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Shauer started it off with a single and
hits by Fisher and Berg put him
around and scored him. Again in the
fourth inning Princeton squeezed in
another one when Caley got on and
scored from second when Fisher
mauled out his second hit in two
times xip. At the opening of the
sixth the score still stood 3 to 2 in
favor of Milaca. Princeton jumped
into the lead in this round when
Shauer and Caley both scored, aided
a whole lot by another clout by the
mighty "Fish."
At this stage of the game the
Princeton rooters had their chance to
tell the world what a fine ball team
they had and how the Milaca team
was easy pickings for their pets. This
chesty feeling was soon done away
with though, for in the last half of
the seventh, with a limner at first,
Dahlstrom diove out a high fly into
left field. Smith made a desperate ef
fort to knock the ball down but fell
into a clump of weeds and thistles
that had no paiticulnr business being
out in the playing field. While he
groped around in the jungle for the
jtost pill Dahlstrom and his teammate
went tearing over the home plate,
thus giving Milaca a one run lead
'aain Much joy in the Milaca section
again and deep gloom on the Prince
ton side.
'Princeton again wheeled her bat
teries into position for another des
perate attempt to win. With one
down Caley hit safe and a minute later
Fisher drove the bill outside the lot.
A ground lule only allowed two
bases to the batter and Caley was held
at third by the same rule. Caley
scored on an attempted sacrifice by
Berg and all hands were safe. Hudsre
grounded one and Fisher was out at
the plate. Labissoniere came up with
the score five all, two out and two
Princeton runners clutter'ng up the
bases front of him. Louie took a
per 100 lbs.
per fb
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2Vz can
quart jar
Large Can Milk,
Seedless Raisins,
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15c 10c
45c 35c 35c 35c 35c 25c 20c 25c 20c
Rice, per pound
Large Pork and Beans,
2 cans for
Fancy Bacon,
per ft
Fslncy Salt Pork,
per lb
KKKK Fat Herring,
per lb
20-oz. Jar Sweet Pickles,
for 20-oz. Jar Sour Pickles,
Green Gage Plums,
2Vz can
Good Prunes,
per lb
per dozen
lb Can Salmon,
Mustard Sardines,
per can
Assorted Fancy Jams,
sale Large Can Egg Plums,
sale Mixed Cookies,
per lb
Fancy Brick Cheese,
per lb
Fancy Cream Cheese,
per lb
Tall Pink Salmon,
per can
Post Toasties,
large package
Small Post Toasties,
2 pkgs
Large Kellogg's Corn
The Quality Store
long, healthy swing at the ball and
away she went to a sawdust pile over
by an ice house in deep left field. The
two runners romped home and the
Princeton gang again told the world
about their ball club. Milaca failed
to score in the eighth and Princeton
likewise in their half of the ninth.
Then came the last half of the ninth
and the big blow-up already described.
Fisher batted a perfect score against
Crawford, the Milaca twirler. Four
hits out of four times up and two
of these doubles. Wow! As they
said on the Milaca bills advertising
(this game.
"Louie" Labissoniere did himself
proud Sunday. Pitted against the
foxy Crawford he pitched a nervy
game of ball, struck out four and only
allowed eight scattered hits. Regard
less of several heart-breaking errors
made behind him Louis stuck gamely
to his post and piloted the ship of
state safely into harbor. Crawford
worked just as hard for Milaca, struck
out nine and was touched up for 12
hits, half of which wore for extra
Severt Petterson, playing left field
for Princeton, was hit in the head by
a pitched ball in the very opening of
the game. After a few minutes time
he gamely insisted tha^he was able
to go on but finally retired in favor of
Smith. It is reported there are no
bad after effects from this unfortunate
Ravenscraft of Ogilvie and Harry
'Biadford of Milaca umpired the game
and naturally had to stand considera
ble abuse from both sides, owing to
the closeness of the play and where ev
ery decision had an important bearing
on the final result. Both men worked
hard and conscientiously, and if um
piring mistakes were made by either
of them they were without regard as
to which team was eo profit by the
Milaca will be down to the county
fair on Tuesday, August 24, which will
be the 'big "Milaca day," and their
ball team will be there ready to fight
it out to a finish with the Princeton
club. This should be one of the best
attractions at the fair, as these teams,
as they lined up Sunday, are about
evenly matched. Any advantage that
tHe Princeton club might have in this
game by virtue of being on their home
of any of our roasts, steaks,
chops, etc., and you'll get
equally fine flavored, tender,
juicy meat. We sell only one
gradethe choicest. Yet we
sell so much and are so mod
est in our ideas of profit that
our prices are as low as the
lowest. Why pay more or as
much for meats not so high
The City Meat Market
Princeton, Minnesota
(^Adjustment Basis
Fabric Tires
6ooo JMks
A Goodrich Tire is one necessity sold at less than pre-warprices,
Goodrich Tires cost 15% to 20% less than they did in 1910
and give far greater service.
Caley Hardware Co., and Odegard's Garage, Princeton
J. A. Lynch, Foreston Isle Service Co., Isle
Motormart, Milaca Milaca Hardware Co., Milaca
Ike Ykema, Pease Morrison Lumber Co., Wahkon
grounds is more than offset by the
fact that they have a hard game on
Monday, August 23, with Anoka, one
of the fastest semi-aro. teams in the
state, and will play the limit in order
to take Anoka's measure.'
"Hank" Larson, Milaca's highly ad
vertised "rooter king, lived up to his
reputation in every detail. Hank
whooped it up before, during and af
ter the game, and still insisted Milaca
had a chance to win after the ball
game was over and the growd had
gone. Hank sure is a persistent cuss.
He has voice enough to make a second
Billy Sunday.
"Pongo" Olsen. manager and part
owner of the Milaca club, was missing
from the Sunday fracas. He was re
ported to be in Montana on his vaca
tion. Had he put his ear to the ground
out there he would have heard the va
rious shouts of triumph from the con
tending sides as first one team and
then the other appeared to be vic
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