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Sabscrlption Price $2.00
Q. I. STAPLES, Business Manager
Office: First Street, East of Court House
I i
Associate Editor
Foreign Advertising Representative
It cannot be denied that Great Brit
ain is ahead of America in aerial
navagation, especially so far as pas
senger service is concerned. It is
true that a passenger airboat runs,
or rather flies, from Key West to
Cuba, known as the "Rummies plane,"
but it carries but few passengers com
pared with the airships which perform
daily service between London and
Paris and are fitted up with the ac
commodations of a modern steamship.
America has its air mail service, to be
sure, but it is a question whether, in
the face of the fact that over a score
of men have been killed in the per
formance of their duty, it is scarcely
worth while. There is apparently
something wrong in the construction
of American air mail boats, as no ac
cidents have been reported up to date
in the London-Paris aerial passenger
service, and the machines travel at a
sixty mile per hour clip.
General Wood, who, with Governor
General Forbes, is investigating con
ditions in the Philippines for Presi
dent Harding, has cabled to Secretary
Weeks asking immediate action on a
bill authorizing the island government
to increase the limit of its indebted
ness from $15,000,000 to $30,000,000.
The message states that the national
bank, in which the island government,
provinces and municipalities are re
quired to deposit all funds, is prac
tically insolvent. Should congress
grant General Wood's request the
"United States will, of course, have
to be responsible for the increased
indebtedness. Those Philippines have
been a source of much trouble to the
United States, and it is a question
whether they are worth holding, even
for strategic purposes.
According to the committee ap
pointed to collect information of the
economic and political situation in
Russia, no parallel can be found in
history for the conditions which have
been brought about by three years of
bolshevik-socialistic rule. So much
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human misery as exists has never
been the lot of any people. Starva
tion and disease brought about by
.malnutrition and unsanitary condi
tions, especially among the poorer
classes, has raised the mortality rate
to 6 per cent of the population. There
is a heavy fall in the production of the
factories and the area of land under
cultivation has greatly decreased. The
situation is actually appalling. Yet it
is the people's own fault. They per
mitted Lenine and Trotzky to have
their own way and all that they have
brought about is the complete eco
nomic and industrial destruction of
the country.
Spend your 4th of
July at Princeton
Disasters of such magnitude as the
Pueblo floods are happily of rare oc
currence. They seem, however, to be
so far beyond man's control that peo
ple regard them as acts of God. But
as a fact they are rare because they
are largely preventable, if not entirely
,so. Very probably there will come a
time when science can make it abso
lutely certain that no possible water
torrent will wash away a dam it has
constructed. The breaking of the
Shaefer dam only makes it more cer
tain that man will invent new and bet
ter harness for one of the most un
ruly of elements.
It is authoritatively stated that the
government will get about $350,000 in
taxes out of the Dempsey-Carpentier
fight. But this is no reason whatso
ever why the fight should be permitted
to take place on American soil. While
we do not pose as a purist or belong
to the army of blue law cranks, we
contend tha*t prize fights are disgrace
ful proceedingsthat they are in
human, relics of the days of barbar
ism, and that upon these grounds they
should be prohibited.
The allies will attempt, it is stated
in a Paris dispatch, to pay off their
war debts to tlte United States through
the medium of German reconstruction
bonds. If the.United States accepts
this method of payment she will hold,
instead of the allies notes, a few more
scraps of paper bearing the signatures
of the entente governments but col
lectible only from Germany according
to the measure of that country's re
cuperation. Hands off, Uncle Sam!
Great Britain has warned the Turk
ish nationalists that any attempt to
take Constantinople will mean war
with England. May be Mr. Bull wants
Constantinople for himself.
The local Anzieger of Berlin says
that th pact between Grest Britain
and the United States is a scheme to
dominate the world. Nothing to it,
dear Anzieger. All that pact means,
when reduced to a few words, is that
Great Britain and the United States
intend to see that the rest of the na
tions of the earth behave themselves.
And they'll do it, too.
A British subject who has just come
out of Russia says that Americans im
prisoned at Moscow are in good health
though dependent on food supplied by
the American Red Cross for subsis
tence. To know that they are in'good
health is of course pleasing news, but
why does not the United States insist
that the infernal bolshevists release
them from captivity.
Further drilling in the Hewitt oil
fields of Oklahoma has been ordered
stopped upon the grounds of overpro
duction, and this notwithstanding the
fact that anly a few weeks ago news
papers published a story that a scarci
ty of gasoline existed in the country.
Verily the oil trust knows how to ma
nipulate affairs so as to prevent a re
duction in prices.
The Dempsey and Carpentier press
agents are now flooding the papers
with encomiums of the sluggers who
have hired them respectively for that
purpose andthe public is sucking in
the wind from these hotair artists
with avidity. Same did Barnumistic
stuff, and everybody knows what P. T.
said when he whitewashed one of his
A leading New York socialist who is
out to instill into the minds of hu
manity the spirit of brotherly love
has been tarred and feathered by a
Marlboro mob for abusing his wife.
The trouble with many of these lovers
of humanity is that this love does not
start at or even reach home.
With its investigations and hesita
tions congress surely has a hard row
to hoe these sweltering days. But
still the old boys have the consolation
of knowing that the cellars of the em
bassies are not far away.
Roy A. Haynes, the new federal pro
hibition commissioner, says that the
watchword of his administration is ''ef-
ficiency." Mr. Kramer, his predeces
sor, said thq same thing, and look at
the efficiency of his administration.
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Pussyfoot Johnson is going to In
dia, but as most Indians are tcmper.at2
in their habits, he has not much of a
field in which to preach prohibition.
However, he will find plenty of snakes
there, some of which are sacred, but
none of those illusionary ones which
are engendered, by the jimjams.
Considering the fact that John Bull
has the reputation of being a slow
going old chap and an absent-minded
beggar he is doing very well indeed.
In the past two years he has reduced
his foreign debt two billion dollars, a
third of which came to the United
A writer in the Atlantic Constitution
declares that golf is nedlessly pro
longing the lives of some of our most
useless citizens. Is this a slam at
Jack Rockefeller, Chauncey Depew and
other old golf cranks?
The bolshevik government, says a
Riga dispatch, has divided the old
Russian empire into 20 autonomous
republics. May the Lord have mercy
on their souls.
Or Playing Poker.
The English may have greater
golfers and tennis players than we
challenge us at pitching horseshoes.
Redwood Gazette.
Speed the Day^.
It is now propesed to refuse the
right of the ballot to any person un
able to read and write the English
language. The lawmakers can't take
that action too quick to suit this great
family journal.Worthington Globe.
Yes, Alvah Has Reformed.
Our old friend, Alvah Eastman of
the St. Cloud Journal Press, must
have "got religion" lately or else he
is just trying to make people believe
he has.. Several editorials of a highly
religious trend have appeared in the
Journal Press during the last few
weeks, which would do% credit to a
clergyman. Good stuff, Bro. Eastman,
we like your little sermonettes.Elk
River Star News.
"What Fools These Mortals Be."
The joint debate between Bill Lan
ger of North Dakota and Boss Town
ley looks like a profiteering game by
both. Admission is charged and the
proceeds are divided. Large audiences
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it must be a profitable tour
for these two stars. Langcr makes
charges against Townley and the lat
ter comes back with the admission
that he has made mistakes, one of
which was to select, Langcr for at
torney general of North Dakota. For
the most part it is a mud-slinging
contest when they are on tlxe platform,
and when the show is over they ride
away together in Pullmans to the
next town and probably quote Puck
with much glee: "What fools these
mortals be."St. Cloud Journal
Funds of the Chippewas.
For a long time the people of the
northwest have been familiar with the
request of the Chippewas that they be
given apart of their tribal funds now
in the custody of the government.
Congressman Steenerson of Minnesota
is the author of a bill to meet their
wishes and the admitted influence of
the Crookston man will be very likely
to put the legislation over the top.
The inquiry is often heard: "What
does an Indian want with a hundred
dollars?" If that inquiry were put to
a white man, who had a hundred dol
lars or any other sum coming from the
government, he would feel insulted.
It is no more fair to deny the In
dians the use of some of their prop
erty, of which Uncle Sam is the trus
tee, than it would be to delay the pay
ment of a judgment that might be
filed by the United States court of
claims in favor of a white man.
About a million dollars would be
taken from the tribal funds by the
Steenerson bill. If therd is anything
of merit to be urged against the legis
lation the public would be glad to know
what it is.Duluth News Tribune.
For the Good of the State.
The people elect men to public office
to serve them. It is good business to
select servants who are honest and
capable. That is what a successful
business man does in choosing his
helpers. And the shrewd head of a
corporation continues in his employ
ment the men who have made good.
That is also good business.
Minnesota has been especially well
represented in the United States sen
ate during its 60 years of history by
such men as Alexander Ramsey, Hen
ry M. Rice, William Windom, C. K.
Davis, W. D. Washburn, Knute Nel
son and Frank B. Kellogg.
It is a roll call of which any state
may be pround and two of the num-
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ber have occupied places in presiden
tial cabinets.
At no time has the state had more
able, faithful and conscientious sena
tors than it has today in Uncle Knute
Nelson, Minnesota's grand old man and
champion, and Frank Kellogg, the
fearless advocate of the people's
The latter is to be a candidate for
re-election next year. He has meas
ured up in good service to the other
able senators who. have so well rep
resented Minnesota. His re-election
should be by unanimous vote of his
party in the primary and election ot
1922. He not only merits that vote
of confidence, but it is for the good
of the state that he be returned. His
record has been right. He supported
the eighteenth and nineteenth amend
ments because he is a progressive citi
zen. He has been one of the insistent
advocates of every measure that would
benefit the farmers and the laborer.
He has shown his independence on
many occasions and his only ambi
tion has been to best serve the people.
The position on leading committees
he won on his record gives him great
influence.No senator is on more friend
ly and intimate terms with President
Harding than is he, as he was the
close trusted friend of Theodore
Roosevelt, but his allegiance is to the
people of his own state.
It is for the good of the state that
he be returned, as he will be. He
should be given a free field so far as
the republican party is concerned be
cause he has the confidence of the
people of the state who have the good
sense to know that he can serve them
more efficiently than could any new
man to be selected.
That is good business and to en
courage opposing candidates would
be no kindness to them and no credit
to anybody.
The Journal-Press, while it is r.
great admirer of Senator Kellogg, is
not advocating his return for any ben
efit to him but for the good of Minne
He has been tried and found 100
per cent right. The way for Minne
sota to hold its prestige in the affairs
of the nation is to retain the men
who have become the leaders in Wash
ington.St. Cloud Journal-Press.
Who Remembers
When girls wore high collars with
white ruching at the top that gave
their heads the effect of an inverted
lamp shade?
Killed by Contact With Live Wire.
vRoscoe Sturman of Minneapolis, one
of the members of the Rural Electric
company, fell from a pole at Elk River
last Thursday, after touching a live
wire, and died within a few minutes.
He was working on a pole with L. G.
Nelson, one of his partners in the
business, which was organized a month
Mr. Sturman had removed his safety
belt to change fhs position on the
pole, and in moving touched a live
wire, losing consciousness. Death is
believed to have been caused by in
juries received in the fall.
Bob Knew.
"Oh. Bob, you've let in a lot of
"I'll get after them, dear."
"You'll never kill them all."
"Well, L'll kill these three, anyway
they're females."
"How do %o\x know?"
"They made a dash for the mirror
the first thing."Boston Transcript.
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