at 1
o'clock in the lecture room. Bible
study class Monday evening. Ladies'
Aid society meeting every Wednesday
afternoon. Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 7.30 sharp. Choir practice
at the close of the prayer meeting.
The public is cordially invited to the
activities of the Methodist church.
Sunday morning, November 5, ser
vices will be held in Saron church,
Greenbush, at 10:30: Sunday school
at 9:30.
Afternoon services will be held in
Emanuel church, Princeton, at 3.
Children's confirmation class meets
every Saturday at 10 a. in the
parsonage of Rev. Aug. Lundquist.
The Scandinavian and English lan
guages will be used. All are wel
Bigj Game Licenses
The big game licenses have been re
ceived by County Auditor Doane but,
under the law, they cannot be issued
until November 7. Persons may,
however, fill out application blanks
and leave with Mr. Doane, and he
will then have their licenses ready for
them on the date specified. By doing
this applicants will facilitate the
issuing of such licenses. The big
game season opens on November 10
and. under the provisions of the law,
a hunter is entitled to kill one deer
and one mooseno more. "Immedi
ately" upon killing such deer or
moose, says the statute, a tag must be
attached to the animal and not re
moved until the same is consumed.
Probably a good way to conform with
the law would be to attach a tag to
each bullet.
The call for the republican national
convention to be issued by the
national committee when it meets in
Washington on December 12 will pro
vide for 1,064 delegates, to be in
creased to 1,072 if Arizona and Newconnected
Mexico become states before the con
vention is held The increase from
980 delegates, which comprised the
Chicago convention in 1908, is the re
sult of the reapportionment by con
gress, which increases the size of the
house of representatives from 391 to
433 members The basis of delegates
for the republican convention is four
at large in each state and two for each
congressional district.
Their Unceasing Work Keeps Us Strong
a nd Healthy.
All the blood in the body passes
through the kidneys once every three
minutes. The kidneys filter the blood.
They work night and day. When
healthy they remove about 500 grains
of impure matter daily, when un
healthy some part of this impure
matter is left in the blood. This
brings on many diseases and symp
tomspain in the back, headache,
nervousness, hot, dry skin, rheuma
tism, gout, gravel, disorders of the
eyesight and hearing, dizziness, ir
regular heart, debility, drowsiness,
dropsy, deposits in the urine, etc.
But if you keep the filters right you
will have no trouble with your kid
Thomas Post, Main St. Princeton,
Minn., says: "My back was very
lame and I was annoyed by a too fre
quent desire to pass the kidney secre
tions. Doan's Kidney Pills gave me
relief from these symptoms of kidney
complaint and greatly strengthened
my back. I feel justified in recom
mending this remedy in view of the
benefit it has brought me."
For sale by all dealers or upon re
ceipt of price, 50 cents. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole
agents for the United States.
Remember the nameDoan's and
take no other.
The abo\e is a M^ of the Clinton, Minn, Methodist church,
built by Rev E Service, now ol the E church, Princeton The
Clinton church was destroyed by a cv clone in 1907 Rev Service's
picture appears in the upper left corn el of the cut
-H~t*HH"f **"-Hn-M ^^h *---$..*....
Track laying is progressing rapid
ly, and by Saturday night the rails
will be laid clear through to Milaca.
It may be two or three weeks yet be
fore trains will be running regularly.
One or two mercenary individuals
do not control the vote of that portion
of the town known as "Canada."
There are men on that side of the
river that money and whiskey cannot
Chas. Keith was not a candidate for
county surveyor. His name was put
on the so-called Farmers' Alliance
ticket for the purpose of injuring his
chances of election for judge of pro
Died, on Tuesday, November 2,
1886, the so-called Farmers' Alliance
of Mille Lacs county. The corpse
was interred by the genuine farmers
at the ballot boxes. Only half a
dozen mourners.
There was considerable of a rumpus
at the polls in Greenbush on election
day. Revolvers were drawn and
some loud talk was indulged in.
Election is over and let bygones be
bygones. Let us have peace.
The so-called Farmers' Alliance
ticket was beaten out of sight in
Mille Lacs county on election day.
The brilliant scheme didn't work
worth a cent The farmers of Mille
Lacs county are not gudgeons.
S. Briggs, for judge of probate,
was the only man nominated by the
so-called Farmers' Alliance that was
elected And he disowned the business
and came out independent. As it was
the alliance nomination hurt him.
The demagogues, who were so pro
fuse in their professions of friendship
for the farmers before election, have
no further use for them until a few
weeks or months prior to the next
election Spot the senseless dema
Deal fairly with the farmers. Pay
them good prices for their produce.
Sell them goods at fair and reason
able prices Draw trade and build up
the town. "Live and let live" should
be the motto of every true friend of
the farmers
Telegraph wires
all along the line
side of three weeks
with the
rail and telegraph,
good enough and a
but the telegraph
bettermuch more
are being strung
of railroad. In
Pnnceton will be
outside world by
The telephone is
great convenience,
is a great deal
The scribe feels deeply obliged to
the ladies of Milo and Greenbush who
electioneered so hard in his behalf.
As Rines said in his speech
nominating Mrs Barker, "We all
like the ladies." We pledge our
selves to vote for each and all of our
lady friends when they come up for
The county officers elected on Tues
day were as follows: B. M. Van Al
stein, auditor Robt. Neely. treasurer:
Art. Howard, sheriff: N. A. Ross,
register of deeds: S. Briggs, judge
of probate R. C. Dunn, county at
torney Len Pratt, surveyor Mr.
Upham, coroner court commissioner,
Mr. Head county superintendent of
schools, Mrs. Barker.
School Report
Report of district 9 for the month
ending October 27: A roomNumber
enrolled, 37 average daily atten
dance, 27.9 Those perfect in atten
dance were Chris Modin, Lydia
Scheller, Eddie Ruis and Henry
Strating. Those present 19 days were
Frank Fanello, Victor Palmquist,
and Florence Larson.
Genevieve E. Colburn, Teacher.
roomNumber enrolled, 33
average daily attendance, 28. Those
perfect in attendance were Hazel
Gardner, Bert, Ralph and Arend
Otter, Evir and Lillie Palmquist,
Myrtle Larson,
Myrtle Gardiner,
and Fred Strating.
days were Oscar
Hilda S. Carlson, Teacher.
K^mm*mMi,n&k**&^,,l.,^ ..Jr,1.1
E Wool Fleeced Blankets
Main Street,
Henry Vedders,
Clifford Scheller
Those present 19
Olson and Eddie
We Pay Highest Market Prices
Comforters and Blankets
Large Sanitary, Silkaline Lined Comforts-
$3.50 $2.50 $1.25
Wool Blankets, 12-4 and 11-4
$6.50 $5.50 $4.50
$3.25 $2.75 $2.50
8= Cotton Fleeced Blankets
$2.50 $1.75 $1.50 75c 50c
Also Sanitary "All in One Bat," 72x84
I $1.25
Sr Princeton, Minn. 3
Did it e\ er occur to you that perhaps you are making a mistake by not getting
our prices before buying lumber, sash doors etc somewhere else You are old
enough to know that there is a mighty big difference in the quality of e\ery one of
these articles just the same as there is in tea and coffee And that there is
always more or less difference in the prices, too Then as you can always get
the most and best here at the lowest pnees why aren you making a mistake by not
buying here From where we sit looks as though you were passing up a good thing
j$3jfcTS ^reat influence extends far and wide.
cWftMn attendance,equipment, courses of study,
facilities Tor placing? Hs stu dents in positions it is
unsurpassed. Largefaculty ol experienced teachers.
A course in this oYeat school leads io success.
Our cafa/ogue, me most arf/st/c eversenfoi/f/y
anyscnoo/,te//syoua//aou/ /fyou are m/er-
es/eo^\se/?c//or/f to-o^ay /fc/c/ress
**^a^^MMN^Mki ~M ir II ii II i if_i ~WI_I 'i i, inw_ rn
Dealer In
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
Daler i
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Botb Telephones.
Mio Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn
t"M44.S"S"li.'M.-M' -t' -T' 1' 'T' '11 .j.- .j. .j.^
foreButtersomd ane
W have ladies' waists left
We handly aon up-to-date line of groceries. We have
also secured in trade a stock of dry goods which we are clos-
i ^j?,?"
which are going at 25 cents and also some dress goods at cut
prices. Notions for less than half their regular prices. Give
us a trial. We are located In the Opera House Block.
&3^f&^i^&&fe^-fat ^-.A-'&s^2:.ti^^^^^i^.:
L. E. SVARRY, Proprietor
t *.3a

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