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various source*.
George I. Staples Is tbe only person who Is
authorized to collect money due this offloe. In
every case the party paying money Is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt. R. O. DUNK. Publisher.
Nelson's photos please the people.
Wanted, shoats and
the Ideal Restaurant.
chickens at
H. E. Cook was in the twin cities
on business Monday.
Rev. Fisher was in Minneapolis the
fore part of the week.
The deer hunting season com
mences on November 10.
Read the new ad of Hoffman, the
harness man in this number.
L. E. Berg ol Green lake is con
templating the purchase of an auto.
Attorney Vaaler was down from
Milaca on business at the
house .-yesterday.
Mrs. Amos Smith and
Smith were visiting in
cities on Monday.
Miss Elsie Stark of Milo is visiting
her brother and sister-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Stark.
Judge Bailee of Elk River was in
town on Fiida\ and called for a chat
with the Union force.
O. B. Newton this week advertises
a special new line of lubbers and
aicties oi the best quahtj.
Fied Thomas and E. I. Da\is were
down fiom Milaca on election day
circulating among their friends.
J. Wikeeri. solicitor foi the
Eastern Minnesota Power company
of Pine Citj. was here on Sundav.
The sidewalk neai the Whittier
school should be cleaned oft. I is
co\eied with earth and almost im
Llojd Briggs. who is raihoading
at Stevens Point. Wis., came home
on Satuiday to Msit his parents and
on Tuesdaj cast his first vote.
The members of Wallace T. Rines
post. Xo. 142. are requested to meet
in their hall at p. m. on Saturday,
Novembei 9. A laige attendance is
Attoinej S. P. Skahen motored
o\er to St. Cloud on Monday, wheie
Judge Ta,\loi heaid a motion aigued
in the West ca=e. Mi. Skahen rep
resented Mr We-t
Di. J. F. Kothman, optometiist,
v\ill be in town on Fi and Sat
urday Noxmebei 2(
and .50. Eves
examined and glasses fitted. Office
at Commeicial hotel. 58-tfc
The membeis ot the Methodist
chinch will hold a iood sale at Oiton
& Kaliher" stoie on Saturday. No
\embei 16. Wholesome ioodsof\ari
ous kinds will then be otteied.
A biick warehouse, o0 b\ Jh ieet,
has been built onto the west side ol
A.E.Allen &, Co. stoie, and it
will constitute a gieat convenience
to them in handling theii big busi
Postmastei J.. S Briggs. although
in a weakened condition from contin
ued sickness, insisted in casting his
Aote on election day. He was
\eyed to the polls in an automobile
and assisted in ascending the stairs
to the citv hall bv friends.
Bel ore jou start for Princeton to
have oui picture taken be sure it is
the first or third Saturday or Sunday
ol the month, as these are the only
da\s will find Nelson, the famous
photogiaphei Irom Anoka, at his
studio in Piinceton. 2-tfc
Miss Mabel Eengt&on entertained
at her home in Baldwin on Hallow
e'en in .honor of her fiiend. Pearl
McCracken, who, with her parents,
]eatesfor Harlem, Mont., this week
to make her future home. Games
and contests were among the diver
sions of the evening and light re
freshments were served.
-.__-_ _~_~_~-|_-|.~_~L_
4 Com & r/?at Will Not Break
is a rarity, but we have them.
Nev-R-Brak Combs
axe just what the name indicates
and are sold under a guarantee not
to break. Let us demonstrate them
to you. j& j& &r j&
Open Sundays from 9 a. an. to 1 p. m.
---,---M -,,_, _njm_ _,
TKe Rexall Druggist
Of Interest
Don't miss itthe
Jack's on Saturday.
Dorcas society food sale at Jack's
drug store on Saturday afternoon.
On Wednesday of next week the
Dorcas society will meet with Mrs.
L. E. Fox.
If you have any buckwheat to
grind bring it to Spencer Brook.
J. S. Bengtson. 45-tfc
The Dorcas society will give a sup
per and sale at the old Maccabee
hall on December 4.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid society
will meet with Mrs. G. A. Barrett
next Wednesday afternoon.
Ladies ot the Congregational church
will hold a pure food sale at Jack's
store on Saturday afternoon.
The Epworth league will give a
birthday party in the church parlors
on Friday evening, November 15.
Joe Rudolph of Little Falls was
heie on Friday visiting friends and
the Union is indebted to him for a
On December the Methodist
Ladies' Aid society will give its an
nual sale and supper in the church
Mr. Norton, attorney for the Anti
Saloon league, will speak in the Con
gregational church next Sunday
The expeilence meeting oi the
M. E. Ladies' Aid society last Fri
day netted $40. A good program
was presented.
J. N. Thorstad has been appointed
a member of the school board ot Isle
Haiboi to succeed E. C. Kieigas,
who moved away.
A. J. MacDonald, lormerly a clerk
lor Kopp & Bartholomew, arrived
heie on Monday from Robbinsdale
tor a few da\s' visit.
Please take notice that Nelson's
photo studio in Princeton is open on
the first and third baturda and
Sundaj of each month. 22-tfc
Dr. Walsh of St. Paul was here on
Tuesday in consultation with Dr.
Cooney on the case of Mrs. F. T.
Kettelhodt. who is in a critical con
Mrs. L. G. Prescott of Chinook.
Montana, was in Princeton on Fri
day. She has been staying in Anoka
a lew months and expects to remain
there for the winter.
Don't miss the big dance at the
Blue Hill hall on Saturday evening,
November 9. Good music and a good
time lor all. Suppei and lefresh
ments served in hall. ltc
Mis. Christine Smith has leturned
irom Spokane. Wash and expects to
spend the winter in Princeton. She
likes the west, but not nearh as well
as she does Princeton.
Forcstun will hold its last monthly
market lor the season next Saturday
and the business men will offer cash
prizes. Entertainment will be pro
vided upon the occasion.
Rev. E. Green of St. Louis de
livered an address on matters per
taining to socialism at Brands' opera
house on Sunday evening but the
audience was not large.
Rev. Father Schallenberger of St.
St. Cloud, arrived here
on Monday evening's train and. to
gether with Rev. Father Willen
brink, returned to St. Cloud on
Tuesday morning.
Hallowe'en passed off very quietly
in the village. No material damage
was done to property, although hood
lums succeeded in overturning a
number of outhouses and a few signs
on business places were transposed.
Samuel Hotchkiss and lamily have
moved onto the 80-acre farm pur
chased from Mike Keller in Baldwin
township. Mr. Hotchkiss came from
Milford, Iowa. He is a practical
farmer and is welcomed by the com
munity. Glen Pugh accompanied
Mr. Hotchkiss and will probably buy
a farm in Baldwin.
st^ Bwsssgffl SBBSBBHSB^^SSJSBI^S^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^^^^^JMI,-
food sale at
Bear this in mind that on Novem
ber 5, 1912, common laboring men S
commanded from $2.00 to $2.75 per
day in Princeton and vicinity.
The weekly output at the Prince
ton Co-operative creamery is averag
ing about 50 tubs. The creamery
has had a remarkable success under
the superintendence of O. M. Warner
during the past year and the stock
holders are of course well satisfied
with the results.
Attorney E. L. McMillan motored
to St. Cloud on Monday to confer
with Judge Taylor on a legal matter.
He was accompanied by Mrs. McMil
lan and Mrs. R. C. Dunn, who
amused themselves with hurling
campaign cards into or within a rod
or two of passing vehicles.
The first passenger train on the
new schedule left here on Monday
morning on time8:42, but a num
ber of people from the country, evi
dently not being aware of the
change, arrived too late to make con
nections. This is due to no fault of
the agent, as the change in time was
duly advertised.
O. T. Wiprud, who was formerly
a resident of Greenbush, writes from
Dutton, Mont., to the Union and
sa\s that crops have been very good
there this year, winter wheat yield
ing as high as 50 bushels per acre on
'dry farm'' lands. He asks the
Union to convey his regards to his
many friends in Mille Lacs county.
The men will give an experience
social in the Methodist church on
Thanksgiving night. A 10 cent sup
per will be served from 5 to 8 o'clock.
After supper the men will give their
experience and pay their dollar. A
good program, which will consist of
addresses, songs and recitations, will
be presented in the audience room.
E. L. McMillan. I. F. Walker and
R. C. Dunn closed their campaign
by addressing audiences at Green
bush and Zimmerman on Monday
evening. County Superintendent
Ewingwith his male quartet gave
se\eral selections at the Zimmerman
rally and Mrs. E. H. Folev provided
a splendid supper for the speakers
and singers
The bazaar given by the ladies of
the Catholic church at Brands' opera
house on Saturday was a pronounced
success and the net receipts aggre
gated over $200. An excellent dinner
and supper were served by the ladies
all the delicacies of the season
entering into the menu. The meals
served by the ladies of St. Edward's
parish are always of the best. There
were guessing contests, a fish pond
and other attractions.
State of Minnesota, County of
Mille Lacs, Village of Princeton,ss.
Notice is hereby given that a peti
tion has been filed in the office ot the
recorder of said village of Princeton
of which the following is a copy:
To the Honorable Village Council of
the Village of Princeton, Minn.
The undersigned being a majority
and all the owners of the property
abutting thereon, would respectfully
petition you to vacate those alleys
and parts of alleys described as fol
lows: The alley running east and
west through block twenty (20) of
Princeton according to 'the plat
thereof on file in the registry of
deeds of said county, bounded on the
north by the mill reserve and lot six
(6), on the south by lots three (3)
and seven (7). Also the alley in said
block bounded on the east by lot sone
(1), two (2) and three (3), and on
the west by lots seven (7), eight (8)
and nine (9). Also the alleys run
ning north and south and east and
west through block twenty-one (21),
of said Princeton.
Dated November 6th, 1912.
Allen E. Hayes,
H. E. Cowles,
Geo. C. Newton,
Jay C. Herdliska,
Grace M. Stanley,
Mary Ellen Whitney.
Said petition will be heard and de
rermined by the common council of
the village of Princeton at a meeting
thereof to be held at the recorder's
office in said village on the 19th day
of November, 1912, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Grover Umbehocker,
Village Recorder.
Attorney E. L. McMillan was in
the twin cities on legal business on
Tuesday. ^f|f
I looks at this time as if John 2j~
Norris, the man who was mistaken 2Z
for a deer and shot, would recover. gj-
There is no improvement in the S
condition of Mrs. Otto Walters, who gfr
is still at the Northwestern hospital. S
Attorney Norton of the Anti- E
Saloon league will deliver an address 2
in the Methodist church on Sunday g~:
Every road leading into the village S
and every village street should re- g~:
ceive an application of the split-log 5
drag before freeizng weather is upon g*!E
John McCarthy of Stillwater, an
old friend of the publisher, attended 5*E
the land sale at the court house this S
morning and purchased three tracts SEE
for parties in his town.
Dr. Cooney operated upon Knute
Winberg at the Northwestern hos- E
pital this week for acute appendi
citis, and Mrs. Gust Anderson also
underwent an operation.
The Hone of Good Clothes
jpopynghted ny
N Trouble For Australian Aborigine
to Break Camp.
An Australian aborigine breaks th
monotony of his life by frequent visits
to other camps, but his preparations
for these holidays have a simplicity
about them which must appeal to manj
a worried housewife. It is thus de
scribed by Messrs. Spencer and Gillet
in "Across Australia:"
"Apart from ceremonies and dances
the one great break in the monotonj
of life is paying visits to strangt
camps. Packing up is not a tedious
process The man simply walks out oi
camp, carrying his spears, spea
thrower, boomerangs and shield the
woman takes the youngest child across
her hip, balances a pitchi on her head,
and, with one arm round the child
and a digging stick in her free hand,
she is ready for the road. The gir.
children and younger women look af tei
the puppies, which are never left be
hind on any account, and, when un
able to walk, are carried in pitchis lik
young babies
"Two minutes at most is all the time
required for an aboriginal family tr
pack up and start and there is nc
trouble in regard to the house wfiilt
the owners are away. If any one
chooses to occupy it during their ab
sence he c.tn do so, but the owner
will see at a glance who has been ii
possession while they have beei
He Found the Ghost.
"Talking about ghosts," said the jan
itor of one of the best known concert
halls in the city, "makes me think oi
the scare I got the other day when I
went into the auditorium after some
supplies I had left back on the stage
As I stepped into the place I heard
scraping and hauling on the stagA
Some one was puffing and blowing and
then whistling a bit For the moment
my hair began to stand up. I managed
to get to one of the switches and turned
on the light There was the ghost! One
of the piano houses had sent over one
of their blind tuners to fix tip a pianc
and there he had been working away
in the dark, his tools scattered arourio"
the stage and parts of the piano strewn
about"New York Sun.
Hostel and Inn.
At one time the words "hostel" and
"ton" were not confined to licensed
houses, but were applied to lodging
houses. The "inns" of Oxford and
Cambridge, very numerous before the
Introduction of colleges, were regulated
by the college authorities. The inns
of court were provided for the accom
modation of law students. In oldei
times country houses of the aristoc
racy, during the absence of the own
ers, were used as "inns," or guest
houses. It was then the rule to hang
out as signs the arms of the owners
hence the origin of public house signs.
London Globe.
i SX Home of Good Clothes
aWMoney Cheerhlly Refunded
time we sell one of these $10,
$12 $15.00 or $18.00 men's suits or
overcoats we know that we have given
value received, and that we have made a
good solid friend. These suits come from
some of the best factories, and you not
only have a big saving in dollars and
cents in you pockets, but hundreds of men
in this community can verify the fact
that these suits and overcoats are made
right, that they wear right and are right
We also have a strong line at $5.00,
$7.00 and $9.00, others as high as $25.00.
jp=- We also invite you to look over our splen-
did line of boys' clothing at $1.50 to $8.00
Men's and boys' caps, Mackinaw coats, warm mittens,
sheeplined coats, plush lined coats, mufflers, extra trousers, If
E wool underwear, shirts. In short everything that men and
boys wear. New clean goods. Prices right Call on us.
Ads in The Union Bring Results.
This Stewart
Steel Range
9x18 reservoir and high closet,
made of best cold rolled steel,
fully warranted. Just like
the cut. Our price
P. P. Stewart
We wish to impress upon you
the importance of buying a P. P.
Stewart Heater. It will reduce ^fer
your coal bill, and give you more
heat than and other stove made.
We have them in different sizes
and styles from
Evens Hardware Co.

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