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Oflces Pint Street, East of Court Hooae
"Our Country! In
her intercourse with
foreign nations may
she always be in the
right but our Country,
right or wrong.'"
i For United States Senator:
There is one ism the Union always
stands forAmericanism.
Trotsky has ordered some paper
money printed and in consequence the
i-ubber-stamp makers of Petrograd are
working overtime.
Free lance journalism is the thing
:or war time.Frank Day.
For once, at least, Frank tells the
truth and is in the right.
Those fellows who want Governor
XJurnquist's political scalp will dis
cover that they have some job on
their hands when they undertake to
get it.
A good many men who go to the
photographer's in these "dry" days
ask the artist to camouflage their
noses in the retouching processand
he does it.
The kaiser maintains no anxiety as
to his making peace with God, but an
ticipates that ere long God will make
overtures to him. In the meantime
satan is doing his damnedest.
Popoff, an alien enemy serving a
sentence in Atlanta federal prison,
murdered Deputy Warden Brook. No
time should be lost in giving him his
pop oft7
to the infernal regions.
The man who expects to buy some
thing for a nickel nowadays is a nin
compoop. If prices continue to soar
the United States government will per
haps decide to mint nothing smaller
"than a dollar.
It would be all right to put a town on
"the moonlight schedule provided some
arrangement could be made with the
louds to desist from camouflaging
lair Luna's countenance. "Let us have
light," said the Lord.
With three sticks of dynamite one
our soldiers in France killed a mad
hull. Wasteful, very wasteful. That
was an amply sufficient quantity of
dynamite to have blown the whole
Hohenzollern family to hell.
We note that some of our exchanges
are using leaves from the Congres
sional Record for wrappers. This is
sacrilege! It would be a source of no
surprise to us to receive exchanges in
closed in pages torn from the family
A rough, hairy unsocial savege
"who knows how to get things done, and
gets them done, is a better servant of
the president and the country than one
who, without that qualification, hap
pens to be an intellectual congenial
A Petrograd dispatch says that
Bolsheviki authorities have taken over
the Red Cross, which has been in the
hands of nonpartisans. Then it is safe
to infer that the ruffians have appro
priated the fundswere there anyto
their own use.
The number of army chaplains is to
be tripled, which will give one to ev
ery 1,200 men instead of to each unit
'Of 3,600 as at present. This is a good
decision, as one spiritual advisor to
every 3,600 men cannot possibly do
justice to the situation.
General von Stein, one of the kais
er's grizzled warriors, remarks that he
does not know the Americans or what
they are capable of doing. In the pe
riod of a short time, old top, some of
them will perhaps forcefully introduce
themselves. Be patient.
There are three members of Presi
dent Wilson's cabinet in whom the peo
ple of the country have confidence.
They are, Lansing, secretary of state,
!McAdoo, secretary of the treasury,
and Lane, secretary of the interior,
the latter is a very efficient official.
North American Review's War
Weekly: William the Damned says
sthat in God the German nation has an
ally "on whom it absolutely can rely."
Reverently speaking, the Almighty
Tnust be, grateful and flattered at such
A testimonial to His trustworthiness.
Chief Kabeneywence (Chippewa for
Wrinkled Meat) of Cass Lake, who is
reputed to Be 180 years old, is visiting
the automobile show in Chicago. If
Kab. is not careful this sporting life
will prove the death of him before he
reaches the ripe old age of his ances
There are indications that the kaiser
will be compelled to move large forces
of his men from the western to the
eastern front. This would give our
allies an opportunity to drive the in
vaders still further back, although re
markably good work is being done in
this direction even now.
In the lower house of the Prussian
diet Dr. Hertz, finance minister, stated
that he did not believe it possible for
the United States to send aiTarmy to
France. It would make Doc's eyes
stick out an inch or more were he to
merely size up the army we have over
there at the present time.
It is all right to revere and have
faith in divine providence, but the
United States armies, together with
those of their allies, are the factors
that will eventually crush Prussian
militarism and consign the beastly
kaiser and his facrofulitic offspring to
the swillbarrel of degredation.
A newspaper refers to Bill Sunday
as reverend. We'd like to know what
there is to revere in the makeup of
this blasphemous, howling mounte
bank. Were we forced to the alterna
tive of lifting our hat to Bill Sunday
or a hog wallowing in a quagmire the
hog would receive recognition.
Up in Winnipeg a couple of consci
entious objectors were sentenced to
two years each in the penitentiary
That would be the proper medicine to
administer to so-called conscientious
objectors in the United States. Relig
ious scruples should be given no con
sideration and even ecclesiasts should
not be immune from service.
Miss Alice Gall was chosen to com
mand a battalion of 216 co-eds in a
drive for the annual publication of the
junior class of the state university
the Gopher. Alice's picture portrays
her as an exceptionally pretty girl, but
at the same time it is plainly to be seen
that she possesses the necessary re
quirement in such a movement as this
They say that "Pussyfoot" Johnson
is at large in Minneapolis engaged in
secret work for the anti-saloon league.
It costs big money to hire "Pussyfoot"
perhaps more than he is worth.
Here is a chance for Sammy Van Sant
to show his interest in the great cause
by making a liberal donation toward
defraying Johnson's expenses. But
will he do so? Echo answers, "Nit."
To assist in the national conserva
tion scheme and at the same time as
sist the Red Cross an old veteran of
Madison, Wis., advertises his false
teeth for sale. He contends that he
can get along vory nicely on mush
and angel food and sees no necessity
for wearing out his false teeth on
bullsteak when the Red Cross needs
the money they would bring. Here's a
case of patriotism with a big P.
According to a writer in the Coun
try Gentleman, W. J. Burtis is the
best farmer in Kansas, although he
farms only 10G acres. Mr. Burtis re
fused to join a local grange because it
was fighting local merchants. He de
clared: "The interests of merchants
and farmers in a community like this
are identical. Each needs the other,
and I do not want to be a party to
any community disruptions." The
Nonpartisan league views things in a
different light from Mr. Burtis.
It has been suggested, and in fact
the government has been petitioned,
to take under active control all the
packing plants of the United States.
The petition has~ been presented by
employes of the packing plants, who
are not satisfied with existing condi
tions. President Wilson will not likely
grant their prayer in view of the fact
that the packing plants are already
under government supervision. There
is reason to believe, however, that not
withstanding this supervision, the
packers are "putting one over" on the
An old subscriber, who is a true
American patriot, asks our opinion as
to th& disposition of aliens within the
draft age. He states, and rightly so,
that while our boys are fighting in
Europe for their country, "these in
fernal aliens are permitted to live he^re
unmolested and grow rich." To our
patriotic friend we would say that our
method of dealing with these alien in
terlopers would be to pass a law simi
lar to that enforced by our ally, Can
ada: Draft everyone of them within
the age limit into the army and deport
or intern those who refuse to serve.
In the United States there are thous
ands of aliens who refuse to become
naturalized and, under existing laws,
they cannot be drafted, but we believe
that ere long congress will legislate on
this important question. ?*_*
It is generally conceded that the Du
luth Herald is the leading democratic
paper in Minnesota, and it goes with
out saying that the Herald is ably
edited and ranks in the A 1 class of
daily newspapers. Hence it is ex
tremely gratifying to the friends of
Senator Nelson and Governor Burn
quist that such an influential and
strongly partisan newspaper as the
Herald takes the patriotic stand it
does as evidenced by the following
editorial which appeared recently in
its columns:
The energy and attention^ of the
people of America should be diverted
from the great task now on hand as
little as possible this year by politics.
Changes in executive and legislative
officials should be made only for good
cause. The first cause that should be
considered is lack of loyalty to the na
tion at war. The last cause that
should be considered is partisanship.
The Herald has urged Senator Nel
son to be a candidate to succeed him
self as United States senator, and it
will support him and oppose anybody
who offers to run against him.
The Herald feels the same way
about Governor Bumqulst.
It isn't at all interested this year in
the question of what party he belongs
to. He is governor of Minnesota,hehas
been playing the gander-straight with
America, he has given no tolerance to
disloyalty, he has been as lair as he
knew how to be to all interests, he has
done the right thing as he saw it, and
above all he has stood up for America
and America's causehas stood up
like a major and hewed squarely to the
line, letting the chips fly in whose
faces they might. We like that in a
public official, and the country can't
have too much of it.
The Herald sees not the slightest
reason for making a change in the
governorship in this exigency. It sees
a good deal of harm in needlessly
evoking the spirit of partisan strife.
It hopes that mere partisanship will be
as little in evidence this year as pos
sible, in Minnesota and everywhere in
the country.
For these reasons, and because he
has made good, the Herald hopes Gov
ernor Burnquist will be renominated
and re-elected with as little opposition
as may be, and it will contribute what
it can to that end.
Second only to the Herald among the
newspapers of its party is the St.
Cloud Times, another rock-ribbed
democratic daily, and it also indorses
Senator Nelson and Governor Burn
quist. With the Herald and Times
loyalty takes precedence of party
Anoka isn't such a bad city after all.
Nearly fifty will be received in the
Anoka churches this month. There's
lots of things we can beat Princeton
at, besides potatoes.Anoka Union.
As a framer of euphonious sen
tences the Anoka editor has few
equals and no superior.
"Nearly fifty will be received in the
Anoka churches!" Holy Moses! Here
in Princeton we are all christians, and
not one of our preachers is "doing
time" in the penitentiary!
"Besides potatoes." They do say
that on some days, in the busy season,
as high as ll
1 bushels of spuds are
marketed in Anoka and paid for in
orders on Minneapolis grocery stores.
Here is good advice to President
Wilson from the New York Times, a
newspaper that has always been
friendly to him:
His opposition may defeat the war
cabinet measure it can hardly be ex
pected that at this moment congress
would enect a bill he so strenuously
opposes. But at least Mr. Wilson will
not be so unwise, so unshakable in a
belief not shared by the people of the
country, that he will let the lesson go
unheeded, pay no attention to the
rapidly growing dissatisfaction of
which the bill is the outcome. He con
tends that defects of the administra
tion are curable and being cured with
the staff he now directs. They must
be cured if he would escape a sterner
calling to account later on. It would
be far better and wiser and safer-for
him to make the war cabinet super
fluous by reorganization of his present
cabinet, by calling to his aid men "dis
tinguished and of demonstrated abili
ty" who would bring order and system
out of the present confusion and swift
ly advance our war preparations. The
country's attitude of doubt, misgiving,
and disappointment would change to
confidence and rejoicing if the presi
dent, instead of closing his eyes to the
revelations of incapacity that have
been made, would call to his side men
competent for big tasks of the admin
istration. That is what Mr. Wilson
ought to do.
A report submitted to congress a
few days ago by the Federal Trade
commission charges the packers with
hoarding hides in order to drive up
prices. And this is not the only prod
uct which the unscrupulous packing
trust is hoarding. The machinations
of this combine should be immediately
halted and the contents of the store
houses confiscated.
Millers throughout the country
have been ordered to hold 30 per cent
of all wheat flour manufactured by
them for the United States govern
ment. Even at that we should be able
to get along very nicely by using more
rye and corn.
There is a group of mercenary
Irish-American newspapers published
in New York that should not only be
denied mailing privileges but they
should be summarily suppressed, their
hireling editors interned until after
the war and then deported back to
their native bogs. The government is
altogether too tolerant of these vipers.
Insane hatred of England is the only
excuse the Irish malcontents offer for
arraying themselves with the enemies
of the United States. These Irish
Hessians are a stench in the nostrils
of all decent sons of Erin.
John H. Hylanth Tammany mayor
of New York, has ,some mighty good
ideas as to how public business should
be conducted. He has promulgated
the following order to the heads of
all departments of the city govern
All city employes working in public
offices shall refrain from smoking,
reading newspapers, or wearing their
hats during office hours. The utmost
courtesy must be accorded to the pub
lic by city 'employes, in their daily
transactions. The mayor feels that
{he efficiency of your force will be im
proved if the above rules are rigidly
General Pershing, speaking with au
thority and by the card, says: "The
general charges of drunkenness and
depravity among the soldiers are ut
terly without foundation. Characterize
them as false." And a most trust
worthy "correspondent, referring to
official reports, adds: "In the whole
command the latest reports show only
three-tenths of one per cent of the
men have contracted venereal dis
Why Not Camouflage the Clock?
A job as farmhand will never be
popular as long as the help has to get
up in the morning when the farmer
does.Winona Independent.
Don't Neglect the Birds.
Most people don't heed the appeal
to feed the birds in winter because they
are too busy. Next summer they will
also be busy, trying to kill the insect
pests that flourish owing to the scarci
ty of birds.Virginia Enterprise.
Germany Would Shoot Them.
Trotzky recently issued the defiant
invitation to Germany to "Come and
take Petrograd if you want to feed
3,000,000 starving people." According
to the records the feeding of 3,000,000
prisoners would not bother Germany
greatly.Brown County Journal.
Our Record Excels.
It is impossible to handle a great
war without some mistakesbut con
sidering the magnitude of the present
operations this country is making a
record not equaled in efficiency of
management in any previous war in
which it has been engaged.Superior
(Wis.) Telegram."
A Traitor Deserves Death.
It's rather hard on the victim of the
firing squad to be put up to stop bul
lets, but a traitor deserves death.
War isn't a pink tea affair by any
means, and we never can win if we
allow traitors the slack we have been
allowing them. An effective way to
curb the activities of traitors would
be to send them hellwards as quickly
as possible, and we ought to start at
once.Calumet (Mich.) Miner.
Chamberlain's Diatribe.
The fairminded man, before judging
Senator Chamberlain's vigorous at
tack upon the war department, will
first ask himself thie question: "Can
I conceive of the work of the last nine
months being done by any man, or
any collection of men, anywhere on
earth, so flawlessly that it would not
be possible for somebody so disposed
to make just such a speech as that?"
His answer must be that he cannot
conceive of such a thing. It simply
could not happen. Not even a com
mittee of archangels could so contrive
the handling of such a task as to make
it impossible for those so disposed to
criticise thejvay it was done. As to
Mr. Chamberlain's bill for a "superior
war council," that, disguise it how he
may, is a plan to strip the president
of virtually all his power over the con
duct of the war and turn-it over to
three unnamed individuals. The ques
tion the fair-minded man must answer
is whether he wants the president
stripped of the power the constitution
give? himand which, therefore, no
congressional act can take awayand
the conduct of the war turned over to
somebody else. The average thinking
man's answer to that will be a most
emphatic "NO."Duluth Herald.
The Call to Senator Nelson.
Minnesotans without respect to par
ty are hoping fervently that Senator
Knute Nelson will consent to serve an
other term.
The Northern Minnesota Editorial
association is the latest influential
body to urge him to run again.
Senator Nelson's colleagues in
Washingtonin senate and houseare
hopeful he will remain on the jiob.
They feel the need and know the
value of his counsel.
The people of this state and others
who long ago learned to believe in and
trust Senator Nelson will feel easier
if they know he is at hand to give to
"Uncle, Sam" the benefit of his broad
experience, sound judgment and intel
lectual poise. %m xxiT
Senator Nelson is a man of" ripe
years, but his mental professes have
not been impaired by the length of his
days. He thinks clearly and straight,
has no selfish purposes to serve, and
discloses all the necessary courage of
strong, wholesome convictions. If he
consents to stand again as a candidate,
he will have about as nearly a unani
mous backing by the people "as it
would be possible to muster in a free,
democratic government.
Let us hope he may think of the
popular demand upon him as the man
date of a superior officer addressed to
a willing soldier in a time of peculiar
obligation.Minneapolis Tribune.
Our Democratic Governor.
A man and his wife and"ehild were
seated in the Illinois Central station
at Fort Dodge last Saturday after
noon. He was a tall well built man,
not yet forty years old, with a brisk,
business like air about him and an ap
pearance that might indicate that he
was either a lawyer, a banker, a coun
try merchant, a prosperous farmer, or
almost any kind of a good looking
American of the present day. A man
walked in and shook hands with him.
and called him by his first name. An
other man came in and greeted him the
same way. One was a traveling man,
February 5 and 6, are
De Laval
at our store.
For the benefit of all users of
Separators we have established a
Service Day.
On this day we shall be glad to have any De
Laval user bring his separator to our store for a
complete and careful inspection and adjustment,
which will be made free of charge. Should any
parts, due to unusual wear or accident, need to be
replaced, this will be done, the only charge being
for the price of the new parts used.
A De Laval Service man will be with us to assist
with this work. Bring in your Separator and re-
ceive the benefit of the free service as well as ad-
vice on the care and operation of your machine. It
is our wish, and that of the manufacturer, that
every user of a De Laval Separator get the maxi-
mum of efficiency at the minimum of cost.
No expert is required to keep a De Laval in re-
pair. A little care with the use of De Laval Clari-
fied Oil will keep it running satisfactorily for years
if adjustments are made when needed.
Evens Hardware Company
This is the Ansco Store
-and that means headquarters for all that's best
in photographic materials. Come in today and let
us show you how you can make finer photographs.
W will gladly demonstrate the Ansco Speedex
shown above or any other model in which you
are interested, and show you its work with Ansco
Speedex Film and Cyko Paper.
Look for the Ansco Sign
Princeton Drug Co.
Don't Forget Our Coffee
the other a farmer. Both addressed
him familiarly and he replied in kind.
He seemed jovial and acted as if he
were really glad to ,see them. Asked
where he was going, he replied that he
was on his way to Dayton to visit his*
father, whom he wished to surprise,-as''
he had not written in advance that he
was coming. He would take the "stub"
passenger train on the M. & St. L. and
when he arrived in Dayton he and his
wife and the child would ride down to
the parental home in the old village
bus, which was new when the man left
town in his early manhood. The man
was J. A.A. Burnquist, governor of the
great state of Minnesota, going back
to the little town where he was born,
and where he graduated from the high
school twenty-one years ago, the vale
dictorian of the class. Only thirty
eight years old, he has climbed to the
office of governor of one of the big
northwestern states since his gradua
tion day. Did you say there is no
chance for a young man any more?
There is. No chance for "sissies" and
bums, but plenty of chance for a real
man. And is there any place over in
Europe, under a king or kaiser, where
the governor of a state would travel
with other people? There is not.
That's another thing we are fighting
fdr in this war. This js a great coun
try. It is THE country.Manson
(Iowa) Democrat.
De Laval Cream
De Laval

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