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i-v--,* ft* 1
Office: First Street, East of Court House
Business Manager. I Associate Editor.
Newspapers have been hit hard by
advancing: prices and a goodly per
centage of them are increasing their
President Wilson was notified Sat
urday that the democrats had nomi
nated him for re-election, and although
taken by surprise managed to de
liver a lengthy speech.
The bill appropriating $35,000 to
erect a memorial to John Ericsson, in
ventor of the Monitor, was recently
signed by President Wilson. The hon
or is worthily bestowed.
"Cyclone" Davis of Texas says that
the country is going to the dogs. But
then Mr. Davis was recently defeated
for re-election as congressman-a't
large from the Lone Star state.
Germany has disavowed any un
friendly intention in the submarine
attack on the American steamer, Owe
go, several weeks ago, and has sub
mitted a statement of fact which is ex
pected to close the case.
A phonograph company with re
markable generosity offers to give
newspaper publishers a dozen double
disc records in return for advertising
space. Editors who enjoy doing "busi
ness for a song" are eagerly accepting
the proposition.
No further application for the dis
charge of students the national
guard on the border will be consid
ered accoiding to orders by the -war
department. And there is no valid
reason why an exception should be
made in their case.
Dwyer, the democratic nominee for
governor, appears to be a glutton for
punishment. He is determined to stay
in the runningif running it can be
calleddepite the fact that leaders
of his party offered him an opportuni
ty to retire with honor.
Anything for publicity. A revival
ist holding forth at Duluth after heap
ing choice billingsgate upon the heads
of a couple of Zenith City pastors,
who did not approve of his vulgarity
and sensational methods, stood on his
head at services. Sure he broke into
Rail discrimination again? The
Northern Potato Traffic association
has complained to the interstate com
merce commission against discrimina
tory rates on potatoes from Minne
sota and Wisconsin producing points
to points in Texas in favor of Idaho
"Colonel Bob Ingersoll once re
marked," recalled the Kansas City
Journal, "If I owned Hell and Texas,
I would live in Hell and rent Texas
out."Belle Plaine Herald.
A few of the boys at the border
probably feel the same way about it,
but the colonel may have since
changed his mind.
When the Adamson eight-hour day
bill was being considered by the sen
ate a plea that station agents, tele
graph operators and section men be
granted some relief also in the line of
shorter hours was made by Senator
Nelson. They are entitled to as much
consideration us the tram operators,
but they won't get it.
Postmaster General Burleson has
announced that every postal employe
who is with the troops at the border,
will, immediately upon his discharge
from the military service, be assigned
to the position he held before he was
mustered into army service. An an
nouncement of this kind is unneces
sary. The American people would
never stand for a policy that would
deprive a government employe of his
position because of having been called
into the military service of his coun
The validity of the new "dry" or
dinance recently adopted by Duluth
voters is to be tested in the courts,
and the case will be interesting. Du
luth is a city of the first class,and the
legislature has never delegated the
right to vote upon the liquor question
to cities of this class, while by speci
fic legislation it has delegated this
right to towns, villages and cities of
the fourth class and to counties. The
"wets" contend that the city was with
out authority to vote on the question
at all. The fact that Duluth has a
home rule charter may complicate
the case, although it contains no spe
cific provision governing the local op
tion question.
A state that has no central highway
commission cannot share in the fed
eral aid for roads. The federal au
thorities must deal with some central
ized state body. If the "bridge com
bine" had had its way Minnesota
would have had no highway commis
sion today.
E. R. Lawton has sold the Isanti
News to Fred Guderian, former pub
lisher of the Cambridge North Star.
Mr. Lawton has always published a
clean-cut, high-grade newspaper and
he is himself the soul of honor. The
Union regrets that he intends to lo
cate in California. But he people of
Isanti are fortunate in securing Fred
Guderian to take Mr. Lawton's place.
Vance McCormick, chairman of the
democratic national committee, is not
alarmed by Colonel Roosevelt stump
ing in Maine for Hughes. In fact he
says it won't effect the campaign there
in the least. You see when McCor
mick was the progressive candidate
for governor of Pennsylvania, Roose
velt campaigned for him, and yet he
(McCormick) failed of election. But
what does he expect? Even a Roose
velt cannot perform miracles.
W. R. Tait, once active in demo
cratic circles in Beltrami and sur
rounding counties, is taking part in
the Maine campaign under the direc
tion of the national democratic com
mittee. If reports that glow with
confidence of success are what the
committee is looking for they have
picked an artist.Bemidji Sentinel.
This may account for the report
which recently emanated! from the
national headquarters' of the demo
cratic party to the effect that pros
pects in Maine were so" bright as to be
scarcely believable.
Is there a graft somewhere in the
building of concrete bridges? The
Fairmont Independent sees reason to
question some of the expenditures
made for building such bridges and
cites a bridge constructed by Frank
Wade of that city 230 feet long ana
20 feet wide. The Independent says
Mr. Wade prepared the plans and
kef)t an accurate account of the
structure and says that it was only
$800. Other bridges not as long let
by contract cost over $7,000. A tre
mendous difference and one worthy
of investigation by every county in
the state.Mapleton Enterprize.
Any school boy ought to know that
a concrete bridge 230 feet in length
and 20 in breadth cannot be built for
$800. But such absurd stories will
s,o the rounds and many people will
believe them.
Three Killed and Four Injured in Au
tomobile Accident.
Sandusky, O, Sept. 6.Plunge of
an automobile over a fourteen-foot
embankment brought death to three
of the occupants and severe injuries
to four others, two of whom are not
expected to live.
H. A. Milman, druggist, was killed
instantly, while Mr and Mrs. Dean
Stark died soon after reaching a hos
All were from Ann Arbor, Mich.
Wheat was selling August 1 at $1.14
a bushel. Last year it was $1.25.
Corn is selling at 75 cents last year
it was 69 cents. All looks good for
a favorable corn yield, a fair price and
a heavy acreage for next year. Why
not select good seed corn for next
Some exhibits for the Silver Jubilee
exposition of the Mille Lacs county
Agricultural society have been re
ceived, and prospects \\ere never
brighter for a winning fair.
Lessen Your Tire Trouble.
your tire troubles by buying
Fisher Rim Grip Subcasings for your
car. You will s?et more than twice
the ^mileage out of your tires. For
sale by N. M. Nelson, blacksmith. 38fc
No Alternative.
With women voting in twelve states
this fall Mr. Hughes either had to
come out for suffrage or get a shave.
.tMelrose Beacon.
Now that Roumania has entered
the bloody European conflict, the
"mania" in its name is accounted for.
Wabasha Herald.
i^ v.
Very Likely.
We hear that a full democratic
state ticket is to be named. Is this
only for the purpose of providing con
solation for Candidate Dwyer?Be
midji Sentinel.
A Suggestion.
As both the republican and demo
cratic candidate's for vice-president
live in Indianapolis, why not make the
official notification a "joint affair and
a local holiday?Hastings Gazette.
Merely a Hint.
The Houston County Chief says:
"It is a lousy trick to let your neigh
bor's money pay for your newspaper.
Quit borrowing and subscribe." Beats
all, the apt way in which the other
fellows sometimes express our views.
New Albin News.
W &
Not Opened Yet.
Candidate Hughes made a transit of
the country from New York to San
Francisco delivering some scores of
speeches en route and many thought
the presidential campaign had opened.
Nay, not so. The presidential cam
paign will not open until William J.
Bryan and Teddy Roosevelt go on the
stump.Faribault Pilot.
The Remedy.
The Plainview News reports that
since the recent arrests for speeding,
there has been no trouble with owners
of cars in that city. A few examples
are sufficient to convince the average
joy rider that the officials mean busi
ness, and when that is driven into his
dome he quits imperiling the lives of
other people.Mazeppa Journal.
Notwithstanding that the ammuni
tion is high priced, and the ducks
and prairie chickens are about as
scarce as the proverbial hen's teeth,
says an exchange, the sportsmen are
anxiously waiting for September 7th.
Yet these same fellows who are so
busy that they cannot possibly help
their wives with the garden, or cut
the weeds, will find time to tramp all
day for a measly duck or prairie
chicken.Buffalo Journal. A
Mistakes Will Happen.
Some time ago the St. Cloud Jour
nal-Press printed a statement that
a man had been attacked by an "in-
fatuated" bull, which Brother East
man admits was some bull. The
easiest thing we know of in the news
paper business is to make a mistake.
The linotypes will make them they
will escape the proof reader after the
paper is printed the editor is looking
it over slowly, these errors look larg
er than an "infatuated" bull or infur
iated editor.Stillwater Gazette.
Another Mystery.
One of the most astonishing things
nature is how far off a "blind pig"
can see an officer of the I^w.Le-
vang's Weekly.
Rid Your Child of Worms.
Thousands of children have worms
that sap their vitality and make them
listless and irritable. Kickapoo Worm
Killer kills and removes the worms
and has a tonic effect on the system.
Does your child eat spasmodically?
Cry out in sleep or grind its teeth?
These are symptoms of worms and
you should find relief for them at once.
Kickapoo Worm Killer is a pleasant
remedy. At your druggist's, 25c. Adv.
S\/ Vl/ 1
Accounted For.
The Same Old Story.
"Sl ''$ !f"T
See the Airship Flights at the Mille Lacs County Fair on Friday and Saturday Next Week
Mrs. Ida Fogg of Princeton is vis
iting at the Herb Gates home.
George Johnson went to Anoka
Thursday, returning Friday evening.
Mrs. Jennie Schmidt and daughter,
Alta, were guests at the Herb Gates
home Sunday.
Arnold Ziebarth visited with War
ren Gates Sunday.
Arthur Radeke spent Sunday at the
Whitcomb home.
Mrs. Carl Grapentine visited with
her brother and other relatives in
Howard Lake from Saturday morn
ing until Sunday evening.
Mrs. Julia Cady is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Everett Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Emme, Mr. and Mrs.
Otto Lueck and family, Herman Kuhr
ke and Ida Lueck were entertained at
the Otto Grapentine home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bulleigh visited at the
Leon Annis home Sunday.
George Johnson spent Sunday with
Mannie Whitcomb.
Miss Alma Whitcomb/ who has
been visiting her parents, departed
for Mankato Friday.
Herbie and Warren Gates spent
Tuesday evening at the Oscar Lun
gren home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Radeke, Mrs.
Bertha Radeke and Mrs. George Tay
lor autoed to North Branch Sunday to
spend the day with relatives.
Miss Laura King and Elmer Radeke
attended the convention at the Mission
church Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hall and son, May
Gates, George Johnson and Carl Gra
pentine attended the dance at Heck
ler's Saturday evening.
The quotations hereunder are those
prevailing on Thursday morning at the
time of going to press:
Ohios $1.00 $1.10
Cobblers $1.00 $1.10
Wheats-No. 1 northern $1.50
WheatNo. 2 northern $1.47
WheatLowest grade $1.16
Oats 34c to 39c
Barley 48c to 68c
Flax $1.75 to $1.89
Rye $1.05 to $1.10
Beanshand picked $4.50
Fat beeves, per lb 4c 5X/2C
Calves, per lb 9c
Hogs, per cwt [email protected]
Sheep, per lb [email protected]
Hens, old, per lb [email protected]
Springers, per lb 13c 15c
Quic Sale
1 Yearling Colt, 4 Good Horses, 1
Moline Sulky Plow, 1 Sattley Corn
Planter, 1 Sattley 6-Shovel Cultivator,
1 Deering Mower 5 Foot Cut, 2 Old
Trusty Incubators 150 Egg, 30 Feet
of 6in. 4 ply Rubber Belt, Pump Jack,
Hog Trough, 5 Chicken Crates, Basket
Hay Rack, Surrey, Some Young Chic
kens, Post Auger, Four-Horse Equal
izer for Gang or Sulky Plow, 650 lb
Capacity DeLavel Cream Separator,
3 Hog Crates, Post Hammer, and a
Hundred Other Things.
These things must be sold by Sept.
17 for cash. You will never buy them
Earl Robinson,
Old Warring Place, Six Miles East of
Tri-State Telephone 26R35.
\T^ want you to come to
|jg Princeton next week
and attend one of the best
county fairs in the northwest,
and while you are here take
time to come in and let us
|j show you our New Store and
jj the New Way of Merchan
jj Everything at our com
11 mand to promote the com
jj fort and pleasure of you and
jj your families is gladly placed
JJ at your disposal.
Princeton Minn.
Offer for sale in small tracts 3,000 acres of hardwood
timber land lying on the State Highway, from five
to seven miles from a railway station. This is the
best tract of unimproved land we know of in Mille
Lacs County is near the river well drained by run
ning brooks, and is the last body of lands in first
hands left on Rum River.
If you contemplate buying land, either as an
investment or a home for your boy, it will pay you
to look this over. Can be purchased on easy terms
at a low rate of interest, and will be shown without
cost to you.
McMillan & Stanley
Princeton, Minnesota.
Owing to the great advance in
prices of all foodstuffs, we find that it
is impossible to maintain the old price
on meals, and are obliged to raise the
price to 35 cents, commencing next
Sunday, September 10.
Respectfully yours,
Home Restaurant,
Ideal Restaurant,
Merchants Hotel,
Riverside Hotel,
Raiche's Bakery and
38-ltc Restaurant.
My wife, Mrs. Daisy Pierson, having
left my bed and board, I hereby give
notice that I will not be responsible
for any debts she may contract after
this date. Dated Sept. 7, 1916.
38-3tp Jasper Pierson.
R. D. N. SPRINGER, Oph. D.
of Dr. Kline's Sanatorium, Anoka Will be in
Princeton, Sunday, Sept. 17
After Monday, Sept. 4, you
will find us at our new location
on Main street, next to Foltz'
feed store, where we will be
glad to see all our old and many
new customers. We want your
cream, poultry, veal, etc.

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