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A private institution which combines all the advantages of a perfectly
equipped hospital with the ^uiet and comfort of a refined and elegant
home. Modern in every respect. No insane* contagious or other objec-
tionable cases received. New, quiet maternity rooms. Rates are as low
as the most efficient treatment and the best trained nursing will permit.
H. C. COONEY, M. D., Medical Director
FRANCES S. COONEY, Superintendent
MISS IRENE JORDAN, Registered Nurse, Supt. of Nurses.
Your new home is not simply a this year's nest
to be lived in a short while and abandoned. You
are building for life. It is important, then, that in
choosing its interior finish you buy material of
iquality and character. The Curtis trademark on
^woodwork is a guarantee of qualityit is stamped
only when the material has passed rigid inspection.
Come in and let us show you the Curtis designs
from our big Curtis Catalog.
Benjamin Soule, Manager.
MMiMMMsmmmmMM a!5il51M5][51IHIC
is an engine you can bank on 365 days of
the-year. It's a crackerjack and worth two of any
of the engines of same rated horse power now on the
market. It is finely built of the best materials and
workmanship possible to use for the work intended.
It will run and pull and work and go just so long as
you keep it supplied with oil and gasoline and it will
cause you less trouble than any engine you have ever
seen or heard of. While we only rate it as a 2 1-4
h. p. we guarantee that it is made to develope full
3 1-4 h. p. on the test block before leaving our factory.
Mcllhargey Hdw. and Furniture Go.
Princeton, Minn. I
Ads in The Union Bring Results.
Berij. Briggs from the lake stopped
off between trains yesterday.
The thermometer registered 11 be
low zero yesterday morning.
Dr. Tarbox has rented the Congre
gational parsonage and will occupy it
after June 1st.
-Mr. E. D. Wheeler has rented his
farm in Blue Hill and moved into this
village to live.
John Goss and Ed. Page, two of An
oka's wide-awake lumbermen, were
.here yesterday on business. :7
Lawyer Burke of Minneapolis was
in town several days this week, look
ing up land titles and on probate mat
Mrs. Free Townsend is home from
Dickinson, N. D., on a visit to her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Rus
I It is reported .that the old Eastern
night train will be put on some time
in April. This will be welcomed by
our citizens and a good patronage
Geo. Loring has returned to Prince
ton and may decide to locate here per
manently. We welcome him back, and
hope that he will conclude to remain
The editor was called away on busi
ness this week and has not yet re
turned. For this reason several mat
ters that should have appeared in this
issue have been laid over until next
James Ward is down from his ranch
on Whitney Brook, buying cattle and
sheep. James called around and
bought six bushels of our Early Ever
etts, which he intends to plant and
see what good potatoes Whitney
Brook land will raise.
By an almost unanimous vote the
Congregational church decided last
Thursday, to retain if possible the
services of their present pastor, Rev.
Stevens, of Minneapolis. The church
is prospering and the Sunday school is
about to purchase a new library, which
will give it the best selection of books
in Princeton.
Spencer Brook correspondence:
About thirty men and boys turned out
last Saturday for a wolf hunt, and as
there was no discipline all went hap
hazard, consequently it was a failure.
Mille Lacs Lake correspondence.:.
The relentless grip or influenza has
relaxed. Health and prosperity now
reign supreme.
Michael Corbett has just returned
from a trip to the lake. He made the
round trip in three days. Pretty good
for the condition of the roads.
District 24 School Notes.
The school house was scrubbed this
week. ""V
The first graders are very enthus
iastic over their new readers.
The spelling classes made a spelling
tree, Thursday. The red apples are
perfect lessons, while the green ap
ples are various marks.
The seventh and eighth grades are
working hard to be ready for the
coming exams.
The seventh grade is studying Evan
The 5th and 6th grades made prod
uct maps of Europe.
The boys are making a doll house
and furniture while the girls are mak
ing doll clothes.
Victor Orne has dropped out of
The seventh grade arithmetic class
is working with bills and accounts.
Wednesday's blizzard cut down the
atendance to sixteen.
Mr. and Mrs. Tincher visited school
Thursday afternoon.
A rebellious tooth has kept Lulu
Olson out of sehool this week. We'd
advise Lulu to do as she said in her
"Good Teeth Good Health" composi
Spring must be in the air 'cause
the boys have put up the swings.
The boys built a snow fort and furi
ous battles take place. Captain Moore
reports, none hurt and five killed.
Notice is hereby given that a special
meeting in school district No. 4, in
Mille Lacs county, will be held at the
east school house on the 20th day of
March, 1917, at 2 o'clock p. m., for the
following purpose: To vote on the
proposition of issuing bonds in the sum
of $3,500 for building a new school
~12-ltc Henry Forster, Clerk.
Should see that the whole family
take at least three or four doses of
a thorough, purifying, system clean
ing medicine this spring. Now is the
time. The family will be healthier,
happier and get along,better if the
blood is given a thorough purifying,
the stomach and bowels cleaned out,
and the germs of winter, accumulated
in the system, driven away. Hollis
ter's Rocky Mountain Tea is the very
best and surest Spring Remedy to
take. Get it at once and see the dif
ference in the whole family. Their
color will be better, they'll feel fine and
be well and happy. 35c. The best
Spring tonic-laxitive, purifier. C. A.
Jack Drug Co. Adv.
x*x x
St. Edwards.
Services at St. Edward's church ev
ery Sunday as follows: On the' first
and third Sunday of the month, mass
at 8:30. The second mass is said at
the Greenbush churchlpyQn the sec
ond, fourth and fifth Sunday of the
month, two masses will be said: Low
mass at 8:30 high mass at 10:30.
Evening services consist of Vespers,
sermon and Benediction of the Bless
ed Sacrament. Sermon of the gospel
of the day at all the services. Ev
eryone is welcome to any of these
The pastor will preach next Satur
day at 10:30 on "A Vision of An Evan
gelized World," and at 7:30 his sub
ject will be, "The Melting Pot of the
World." The chorus choir will sing at
both services under the direction of
Mrs. Caley.
The Sunday School will meet at
11:45 and the Epworth League at
6:45. Four dozen new chairs have
been ordered for the primary depart
You are cordially invited to work
and worship with us.
Regular services next Sunday. Rev.
E. H. Peatfield of Winthrop High
lands, Mass., will occupy the pulpit.
Swedish Lutheran.
Services at Zimmerman next Sunday
at 10:30 a.m.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Rev. M. Peterson, D. D., Pastor.
Christian Science.
The regular Christian Science les
son sermon will be read at the Armory
at 10:45 o'clock every Sunday morn-
Sunday school immediately follow
Cordial invitation extended.
The Right Rev. Bishop Morrison
will preach in the Congregational
church on Thursday, March 8, at 8
p. m.
Rev. T. J. E. Wilson, Hinckley.
USTNotices under this head will be inserted
at one cent per word. No advertisement will
be published in this column for less than 5 cts.
FOR SALEMy 9-room brick
house, suitable for one or two fami
lies. Barn and chicken house and two
lots. Two and a half blocks north of
depot. For further information in
quire of Louis Lessard, Tri-State
'phone 287. 12-2tp
FOR SALESingle combed Buff
Orpington Cockerels, the kind that
pays. Best laying strain. $2.00. F.
A. Stangohr, Princeton, 3-4 mile north
of Greenbush town hall. 12-tfc.
FOR SALEStory and a half house,
7 rooms, two blocks north of West
Branch bridge. Inquire of Edgar
Briggs, Tri-State 'phone 173. 12-tfc
FOR SALETwo young horses, the
pick out of four. John W. Schueller,
route 4, Princeton. ll-2tp
FOR SALEEggs for hatching
from pure bred Rose Comb Rhode
Island Reds. Price ?1.00 for 15 eggs.
Address George Hulbert, Milaca,
Minn., route 1. 10-4tp.
FOR SALE160 or 480 acres of
prairie land near Angus, fine soil and
lays perfect. Within 3% miles of
town. Flowing well of soft water on
the place. Easy terms or crop pay
ment plan. Inquire of Princeton State
Bank. 10-tfc
S 1
One complete saw rack with 5 H. P.
Rock Island Engine, and 30 inch saw, taaMia*BMllM^
used about three months. Cost new
$165, will sell for $97.
Also one complete silo filling outfit,
engine 12 horse power, Rock Hand
portable, with magneto and clutch
pulley, 30-inch. Money maker filler
with distributing pipe and safety de
vice and 55 feet of 8-inch belt. Cost
new $865, will sell for $595.
One 1915 model touring car with
electric lights and starter. Good as
new. Only $295. Write or see J. P.
DeRose, Pease, Minn. 12-ltc
Administrator's Sale of Land.
Will offer for sale at public auction
on Tuesday, March 20, at 1 o'clock, at
Larson's store in Orrock,' Sherburne
county, the following described land
belonging to the estate of Ole and
Maren Pederson:
Farm in Orrock.
S% of se%, Sec. 6 and sw& of
sw% of Sec. 5.
Meadow Land in Blue Hill.
Sw% of sw% and ne% of sw%
Sec. 18, west three-eighths of nw%
of nw% of Sec. 17.
12-ltc "Administrator.
One-half Mile West of Long Siding
1 span Belgian mares with foal,
7 years old, Weight 3,400 lbs.
1 black mare, 3-4 Pereheron, with
foal, 4 yrs. old. wieght 1,600
1 sorrel mare with foal, 9 years
old, weight 1,050 lbs.
1 grey team geldings, 9 years old,
weight 2,800 lbs.
1 yearling colt
1 horse colt, 9 months old
1 mare colt, 9 months old
12 milch cows
8 heifers coming 2 years old,
some with calf
1 Short Horn bull coming 2 years
8 steers coming 2 years old
9 steer calves
4 heifer calves
2 Poland China brood sows, will
farrow in April
1 registered Poland China boar
1 7-foot Superior drill
1 6-foot disc
2 McCormick binders, 1 new last
1 6-foot Deering mower
1 5-foot McCormick mower
1 riding cultivator
1 set weed cutters
1 8-foot McCormick hay rake
1 new 14-inch John Deere
2 walking plows
March 21st
Commencing at 10 o'clock A. M.
The Following Property Will BeOffered for Sale:
1 potato toiler
3,000 feet lumber
1 4-horse evener
2 spring seats
2 wood racks
1 set bobsleds
1 set sleigh runners
3 wagons
1 good single buggy
1 buggy pole
1 good surrey
2 potato sprayers
1 harrow
1 shoveling board
1 De Laval cream separator
3 sets work harness
1 set driving harness
2 heavy saddles
1 tank heater
1 10-barrel water tank
Blankets and robes
Full set of tools
300 bushels 1916 oats
200 bushels 1916 oats
Some barley
1 bed lounge
1 chamber suite
1 bedsted
1 chest of drawers
1 dozen chairs
1 sink
1 dining table
1 oil heater
And other articles too numer
ous to mention.
The Usual Terms of Sale
J. H. HILL &
S0NS? Owners
0. L. BYE, ClerkU mm
T. KftLIHER and ALBERT ANDERSON, Auctioneers
ELGIN SIX $985.55
(The Car of the Hour)
TN introducing the Elgin Six afc $985.00, it is.with complete assurance
that it embodies in quality of construction and beauty of design the
greatest value ever offered at the pricea value which has heretofore
seldom been found in cars selling at $1,200.00
Princeton Minn.
Where They Are Not Afraid to Advertise
the Price
I am paying
22 Cents per Pound
For Green or Frozen Cow or Steer Hides, and
24 Cents per Pound
For Salted Cow or Steer Hides.
Try Our Oleomargarine
City Meat Market

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