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DEsiCNrj) BY
Costs You Nothing When Idle
Almost Nothing When It Runs
Jl/IERIT has made our
clothing business what
it is. Dependable merchan
dise that you can truly rely
upon. Our
"Progressive" Clothe
stand head and shoulders
above the crowd. Perfect fit
ting, hand tailored and abso
lutely all wool. We guaran
tee each and every garment
you buy100 percent value
every time no matter what
pricejyou pay.
Special: 50 suits, odd lots,
one suit of a kind but nearly
all sizes, will be sold at bare
cost of manufacture, $3.75,
$5.95, $6.45, $7.50, $8.45 to
$9.75. Get in early on this.
Clothing House
E N an I engine is at work, it is
the cheapest dependable power you
can use when not working it costs
you nothing. It will work just as hard at the
close of the day as at the startwill work
overtime or all night just as readily. I is
ready to work whenever you need it always
reliable and satisfactory. You can use an
IH Oil and Gas Engine
to pump water, to run the wood saw, cream
separator, churn, grindstone, washing machine,
teed grinder, corn husker and shredder en
silage cutter, or any other farm machine to
which power can be applied.
I oil and gas engines are constructed of
the best materials built by men who know
what a good engine must do thoroughly tested
before leaving the factory.
They are made in all sizes from 1 to 50-horse
power mall stylesvertical and horizontal,
air and water cooled, portable, stationary and
mounted on skids, to operate on gas, gaso
line, naphtha, kerosene, distillate or alcohol.
Kerosene-gasoline tractors, 12 to 45-horse
Ask the IHC local dealer to show you an
I engine and explain each part, or write
for catalogue and full information.
International Harvester Company of America
St. Cloud Minn.
IHC Service Bureau
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish, free
of charge to all. the best information obtainable
on better farming If you have any worthy nues
tions concerning soils, crops, land drainage, irri
gation, fertilizers, etc make your inquiries specific
and send them to I Service Bureau. Harvester
Building. Chicago. SA "arvesier
No. SO
You wouldn't buy breeding stock
from a GypsyThe reputation of the
breeder is weighed equally with the
points of the animalStickney Engines have both reputation
of the manufacturer and points of superiority.
Peterson & Nelson
Peterson & Nelson Princeton, Minn.
The Union Gives All the News All the Time.
The Mille Lacs County bank opened
its doors for the transaction of busi
ness on the 5th inst.
Fred Hrdlicka Ijas on exhibition in
his barber shop a white pelican which
was killed by Smith Soule.
Sojourners at the Commercial Hotel
say that it is one of thefinesthosschool,
telries outsidee of the cities.
Myrtle Love is a good organist for
one of her years and will, with prop
er training, become one of the best.
Married, at the M. E. parsonage on
November 9, by Rev. L. L. Tower,
Anton Craft and Annie Solberg,
both of Green bush.
The Methodists start in next Mon
day night on a series of meetings for
the redemption of sinners. There is
a broad field here for such work.
On Sunday Clough Bros, and W. H.
Townsend lost all their hay on Von
dell brook by fire. Art Cater lost 30
tons on Chase brook and C. H. Bines
35 tons in Baldwin in like manner.
Araa" Ross built an addition to his
residence this fall, painted the entire
structure, trimmed up the shrubbery
around the lot and has now one of
the most pleasant places in the vil
After a lingering illness, Comfort
Pinkham died at his residence in
Blue Hill today. He was for many
years a resident of this county and
at one time was county commis
sioner from Milo.
Mart Rollins of Blue Hill wishes
the party who steals pork out of his
cellar to come and ask for it like a
man and he (Mr. Rollins) will give
him a hog if he needs it. If the
thief persists in stealing it he had
better order a wooden overcoat.
The Hunt house, which was locat
ed about half a mile from town, on
the west side of the Spencer Brook
road, was destroyed by fire last
Thursday morning. I was a worth
less old shell of a building and its
destruction is not much of a loss.
Public Sale.
As I am about to leave Minnesota
and take up my residence in New
York, I s*iall offer for sale at auction
on my farm, 6 miles southeast of
Princeton, section 6, Spencer Brook
township, on Wednesday, November
20, beginning at 10 a. in., the follow
ing property:
One team of bay horses, 6 and 1
years old. weight 2,700 pounds one
team of gray horses, 6 and 9 years
old, weight 2200: 6 good milk cows, 5
Holstein grade heifers, about 100
White Leghorn chickens, 1 Milwau
kee binder, 1 single disc drill,
mower, 1 rake, 1 disc harrow, 1 pin
drag. 1 sulky plow, 2 walking plows,
1 riding cultivator, 2 walking culti
\ators, 1 wheelbarrow, lgiass seeder,
Dowden potato digger, 2 good
wagons, 1 good truck wagon, 1 sur
rey, Clark top buggy as good as
new, 2 sets of bobsleds, 1 sled box, 1
cutter, 1 fanning mill, 1 set scales,
many small farm implements, 14
acres of corn in shock, some tame
and wild hay, 1 cream separatoi, 1
sewing machine, 1 organ and other
household goods. Free lunch at
Gust Lind, Owner.
Stroeter, Auctioneer.
Auction Sale.
Rev. J. M. Plorell will sell at pub
lic auction at his home in Wyanett,
a quarter of a mile west of the Kar
mel store, on Tuesday, November 12,
beginning at 1 p. m.. one mare,
weight about 1.200 pounds, sound
and gentle: one colt 5 months old,
one pig, and furniture, such as
tables, chairs, rockers, lounge, sofa,
book cases, iron bedsteads, rugs, a
iirst-class organ good as new, coal
heating stove, cooking range, oil
stove, refrigerator, kitchen ware,
lamps, etc., all in very good condi
Terms- Sums of $5 and under,
cash: above that amount, time until
May 1, 1913, on bankable paper bear
ing 6 per cent interest.
J. M. Florell, Owner.
S. W. Nesbitt, Auctioneer.
Auction Sale.
I shall offer for sale at public auc
tion on my farm, one half mile north
of the Brickton store, on Tuesday,
November 19, commencing at 1 p.
ra., the following property: Two
work horses, harness, wagon, 3 young
cows, 2 heifers 1% years old,
chickens, cream separator, plow, sled
100 bushels corn, 18 tons hay,
bushels oats, 5 acres corn fodder,
cords stovewood, all my household
furniture, and a lot of small articles.
Carl Thunemann, Owner.
T. J. Kaliher, Auctioneer.
J. J. Skahen, Clerk. 46-2tc
Church Topics
at arei ers''
Public Sale.
I will offer at public sale on
farm in section 10, Glendorado,
mile west of the Magnus sawmill, __
November 14, all of my personal
property, consisting of horses, har
ness, farm machinery, hay, 20 cords
wood, 400 fence posts, 5 acres
corn, etc. Mrs. J. S. Wasmuth.
-V1** Us
^"Notices under this head will be inserted
at one cent per word No advertisement will
be published in this column for less than 15 cts
FOE SALEA house and lot in
Princeton. D. N. Hunt. 41-tfc
FOR SALEA bran new fur robe,
large size. Cheap for cash. C. Lar
son, Princeton. 46-tfc
WANTEDTwo or three carloads of
cabbage. G. E. Rice Potato Co.,
Princeton. 42-tfc
FOR SALETwo 150-gallon galvan
ized oil tanks. Wm. Lipp & Co
Long Siding, Minn. 41-tfc
FOR SALEPoland China pigs,
about 6 months old, pedigreed,
both sexes. S. E. Hoff, Route 4.
Foley. Minn. Tri-State phone. 418p
FOR SALEThe dwelling house
occupied by Thos. Kaliher in village
of Princeton. Apply to Aulger
Rines. 39-tfc
FOR SALEA 25 horse power gas
oline engine and sawmill with
shafting. Reason for sellingam
going to install a motor. Henry
Holthus, Route 2, Princeton. 24-tf
FOR SALEGood hotel business
twenty furnished rooms and has
two good bath and toilet rooms
good barn, gas and electric lights
and city water will sell cheap for
cash. Address J. E Thompson,
Box 354, Princeton, Minn. 1 tp
FOR SALEOwing to my going to
the coast I offer all my household
goods for sale, consisting of two
dressers, two beds, springs and mat
tress, one six-hole kitchen range,
one wood heater, one round oak
extension table, four oak chairs,
three elm chairs, rockers, bookcase,
maagizne rack, rugs, carpets, cook
ing utensils, etc. This must be
sold regardless of price. W. Von
Eschen, second house north of
Bridgeman & Russell creamery, it
STRAYEDA black and white
heifer calf, 8 months old. Finder
please notify H. Bredahl, Route
4, Milaca. 46-ltp
Notice is hereby given that the
board of county commissioners of
Mille Lacs county will receive bids
for a car load of soft coal to be used
at the court house this coming win
ter. Bids will be received at the
auditor's office in the village of
Princeton up to 1 o'clock p. m. of
Thursday, November 14th, 1912.
Coal must be of a good grade and is
to be unloaded in the coal shed on
the court house grounds.
Dated this 6th day of November,
By order of the Board of County
Commissioners, Mille Lacs Co.,
Smndmy aad Weekday
Rev. Service's subject for Sunday' gs:
Morning, "Get Busy." Special 5 E
music by the choir Mrs. Caley,
musical director Miss Svarry and 85:
Miss Walker, organists. Sunday
11:45 a. m. Adna Orton,
superintendent. Brotherhood class 2E:
the close of the sermon. All men 5
invited. Don't forget the teach-' E
training class at 11:45 a. m., 8
conducted by Miss Ida King. Bp- g~-
worth league Sunday evening at 7! 8^
o'clock sharp Pearl Moore, leader. gE:
Prayer meeting Thursday evening 5
at 7:30.
All are invited to join in the ac- CS
tivities of the Methodist church. SEE
Morning worship at 10:30. Music
Prelude and postlude, anthem by
choir and solo. Mr. Norton will pre
sent the cause of the Anti-Saloon
league. Sunday school at 12
Evening service at 7:30 p. m. music
by orchestra and young people's
choir. Sermon to young people.
Curious Beliefs as to Its Origin anc
Varied Powers.
In many places dew is looked upoi
as tears of the angels and of the souk
in purgatory shed on account of the
sins of human beings upon earth, anc
dew is collected to be used to cure cer
tain diseases, especially those of th
eyes, freckles, baldness, cramps, open
wounds and cuts, rheumatism, skin
diseases, burns, etc.
The virtues of dew as a beauty wast
are also well known, remarks the Jour
nal of Religious Psychology. One leg
end tells how by licking the dew ofl
the plants on a certain morning wher
all the birds drink it one can lean
their language.
Another folk belief is that "naked oi
with only their shirts on the witches at
the time of the new moon collect the
dew from the grass with bark sieves
By this means they deprive of theh
milk the cows that have been pastured
on the grass, and as soon as theii
sieves are full of dew they know thai
their pots at home are full of milk.
The Polish people of Wongrowitz cal
the dew on which the birds are sup
posed to feed patasie mieko1. e.
birds' milk."
Main Street,
I iH, jnH, ,|,ni, .Mini,
For the First Snow 3
Sire to Loo Ove Oa Lite of Robber
Men's Gold Seal, high top $3.25 3
Men's Gold Seal, no top $2.50 3
Mens Gold Seal, high top Lincoln $3.50 3
Men's Goodyear, high top $2.50
Men's Goodyear, one buckle $2.00 3
Men's Gold Seal, high top fleeced $3.00
Boys'Goodyear, high top $2.25 3
Boys'Goodyear, no top $2.00 i i
Boys* Rubbers, one buckle $1.50 3
Men's Arctics, one buckle $1.75 3
Youth's Rolled Edge Gaiters, two buckle $2.00 3
Overshoes and Arctics for the Whole Fairy. A Complete Line 3
10. B. NEWTON1
Put Your Money Into a Good House
You have no doubt thought more or less about building a new
home. Let us suggest that you look into the cost a little closer right
now. We are making some very attractive offerings on house bills this
fall, by taking advantage of which you will be consulting your own best
interests, as our special house bill quotations at this time will enable
you to save quite a sum of good money. As a matter of fact, we will
make you very favorable quotations on bills of any kind. We have an
exceptionally good stock of lumber and all kinds of building material.
(Successor to G. H. Gottwerth)
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid tor Cattle and Hogs.
*^na*^^^^*****iW**i^^i^*a ^^^WWMK*^^*^*^
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
(Successor to Anton Falk)
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Hamm'5 Beer on Draught
Your Trade is Solicited^*! PRINCETON, MINN.
l..|..i..i..|.l|..|.li..|..|i.|il|l,y,i|,,l,,|l,l .11 111111111144
I MAKE a specialty of repairing all kinds of com
plicated, watches and clocks. If you have old,
worn out jewelry bring it to me and I will make it
like new on short notice. ^t

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