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Marshall County Republican and free trade advocate. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1838-1839, August 04, 1838, Image 3

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j:.., -rliiir rrronls t the occurrence ol tnt
,8me oheuomanpn, in seme previous years. I
'. .... tl,,,A(V,r tllP AllirilHt S MOWl l'l
tie nniiouiiLeai - . v., , . o
as periodical; and predicts its return on the
night of August 9-10 o( the current year.
This period is mm near at hand. It is
(Wimble that as many persons as possible
should be on the watch to observe its phases.
Little has yet been ascertained respecting
it, except the fact of its occurrence. There
are other particulars of which it is highly
important that we should be informed, In
order to direct observation to the most use.
ful facts, the following facts are submitted.
1. It is not to be expected that the display
will in any manner rival those of Neveinber
1833, and of the same month in the year
previous: which latter, though unobserved
in this country, seems to have been no less
remarkable than the other. It is even pos
sible that careless observers may not detect
any thing useful in the appearance of the
heavens. But, of course, in the present
state of our knowledge, we can predict no
thing of the magnitude, of the
2. It cannot, nevertheless, be questioneu,
that the shooting-stars, or metors, which
will he seen, will apparently emanate from
some determinate point in the celestial con
cave. To ascertain this point is one of the
particularsat presentment desirable. The stars
will not in general be seen to take their or
origin from the point itself, but their direc
tions, traced back, will pass through it in
every instance. In this respect the metors
will differ from the shooting-stars ordinari
ly seen , of which the directions seem hardiy
conformant to any fixed law; though It is
possible, and perhaps probable that they
may for the most part, be finally rcducea Co
3., The time of night at which the meto
ric shower attains its maximum, ought to be
noted. There is reason to believe that, in
places most favorably situated in regard to
the diurnal rotation of the globe, this will be
near sunrise. Could a multitude of observ
ations made in places distant from the eath
other, be collected and compared, we should
be furnished, bv the aid of our knowledge of
the nnint nfrniiintinn. with the means ot de
termining the lime of the nearest apprach
IWmlflTo trW-flrigin ot me meteors.
4. It has been observed that, the Novem
ber shower is punctually periodical and of
rief duration. There is some doubt as to the
complete similarity between it, in these re
spec, and that of August. The August
showei is believed to be of a continuance as
ereat as two or three days, while that of
November is but of a few hours' duration.
It would be well to observe as early as Au
gust 8, and to continue the observation un
til the 11th or 12th. On this account the
time of greatest abunlance is difficult to as
certain without many and distant observa
tions, since, to a given observer, it may oc
cur ami pass during the day."
Mr. Biddi.b ahead after all. The
Pennsylvania Bank of U. S. is paying specie
for its five and ten dollar notes.
Memphis Enquirer.
The way to read the above correctly, is,
to insert a long dash after the word "ahead"
thus; Mr. Biddle nhe-id AFTttMa AUM
The paragraph reminds us of the saying of
an Irish green horn, on the occasion ot a
hone race, who seeing his favorite some
yards in the rear of the other horses
rubbed his hands with exquisite delight, ex
claimed: By St. Patrick! he a jewel of an
animal see! how he drives them all before
"A Yankee writing home from the West,
speaks of its great matrimonial facilities, and
adds, '-suppose you get our girls some new
teeth and send them out?"
The Northern girls, generally, arc beauti
ful o look upon, but many of them have a
l breath verv unlike "the sweet South breath
ing upon a bed of violets;" owing to the
lernlciolW haL'". prevalent among uio ymi
lees, of eating hot bread and coffee smoking
thro tim,; a-day-the consequence is,
hat every lustre t Ells hove ,0 have a
lew t ct of teeth.
Proceedings of the citizens oi" Marshall
Covntv Miss., at a meeting held in th ton -1
f Unit.- Snrinrrc nn llio 9QU nf -Tlllv
fhe purpose of taking into consideration tlsc
propriety of sending delegates to the Con
ventionof Merchants, to be held in Augusta,
Georgia, on the 3d Monday in October next.
t A. R. Govan being called to the
afat ud Col. W. H. Bayliss appointed
Secretary, the meeting was called to order.
On motiot f MaJ- Bartoh' the f"wing
gentleman wer appomwu a
j. r. ...j!. .'-r the consideration of the
meeting, (via.)
Gen. J. Davis,
Maj. Barton,
Mr. Armsted,
Mr. Isaac ,
Maj. Coopwood,
Judge Huling,
Col. Mathews,
Co.'- C Kyle,
Ma; S. Holland,
Mr. Harley,
1UI. uaiibj, r
Tk. PmmittPi havintr retire. i reported
A lie Wl . . O
ithc following preamble and Resolutions,
.which were unanimously adopted:
Whereas the great and important afc 'Na
tural and commercial resources of the South
ern States, have for many years been di verted,
by partial legislation and ather per
nicious influences into unnatural channels,
benefiting and enriching the citiseos of a
distant portion of the Confederacy to the
rrreat detriment and injury, of the pros-
ertiy and the best interests of the people of
the South, and whereas it has become pal
nable to every reflecting Southerner that
" . , A
there is no necessity for the continuance of
the dependence of the great staple growing
States upon Southern capitalists and factors
and whereas it is evidently for the pecu
niary and political advantage of the Southern
ItoU that such unnccessaay subjection to a
remote section ot the t mrm imam ..-,
thm the ninnied svitein ot the South should
be emancipated from Northern domination
. .' i-. lit inrwle
a,;J thatftoutnern cowmwivw i-y"
U, fl,.w in its natural and proper channels.
Therefore he it ReuJcJ, that we most
i,..,,;i.,'...rove of the object of the Mer-
chants Convention reccn,1y held
ta, Georgia.
Resohed. That wfl t important
that Mississippi be represent sa,d Co"j
vention at their ajourned meeting on ,e
Monday in Otober next.
Reiolved. That this meeting appoint 1 .'"
delegates to meet the delegates from other
portions of the County ol Marshall, in Hol
ly Springs on the 3d Saturday in August,
to appoint delegates to said Convention.
Resolved. That the other parties of the
State of Mississippi be requested to take tie
necessary measures to appoint Representa
js to said Convention.
n ,.; following gentlemen were
appointed delegate to mee. lhe
frnm nthpr narte nf lh nniil.tV. IOf the
....... . . -v. V ..... J J - i
; c J .L.OJ J... ' I
pose spccineu in me oa resuiuuuii uiiuei me
preamble .
E. Potts.
C. L. Thomas,
J. Lewellen,
T. L. Tredwell
S. Harris
M. Bvad.
0. D. Watson,
T. Grier, :
S. Mathews -
A.;P. Armsted,
On motion of Mai. Barton, it was
Resolned. That the proceedings of the
meeting be signed by the President and
countersigned by the Secretary, and that
thev be published in the Mississippi Mirror,
snd that the meeting be ajourned sine die.
A. K. tiUVAJN, frest.,
W. H. BAYLISS, Secretary.
From the Pontitoc Intelligencer.
Secretary of the Navy. The appoint
ment of James K- Paulding, Esq. a3 Secre
tary of the Navy appears to have given as
gcueral satisfaction as any selection the Pre
sident could have made annus me exisience
of such intense party rancor against his ad-
ministration as characterises the present
times. There is the strongest leason why
such an appointment ought to be acceptable
to the South. Mr. Paulding, .besides his
fitness for the duties of the office, is well
known as the autho: of a work in vindica
tion of the institution of slavery, which is
decidedly the most able and convincing up
on that subject which has every been writ
ten. The work was published o years ago,
was extensively circulated and read in the
southern States, and received, it we rtcol-
iect right, the unqualified praise of the whole
southern press-
At such a time, as this, when a question
involving the very existence of the South is
introduced into the Presidential canvas, for
the purpose of influencing the southern
States against the Administration, such an
appointment as Air. rauiding s to a cauinei
olhce may be a subject of profitable reflec
tion. W . U' ilwnj-4 -.- "1" 1 . ht,,ffi-
duct of the federalists in denouncing Mr.
Van Buren as favoring in the most remote
degree the abolition fanaticism, as the most
incontestable evidence of their recklessness
and desperation. And now, in view of Mr.
Clay as the opposing candidate, the same
exciting question is attempted to be renewed
as a ground of objection to Mr. Van Buren.
But if we mistake not, as the canvass pro
gresses, it will be much more difficult for
the federalists to acquit Mr. oaiy oi tne
charge of favoring the view of the aboli
tionists than to fix it upon Mr. Van Buren.
Every man certainly every politician,
who knows the principles upon which the
Executive forms his cabinet, and must of
necessity form it, knows that perfect coin
cidence of opinion between himself and his
constitutional advisers upon all the great
questions which agitate the country, is the
very first object. Other qualifications are of
secondary importance, and properly so be
cause, without harmony and concord be
tween the Executive and the members of
his cabinet, be their talents and acquirements
as great as they may, that part of the admin
istration of government which devolves up
on him, must be checked, or greatly frustra
ted. Viewed in this light, even it his own
on.'oions solemnly and deliberately formed,
nntnn rnnnril hnw wnlllrt PVprV tinnp.it
and n.pa'1!'8' man reBar an Buren.
He has Si.K (vuel'.ulut,c,B V "-,c-;'c.luly
o.. : 'ie?nriu", an ins imeiesis ne in
oi man: H a v . . . . c i
the South and .'mseii .urge wave
, i. rn. -ii'v ot War is aisouth
tlUiUCl A UC UCWEl. , . . r
Carolinian, identified T, 'til prowniy ui
The Se
the South, and a slaveh?"K
. .or of the
p.rtarv;nf the. IMavv. is the aut
ablest vindication of slavery eveiT w.r'tten
The Attorney General is from a slave Sta,.'1'
and Inmsell and all his connexions slave . ol'
ders. The Post Master General is also from
a slavo Slate and probably a slave holder,
but more distinguished lor his bold and in
dependent official opinion in favor of the
rights ot the South and against prostituting
the mails to the purpose ot conveying incen
diary pamphlets into the southern States.
The Secretary of the Treasury is the only
member of the cabinet who is not distin
guished by some act or some ties of relation
ship proclaiming to the world his hostility
to the abolition fanaticism, and his respect
lor the rights of the Sauth. But those who
know Mr. Woodbury best know that not
withstanding thhr, he too, is as orthodox as
. .. i r . i i I .
hj.j lellow members ot tne uamnet upon mis
subjv'?ct: that if he has not been placed in a
situati n to call forth a public avowal of his
opinion' nave never 06611 msguisea. oui
more, A " who have noted the manifesta
tions 'of public opinion m the north upon the
ablition exci.'meill, have observed that in
Mr. Woodbury V State, New Hamspire, the
outbursts of public indignation against the
hnlitionists have been more intense, and
have given stronger evidence of a determin
otw.n in nnroe that ttate of the taint of ab
olition, than has yet Ix-sen displayed in any of
the nomslave-holding fc'tates
io Ejoutneru i restiaeiit could huve cimscn
a cabinet. from auiorg the great men of our
MuflVfy"wtoTuM-Htore confidently be de
pended on to sustain and defend the rights
of the South upon the subject of slavery
than the cabinet of .Mr. V;m Huron. And
they but reflect the opinions of tlic President,
himself. If any doubts eyKted upon this
point (and we do not beheve the most brew
itttg caluminatnr of the President ever hod
any doubts about it,) the appointment of
Mr. Paulding to a cabinet office ougb to
dispel them at once.
On this subject, however, the friends of
Mr. Van Buren will most cheerfully join
issure with those of Mr. Clay. They are
perfectly willing to take all the evidence pro
and con upon this subject so big with impor
'ant consequences to the southern States,
Ind uPn lnc judg01601 f lnu South let it
be dete..:ine(l- t
Gov. M' Nu.u-In passing through some
of the centrul and western Counties receant
ly, we had occasional'.';' an opportunity oi
learning the sentiments of the people to
wards our present Governor, and we were
both suprised and delighted to find that he is
every where so popular even many of the
whigs applaud his conduct as Chief Magis
tratethey differ with him upon federal
oolitics, and disapprove of some of his execu
hut they all concede that he makes
Mveacia, " - Governor. So universal
an able n.;aex6"e'" of all parties,
is the sentiment amoi all men, . n-na
that many of the warmest wiii'.are win...0
to admit that he will be re-elected wit..ut ;
opposition. Such is certainly our opinion, j
No man can be put on the field against
Alexander G. Mc Nutt with the slightest;
chance of success. With the democratic
party, his popularity is unbounded, and very
many of the whigs willsuppoit him. We
do not make these remarks in a spirit of ad
ulation, or with a view of puffing the Gov
ernor. He needs no newspaper recommen
to bolster him up. His popularity is based
upon the confidence and affections of the
people. We have been induced to say what
we have merely as an evidence of the sound
state of public feeling in Mississippi, and to
correct the very erroneous impression which
the whig presses are laboring to make abroad,
that Mississippi has become irrevocably a
whig State. She is as democratic as ever,
and will re-elect her present able democrat
ic Governor almost by acclamation.
Columbus Democrat.
mr. Prentiss Of all the ridiculous at
tempts of the federal press to puff the low
wiilings of iheir party into importance, none
execede in absurdity and bare faced impu
dence, the fulsome praises they are constant
ly bestowing upon S. S. Prentiss, a man be
below mediocrity in every tiling except in
low vulgarisms and billingsgate invective.
In these he certainly excels, and if they can
constitute a brilliant orator, we are willing
to allow that Mr Prentiss is one, but we de
ny that he has a single other claim to be so
called. Columbus Democrat.
An intelligent friend has kindly furnished
us with the following simple method to sup
press this pest of any well regulated society:
"The best way to suppress gambling is for
those who are not regular gamblers, to keep
"'V jiulously nway lromany
use in which it is toici.utj. Th irSnr
of the art would soon find themselvs hoeing
corn a very who'esome employment." lb
State oe Partiks in Mississippi. Let
not the Federalists " lay the flatering unc
tion to their souls," that because Prentiss
and Word are in Congress, there is a Fed
eral majority here. Nq such thing. Those
gentlemen were elected on a fraudulent and
deceitful issue. They got in by ledgerdemain,
numtnig, panic, and accident, in a lair con
test Lolonel Claiborne would have distanced
them both. Senoral Davis had not half an
opportunity. He had to pass through the
lew counties he did visit, like an express
mail rider. At this moment the administra
tion party has a majority of 3500 in Missis
sippi, all counted; and we are gaining ground
every day? Let our friends be active and
vigiiant; let them harmonne, consult and co
operate with the auxiliaries we are receiving
trom the true state rights men; let us become
one and indivisible, rallying under the ban
ner ot sine construction and reserved rights,
let us do this, and we will soon see the Fed
eral Clay parly of Mississippi reduced to a
miserable minority. It 'u in reality a bloated
carcase, puffed up by artificial heat and un
natural excitement; galvnimed into hie tor a
moment, but to show the weakness, deform
ity and disproportion of its parts. In a very
brief period, its muscles will relax and wither;
its countenance fall; it will lay supine, a
reeking and decomposed mass, and to get rid
of the revolting spectacle and in common
charity it must have the rights of sepulchre.
So much for the Clay parly, in the South a
more shadowy, ghostly, dream-like power
never started into existence or run more rap
idly its aspiring but impotent career.
Free Trad-r.
westbi?" editor. An editor of a country
mner thus ,'mmously bids farewell to his
readers- "T'itf is wal'ng r
the next room, so we .Have no opportunity to
be pathetic. Major 5bm ""
wanted and must go. Delh:nupnl subcribers,
you have much for to answer f"''- Heaven
may forgive you, but I never q
A correspondent of the Georgia Seminal
aavs that Mr. Buchanan of Pennsylvania
has been offered the Secretaryship of the
Treasury, which he declined. The Cabinet
is to be 're-organixed after the close of the
session. Yicksburg Sentinel.
m . r f .1 .k1.., n.n.M in tit
I ne v.niumuus uthri.i it - --
Southwnt ii amusing iliell", by tutting up the " Arfut or
that plM, root and branch, ll wiU be a mere anatomy af
ter the Democrat turnt 11 looie. Lrree 1 rurr.
fTj" Alat! pr Barter I t
Ex-Fmiclent Jaeknn reeolved the Saereraent a few
Sabbalhn linae at the Pr.'tbylerian chureh near the Hermi
tage. He ta aid to enjoy ery good health. Ten 11. Dera.
PetrW.GrarMm.Em. Ian a candidate (atthe Pretidon-
cy of lhe Ttalan lUpublie thot himu lf a few weeka ago.
There is a rumor in lhe Washington Chronicle of the
blowing up of a sMamboat fiilled with Chcrokcci. 500 of
he Indiana killed.
Hi U.y VILtB, July auin, irv.
Ma. Ewtor '
'Jiifrfi'nre tnjy ilrj times nu rin; and
wlml is nlino-.t as bnd, no paper fretl Holly Snny
jut. Only one wcvk inee il wu htttteul dis
tance seven mil"-! Well we miglit exclaim,--';Speed
tlie mail." I 'liive thought favorably of
Amos, kilt if this ii tea way ht ooodoctl his de
partment, thai vote for a change of the aUB or
hii HKMCau,
Can you teli, .Mr. Editor, at whose duur wc are
to lay 'A.ii DSgJeetef duty!
MARRIED, nn the 28th June the Hon. SinriL J. j
GHOiion,, to Mill M AHi.HLr tUetBilt, both of Monroe
J0H3SCKVS REPORTS, in 20 volumes;
Blaokstuno's Commentaries, 2 volumes.-
Starkiu's Reports, 2 volumes; Stewart & Porter's
--tu 1 vulitmp all alBMnl l.r . ,1 In fnt.
. .... . ... wi...
" - ",v '
ana enu.... -hase, can see th( books
Persons wislimg to puu. v. had )mv fur
at the Mirror office, they can u. r,,f
casn by immediate application. July.
Mrs. Whittingtoii.
F PARIS, will commence in a few weeks, '
KJ giving music lessons on thePiapo Forte, in
..,.SsJir ...e - -i. .1 1
HOIiy springs, ai per session OJ live hwuu.
She will occupv a room at Dr. T. P. Mason.s. The
clas; will be limited to 25 in number.
July 28-nii0-. 2
THIS INSTITUTION will commence its first
sesaon on Monday the 23d of July, under the
care of Urs. Tompkins.
The course ot Instruction will embrace all those
branches taught in the best Female Institutions
in the Stmth-west.
Price per session of Jive months,
For Efcrnentary classes, : $15,00.
For tliftc further advanced, : : $20.00.
" Drawina and Paintin?, : S15, Extra.
" Frtnch, 15 dollars
N. B. A Music teacher will be procured its eooa j
as practhuble.
June 30, 1B38. 2-10-tr
R ANA WAV from the subscriber, on
or about the 10th of June last, a I
Negro man named ABRAM, about 20 or
9 years of age, about 5 feet 6 inches
Jigh; light built and black complexion:
las lost several ot his teeth, and has a
tear on ne of his less, occasioned; he
says, by the bite of a dog. He is a shrewd, sen
sible fellow, and will no doubt try to get baok to
the neiglborhood of Paris, Tennessee, where he
was.raisud, and from whence he was brought ad
sold to me, in November 18.16, by Nathaniel DuU
hite. The above reward will be given for his ap
prehension and delivery to me at Holly Springs,
or fifteen dollars if safely lodged in any jail so
that I can get him again.
Aue. 4 -nl-3t
six years old, sixteen hands high.
RED FOX was sired bv the celebra
ted race horse CAROLINIAN: he bv
old "jut AKC1IIE; his dam by Alpheus, and he by
the imported Jonah; his g. d. by Celar; and he by
Janus, a descendant uf the Godolphin Arabian.
N. B. Refer to the Turf Register for the perfor
mances of his ancestry.
August 4, 1836.-1-31
The State of Mississippi, j
Marshall Coistv. )
riATEM np by haafi Morgan, living about 10
JL miles South East of Holly Springs, 1 bay
horse colt, supposed to be 3 years old last spring,
a small white spot' in his forehead, appraised to
420, on the 18th day of July, 1838.
(. W. C-RAHAM, Ranger.
August 4.-l-3t Printers fee $2)
The State of illississippi,
Marshall County.
rriAKEN up by Samuel Montgomery, living 3
X miles nortn 01 Holly opnngs, one gray norse
no brands, appraised to $20, on the 20th day of Ju
ly 1838. G. W. GRAHAM, Ranger.
August 4. l-3t Printers fee 2
The State of illississippi,
Marshall County.
r"T1AKEN up by Ira Crump, living on Section 13,
A T' I, R. 2, two sorrel mules, one mare, the
other a horse; the mare mule had on a beli. and
branded on the left shoulder with the ie'.ter U
and appraised at $70. The horse mule marked
with the collar, appraised at 75 on the 10th day
of July 1838. G. W. GRAHAM, Ranger.
August 4. l-3t Printers fee $2.
The State ol' Mississippi, (
Marshall County, j
TAKEN up by Wily D. Cook & E. M. Shelton
living adjoining the town f North Mt. Plea
sant, & bright sorrel horse with a bald face, both
hind leg w.iite, supposed to be fifteen years old
and appraised toftO.on the 20h day if July, 1838.
G. W. GRAHAM, Ranger,
August 4. 1-tH Printers fee $2
The State of itlississppi,
Marshall County.
fTAKEN up by Hardin Howard; one bay marc
X o years old, about 14 1-2 bands high, apprais
ed at $00 also one sorrel horse 4 yet rs old. with
& bl aze face, about 14 hands high, appraised at
$47 50; on the 7th day of July, 1838.
G. W. GRAHAM, Ranger.
Au- mat 4. l-3t Printers fee $2
The State f Mississippi,
Mah'hall County.
rpAKEN up by John Sbii.ult. living on cold
X water, near Kotlett & Ai.-w""
yellow sorrel horse, supposed to be 3 years old last
spring, left hind ftot short, appraised at $15. on
the 17th day of July 1838.
G. W. GRAHAM, Ranger.
August 4. 1 3t (Primers fee $2
The State of Mississippi,
Marshall County.
fP AKEN up by Joel H. Langum, living on Sac.
J. 11, T. 2, K. 5, one aorrel marc; alar in her
forehead, both hind feot white, small tear on her
right shoulder, supposed to be 6 years old ap
praised at $60 on the 28th day of June, 1838,
O. W. GRAHAM, Ranger.
August 4. l-3t Printers fee $2;
, gp 1 aft
..i-iini iti MittoffJ
s no. i. poa ibsv.
I r)'J )7 10 24 :3
26 5 (i 31
Jluthorited by an act tf the Legitiiiturc.)
17.MW FOR $5!
'There is u liile in theafiairi of men, v.iucli, ttken
atthe llood. leads on M fortune."
)f the State of Mississippi, for 1838, will take
lace a', the Mississippi Springs, August 4, Ic 33.
75 Numbers 12 Drawn Ballots
J. P. Wnddell, manager.
1 Prize of $17,000 is 817,000
1 " 6,000 ' 6,000
1 3,000 " 3,000
1 2,000 2,000
1 1,500 " 1,500
10 " 1,000 10,000
20 400 8,000
20 250 " 5,000
r. 100 16,500
! Besides nun5?r0BS other smaller prizes, amount
inj in all to 8235,320 I
Tickets $5; Halves $3 50; Quarters 1 25.
Prkai7es of 25 whole tickets ftn tl23, must
J aAD. i.. rl..u ,,.. fi.nr ttrt rnniials.
umn gn'v, aim iiiuj urn. ...v. . . rf ,
which is 28,000 !
Certificates of packages 71, Halves 37, nuir-
ters 50. which may be had in a great variety
0f combinatioiis, at the Lottfrv and Exchange' of-
of R. Park, until Thursday the -9th Avgust
-n the 1
-tu.-inrr 1 fvrfprpi1 . 1 hp rrnin jnvinp-
-ucs sold at tiii ofScn, when
diately pa 1.
for an ,
III ..clrnne nf anr
r the above
w mvw -"j - ,
! ables, will please call at R, PAKK ... uerJ J
.Exchange Office, on Centre street, opposite H
Real Estate Bank.
Holly Springs, August 4, 1638 nl7
Tim undersigned having, on the 13th day of Ju
ly lt, qualified as executor of Albert Peel,
deceased, hereby gives notice toail persons having
claims against said deceased's estate, to present
them properly authenticated, within the term pre
scribed by law. or they will be forever barred.
Those indebted to said estate will make payment
to me, as early as practicable. I can generally be
found at the late residence of the deceased, or at
unV.r SnHnirs. Win. B. FA-NT, Ex.
July 2 1 19 tf. .
Copartnership Notice.
The undersigned have this day entered into co
partnership, under the 1 ameand style of Alex
ander and Porterfield, and have taken the store
house formerly occupied by Messrs Dill, Bauh
and Co.
We are now receiving and opening a large and
"eneral stock of staple and fancy goods, hardware
Boots and Shoes; hats: China, liltrt and Queens
ware. They hope by strict attention to business,
to share a portion of public patronage.
nolly Springs, June 719-3
Valuable Property for Sale.
THE undersigned offers for sale, a TRACT OF
LAND, six miles southwest of Chulahoina,
of good quality unimproved. Also a valuable
QUARTER SECTION of LAND, in the neighbor
hood of Holly Springs. This land is of the best
quality; all susceptible o cultivation, and a most
desirable situation for a residence, with comforta
ble HOUSES and kitchen upon it. If desired, I
would soil a small family of NEGROES with it-
1 lllllulJU nH 1, iln1Clio,-1 (jwn of Hol-
ly Springs. The LOT contains 6ve nue. f .-a
cellent land, Hid is situated within 20 yards of the
best sprins in the State, of Mississippi. It is ad
joining the College lot, and is destined to he the
most valuable property in the flourishing town of
Holly Springs.
I will also sell a LOT of large size, situated
near 'he Public square, on Main Street. This lot
is situated on a high eminence, and would make
a beautiful residence, or business lot. 1 will gite
a liberal credit on the greater portion of lhe pur
chase money. Persons wishing to purchase, can
see the undersigned at Molly Springs at anv time.
Julv 14-1S-31.
Private School.
rTWE Juties of Mr. and Mrs. Baker's school
X will be resumed on the 23d inst. at their re
sidence east of the public square. Terms as here
tofore. Julv 11 1833 18 3w
ANY person having a negro woman, that is a
good cook, can hire her on good terms till
the first of January, if immediate application is
made at this office. July 26-tl".
HAS NOW permanently located in Hol
ly Springs, and offers his piofessional
services to the Public.
rjCpOffice, back of B. J. Malone's Drug
July 21, 1838.-2 19-Iy.
KO PIECES LOWELL COTTON, justrecen -tit?
ed and for sale bv
July 21.-19-3t.
A LL those indebted to the firm of Ky!
XJL & Co., are requested to come forward and
close their accounts by note, as they are desirous
to settle the business. Their books are now kept
at John Foster & Co's new store, eiist .side of the
square, two doors north of the Union House.
July 14-18--if;
rrMIOSE indebted to the subscriber arc particu
X larlv requested to call at my establishment
and settle up their' dues. 1 need money, and must
have it; those, therefore, who are indebted to me
will take the hint and act accordingly.
Juiy 28-20-3. H. li. PIPKIN.
ON the 15th inst., on the road leading from Roi
ly Springs to La Grange, one joint of a clar
ionett. with two small brass keys. Any person
finding it and leaving it at Williamson's Hotel,
shall be liberally regarded.
Holly Springs, July 28th-20-tf.
The First and irMI
ALL persons indebted to the firm of Howell
&. McKendrce, either by note or book ac
count, are very politely requested to call and li
quidate their claims. If this call if disregarded
longer than the 10th of August the notes and a c
ceunts positively will bp placed in the hands of
the sheriff and constables for collection. If put
to the trouble of placing them in the hands of the
ofl5cr, good money will be required.
July 28-n30-8t
w Tfl S ' w
cuH.mue the Druggist business at the stand
formerly occupied by ioncroj & McCUng, and
have on" hand a genera! isioriineni of Drugs, Med
icines, ruin.'. Oils, Dye-stuffs, Perfumery, Frenc'i
Chotnteals, 4c. ic ; .i(fexpeptto receive in a few
days an addition) -lock, making their assortment
complete. '.Vc invite country mercnauts and phy
sician:, to give ua nil, believing Uiey will b sat
isfied with the prices and qualities of the articles,
all of which will be sold low for cash, or 00 the
usual time to punctual customers.
Dr Southit rill keep his office in the Drug Sr
wnere he will continue the practice of -Medicine,
Surgery and Obstetrics as heretofore, and solicits
the patronage of bU friends and the public gener
ally. N. B, We expect in a few days to receive a
large supply of window glass 8 by 10, 10byl2,and
12 by 14; linseed oil; white lead, 4c.
July 14 tf
W HUMPHREYS offers for sale the prop,
erty he now occupies in Holly Springs, vii!
nineteen, and one half acres of land, on the
street from Holly Springs to La Grange, Memphis,
4c, under good fence, a part in cultivation, com
fortable cwelling house, with all necessary out
buildintrs, situated in a fine grove of forest trees.
Further description is useless, as the purchaser is
expected to examine the premises. This property
will be sold either on lime, or it will be exchanged
for land of approved quality in the county of Do
Soto. July H-18-31.
Ros and Alderson
VGAIN request nil persons indebted to them to
make payment. We are in want of money,
must and will have it; and if this notice is disre
garded, w must try the virtue of the statute in
such case made and provided. Coll and talk to uj
about it whether you pav or not.
Julj 14, 1838 tf
BY virtue of two Fa Fas to me directed from the
honorable Circuit Court of Marshall county
and Stnte of Mississippi, at September Term of
1-J37, I wilt expose to public sale for cash, to the
hiirhe" bidder at the Court house in the town of
Holly Maes, oh ,he 3d MJond;- in August next
all tnC right, title, claim arir1 interest, that Darrell
M Younc I" n t0' tw0 1,Jts 10 the fown
Chulahoma, as Wo P9and 92 as represented on the
plan of aaidlowa:-Aiso. ene lot in saidto.n. as
the property of Yotmg anJ Nicholson, as the krt
No 79 to satisfy the above Fi Fas in favor of Joseph
Pond and Samuel and Joseph Harvey, sale with
in the hours prescribed by law.
L. McCROSKY, Sh'ff.
By D. M. DAVIS, Dep Sh'ff.
July M lt-3t--Pr's fee $y
RAN AW K trom tne subscriber,
living at Wyati, about Christ
mas last, two colts; one of them wan
a three vears old stud colt, deep bay,
with one white hind foot, anda small spot in hi
forehead. The other was a light bay filly, 2 yevs
old last spring, no particular marks recollected.
Any person giving information of the same shall
be liberally rewarded JNO TYLER
July 5, 1838.-t6-3t
HERE will be let out to the lowest bidder.
cpon contract by the agent of the Hernando
Rail Road and Bankinsr Company, the cuttins out
a road from Hernando, the county .seat ot De Soto,
to Fletcher's Point on the Mississippi river. The
distance is 22 miles, about 9 miles of which is a
cane bottom, and the balance high ridge land. The
road will be required to be cut 60 feet wide, clear
of all trees, stumps, roots and obstructions, as the
basis of preparation; for a rail way. Contractors
will be required to execute hpnds t) complete tho
work on a given time, or the contracts be forfeited.
Payments will be made upon completion of the
work. The work must be done in the shortest
possible time. Persons wishing to undertake are
incited to attend at Hernando, on Monday, the 23d
J) ? .V1;' f'rtstO The route has been surveyed
by the connty surveyor, and a bridle way Wul
be opened in a day or two.
The company are also desirous of contracting;
for the erection of an extensive warehouse at Fit
cber's Point, Bv order of the board.
Julv 14-1S-31.
BY virtue of a Fi Fa, to me directed, from the
honorable Circuit Court of La Fayette county
and State of Mississippi, at May term of 1933, I
will expose to public sale, for cash, to the highest
bidder, at the coi'rt house door in the town of nolly
Springs, on the 3d Monday in August next, all the
right, title, claim ana interest that Geo. F. Penn
has in and to five lits in the town of Chu'.ahoma,
as lots no. 53, tVs, 6f , 273 aiid 274; ievied on as
the property of said ?ent, to satisfy said Fi Fa in
favor oi James Farker. Sale within the hours
prescribed by law. L. McCROSKY, Sh'ff.
Ev v. A. DAVIS, Dep. Sh'ff.
July 14-l-3t.;Pr's'fee$4.
"Vol ice.
Y virtue of an alias execution, to me directed
from the inn. C ireuit court sf Lowndes coun
ty, in favor of rnncis Leek, agimst Henry L. Ives
I will sell to the highest bidder for casn, in the
to .-, n of Oxford, lo ;,day the 8t'i day of August
an undivided interc,. of tne eighth in the following
sections of land. -.0 wit sections 13,14 and 23,
also the S E quarter of section 22. all in township
10. range west, in La Fayette county. I am in
formed by Mr. F. Le;k, that these, with some oth
er lands in an adjoining county, arc subject to a
second interest for one thousand dollars; levied on
a- the property of said Ires, to satisfy said alias
execution. Sale with: the lawful hours.
July 7-17-31 C. S. BUTLER, Sheriff.
THE partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, in the tailoring business, was
disolved on lhe 21st June last, by mutual consent.
Al persons indebted to the late firm are notified
that Newton V . Scott alone is au' horized to receira
payments, and all (Rose having claims against tho
firm, are requested to present them to the said
S-ott immediately, as he has becam.- chargeable
for the same, and is desirous to close the concern
wnhcut delay
lalv 7,-n-3t. ?. J. FRANKS.
'"'HOSE wishing to purchase a small arid eon
A venient residence, in the eastern portion of
the town of Holly Springs, now have a desirable
opportunity of doing so on cheap and accommoda
ting terms. There is a comfortable house for a
residence; one acre of ground, a vegetable garden
in a high stateof cultivation; out houses, &c.
Apply at this Uttice, where terms will be made
July 14 18-3f
The State ol Miss issippi Marshall Counts , w
OTICE is hereby given, -hat on the 5th dd
of February 1838, John J. Crate and ThoJ
Lomax, partners, trading under the firm of Craig
& Lomax, obtained an attachment from Georgq
M. Ury, Esq., a Justice nf the Peace of Marshall!
county, against the estate of Matthias Travis,'
for the sum or $,uui 01. tnat tr.e same is now 1
pending before the Circuit Conrt of Marshall
county, Miss., and that unless rtdefedfcBt shall
appear, give special hail, and plead eaitSin the
time limited for his appearance, judgment will
entered, and the estate attached sold. Given 1
der my hand, this 12th' July, 1838.
w3 nl8. JAMES C. ANDERSON, 0

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