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299 Broadway
_, __
_^^~^. .._.. i -i -n_ IWWMM*i^AMki^||
hfr+*+ 4"i-HH"H4 {M*M-
fl/lERIT has made our
clothing business what
it is. Dependable merchan
dise that you can truly rely
upon. Our
"Progressive" Clothes
stand head and shoulders
above the crowd. Perfect fit
ting, hand tailored and abso
lutely all wool. We guaran
tee each and every garment
you buy100 percent value
every time no matter what
price you pay.
Special: 50 suits, odd lots,
one suit of a kind but .nearly
all sizes, will be sold at bare
cost of manufacture, $3.75,
$5.95, $6.45, $7.50, $8.45 'to
10 $9.75. Get in early on this.
Clothing House
I^WillPhotograph Anything. Anywhere at Any Time, Dav or Nijrht.
Clement's Photographs oif is tu'Ort rt
photographing familv grouo ir ih ho es O people specialty Stock buildings,
$- etc Sendn post CdiJ to box or w)l me over M,irk storn ana 1 will oe with you
Post card printing Br n^rin \ou* neg,i*U'ts or hlm*. and I w'll print your caids for 5
CLEM ENT, Princeton I
The Shooting fraternity are speed wise. They know loose
smokeless powder won't drive shot. They know that the drive
depends on the compression.
The powder charge in Remington- UMC shells is gripped in
steel. This lining is designed to give the exact compression
necessary to send the load to the mark quickest. It insures
speedthe same speed in every shell.
The steel lining is moisture proofno dampness can get through.
Jar proofno powder can get out. Waste proofno energy is lost.
Shoot Remington-UMC Arrow and Nitro Club Steel Lined Expert
factory loaded shells lor Speed plus Pattern in any make of shotgun
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
We sell the Stickney Engine because its the best.
Peterson & Nelson
the h Hf makes a business of
Steel Lined
TheRemingtonCubs cat into a good one.
Each and Every One a Speed Shell
The speed that breaks your targets nearer the
trap. That's why Remington-UMC Steel Lined
Shells have won 13 out of the IS Handicaps held in
the last three years.
The speed that gets that mile-a-minute "duck" with a shorter
leadthat's why it takes over 50,000 dealers to handle the demand
for Remington- UMC Steel Lined Shells.
New York City
Be sure the melon isn't a lemon,
ft all depends on the dealer.
We handleneithermelons norlemons.
Peterson & Nelson Princeton, Minn.
Will close out all ECONOMY jars I have left
at a bargain. Come in and get my
price, also the axel grease.
^n-^'^\fIf^l^l^THE PRIKCETOif trKtOKC/Tmifi^DAY, itJGTJST I
Henry Mallette is a novice in farm
ing, but this year he has raised as
good crops as any farmer in Baldwin.
The new court house at Cambridge
is fast nearing completion. I twill
be a neat, substantial and roomy
structure and a credit to Isanti coun
Miss Bertha Goss of Anoka was the
guest of Misses Lottie and Belle
Goulding for several days last week.
Miss Goss is every inch an Anoka
Sheriff Williams of Kanabec county
is a good officer. He was perfectly
justified in shooting those two In
dians at Mora. Pity he did not kill
The harvest ball at the rink on
Friday evening was slimly attended,
partly owing to unfavorable weather
and partly to the scarcity of money
among the boys.
Ed Whitney, a former typo in the
Union office, came down from
Bridgman for a week's shooting and
returned home on Tuesday evening
loaded down with fat, plump chicks.
Miss DeWolf of Mora is visiting
friends in Princeton. There are
many good-looking girls in the thriv
ing village of Mora and we can't see
why Safford of the Times persists in
remaining a bachelor.
A cowardly, drunken brute drew a
revolver in front of Mahoney's saloon
last evening with the intention of
making a pepperbox of Mr. Mahoney.
The proper place for such rowdy
characters is behind prison bars.
Hon. D. M. Clough of Minneapolis
was in town a few minutes this
morning. He had been east with
Frank Hartley on a pleasure trip
when he was summoned home by a
telegram to his mother's sickbed."
John Sadley was at home for a few
days and started for Dakota again on
Tuesday with more men and teams.
Mr. Sadlev has a big grading con
tract on the Manitoba extension, but
says he is not getting rich very fast.
Prairie chickens have been quite
plentiful around here, but the dude
hunteis from the cities don't know
how to get them. It is no tiick at
all for one of our local nimrods to
bag two or three dozen in half a day.
Harley Whitney, who has been out
west on the railroad for several
months, returned home on Tuesday
evening. He says the necessaries of
life are costly, wages low and water
bad where he was, in the vicinity of
Belknap, Dakota.
C. H. Chadbourne proposes to take
a carload of his blooded cattle to the
state fair. He does not expect many
lirst prizes, but he will make a cred
itable exhibit and prove to the out
side world that as good cattle are
raised in Princeton as anywhere in
the northwest.
The warning in last week's
Union to melon snatchers was25
unheeded. Jonas Hill caught two
boys in his melon patch on Sun
day. He had them brought before
Justice Dorr and it cost them $8.16
apiece. It isn't so much fun after
all to steal melons.
A buily individual forced an en
trance into S. P. Woodman's resi
dence last night. If Mr. Woodman
had shot the ruffian dead he would
have done just right and the com
munity would have applauded his
action. As it was the fellow beat a
hasty retreat and Mr. Woodman re
grets that he did not have his re
vol\er within reach
The village has puichased a new
two-wheeled chemical fire extinguish
er at a cost of $900. I is of the
latest improved pattern and four men
can handle it with ease. Taken in
connection with the double-cylinder
Champion extinguisher, which cost
the village $2,300, Princeton, for a
small place, is well provided with fire
apparatus. A splendid new water
tank, with a capacity of 20 barrels,
has also been provided. The tank
was manufactured at Wm. Cordiner's
shop by A. J. Bullis.
Some Hatch Figures.
Somebody has been figuring out
some statistics about matches.1
M. .......a............
finds that something like fifteen
hundred billions1,500,000,000,000of
matches are struck every year, half
of them in this country, every min
ute the world lights three million
matches. It would be a pretty heavy
blow to a world used to striking
three million matches a minute and
fifteen hundred millions of matches
a year if by some calamity it should
lose all its matches. It would create
about as serious a situation as would
occur if the telegraph or the tele
phone were lost or the supply of
golden grain belt beers would run
out. Order of Sjoblom Bros., Prince
Song of Theodore I.
My country, 'tis of Me,
Sweet land of Mostly Me,
Of Me I yell.
Land to which I am sent,
Beyond all argument,
Choose me for President
Or go towell.
Hartford Courant.
^"Notices under this head will be inserted
at one cent per word. No advertisement will
he published in this column for less than 15 cts.
FOR SALE-Or will trade for cat
tle, a 2-year-old colt. John !Nyen
huis, section 25, Milo. ltp
FOR SALEA camera, 4 by 5
inches, as good as new. Cheap
for cash. C. Larson, Prince
ton. 34-tfc
FOR SALEA Sterling organ and
some household furniture. Mrs.
H. E. George, Princeton. 33-tfc
FOR SALEA davenport, medium
sized fancy airtight heater, small
cook stove and numerous other
articles. Mary Frederickson,
Princeton. 32-3tp
FOR SALEA corn binder, good as
new. Will take $90 cash binder
cost $125 when new. Mrs. Minnie
Gabrielson, Route 1, Zimmerman,
Minn. 32-4tp
FOR SALEA 40, 80, 120 or 160 acre
farm, situated within one mile of
village limits. D. N Hunt,
Princeton. 30-tfc
FOR SALEA 25 horse power gas
oline engine and sawmill with
shafting. Reason for sellingam
going to install a motor. Henry
Holthus, Route 2, Princeton. 24-tf
FOR SALEA farm 7 miles east of
Princeton, 81 acres, with 80 rods
shore, on good lake, 65 acres in
crop, land new. Will sell right.
It will pay you to investigate.
Ernest N. Johnson, owner, Route
No. 4, Box 74, Princeton. 33-tf-lp
FOR SALEFor sale, exchange, or
will rentLumber yard, with shed
24x100 feet, and lumber house 48x48
feet, coal bins numbered from one
to twelve, and yard room for piling
.lumber about 100x200 feet, office
building of two rooms 20x28 fee
with Howe scale almost new, also
eight room house with three lots
space that can be used for such
purpose as desired. Located about
100 feet from M. & St. L. depot
and sidetiack to coal bins. Every
thing in the best repair and ready
for business. Will exchange for
good farm property in the vicinity
of Princeton, and give good terms
to responsible party. Until about
September 1 address at Rolfe,
Iowa, and after that date see me
at Princeton, Minnesota. N. A.
Lind. Rolfe, Iowa. 33-tfc
LOSTA twenty and a five-dollar
bill, rolled together, in village of
Princeton last Saturday. Return
to Frank Libby for reward, lt
Headquarters for S and 10c Goods.
We have a great many 5, 10 and
cent specialties in glassware,
chinaware, crockery, stationery,
pictures, hoisery, neckwear, etc.,
also a fine line of corsets. Here
under we quote a few prices:
Best Talcum powder, 10 to 20 cents
a can toilet soap, pure goods, 3
cakes for 10 cents whisk brooms, 15
cent values. 10 cents a quantity of
lace and embroidery edging and in
sertion, up to 10 cent values, 5 cents
a yard. We have a few ladies' mus
lin skirts, good dollar value, while
they last, 50 cents heavy triple
coated enamel ware17 quart dish
pans, $1.00 value, 59 cents large tea
kettles, $1.00 value, 59 cents 12
quart water pails, 59 cents smaller
pieces, good 75 cent value, 49 cents
large size jelly tumblers, one half
dozen, 15 cents.
Call and see the great values we
are offering at 5, 10, 15 and 25 cents.
Mrs. E. F. Griffith,
The Bazaar.
Many Princeton People in Poor Health
Without Knowing the Cause.
There are scores of people who
drag out a miserable existence with
out realizing the cause of their
suffering. Day after day they are
racked with backache and headache
suffer from nervousness, dizziness,
weakness, languor and depression.
Likely the kidneys have fallen be
hind their work of filtering the
blood and that is the root of the
trouble. Look to your kidneys, as
sist them in their workgive them
the help they need. You can use no
better remedy than Doan's Kidney
Pills. Below is grateful testimony
from a sufferer in this locality.
Mrs. A. V. Axtell, Foley, Minn.,
says: "Our experience with Doan's
Kidney Pills has been very satis
factory. We procured this remedy
and it acted promptly and effective
ly in removing lumbago and lame
ness through the loins. We feel that
we cannot recommend Doan's Kid
ney Pills too highly.''
For sale by all dealers or upon re
ceipt of price, 50 cents. Foster-Mil
burnCo., Buffalo, New York, sole
agents for the United States.
Remember the nameDoan'sand
take no other.
8 EE
Main Street,
1.4..1M|..I.*.II I Hammr5
1 You Trad is Solicited*^!
8~ New Cabbage, per lb 3
New Beets, per pk ic 3
String Beans, per pk |5 3
g: Bananas, per doz 25c 3
Oranges, per doz 30c 40c 45c
Olives, per qt 3g 3
Olives, per pt 20c 3
|E Sweet Pickles, per doz |QC 3
Dill Pickles, per doz |QC 3
Calumet Soap, 12 bars for 25c 3
Red Clover Salmon, per can 23c 3
Mustard Sardines, 3 cans for 25c 3
Oil Sardines, 6 cans for 25c 3
Peanut Butter, per jar |fjc |5c 3
Cookies and Crackers 3
r Best Soda Crackers, 3 lbs. for 25c 3
Saratoga Flakes, per pkg ...|5c 3
E Lemon Snaps, per pkg c 3
Sugar Wafers, per pkg jg 3
Nabiscoes, per pkg JQ 3
EE Fig Honey Sandwiches, per lb 20c 3
When the Supply Exceeds the Demand.
All there is left for the owner of the supply is to take his medicine like a little
man That's what we are doing We have a large supply of all kinds of building
material which WP wish to keep on the move, and to do so we have scraped the price
1 down to the last notch, as an inducement to you fellows who want and need the stuff
The prices are going to move the stuff and move it quick
**^**^****^*+^**0*m0^^*^i+i+ mt^0^^0^^0^^0^,^Km^
(Successor to Q. H. Gottwerth)
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid tor Cattle and Hogs.
*1111- !1111 ii tin m11 nii
ill .lull it, it. it, .1, I 1 I I I 1 I I 1 1 I MI.|II|II|I,| ,|,4M|I
MAKE a specialty of repairing all kinds of com
plicatedi watches and clocks. If you have old,
worn out jewelry bring it to me and I will make it
like new on short notice. ^j ^f
D*al*r in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
i (Successor to Anton Falk)
i Wines, Liquors and Cigars I
Beer on Draught

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