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Impractical Theories.
Although the prohibitionists have
but one state senator and four mem
bers in the house they are still hope
ful that a change of public senti
ment is sure to take place in the not
far distant future and eventually
will get them in full control of both
branches of the legislature. The
trouble with these good people is
their narrowsightedness. They are
idealistic dreamers and almost en
tirely Jose sight of the practicability
and possibility of the proposition.
If this feature had been given due
consideration they would know that
straight prohibition in Minnesota is
out of the question for some time to
come and that all agitation in that
direction is only a useless waste of
time and energy. On the other
hand, much could be accomplished
in the way of temperance reform, by
practical regulation, if all friends of
good citizenship would unite in an
effort to pass enforceable laws, based
upon good, common sense. Putting
prohibition on the statute books is
not stopping the evil complained of,
unless backed up by public senti
ment, and that is not the case in
Minnesota. On the contrary a large
majority of the people of this state,
while in favor of regulation, are op
posed to prohibition.St. Peter
School Report.
Monthly report of primary depart
ment, Freer school: Those who at
tended the entire month were
Blanche and Theodore Burke, Agnes
Homme, Ruth Hill, Carl and Ethel
Larson, Beatrice, Amy and George
Peterson, Agnes Pihl, Herman Teutz
and Olive Uglem. Arthur Jensen,
George Ege and Clarence Larson at
tended 19 days. Beatrice and George
Peterson, Theodore Burke and Her
man Teutz were perfect in deport
ment for the entire month. Agnes
Homme, Ethel Larson, Amy Peter
son and Blanche Burke had an aver
age of 100 in reading.
Ida May Schmidt, Teacher.
iTia'Rihg it easier.
"George Dinglebat, isn't this the
ninth time you have asked me to mar
ry you?"
"Very likely, Laura. And say, why
can't we have an understanding in the
mattera division of labor, as it were?
I'll do the asking, and you keep tab."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Real Thing.
"Do these emotional actresses ever
shed real tears?" asked Mrs. Grouch,
between acts.
"Sure,'" replied Mr. Grouch. "Every
now and then they hit a bum town
and get a peak at the box office re
ceipts."Cincinnati Enquirer.
CharlieThe doctor says I have a to
bacco heart. MadgeI knew it alllation
along, dear. You always cared more
lor your old pipe than you did for me.
A Born Ananias.
BlobbsDoes Longbow ever tell the
truth? Slobbs-Well. I caught him in
the truth once, but he tried to lie out
of it.Philadelphia Recorft'
For SaleA Snap.
Eighty acres, two and two-thirds
miles east of Princeton, on main
traveled road, sandy loam soil, on
telephone and mail routes, with a
good two-story, seven-room house,
hardwood finish, a fair barn and
chicken coop, a large machine shed,
granary, tool or store house, two
wells of good water. Buildings are
situated in grove of natural timber
with very pretty yard. No waste
land. A lot of valuable timber for
building, fencing, or for fuel pur
poses. A good meadow that can all
be cut, and all the field necessary on
a farm of this size. This farm lays
fine and has a good pasture. Place
will be sold right if disposed of
wtihout delay. Inquire at Princeton
Union office. 44-2tp
The quotations hereunder are those
prevailing on Thursday morning at the
fcime of eroing to press:
,[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Wheat, No. 1 Northern
Wheat, No. 2 Northern'.
Wheat, No. 3 Northern
Flax Bye Beans, hand picked
Beans, machine run
Wild hay
Tame hay
79 77 73
22(2)25 37(34ft
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Fat beeves, per ft 3c 6c
Calves, per ft [email protected]
Hojrs, per cwt $6.75
Sheep, per ft [email protected]
Hens, old, per ft [email protected]
Springers, per ft X0c
Minneapolis, Wednesday evening.
Wheat, No. 1 hard, 89e No. 1 Nor
thern, 87c: No. 2 Northern, 85c
White Oats, 31e No 3, 29c.
Rve, 63c
Flax, No. 1, $1.49.
Corn, No. 3 Yellow, 65c.
Barley, 410(366.
All announcements under this head
are paid for,, unless otherwise stated,
by the person whose name is affixed to
the announcement at the regular tran
sient advertising rate of 25 cents per
inch or fraction of an inch each inser
tion. R. C. Dunn, whose postoffice ad
press is Princeton, Minnesota, is
sole owner of this newspaper.R. C.
Dunn, Publisher.
For Representative.
To the Voters of the 45th Legisla
tive District:
Gentlemen: Am just a plain farm
er. If elected as one of your repre
sentatives will do the best I know
how for the district and state.
Very truly yours,
Isaac Walker,
Candidate for Legislature, 45th
For Representative.
To the Voters of Mille Lacs County
GentlemenHaving been nomi
nated at the primary as one of the
three republican candidates for rep
resentative from our district (the
45th), and being unable to see each
one of you personally, I take this
means of extending to you my most
sincere thanks for your loyal support
in the past. My work in the sessions
of 1905, 1907 and 1909 is a matter of
record and is my platform in this
campaign. If my record meets with
your approval your support' at theties
general election, November 5, will
be appreciated. I am
Yours very truly,
Andrew Davis.
Elk River, Minn., Oct. 21, 1912.
For Representative.
To the Voters of the 45th District:
I am the nominated candidate of
the public ownership (socialist) par
ty for the legislature. On all legis
I will be guided by the party
platform and party referendum. I
will consider myself the servant of
the common people and subject to
party recall. I pledge myself to
strive for the legal enactment of the
immediate demands in the platform,
among which I deem of most impor
1. The unrestricted and equal
suffrage for men and women.
2. The initiative and referendum.
3. The right of rceall for all elec
tive and appointive officers.
4. The reapportionment of legis
lative and congressional districts ac
cording to population.
5. The abolition of the state
6. I am in favor of legislation that
will assist in obtaining better roads.
And such other legislation as will
serve the people that work for their
living. Yours truly,
Henry Marpe.
Princeton, Oct. 28. 1912.
To the Voters of the Forty-Fifth
I am again a candidate of the pro
hibition party for the legislature and
in asking you to re-elect me I do so
upon my record and with the expec
tation that a broader acquaintance
and the wisdom of experience will
enable me to accomplish larger
To vote intelligently you must
know just what the candidate stands
for and the men and influence be-
Study his record rathers,,
hind him
than his profession
The greatest problem the world
has ever attempted to solve is the
liquor problem. The greatest curse
the world has ever known is the
liquor traffic and must be destroyed.
The greatest menace to good govern
ment in this state is brewery domi
of both the executive and leg
islative branches and it must be over
come. Vote only for those you know
will oppose this evil thing.
The state of Minnesota has in pros
pect an ample road fund. The laws
should be so revised and simplified
that they may be easily understood
and the money applied to actual con
struction and maintenance of the
If elected I shall seek the passage
of laws:
(1) Prohibiting the manufacture
and sale of alcoholic liquors for
beverage purposes,
(2) Granting the right to vote the
saloon out by counties in the event
of the failure to pass prohibitory
(3) Public control (or, if necessary
ownership) of such utilities as are
natural monopolies,
(4) The initiative and the referen
(5) A just and fair readjustment of
the legislative districts.
The present rules of the house are
antiquated and vicious and permit a
small minority to control legislation
as instanced by the last house. If
elected I shall do all in my power to
help reconstruct them so that the
people's rights may be conserved and
the power of the combine broken.
Yours sincerely,
Rufus P. Morton.
'Mr. Morton has fine ability and
easily ranked among the best
equipped and most patriotic mem
bers of the house."Lynn Haines
For Sheriff.
To the Voters of Mille Lacs County,
Having received the republican
nomination at the recent primary
election for the office of sheriff of
said county, I respectfully ask your
support at the coming general elec
tion, November 5,1912. I assure you
that, if I am re-elected, I shall en
deavor to continue to fulfill the du
of this office to the best of my
ability and with consideration to all.
Thanking you for your generous sup
port in the past, I am,
Yours truly,
Harry Shockley.
For County Commissioner.
Having secured more than double
the necessary number of names to
my petition, I am an independent
candidate for county commissioner
in the first commissioner district
Princeton town and village.
Some of my friends want to know
why I withdrew after I had filed as
a democratic candidate for the office.
The reason is this: I knew there
would be only a few democratic votes
cast at the primary election and, ifhousehold
I should not receive ten per cent of
the democratic vote polled at thetracting
last election, I would have to go onlarge
the ballot by petition and as an
independent candidate.
I was born in Princeton, have
always lived here and all my inter
ests are here. If elected I will work
for the best interests of the district
and the entire county.
Oct. 15, 1912. C. Cater.
For Register of Deeds.
To the Voters of Mille Lacs County
Having secured the number of sig
natures required by law to my peti
tion for register of deeds, I have
filed as an independent candidate for
that office, and shall greatly ap
preciate your support at the polls on
November 5 next. If elected I
promise to put forth my best efforts
to faithfully perform the duties de
volving upon the office.
Oscar E. Stark.
Princeton, October 15. 1912.
For County Commissioner.'
To the Voters of Princeton Town
ship and Village:
Having received the republican
nomination for county commissioner
in the First district, Mille Lacs
county, I respectfully solicit your
support at the coming general elec
tion, November 5, 1912. If elected
I shall put forth my best efforts to
serve the people of the county faith
fully. Your vote would be greatly
appreciated by Yours very truly,
George Schmidt.
October 23, 1912.
For County Commissioner.
To the Voters of Princeton Town
and Village:
I received the nomination at the
recent primary election for the office
of county commissioner in the First
commissioner district of Mille Lacs
county. I respectfully ask your sup
port at the general election, Novem
ber 5, 1912, and if I am elected I
shall faithfully perform the duties of
this office to the best of my ability.
Yours truly,
M. A. Carlsson.
Builds up waste tissue, promotes
appetite, improves digestion, induces
refreshing sleep, giving renewal of
strength and health. That's what
Hoilister's Rocky Mountain Tea
does. 35c, tea or tablets. C. A.
Public Auction.
I shall offer for sale at public auc
tion on my farm, the old Solberg
place, in section 30, town of Green
bush, 8 miles west of Princeton and
miles east of the Glendorado
store, on Thursday, November 7,
beginning at 1 p. m., all of my live
stock, consisting of .one span of
mules, two milk cow's, 11 spring
pigs and 6 dozen White Leghorn
chickens, farm machinery, vehicles,
goods 75 swarms of bees,
mostly pure Italian, in 8 and 10
frame hives, free from disease? ex
supers, honey extractor, 2
honey tanks, and numerous
other articles. See posters for fur
ther particulars.
A. E. Shaw, Owner.
T. J. Kaliher, Auctioneer.
A. Eaton, Clerk. 44-2te
Auction Sale.
I will offer at public auction on my
farm in Spencer Brook township, 1*4
miles north and \)i miles east of
Spencer Brook, on Friday, Novem
ber 1, commencing at 1:30 p. m., 5
horses and colts 7 head of cattle,
consisting of 4 cows, 1 bull and 2
heifers 5 shoats, chickens, and the
farm machinery and numerous other
Geo. S. Farnham, Owner.
T. J. Kaliher, Auctioneer.
G. A. Eaton, Clerk. 44-2tc
Public Sale.
I shall offer at public auction on
my farm, 5 miles southeast of Prince
ton and 1 mile east of Baldwin ceme
tery, on Monday, November 4, be
ginning at 1 p. m. sharp, all my per
sonal property, consisting of two
mares, three cows, two steers, one
heifer, five pigs, farm machinery,
cream separator, harness, household
goods, 500 bushels of corn and num
erous other articles.
J. A. Nyberg, Owner.
V", T. J. Kaliher, Auctioneer.
-V- G. A. Eaton, Clerk., :44-2tc
If you suffer-from indigestion, con
stipation, feel mean and cross, no
strength or appetite, your stomach
is, unhealthy, Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea strengthens, purifies
the stomach, regulates the system.
35c, tea or tablets. C. A. Jack.!7
When unfastened, the Napoleon Rever
collar lies flat, giving the effect of wide,
graceful revers. When fastened it is very
much like a military collar. It buttons
up high at the neck, trim-fitting and
warma perfect protection in cold and
windy weather.
A Seamless Coat
The model shown on the left is an
unique novelty. It i&absolutely seamless,
made of one entire pieceof goods. Because
of the width of materials, this coat is lim
ited to slender people, being made only as
large as a thirty-six. It is a coat that
shows without question that the slender
silhouette has been rigidly adhered to in
this season's styles.
At our store, you. will find any number of juat
mien attractive models from which to select your
great coat. Do not neglect seeing them until
it 13 too late, until you see some one else wearine
the coat you would like so much to have.
This Stewart
Steel Range
9x18 reservoir and high closet,
made of best cold rolled steel,
fully warranted. Just like
the cut. Our price
Would Not Increase Taxes.
The present law provides for a road
tax of one-quarter of one mill and
this produces a little more than
$300,000 a year. A one-mill tax levy
would raise approximately one
P. P. Stewart
We wish to impress upon you
the importance of buying a P.
Stewart Heater. It will reduce
your coal bill, and give you more
heat than and other stove made.
We have them in different sizes
and styles from
Evens Hardware Co.
million two hundred thousand dollar
annually to be expended by the stato
upon the highways and bridges, am
in a manner that would not be fel
by any taxpayer.Glencoe Enter

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