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The M. C. A. and Girls' society
gave a surprise party at the H.
Droogsma home last Wednesday. A
goodly number of young people at
tended and spent a happy evening
with th newlyweds. Dainty refresh
ments were served. Fred donated the
Mr. and Mrs. J. A Jetsinga were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. De
Rose at a watch party last Wednes
day evening.
Mr and^Mrs. K. Dykstra have moved
"back to Sheldon, Iowa.
John Baas went to McGrath last
week to cry an auction for Garret De
Boer. He reports that everything
brought a good price.
A public auction will be held in
Pease on January 23, John Baas, auc
tioneer If you have anything you
wish to sell bring it mat that time.
Garret Strating was a Princeton vis
itor on Saturday
A large number of our young people
were warmly welcomed at the William
DeBoer home last Wednesday evening.
A jolly good time was had by all pres
ent, the guests returning to their
homes in the small hours of the morn
The Garret DeBoer family has
moved here from McGrath and^ they
are living on the K. Dykstra farm.
Garret purchased all of Mr Dykstra's
J. P. DeRose and H. Plattel were
Princeton visitors on Tuesday.'
Miss Ida Melme returned to Minne
apolis on Monday.
H. VandcrVeen has^noved into his
new residence.
H. Straighiff went to Big Lake New
YeaVs day and has decided to locate
there in a couple of months. Pease
-will then be without a blacksmith.
We have two sawing rigs around
this neighborhood at present. Ray
Oskey and E. Kok are both here.
Thirty-six tubs of butter were
^shipped this week.
The Misses DeVries of Prinsburg
are here visiting Miss Bertha Witt
John Talsma is very ill with pneu
monia. l~-^
4. Mr. Dunning of Prinsburg is visit
ing ,his grandparents, Mr. ond Mrs.
J. Brink.
^Thc six year old daughter of Mr. and
Men's Malone Vests, each $2.25
Men's large size Overalls, pair $1.38
1 lot Silks half price
1 lot Blankets, $2.49
1 lot Men's Dresfc Shoes, pair $6.50
1 lot Children's Wool Caps, each 10c
1 lot Wool Sweaters, half price
1 lot Felt Shoes, pair $1.50
1 lot Ladies' Middies, each $4.29
1 lot Laces, per yard 5C
1 lot Outing Flannel, yard 7 28c
1 lot Prints, per yard ..15c
1 lot Percale, per yard 18c
1 lot Lumbermen's Rubbers, pair $1.50
Hot Blankets, each $4.85
1 lot Boys' Winter Caps, each 29c
Princeton, The Daylight Store
Mrs. Swan Pierson passed away on
Monday. She had a severe form of
whooping cough and choked to death.
Much sympathy is felt for the be
reaved parents.
4. 41
Mrs. Alva Miller of Pipestone ar
rived here on Saturday evening for
a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Chasbro was an Opstead cal
ler last Friday.
Miss Myrtle Munson left for St.
Cloud on Monday morning, where she
will resume her studies.
Miss Eunice Bergquist, our primary
teacher, arrived here from Milaca on
Miss Lillian Evens of McGrath spent
Saturday and Sunday with Miss Effie
Mr. Mickelson of Redtop was seen
on our streets last Friday.
Miss Jo Kummert returned on Sat
urday evening* after spending the holi
days at her home in Little Falls.
Miss Viola Monson spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends in McGrath.
A clinic will be held the
homebaby of Mrs. E R. Sandstro oat Fri
day, January 9.
M. AvOwcn and family left on Mon
day for their new home at Motley. We
are sorry to see them leave but wish
them every success in their new home.
Miss Esther Cole of McGrath visit
ed friends in our village a few days
last week.
Several of our citizens attended the
movies at Wahkon on Friday evening.
Alfred Betgman made a trip to Min
neapolis last week.
Miss Vera Bennett is employed at
the O. A. Peterson home.
Clarence Haggberg returned from,
St. Cloud on Saturday evening.
Our school reopened on Monday af
ter a two weeks' vacation, t*
Dr. O. S
a professional caller in our village on
Miss Minnie Irland visited her par
ents at Redtop a few days last week.
Miss Hazel McCullough came down
from Eastwood last week and will at
tend school here. %f& -S^$JB&
Mrs. Janet Smith left the first of
the week for Davenport, Iowa.
After a great deal of suffering, Mrs.
Axel Olson passed away at a Duluth
hospital on Saturday afternoon. Her
{body arrived he*e on Monday morn-
Swennes of Wahkon was
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ebscn are visiting
relatives in South Dakota.
Gustaf Haggberg of Opstead was in
town on business one day last week.
A number of our business men at
tended the electric light meeting at
Onamia on Tuesday.
Stewart Monson left on Monday ifor
Ray, where he will be employed.
Last Saturday evening a jolly bunch
of young folks enjoyed a sleighnde to
the Caswell home, two miles west of
town. The evening was spent in play
ing games and "refreshments were
served at a late hour. A most delight
ful time is reported by all present.
Arthur Smith came down from Du
luth on Tuesday morning to attend-the
funeral of his sister, Mrs. Axel Olson.
7Wo More) Big Sale iDays^HdaylandjSaturday
Hundreds of New and Attractive Bargains For The Two Last Sale Days
Best Soda Crackers, pound.....(fie
Bulk Cocoa, pound 50c
Standard Peas, 2 cans 25c
Standard Corn, can.. |5c
Pure Cider,x
quart ,.-27e
Yeast Foam, package 4c
Soda, package .......6c
Large Package Raisins, 22c
Best Cream Cheese, pound 40c
Lard Substitute, pound 27c
Best Cranberries, pouud 10c
Best Mixed Nuts, pound 35c
Walnut Meats, pound $1.00
Walnuts in Shell, pound 45c
Corn Flakes, 3 packages 25c
Washington Crisps, package...|0c
Bulk Oatmeal, pound 6c
Full Count Matches, box 6c
Large can Calumet Baking
Powder, 27c
Best Lard, per pound 32c
A new baby arrived at the homo
Mr. and Mrs. I. Pierson.
Myron Berry has gone to the woods
to work for the winter.
Miss Madge Berry of Milaca and
Miss Genevieve Patton returned, to
their homes after visitmg Miss Olive
Berry. f- r-4
Frank Smith of the marines spent
Friday at the home of O. Hamilton, re
turning on Saturday to Ironton.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Byers and son,
Robert, and Miss Annie Petterson
spent Sunday at O. Hamilton's.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Foote returned
to their home Minneapolis, after
spending some time with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Libby.
Mr. and Mrs
family spent Sunday at Malker Ax's.
Mr and Mrs. Pete Mattson, Mr. and
Mrs. Satterstrom and Mr. and Mrs.
Nels Lunblad spent a day last week
at Gust Dahlme's.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Bockoven,
a baby girl.
John Haglund and
1 ^J^jjf
Mrs. Goodwin Gilbert of Hibbmg
was a guest at the Wm Kennedy home
a few days last week.
While., Henry Perry was prying a
log loose from the frozen ground on
Tuesday of last week he had the mis
fortune to fall and break his ankle.
Dr. Kling was called and took him to
the hospital at Milaca, where he is
getting along finely.
Everett Perry, who has been em
ployed in the blacksmith shop at Oak
Park, came home on Tuesday evening
to do chores while his father is in the
Mr. and Mrs. August Blomquist
gave a card party at their home on
New Year's eve. A number of neigh
bors were present and they report an
enjoyable time. _,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Atkinson spent
New Year's eve at the Britton home.
A few of the young folks from this
neighborhood attended the New Year's
dance at Foreston.
Mrs. Chas. Stewart and dprghter,
Edna, of Oklahoma are taking care of
the Miller children while Mr. Miller
accompanies the body of his wife, to
Missouri for burial.
Mr. and Mrs I. W. Deuel and fam
ily and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson
and children took New Year's dinner
at the Herman Axt home.
Miss Nellie Northway of Brook
Park visited on Friday and Saturday
with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. E. Northway. She left Saturday
morning for St. Cloud, where she will
enter business college
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller and daugh
ter Esther, of Celsier, S. D., came on
Thursday evening to spend a couple of
weeks with his brother, Chas., and
family.^/ S^^TV^
Tinctured With Gnrft.Jp*^*a,
Theodore H. Beaulieu, vice president
of the Society of American Indians, is
authority for the statement that the'
Indian bureau has 7,000 employes all
supported from the money belonging
to the redmen. 12 this is correct there
is considerable justification in his
statement that the abolishment of the
bureau would tend to solve the Indian
problem. The whole history of dea'ing
with the original Americans-is sadly
tinctured with graft^St. Cloud Jour
nal Press.
at Foreston.
Mrs. R. N.Atkinson
dinner on
Miss Edna Stewart toolc
Sunday with Bertha Deuel.
The Misses Clara and Hazel Hen
schel spent Sunday with their sister
and cousin, Mrs. Herman Barnick.
School in district 6 opened on Mon
day morning after a two weeks' vaca
tion. ^*^wJjSg$, JSr%t
The Axt brothers purchased a saw
rig from the Rowen brothers last
week.|^ *i*
Jergo:,S 0$Skhl*& Minneapolis^*is
spending his holiday vacation with his
parents here.
Roy Atkinson, Harold Johnson and
Will Totzke have joined the band boys
On all Ladies' Winter Coat? one-third off?? 1
On all Ladies! ^Corsets, 10 per ct. discount
On all Ladies Dress Skirts, 20 per ct dis.
All Ladies Furs at half price
Pillow Tubing, per yard 59c
500 yards Dress Gingham, yard 29c
Betsy Ross^Crochet Cotton, spool 0c
1 lot Ribbon, yard IOC
Yarn, grey skein...r 600
All the wool Dress Goods, yd. 10 per ct. dis.
On all Munsing Underwear, 10 per ct dis.
1000 pairs Ladies' Fleeced Hose, pair 430
Ladies' Burson Hose, pair 43
On all Mackinaws discount of 10 per cent
Another lot Glassware and Dishes, each 25c
is on the sick
(Too late for last week.)
Nels Anderson and son, Alfred,
called Sunday of last week at the
Isaacson home.
Clyde Rowen, who underwent an op
eration for appendicitis at Drs. Kling
and Stocking's hospital at Milaca on
November 18, returned home on Sun
day of last week. He is much im
proved although yet very weak and is
being cared for by his uncle and^ aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rowen.
Miss Mildred Stromwall visited on
Tuesday evening at the Bloomquist
Archie Cone came homo on Tuesday
evening to spend the holidays with his
family here.
Percy ?nd Lester Deuel and Leslie
Cone are cutting wood for Perry
Henry Perry went to Oak Park on
Tuesday to get his son, Hallard, and
wife, to spend Christmas with him.
Perry Rowen and Ferman Barber of
Foreston, while at Remer last weelj,
purchased a creamery They expect
to move there March to take posses
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Northway and
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Northway and
children spent Christmas with the John
Aarseth family.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bleed and Mr.began
and Mrs. W. N. Monson took Christ
mas dinner at the Arthur Lind home.
Emil Barnick assisted his brother,
Paul, of Foreston move to Onamia two
days last week.
I. F. Callandar took the train to St.Sirene,
Cloud on Friday, where he visited his
daughters, Mrs. George Allen and Mrs
Archie Taylor, returning Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Axt and son, Don
ald, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Axt and
sorj, Ronald, spent Christmas day at
the A. G. Bemis home. ^^^ft
I. F. CallandarVteam ran away one
day last weeK^He was hauling lum
ber of the Gibheard farm and lefrt
them standing alone. When her turned
around they had
home. Fortunately oifniP was hurt
except Mr. Callanda^g feplings, as heremains
had to walk home.
MTss Blanche !y$pjl P*e
painful accident1
wit a
on Wednesday, when
she fell and sprained her ankle. She
was taken to Milaca, where tne doctor*
put it into a cast to be left three weeks,^
but at this writing it is much improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Nete Anderson were*-'
entertained at the Bloomquist home on
Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. James Chisnolm oT
Foreston spent Christmas at th6 Emil
Stromwall home.
Mrs. W. Britton laft for Wiscon
sin on Monday morning to attend heir
father's funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Hallard "erry of Oak
Park came over -Saturday evening and
spent Sunday at the Home of Henry*
Perry. f*
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sederqaist and
family spent Christmas at Mille acs
Mr. and Mrs Ernest Axw Mrs Earl
Axt and Clair Bemis autoe 1 to Prince
ton on Sunday to see Dr Cooney in
regard to Mrs. Ernest Axt's health.
Myron Northway and wife and chil
dren spent Monday afternoon at John
The residents' of this community
were greatly shocked and grieved by
hearing of the death of Mrs. Chas. Mil
ler, which occurred at her home on Sat
urday morning, December 27, where
she committed suicide by drowning.
Mrs. Miller had been on the verge of
insanity for several months. When
her husband awoke early Saturday
morning he was alarmed to find her
missing from the house, and search
at once to find her. Just at day
light she was discovered, lifeless, in
the watering tank near the house. Dr.
Odell, the coroner, of Milaca was sum
moned and, after an investigation, he~~"
declared it was a case of suicide. H.
the undertaker, was called at gjr
once* and prepared the body for burial, spjp
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller was 43 years of
age at the time of her death, and
leaves to mourn her departure a sor
rowing husband and four children, two
sons and two daughters: Glea, aged
9, Gladys, aged 7 Loto, aged 4 and
Snowden, aged 11 months besides an
aged father, O. W. Shockley, and a
step-mother, at Crocker, Mo. one^l
brother of the same place and a sister, Jr
Mrs. Chas. Stewart, of Oklahoma. The
bereaved ones have the sympathy of
all ki their hour of great sorrow. The^
were shipped to Missouri for
burial. Mrs. Chas. Stewart and daugh-l&
ter of Oklahoma arrived on Monday
evening to attend the funeral of Mrs.

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