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Everu Picture
\&/>e Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
E. II. Folev was an Anoka \isitor
Frit/ Andeison was visiting in the
west end of town Sunday.
Mis. Lew Jennison was apassengei
to Elk River one day last week.
1. F. Walkei and son, William,
shipped stock from here Tuesday.
Mrs. Jack Larsen, who has been
sick lor the past month, is able to
be out again
Robert Brinks drove to Spencer
Biook on Sunday and spent the day
at the D. S. Walker home.
Ilaii} Pratt is doing some light
hauling this week. Harry is strong
and can handle a sled first late.
One of oiu business men must be
looking loi a stand-in when he goes
peddling eggs for a couple of cents
per do/en.
Tom Owens drove to Tiinceton
Sundav alternoon. It Tom contin
ues these tups he will ha\e his pio
iession down pat.
Mr Oberman ol Elk River has
moved his belongings out of the
meat market and one of our citi7ens
will open a shop soon.
Mis. 1 F. Walker and son, Wil
liam, and Miss Cooper diove over
Irom Spencer Brook Saturday to
meet I. F. Walkei at the train.
Mi. and Mis. D. Kilmartin, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas lliff and Mr. and
Mis. Neumann drove over Sunday to
see Wm. McAllister, who is very ill.
Gertrude Neumann of Princeton
accompanied Laura Lynch home last
Friday night to attend the mask
ball. They returned Sunday after
Mail Carriers Cohoe and lliff are to
be pitied this cold weather, espe
cially Joe, for he cannot spend much
time talking to the school teachers
on the route
The village council held its regular
meeting Monday night. The mem
bers voted to purchase a couple of
lots to make necessary improvements
for the village.
On Wednesday evening. February
12, there will be an entertainment at
the M. E. church. Supper will be
served after the program. All are
invited to attend.
The members of Fremont Rebekah
lodge received an invitation from the
Are YOUR Kidneys Weak?
HOW TO TELLFirst read the testimony and learn what Doan's
Kidney Pills have done for others.
Then if your back aches, if sharp pains strike you when stooping
or lifting if you are lame in the morning, tire too easily if you have
dizzy spells and are nervous, despondent and inclined to worry over
trifles: if the kidney secretions are highly colored and full of sediment,
li passages are too frequent, scanty, painful or scalding, it is likely that
your kidneys need quick attention.
Take a sample of the urine and let it stand for 24 hours. If a sandy,
brick-dust like sediment settles to the bottom of the receptacle, there is
evidence enough to suspect the kidneys.
Rebekah lodge at Princeton to at
tend their meeting on February 5.
The members of Mayflower lodge are
noted as royal entertainers.
There will be an entertainment in
the M. W. A. hall on Friday evening,
February 7, for the benefit of the
Episcopal chuich. under the manage
ment o1 Mrs. Harry Pratt. No
doubt it will be good. Everybody
The masquerade dance on Friday
night was well attended. The
Dutchman who took part in the affair
savs he only found one young lady
whom he thinks will be an old maid.
She evidently would not stand for
Fred Foley is visiting here this
week. He was working for the
Illinois Bridge company at Glasgow,
Mont until about two months ago,
when he got his foot broken by a
heavy iron. Fred has filed on a
claim near Glasgow and says he is
going to be a real farmer.
No Need to Stop Work.
When the doctor oiders vou to stop
woik it staggers you. I can't, vou
say. You know vou are weak, run
down and failing in health day by
day, but you must work as long as
you can stand. What you need is
Electiic Bitters to give tone,
strength and vigor to your system
to prevent bieakdown and build you
up. Don't be weak, sickly or ailing
when Electric Bitters will benefit
you fiom the first dose. Thousands
bless them for their glorious health
and strength. Try them. Every
bottle is guaranteed to satisfy. Only
50c, at C. A. Jack's.
The stork left a fine baby boy
Jake Gramhill's Friday night.
Mrs. Mellott is having a serious
time with an attack of quinsy.
Crick Mulder was a caller at the
Barrett home in Crown on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kight and Mrs.
Roy Mellott spent Sunday at Jim
Lilly Smart came home from Elk
Rivei to spend the week end with
her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Jennison and
Mrs. Woodward of Minneapolis took
dinner at Will Truax's on Wednes
Mrs. Minnie Gabrielson and chil
dren visited, her mother, Mrs. Chas.
Johnson, on Thursday. Mrs. John
son is quite sick.
After a pleasant visit at B. Jenni
son 's, Mrs. Woodward has gone to
iVfe" "k
Are You a Cold Sufferer?
Take Dr. King's New Discovery.
The best cough, cold, throat and
lung medicine made. Money refund
ed if it fails to cure you. Do not
hesitatetake it at our risk. Fiist
dose helps. J. R. Wells, Foydada,
Texas, writes: "Dr. King's New
Discovery cured my terrible cough
and cold. I gained 15 pounds."
Buy it at Jack's drug store.
Aching Kidneys Cured in Princeton
I Convincing Testomony
William J.Applegate, Princeton, Minn.,
,(I contracted kidney trouble while
in the army and did not get relief until I
used Doan's Kidney Pills. My back was
very weak and painful and I had to get up
se\ eral times at night to pass the kidney
secretions. There was much sediment in
the secretions and they were highly col
ored. As soon as I began taking Doan's
Kidney Pills they benefited me and I have
since enjoyed much better health. I do
not hesitate one moment in confirming my
former endorsement of Doan's Kidney
Pills. I have advised a trial of this rem
edy to other kidney sufferers and I know
that it has always acted effectively.'"
Main Street
Thomas Post, Main Street, Princeton,
Minn., says: "'My back was very lame and
I was annoyed by a too frequent desire to
pass the kidney secretions. Doan's Kid
ney Pills gave me relief from these symp
toms ot kidney complaint and greatly
strengthened my back. I feel justified in
recommending this remedy in view of the
benefit it has brought me."
Baldwin to spend a few days with
her friend, Mrs. Trunk
What has happened to Baldwin?
There has been no correspondence
form there for a long time. Come
again, Baldwin we all miss you
Miss Mabel Johnson and a girl
friend came up from the cities on
Saturday night. Mabel will visit the
home folks for some time but her
friend will return this week.
Mrs. Mellot, Mrs. Chas. Cohoe,
Mr. and Mrs. Bert lliff, Mr. and
Mrs. Schumacher and a lot of friends
from Zimmerman called on Will Mc
Allister at Blue lake last week. Will
is suffering from rheumatism, a bad
cold and stomach trouble.
Chas. Gharet sawed John Meliott's
wood pile Saturday. While on his way
home he was so unfortunate as to
tip over and break the fly wheel and
do further damage to the engine.
Owing to the fact that he must send
to Iowa tor repairs he will be unable
to do any more sawing for about a
George Townsend left for Houston,
Texas, on Monday.
Mr. Severance is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Townsend.
Mrs. Woodward is visiting with
Mrs. Trunk this week.
Mr. Tweedler is spending a few
days with L. R. Pierson.
Mrs. Holan and daughter are visit
ing relatives for a short time.
Mrs. Claude Woodward is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorff.
Mrs. Moeger and daughter have
been visiting Mrs. L. R. Pierson.
All enjoyed the birthday party at
L. R. Pierson's on Saturday evening.
Earl, the young son of Mr. and
Mrs. Will Pierson, is still on the sick
Mrs. Orin Hamilton spent a few
days last week visiting her old neigh
William and Herman Abraham
have been visiting friends the past
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Richardson
If Your Back Aches and Your Sidneys are Weak, get the
Kidney Remedy that has been Proved Goo Again
and Again Right Here in Princeton.
Main Street
Mrs S. Farrington. Main St., Prince
ton, Minn., says: "About two years ago
my kidneys began to act sluggishly. My
back pained me almost canstantly and my
head never ceased to ache. I did not rest
well, had a poor appetite and was nervous.
My mother finally got a box of Doan's
Pills for me and after using tbem a short
time I was entirely relieved. I can still
endorse Doan's Kidney Pills in the high
est terms. My advice to anyone afflicted
with kidney complaint is to give this
remedy atrial."
From Foley, Too
Mrs. W. B. Callahan, Foley, Minn.,
says: "My experience with Doan's Kid
ney Pills convinced me of their merit. I
had a constant backache and there were
pains in the top of my head. When I got
up in the morning I felt tired and had so
little energy that my housework was a
burden. My supply of Doan's Kidney
Pills was procured at Gemmel's drug
store and in return for the great relief
they brought me I am pleased to recom
mend them."
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mr.
Dell Pierson.
A number of our young people at
tended the dance at Zimmerman on
Friday evening.
A very enjoyable time was had at
the surprise party on Mr. and Mrs.
Hannay last week.
Miss Lillian Pierson and Miss Olga
Griep came out from Princeton to
attend the party at Geo. Townsend's
on Friday.
A farewell party was given Geo.
Townsend on Friday evening. About
40 were present. If you don't think
the old-timers know how to dance
ask Will Griep.
Bowels clogged, sick headache, sour
stomach, no fun is it? A happy
face, red cheeks come with good di
gestion. Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea makes the bowels work reg
ular, natoral, makes you feel like
new. Take it tonight. C. A. Jack.
Jesse Rogers was a Vineland caller
last Thursday.
Wm. Generous is busy sawing wood
in this neighborhood.
H. F. Mann of Cove was a caller at
this place last Tuesday.
S. S. Sanford of Princeton was a
Vineland visitor last week.
Earl Rogers, the champion hunter,
has 311st caught the fifth wolf this
A number of young folks around
here attended the dance at Onamia
last Saturday night.
What greater gift or blessing could
one give than health and happiness?
To your unhealthy friends give Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea, na
ture's greatest tonic remedy. Drives
out disease, brings back health and
happiness. You'll be surprised the
good t'will do. C. A. Jack.
Elmei Mattson was visiting friends
in Orrock over Sunday.
John South has commenced the
erection of his new house.
Chas.'Brande, wife and son, Orrin,
spent Sunday as guests of Fred
Miss Alice Fullwiler left last Tues
day for Valley City. N. D., to stay
with her sister, Mrs. Adams.
Huber Lamoreaux has returned
from Minneapolis with a supply of
gold bricks sell the farmers.
Miss Clara Newman of Princeton
is visiting her brothers, Will and
Fred Newman. While here she be
came sick with the mumps.
Joe Reichart has returned to his
home, near Milwaukee, to visit his
parents. He expects to return here
in the spring and work for his uncle,
Chas. Reichart.
W. H. Thompson, while trying to
remove the belt from his gasoline
engine, caught his fingeis between
the belt and fly wheel and had them
severely pinched. If any one has
any doubts as how to manipulate a
gasoline engine just call on W. H.
The Hoehn boys have purchased a
gasoline engine.
A few from this vicinity attended
the quilt sale at the Gates' school
Miss Anita Heitman passed Sun
day in Princeton with her friend,
Elsie Schwartz.
Callers at H. Heitman's on Sunday
were Mr. and Mrs. Gens and family
and Misses Agnes Horstman and
Clara Rosin.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Dibblee spent
Sunday evening at Ev. Hall's.
Miss Alma Peterson and Miss
Anna Roadstrom were guests of Mrs.
Axel Miller on Sunday.
The Ladies' Aid society met with
Mrs. Geo. Carr last Thursday. The
next meeting will be with Mrs.
Herb Gates.
Mrs. John Gates gave a surprise
party on her husband on January 29,
the occasion being his fifty-second
birthday anniversary.
Ethel Lindstrom came home from
Milaca on Saturday to visit her par
ents over Sunday.
A. K. Wass and family are enjoy
ing a visit from a nephew, Edwin
Goldstrand, the congenial butter
maker of Canby.
James Westling and Lillie Olson
came up from Glendorado to attend
the opening of the new Borgholm
hall, which was held Saturday.
A box social will be given in dis
trict 21, Bogus Brook, on Friday
evening, February 14. Girls will
please bring baskets and boys their
pocketbooks. Everybody invited.
The opening of the new hall re
cently built on the Elick Westling
farm was held on Saturday night
and, although it was rather cold, a
large crowd attended, some coming
A Bit of Advice
David Whitcomb, Princeton, Minn.,
says: "I had attacks of kidney trouble
and when I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills
I used them. They helped me wonder
fully. I know of other persons who have
taken this remedy and have had relief
from pain and lameness in the loins. I
feel justified in advising anyone afflicted
with kidney trouple to give Doan's Kid
ney Pills a trial."
N. Main Street
Mrs. J. E. Bates. N. Main St Prince
ton, Minn., says: "I cheerfully confirm
all I said in praise of Doan's Kidney Pills
when I publicly recommended them three
years ago, and I again advise their use to
anyone having kidney trouble. This com
plaint clung to me for years. My back
was weak and I could not stoop without
having sharp, shooting pains throughout
my body. I had attacks of dizziness and
nervousness and kidney weakness caused
me no end of annoyance. Doan's Kidney
Pills were finally procured for me and
they proved to be the best kidney medicine
I ever used, giving me prompt relief."
Sold at all druggists and general stores,
50c a box, or mailed on receipt of price by
16 miles to attend. The dance and
supper were free to everybody and
the Milaca orchestra discoursed
music the entire night* The new
hall is 28 by 40 feet, with a 10 by 2a
stage. I will fill a long felt want
in this vicinity and therefore will be
appreciated very much. Another
dance will be given on Saturday
evening, February 8, and a cordial
invitation is extended to all. A new
piano has been purchased and Strom
wall's orchestra will be present to
play for all those who desire to trip
the light fantastic toe.
J. A. Ericson is on the sick ilst.
A. Johnson and sons, Robert and
George, returned home on Tuesday
from St. Paul, where they spent a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
A number of young people drove
out to the Lutheran church in east
Dalbo on Wednesday evening to at
tend the entertainment. They were
Herman Lund, Oscar and Arnold
Soderquist, Edwin. Arthur and
Hildur Westberg, Esther and Ernest
Ericson, Mabel and Herbert Peter
son, George Carlson, Lillie Lund,
Carl and Gottried Swanson, Ethel
Bordeen, Sam Johnson and John and
Fred Engstrom.
A party was given at Chas. Lund's
home on Saturday evening. Those
present were Mabel. Herbert, George
and Edwin Peterson, George Carlson,
Oscar and Arnold Soderquist,
Hildur, Mabel, Esther, Edwin. and
Arthur Westberg, Herman Lund,
Esther, Ernest and George Ericson,
Phoebe, John and Fred Engstrom,
Leslie Garret, Axel Lund, Alfred
Hedman, Lillie, Henry and Elmer
Lund. The evening was spent in
dancing and games and a nice lunch
was served by Mrs. Lund.
Chris Minks marketed a number
of calves in Princeton on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Talen visited
with Mr. and Mrs. Bleeker at Pease
last Thursday.
Miss Selma Anderson of Minneap
olis is spending some time with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew An
The Ladies' Aid society of the"
Norwegian Lutheran church will
meet with Mrs. Peter Jensen on
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hatch of Long
Siding and Mr. and Mrs. M. B.
Anderson were entertained at the P.
W. Jensen home on Saturday even-

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