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Published Every Thttrtday.
Business Manager.
When the govrenment completes its
process of trust chopping we shall
have a baby octopus to every hundred
Now that Uncle Sam has recalled
most of the troops sent to the Mexi
can border Mexico has turned on an
other revolution.
After paying such an exorbitant
price for that senatorship there should
be no question as to "Uncle Ike's"
right to its possession.
Dr. Cook attempted to deliver a
speech in Copenhagen the otherJ day
but his voice was snuffed outsome
rascal threw a handful in his face.
The golf ball has gone into retire
ment and, from the aroma which per
vades the atmosphere, it is evident
that the moth ball has emerged from
its lair.
In another column the Red Wing
Daily Eagle tells how much Bob
Dunn is indebted to Moses E. Clapp.
Respectfully referred to the Heron
Lake News.
Yes, Moses, with his brazen
effrontery, was there, and the under
lying stratum of hypocrisy in hismeans
composition impelled him to lick the
president's hand.
Now that the world's series of base
ball games are over father has no
longer an excuse for staying down
town o'nights discussing the situation
and neglecting to put up the storm
windows at home.
It does not necessarily follow that
oeeause a horde of so-called "pro
gressives" indorsed La Follette at the
Chicago convention that they will all
support him. The "progressive"
camp harbors many backsliders.
No, it is not because she is married
that she is necessarily happier, but
for the reason that the minister
changed her name from Katherine
Ottororpemgentshenfelde to Mrs.
Louis Kalen. She lives at Terre
Haute, Ind.
A press dispatch from Milwaukee
JS to the effect that it cost nearly
$1,000,000 more to administer the
affairs of that city under the first full
year of socialist rule than it did the
previous year when the democrats
were running things.
Italy announced its annexation of
Tripoli, but from the press dispatches
it does not seem to have yet subdued
the Turkish army and the tribesmen.
It appears to be a ease of annexation
with only partial possessiona mere
assumption of conquest.
The United States Steel corporation
will have to go the way of Standard
Oil and other disintegrated truststo
split itself up into its original com
panies, which were 36 in number. It
means that the corporation will have
to conduct its business along other
Secretary Wilson, in his recent
scrap with Dr. Wiley, showed very
plainly that he was getting too old to
be at the helm of an important depart
ment like that of the department of
agriculture.Swift County Monitor.
Not getting too old, but too friendly
to the food adulteratorsthe public
Some of the Minneapolis aldermen
say that the city needs the occasional
$50 or $100 which old fire horses now
and then bring. Were the authori
ties to raid all the gambling houses
and fine the operators it would bring
in more money at one time than would
the sales from poor old decrepit fire
horses in ten years.
When President Taft arrived at
Green Bay, Wis., Senator Stephenson
was there to welcome him and in
cidentally to put a flea in his ear, but
whether the president took luncheon
with Uncle Ike" is not stated in thefrom
dispatches. As Stephenson is being
investigated this would have made
an important piece of information.
Over 811,000,000 has been added' to
It behooves Governor Eberhart to
bestir himselfthe laurels he has won
and the record he has made as a pub
lic speaker are liable to be snatched
from him by that man Vincent of the
starter. the OfflOfi fnr S1TT tormc Toff, ici a.
big man mentally as well as physical- furnish.
ly, and he has the courage of his con
The North Dakota state board of
optometry has decided to compel a
number of alleged incompetent
licensed optometrists to take new
examinations. This is a sensible
move. There are altogether too many
incompetents in the country tinkering
with people's eyes.
Attorney General Webb of Cali
fornia rules that women who register
to vote must place on record their
real ages or lay themselves open to
be challenged at the polls. This
that the woman vote in Cali
fornia at the next election will be con
spicuous for its insignificance.
The invasion of Tripoli has already
cost Italy a hundred million dollars,
and the territory, it is said, could
have been purchased from the Turks
for half that sum. This is another of
those instances where it would have
been cheaper to buy than steal, but
the glory of conquest is of course
worth something.
Woodrow Wilson says that in
course of the progressives lies the sal
vation of the country. But who are
the actual progressives and what
course will they pursue"3
Merely be-
cause a lot of fire belchers band to
gether and call themselves "progres
sives" does not necessarily make
them such in the true meaning of
They are talking of Alvah Eastman
for congressman in the sixth district.
Although it is not our put in, we arewidespread
inclined to second the motion.Slay
ton Gazette.
It is your "put in," Bro. Ruane.
They are talking of Alvah for con
gressman-at-large, and already
almost every newspaper in the sixth,
eighth and ninth districts have de
clared for him.
The world's peace movement is
obviously working out splendidly
the plan is a decided success. For
instance, there is a revolution in
China, an uprising in Mexico and
another in Spain there is a dis
turbance in Portugal and one
threatened in Panama, and in Tripoli
there is a war. Yea, verily, the
world's peace plan is working to per
Will the progressives pick our Mose
out of the bullrushes and make him
their choice for vice president?"Jo-
seph," in the Mankato Daily Free
This would prove beneficial to the
country, for the taking of Mose from
the bullrushes to run him for vice
president would, figuratively speak
the, Nile.,
finish. ^bee^^c^M^ -man suflrage."
and that would mean his
the valuation of iron ore properties consented to receive a subpoena in OPINIONS O EDITORS
in St. Louis, Lake and Itasca the steel trust suit. John is bigger
counties. The total valuation of iron than the government, and when he
properties in the three counties is now says, I refuse to be served with a
nearly $236,000,000, which is about 20 subpoena," the devil himself could
per cent of the valuation of the entire not
state. tho MSI^ ~~A *i.. i to show that the colonel still uphold"
John Till, the notorious Wisconsin
plaintiffs charging personal injury
One of them claims that, in addition
raised numerous blisters, Till ad-
raised hades with his internal mech
anism. It is high time that this
man Till, one of the greatest humbugs
who ever preyed upon suffering
humanity, be in some way restrained
continuing his nefarious prac
tice, even though it be necessary to
pass anew criminal law to cover his
particular case.
ministered poisonous acids which distinguished a supporter as Colonel
force it upon him. Process
servers have heretofore chased John
all over the country but he has either
dodged them or bought them off. At
any rate they failed to serve papers
upon him.
In a write-up of the potato industry
of Todd county the Long Prairie
Leader advises farmers that, "the
seed should be carefully selected, and
wherever possible seed should be
shipped in from a distance." Potato
experts do not recommend that seed
should be shipped in from a distance.
Better results will be obtained by
using home-grown seed, or seed grown
in the immediate vicinity, provided it
is pure. The best potatoessmooth
and medium sizeshould always be
selected for seed.
John D. Rockefeller has graciously
Arthur Denson, the principal wit
state university. Five addresses in ness for the state in the trial of Fred vigorous campaign for an" extra" ses"
three days, in three cities, is a good Briggs at Minneapolis, testified that
In his speech at Minneapolis Presi
dent Taft said he would rather be
president for one term and do his
found on the body of McCarthy, the have you tried any of the preserves
duty than to be a trimmer and hold aftw
Senator Dillingham, chairman of
the Lorimer investigating committee,
is tiring of his job and has decided to
cut out a number of the witnesses
upon the grounds that they have
nothing to say that will throw light
upon the question at issue. He says
it is a mere waste of time to give them
a hearing. Considering that the in
vestigation is a mere formalitythat
the committee has presumably come
the conclusion that Lorimer is
guiltless of the charges preferred
against himit is, as Senator Dilling
ham says, a, waste of time.
Li Yuan Hung has declared himself
provisional president of the new re
public of China and notified the
consuls that his government
will do all in its power to protect the
interests of the countries they repre
sent during the present period of
unrest. There is every
indication at this time that the Man
chu dynasty is doomed, that the revo
lutionaries will gradually conquer the
whole of the empire, and it will no
doubt prove a blessing to that be
nighted country if the imperial gov
ernment is overthrown. It will be a
stride toward civilization.
Students of the Hammond, Chicago,
high school have decided that the
works of the immortal bard of Avon
are unworthy a place in their library
and intend to banish them therefrom.
One Beebon Amoss, a muttonhead
students to the faculty, characterized
Shakespeare as a cheap grandstand
player." These chappies are to begrave
pitiedthey have not the brains to
them. Mother Goose rhymes no
doubt approach much nearer these
dungheads' standard of literature.
honored at having so staunch and
And That Scarcity Was Worse
Those who wail so loudly about the
small amount of sugar that can now
be purchased for 50 cents should not
forget that there have been times in
the history of this nation when there
was a great scarcity of 50 cent pieces
with which to purchase sugar.Little
Falls Transcript.
mUc sio
Briggs told him that he was going to apportionment bill.Browns Valley
get a badge for McCarthy from
Marshal Grimshaw." A deputy
United States marshal's badge was
Patrolman Olinger. Did Grimshaw
this badge
Briggs knowing
that it was for McCarthy? Was the
United States marshal in collusion
with the outlaw?
understand the writings of the great through courtesy. You should apply
poet and consequently misinterpret for a place as a dummy in a window
in a clothing store.Tracy Herald.
Isn't He?
Senator La Follette once denounced
Senator Clapp as a "tool of the in
terests. "Bricelyn Sentinel.
High Cost of .Living Demands It.
Now is the tim top a sane
fourth. Tharit!tan",e is spend a fourth as
rplan *for
as you did last.Bemidii Pioneer,
legislature pass? a
Where Does Gordon
The Bemidji PioneertoStand has begunre- tn
Inter-Lake Tribune.
Acidulated Disappointment.
Speaking of life's disappointments,
oinAA nmin ntifs n.. k ...r. w.^..*!
since your wife put- them up a month.
ago?Bemidji Pioneeri.n
$- $-
That Thirst for Knowledge.
Over ninety thousand people at
tended the national brewers' exposi
tion to see how beer was made. Their
thirst for knowledge averaged five
glasses of beer to each person.
Walker Pilot.
Preacher Encourages Deadheads.
A Minneapolis minister preached
on the topic,"Forgive Us Our Debts."
Easy for the debtor but hard lines for
the creditor to continue business at
the old stand and have to pay rent.
Little Falls Transcript.
*$- $-
Are Yon a Graduate, Colonel?
Every country newspaper editor
should go to the cities once a year at
least and take a post graduate course
in slang phrases to compete with the
up-to-date wind jammer of the bigger
towns.Lake Crystal Union.
Why Insult the Socialists?
Since Moses Clapp's speech in
Chicago recently no one will deny
that he is the logical candidate of the
socialists for the presidency. There
is absolutely no question as to hisby
eligibility for the nomination.
Brainerd Tribune.
It Is a Local Issue
Most of us have pronounced views
on the tariff, but there are mighty few
things we know less about. We are
all in favor of a tariff if it will aid
us opposed to it if it is a detriment
to us. That is pretty near the tariff
question.Stillwater Gazette.
$- $-
Bad Roads Now at Their Worst.
The best time to stir up enthusiasm
for good roads is at the present time
when the fall rains have been heavy
and rather continuous. To ascertain
just what improvements are most
needed, roads should be seen at their
worst.Little Falls Transcript.
*i j*
Not Kemnant Left, Olson?
Carlos Avery of Hutchinson, who
was executive agent of the state game
and fish commission under Gov. John
son, is said to be slated for the chair
manship of the democratic state cen
tral committee to succeed Frank A.
Day. This isn't so bad, provided
Carlos can find any state central
committee to be chairman of. We
have a hunch that this particular
committee has been lost in the shuffle.
Red Wing Daily Eagle.
$- $-
Cabbage Beads Have No Enemies
It means but little to say of a man
that he has no enemies. You could
write that over a cabbage head. It
presented the demands of the would be appropriate in an essay on
mush or a panegyric on putty. It
makes a first-class epitaph above the
of an ox. If you never did any
thing to make anybody mad at you.
you've been called a man merely
A Hot One for Mose
Those who remember how Mose
Clapp performed during the 1894-6
In his Lake Crystal Union Colonel campaignfcharrepublican not surprised at his
Neff says: We are pleased to state 1911 Clapp-trap. No one has
that California has declared for
This merely
his reputation as a woman's rights tives strong enough to hurl at the
man,' and we would not be surprised members of the party who do not
with him. His present attitude
is undignified and his recent utter
ances are not only not convincing but
are positively repugnant to persons
to find him at the head of the suf-agree
quack doctor, has been sued by two fragists' delegation which will doubt
men in the Ramsey county district less swoop down, a thousand strong
court for a sum aggregating $120,600, upon the members of the Minnesota who desire to see the rules of honesty
legislature at its next session
McFadden and her legion of suf-bridge
to applying plasters to his back which fragette followers should feel highly
crib than he
goes ^Z^^L^,"^
8 epithets offensive enough nor adjec
Mary and logic applied to politics.Cam
North Star.
$.{. 4
"Mose" Did Not Feel at Home.
One incident of the Taft banquet
which was much commented upon was
the presence there of "Mose" Clapp.
He was accorded and occupied a seat
at the president's table at the foot
of the table it is true, buc still at thereceived
table of the president. Evidently his
yearning to get into the limelight a
little overcame his sense of decency
and propriety, if indeed such things
ever trouble him at all. At any rate,
be was there and, while he was shunned
by most of the guests, he occasionally
managed to get a handshake by walk
up and forcing a big flabby hand
some of the assembled guests,
reception given to the president
evidently did not please the senator
Fergus Falls, and his downcast
and furtive glances made him
appear about as prepossessing as a
who had been chased by a mob
a rope.Man in the Dome, West
Paul Times.
The from
eyes with St,
luth He
Where Did They Borrow the Soil?
That agricultural editor of the Du
News-Tribune, Charlie Mitchell,
believes in keeping everlastingly at
it. He has been insisting for several
years that St. Louis county could be
made a model dairying district and
that vegetables and grains of a su
perior quality could be raised there.
now proclaims, editorially, top
column, next to sworn circulation,
that St. Louis county actually has ten
bushels of potatoes on the way to New
York, to be entered in the great land
show, as a feature of the Northern
Pacific and Great Northern roads.
Wonder if any of the farmers of
adjoining counties have lost any of
their soil.Stillwater Gazette.
$- $-
To the Rescue.
We want to come to the defense of
the real estate man. Did you ever
stop to think that if it were not formous
the land men this county would not
be one-third as well advertised as it
is today? As a consequence buyers
from outside states would remain in
ignorance of our fertile soil and land
would not be worth one-half as much
as it is today. The land men are
doing a legitimate business and doing
it on a small profit. Those on the
outside do not know how much actual
hard work they are doing. They are
entitled to every cent they make, and
for every penny they make for them
selves they are making five for thepoint
landowners. That's fair enough,
isn't it?Winnebago Enterprise.
Bob Dunn and Mose Clapp
Our attention has been called to an
item in the St. Paul Dispatch, copied
from the Heron Lake News, edited
Postmaster Eastwood of that
place, wherein Bob Dunn is accused
of ingratitude to Senator Clapp.
Eastwood asserts that Dunn could
not repay the debt he owes Clapp if
he, Dunn, lived a thousand years.
The shoe is on the other foot.
Dunn took an active part in making
Clapp United States senator in 1901.
Clapp repaid him by espousing the
cause of Collins for governor in 1904
and in the republican state conven
tion Clapp, who was chairman,
appointed a seven-to-six committee
on credentials against Dunn. In
fall of 1904 Clapp delivered a cam
paign speech in Anokait will be re
membered Clapp was a candidate for
re-election that yearin which, of
course, he favorably mentioned
Dunn's nameDunn had a host of
friends in Anoka, democratic as well
as republican, and Clapp knew it.
After his speech Mr. Clapp deliber
ately informed Mr. G. H. Wyman, an
Anoka attorney, that Dunn could not
be elected. The editor of this paper
was then publishing the Free Press
at Anoka and we had a kind word to
say for Mr. Dunn, for we knew him,
had known him for years, and we
knew that every large interest in thelawyer
state was arrayed against him and
that the most infamous methods were
being resorted to to defeat him, be
cause the interests knew if he were
governor they could nob dictate to
him. A famous railroad magnate re
marked: "Bob is a good fellow, but
he is too self-willed he is liable to
take the bit in his teeth- at any time
and make us trouble." The morning
after Clapp's speech, Mr. Wyman, as
a friend willing to put us "next," in
formed us of what Clapp had said.
What disgusted us was that Bob
Dunn supported Clapp for re-election
to the senate in 1905, after the shabby
treatment he had received at theother
hands of the senator. But we forgave
Bob, when he explained to us after
wards. "I was a choice of three
evilsClapp, Van Sant or Gilfillan,
and Clapp was the least of the three."
Postmaster Eastwood has another
coming if he guesses that Bob
Dunn is under any obligations to
Moses E. Clapp.Red Wing Daily
Federal Petit Jurors.
In the list of petit jurors for
term of the U. S. court which opens
at Fergus Falls on the 14th inst.
appear the following names: Charles
King, Henry Newbert, William Neely,
Sidney Jesmer of Princeton J. A.
Smith, Zimmerman James Mc
Kenzie, Spencer Brook C. H. Foss,
Milaca D. R. Eaton, Mora.
The term is liable to be along one,
if many of the White Earth Indian
reservation cases are tried.
A Prime Bunch of Horses
A carload of horses, the greater
proportion young mares, have been
at our barn and are being
sold at reasonable prices. They are
all young, sound native horses, suita
ble for farm work and general pur
poses. If looking for reliable horses
call at our barn and look over this
45-tfc King & Kaliher.
Vf f^&lgG&JJj
Farmers Are Selling This Enormous
Quantity of Potatoes to the
Buyers in Tbis Village.
No Town in Northwest That Can
Compare With Princeton as a
Potato Shipping Center.
Princeton is a particularly busy
center just nowprosperity is evident
on every hand and this prosperity is
largely attributable to the humble
spud. The potato is king. This is
not meant to convey the meaning that
Princeton is not always prosperous,
but that an unusually large crop of
high-grade potatoes has blessed the
farmer this year. And not alone the
farmer, for the blessings of a large
crop are shared by allthe merchant,
the mechanic, the laborer. The
country contiguous to Princeton has
for many years been famed for its
immense output of potatoes, and this
season they are coming to market at
the rate of from 60,000 to 70,000
bushels a daythe streets are lined
with farmers' wagons from morning
to night. The marketing of this enor
quantity of potatoes means that
between $30,000 and $35,000 a day is
being paid out by the buyers in cash
and, in itself, this is amply sufficient
to make any town boom. In addition
to this a large amount of cash is paid
out daily to the farmers ^by the two
local creameries, but this is diverging
from our subject.
We do not attempt to claim that
more potatoes are shipped from
Princeton than from any other point
in the United States, but we do claim
that it is the largest potato shipping
in the northwest and that the
quality of the stock raised in this part
of the country cannot be excelled.
So far this season 762 cars
have been shipped, and the
warehouses have hundreds of car
loads on hand, which they are getting
out as fast as cars can be loaded.
Realizing the quality of the potatoes
grown here jobbers from all over the
country are rushing in their orders.
W. H. Perrell & Co. 's warehouse is a
particularly busy place. Between
6,000 and 7,000 bushels a day are
being received there and men are con
tinually loading cars for shipment.
In addition to W. H. Ferrell & Co.
and Geo. E. Rice & Co., the big home
concerns, close onto a score of out
side houses have representatives here
buying potatoes for their respective
firms, and a year from now this
will undoubtedly be largely
increased and many more warehouses
A potato crop failure was never
known in this part of the country,
although there have been years when
the average yield was not reached.
State News.
Little Palls had a fire last Friday
which consumed property valued at
Former State Senator C. P. Reeves
of Glenwood died on October 26 in St.
Paul. He was 55 years^ old and a
by profession.
Judge Marshall A. Spooner of
Bemidji will go to Minneapolis, where
he will be the head of anew law firm
to be known as Spooner, Laybourn &
For setting a spring shotgun in a
turnip patch William Kling was sen
tenced at Bemidji to serve 45 days in
jaila very light punishment for such
a dastardly deed.
The next meeting of the Northern
Minnesota Development association
s?ill be held at St. Cloud on December
$ and 9, and at that time the subjects
of good roads, public lands, acquire
ment of settlers, railroad rates and
matters will be discussed.
The supreme court has ruled that
the three Mankato widows who were
awarded $2,000 each by the district
court in consequence of the deaths of
their husbands, caused by typhoid
fever emanating from impure water,
must be paid the sums specified.
Chief of the great Chippewa nation
of Indians for more than eighty years,
and friend of the whites in the trying
periods of early settlement, Wa-be
known to his neighbors
as Captain John Smith, is awaiting
the last summons to the happy hunt
ing ground in his little cabin on Mud
lake, near Deer River. The old
chief says he is 110 years old, and
government records vouch for him as
a boy 100 years old.
Receiving a unanimous call to the
pastorate of the Metropolitan church
in Washington, D. Rev. James S.
Montgomery, D. D., now of the First
M. E. church, St. Paul, and for
thirteen years in Methodism in Min
neapolis, where he was pastor for six
years in Fowler and seven years in
Wesley, is 10 take up the preaching in
the "administration church" De
cember 1. Dr. Montgomery was
called by this same church three
years ago, but declined, as his people
at Fowler church were reluctant to re
lease him.

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