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Rev. Clark autoed to Foley on Wed
Mrs. Tice and son, Ben, were down
from Princeton the last of the week
to visit Ralph Tice at the cream sta
tion here.
Mrs. Tigue and children spent a few
days of last week at the Chas Hetrick
home in Baldwin.
A little son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Neumann last Wednesday.
Mrs. Hale left for her home at Tur
tle River last Wednesday evening, af
ter spending a few weeks with her
.daughter, Mrs. Berglund.
Muriel Waterfield of Elk River vis
ited at the R. F. Brown home one day
last week.
H. R. Caley was up from Elk^River
on Tuesday.
Swen Right of Milaca was in town
on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rust and baby
returned on Friday evening from a
ten days' visit with Mr. Rust's people
at Vesta. Mr. Rust resumed his work
at the bank on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Serrurier of
Princeton were in town on Thursday.
Mr. Nash transacted business in Elk
River on Friday.
Frank Kight autoed to Minneapolis
on Sunday. He took his little daugh
ter, Doris, with him.
Mrs. Frank Nyquist had the misfor
tune to run a rusty nail into her foot
last Frnday.
Quite a large crowd attended the
movies on Saturday evening.
Miss Lillian Stendahl spent the past
-week on an auto trip with relatives.
"The party stopped at Detroit to visit
Eleanor Stendahl, who is employed
Florence and Julia Peterson of Ogil
vie were guests at the Nash home on
Friday and Saturday of last week.
They returned to their home on Satur
day accompanied by Ethel Nash and
Winton Peterson. The young peo
ple attended the dance at Big Lake on
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs". A. Troll and son, Clif
ford Mr. and Mrs. Gray and daugh
ter, Flossie, and N. B. Heck, uncle and
cousins\of Mrs. Kettleson, autoed out
from Minneapolis on Sunday and spent
the day here.
Mrs. E. H. Foley and children and
Mrs. Billy Foley and little son stopped
in town Sunday on their way to Spen
cer Brook.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hanson and lit
tle son autoed to Minneapolis on Sun
day. Mrs. Hanson and baby remained
for a few days' visit in the city.
Mr. Donovan was transacting busi
ness in the city one day last week.
Send your subscription in today.
Ethel Nash was in Elk River last
A lawn social will be given on Tues
day evening, August 31, at the M. E.
church, by several members of the M.
E. Ladies' Aid society. A splendid
program is being prepared and games
and other amusements will be played.
Ice cream and cake will be for sale
during the evening. Everybody come
and bring your friends and have them
bring their friends. Help the ladies
make a success of their undertaking.
The M. E. Ladies' Aid society will
he entertained at the R. F. Brown
nome on Friday, August 27, to which
-,all are invited,
autoed to Hinckley on Sunday.
"'Didn't you see it in the Union, or
haven't you subscribed?
Mr. Boutell of Minneapolis, in be
half of the anti-saloon league, will
give a discourse on this line next Sun
day morning at 11 o'clock at the M. E.
tsSrurch. This promises to 'be interest
ing and instructive, and no doubt many
^*AMELS have wonder
ful full-bodied mellow
mildness and a flavor as
refreshing as it is new.
Camels quality and Camels expert
blend of choice Turkish and choice
Domestic tobaccoswin you on merits.
Camels blend never tires your taste. And,
Camels leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste
Jior unpleasant cigaretty odor!
What Camels quality and expert blend can
mean to your satisfaction you should find
out at oncel It will prove our say-so when
you compare Camels with any cigarette
in the vsorld at any price!
-Camels are sold everywhere in scientifically seated packages of 20
cigarettes for 20 cents or ten packages (200 cigarettes) in a glassine
.paper-covered carton. Wc strongly recommend this carton tor the
Jiotne or office supply or when you travel.
Winston-Salem, N.
will be glad of the opportunity., pre
sented to hear this speech.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nash and sons
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wright and the
Donovan family attended the picnic at
the German Lutheran church in Li
vonia on Sunday.
A very pleasant event of last Sun
day was a family reunion at the Carl
Olson home. About 40 people autoed
out from Minneapolis (all being rela
tives) and spent a happy day. Mrs.
Olson provided them with a bounte
ous dinner and supper consisting of
so many delightful varieties it was
hard to do justice to them all. It was
a joyful affair for them all, and they
returned at a late hour, vowing it.
would not be their last trip to the,
If you want all the news why not|
subscribe for the Union?
Remember the social on Tuesday
night, August 31.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Swanson and chil
dren autoed to Lake Minnetonka to
spend Sunday.
Heber Kilmartin went to Minneap
olis on Monday morning. ISLE
Mr. and Mrs. Strom of Minneapolis
visited at the Chas. Malone home last
E. W. Dwyer left on Wednesday for
Minneapolis, after spending a week's
vacation here with his daughter, Mrs.
M. E. McGonagle.
Peter Sehlin of Opstead was in town
on Thursday.
Harry Bergman left last week for
Canada, where he will be employed.
B. F. McLaughlin left on Thursday
for Austin, after spending a brief va
cation here.
Frank Hank is making some im
provements on his land east of town.
Balford Hopper arrived here from
North Dakota last Thursday evening.
The dance at the pavilion last Sat
urday evening was well attended.
Mrs. Johnson and daughter, Ruby,
of Miles City, Mont., are visiting the
former's sister, Mrs. Nels Munson, of
'..his place.
John Haggberg left on Saturday for
International Falls for a few days' vis
it with his son, Chester.
Miss Merle Eye of Redtop was in
town the first of the week.
Lewis Ice came down from White
Pine on Saturday morning.
Peter Peterson and family and Miss
Alfield Anderson of Opstead visited
at Otto Haggberg's last Sunday.
Miss Hanna Gilbertson returned
home on Tuesday, after spending the
past two weeks at Luvcrne, St. Paul,
Minneapolis and other points.
Miss Florence Larin left on Monday
morning for Minneapolis, after spend
ing a two-months' vacation with her
Arthur J. Mulvey of Stillwater was
in town on Tuesday.
The O. Woodard and S. Nyquist
families autoed to Crosby last Sun-
day, returning the same day.
Our public school will open Septem
ber 7.
G. W. OIney and family left on
Wednesday for Minneapolis, after
spending the summer at their cottage
in Highland park.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Haggberg enter
tained the G. W- Olney family and Mr.
and Mrs. M. E. McGonagle at supper
last Tuesday evening.
George Fischer autoed up from St.
Paul on Sunday.
Miss Ferguson of Hinckley was in
town on Tuesday.
.Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and daughter,
Charlene, of Superior, Wis., are spend
ing a week camping at Monson's Scen
ic park.
Misses Shromoff and Gressner of
Virginia spent the past week visiting
Miss Lorence Monson.
Mrs. John Carlson and family at
tended the fair at Princeton on Tues
Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf Haggberg and
son spent Sunday in Isle.
F. Green of the Hackett, Gates &
Hurty Hardware Co., St. Paul, was in
town on business on Tuesday.
Through thorough research we have dis
covered the CAUSE OP GOITER.
Now we have the remedies for its Success
ful Treatment.
Why Suffer?
Do not resort to surgery under our treat
ment improvement is immediate. Hun
dreds are being cured.
Write for Pamphlet on GOITER.
6 East Lake Street Minneapolis
Office Hours: 10 to 121 to 3 p. m.
If You Want The Best go to
Prime Meats of Every Variety, Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest Market Prices Paid for Cattle and Hogs
Main Street, Princeton
Yes Sir-ee!
this place. Cambridge Sunday school,
with its pastor, Rev. Lundquist, and
Oxliptand Bradford schools, with their
pastor, and the Princeton M. E. Sun
day school are expected. All day ser
vices will be held. All are invited to
come and bring well-filled lunch bas
kets. Hot coffee will be served to all
at noon by the Spencer Brook Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Lilly spent Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Webb.
Mrs. Chas. Levander has let the con
tract to Ole Olson to rebuild the "barn
that was recently destroyed by fire.
Chas. Tompkins went to Anoka last
week for medical treatment.
Mrs. Chas. Babb and Mrs. Pearl
Moody have been on the sick list the
past week.
Will Ship Livestock.
We will take in livestock on Mon
day, August 30, for shipment. Per
sons desiring to ship should list their
stock with us on Friday, August 27.
Val Sausser, Manager
35-2c Farmers' Co-operative Co.
Eugene LeFayor and family of Brad
ford were Sunday visitors at the A.
A. Babb home.
Mrs. Whiting and daughters, Anna
and Jennie, returned to their home in
Minneapolis on Friday, after a week's
visit at this place and Princeton.
Mrs. Barnum and son, Charles, and
Miss Dot Barnum went to Anoka on
Saturday, returning on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanney re
turned to Hopkins on Tuesday, after
spending a few weeks visiting at the
I. F. Walker home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman spent
Sunday evening at the E. Ellingwood
Mrs. N. A. Messer, son, Clarence,
and daughter, Julia, Mrs. L. Larson
and Mrs. Hanson from Luck, Wis., are
visiting friends and relatives here.
Mr. Bockoven and family spent Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Next Sunday, August 29, a Sun
day school convention will be' held at
Licensed Auctioneer
Pease, Minn.
Have had considerable experience
in vicinity of Pease under direc
tion of Col. Simon Hoitinga. Best
of references. Satisfaction guaran
teed. Your patronage appreciated.
Phone calls 140F213 28F310.
Select your tires aa~
.cording to the roada
they have to travel:
In 3andyor hilly coun
try, wherever the going
is apt to be heavy*-The
17. S. Nobby.
For ordinary country
roadsThe U. S. Chain
or Usco.
For front wheels
The U. S. Wain.
For best results
every where-XJ.S. Royal
(Dated Aug. 26-3t)
Persons holding county warrants numbered
as follows:
Road and Bridge.
All road and bridge warrants outstanding
to date on F. A. P. No. 170
will please present the same to the county
treasurer at Princeton, Minn., for payment.
Interest on the above numbered warrants will
cease thirty days from and after this date.
Dated Princeton, Minn., Aug. 26, 1920.
County Treasurer, Mille Lacs County.
Better Than Pills
For Liver Ills.
1 to tons and strengthern
the organs
Get a
25c. Bex
_. of digestion and
elimination, improve appetite,
stop sick hsadaches, relieve bil
iousness, correct constipation.
They act promptly, pleasantly,
mildly, yet thoroughly.
Tomorrow Alright
C. A. Jack Drug Co., Druggist.
EN might
see or two
automobiles waiting outside
the station, when the weather
was pleasant.
Today the squate is crowd
ed with them. And most of
the cars you generally see
there are moderate-price cars,
Anybody who tells you that
owners of moderate-price
cars are not interested in the
quality of their tires has
never met very many of
We come in contact with
the small car owner every
day and we have found that
he is just as much interested
as the big car owner.
-You Save Money"
says the Good Judge
And get more genuine chew
ing satisfaction, when you use
this class of tobacco.
This is because the full, rich,
real tobacco taste lasts so
long, you don't need a fresh
chew nearly as often.
And a small chew gives more
real satisfaction than a big chew
of the ordinary kind ever did.
Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will tell vou
Put uj in two styles
W-B GUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
If You Have Anything to Sell Advertise it in the Union
When the 4rain came
in back in l9iO
United States- Tires
Caley Hardware Company
There is one tire, at least,
that makes no distinction
between small cars and large
cars so far as quality is con
cernedthe U. S. Tire.
Every U. S. Tire is just
like every other in quality
the besr its builders know
how to build.
Whatever the size of your
car, the service you get out
of U. S. Tires is the same.
It isn't the car, but the man
who owns the car, that sets
the standard to which U. S.
tires are made.
We feel the same way
about it. That's why we
represent U. S. Tires in this

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