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Follows in the wake of Coughs and Colds.
Will The Flu Return?
That we cannot say. It was not expected last
year, but it DID. Be prepared nowlay in a stock
of flu needs. The following partial list of remedies
are indicated:
Rexall Cherry Bark, 40c, 75c and $1.25
SanToxPine Balsams, 35c65c and $|,25
Stubborn coughs yield quickly to these cough
Musterole, 35c and 65c
Vick's Vapo Rub,35c and 75
Both of these remedies are a soothing application
to the chest.
RexiH Laxative Asperin Tablets, 25c,
Knock a cold in the head- and reduce fever.
Visit our store and you'll find scores of other
items that are adaptable to preventing flu and break-
ing up colds.
C. A. Jack Drug Co.
Open Sundays from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M.
Georce I. Staple* it the only penon who to
thorized to collect money due thia office. In
rery case the party paying money if entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt. MRS. R. G. DUNN, Publisher.
Dance at armory February 7.
O. F. benefit dance at Caley's hall,
Friday, Februaiy 4 7-lc
Basketball games at
gym. tomorrow night.
high school
Mrs. Viola Branchaud was visiting
in Minneapolis on Monday.
Attend the benfit dance at
ball tomorrow (Friday) night
Mrs. Clair Smith was visiting
friends in Minneapolis on Monday.
The Civic Betterment club will meet
next Tuesday evening in the rest room
at 7:45.
Max Cordiner was up from Elk
River Sunday on a visit to his buddy,
Claude Morton.
Sam Droogsma, the Milo Hereford
man, was in the twin cities on live
stock business this week.
A dance will be given in the M. B. A.
hall, Wyanett, on Saturday evening,
February 5. A four-piece orchestra
will furnish music. 7-lp
Mrs A. P. Crossmrm of Minneapolis,
who was visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mr Wm. Veal, in this village, re
turned home on Monday.
The village fire whistle has been
taken down to have its vocal organs
repaired. It cannot be denied that it
needed the attention of a specialist.
Gramer's big sale starts next Satur
day, February 5. Avail yourself of
the opportunity to buy hardware and
furniture at 35 cents on the dollar.
Mrs. Chadwick, who was a guest at
the McMillan home for several days,
returned to her home in Minneapolis
on Monday. She was accompanied by
Mrs. McMillan.
Mrs. George Ross, who was operat
ed upon for appendicitis by Dr. Coon
ey at the Northwestern hospital or
Sunday, is progressing favorably to
ward recovery.
A season ticket to the rest of the
lyceum courseincluding tonight's
concertadmits you to three enter
tainments. City prices would be one
dollar for each entertainment.
Bring in your laundry any time*
Baskets shipped every Tuesday to the
"White laundry, Minneapolis. Dry
cleaning done also. For information
see Harrington & Ness at the barber
^hop. 7-2c
At the concert tonight vou will hear
two violinists, a cornet player, a flut
ist, a cello player and a soprano solo
ist. The program is varied. There
will be solos, duets, trios and orchestra
Miss Ida Oelschlager, formerly of
Princeton but now of Minneapolis, was
hostess at a dinner and birthday par
ty given at 2288 Lake of the Isles
boulevard, Minneapolis, on Friday in
honor of her sister, Miss Anna Oel
The "Rexall"
Concert at high school tonight.
Don't forget the concert at the high
school tonight.
Come and see our new line of staple
goods at the Bazaar. 7-lc
W. A. Gfrerer, the jeweler, was in
Minneapolis on business Monday.
B. W. Wood of Yakima, Wash., was
here visiting his brother, Art, this
William Chalstrom of Wyanett was
visiting relatives in Minneapolis this
Twenty-five per cent discount on all
candy box goods during the month of
February at Scheen's. 7-lc
Go to the concert at the high school
auditorium tonight. You will spend
a pleasurable evening.
Why not repair your well curbing
now with a material that is everlast
ing? See L. E. Bergman. 7-lc
Dr. J. F. Kothman, optometrist, will
be in town on Tuesday, Feb. 22. Eyes
examined and glasses fitted. Office
at Merchants' hotel. 2-tfc
Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Milne and
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Thomas attended
a concert given by the Apollo club in
Minneapolis on Tuesday.
A big dartce will be given at the
armory on Monday evening, February
7, by the legionaires. This will be the
last dance before Lent. You are in
vited to be there. 7-lc
Another of those old-time dances
will be given at Odd Fellows hall to
night. Old-time dances are always en
joyable affairs. Attend and pass a
pleasurable evening.
Mrs. M. M. Briggs has received
word that Mrs. G. M. Blakney died
fit her home in Seattle, Wash., on Jan
uary 25. Mrs. Blakney was a sister
ht-iftw of Mrs. Briggs.
We have at this time quite a large
stock of concrete building blocks.
Farmers who intend to build in the
spring should haul the blocks home
this winter. L. E. Bergman. 7-lc
John Hager of Wyanett was among
our visitors on Saturday. John is one
of those progressive farmers who
knows exactly how to tickle the soil
so as to obtain the best results.
Ralph Iliff and Anna Neilson of
Sherburne county were married by
Rev. Henry Nobbs at the Methodist
parsonage on Monday afternoon. The
witnesses were Blanche Iliff and Frank
On Friday morning Dr. Cooney per.
formed a delicate operation on Miss
Florence Magnus, when he trepanned
her skull to remove bone pressure on
the brain. A portion of the skull was
cut away and the patient is fest recov
ering. She is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Magnus of Glerdorado.
The Mendelssohn Music club will
give a concert in the high school audi
torium this (Thursday) evening and
the entertainment is one of the best
in the lyceum series. The club com
prises six membersall musicians of
note. Lovers of first-class music can
not afford to remain away from the
I lyceum concert tonight.
Stamped baby dresses* scarfs, lunch
sets and doilies at the Bazaar. 7-lc
WantedTo buy, some hay, de
livered or on the meadow. Herman
Thoma, phone 40F410. 7-lp
The out-of-town women are invited
to attend an all-day reception in the
rest room on Saturday.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid society
will meet with Mrs. Nobbs next Thurs
day afternoon, February 10.
Word has been received that a baby
girl has just recently arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Whitney.
Miss Esther Anderson, who has been
in Princeton during the past month,
returned to her home in Minneapolis
on Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Allen drove
down from Milaca yesterday to see
Mrs. Geo. Ross, who is in the North
western hospital.
During the month of February
there will be a special reduction on ajl
tpianos and sewing machines at E^
ing's store. Step in and look over the
stock. 7-lc
Tomorrow (Friday) evening the
Cambride high school quint will play
the locals at the high school gymna
sium. There will also be a game be
tween two girls' teams. Hard fought
battles are expected.
Gramer's sale commences next Sat
urday. Twenty thousand dollars'
worth of hardware and furniture,
some of it slightly damaged by smoke,
must be sold to make room for new
stock. Goods will go at 35 cents on
the dollar. 7-lc
Mr. Heyns has installed a Globe
light and power plant, which he pur
chased from J. A. Kuether, and it is
giving every satisfaction. P. C. Van
Someren and T. Segersma have each
bought a set of Globe batteries from
the same dealer.
A meeting of the Princeton Commer
cial club will be held at the armory to
morrow (Friday) night for the pur
pose of completing arrangements for
active work. Members and those con
templating joining the organization
are asked to be present.
All ten cents packages of candy
eight cents at Screen's. 7-lc
Sheriff Shockley was in town
official business Tuesday.
Mrs. Adna Orton went to Minneap
olis on Monday to purchase millinery
for her store.
Regular meeting of the American
legion tonight at the armory. Mem
bers, please attend.
Test all seeds now. It is not a good
plan to sow untested seeds. Get only
the best from reliable firms. It pays.
Mrs. W. H. Smith went to Minne
apolis Tuesday morning and returned
Wednesday evening.
A program and box social will be
held in the Wyanett school house, dis
trict 42, on Friday evening, February
11, at 8 o'clock.
A. S. Mark and son, Bert, will start
for New York city on a purchasing
trip Saturday. Upon that occasion
Mr. Mark will give his son his first
lesson in the art of buying merchan
Cole's confectionery can supply you
with a delicious dessert for your Sun
day dinner, home-made ice cream in
bricks. Orders delivered. This week
it will be Napoleon, chocolate and
vanilla. 7-lc
Mr and Mrs. Plumondorc returned
on Saturday from a visit to their
daughter, Mrs. Alex Valle of Anoka.
They returned unexpectedly because of
Mr. Plumondore's sudden illness, as he
wished to consult Dr. Cooney.
A fare and a half will be charged
by the Great Northern for a round
trip to the annual meeting of the
Northwestern Automobile and Trade
association in Minneapolis. Tickets
will be on sale from February 4 to
11, good to return until February 15.
In the high school next Saturday
at 1 p. m. the southern section of the
Teachers' Reading circle will meet.
The program will include a contest in
arithmetic and spelling by the sixth
and seventh grades and a talk on pub
lic health by Miss Leah Barskey, coun
ty nurse
February 14
The Victor Record is a most appropriate valen-
tine, one that can be readily mailed and one to be
enjoyed every day of the year. Select one oi her
favorite records. We have just received our February
records including the first records by Sothern and
Marlow whose dramatic achievements parallel the
musical triumphs of the great singers and^ instru-
mentalists who make Victor Records. Look over this
list and you will appreciate the wealth of new music
and entertainment presented. Mark the numbers you
would like to hear and call and we will play them
for you.
Passepied (From "Le Roi s'amuse")
Come Ye Disconsolate
Love Nest Violin
Romeo and JulietBalcony ScenePart
Sothern and Julia Marlow
Romeo and JulietBalcony ScenePart II
Sothern and Julia Marlow
Eighth Symphony in MajorAllegretto Scherz
ando Philadelphia Orchestra
When You're Gone I Won'tJForget Peerless Quartet)
There's a Vacant ehair at Home Sweet Home 18705 10
Charles Harrison
Uncle Josh in a Cafeteria Cal Stewart
Uncle Josh and the Honey Bees
Twelfth Street RagFox Trot
Dotty DimplesOne Step
My Isle of Golden DreamsWaltz
White Marimba Band
Let the Rest of the World Go By mim
Ferera-Anthony Franchini
Just Snap Your Fingers at CareDarlingMedley i
Fox Trot Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra i
CaressesI'm a Lonesome Little RaindropMedley 35704 12
Fox Trot Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra
Number siae Price
Mischa Elman 64103 10 fl 25
Mabel Garrison 64920 10 1.25
Fritz Kreisler 64924 10 1.25
I E. H.
74662 12 1 75
E. H.
74663 12 1.75
74661 12 1 75
18711 10 .85
Cal Stewart
All Star Trio 1fi71o
All Star Trio
Blue and
-Waltm Fran
Call and we will gladly give you an
illustrated booklet describing these
new Victor Records and play any
music you wish to hear. New Victor
Records on sale the 1st of each month.
Victrolas in great variety from $25
to $225.
Ewing's Music Store
^18716 10 .85
The Christian Mothers gave a card
party on Tuesday evening and 2G
tables were occupied by the players.
A nice luncheon was served after the
Mrs. Bartles of Wisconsin, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. Julia
Roos, returned to her home Monday.
Mrs. Roos accompanied her to Minne
apolis and returned last night.
The Methodists Ladies' Aid society
held an all-day session at the church
last Thursday. A chicken dinner was
served at noon when the ladies were
joined by their husbands. About sev
enty were present at the dinner and
these church dinners arc worth attend
An army recruiting party in charge
of Sergeant John Hoock will be at the
Princeton postoffice on February 7.
These agents will accept men for al
most every branch of the service and
furnish transportation to one of the
army recruiting stations for assign
ment to the organization of their selec
On Monday Mrs. Ewing received a
letter from Miss Kathryn Wold, who
was then in Philadelphia but ready to
leave for the national capitol. Kath
ryn's tour of the country has now ex
tended over a period of five months
and she will soon return to Princeton.
She says she believes in seeing Amer
ica first.
A hard-times party consisting of
about 45 young people passed an en
joyable evening at the home of John
Kuether on Tuesday evening. Among
those most appropriately costumed
were Agnes Horstman, Alvina Hart
man, Ella Noeske, John Malterer and
Adolph and Theodore Lueck. The
evening's entertainment comprised
playing of games, and refreshments
were served.
A squad of men from the federal
board for educational training will be
in St. Cloud on February 8, 9 and 10,
and all disabled men in Mille Lacs,
Kanabec, Stearns, Sherburne, Benton,
Todd, Morrison and Kandiyohi coun
ties should sec them at that time. This
squad will make medical examinations,
certify to official papers, advise men
as to training and give them trans
portation to schools. Service men
should take with them all the official
military and government papers
their possession.
Our whole stock of Ladies,
Misses and Children's hose
going at practically
1-2 Price
Ladies mercerized, out size
hose, 85c values, now
Ladies mercerized, cotton
Lisle hose, 70c and 85c
Values, now
With Tom Mix. A story of western adventure so real that one listens
for the hoofbeats of the cowboys' horses. "An Eastern Westerner,
in two reels, starring Harold Lloyd. Matinee, 10 and 20 cents even-
ing, 15 and 25 cents plus war tax.
Episodes 2 and 3. Who is the "Lion Man?" What is his mission?
Don't miss seeing this serial. Comedy. Matinee,
evening, 10 and 15 cents plus war tax.
Starring Constance Talmadge. Charming Constance is more charming
than ever in a story of a "different" kind. One reel Educational.
Matinee, 10 and 15 cents evening, 10 and 20 cents plus war tax.
Sunday and Saturday nights, two shows, at 7:30 and 9.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, one show, at 8.
Matinee daily at 2:30, except Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Columbia Records
Appropriate Valentine Records
Typical of the spirit of the
A 2847 Lonesome That's All
A 2990 Roses of Memory
A 2961 Lassie O'Mine
A 2804 Absent
A 2875 Sorter Miss You
A 2763 Think Love, of Me.
Remember Ou Big
Princeton Jewelry Co.
Princeton, Minnesota
Clearance Sale
All This Week.
We Offer The Following Specialties:
fwnws&.wji tUt^^^s^e^a^i^^^^i^-^^ssi^eWKao
All Children's hose now
going at one-half
regular price
One big lot of small sizes
going at
One lot of ladies, cordovan
lisle hose, at
per pair

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