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PtfcblisH** Evwy Thursday.
Business Manager.
While Candidate Wilson is not a
Scandinavian his name sounds good
to voteis ol that lace, and for that
reason alone we would not be sur
prised to see him carry Minnesota.
Calvin Brown foi chief iiistice
ol the sapieme court and George L.
Bunii and Andrew Holt for associate
justices Vote lor Brown, Bunn and
Ho't and keep the judiciary out of
The old saying that there is
mg in a name seems to be set
cleail} by the tact that Rev.
Tipple, the new president of
Theological seminary,
To the Voters of the 45th Legislative District
GENTLEMEN: My work in the thirty-seventh session of the Minnesota
legislature speaks for itself. I do not feel called upon to hire any cheap muek-
raker to give me a certificate of character. But whether you vote for me or
not, vote for the Good Roads Amendmentthe first amendment on the. little
pink ballot. Here is a fac simile of the amendment properly marked:
Constitutional Amendments to be voted for by the people
FIRSTAmendment to section (16) of article nine (9) of the
constitution, establishing the road and bridge fund, and
authorizing the legislature to levy an annual tax for the
purpose of constructing and improving roads and bridges
within this state. NO
Princeton, Minn., Oct. 14,1912.
There is nothing the mattei with
Eberhart. He averages up well with
any of his predecessors.
At Osakis Knute Nelson openly
declared himself for Tatt and the re
publican ticket from top to bottom.
Remember, remember, the fifth of
November, and do not forget to vote
for the first amendment on the pink
Remember the little pink ballot on
election day, and that the first
amendment on the list is the good
roads amendment.
Van Sant is stumping the state for
Taft and making votes for Wilson
and Roosevelt. Have Eb Hawkins
and Ed Smith lost their heads?
Since his calumniation of Ringdal
members of Collins' own paitj who
had not previously deserted him are
avoiding him as they would a repul
sive leper.
Of moie importance than the elec
tion of any candidate or the tnumph
of am ism is the good loads amend
ment -the firbt amendment on the
pink ballot.
noth- forth
is a prohibi-
Whatever else you do or fail to do
next Tuesday do not forget to put _an
right under the tip of the arrow
on the little pink ballot. By doing
so you will vote for the good roads
An peison who followed closely
the testimony in the trial of Becker
for the murder of Rosenthal could
scarcely have expected any other
verdict than that returned by the
juryguilty of murder in the first
There is no more progressive tarm
ei in Isanti county than I. F.
Walker. There ought to begone
farmer go to the legislature from the
45th district. Mr. Walker is not only
a model farmer, but he is also able,
eloquent and well-informed.
Major Gaynor of New York must
nave very defective olfactory oigans sented.
discovere^ ^^u ,_. the stench fro the polit-
in close proximity to his person. He
effluvia arising from the police de
partment, for he is continually prais
ing the department's purity.
otherwise he would have long ago Roosevelt machinery he assistegd his
Very truly yours,
Republican Candidate for Legislature, 45th District.
A fellow who has an antipathy to
baseball says that all fans go to
hades. If this is true the other mis
erable sinners consigned to that
region doubtless feel grateful for the
atmospheric agitation caused by said
The promiscuous murder of chris
tian noncombatantsmen, women
and childrenby bloodthirsty Turks
is a
butchery which the
omn civilization. This is not
great powers of the earth should not
The negroes of Washington, D.
have repudiated the libidinous Jack
Johnson as a member of their race
virtually ostracized the black liber
tine. The lecherous ruffian should
be deported to the south seas and
marooned on a coral reef.
Senator Gore, who is campaigning
for Wilson, says: I have no criti
cism to make of Theodore Roosevelt
he is behaving exactly to suit me.''
In other words, Mr. Gore seeks to
convey the meaning that Roosevelt
is making a dd fool of himseli.
Even if Woodrow Wilson did say
that some immigiants from Europe
are undesirables he spoke the truth.
Take, for instance, the anarchists
and black-hand assassins who manage
to get into this country. No one
can dispute that they are undesira
Minneapolis has decided to adopt
the Union's suggestion by oidering
its horde of loafers out ot town with
the alternative of being placed on
the workhouse lock pile. For many
a year Minneapolis has been a bums'
paradise, especially in the wintei
"Wilson's campaign is financed
thiough the people," says the
Duluth Herald. So is Roosevelt's.
The Standard Oil company and vaii
ous other trusts extort the money
from the people and then hand part
of it over to Teddy's campaign trea
A New York man has invented a
fog dispeller which he is making an
effort to dispose of to the city ot
London with but little piomise of
success. He should try the candi
dates foi presidentthey certainly
need a machine of this kind to dis
pel the political fog which encom
passeth them about.
County Attorney Robertson of
Hennepin county says that political
speakers who give concerts, moving
picture shows, or hire brass bands
to draw people to their meetings
violate the corrupt practices act, and
declares that he will prosecute all
such persons to the letter of the law.
Political candidates are in a hard
row of stumps in this year ot our
It can at least be said of George
W. Perkins that he placed his 'cam
paign contributions where they
would do the most goodto himself
and the interests which he repre
ln additioun
ical cesspools which surround him diana by contributing fifty' or'sixty
does not appear to smell even the paign expenses when he was running
for United States senator,
aim has always been to
friends who were in need!
oiling the
BevGridg 6
thousand dollars toward his cam-
help his
A man in a Pennsylvania town
who was a candidate for alderman
received the indorsement of all the
churches and yet was overwhelming
ly defeatedabout one-third of the
members of the various congrega
tions voted for him This merely
goes to show that some churches
have a remarkably large percentage
of hypocrites.
Sherburne county has a taxable
valuation of $3,229,805. If the one
mill road tax amendment is adopted
and the tax is levied, Sherburne
county would be required to contrib
ute as its share of the tax $3,229.80,
and the minimum Sherburne would
receive would be $6,750, one-half of
one per cent of the entire state road
and bridge fund for the year, and
might receive as much as $40,000,
three per cent of the fund. I is
self-evident that Sherburne and
every other small county in the
state has everything to gain and
nothing to lose by the adoption of
the one-mill road tax amendment.
Isanti has a taxable valuation of
$3,560,974. If the one-mill road tax
amendment is adopted and enacted
into a law Isanti county's share of
the tax would be $3,560.97. The very
least Isanti county wouid receive
from the state road and bridge fund
would be $6,750, and Isanti might
receive $40,000 in any one year.
Would not the minimum amount
almost two dollars for onebe a pay
ing investment for Isanti county?
The maximum amount, $40,000,
would build 20 miles of good roads in
that county. Yet one of the Isanti
county candidates tor the house, Mr.
Anderson, has publicly declared that
the one-mill road amendment is ot
minoi impoitance.
Mille Lacs county has a taxable
valuation ot $3,405,526. It the one
mill iuad tax amendment is adopted
and a law pioviding for the levying
of that tax is placed upon the statute
books, Mille Lacs county would
contribute $3,405.52 to the state road
and bridge iund and the least the
county could leceive in returnthe
minimum amountwould be $6,750,
and the county might receive anv
one yeai as high as $40,000the max
imum. But if Mille Lacs leceived
only the minimum it would be dou
ble what the county would be called
upon to pay. Even the minimum
would bp a paying proposition for
Mille Lacs county. If there is any
reason why a single voter of Mille
Lacs county should fail to vote for
the Good Roads Amendment next
Tuesday we would be pleased to have
that reason stated.
Is this man Collins who is a can
didate for governor of Minnesota on
the Roosevelt mugwumpian ticket
the same lellow who endeavored to
hornschwoggle the county superin
tendents and school boys last sum-
mer?' asks a Union subscriber re
siding in Caliiornia. Assuming that
our correspondent refers to the state
fair scheme, this is the same Collins.
He wrote the county superintendents
of schools throughout the state ask
ing them to select a stipulated num
ber of bovs to be his guests at the
state lair, and promised to royally
entertain them at his expense. No
other conditions were imposed than
that the county superintendents se
lect the boys and send their names
to Collins. In good faith the super
intendents did this. A tew days
later each boy whose name had been
sent in received a letter from this
person, Peevy Collins, informing
them that, in ordei to be his guests
at the state fair, they wouid have to
secure 20 subscribers apiece to his
alleged farm publication.blamed Th boy
were of course disappointed, and
countiy superintendents, werey not the least to blamewho but the
refused to accept Collins' proposi
tion. This is the story in a nutshell
of the attempt of this designing,
tricky individual to impose upon
county superintendents and school
tr Lyman has introduced a phy
sical culture department into tnelent that Schrank, the individual
Outlook magazine. This is intended who attempted to assassinate Roose-
as an auxiliary to the department of velt, belongs to that class of mental
the big stick, introduced into that defectives who are potential crirni
magazine by Roosevelt. Each aims nals, liable at any moment to commit
to teach the swinging of the^club. deeds of violence upon the slightest
provocation to redress trivial or im
aginary wrongs. I would be a bless
ing if the country could be safe
guarded against such mental defec
tives. But how can this be accom
plished? Such persons may, of
course, be confined in lunatic asy
lums for the remainder of their
lives, but their mania for assassina
tion is not often discovered until
they have succeeded in either mur
dering or maiming some one. To
detect the criminal propensities in
such persons and place them where
they can do no haim before they
have an opportunity to carry out
their intentions is the great desider
New York alienists say it is appar-
it/ to to to
to to
to to
to to to to to to to to
to to
to to to to
When it comes to the election of a
United States senator members of
the legislature should be governed
by the wishes of their constituents.
For instance: if a majroity of the
voters of the 45th legislative district
declare at the polls next Tuesday
that Knute Nelson is their choice for
United States senator, and a majori
ty of the voters of the entire state
declare in favor of Dan Lawler, who
should a representative from the 45th
district vote forNelson or Lawler?
We answer unhesitatingly for the
man the people of his district have Z^mtttrt'Z
declared in tavor ofKnute Nelson.
The representative is simply the
agent of his constituents and it is
his bounden duty to voice their sen
timents by voting tor the man of
their choice.
Scareheads in the dailies tell us
that Roosevelt has shaved himself,
Wilson sewn a button on his coat
and Taft trimmed his fingernails.
These are matters which the voter
should take into serious considera
tion in determining for whom he
shall cast his ballot. The first shows
courage, the second domesticity and
the third economy'
There are several excellent labor
journals published in the northwest,
but the Minnesota Labor Union,
published at St. Paul by Cornelius
Guiney, easily heads the list. Here
is what that able and loyal advocate
of the cause of the laboring men has
to say of the one-mill constitutional
"Of all the six amendments to the
state constitution which the voters
of Minnesota will have to pass upon
at the coming election amendment
No. 1 is probablv the most important
and ought by all means to be adopt
ed. This amendment provides for
increasing the state tax levy for the
construction and improvement of
public highways, including bridges,
from one-quarter of a mill to one
mill. The increase would raise the
fund available for the purpose men
tioned from a little more than $300,-
000 to approximately $1,200,000 a year
under present assessments. The in
crease in the gross amount will be
of great benefit in the construction
and maintenance of highways and
bridges, and the additional sum ex
acted of each taxpayer will scarcely
be felt by any. The only way in
which state aid can be furnished for
road and bridge work is through the
State highway commission, and be
cause of this the adoption of the pro
posed amendment is of vital impor
tance. A state can have no better
asset or means of progress than good
roads and bridges, and none that
will pay a higher percentage on the
investment, whether the comfort and
convenience of its people or the actu
al saving in their outlay be consid
ered in the estimate. When both
are taken into account the benefits
leave room for
any argument. Every voter should
vote for amendment No. 1. I will
require a majority of all votes cast
at the election to carry it or any of
the others."
The Reason for Its Creation.
The non-partisan ballot was cre
ated for the purpose of taking the
judicial offices and the office of
county superintendent of schools out
of party politics that in the future
the voters may elect men of more
ability than have filled them in the
past. Not infrequently in the past
men were elected to fill these offices
more on account of their popularity
or success in politics rather than
their personal fitness or qualifica
tions.Faribault Pilot.
^,^^1 jPy** ji^^* jO^ *S^frr ^fcy ^tfrr ^^^^fe'' &&&*' ^BW- ^k^^^ 2B^ ^m ^^L *^^Z j^fc ^^T ^^m i
Your Opportunity to
Rug at a Bargain
^TfTE have just received a splendid lot of Rugs from Chicago, with
patterns and colors such as never have been shown here before.
They will be offered at a saving worthy of your consideration. If you
are looking for artistic effects in Rugs, for little money, it will pay you
to come in and look them over.
Seamless Wilton Velvet, 9x12, from $28.50 Up
Seamless Velvets^9x12, from $22.50 Up
Smith's Palisade Seamless Velvets, "9x12 $18.00
'V. High Grade Axminsters in Floral and Oriental Designs, 11-3 12 $27 and $30
W 9 12.. $22.50 up. 36 72.. $3.50. 8-3 10-6.. $22.00. 27 54.. $2.25
Also a nice lot of 9 12 Brussels ranging from $14.00 Up
Caley Hardware
"POTESWOT Uiyj^pftj
Vote Yes on First Anfendment.
The good roads amendment should
secure your in the ies column.
This is an important proposition and
one that every voter shoiid make it
a point to cast his ballot Tor. There
is every reason for goode tads noth
ing objectionable. Vote YES.Still
water Gazette.
Vote for Good Roads Anyhow. I
Remember that a constitutional
amendment must have a maority of
all the votes cast. If youYfail to
vote at all it means one vote Wainst
the amendment. Probably rt man
in all Fillmore county has ah ob
jection to the good roads or theteeven
senator amendment. Vote for tthem
and thus vote for your own interests.
They mean more to YOU than presi
dent or governor.Preston Timet.
A Good Word for Ed Smith
In retaining E. E. Smith as chki
man of the republican state centtal
committee the candidates on tke
republican state ticket have dote
well. No man within the party i
shown a generalship in any way ap
proaching that displayed by &r.
Smith in every political undertaking
he has had a hand in since he became
a factor in the handling of state jocji
tics.Madison Independent Press*i
Can Do the State Good Service.
Hon. Charles A Gilman of Sb.
Cloud is seeking election for repre
sentative to the legislature. Mr.
Gilman was lieutenant governor ard
for many years a leader in the repub
lican ranks. He is now well along
years, but is strong and active in
mind and body. Charley Gilman, if
elected, will prove a good man-for
the state in the house and it is to
be hoped that he will be eleqed.
Old war horses, good and true, ike
Bob Dunn and Charley Gilman can
do the state good service. Roeau
j Mai**'
Shows His Caliber.
Mr. P. V. Collins has at least
shown his caliber bv his attemt to
poison voters against P. M. Rigdal
by malicious playing upon refeious
prejudice. Also, he gave Mr. Sing
dal a beautiful chance, whia he
took, to dispose finallv of sucf- cow-
ardly rumors as that which tollins
used in a pitiful attempt to iduce
minisers of the gospel to preao ser
mons against one of his oppaents.
There is hardly anything in plitics
more despicable than this thing
which Collins has tried to do-Du
luth Herald.

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