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Before the Last Sheet of
Paper-is Gone
C. A. Jack Drug Co.
Open Sundays from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M.
George I Staples is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office. In
every caje the party paying: money is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt. MRS. R. C. DUNN. Publisher.
Take Notice.
To Advertisers, Correspondents and
Other Contributors: To insure inser
tion in the Union it is necessary that
all copy be received at the office not
later than Tuesday. When copy ar
rives in large quantity on Wednesday
it is ofttimes necessary to omit part
of it for want of time. Therefore we
would thank you to send it early
in the weekthe earlier the better.
Bob King was Minneapolis on land
business Monday.
M. M. Stroeter was up from his of
fice in Minneapolis over Sunday.
A farm home should be as pleasant
^ffc-and comfortable as a city home. Is
,fi ^/yours
T. F. Scheen and his daughter,
Hjoerdis, were in St. Paul the first part
of the week.
Highest market prices paid for hides
and furs at Calvin Olson's meat mar
ket, Princeton. 52-tfc
Attorney O. C. Myron was down
from Milaca on business in probate
court on Mond^r.
Mrs. G. H. Gottwerth is visiting
relatives in Minneapolis and will re
main about a week.
Just try us on that
cream and you will
Townsend Produce Co.
next can of
come again.
Gus Land on Monday accompanied
his daughter, Ruth, to St. Paul, where
she will engage in dressmaking.
Attorney Harris Richardson of St.
Paul was hero attending a hearing in
Judge Sanford's court on Monday.
"1 E. L. McMillan returned yesterday
from Mora, where he was counsel in
.an important lawsuit district court.
,f Winter term at the St. Cloud Busi-
r"* Tiess college has just begun. Get in
now for the winter classes. Vath &
Ahles. 3-lc
Joe Kaliher returned to his school
at St. John's college, Collegeville, on
TMonday after a pleasant holiday vaca
tion at home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Glade and family
"have returned from a visit in Iowa.
Mr Glade says that the coal shortage
"there is serious.
Dr. J. F. Kothman, optometrist, will
"be in town on Tuesday, Jan. 27. Eyes
examined and glasses fitted. Office
at Merchants' hotel. 2-tfc
Miss Mary Caley, who spent the
"holidays at her home here, returred to
'L^lier studies at St. Catherine's college,
JS^St. Paul, on Tuesday.
-*J# Mrs. C. W. Williams (nee Una Fox),
-who has been visiting*her father and
Asters here, returned to her home in
Aberdeen, S. D., on Monday.
Louis Normandin left on Monday to
attend Paul and purchase Shorthorns.
Is an up-to-date stock farmer
The ordinary box of stationery contains 24 sheets-.
Before the last sheet is gone you are tired of the
color, perhaps the size or the shape, and you want to
make a change. Before the last sheet is gone see our
stationery stock with all that is newest and best in
modern tints and tones with cuts and shapes that are
as individual as they, can be. Economy papers of
social distinction. Use them and you will be re-
marked for your smartness.
tend the cattle show at South St.|
A marriage license was issued on
January 2 by Clerk of Court Garrison
-to George R. Anderson of Atwater
land Emily Dahlstrom of Milaca".
Sixteen kinds of wild animals play a
|J|'-unique part in "Back to God's Coun-
try," shown at the Strand theater Sun
day and Monday, January 11 and 12.
Have you visited your local school
this year? The teacher would like to
have you do so. Better schools will re
sult in any community if all take an
^interest in them. A
Rfcfcff rtt
The "Rexall"
J. P. DeRose of Pease was in, Prince
ton on business Tuesday.
Attorney Evan H. Peterson was in
the cities on business Tuesday.
Do not sell a hide without getting
our prices. Townsend Produee com
pany. 44-tfc
O. Sternquist, an up-to-date Wya
nett farmer, was among our callers on
A son was born to Dr. and Mrs. Me
diae last Thursdaya real New Year
Ludwig Johnson of Greenbush, one
of the prosperous farmers of that
township, visited the Union force on
A dance will be given in the M. B.
A. hall, Wyanett, on Saturday even
ing, January 10. Music by Fixell's
orchestra. 3_ip
Follow the tracks of Wapi to" the
Strand theater Sunday and Monday,
January II and 12, and see "Back to
God's Country." 3_ic
Michael Quigley of Foreston was in
attendance at the annual meeting of
the county commissioners this week in
connection with his road proposition.
Hiss Margaret Armitage left here
on Monday to continue her studies at
Fond du Lac, Wis. She will graduate
in June. Her mother accompanied her
as far as St. Paul on the trip.
This (Thursday) evening a card par
ty will be held at St. Edward's at 8
o'clock. Lunch will be served by the
Christian Mothers after the games.
A cordial invitation is extended to all.
A special sale will be held at Mrs.
Dorff's milinery store, beginning to
morrow and lasting until stock is sold.
Trimmed hats from $1.98 to $2.98, also
hosiery at 35 cents and 50 cents per
pair. 3_ic
Among our callers on Saturday were
Geo. Deglman of Greenbush, E. A.
Taylor of Spencer Brook and Andrew
Larson of Brickton, all representative
farmers of this territory and hale fel
lows well met.
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. McCormic and
children returned to their home at
Alexandria on Monday. They were
visiting Mrs. McCormic's mother, Mrs.
Norah Dugan, and other relatives in
Mrs. A. E. Hayes and daughter,
Dorothy, left last Thursday for Wi
baux, Mont., for a visit of two weeks
with Mr. Hayes' parents. From there
they will go to San diego, Cal., for a
couple of months.
Fred Dugan and son were visiting
relatives and friends in this part of
We pay cash for eggs.
Produce Co.
A school of agriculture boy sold
$800 worth of melons from an acre
land last year. He kept an accu
rate reqord of all operations ,and can
tell just what they cost him to grow. "Uncle" Bill King was in from Wya-
That kind of bookkeeping pays on any nett on Monday and we are pleased to
country during the holidays. They
thei hom
Wfer good position withl a commercial
Little Jo,e Armitage is still unable to
be outdoors with his playmates in
consequence of a relapse, but his
friends hope he will soon be as active
as ever. Joe is one of the best na
tured and true-blue American boys in
the land.
Do you want to see something dif
ferent in films? Then see "Back to
God's country," from the story, "Wapi,
the Walrus," in Good Housekeeping by
James Oliver Curwood. Shown at the
Strand theater on Sunday and Ttfon
day, January 11 and 12.
Am now prepared to do your house
wiring. Henry Olson, Tel. 198. 3-2c
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
(Will Hatch next Tuesday afternoon.
Jesse Rogers was down from Kathio
yesterday and favored the Union with
a call.
A. J. Bjork has sold his interest in
the Bjork Bros.' garage to Oscar Lund
gren of Cambridge." ^f
Arthur M. Larson of the Braham
granite and marble works is in town
for a few days' stay.
Miss Agnes Pieters, who was home
for the holidays, has returned 'to her
millinery work in Minneapolis.
We have fine carnations in bloom
in our greenhouse, also white narcis
sus and violets. Princeton Green
house. 3_ip
H. F. Mann of Wahkon and JaS.
Warren of Onamia were here on busi
ness yesterday and favored the Union
with a call.
WantedAn experienced girl for
general housework in a small family.
Wages no object for right kind of girl.
Inquire at Union office. 3-tfc
Mrs. Ed. Nelson and little son, Alan,
who have been visiting the former's
girlhood home at Fargo, N. D., for the
past three weeks, returned home last
The sugar bowl has again been re
moved from the hotel dining rooms
and the fellow who is extravagant in
the use of the, sweetener is now com
pelled to economize.
Miss Grace Brennan, who was home
from Colerame, where she is teaching
in the public schools, for the holidays,
returned on Saturday. She is well
pleased with her position.
For SaleA six-burner, No. 9,
Majestic range, a first-class baker, in
perfect condition also cooking uten
sils of all kinds, several rugs and a
sanitary couch. Mrs. H. R. Mallctte.
P. M. Abrahamson was in from his
farm in Greenbush township on Tues
day. He is still on the section where
he was born 50 years ago and is a
very successful farmer as well as a
pleasant gentleman.
The West Branch creamery associa
tion will hold its annual meeting in the
school house of district 7, Estes Brook,
on Saturday, January 24, at 1 o'clock
sharp. As business of much impor
tance will come up for consideration
every member is asked to be in atten
dance. 3.2c
The big sacrifice sale at Alfred Me
hn & Co.'s store is attracting large
numbers of people and Manager
Berggren says he is well satisfied with
results. This sale will not close until
Saturday night, so you will have plen
ty of time to take advantage of the
bargains offered by this reliable firm.
The,Dorcas society held a business
meeting at the home of Mrs. C. A.
Jack yesterday afternoon and elected
officers for the ensuing year as fol
lows: President, Mrs. C. A. Jack
vice president, Mrs. Isabel Carleton
secretary, Mrs. Ed. Nelson treasurer,
Mrs. W. B. Milne. About 60 members
were present and delicious refresh
ments were served.
town on Monday. He says that he is
a great advocate of farmers' clubs and
organizations that will benefit the til
lers of the soil, but he does not be
lieve in paying out money for political
schemes and grafts from which the
farmers get no returns. Godfrey is
level headed. He does not propose to
deposit his hard-earned mone in a
sink hole. A
note that he is fully recovered from
his severe illness. Mr. King is one of
the old boys who once upon a time
cut wheat with a sickle for the first
governor of Minnesotaf He says he
took the advice of Horace Greeley,
who made an address a, St. Anthony
in those days, and acquired land, for
which: he has never been sorry. He
has proven himself to be a successful
farmer and in consequence is now able
to take life easy. zf
& Taking His Own Dope. ?jg|l
A physican on a liner made a great
use of seawater among his patients.
Whatever their trouble, a dose of the
briny liquid was given them, "~p.~
One day the doctor fell overboard.
A great bustle consequently ensued on
board, in the midst of which the cap
tain came up and inquired the cause.
"Oh, it's nothing, sir," answered a
tar, "only the doctor has fallen into i son.
his own medicine chest."
Townsend A Voice From the Tomb.
44-tfc Nearly a year ago this paper pre
dieted the political rejuvenation of
de ao
*setd tha would be an aggressivcel candidatte for
the democratioc for the
presidency that he was likely to get
the nomination that he would proba-
ou nomination that his plan
'of campaign in 1920, as in 1896, would
invojve the practical repudiation of
the record of the administration he
helped put in power four years before
on pledges forgotten and promises un
redeemed, i
Well, William J. is at large once
more. He is preparing to make the
effort to capitalize the discontent his
own party has created for its own
vindication, as he did in 1896, when
Cleveland and all his works were
thrown overboard and the country was
asked to forget and forgive alL that
had happened because Mr. Bryan had
changed the subject from the robber
tariff to the free and unlimited coinage
of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1.
Keep your eye on the colonel. His
lungs are as good as ever. He is as
much a demagogue as ever. He is as
anxious to run as ever. He needs ad
vertising worse than ever. The demo
cratic party is in the condition of a
badly run down individualm shape
to take any disease that comes along.
And then, besides, the great advan
tage nominating Bryan is that he
only runs for exercise* and his share
of the gate receipts.National Repub
"Me Too" Burleson.
The postoffice department's admin
istration of the telephone and tele
graph systems of the country during
the war has proven to be a duplica
tion of the sorry story of government
operation- of the railroads during the
same period, according to the final re
port upon this subject by Postmaster
General Burleson. Although the gov
ernment's activities in connection with
telephone and telegraph lines were not
so vast as its railroad activities, the
story pf the loss of millions of dollars
to the government is the same.
Irrefutable Evidence.
"You always,have the same wait
ress in the restaurant, don't you?" said
the business man.
"Always," replied his friend. "She's
very careful to bring me clean food."
"How do you know?"
"Why today I saw her brushing the
dust off my custard pie with her
Mrs. C. G. Haggberg and son visit
ed at the Jonas Grant home on Sun
day afternoon.
Miss Ella Jaemcke returned on Sun
day from her home at Princeton and
resumed her school duties on Monday.
The angel of death has again visited
this neighborhood, the fourth 4ime
within a month, this time taking av.ay
Mrs. Axel Olson, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. S. M. Smith. She had been ill
about five weeks Two weeks ago she
was taken to a Duluth hospital, where
she died at 5 o'clock Saturday after
noon. Ruth Smith, her maiden name,
was married to Axel Olson in Septem
ber, 1917, and she made her home here
most of the time. She leaves to mourn
her death her husband and little son,
Merriam Lester, aged seven weeks
her parents and five brothers, to whom
we extend our deepest sympathy in
this, their hour of sorrow.
Andrew Kalberg has purchased C.
G. Haggberg's cattle.
Godfrey Johnson of Wyanett was in Snake River visited relatives here on
Deborah and David Howard of
Mr. and Mrs. B. Olson and family,
who have been spending the holidays
at T. Knutson's, left for Minneapolis
on Monday, where they will reside un
til spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Aleckson of
Minneapolis, who have been visiting
at A. Aleckson's, returned home
last Friday. They were accompanied
by their nieces, Misses Arvilla and
Belle Aleckson, who will visit them a
few days.
Christ Knutson spent the New Year
in the cities.
Rev. Johnson of Fergus Falls held
services at T. Jensen's this week.
Mrs. John Torgerson fell and brote
her arm one day last week. Her
friends will be pleased to learn that
she is getting along nicely in spite of
her advanced age.
Jens and Edwin Hildahl of Canada
arc visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Knute Gunderson. Theyxw
homesteads near Calgary and report a
good crop last year.
A number of ladies pleasantly sur
prised Mrs. C. Jensen on Tuesday af
ternoon. Luncheon was^ served and a
pleasant afternoon spent. Mrs. Jen
sen was given many presents in token
of the day. The same day a large
number of Glendorado and Greenbush
ladies surprised Mrs. Knute Kittilson
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Kittil
A lunch was served and. Mrs.
Kittilson was given many beautiful.
ij*f St
Strand Theater
Program Beginning Sunday, Jan. 11
Sunday and Monday"Back to God's Country"
Adapted from the story of "Wapi, the Walrus," in
"Good Housekeeping" by James Oliver Curwood.
Winter scenes and Wapi's great fight for Dolores'
life, actually photographed away up in the Arctic
Circle. 16 varieties of wild animals.
Nell Shipman and Wheeler Oakman
/?"Bac to God's Country"
Never a Film Like This
Story of Dolores,.the swimming girl of the Canadian wilds, whose love
of animals makes them her friends and protectors. Matinee, children
15c war tax 2c adults, 25c war tax 3e. Evening, children, 20c war
tax 2c adults, 30c war tax 3c. Monday night two shows.
Tuesday"Perils of Thunder Mountains"
Episodes 10 and 11 oue reel comedy. Matinee, 5e and 10c war tax
extra. Evening, 10c and 15c war tax extra.
Wednesday and Thursday-
Featuring Bessie Love as a little Irish girl one reel Fox News Mat-
inee, 5c and 10c: war tax extra. Evening, and 15c war ta extra.
Friday and Saturday
presents.f\Mrs. Kittilson is a Mrar
bride and only recently came from
France with her husband, Knute Kit
tilson, who served in the army.
Miss Alma Odcgard is clerking at
the Oedgard & Perman store in San
The rabbits are hard on the young
fruit trees this winteu. Better protect
Starring Jack Pickford with Louise Huff one reel Fox News Mati-
nee 5c and 10c war tax extra. Evening, 10c and 15 war tax exira
A Wm. Fox special production of thoroughbreds and high life inter-
gj mingled with a basic drama of the human emotions.
If You Want The Best go to
Prime Meats of Every Variety, Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest Market Prices Paid for Cattle and Hogs
Main Street,
Jung's Arch Brace
.Relieves tHat tired feeling. Sold
on its merits and is guaranteed to
"please or money refunded.
VmBtf&)P**Bm FIV S
$1.00 a pair i
Princeton Orug Company
them some way,
a- v*.
a SI
Yankee Princess"
*||Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Carls6n of&%*il
TVfaywood, twin boys. Mrs. Carlsonip||!
was formerly Miss Effie Swan of this"^
vicinityr sgfe^
C. Jensen and son, Andrew,^ are busy1
hauling gravel for a large barn they
will erect on #ie Mooy farm, which ha
purchased for Wsson, Andrew.

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