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Publish** Evety Thursdat.
Business Manager.
A daily says that Boston
to begin a crusade against lats.
This is the first intimation we have
received that the esthetic Bostonese
ladies wear them.
Mr. Bryan and Mr. Watterson
should now cease those bitter person
al attacks upon one another, bury
the hatchet, and go to work for their
party's presidential nominee.
A daily newspaper tells us that
"Goveinor Wilson will keep a close
watch on campaign contributions.''
Sensible man. Treasurers of cam
paign funds will invariably bear
Being a "schoolmaster," Mr. Wil
son will know how to use the rod on
the obstrepeious boys in the senate.
He should commence his term by
giving each and everyone of them
a sound thrashing.
In an editorial in his magazine La
Follette praises the work of Br\ an at
the democratic national convention.
The majority ot democrats, however,
appear to maintain the opinion that
he made an ass of himself.
No more appropriate place than
Reno could have been chosen in the
state ot Nevada to launch the third
party movement. Its prize-ring as
sociations harmonize perfectly with
the sentiments of pugnacious Theo
How is this for a sample of monu
mental egotism? "The Lorimer
fight was my fight, and the victory
is my victory." These are the words
attributed to Colonel Roosevelt when
informed that Lorimer was ousted
from the United States senate.
Minnesota may have a Clover
count}, embracing 27 townships^in
the southern portion of Cass with an
assessed valuation of $2,300,000. and
with Pine River as the capital.
With a name of this sort, and an
appropriate name at that. Clover
county should become famous.
James Roach, who s"eeks the re
nomination for secretary ot state of
Kansas, has circulated a novel cam
paign card. I is a photograph of
his seventeen children and beais the
legend, "Seventeen reasons why I
seek the renomination." To place
your money on Roach would be a safe
people to fanaticism at reM\al meet
Theodore the Infallible will not be
satisfied to have republican electors
vote for him, he wants a bian new
party of which he will be the chief
corner stone and the whole works.
Heavens, if the superlative egotist
should be "gathered unto his
fathers'' what would become of the
There was a decrease in, the popu
lation of France during- last year of road unless provision is made for its trious grandfather, the
34,869. If this thing long continues
Germany will step in and propagate
the species.
Milwaukeeans have shown their gated to the background and eventu
good taste by forbidding the playing ally abandoned
of ragtime b\ the park bands. Rag
time is not music, but a jumble of The Stearns county board of com-
notes that grate upon the educated misisoners last week passed a resolu
ear. I however answers its purpose
Having learned Govefndr Wilson's
attitude regarding1
in places: for instance, it impels which road overseers in several of
union/ labor, and
being satisfied therewith, Samuel
Gompers will proceed, to put in mo
tion machinery which will prove a
big factor in the presidential cam
paign. Sam GompersJ'
controls more
votes than any man on the American
Representative Murdock of Kansas
has introduced into the hous,e 'a
"pure fabric bill," which provides
that all clothing shall be labeled so
that purchasers may know whether
they are buying wool, cotton, silk,
shoddy or admixtures of various
sorts, and provides a penalty for
violation. A law of this sort should
prove of much value'to the public.
When the scribes and pharisees de
manded that Jesus enforce the
is about Mosaic law against the poor adulter-
answered among you let him first cast a stone
Months ago the Union went on
record as favoring the election of
Justice George L. Bunn to the su
preme bench. He served as one of
the Ramsey county district judges
from 1897 until 1911", when he was
appointed to the supreme bench to
succeed the late Justice Jaggard, and
he is recognized by lawyers generally
as one of the ablest jurists in the
state. There is no reason wh\ Jus
tice Bunn should not succeed him
A call has been issued foi a mass
third party state convention to be
held in St. Paul July 30 for the pur
pose of electing twelve delegates to
the Roosevelt ratification and glori
fication pow-wow at Chicago on
August 5. The easiest way to ac
complish the defeat of Taft is to
vote direct for Wilson. Voting for
Roosevelt will bring about the same
result. But the more manly course
for dissatisfied republicans to pursue
would be to come out openly in favor
of Wilson.
"There is nothing to prevent
Theodore Roosevelt from becoming
president and ruining the business
prospects of the country permit
ting the 'good' trusts to multiply a
hundredfold,'' says a North Dakota
paper. Yes there is. The people
can prevent it, but if they are fools
enough to elect this interloping up
start to a position which he would
transform ino a dictatorship they
will have to take the medicine which
thej give him an opportunity to
There are strong indications that
in the couise of a half century we
shall be compelled to obtain the
services of an interpreter if we wish
to converse with visitors from old
Ireland. The revival of the Gaelic
language is going on apace and
thousands of children now use it in
everyday conversation. If the
country obtains home rule, which at
this time seems probable, the
English language will likely be rele-
condemning the manner in
the roads and leaving them in an un
finished condition, and giving notice
that unless such pieces of road be re
paired and future work done in ac
cordance with the instructions of the
Jim Mufflin, a wealth^ Phila
delphian, has shocked the silk
shirted aristocrats of his town
land Stat Roads commission i Willl the ^forces iin the William.
require $161,000 to oil and keep in of Sonora5 Mexico, means that the from Illinois. He was found guilty
good condition the state highways of Madero campaign against the rebels of resorting to corrupt methods and
that state this year, and Maryland is is not proving such a success as the practices
much larger than one of our daily papers would have us believe
It is As a military tactician General Gar
not northern Minnesota counties.
a waste of money to construct a good baldi is said to be equal to his illus
not have resigned.
A fellow in New York has insti
essthat she should be stonedHe tuted proceedings against a teleeraDh J,
rrtet that ^v,,,,,* *_ _!_.__ without sin compan_y for alienating his fiancee's
affections. I seems that he wired
at her.'' Not a stone was cast.
only those members of the senate
whose skirts were clean had voted to sage she received read
unseat Lorimer he would still have
been a member ot that body.
If the girl to whom he was engaged,
I love you tnTOiroi- an the mes-
sent back his ring and letters and
place for an idiot sends
mush as that over the wires.
townships-are tearing up the tion without opposition, and if nom
inated there will be no question of
An old subscriber writes us:
state highway commission, no ap
propriations will be made to the cratic papers as you do from the re
towns not complying with the order
For taking this step the commission
ers are entitled tp the commendation following: We find that the opinions
THE PBiyQETON UlSnCWs Tmifc&pAY, JULY 1$ 1912.
According to the estimated made The /resignation General B/avote^f^ t6' the tatted [would be tetter for the boys than
by the chief engineer of the Mary- uiseppe Garibaldi as commander of States'senate on Saturday unseated (recall or referendum or a change in i Roads ftnTfiml&Rinit nfAVOTnmont.^fnwoe +U,%state *-_.*- TIT4114 i
you clip as many of your Walt Mason
'Opinions of Editors' from the demo-
publican. Why do you do this?
For various reasons, among them the
ii *TTT a
of all persons who use the public of democratic editor^ embody equally ways, we'ud have thorough-
as the, republican editors quotations
common sense as do those
readers art opportunity to make com
by parisons of political opinions demo
announcing that in the forthcoming cratic editors do as much to enhance ways ended if exhausted orr the pike
historical pageant he will drive a
dumpcart. He says that his ances
tors started his fortune by operating
garbage wagons, and he "doesn't
care a d who knows it, as honest
labor is no disgrace.'' We like Jim's
style. Were many of the snobs, who
will ride in heraldic emblazoned
automobiles in the pageant, to por
tray faithfully the occupations of
their ancestors, they would be
attired as ragpickers, hod carriers,
organ grinders and convicts, and
trudge along on foot.
the progress*of the country, by advo-
eating good roads, intensive farming,
*-v,o*- -4. i* 4.
that it confines itself to republican
papers cerpts
Lorimer, junior senator
securing his election.
The investigation of the charges
against Lorimer has dragged over a
long period of time and cost the
Italian country thousands of dollars. While
liberator, and had he seen the re- there can scarcely be a doubt that he roads^propositTon. We all favor good
motest chance of success he would is deserving of the sentence passed
upon him, there are in all probability
members of the senate who obtained
their seats by the same tactics as
those pursued by him.
Th Granit Fall Tribun has
xiic vrrmnutJ uaus ATlDUne nas
Among the names attached to a
call for a convention in this state to
elect delegates to the Bull Moose
Chicago convention appear those of
Hon. H. H. Dunn and Hon. J. F.
Jacobson. Both good men but
affected with Roosephobia. They
will lecover. Mr. Dunn, however,
denies that he authorized the use ot
his name: he does not favor a third
partv. He proposes to remain a
republican. Anyhow, Dunn and
Jacobson may support Roosevelt or
the devil and our good opinion of
them will remain unchanged.
In a quotation from a country
paper in the Duluth News-Tribune
this sentence occurs: "Just as
Clapp's rulings gave the guberna
torial nomination to Bob Dunn."
The reference is to Clapp's ruling in
the lepublican state convention of
1901, when he rightly held tnat a
contested delegation could not vote
on its own contest. Mr. Clapp's rul
ing did not give Bob Dunn the
nomination, for he had a clear ma
jority of ovei 40 delegates regardless
of contested delegations. Mr.
Clapp's sympathies were not with
Bob Dunn in that fight as was evi
denced by his appointmenti
of a
seven to six committee on cre
dentialswith the seven against
There is one state executive officer
who should have no opposition at
the primary election at least. We
refer to Hon. Lyndon A. Smith, the
present attorney general. When
Goerge T. Simpson resigned last
January, Mr. Smith, who tilled a
subordinate position in the office,
was appointed to succeed him. Mr.
Smith has quietly performed the
duties of this important office in a
highly efficient manner. There is
nothing spectacular about Mr.
Smith, but he gets results. In many
respects Mr. Smith is like the late
H. W. Childs, and Minnesota never
had a more thoroughly honest, con
scientious and efficient attorney
general than Mr. Childs. There
should be no opposition to Mr. Smith
in the republican party. He has
richly earned the republican nomina
hirtiet +.0 "T lnvo vmt on/d 1 4-1 tinri f 1 i_
existence and "Oltd Put,h" as J.
I leave you Putnam is familiarly known to the
forever." Consequently the girl newspaper boys, has been at its helm
Ho! ye wind-jamming country
saving patriots, read this little poem Temperance union
in prose by the poet philosopher
'If the men who save the nation
in the old accustomed way, piling
verbal byways, dump thei- elocution
i veruaa uyways, cramp uneir eioeuxior
o" fares'"
opinion is worth reprinting it repro- "delusions,- f*^ thT Plattonns
paper republican,s democratic, and a chance teos brood and swear
socialisticwiicLiiei or prohibitionmnnn tendency.
for the selection of its ex
uiii dfeeds r^t^hnnn^nn^t..^^ energy expendeedf conventions and fifth, Htfo ma in Sherburne or any
the like would shamefulfl
Wind ?'see'
StaliAriiila IT nn+-~u *-u Ti_j.
lished a good paper.t has pros
annexed herself to another chap.
Thp statp hncr hnnsp ic tv,o ^uo- ne guuernaTOnai candidate who
Ihe state bug
is erecting a commodious new print
ing office which is nearly ready for
occupancy. "Put" is reputed to be
a semimillionaire. but were he a
multimillionaire he would still fol
low the newspaper business. The
Union hopes that he may live to
giind out editorials for another 30
volumes of the Tribune.
Lorimei. speaking in his defense
befoie the senate last week, took" oc
casion to throw some hot shot, in
the shape ot sarcasm, into Theodore
Roosevelt. He chaiacterized the ex
president as "the custodian of all
the morals of the country, private
and public." Of the $1,900,000 fund
raised tor the republican presidential
campaign in 1904 Senator Lorimer
said: 'Of course not a cent of this
enoromus sum could have been con
tributed by the predatory wealth of
the country. Surely all of it was the
free gift of the common people of
whom this man is the great cham
pion. No malefactor contributed to
that fundonly the common people
of whom he was the guardian."
Lorimer's attack was based on the
testimony given by George B. Cortel
you before a senate committee which
showed that Roosevelt's campaign
fund in 1904 was contributed largely
by the trusts.
It is unfair to judge any profession
by a, few of its unworthy members.
There is hardly a flock without its
black sheep. But the Union repre
sentative blushed a crimson red
when a city reporter remarked to
him in St. Paul one day last week:
I have just come from the capitol,
and Mr. (naming one of the
state officers) informs me that he
may not file for the republican nom
ination. He is a poor man and can
not afford to squander any large sum
for the nomination, but some ot you
country editors are making life a
burden to him. We knew well
enough what the reporter meant.
There are mercenary city as well as
mercenary country newspaper men,
but we would fain believe they are a
small minority in both city and
country. No stigma should attach
to reputable editors or publishers be
cause of the avariciousness of a tew
hireling scribblers.
K. Catch theW^ndy: JimsJ*
and send! 'em out t6 drag
Musoffice Favorf
up, without vacation, heaps of Ian
guage day by day, would forsake the composed of the towns of Baldwin
AU -U- 1 T-. _T_ At i A I lir/^VJn -na-I
^.j u^uuuj novo, v*cdd nave spieuuiu wijuiougu ~-"-ef"*- "M^UOJ 10 anvc LVJ upo
Better roads in all directions
-tha is 'wha TM country needs
f ^^H. 'LMri*'- but we do not make connections ^with Shefburnejcounty that stands more
from demdcratic editors- grve our
io*~ .jji. U...L. that is tphatt, .hi c/inntnt nAtrf highways, and there is no district in
f**? iT* t
Wind Jims hav blundered through
etc., as the republican editors ,the their stunts at Baltimore. That's
Union is not guided by party poli- the way men save the nation in
tics when it selects articles for re- these foolish,, futile years, holding a
i_. 1^,, 7-i H'CIJ, wasiji/it tnefor peoniesn exrvej
duce itofwhether it i found in a ^~4 A time the tool of the bosses?West
uv,c ii IL is a hot air they giv us i confusion g. ,~.Taft
Ah it isallthousande a pitiess that we
The i on is not so straight-laced
thu roao connecting cities beats a
0 wind
There is one issue upon which all
politicians agree, and that is good
roads. When they get crowded by
the quick changing issues of the day
it is easy to tall back on the good
and there is no mental
reservation in declaring where we
are at.Elk River Star-News.
The thoughts of the great-Souled
progressive editors and statesmen
are so engrossed with the"'d.nj' weightie
affairs of state that is really re-
O ie
freshingeand4-extremelydeigns to
i the proper pered in the newspaper business and declares for Taft will find himselt
find on them who to
tion such a trivial matter as the im
of our public highways
The gubernatorial candidate
buried very, very deep in the
primary.Cambridge North Star.
And the republican gubernatorial
candidate who declares against Tatt
and who may win out at the primary
election may fall outside the breast
works on the fifth of November.
Pease's Tribute to "Sim" Farrington.
I mourn the departure of a long
time hiend in the death of Simon
A. Farrington, who died June 20th.
Away back in 1864-5 I became
acquainted with "Sim, "for that was
the name he had amongst the old
and young. Many a night in the old
Winslow hou^e at dances he plajed
the clarionet and was considered one
of the best in the state. All classes
loved Sim Fjarrington for he was a
kindly, genial gentleman, and the
young folks always rejoiced when he
appeared in the orchestra. For years
past he has made Anoka his home
and no one who ever knew him but
was impressed with his worth and
goodness. He has gone to a better
land, where melody and music will
greet him. Many an old resident of
St. Anthony will remember with
pleasure S. A. Farrington.Gossip
in Anoka Union.
Don't Give Your Note.
Farmers, h^w^ often has the
Union warned you not to be 'taken
in by oily-tongued sharpers? Don't
give a note unless for value received.
Do not take any stranger's word for
it. Your note is the same as money.
Would you hand a stranger a
hundred-dollar bill simply for the
asking? Your note for $100 is the
same as $100 in cash because you will
have to pay tnat note, and perhaps
interest additional. If a stranger
offers you a bargain in machinery,
goods or merchandise. pa\ him when
you receive the goods, merchandise
or machinery and not before. If you
are dealing with a well-established
house, although it may be a mail
order house, that is another matter
'you risk nothing there. But for
mercy's sake don't be a sucker and
don't give your note to a compara
tive stranger for future favors to be
No Steanf Roller Tactics Here.
The national prohibition conven
tion, held at Atlantic City,
adjourned last Saturday night after
nominating Eugene W. Chafin of
Arizona for president and Aaron S.
Watkins of Ohio for vice president.
Each nomination was made by ac
clamation after a single ballot had
indicated the preference of the dele
At a session of the new national
committee of the party W. G.
Calderwood of Minnesota was de
feated for re-election as secretary by
Mrs. Frances Beauchamp, president
of the Kentucky Women's Christian
Road Improvement.
county commissioner
Tonm Looney of Baldwin has filed
the fifth commissioner district in
Sherburne county. The district is
~1 i
Livonia and The presen.t
commissioner, is Mr. A. B. Carlson
of Orrock Loone
thundered unless he is earnestly in favor of im
alive to
necessit-Mr.bettering of public
high other county,nshould be chosen for
the position of county^ commissioner
i need of bettef roads than the
The Tool of the "Good'' Trusts.
Col. Roosevelt Says he is going *to
lead the "people's government."
Well, wasn't it the people's govern
men whichhele seve and
their pledgesg are .f
mostly pillagre when it! isn'tl foolish Wilson. The others are dead timber
noise a good highway to our village this trip.Le Sueur News.
dur i tha
or Wilson.
The News does not favor a third
party movement. There is no crying
is demand for ,it. Vote for Taft or
wm, gf^TfF*vf
The "Niggers" Know Something, Too.
Even after months spent in Africa,
the colonel could not control the
"nigger" vote.Le Sueur News.
~*No Necessity for Third Party.
A third party must be founded on
something more substantial than a
personal grievance. Little Falls'
But Backsliding Mose Will be There.
Col. Roosevelt will hold a conven
tion of his own in Chicago on August
5. There will be no contested nor
fraudulent delegates there.Eden
Valley Journal.
Reasons for Suspicion.
The way republicans all over the
country are lining up for Wilson is
making democrats suspicious. They
argue that a man who is so eminent
ly satisfactory to the republicans,
can't be much of a democrat.Red
W ing Daih Eagle.
Sizing Up Samuel.
Sammj Goidon may as well hang
up his fiddle and his bow. I is only
the treacherous demagogue that will
go back on the head ot the republi
can ticket while still using that
ticket to feather his own poJitical
fortunes.Janes\ille Aigus.
An Important Omission.
Minnesota has a lot ot candidates,
for governor, running on all sorts of
platforms, from anti-Taft to
'cheaper feed for the people.'' They
have overlooked one important item,
and that is cheaper gasoline for the
auto boys.Heron Lake News.
Their Main Prop.
The mam prop on which the third
party promoters appear to be
attempting to stand is the idea that
all men are rogues, rascals, thieves
and bosses but us. And when one
recalls that it takes a rogue to catch
a rogue, what then becomes of the
prop?Little Falls Transcript.
Don't Neglect the Roads.
In the building of good roads it is
not enough to attend to them once or
twice a year and hope they will tend
to themselves the rest of the time.
An hour or two on the road in front
of vour farm after a hard rain will
put it in condition for use again
without the formation of the ruts
which make driving hard and cut up
the highways.Belle Plaine Herald.
$- 4* $-
Not a Beauty but a Statesman.
Frank Eddy is not very much to
look at. He will never win a first
premium in a beautv show, but
Frank has a head that is filled with
brains and good common sense. If
the voters of Minnesota send him to
congress as congressman-at-large
they will have a representati\ there
who knows the ropes thoroughly.
Mr. Eddy has already sened several
terms in congress and knows all its
ups and downs. The office of con
gressman-at-large will be for one
term only, without a doubt, and we
would like to see Mr. Eddy get the
honor. Winnebago Cit Enterprise.
A Horse of Another Color.
Five candidates are running for
governor, all calling themselves re
publicans. Thej are Gordon, Lee,
Young, Spooner and Eberhart. Of
these Gordon and Lee have pro
claimed that under no circumstances
will they support Taft. while Young
thinks it would be consistent with
republican party loyalty to support
Wilson. This simmers the list of re
publican gubernatorial candidates
down to twoSpooner and Eberhart.
These have not found it necessary to
parade their party disloyalty by bolt
ing Taft and are presumably Tepubli
cans still. I is apparently up to re
publicans to choose between the two,
and if one of the first, three be
nominated, follow their precept and
examplevote for the democratic
gubernatorial candidate. Preston
Hqd. Just Found it Out.u
Regarding the noise the republi
cans are making about the 'stealing'
of the nomination, a thing which
has occurred time and again hereto
fore without much fuss, one is in
clined to place republicans in the
category with the Irishman'1
licked the Jew. Ari Irishman once
met a Jew on the street and im
mediately started to beat him up
unmercifully. Of course he landed
in court., In reply to the question
as to why he bad beaten the Jew he
replied that the Jews had killed our
Savior. The court informed him
that event had occurred over
eighteen hundred years ago, where
upon Pat replied: "It don't make
any difference^ I just found it out.
Just so with the republicans-all over
the country. They have just found
out that the interests have always
been stealing the nominations and
they are going to lick them.Cass
Lake Times.

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