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We are BO buried in snow up in this
northern end of the county that we
can scarcely look over the drifts to
see what our neighbors are doing. The
sidewalks look like trenches, with the
piles of snow banked up. We thought
for several days last week that we
were an inland town, with no trains
from Tuesday until Sunday, when the
Soo train came puffing in. Service has
been resumed but the trains are very
Messrs Fider, Grams and Wilson,
traveling salesmen, were here for
several days last week, unable to get
out of town.
There were no preaching services at
the Presbyterian church Sunday as
Rev. Stowell was unable to get here.
Little Alice Garthe has been quite
sick the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Madson are moving
into town.
Arlow Mann and Jimmie Conat are
putting up ice for Louis Mahler.
The Wahkon four-piece orchestra
gave another dance Saturday night.
Rural Carrier Addington reached
home Saturday afternoon, after being
on the route since Tuesday.
C. V. Schofield gave a free movie on
Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish and Zella spent
Sunday afternoon at L. J. Bulen's.
The Stalkers are sawing wood in the
village this week.
Mark Addington and Sam Quist
came down from Van Camp's sawmill
Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Schofield will
entertain the Community Aid this
week in the church basement.
Fred Casper visited at the Wm. Far
guson home last Sunday.
Mrs. Boynton came home from Hill
man last Tuesday.
Moses Lloyd was in town Monday.
Miss Rosa Nason of Isle spent Sun
day with Iva Biskey.
Dr. Swennes is making calls on foot
The organization of a Rebekah as
sembly has been postponed.
Mr. Bruott and son, William, have
returned from Aitkin, where they have
been scaling lumber.
Miss Ethel McQuaig and Earl Ueck
er went to Onamia Sunday.
(Too late for last week.)
Ernest Zimple spent Wednesday
with his family at McGrath.
Mr. Smiley of McGrath, who has
been employed at the Ernest Zimple
mill, quit and went home on Monday.
Oscar Robinson took a bunch of the
McClough crew to Ijsle on Saturday.
The north school gave a valentine
program on Saturday evening. A
basket and shadow social and a fish
pond were the amusements of the
Chas. Erickson and Steve Woodman
hauled lumber from the Ernest Zim
ple mill on Saturday to Isle for Geo.
Oliver Anderson left for Willmar the
first of the Week to visit his sister,
Afhild, who is in a hospital.
Bill Engstrom and Joel Frykman
hauled ice from Mille Lacs lake on
Friday and Saturday for Holm & Kal.
A telegram was received here on
Monday stating that Alfild Ander
son underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis, and we are glad to report
she is doing nicely.
Mrs. Chas. Erickson and daughter,
Laura, visited at Axel Rask's on Fri
day afternoon.
(Too late for last week.)
Oscar Uglem was a visitor at his
homo here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bandow are
the parents of a baby boy, born on
February 10.
The Freer ladies united in giving a
shower in honor of Zelpha Erstad last
Saturday at the home of Mrs. Uglem.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Ege are spending
a few days at the J. Ege home. Nels
has just recovered from a prolonged
illness and came home to regain his
strength. He says there is no place
like home.
Mrs. Teutz spent the past week in
Milaca with her son, Herman, who is
attending high school there.
Mrs. Arthur Bandow is very ill at
this writing, but we hope to be able
to report improvement next week. Dr.
Hall of Princeton is attending her.
A. M. Johnson, who has been ill
with pneumonia at his home here, is
Very much improved.
Lucile Homme returned to school
in Princeton this week, after an en
forced vacation on account of tonsilitis.
A sleighload of the Ege, Homme and
Erstad families spent Monday evening
at the Hartman home.
In spite of the badly drifted roads
on Monday Anton Nelson took home
the new Ford which he had purchased
from Mr. Brinkman. Of course he did
not take it home on wheels, but even
so we all turned out to watch it go by,
for it has been weeks since we have
seen a car on the roads.
Sigval Homme has been confined to
his home with tonsilitis the past week.
Mrs. Gustafson has been on the sick
list with la grippe the past week.
Mrs. Nettie Harter has been on the
sick list but is reported as being im
Most of the men were out shoveling
roads on Friday.
Mrs. Walter Jensen is on the sick
list with a bad cold and a very sore
Miss Pearson was unable to teach
school Thursday and Friday on ac
count of the bad roads. Pupils could
not get there.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gerth spent Sunday
evening at the Hjelm home.
Mrs. Ed. Engelke spent Sunday af
ternoon with Mrs. Gustafson.
Mrs. Geo. Gerth has been under the
weather the past week with a bad
Marvin Engelke spent Saturday
evening with Oscar and Albert Pike.
Vivian Bockoven and Minerva Lar
son were callers at the Gustafson
home Sunday afternoon, coming out
from town on skiis.
Miss Sophie Selmar spent Sunday
with her sister, Mrs. Gens.
Rev. Vogel and family spent Sun
day at the Heitman home.
Mrs. Grapentine and two sons spent
Sunday afternoon at Bert Hyndman'-s.
Mrs. O. Hamilton spent Sunday af
ternoon at Will Leathers'.
Nelson King bought two colts last
James Hyndman returned homo
Sunday, after spending some time at
his grandma's, Mrs. Grapentine.
Clarence Shannon has been here vis
iting old friends. His folks used to
live on the Harry Newton place.
Andrew Rust sawed wood for Louis
Rust oh Tuesday.
The men around here were all out
shoveling snow They say it is the
worst for years.
Roy Sternquist has been very sick
with mumps. You have our sympathy,
Word has been received that Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Donley are the proud
parents of a baby girl.
(Too late for last week.)
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Orton called on
Mrs. W. D. Bartlett Friday afternoon.
Miss Dorothy Chaffee and Miss Ger
trude Orton, who are attending the
Onamia high school, spent the week
end with the latter's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Orton.
Irvin Cook made a business trip to
Onamia Saturday.
Stuart Oliver and Kermit Orton
have begun hauling logs to Onamia
with the former's caterpillar tractor.
They made their first trip Friday with
a big load but had to break the road
all the way as there has been no heavy
hauling for some time. They antici
pate an easier trip next time.
Sunday school was held at Wm. An
derson's this week and will be at C.
J. Orton's next Sunday.
H. P. Bain was a caller at the Wm.
Anderson home Sunday evening.
(Too late for last week.)
The Isle Civic club met at the
pavilion last Wednesday evening.
Roy E. Jones made a business trip
to Minneapolis last week, returning
on Friday afternoon.
Charles Erickson left on Wednesday
morning of last week for Carver,
where he will spend a month visiting
Julius Hoglund was down from Op
stead last week.
Mrs. Laura M. McCullough left last
Thursday morning for a visit with her
mother at Atkinson, 111.
Hugo H. Sinell was down from Red
top last Friday morning.
Miss Florence Erickson of Minne-
C. A. Jack Drug Co., Druggist.
Leader Market
Olson Always Leads in
Price, Quality and Service
Cash buyer of
Veal, Cream, Chickens, Eggs, Hides
and Produce.
Princeton, Minn.
-I- fj
apolis has been spending a week visit
ing Mrs. George Lundquist.
Bernard Carlson is now employed
at the sawmill in Redtop.
Mrs. Wilkes, came up from Wahkon
last Friday evening for a visit with
Mrs. John Haggberg, the Misses
Annie Mollan, Eleanore Meleen and
Grace Hedges and Mr. Young attended
the Ladies' Aid meeting at the Sever
Eye home in Redtop last Saturday af
Verne Mott made a trip to Opstead
last Monday afternoon.
Clifford Satterstrom made a trip to
Ray last week, returning Saturday
Rufus C. Mead left last week on a
business trip to Allison, Iowa.
Walter Satterlund arrived here from
Stillwater last Saturday to attend the
funeral of his brother, Sabin. He
returned to Stillwater on Monday.
Victor Lindholm arrived here Tues
day from Ray, where he has 'been em
Mrs. Hubert Peters and son, Walter,
left on Monday morning for a visit
with relatives at Princeton. They
have been spending the past month
visiting at the Henry Schmidt home.
Mrs. Gust Johnson of Wahkon was
in town on Saturday afternoon.
Dr. H. H. Blaustone was called to
Moose Lake last Saturday evening.
He returned home on Monday.
A number of our young people at
tended a surprise party at the C. C.
Chamberlain home on Tuesday even
F. Leo Ottowa of the Three-in-One
ranch, Mora, was in town on business
the first of the week.
Several Isle folks spent last Satur
day evening at the Althus home, south
of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Matter enter
tained a number of friends at a whist
party on Wednesday evening.
Miss Clara Skretting of Opstead
has been spending the past week visit
ing Mrs. Clarence Carlson.
Carl Hoglund was down from Op
stead last Friday morning.
Martin Mattson left on a business
trip to Minneapolis last Monday even
O. A. Haggberg spent a few days
last week in the northern part of the
P. J. Day of Opstead was an Isle
visitor the first of the week.
County Superintendent Olof Wasen
ius of Milaca and George Selke, rural
school inspector of St. Paul, were very
pleasant callers in our village one
evening last week.
seventh birthday.
the see
Dr. Kling was called out to
Christianson home on Sunday to
Mrs. Christianson, whose health
very poor.
Alvin Goodwin was a pleasant visi
tor at the William Kennedy home on
Sunday. Alhough it is hard traveling,
Alvin manages to keep his dates.
A surprise party was given at the
Wm. Deuel home on Saturday even
ing honor of Mr. Deuel's forty-
Quit This
Hard Work
twice as long to clean
barn with a wheelbarrow
as with an easy-running car
rier. The wheelbarrow way 19
the sloppy way, the back-break
ing, leg-tiring, temper trying
It Is hard work the old way.
Manure Carrier
makes the long job a short job,
the hard job an easy task. It
takes the backache out of barn
(Cleaning. rjss**"*"
Easy to load. Easy to raise to
the track. Easy to shove it along.
Easy to dump it in the yard.
Jamesway carriers are built to
last a lifetime, and to give will
ing, continuous, satisfactory ser
vice every day they are in use.
Easy to erect. No repairs. No
Easy Paymeat Plan
For a short time only, you
can buy Jamesway equipment,
spreading payment over twelve
months' time. For full informa
tion, call or telephone.
L. E. Bergman
Princeton, Minn.
fi ~i
The Milo Mutual Farmers' club will
meet at the school house on Thursday
evening, March 2.
Mrs. Christ Neumann and daughter
arrived here a couple of weeks ago
to keep house for Charles Miller. They
are enjoying a visit from their hus
band and father for a few days.
School reopened on Monday morn
ing, after being closed since Tuesday
account of the blizzard and bad
roads. The roads have been broken
out so that the mail carrier was able to
make this part of his route on Mon
Charles Miller went to Foley on
Monday to consult Dr. Holdridge in
regard to his poor health, returning
on Tuesday.
FoundOn the road going north
from Emil Barnick's, a man's new
rubber, size 9%. Owner may have
same by calling at Emil Barnick's.
The home talent play and basket
social which was to be given in dis
trict 6 by the school children on. Fri
day evening, March 3, has been post
poned on account of the bad roads.
As yet, we ar,e unable to state when
it will be given.
Miss Ragena Thilker froze both of
her cheeks while going to school Mon
day morning.
(Too late for last week)
Miss Nanna Johnson of the Milaca
high school spent the week end at
her home here, returning Monday
William Wetsel left for St. Marais,
Idaho, Saturday, after visiting his sis
ter, Mrs. William Kennedy, since Jan
uary 1. Mr. Wetsel is a cruiser and
was called there to look over some tim
Lester Deuel returned from a few
days' visit at St. Cloud on Friday.
Mrs. Charles Groustra is spending
a few days in St. Paul, being called
there by the illness of her mother.
Clinton Herbert of Foreston was
seen Saturday evening skiing to the
Robert Ayers home. Of course we all
know what the attractions are for
The Misses Hilda Barhaug and
Maude Lindberg hiked to Milaca Fri
day evening, where they spent the
week end.
Mrs. Neumann of Princeton is keep
ing house for Charles Miller.
Percy Deuel is employed at the Wm.
Kennedy home for the winter months.
A program, followed by a basket
social, will be given at the school
house in district 6 on Friday evening,
March 3. Everybody come
A. Jenkin, who has been sick for
some time, was taken to St. Raphael's
hospital, where he will receive treat
Mrs. Lena Kennedy, who is visiting
her parents here, spent a few days in
Milaca with relatives.
Miss Hannah Johnson of Ogilvie
spent Saturday at her home here.
The Misses Schutte, who are em
ployed in Foley, spent Sunday at their
home south of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson re
turned home Saturday, after spending
a week at Superior.
H. C. Krueger was in Milaca Mon
day morning.
J. A. Lynch spent Saturday in St.
Cloud on business.
WjU Jenkin, who has been in Wash
ington for some time, arrived home
Monday, being called by the illness of
his father.
F. C. Neumann went to Foley Mon
day, where he played for the dance.
Miss Margaret Jenkin spent from
Saturday until Monday with her fath
er, who is in the hospital at St. Cloud.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moline of Milaca
came over Monday and attended the
dance in the evening. They spent the
afternoon at the Mills' home.
A number of relatives of Emil
Stromwall surprised him Saturday
evening, the occasion being his birth
day. The evening was delightfully
spent in music, and a fine luncheon
was served.
Chas. Miller went to Foley Monday,
where he will consult a physician.
one wishing to engage in the potato
business where soil and conditions are
fine and farmers are turning from
grain raising to potatoes. Ware
houses are being built along the line
and a fine chance is open, if taken at
once, which will make good for the
man who gets the place and knows
how to handle potatoes as Princeton
men do. By writing Box 408, Balfour,
N. D., more information will be fur
nished. 10-lc
Tuesday, March 7, 1922, at
J. L. Weaver & Son's Sale
Stable, Anoka, Minn.
Office in Odd Fellows Block
Princeton, Minnesota
Dentist 1
Over Jack's Drug Store. Phone 212 I
Princeton, Minnesota i
Office in Townsend Building
Princeton, Minnesota
County Attorney. I. 0. O. F.Blk.
Princeton, Minnesota
Office in Odd Fellows Block
Princeton, Minnesota
Undertaker and State Licensed
Disinfecting a Specialty. Phone 30
Princeton, Minnesota
Big Horse Auction
We will have for sale 200 head of the best horses ever
shown in any sale stable, including Draft Horses, Wagon
Horses, Farm Mares and some good eastern chunks. If look-
ing for good horses with shape and quality don't fail to at-
tend our big opening sale. Every horse guaranteed to be as
Smith's Meat Market
We furnish the best of everything in fresh and salt
Prices the lowest compared with quality.
We buy Cattle and Hogs and pay
highest market prices.
The old-established Meat Market on Main Street.
Burns Better, Lasts Longer
Try it.
For sale exclusively by
Princeton Oi Co
Frank Pohl
V.&, ^&4-
Notice.' i
The Farmers' Shipping association
will ship livestock on March 13.
Please list your stock as soon as pos
We have now taken a share in the
Central Co-operative Commission Co.
and have cut our shipping rate to the
following prices:
Hogs, per cwt 51 cts.
Cattle, per cwt 48 cents
Veal, per cwt 70 cents.
Farmers' Co-operative Co.,
Max Gamradt, Manager.
Phone 175, or residence 144. 9-tfc
Phone 322
Your Neighbors
For the benefit of users of De Laval Cream Separators
we have arranged
A De Laval Service Day.
We urge that every De Laval user bring his Complete
Separator to our store for a careful inspection, which will be
made free of charge. Should any part, due to unusaul wear
or accident need to be replaced this will be done, the only
charge being for the price of the new parts used, no charge
for service.
Did You Wake?
A wind crept horn* In his stocking fMt
When the hour was late and wee,
But though he wanted to be discreet
He slipped on- a squeaky tree.
A De Laval Representative will be with us to assist with
this important work. Bring in your Separator Complete (it
is not necessary to bring in the base if inconvenient to do
so) on the date mentioned and get the benefit of his advice
on the care and operation of your separator, as well as the
free service. It is our wish and that of the De Laval Com-
pany that every De Laval Separator give the best satisfac-
tion at least cost, and we urge you to take advantage of this
free and useful service.
Supplied to the Great Northwest.
Write for New Illustrated
Duluth Floral & Seed Company
DialutH, Minn.
Flowers and Emblems supplied on short
notice. Phone, Telegraph or Write
Tuesday, March 7, 1922
Is De LavalService Day
At Our Store
Come Early and Avoid Delays. Tell
Princeton. Minn.
Remember Tuesday, March 7,1922
You know there's quite a lot of "fixing up"
to do about the place. You've known it for some
time, and still you keep putting it off. What are
you going to do about it now? Put it off again?
you take our advice, you'll buy what lumber
you need at once. The price of lumber and build
ing material is as low now as it is likely to be,
and the longer you put off repairs the more they'll
cost to make. We will make you very close
prices on anything you want just now and you
can haul it in slack time*
Caley Lumber Co.
BENJ. SOULE, Manager.
You should try selling your eggs for
cash, and you would never go back to the
old method.
Bring your next Eggs to us.
Townsend Produce Go.
Princeton, Minn.

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