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Have You Bought Your
Winter Coat?
Black and grey wool coating of manish weaves, wide
cloth and collar revers of the shepherd plaid coating,
which button onto the revers, are the distinguishing
features of a simpie but beautiful semi- "I Aft
fitting model I 9.UU
Black coat model developed in a good weight of
broadcloth, is lined to the waist and a full "Charlotte
Corday" collar which is oddly cut and seamed, and
finished with silk sertache, and buttons I O A
in a most effective manner I bivU
Women's and Children's
Women's ribbed and fleeced lined two-piece Cftft
garments vvv
Women's ribbed, fleeced lined union
suits, special
Women's heavy flat wool two-piece
Children'ss wool and fleeced lined union$1.25-
Ladies' Sweater Coats
All wool, trimmed in tan and blue
tons on cuffs, extraordinary
\15hQ Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
Potato digging is about all done
in this localitv.
We are sorry to say that Andrew
Anderson is no better at this writing.
George King has moved from the
Lafavor place to the Jack VanAlstein
Mrs. E. M. Fiero's father and
mother spent a day or two with her
last week.
Claude Bragg of Minneapolis has
been helping Archie Lambert dig po
tatoes for a few days.
Herb Campbell is home from North
Dakota. He autoed through from
Courtney in that state.
Gust Hofliander had a very sick
horse last Saturday that required the
services of Dr. Neumann.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lambert went
to Blue Hill on Saturday evening to
play for the dance in the town hall.
We are glad to hear that Sam
Lambert is slowly regaining his eye
sight and hope he will continue to im
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fiero and the
teacher from district 50 attended the
school board meeting at Zimmerman
last week.
C. L. Campbell and wife returned
last week from their visit in Wiscon
sin better than ever satisfied with
Geo. Fullwiler stopped oft for a few
days' visit with friends here while on
his way from North Dakota to his
home at Worthington.
Fire on the side of the track got be
yond the control of the section men
and burned one of Orrin Hamilton's
hay stacks on Saturday.
Ethel Magnus sewed for Mollie
Christianson last Friday.
George and Henry Hanson hauled
potatoes to Foley last week.
Jack Frost is a frequent visitor now
and some potatoes are frozen.
Frank Hubbard and sister, Cora,
transacted business in Foley on Mon
George Hubbard returned home on
Saturday evening from the harvest
fields of Crystal, N. D.
Joe Wasmuth is busily engaged
39c 90c
35c to and two
with pearl but-
Ladies' Furs
$4.50 value ladies' fur, medium size,
coney fur
$2.48 $2.95
Our Price is Always Lower
than Our Quality
Those who visited at the Magnus
home on Sunday were Mrs. Hubbard
and daughter, Grace, Garnet Davis,
Lewis Rusness, Ole Stowe, Millet
Simonson, Malvin and Guy Daline
and Even Stay. While there Even
Stay and Earl Mangus traded auto
Mr. Mansfield of Wahkon was in
this neighborhood on business last
A number of girls were entertained
at dinner last Sunday at the Spruce
Grove farm.
A party has bought the Fred Carl
son place and moved onto it last
Saturday. There is still good land
here for many more settlers.
If Jack Frost stays with us from
now on some of us farmers will have
to ship in dynamite to finish the pota
to harvest, the writer included.
Our friends from here who left last
August for the Canadian harvest
fields have returned, and say that
threshing out there was just about
half done. They saw many things in
Canada that the Canadian land
agents say nothing about.
The shrill whistle of William Swan
son's threshing rig has been heard in
this neighborhood for the past few
days. Mr. Swanson has a good rig
and has done both fast and good
A Chance to Save Money on
Your Winter Coats
These coats are mostly last year's style but are all
right and splendid values.
Black and brown beaver coats with good fur collar,
nicely trimmed with silk, braid-lined throughout,
former price $18,00, 1 ft O
our price ^'1 UBOU
$28.00 value black broadcloth coats, trimmed with
best quality silk braid, quilted lining,
slightly soiled, a bargain at
$10.00 value black beaver cloth coat with
fur collar, fully lined
12-4 size wool nap blanket, the best value O A A
for the money you have ever seen, special.$kaUU
Full size comforters, good assortment to select from,
good values, at
Wool Blankets
See our line of North Star wool blankets, the very
best line of blankets made, A Aft 4- Cfj
fancy patterns and greys., .^"f O ^OaOU
Blanket Special
11-4 size white wool nap blankets, soft and &4 C*f%
warm, good $2.25 values, our price I .DU
and hauling potatoes to Princeton
storing them in a warehouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wager are
the happy parents of a big baby girl.
Andrew is wearing a broad smile.
Mike Griffen of East Grand Forks
was called home again on Friday to
the bedside of his mother, who is very
Cora Hubbard visited with her
friends, Augusta and Marie Larson
of Greenbush last Friday and Satur
Strayed, from my place about two
weeks ago, six red and white spring
calves. Finder please notify Mrs.
Huldah Hubbard.
Little Eunice Hubbard is the proud
owner of a beautiful doll which is 2
feet 6 inches tall and weighs 11
pounds. Her brother, George, bought
it for her.
Earl Magnus of the Foley Tribune
traded his motorcycle for an auto
formerly owned by Archie Taylor of
Freer. Earl is an expert automo
bilist. So, girls, live in hopes of
happy auto rides before the snow
work. This was the first threshing
outfit with a traction engine, separa
tor and blower that has been in this
neighborhood. Mr. Swanson has
finished his work for this season and
moved his rig back to Malmo.
Lots of attractions in Blue Hill.
Allen Hayes has moved his family
to Princeton for the winter.
M. Orahood of Princeton is visiting
old friends in Blue Hill this week.
Jerry Haley of Princeton was
calling on Blue Hill friends on Sun
Miss Nellie Bailey has returned to
Blue Hill and expects to stay all
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Yager have
gone to Milaca for a short visit with
relatives and friends.
Miss Aurora Taylor is up from Elk
River, where she is attending school,
to spend a few days at home.
Ephraim Yager and wife returned
to Milaca on Thursday after attend
ing the wedding of their brother,
Elmer Thompson and wife and
daughter, Addie, of Princeton, also
M. Orahood, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Groff.
October brought a hard freeze that
surprised the farmers who had pota
toes out in pits and, as a conse
quence, some of the potatoes were
nipped by frost.
The dancing party at the hall on
Saturday evening was largely
attended and the young people all en
joyed themselves. Music was fur
nished by Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lam
bert of Baldwin.
Herb Campbell of North Dakota
accompanied by his mother, Mrs. C.
L. Campbell, of Baldwin and Mrs.
Mitchell of Princeton came over to
Blue Hill in Mr. Campbell's auto and
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John
A large number of young folks,
friends of Ezra Yager, turned out on
Wednesday evening last and rendered
a fine musical program with instru
ments consisting of cowbells, buzz
saws, tin pans, guns, etc., at the home
of Robt. McQuoid.
Ezra Yager and Julia McQuoid
were married at the home of the bride
on Wednesday evening, October 25.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Tracy of Santiago, after which a
bountiful supper was partaken of.
All join with us in wishing Mr. and
Mrs. Yager a long, happy and pros-
Our Winter Stocks are Full and Fine
You will find this a good place to buy your winter goods. We have used the greatest possible care in selecting the best values
every department, and you are sure to save money by trading here.
$1.00 to $3.00
A Few Specials
Men's Coats
Our Values in Men's Sheep Lined Coats are the Best.
$8.00 value in men's best finish English corduroy
sheep-lined with wombat collar, fi ft
special ^OB9U
$18.00 values in men's 54 inch length corduroy sheep
lined coats, made up in the best possible manner to
make a warm coat, select rat collar,
price Kersey shell, plush lined coat,
everywhere at $20.00,
our price
Popular serges, season's best
selections, per yd
School day plaids for girls'
dresses, per yard
perous life. They will make their
home on the Owen Thompson place,
which they have rented for a year.
Otto Grapentin has returned home.
Mrs. Ege spent Sunday at Peder
Willie Heruth is employed by John
McKinley Gennow called at Heruth's
on Sunday.
Elmer Dubuque visited friends at
Princeton on Friday.
Emma Lindstrom spent Sunday
afternoon at Henry Foster's.
Mr. Pederson is out here on a visit
from Minneapolis with relatives.
A number from this vicinity spent
Wednesday evening at Hartman's.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jones and
family spent Sunday at Erickson's.
Fred Keith and Ray Wetsel were
out hunting in this vicinity on Sun
Mrs. Charles Raiche and Elmer
Dubuque called at Derry's on Mon
Wedding bells will soon be ringing,
boys. Get your musical instruments
in order.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Haralson are the
proud parents of a big boy, born last
Miss Ella Heruth spent Sunday with
her cousins, Misses Anna and Alice
Mrs. Henry Foster and daughter,
Alvina, spent Monday afternoon at
the Pederson home.
Misses Minnie, Alma and Olga
Reimann and Freda Heruth called at
Kopaz' on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Raiche and
son, Bernard, spent Sunday after
noon at Chas. Raiche's.
Misses Hattie Van Rhee and Mabel
Peterson spent Saturday and Sunday
at their homes in Milaca.
Esther and Eimer Normandin spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William
Burke and family at Long Siding.
Miss Alma Reimann has returned
home after being employed by Mrs.
George Harding the past two weeks.
Rev. Larson of Princeton held a
church meeting in district 4 on Friday
evening. A large crowd was in atten
Mr. Milbrandt has just finished
digging a well at the large school
house in district 4 and is just about
to dig one at the small school house.
It would no doubt be a good plan for
One lot,
with rat collar, sold
Dress Goods
All new goods and excellent patterns to select from.
Pure wool Panama, 36 inches wide, all colors, A%
per yard WWW
50c to $1.50
15C and 25C
Shoes For All
Our stock of shoes is getting more complete. New
goods are arriving daily, and you will not only find
nice, snappy styles, but shoes that will give you wear.
Don't forget us when in need of rubbers. We guar
antee every pair of shoes and rubbers we sell.
Men's Furnishings
and Underwear
.00 values, wool union suits,
Cooper's Special, all wool ribbed, good weight under
wear, shirts and drawers,
all sizes
Men's flat wool underwear, all sizes,
special 10c can of lye
for 10c can of baking powder
for 10c bottle of Putnam blueing
for 1 lb. package of Soda
tor 25c package of gold dust
Special coffee
per lb
each child to have its own drinking
Archie and McKinley Gennow, Ed
win Lindstrom and Charlie, Eddie
and Elsie Kranz spent Sunday even
ing at Leander's.
Mrs. Eugene Shaw and family and
Mrs. Charles Shaw and daughter
visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
R. S. Shaw on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Foster and
Mr. and Mrs. Kranz and daughter,
Selma, spent Sunday afternoon at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Heruth.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rehaume and
daughter, Eva, and Miss Hazel Re
haume spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene Rehaume and family.
Miss Zelpha Erstad entertained a
number of young people at a Hal
lowe'en party at her home on Monday
evening. After a sumptuous supper
the guests departed for home to dream
of witches and goblins.
Miss Agnes Hanson spent Sunday
at home.
The Hanson Bros, put in their last
day of threshing last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Strong called on Mr.
and Mrs. Lester King on Sunday.
Miss Esther Lindell helped Mrs.
Strong on Tuesday during threshing.
Victor Hanson and Miss Ella
Hendrickson made a trip to Princeton
on Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Engstrom and
family and Mr. and Mrs. L. Rust and
family Sundayed at P. Lindell's.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Jacobson and
daughter, Mabel, and Mr. Orsett, all
of Greenbush, spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. N.
Miss Mayme Johnson spent the
week end at home.
Wayne Steadman called at the L.
Pierson home on Friday evening.
Everyone is husking corn these
frosty mornings. Some have their
corn all out.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Way and Ed
Hamilton spent Sunday afternoon at
the McCracken home.
L. Keniston of Anoka is here visit
ing his sisters, Mrs. J. and Will Pier
son, and their families.
Mrs. O. A. Dorff entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Trunk and Mrs. Wood
ward at dinner on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson and Mrs.
Greenwood and granddaughters
It els on
igh under
Men's spike jackets, just the thing to work in, grey
and colors, at OOEi O "ir 1
fromfancy $C.CO tO $. 7f 5 fff
Our line of sweater coats con
tains splendid values 50c to $4.50
Grocery Specials
Easy jell (with dish)
per pkg
5c 6c
"I was ashamed of my face," writes
Miss Pickard of North Carolina. "It
was all full of pimples and scars, but
after using D. Prescription for
Eczema I can sav that row there is
no sign of that Eczema and that was
three years ago
This is but one of thousands of cases
in which D. D. has simply washed
away the skin trouble. D.
cleanses the skin of the germs of Ec
zema, Psoriasis and other serious skin
diseases stops the itch instantly, and
when used with D. D. D. soap the cures
seem to be permanent. Nothing like*
T. D. D. for the complexion.
Trial bottle 25 cents, enough to
prove the merit of this wonderful rem
We can also give you a full size
bottle for $1 00 on our absolute guar
antee that if this very first bottle faila
to give you relief it will cost you noth
C. A. Jack, Princeton, Miun.
visited at the Ben Johnson home on
Church was not very well attended
in district 10 last Thursday evening.
It was owing to the busy season.
The party at O. Olson's on Thurs
day evening was well attended and
everyone had a mighty royal time.
The Olson family are fine enter
Mrs. W. E. Stone spent several
pleasant days last week with her girl
hood friend, Mrs. Lemke of Clinton
ville, Wis., at the home of Mrs. Ford
ham in Minneapolis. Mrs. Fordham
is Mrs. Lemke's daughter.
Where Grass Will Not Grow
Recently there has been discovered
a way to carpet with green, places
that are so shady that grass will not
grow. Strange to say, the plan
recommended is the beautiful lily of
the valley, which will grow even
under the shade of oak trees. It is a
beautiful idea for shady sides of
houses, and they come up every year.
With the north side of the house well
banked by lilies of the valley, and a
case of golden grain belt beer in the
cellar, one has beauty and taste com
bined, second to nothing. Secure
your supply 0f Sjoblom Bros.,

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