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ry?* 1^^^3P#!f^Jf^^^5
A/IERIT has made our
clothing business what
it is. Dependable merchan
dise that you can truly rely
upon. Our
"Progressive Clothe
stand head and shoulders
above the crowd. Perfect fit
ting, hand tailored and abso
lutely all wool. "We guaran
tee each and every garment
you buy100 percent value
every time no matter what
pricejyou pay.
Special: 50 suits, odd lots,
one suit oi a kind but nearly
all sizes, will be sold at bare
cost of manufacture, $3.75,
$5.95, $6.45, $7.50, $8.45 to
$9.75. Get in early on this.
Clothing House
Ads in The Union Bring Results.
New Home and White
Sewing Machines
Two of the best makes made.
Prices range from
$35.00 to $50.00
We have other machines we
fully guarantee from
$20.00 to $30.00
One Price to All
Ewings' Music Store
One Door East of Union Office
No. 21
The Stickney Gasoline Engine excels aU
others in its outside igniter in which the spark
can be seen, in its straight line valve motion,
in its perfect cooling system, in its automatic mixer, in its ball-bearing
governor and in the quality of its material and the accuracy of its work-
We have a few copies of Stickney's Catechism a book describing 57
points of superiority of the Stickney Engine over all othersCome and
get onethey are free.
Peterson & Nelson
Peterson & Nelson Princeton, Minn.
No Mille Lacs County Taxpayer Can Afford
to be Without the Union
Delays flre Dangerous
^-JURRY up and take advantage
of the going out of business
sale at Solomon Long's. The stock
of shoes is selling fast, but there
are still numerous bargains left.
Call now and embrace this un-
paralleled opportunity. *J*
Everything in the store must go in order to
effect a complete clearance.
Buy Your Footwear Now
Solomon Long
Exclusive Shoe Store Princeton, flinnesota
MiMiiininiiiiiiuMiiiiiiiiimiiiiii nun
Farmers, Attention.
If you have any fat cattle for sale
notify L. C. Hummel at the meat
market opposite old starch factory,
Princeton, who will pay you South
St. Paul prices for them and drive to
your farm to get them. Hummel
needs the cattle. 31-tfc
(First Pub. Oct. 10)
Sale of School and
Other Slate Lands
State of MinnesotaK State Auditor's Office.
XT c"
Notice is hereby given that on November 7.
1912, at 10 o'clock am., in the office of the
county auditor at Princeton, Mille Lacs coun
ty, in the State of Minnesota. I w'll offer for
sale certain unsold state lands, and also those
state lands which have reverted to the state by
reason of the non-papment of interest.
Terms: Fifteen percent of the purchase
price and interest on the unpaid balance from
date of sale to June 1st, 1913. must be paid at
the time of sale. The balance of purchase
money is payable in whole or in part on or be
fore forty years from date of sale: the rate of
interest on the unpaid balance is four per cent
per annum, payable in advance on June 1st of
each year provided, the principal remains un
paid for ten years but if the principal is paid
within ten ytars from date of sale, the rate of
interest will be computed at five percent per
Appraised value of timber, if any. must also
be paid at time of sale.
Lands on which the interest is delinquent
may be redeemed at any time up the hour of
sale, or before resale to an actual purchaser
All mineral rights are reserved by the laws
of the state.
Not more than 320 acres can be sold or con
tracted to be sold to any one purchaser.
Agents actine for purchasers must furnish
affidavit of authority. Appraisers' reports.
showing quality and kind of soil, are on file in
this offlee.
Lists of lands to be offered may be obtained
of the state auditor or the state commissioner
of immigration at St. Paul, and of the county
autitor at above address.
State Auditor
Your Druggist
Stops That Ifel
Mrs. E. I. Davis of Anoka is here
soliciting subscriptions to a book.
Dan Spauiding is up from Minne
apolis for a visit. His old chums
are all glad to see him.~
Princeton can now boast of the
neatest appearing postoffice of any
country town in the state,
Henry Mallette was down from
Bridgman yesterday and reported
business very good up there.
C. H. Bines, one of Princeton's
staunchest republicans, went to St.
Paul on Tuesday to pay his respects
to President Cleveland.
The mud is six inches deep on the
main street and First street. Ere
another year rolls around we hope to
see these streets improved.
Something that is very much need
ed is a lamp on the east side of the
depot. If the railroad authorities
will not furnish one the village
The county commissioners should
offer a reward of $500 for informa
tion that would lead to the arrest
and conviction of the dastardly in
dividual or individuals who attempt
ed to wreck the train on two or
three occasions recently.
If the St. Cloud district fair was
not a success financially place the
blame where it rightly belongsupon
the local papers that systematically
overpuffed the big fake at St. Paul
and induced everybody who had a
dollar to spend to go there.
Charley Mitchell, fthe gentlemanly
local editor of the St. Cloud Journal
Press, gets off this: 'The Princeton
boys are not only clever ball players,
but clever fellows. They play a good
game, a quiet game, and a gentle
manly game. Captain Cordiner said
that the team was not in practice,
but all he asked was fair play and no
Our landlady, Mrs. Wesley Page,
leaves for Maine next week, where
she will be joined by her husband
next spring, and they expect to pass
the remainder of their days on the
old Page homestead.
On Monday evening, about 105 rods
north of the depot, in the vicinity
of the Canright crossing, the north
ward bound train encountered an ob
struction on the track in the shape
of a heavy oak plank. The engine
and three cars passed over the plank
before the train was brought to a
standstill. This is the third time
within a few days that an attempt
has been made to wreck the train
in the vicinity of this village. If
the prepetrators of the diabolical
deed are caught they will never at
tempt to wreck another train in this
world. i
and heal the itchy,
September 30,1912
of ski
If .you are sufferineg from Ecezemii
into our store for instan
that itch in two seconds.
"Vie have sold other remedies for skii
could r^om
end as^highiy as this, a mild wash o:
Oil of Wmtergreen Thymol and a fev
other ingredients that have wrough
su^h wonderful cures all overt the coun
Punei is known as D.DD
a will coo
nothing else can.
skin ad
Assts have
D.D D. Prescriptiongo to them if you
can come to usbut don't accept some
big-profit substitute.
But if you come to our store, we are
so certain of what D.D.D. will do for you
that we offer you a full size bottle on
this guaranteerif ypu do not find that
It takes away the itch AT ONCE it
costs you not a cent. vw*
C. A Jack.
L-MVL,". t-r^*.yJreiMfe*^*
head will be inserted
?en per word N advertisement will
be published in this column for less than 15ota.
FOE SALEA house and lot in
Princeton. D. N. Hunt. 41-tfc
FOR SALETen acres of corn in
the shock. Apply to Samuel Miller,
Princeton. ltp
WANTEDTwo or three carloads of
cabbage. G. E. Eice Potato Co.,
Princeton. 42-tfc
FOE SALETwo ISO-gallon galvan
ized oil tanks. Win. Lipp & Co.,
Long Siding, Minn. 41-tfc
FOR SALEOne O. J. C. sow and 8
pigs. D. N. Hunt, Prince
ton. 41-tfc
FOE SALEA choice lot of spring
sows, full blood Duroc Jerseys.
Arthur W. Steeves, Eoute 2,
Princeton. 41-4tp
FOR SALEPoland China pigs,
about 6 months old, pedigreed,
both sexes. S. E. Hoff, Eoiite 4.
Foley, Minn. Tri-State phone. 418p
FOE SALEThree four-year-old
horses, weighing between 1,300 and
1,400 pounds. William Horstman,
Route 2, 4 miles northeast of
Princeton. 41-tfc
FOR SALEThe dwelling house
occupied by Thos. Kaliher in village
of Prhiceton. Apply to Aulger
Eines. 39-tfc
FOE SALEA second-hand heat
ing stove'in good condition will
burn four-foot wood. Write D. S.
Bridge, Zimmerman, Minn. 42-2tp
FOE SALEA 25 horse power gas
oline engine and sawmill with
shafting. Reason for sellingam
going to install a motor. Henry
Holthus, Eoute 2, Princeton. 24-tf
FOR SALEOne hard coal burner
with 14 inch firepot, in good con
dition one writing desk, some
chairs and other articles, cheap
if taken before November 1. A.
E. Hayes, Princeton. 42-tfc
FOE SALEA farm 7 miles east of
Princeton, 81 acres, with 80 rods
shore, on good lake, 65 acres in
crop, land new. Will sell right.
It will pay you to investigate.
Ernest N Johnson, owner, Route
No. 4, Box 74, Princeton. 33-tf-lp
FOE SALEThe Estes Brook danc
ing pavilion, containing 1,250 feet
of flooring, 800 feet dimension lum
ber and 400 feet rough boards.
Cheap for cash. Call on or write
H. L. Bemis, Eoute 1, Foreston,
Minn. ltp
FOE SALEHaving sold my farm,
I will offer the following personal
property at private sale: De Laval
cream separator, Mc Cormick
mower Deere cultivator, 6 shovels
walking cultivator, a 6-foot two
horse disc drag, 14-inch John Deere
plow, new brush hook, post hole
digger, some wire screens and many
other articles. The machinery is
nearly all new. J. S. Harding,
two miles east of Princeton. 41-2te
LOSTTop hood of automobile, be
tween Zimmerman and Princeton.
A reasonable reward will be paid
to the person who returns same to
Fred Keith. itc
FOUNDA baby's bonnet. Own
er may obtain same upon applica
tion at Union office.
Many Princeton People in Poor Health
Without Knowing the Cause.
There are scores of people who
drag out a miserable existence with
out realizing the cause of their
suffering. Day after day they are
racked with backache and headache
suffer from nervousness, dizziness,
weakness, languor and depression.
Likely the kidneys have fallen be
hind in their work of filtering the
blood and that is the root of the
trouble. Look to your kidneys, as
sist them in their workgive them
the help they need. You can use no
better remedy than Doan's Kidney
Pills. Below is grateful testimony
from a sufferer in this locality.
Mrs. A. V. Axtell, Foley, Minn.,
says: "Our experience with Doan's
Kidney Pills has been very satis
factory. We procured this remedy
and it acted promptly and effective
ly in removing lumbago and lame
ness through the loins. We feel that
we cannot recommend Doan's Kid
ney Pills too highly."
For sale by all dealers or upon re
ceipt of price, 50 cents. Foster-Mil
burnCo., Buffalo, New York, sole
agents for the United States.
Remember the" nameDoan'sand
take no other.
H^J' J*&ti?L> 'I**' US. tMtt h-.s-V.-M'J&^'i
Main Street,
at O. B. Newton's
Put Your Money Into a Good House
You have no doubt thought more or less about building a new
home. Let. us suggest that you look into the cost a little closer right
now. We are making some very attractive offerings on house bills this
fall, by taking advantage of which you will be consulting your own best
interests, as our special house bill quotations at this time will enable
you to save quite a sum of good money. As a matter of fact, we will
make you very favorable quotations on bills of any kind. We have an
exceptionally good stock of lumber and all kinds of building material.
(Successor to Q. H. Oottwerth)
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
H************ !4, ,V ,1 1, ,t,. ,V ,t,
Dalr in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
(Successor to Anton Falk)
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Hamm's Beer on Draught
You Trad is SoliciteiTW PRINCETON, MINN.
,V, ,|,lJf ,t, ,t, ,v ,,,j, ,t,
I MAKE a specialty of repairing all kinds of com-
I plicated" watches and clocks. If you have old,
I worn out jewelry bring it to me and I will make it
I like new on short notice. ^f
tlHI-'!!- 1' 1 fl I 1 1 I I 4 1 1'

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