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Vhe Farm Fireside.
Qiennlngs by Oar Commtry
M mwtrf
Irve Jennison of Minneapolis spent
Sunday here.
John Kruger was in Elk River on
business last,Friday.
John Hetrick was a passenger to
Elk River last Friday.
A few of the young boys were out
serenading on Hallowe'en night.
Chas. Swanson and family were
calling on relatives here Sunday.
Robert Brink drove to Spencer
Brook Saturday and returned Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Will Iliff of Elk Riv
er were in town Monday and Tues
Emil Swartz went to St. Francis
last Sunday to work on the road for
L. D. Carter.
R. Brown had a carload of
apples on the track here last week,
which he sold.
Mr. Pattee, a mason from Pine
River, is working on I. E. W. Briggs'
house on his farm.
E. H. Foley took a trip over the
four counties last week with candi
dates for representative.
Irving Bean is building a large
barn, 30 by 60 feet, on his farm.
Frank Hall is helping him.
Miss Houske, George Smythe, Miss
Munson and Victor Malm spent Sun
day evening at the Bean home.
There was a large crowd at the
dance Friday night. Mrs. D. Kil
raartin served a very nice supper.
Jack Larsen and R. E. Lynch are
working on a well at Bruno
which they expect to complete this
Miss Crowley, who is teaching at
Waverly, spent from Friday evening
until Sunday afternoon with Miss
Louise Hurtt and Myrtle and Lyle
Iliff came home from Elk River on
Friday evening and remained until
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blanchett and
Miss Inga Mohn of Elk River called
on Mr. and Mrs. Jack Larsen on
Mr. Blanchett, hotel proprietor,
went to Minneapolis on Saturday
evening and returned on Sundav
The train changing time makes it
more convenient for people wishing
to visit Minneapolis and return on
the bame day.
Prof. Victor Malm, who is in the
real estate business in Minneapolis,
came up Saturday and returned
Wednesday morning.
L. D. Carter has taken anothei
road job at St. Francis and Andrew
and Roy Carter and George Foley
are working foi him.
Chas. Muldei, who went out to
North Dakota about three months
a:o, returned last Thursday to visit
friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mis. Brown and Mrs.
Paiker of Elk River, and Mr. Brown
of North Dakota called on R.
Brown and family on Tuesday.
Mi. Hayes moved his family to St.
Paul on Tuesday, where they will
live this winter. Mrs. Higgins and
son, Aithui, will live on Mr. Hayes'
M. K. Iliff of Elk River, accom
panied by three relatives from Minne
apolis, came up here hunting last
Sunday and succeeded in getting
some game.
Mr. Berglund is building a modern
house and it will be completed in
about three weeks. He now has the
-cage and we are looking for the bird
most any time.
Ed Johnson and Annie Meyers
were manied in Minneapolis last
Thursdav and came up on the even
ing train to spend a few days with
theii lelafcives.
The republican lally in the hall
Monday night brought out quite a
large ciowd: there were ten promi
nent men from Princeton and five
from Elk River.
The Rebekahs met Saturday even
ing and had a jolly time. Popcorn
and peanuts were served after the
meeting and they also had a taffy
pull, which makes great fun.
The Episcopal ladies served dinner
and supper in the Union church on
election day. They had lots of good
things to eat and were patronized
by both town and country people.
Theie will be a dance in the M.
W. A. hall on Thanksgiving even
ing. Potter's orchestra of Minne
apolis will furnish the music.
Everybody come and enjoy a good
Mrs. Theodore Thompson went to
Anoka last Thursday and on Friday
was operated upon for appendicitis.
Mr. Thompson went down Saturday
morning and back on the evening
train. Mrs. Martin Swanson is
taking care of the little Thompson
Gladys Truax called at Cohoe's on
A jolly bunch spent Sunday even
ing at Smart's.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Iliff Sundayed at
M. Kilmartin's.
The clover huller will be around
this way this week.
Mrs. Chas. Cohoe called at Axel
Perman's on Monday.
Mrs. L. Smart passed Sunday after
noon and evening at Montri's.
Mrs. Gabrielson and family were
Sunday visitors at GramhilPs.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Perman were
Sunday visitors at Earl Briggs'.
John Mellott spent Thursday night
with his brother, Roy, at Elk lake.
Miss Smart and Mrs. Ed Johnson
called on Mrs. Mellott on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Iliff and daughter,
Ruth, called at Gramhills on Friday.
All the girls wear a happy smile
as Crick Mulder has returned from
the west.
Mose Cohoe has finished his work
at Hastings and returned to his home
for the winter.
Mrs. Joe Cohoe spent Saturday
night at B. Jennison's and Sunday
at Chas. Cohoe's.
Billy O'Malley and Wm. Ristchet
of Baldwin and Lilly Smart spent
Sunday at Mellott's.
Irvin Van Gandren and sister
drove to Gramhill's on Sunday with
their Shetland pony and cart.
Several of our young people attend
ed the dance at Zimmerman on Fri
day night. All report a fine time.
Mr. Berger is teaching the bojs
who came here from Germany last
week to saw wood in English. They
are learning fast.
Howard Truax is home from St.
Paul and Howard Byers is home from
Montana. No place like home after
all, is there boys?
Mrs. Lang went to Iowa last week,
being called there by the serious ill
ness of a sister. She returned on
Wednesday night, leaving her sister
somewhat improved.
We fully expected the Baldwin
politician and sage to make a stump
ing tour of this section of the coun
try before election, but alas, our
hopes were not realized, for Mr.
Murphy came not among us.
A large number of young people
gathered at the Lund berg home on
Monday evening and played games
until a late hour. Miss Mabel Lund
berg returned to St. Paul the next
day, and the gathering was in the
nature of a grand farewell.
We are all sorry to hear of the
death of Mr. Younky of Blue lake.
But as the old gentleman was well
advanced in years and has suffered
untold misery from a cancer for sev
eral months, death was no doubt a
welcome relief to him. We extend
our sympathy to Mrs Younky and
her daughters.
Ed Johnson and Miss Hattie May
ers of Crown went to St. Paul one
day last week and none suspected
that they were intent upon matri
mony. But such was the case.
They were quietly married at Geo.
Cohoe's on Wednesday and returned
to the home of John Johnson on
Thursday evening's train. The
news of the wedding preceded them
and all the boys, big and little,
gathered together and treated them
to a charivari. They will be at home
with the bride's parents in Crown
after next week. We all wish them
John Anderson is doing carpenter
work for Gilbert Holter.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jensen visited
Blue Hill friends on Sunday.
George Uran transacted business at
Folej and Parent last Tuesday.
Miss Emma Anderson called on
Mrs. George Uran last Monday.
Mrs. Aleck Anderson visited her
friend, Mrs. T. Knutson, on Sunday.
Abraham Knutson is drayman at
the J. E. Odegard store in Santiago.
Miss Mary Knutson visited her
friend, Miss Alice Johnson, on Fri
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Thors
sen of Sanders, Idaho, October 9, a
Miss Anna Aleckson of Thousand
Islands spent Sunday at her home
in Glendorado.
John and Emma Johnson of Santi
ago spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert Anderson.
I Nat Young's moving picture show
last Friday evening in the Glendora
do hall was well attended. A dance
followed and everyone reports a good
I The Glendorado political club held
a rally in the Glendorado hall last
Saturday evening. Several candi
dates were present and an entertain
ing evening was spent.
While coming to the rally last Sat
urday evening Mr. Inderhus and Mr.
Magnus had a slight accident. Their
horse became scared and the buggy
turned turtle, but the occupants did
not suffer any serious injury.
George Orton has sold his 120-acre
farm to Otto Borneke.
Matt Johnson has been putting a
cement floor in his barn.
Henry Bulleigh has an automobile
and is making the dust fly.
A family has moved into the
Swanbro house for the winter.
Fred Borneke has purchased 440
acres of land from his brother, Otto.
Mr. Lind is about to build a new
house on his farm, the old Ford
Chas. Groff built a chimney on
Grover Taylor's new house last
Mrs. E. Camp spent Saturday and
Sunday visiting Mrs. John South in
Chas. Thompson and wife and Mrs.
Phillips were Elk River visitors on
Fred Borneke has moved his fam
ily from the McQuoid house to his
farm house.
Marion Northway and wife went
to Wayzata last week to visit Ed
Thompson and family.
Mrs. Louis Kuhlman and Miss
Lucile Packard were shopping in
Princeton on Saturday.
The new telpehone line is not
finished yet. The poles are all set
but the wire is not up.
Clarence Taylor, wife and son,
Floyd, spent Sunday as guests of
Hartman Camp and family.
Clarence Taylor has built a fine
root house with cement walls and
floor and will store his potatoes there
Frank Williams left on Monday
for a visit to his mother in Colorado
and expects to spend the winter
We are glad to learn that Ben
Haralson is improving since his last
operation for gall trouble. Ben is
surely having a hard siege of it this
We are sorry to learn that Chas.
Thompson has concluded to return
to Fort Benton, Mont., to make his
home. He has business interests
there which call him back.
Sam Tilley had two ribs broken
last Saturday while crossing Battle
brook bridge, near M. Kalliher's
farm, with his engine. The bridge
gave way and Mr. Tilley was thrown
We would be much obliged if Bob
Dunn would hustle up the city dads
and have them run the King road
drag and straw the road running
west from the depot to the city
limits. It' sin a fearful condition.
The pupils of district 26 and Miss
Aurora Taylor, teacher, gave a Hal
lowe'en entertainment at the home
of C. W. Taylor on the evening of
November 30. A fine program was
rendered but only a few people were
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Rico come
reports of a wonderful new discovery
that is believed will vastly benefit
the people. Ramon T. Marchan of
Barceloneta writes, "Dr. King's New
Discovery is doing splendid work
here. I cured me about five times
of terrible coughs and colds, also my
brother of a severe cold in his chest
and more than 20 others who used it
on rny advice. We hope this great
medicine will yet be sold in every
drug store in Porto Rico." For
throat and lung troubles there is
nothing better. A trial will convince
you of its merit. 50e and $1. Trial
bottle free. Guanarteed by C. A.
S. A. Lane and family spent Sun
day with J. B. Lane.
Misses Myrtle and Lillie Pierson
are working in Princeton.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wheeler have
moved into their new home.
Ed Judkins is building anew house
and it will soon be completed.
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. McCracken
spent a few days with S. A. Lane
and family.
Rev. Fisher will preach in the Oak
Grove school house at 7:45 on Tues
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson and
daughter, Mildred, attended thej
party given at John Bengtson's onj
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. T. McCracken and
daughter, Pearl, left for Harlem,
Mont., on Tuesday. They intend to
make their home there.
Builds up waste tissue, promotes
appetite, improves digestion, induces
refreshing sleep, giving renewal of
strength and health. That's what
Hoi lister's Rocky Mountain Tea
does. 35c, tea or tablets. C. A.
Miss Olive Saxon spent Saturday
and Sunday with her friend, Miss
Minnie Betzler.
Minnie Pinz and Frank Betzler
were among those who attended the
party at Gennow's.
Pearl Labbissonniere was enter-
tained at supper at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Grimshied on Sun
Arval Gennow and Anton Ege have
returned from the west, where they
have been employed.
Miss Jennie E. Ford has gone to
her home at Waseca to attend the
wedding of her sister.
Mrs. Edward Steinbach has re
turned to her home in Minneapolis
after spending a three weeks' visit
at Charles Raiche's.
Frank Betzler has gone to Willmar,
where he will be employed. We all
wish him success, but shall miss
his smiling face here.
The Young People's society of the
Norwegian Lutheran church will
meet at Homme's on Friday even
ing, November 15. A good time is
assured to those who attend.
The Ladies' Altar society met with
Mrs. John Zimpel last Thursday and
enjoyed a very pleasant time. The
next meeting will be with Mrs.
Henry Sager on Thursday, Novem
ber 14.
A party was given at the Gennow
home one evening last week in honor
of McKinley Gennow's sixteenth
birthday anniversary. The evening
was spent very pleasantly. Jack-o'-
lanterns were hanging here and there
and a dainty lunch was served, after
which the guests resumed their
amusements for a short time and
then departed for home.
Flagged Train With Shirt.
Tearing his shirt from his back an
Ohio man flagged a train and saved
it from a wreck, but H. T. Alston,
Raleigh, N. once prevented a
wreck with Electric Bitters. I
was in a terrible plight when I be
gan to use them, he writes, "my
stomach, head, back and kidneys
were all badly affected and my liver
was in bad condition, but four bot
tles of Electric Bitters made me feel
like a new man.'' A trial will con
vince you of their matchless merit
for any stomach, liver or kidney
trouble. Price 50 cents at C. A.
Frances Blomgren of Princeton
spent Sunday at E. D. Erickson's.
The Hallowe'en party last Thurs
day evening was well attended and
eveiybody enjojed themselves
A. J. Reynolds received a telegram
one day this week stating that his
uncle, William St. John, of Waverly,
Iowa, was dead.
Mrs. Fred Hass. accompanied by
her infant son, came up from Minne
apolis last week to spend the winter
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Baxter.
John Medin invited his friends to
aid him in building a coin crib on
Sunday. There were not many pres
ent at the bee. but the building
was completed before the} stopped
If you suffei liom indigestion, con
stipation, feel mean and cross, no
strength oi appetite, your stomach
is unhealthy, Holiister's Rocky
Mountain Tea strengthens, puiifies
the stomach, regulates the system.
35c, tea or tablets. C. A. Jack.
Corn harvest is in full blast.
O. Moody is building a fine chicken
house for his blooded poultry.
Miss Eva Moiton went to Prince
ton on Sunday, where she is doing
Miss Anna Lund and Miss Peterson
were callers at Mrs. Williams' one
day last week.
Ted Williams drove over from
Isanti on Sunday and spent a few
hours at home.
Gil Clough has his house nearly
finished. I is a fine residence.
Rev. Peterson moved his household
goods from Mora to this place last
Saturday with teams. Such people
are always welcome to this neighbor
Only a Fire Hero.
But the crowd cheered, as, with
burned hands, he held up a small
round box. "Fellows!" he shouted,
"this Bucklen's Arnica Salve I hold
has everything beat for burns."
Right! also for boils, ulcers, sores,
pimples, eczema, cuts, sprains,
bruises. Surest pile cure. I sub
dues inflamation. kills pain. Only
25 cents at C. A. Jack's.
Aldrich Rust depaited on Tuesday
lor Minneapolis.
A number of joung people spent
Sunday evening at Hans Rust's.
Mr. and Mrs. Val Mott of Dalbo
visited at Verne Mott's_on Sunday.
Mi. and Mrs. O. A. Gotten of
Princeton called on Mae Cotten Sun
Aldiich Rust visited friends at
Estes Brook on Saturday and Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Rust and Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Rust Sundayed
Oscar Strong's.
Immanuel and Peter Berglin a
visiting relatives in this vicinit
1 jj
The former expects to leave for Can
ada in a few days.
Alfred Levin left on Saturday for
Minneapolis, where he expects to
spend the winter.
The social and sale given by the
sewing society of the Baptist church
was very well attended and a large
sum of money realized.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Skoog spent
Sunday at H. Hanson's.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Way called at
Roy Winkleman 's on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Engstrom spent
Sunday evening at R. G. Webb's.
Walter Holm was a pleasant caller
at A. Weeks' on Sunday evening.
Andrew and Hans Rust and fami
lies called at O. C. Strong's on Sun
Pete Berg, Carl Skoog and Frank
Way left for Duluth to spend the
Misses Agnes Hanson, Elsie
Brueckner, Anna Holm and Ed
Strandberg, Victor Hanson and Paul
Holm spent Sunday evening at L. N.
Fred Eggert and family visited at
Otto Polsf us' on Sunday.
Wm. Jaenicke and Alvin and Otto
Rosin called at the H. Peters' home
on Sunday evening.
Mesdames Aug. and Henry
jidt and Wm. Sellhorn called at
aenicke home on Sunday.
ss Iva McCracken spent the
end in town with her parents,
Blankets and Robe%s
Largest Assortmentlarge
in Town
goods in quantities and
at very close margins. Our prices will sur-
flfj prise you. Come in and get our prices if you are/Oi
ffi looking for quality goods. We still have a few snaps
on IS in. short tug, brass and nickel harness. Our {jj|
$jj guarantee with all goods. ^5J
jffl Harness oiled for $1.00 per set. Have it done now.flto
The Man Who Treats You Right
Delays flre Dangerous
Exclusive Shoe Store
|-|URRY up and take advantage
of the going out of business
sale at Solomon Long's. The stock
of shoes is selling fast, but there
are still numerous bargains left.
Call now and embrace this un
paralleled opportunity. %jt
Everything in the store must go in order to
effect a complete clearance.
Buy Your Footwear Now
Solomon Long
Settle Your Piano Question How
Right now is the best time of all the year for piano buying, and our prices
are right. Here are some of the makes we sell:
Mason & Hamlin Raudenbusch & Sons
Conover A. B. Chase
Cable Wesley Knabe
Wellington Kingsbury
and others. Also the famous Estey, Mason &
Hamlin, and Farrand Organs.
Ewings' Music Store
One Door East of Union Office PRINCETON
-~,E ,_ ,-,,_
who left on Tuesday for Harlemf
Paul Krueger is grubbing for
Henry Schmidt. When it comes to
grubbing Paul is hard to beat.
Mr. Shea from North Dakota has
been here looking after his place
which he recently purchased from
M. M. Colburn.
Mrs. Rosin was at the Northwast
ern hospital for treatment but she
is at home now and somewhat im
proved in health.
The children of E. G. Thompson
are quite sick with the mumps.
Arthur Gustafson went to Minne
apolis on Saturday to work for the
A Hollowe'en party was given at
Dietrich's and a good time was en
joyed by all.
Mr. Lind has sold his farm to Wel
lington King and will have an
auction in the near future.
Frank Buckingham and Esther
Nelson went to Dayton on Saturday
to visit Frank's sister, Mrs. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. George Patton, Ro
Fiero, flattie Umbehocker and Otis.
Buckingham visited at the Hamilton
home on Sunday.
Not All Sunshine.
The experience of those who have
moved to Canada was not all sun
shine this season. Canada may be a
great country for the landseeker, but
we believe northern Minnesota is
better. And northern Minnesota is
under the Stars and Stripes.Jordan
Princeton, ilinoesota

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