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Marshall County Republican and free trade advocate. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1838-1839, August 04, 1838, Image 4

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rniTnii .wts flimr KiFTilR.
THIS is a Monthly" Maeaiinc, devoted chiefly I
11110 J , b ,,
otieraturb, but occasionally finding room also i
for articles that fell within the scope o(V:eSc::; ami
not professing an entire disdain of tasteful solec- j
tioos though its matter has bo, as it wi'l con-1
tinut W be? in the main, original. -
,r,,,., , c . i.1 t r.ir.
1'AKl 1 WUtlW.BC a - ln
Rj, as iur ua njssiuie, tuu lua.ui.:.;
They arc sometimes so blended with discussions I
irfifitiTature cr in moral science, otherwise uiinb-1
lectionablc, as tn roin admittance for the suite tfi
. i i.i .?.t. . .. i ;.,i. tl,f.t. adl.nrn. hm
the more valuable matter to H Uieb the a dbcri but
when ever that happens, tl.oy art incidental, unl) ,
not primary. 1'hey are dross, tolerated only lie-1
cause it cannot well be severed fri-nthe sterling
'lie Wherewith it i incorporated.
ueiTeiec L A rT? rr,r I ,. .'I It ' h' rivlinv
RLVlh.V b, end CR11 I Al ..UUt fc. . . t. 'l,.
their due spacattl the work! eud It " '
aim that thoy should ve a threefold tendon. , '"
convey, in acondensv.d form, sucheAuaws - or
in'ercstinu incidents usurc embodied' lit lit tvof ks
renewed in direct the reader's all' MMn to book. 1
re.iev.eu. to um ci un, rcuue,
that deserve to he read und to v, i! : i mm WjtW
wasting time ond money upon that r.iriie monocr
which merit only to bo burned, lit this cjre o,
ublications tliat Ly their variety ami muiiuuus
jislractandoverwhel.n every umli-ciimnatins stu
t dent, lnranTUt. ceitscism, governed by the views
just uientioned. ij one of the todst iuestiuiablo and
indispensible of auxiliaries, to him who does wish
to discriminate.
ESSAYS, ami TALES, luvinir in view utility o
amusement, or both HISTCKK2AL BSETCSS
and REMINISCENCE!;? of Wants tun minute for
History, yet elucidating it, and heightening its
Interest,--may bo regarded as formiiijj tno staple
cfthe work. And ol lndigcsous r.ttuifti . uih)uj;ii
ia Aiihll.hod jometimoa of no mean Strain to
manifest and to cultivate the growing poetical
tiato and talents ot our country.
The times appear, for several reason ', to demand
such a work end not one alone, but many. The
public mind is feverish and irritated still, from re
cent poetical s'ril'e The soft, tssuasive influence
of Literature is needed, to allay that fever, and
soothe tliat irritation. Viaeand folly are rioting
abroad: They should ho driven by indignant re
hnlip. nlhed hv ridicule, into their K'ti'lff haunts.
Iirnoranco lords it over an immense proportion of
aa. riMintn- l-'.eere onrifltf should DO Set 111 motion,
toaniiisntlie enlightened, and to increase theif
number; so thr.t the great enemy of popular gov
ernment may no longer bread, like a porteum
cloud, over the destinies of our country. And to
accomplish all these ends, what more powerful
agentcanbe employed, thnn a petiodical, on-that
plan of the Messenger, if that plan be but carried
out in practice!
THE SOUTH peculiarly requires such an agent.
In all the Union, south of Washington, there are
but two Literary periodicals! Northward of that
city , 'there are probably at least twenty-five or thirty !
t. - j f. : .taJll.. it ...nnitl. tU Ia'.h.m
is mis conirasi JU5.1HU.I uiv v..
thenativetalc.it, or the actual literary taste, o
the Southern people, compared with those of the
Northern! No for in wealth; talents, and taste,
we may justly claim at le&st an equality with our
bretheren; and a domestic institution exclusively
our own, beyond all doubt affords us, if we choose,
twice the leisure for reading and writing, which
they enjoy.
It was from a deep sense of the local want, that
the word Southern was engrafted on the name of
this periodical! and not with any design tn nour
ish local prejudices, or to advocate supposed loea
intercsts. Far from any such thought, it is the
Editor's fervent wish, to see the North and South
bound endearingly together forever, in the silken
bands of mutual kindness and affection. Far from
meditating hostility to the North, he has already
drawn, and ho hopes hereafter to draw, much of his
choicest matter thence: and happy indeed will he
deem himself, should his puges, by making etch
region know the other better, contribute in any
essential degree to despel the lowering clouds that
now threaten the peace of both, and to brighten and
strengthen the sacred ties of fraternal love.
has now reached the ftrst No. of the IV volume.
How ftr it has acted out the ideas here uttered, is
'not for the Editor to say. He believes, bowe-er,
.Sat it : falls nt fmthnr tWiV.. 'itu., uiaui 'iiutiiun
i -
weakness usually make Practice fall short Of
1. The Southern Literary Messenger is publish
ed in monthly numbers, of (14 large superroyal oc
tavo pages each, on the best of paper, and neatly
covered, at $5 a year payable invariably, in ad
vance. 2. Or fivf "new subscribers by Mndtng their
names and 20 atone time to the Editor, will re
ceive their copies for one year, for that sum, or at
$4 for each.
3. The risk of loss of payments for subscriptions
which have been properly committed to the mail,
or to the banes of a postmaster, is assumed by the
4. If a subscription is not directed to be discon
tinued before the first nnmber of a volume has been
published, it wall be taken as a continuance for
another year. Subscriptions must commenco with
the bcgiuningol'thcvolume,and will not be taken
for less than n year's publication, unless the indi
vidual subscriliing.is willing to pay ti for a short'
er period even if it be for a single uumbor.
5. The mutual obligations of the publisher, for
the year, are fully incurred as soon as the first num
ber of the volume is issued: and after that time, no
discontinuance for a subscription will be permitted.
Nor will a subscript'on be discontinued for any car
lier notice, while anything thereon remains due,
unless at the option of the Editor.
13 POPECTU for publishing the Laws of Mis
. sissippi. Law, being the rule of acliou pre
scribed by the supreme power of the Slate, com
manding what is right, a general acquaintance with
its provisions is desirable to the scholar, the legis
lator, the planter and .cchanir, as well as the
awyer by profession. All classes of society in a
repuhliean govci nmcut, liko our own, dependant for
the perpetuity of its institutions, alone on an en
lightened public sentiment, reqoire some knowl
edge nf the legal enactments, upon which (heir
lives, their liberties, and their fortnnes. depend.
the laws o! .Ut-sistippi, ol a general nature, as
enacted by her SuccsMHi
ed in numerous volumes,
islatures lie srattpr.
Eli under a mas' of
private acts, of importance to those alone who are
directly interested in their provisions, and offering
by their bulk, end the want of arrangement, an al
most insurerable barrier to tliat general discmina-
.Uion of their contents, amongst the great mass of
the people, whisli their importance wouid snm to
ro collect ami arrange, all the laws of a irenor
nl nature, now in force, in this state under their
appropriate: titles, together with a snitablo digest
ed index, nnd superintending in person, the com
pletion of tho work, until ready for delivery, will
be a labor of un small magnitude. The support
and palronage of the intelligent citizens of this
tjreat slate, 1 feel confidont, will not be withheld
from aiding in the accomplishment of a work which
will more widely disseminate a knowledgo of our
-nstitutions, and the wisdom on which they are
The work will bo published in two royal octavo
volumes, comprising from five to seven hundred pa
ges, containing all after the enacting clause, verba
tim, of every law now in force, of a general na
ture, together with a reference tn the pamphlet
laws. A digested index to the contents of the
volumes, wilt be appended, at once lo the view a
condensed statement of the standing law, under
its distinct and appropriate title.
TlftM. will be, to subscribers, Five dollars per
volume, bound and lettered.
The work will, if suflitient enroiiragetiient U
obtained, be ready for delivery by lhe first nf Jan
uary, 1839. T. J. FOX ALDEN.
Jackson, Mis., Mereh, IrtW.
I "qu"-of the popularity which oorjWly papat
1 hsiaiiii'diiiidl sections nf the country, Hiitl the inline-
rou, amnmh wo , rrP.inf frTm ( ,uarter foA
WCCk,v Journal, we have determined on tuning enc of that
inscription, to be entitled "The Weekly Picayune."
To adopt tin-tame figurative Mylc used in our fir
nr.pectus, . have fitted out the "eaw" for more
distant vo amis, and livitrhtcd her with all aorta ot notions
,hc diipe ,,f iwrfaifc-,; and it the same success attend.
1U. i.n SK, 1BS ,,., tfi,,!,. coasting nearer huroe,
wc shall doubtless receive rich return?. ,
Tt prepare our Utile craft for the more emended sen
W c is destined tt move, we have nut upon her mau.
aililititmi and improvements. Some ot her old timber
ut a(, taMU , ntwd. nsn p,,
w H.KMU.r.mf,lrc ,, , gmtt.r K.UK,i, r htam.u
ner eIMt, ,.m. bean matetuiUj enlarged,
NMwtthaUndlnr tho mrroued tiae, the puhlla may re
avoid that tlK-'OVcajKite" wilt be enaldeiljto work
water with the same fucilitv as heretofore, nudlor
!,,,, of ,ommnl,alion whirh it would be folly for .1
dull, heavy tem-U at preaent sailing from thin roi'l to tin
j Coronalssjon merchants! and others having freight in ti
.shape ff advertisements to ship for the country trmfc,.
1 w1') well to en! them onboard our riW'r, as the .
, on t r every city in the United States, and all intermedial
hfrtfrgj, ' '
i y4 reiterate to thote fanatical piraiiaho cruise umli
, the oMi't'flai; who onpose shivery because they aiv then
selves tile alaves ol ignorance and superstition who pn
lend It l -lh clean the uppe rdecks fit their neighVrs with
hnUj none we tajr look out lor hreakora.
to Hotel keepers we riTunrnrnu our paper m eve;
euga i meut her commander win DC nrsl to lead on tli
To the heads of families the Irim appearance of ot
craft will bo an objeet of interval, -Most married foj)
have experienced the cflerla of tipk'tyarrinq.
Ve shall endeavor to make ilioEc anranlera, the bache
lors, heave to show them the advantages of the propel
' compaiuin-watt" recomiiieiidinjr a double state-room,
wilh birth, fkc.
We shall i:'ndmirboat abroad theatricals and oilier amtiac
nicntti those prclty pleasure beats, which make our pat
sajc over the lake of life so deiiijhtful. Danetnc; wo shalj
especially encourage; as wc conceive that the safety of Ihe
vciel otten depends upon keeping hot h puntfte wyr.
On first launching the "l'tcaiitm" we promised to carry
a press of nail in case we wera warrcnted by a tale fmm Ihe
J'reis. 'I'lirouRh all the storms which have raged since she
lirat tailed alio has horn un under full sultM w ithout ever be
ing taken nhui'k, and is now ranked A. i. at all the insu
rance and other offices of thu citv. Our policy still holds
good, and we never intend it shall run oat.
Dropping our figure, and reUiriiing to plain language, we
will now add that we intend to make the Picayune a vehi
cle cf fun, wit, huiooratid sentiment, and a little of ever)
tiling that's going on. It ahall be onr delight to crack jokes
to Ml stories in our own any, to ridicule folly, and to cor
rect the mm. uers of the age by exciting laughter agrinit
them. Ioihis, Inat' er, we shall eniieaver to avoid that li
centiousness wliieh .itinly seeks to benefit the public by
wounding the feelings- of individuals.
A portion of our paper ill lie occupied with comprc
lienaive notices of all pnaahig enuts giving the pith ol the
am of die day, without btmhinoino details.
We ef ;hcw partisan politics; yet we 6hall continue to cx
pron our opinions impartially on all public measures.
Follies in joveroinent aa well as in social life are open to
ridicule; and when thehumor aeraesus, we shall not spare
them, which ever patty tjkje jtajfrare may fall.
All lnral occurrences of gaan'al interest shall he prompt-
IVj nouceu, aotiiui our .ii-iaui reauers may see III a glance
the miniature wcrhl which isooniTgaled in this emporium.
v un tuts expose oi our Munitions, anu iletertiiiiiatiou to
endeavrr with nnreinttioE industry toHulfit them, we look
w ith confidence for a continuance of that patronage which
has hitherto bet n so cordially extended to us.
The "Weekly Picayune" will be published every Mon
day morning, at Jj,00 per annum, payable m all cases in
advance; and will contain four additional columns, embra
cing all the newsof the week, with w caterer of interest trans
pires on Sunday.
Thoss persons at a distance who will procure four subscri
bers, and tend ui twenty dollars shall be entitled to una
opy gratis.
South-Westcrn Journal.
THE extensive and growing interest of the
Southwest, its moral and social improvement, and
its increasing literary and scientific demands, Jiave
awakened attention to the fact that in this highly
important portion of our country thero' is nojour
nal or paper exclusively devoted to literature and
science, advocating the doctrines of no party.
Feeling the necessity of such a paper, the Jef
ferson College and Washington Lyceum have
commenced the publication of a periodical entitled
"The South-Western Journal,'" to be devoted to
literature and science, and all subjects interesting
to the general reader.
It is published semi-monthly, in the city of
.Natche ., and can tains sixteen m
i similar .Of-iur...-i.
paper, aad is protected by a good eaaeiope, so that
it may be conveyed to any distance without injn-
It will be remembered that we have no work in
the Soutewcct similar to this; and every one who
feelsa pride in any enterprise calculated to en
hance the social and moral character f our coun
try, should come forward and assist in this wor
thy enterprise.
Pecuniary emolument constitutes no part of the
object of this publication. It is not intended to
benefit any individual or the Lyceum in a pecu
niary point of view. The sole object is to advance
knowledge and diffuse a taste for the refined en
joyments of literature and science.
Nothing is now wanting to the accomplishment
of the wishes of the Lyceum but the patronage of
the community; and it is expected that this pat
ronage will be promptly and cheerfully extended.
All communications in reference to the periodi
cal should be addressed, post paid, to Professor
J. A. Van Hoesen, the Secretary of the Lyceum,
Natchez, Miss. The subscription price If $" 00,
in all cases in advance.
The first nnmber of this paper is dated Decem
ber 15, 1887, audit will bceontinuod semi-monthly
from that date.
6.8. B.. THATCHER,
E. Committee Jejernn College and IVaehingttm Lyceum
The "South-Western Journal" is printed on tw,
sheets, making sixteen pages to each nrnihcr, tho
postage on which, for one hundred miles or lesso
is two ecus over ono hundred miles three cents.
By a decision of the Postmaster General, tho cover
i viewed as a wrapper, and subject to no postage.
Carriage Making.
JTT ALLEN and W. J. CLARK have form
TT . ed a co-tmrllicrship to carry on the above
n.istness, under the firm ot ALLb.M & CLARK,
and will give their prompt and undivided atteu
J- ii. pnv.:A .,,! . u...,j
1 """'" " uusjucw,
1' 'P?1
UWII IV i 'i' .'ill'.. 1 '- - lll lll .'I LIIU11 UUSlllUSS,
to merit and receive a shar? of public patronage.
Their shop is on Centre street, south of the Pub
lic Square, where they will beflpnd nt all times,
ready to give attention in their line of business,
Holly Springs, Missp., Jan. 11, 1838. nl-lf.
H&. J. DELAI' will curry on the business of
Blacksinithing, in its various branches; and
will give particular attention to ironing Carriages
and Waeons complete, including the making ol
Steel Springs, Sic. Horse shoeing will be done in
a superior style. Their shop is on the south side
of the Public square, and on the same lot with that
ot .Messrs, Allen & Clark.
Holly Springs, Miss., Jan. 11, 1838. nl-tf.
en Itank Note Comnnnv.
'piIL undersigned having established the-
X selves in Cincinnati, for the ournose of exe
cuting Bank Nctk EnnsAvroo and Prwtino, re
spectfully solicit from -the Banking institutions in
the West, a share of their patronage.
Having been engaged for the last year in mak
ing new uies, vignettes, ate. tney are now ena
bled to furnish Notes in a very superior style, and
on short notice.
03r Bank Note paper of the best quality w il
always be kept on hand.
Office 3d st., adjoining the New Banks.
Nov. 25 nGl-tf. -
New l?Mintliikm-nt,
Kl.'4pOLBRO'JK, begs leave to inform the
citiaens of Holly Siirings and vicinity, that
he has received, and is still raccivinu a larire
mi ..il sui ted stock of Groceries, Upper Coun
try Produce, Sic. A great variety of liquors, a
moog which are, assorted
French, American, Pencil, Apple nnd Ohani
nnignc Brandy; Holland Gin, Old JafnaicH
Rum, Rojdilietl, Jtfonongahelo and Irish
Whskcy, Old Port, Madeira, Teneriffo,
White, and Malaga Wines; a lev baskets
., ....u .mmegs. ASo
Flour, Meal, Bacon and Lanl,
All ol which he will rcll, Wholesale anil
Retail, tiit accoinmodatintr terms.
Holly Springs, April 20," 1838. n7-yr.
HVWKKHO'.IJS OR PILES vary very mucn
iniaenndform,aretither external or inter"
nal and depend on general or local causes, as inju
ry done to llio pnrt;, by the frequent passage of in
durated or hardened stools, use of a luetic purges,
long continued exercise in the erect posture, sit
ting on a old or a damp sent, diseases cl the liv
er; constant purging with drastic medicines, riding
on horse-bvk, costiveness of the bowels, irregular
habits; sedentary 'iccupations, Sl.
Tim symtoniw which they occasion may bo divided
into such as occur in accidental piles, and such as
attend permanent piles. Accidental pies are fre
quently attended with a sense of heat uml puin at
the extremity of the rectum or lowest intestine
and in the loins, head ache nnd giddiness, flatulence,
and not uncommonly marks ofgeuernl fovenshness
such as dryness of the mouth and fauces, scanty
and high colored urine, furred, tongue, vilh a fre
quent desire to void the urine and fteCes. The
evacuation by the bowels is painful, and very of
ten occasions the tumors to bleed. Tie perma
nent organized piles produce in many instances a
degree of inconvenience which interfere most se
riously with the active duties and COmfoitS Of life.
Even when altogether internal, they aaptde by
their bulk the passage of the fieces, give )iso to so
vore pain whenever the bowels aro eriticd, and
gradually bring on that train of evils wlach neces
sarily follows long cortinued constipatitn.
Wheatho piles are external they often swell
enormously; are very lender, however small they
may be, and sometimes ulcerated.
Memphis, April 30, m7.
Poind by ihe President and lelect men of th the tnm of
1 N ordin ance to remove obstructions ic the spring
lots in the town of Holly Springs
Sec. 1st. Be it ordained bv the President and
select men of the town of Holly Springs, That all
Ihe spring-houses erected over or near the spring
bit, shall he torn down, and that it shall be the
uuty oft1 e town cnnstabio, to put this ordinance
in effect fonhwitn, and to keep the lots well in
closed, and clear off all obstructions.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordaiMd, Thata'bMrdof
health be appointed, whose duty it shall be, to ex
amine the streets and alleys in Iht town cf Holly
Snrings, nnd report to the PresidentailJ
further ordained, That not leas
than six, nor more than twelve good hands shall
be employed by the month, with an overseer, for
the purpose of clearing out the streets and alleys
of the town of Holly Springs.
Sec. 4. Resolved, That Robert McCraven be
employed to employ hands and oversee them, and
thathe receive the sum of fifty dollars per month
for his services; and that ho receive thirty dollars
per month for each hand employed and fed by him,
while on the work of the corporation, and that ho
also be furnished by the Treasurer with funds,
for the purpose of purchasing tho necessary tools
for the clearing out of the streets.
Sec. 6. Rosolvcd, That George Thompson, Ran
dolph Mott, Dr Cummings, A. T. Caruthers, aud
Robert Simpson be anpoiated a board of health, to
carry into effect the alWe ordinance, and that
they be supplied with a copy of the ordinance of
this resolution.
Sec. 0. Be it further ordained, That if 'he bourl-
of health shall make re port that tho streets or ad
leys before any person s property are in a htlhy
or unhealthy condition, it shall be the duty of thel
town constable to notify such person or peisons
of lhe situation of said street oralley, and of the
report thereon, and if the saidperwin shall fail tn
clean out the same, he, she or they shall forfeit
and pay twenty dollars for every twenty-four hours
thereafter that the said street or alley mev remain
in that condition: Provided always, that the filth
so found in the streets or alleys shall be caused by
tl c persons or their families living on them.
Sec. 7. Be it further ordained. That these ordi
nances be in force from and after the time of their
JOHN R. WILSON, Pres. pro lem
R. ft BAUGII, Recorder.
July 3-17-tf.
Holly Springs, 12th Juno, 1888.
uf. unuersignen, commissioners lo wiiom lias
been entrusted for settlement, the business of
this instituliou, take this means of notifying those
who may ue tnileoteu to it, mat they need not ex
pect a renewal of their notes, as Uievare determiu
ed to redeem tho issues of this institution, and
close its business as speedily as possible. They
themselves hopt that no lunger indulgence, nor
further renewals will be expectod or acked for, but
that payments will be punctually made in every in
stance, by those indebted to the institution, in or-
derthat it may meet its engagements promptly.
A. C. M'EWEN, 1
JNO.R. WILSON j.Cora'rs.
AT8 40 dor. Fur Hats, fo sale, at easiern
prices by H. S. Morcan & CO.
Memphis Tenn. April 21, 1838.
Law Notice.
POWELL, will jointly attend to tho practice
of their profession in Marshall, and the adjoining
Countiei, in the Superior Court of Chancery, nnd
in the Federal and Supreme Courts, at Jackson.
Office in Holly Springs, Miss. Jan. 10 -nl-tf.
GREER & DARli.lft
HAVING associated themselves in the practice
of the law, will attend all the courts of the
eighth judicial district, the Circuit Court of Vallo
Busha county, and the chancery court, court of er
rors and appeals, and Federal court at Jackson.
Office in Center street, a few doors north of the
public square. Holly Springs, Mies.
(r Business entrusted to their care will re
ive prompt a tten t ion. aug. 5
Head Quarters,')
Jacksox, Miss. June MUb, 183S. $
THK election for ilrigadii-r General the 'id Ungivle of
tin; 4th Division, l.tMil liy order of mnjor (eneral E. L.
Afee, on tin '.Md ami 24th of April liut, was Illegal. liriff-
adit i genera! ,., Carter will, therefore, continue in the
offirc until the expirntiu11 of fear years from the date ofiiii
commission. '
The elections held on the same days for col. commandant
'I'iIi- !0th, SStli and .t Regiment;, hy order of brigadier
Kencrnl J:tmes Carter, being also illegal, the colonels eom-
mitnuant pi mi hi regiment previously elected will continue
in comntund for tbn period of four years from tlie day and
date of flu-ir several commission.
The election of lieutenant eo!nnel and major of the 19th re
giment, held at the same time, was illegal.and otfteem pre
riouily elected uill uotitinue in office for the term of four
yeafi from the date of their several eoinmihsh ns.
It is the decision ol the Connnahder-iu-c liief thai all uffi
cers, elected to till vacancies, continue in office tor the
term of four years.
The 43d section of the 3d Title of the "Act to rcgulnte
the Militia ot lhe State" nrovides. that "It shall be the du
ty df every officer on receiving a resignation to forward
the same, ulth the reasons Ltfaltrned then lor. to the Adjit
taut Liencrnl, who shall iutinediately lay the :tinv before
the Coniiniinder-in-Chiefi but n otiiw r shTill be deemed
out of service until he lias received notice of th" acceptance
offals resignation by lhe Coinmandtr-iu-Jhiel." Nore
Birnfttloo a ill be accepted Bkfft is shown that the ofBcer
OfferinB to resign lias performed distinguished services, or
is incompetent.
The several Colonels Commandant, assisted by the Lieu
tenant Colonels and majors, are ordeied to lay OtT their
respective Kegiments into, llatlalions and Heals. The
Heajli will be iiumberetl alphabetieally, and laid off 10 that
no beat shall contain less than forty-eight nor more than
one hundred privates; and the colonels commandant, arc
required tn order elections and bftve their several regiments
fully officiered within three tuonths from the i ate of this
"Whrnever anv cornDaNiv heat rhall netlcct or refuse to
elect officers to its connuan'd, the colonel or commandant of
theregimciit to which said comMny may belong, will nom
inate a fit proper person to lalttTtommaud of aid compauy
until such election shall be heldt ami such person so nom
inated shall, by a warraot from uuuer tlie han't oi me colo
nel or commnndMiit of the regiment, be appointed captain
bv liKvrt, and shall, dunm; such brevet appointment, have
and exercise all powers and duties ot captain ot lb'- POM
panv, to the command of which lie may be appointed, and
shall be liable to all tbe penalties imposed by law upon cap
tains for refusal or ucglect to discharge the dutiea of their
The commander-in-chief 1 now prepared to furnish vol
unteer Infantry companies with muskets aud accoutrements
complete, and expects to be prepared to furnish volunteer
Rifle and Cavalry companies with rifles, swords, and pis
tols In a few months. There are now no restrictions as to
the number of volunteer companies in the several regiments
commissions will, therefore he furnished to the officers of
such companies, and arms delivered on the production cf
the eertlAeatc of the Colonel Commandant as required by
The safety of the country requires an efficient organiza
tion of the militia, and the commander-in-chief relies, con
fidently on the zealous co-operation of every Officer incf
fecttiiff this desirable rcstdt.
lly order of ALEXANDER u. McNUTT,
Ciuhlkii M. PnicK, adjutant general M M.
Jackson, juuc 5, 1855 w3
see sect. U4th of the net approved Dec. 25, 1833.
AV1NG disposed of their Stock of goods, to
Messrs. Dill, Baugh, Si Co. whom wo take
leisure in recommending to our old friends, and
nnxious to close the concern immediately, they
herefore request all persons indebted to them for
the years 1836 and '7; to call and close their ac
counts. Wo will receive Ileal i.stae Holly hnnngs
money in payment. John C. Hilt may be found at
the old stand, on the corner, ready for making set
tlements, either by cash or by note. We wish to
close the business done since the first of January,
1838, by note.
P. S. We return our sincere thanks to our cus
tomers for their liberal patronage, and hope they
will not be backward in coming forward and mak-
ng settlement. JOHN C. HILL & CO.
Holly Springs, June 15. lB38-M4-tt.
Cotton gill Manufactory.
TIIE undersigned bees leave to inform his friends and
customers, that he is . permanentl located In the town of
H yatt, where lie still continues lo carry on tne inn Man
ufactory and repairing business, in all its vurious branches.
He manufactures no other Gins odIv tliat of the very best
Gnrlish polished eastteel plates; he also fronts his ribs
where the savs pass through, with hardened polished cast
steal, that Ut mnvr.Me at any "' ' '
iron. Persons wlshnw to Bureau w a first rate cm, woulil
do well to give him a call, aad examine for themselves.
rre is flisnaisi to maae no wins rnai win not ue a creun
to tbe business of pin making.
For tnrther intnrmuni,,ne rcieri to lormcr purcnascrs,
to Wit!
La Fayette county.
Pontoloe county.
Marshall county.
Panola county.
Yallobusha county.
N. B. If buy nelson purchases a sin ot turn, ami it iloes
not fully cume up to tbe expectations of Ihe purchaser, he
is at the liberty of returning it and purchasing another of
any other Gin maker in the west at his expense. Any per
son who may lavor him withnn oroer tor a tsin, it win be
thankfully received and promptly attended to.
jo w. intutias.
Wtitt, Mi., June 24, 1838. 2 15 3m
or its r.onvAtiuJiT.
1 HAVE 30 Sections of Chickasaw Reseivation
1 Lands, lying in .Marshall County and immedi-
atcly on its borders; these lands are among the
first selections made in this Country. They are of
fered ntlow prices, ayablcone third cash, tho bal
lance in one and two years. I will receive in pay
ment the notes of tho I lolly Spring s Banks or any
olhcr current money
Those wishing information relative to these
lands, yan have it by calling on mo at this place,
or Mai. Win. H. Duke, nt Pontotoc.
Agent for the Pontotoc and Holly Springs Land
ComDanv. ADril 28, 19'J8. 2-7-2m
O-'Ihe Memphis Gazette, Huntsville Democrat
nnd Nashville Union, will insert the above for 3
months, and forward their accountto this Office
for payment.
(rocei'ie & Produce,
TUST RECEIVED, and for sale by
O II. J. ALBROOK, Holly Springs Missp.,
2 Hogsheads Sugar,
5 Sacks Coffee,
I Hbls. t'orter,
1 Bbl. Unseed Oil,
20 " Rect. Whiskey,
4 Boxes S. Candles,
3 B.xes Candy,
1000 Best S. Cigars,
1 Bag Feathers,
1 Groce Torter Botles
1000 Portei Corks,
100 Boxes Sapplng-
tons Pills,
50 " Beckwith's do
Poz. Claret Wine,
Dor. Lemn Syrup,
" Scotch Snuff,
2 ' Frio. Matcftsa,
3 " Mtcio) Bhnff!
3 " Stougion's Bit
Together with a general assortment of Groce
ries &. Produce. R. J. HOLBROOK.
June 30, 1938. 3 16 ly
Produce and Groceries at Whole
sale and Reta i.
WILLIAM CATO, respectfully informs the
citizens of Holly Springs and Marshall
County, that he is now receiving, in part, his stock
of Produce and Groceries, and will in a short time
have a largo and general assortment, and intends
to keep constnntly on hand, most of the leading
articles usually kept in his lino which he feels
assured he can sell for cash, at prices that will be
satisfactory to all who may wish to purchase.
Persons from the adjoining Counties East and
South of Marshall, wishing to purchase smal
stocks, may find it to their advantage to give him
a call.
Planters are oarticnlarlv renunsted to favor him
with a call before they buy elsewhere, at Jos.
Mosby's oid stand East of the Square, two doors
North of Messrs. Hatchel & Norfleet's Cabinet
Holly Springs, Miss., April 18, 1838
DiN IHnrxhn.l & Iteid,
HAVE txsBOciatcd thpniielves in the practice of
Medicine, find ofl'tr their services to thn citi
zens of Holly Springs and vieinity Thpy have
pertTiaiiently lucuUil themselves at this place, and
will bestow strict attention on nil case-; entrust
ed to them. Utlice, the one formerly occupied by
Reid. April20-tf
l.iyto and Wilton
WILL attend tlio Courts of Marshall, Lafay
ette, Desnto, Panula, Tippah, and Yalobu
sha counties and the federal court at Jnckson.
Uusiness confiJed to them will meet their prompt
attention. Fob. 4--li'.
I UNDERSTAND there is a repori in circulation
about town that lam in the habit ut" jiving out
my tickets in exchange for itrandon, TennessM sndRiter
fluids, and dint when ftejr are presented, I want to shave
them at ti neixeut. discount. all Ihlr 1 , i.
iiltei ly false, I have given out my tickets in eicliange for
Hon, Sffrings nmney, k have i ever offered ilieni in ttehukfe
Ini- BrtMloii, 'l ennessee or river funds, ns I ran nrove to the
salislactioiinlanvjtentiemaniihn will lake Hie trouble tocall
att.ie Manter lo .Mr. Cain who has attended to my business
ever since I Opened, I have put IIIJ tickets un a pur with our
local currency, and am ready at 'any lime to redeem them
iih such funds as I have giveu them out for.
ayS0 If. .1. HOLMtOOK.
lhe pleasure ol'infbrmiii our friends, that we have just
reeeivad a further supply of .Moffat's celeliraled Life Pills
and Phoenix Bitters, for sale, wholesale and retail, at our
Wholesale Drug and Chemical Ware-house, Memphis:
old nud Silver Scnithiiig.
HA INC recently removed to their new establishment
(built expressly for their business) on U Grange street ,
sco nd door South of Uoss (t Aldcrson's Drv Coiids store,
repeetthlly infirni their friends and the public, that they
..vv. , ,l vo no any worK in ineir line ot husineis,
wilh desnateh, and in a superior slvle. Kepairiug of watch
es, Jewelry, Clocks, fccc. laielicuh.'i lv alteml,.,! t,. ln
the mrnhiacture of Gold and Silver "ware or even kind, in
fashionable style. ,,. ;.".i3.
CJUBSCRIBERS to the Mississippi Union Bank.
lOare hereby notified that they must snnd in their
Titles to Lands, subscribed to I ho Union Bank,
properly authorized; as they will have to he for
warded to Jackson for eaininalion before the com
mencement of the Mothsr Bank, prior to their be
coming legal stockholders to sad Bank.
IHsrsolution ol lartitcrliip.
THE Partnership heretofore existing between
and JAMES M'CLUNG- of Holly Springs Miss.,
and Dr. S. T. TONCRAY of Memphis Tenn., in
the Drug business, is this day dissolved by mum
al consent. AM accounts due by said firm will be
sot: led and paid by said Toncray, and all notes and
accounts dun the aforesaid firm, must be paid to
saiiTToncray, who is also authorized to close said
business. All those indebted arc earnesily reques
ted to call and pay, and those Whose accounts are
not yet due, will please call and settle by note,
payable at the maturity of their contracts.
Holly Springs, Juno 22, 1838 if
Ofl XES assorted sizes WINDOW
JJJ GLASS, direct from the Factories, and
for sale low, at our Chemical Warehouse, opposite
Johson's Hotel. BOOTH & CHRISTIAN,
Wholesale Druggists, Memphis, Tenn.
Jan. 27, 1838n3-ly.
HAVING located himself in oily Springs, re
spectfully tenders his services to tho citizen
of the place and the adjacent country From his
experience in the practice of the various branches
ef his profession, ho hopes to be able to give satis
faction to all those who may honor him with their
confidence application may be made either at his
dwelling or at the drug-store of T' ncray & V Clung.
Gold and Silver Smithing;, kc.
JOHN STERLING respectfully informs his friends
and acquaintances, and the public in general,
that he has, since the late fire in Holly Springs,
rebuilt and finished off, in handsome style, a new
and convenient shop, one door east of the north
east corner of the public square, at Ihe sign of the
golden watch, where he offers tor sale the most ex
tensive assortment of new Fancy and useful arli
cles, of all descriptions to be found in the place.
Many of these articles, as regards quality, pattern,
Sic, can be found no where else, and the prices at
which they are offered, are so unprocedentedly low
tney cannot tan to give satisfaction.
Among them will bo found, a handsome a ort-
ment of
Dtamond Breast Pins, Car Bines, Finger It lug
iVe. Af. VC.
Also, Watch-guards, Keys, Chains and Seals; ma
sica' instruments, Perfume Boxes, Ladies' Work
Boxes, Mantle Ornaments Gold and Silver Watch
cs, of all kinds; Penknives, Razors, Combs; Silver
and common table nnd tea-spoons, together with
many other articles not here mentioned.
In addition to the above, he has also on hand,
splendid assortment of articles suitable fbr self-dc
Wntch nnd Clock Repairiii
He would hero state that, having recently cm
ploved an experienced workman, tho public ma
rest ossured, that all kinds of repairing in his line
will be done on the shortest notice, and warrant
ed for the term of twelve months. He has now on
hand, a good assortment of main springs, ch'.vstals
and every utensil necessary for the repair of all
kinds of Silversmithing.
Holly Springs, June 16.- nl4--tf.
TWILL Sell st wbolesnls a well selected stock of
iDritgs, Medidiues, .Taints. Uils, and ilyc-stutlc,
vbichnmay be rendered with a small addition very
complete, on accommodating terms, if application
iq soon mao ewier ior cusu ur uu lime,
3 T Tnvi
jvu,e33, 1838tP
WE EARNESTLY renuest all those indobteu
to us, to come forward and mnlro n ZZ2nt
by the 20th day of July next; or they wil most as
suredly incur legal cost. Longer indulgence can
not be given. We are determined to have mon
ey, peaciably if we can, hut forcibly if we must.
iioiiy springs, June 5!, 1S28. 3-12 If
W. C. M'CLURE. & Co.
TMF. pHnorhn of Booth & Christian was dissolved on
th Ulth April last. The business of the old concern
wifTbc fettled alone by Wyatt Christian, who is only au
tuoriicd to collect ami pay 'the debts of the concern anil will
sue ine name ol ine firm in liquidation.
The business in llitnre will be conducted as heretofore bv
Joseph Bohannon, for Wvutt Christian, at die old stand.
May 19, MSB,
THE partnership heretofore existing under the
firm of Pattillo, Wilson & McCamnliell, has
this day expired by limitation. Tho business that
has been entrusted to them will still receive their
joint attention. R. H. PATTILLO,
Feb. 3, 1888-n4-tf.
WE have received tho Agency of Landrrth's
Garden seeds, consistine of a cenerol as-
sortmeut, for sale wholesale and retail by
Sole Agents. Memphis, Tenn,
January 27, 1838. n3-yr.
CHRISTIAN aro now receiving
supply Of tresli LIKUliB, UltHIUl.NLS,
raints, Oils, Window Glass, Putty Fancy articles,
German French and English Chemirn's, Prfume
ry, Surirical Instrument-, &c : all at wliich has
been purchased on the best terms; nnd they are
well assured that Uicy can girt as good buytM at
this time as any Itouse in tlie Western or Southern
Country merchants, ilrurits, planters, physi.
cians and others would do well to give them a call
before purchasing elsewhere, as they are well m-
sured they will be pleased with their pnees, flic
April S0J838.
R. H.PfiUillo.
promptly to collections
will tit!
, unej,iiisvi,
iT sa lit.' Clit illicit C-
100 Kees Boston Nails,
123 Pieces Backing,
23 Dbls Cranuerries,
100 Eoxes Sperm Candles,
Received per Steamboat W. L. Roboson, and
for sale by H. S. MORGAN & Co.
Memphis Tenn. April 21, 1838.
1 A CASKS Winter
Sperm oil just u
hand and for sale low, by
27, 1S:W. n'l. H ) .) 1' k CHRISTIAN.
Doctor A. Hester
VFFlUE The Counting Room of B, J. Malone's
i'ew Drug Store.
Manuka Malt:
AA BARRELS Kanaha SALT, in store, and.
UUU,k sale!
I by
H. S.
April 21, 1833.
is Tenn.
Dr. J. tn. Chistholiu,
fFFERS his professional services to to Citizens
V of Holly Springs, in the practieo of Medicine,
Surgery and Obsirtrics.
0 Office next door to Dr Rcid; where he may
be found at all times, unless absent on his profes
sional business.
'TMIE Partnership hi retofore existing between
X the subscribers, as wholesale Grocers ai d
Commission Merchants, is this day dissolved I y
mutual consent; all those having claims against i s
as well as those indebted, will call on A. Walki r
for settlement, as he is alone authorized to clo' s
the business, and will use AfrmihThrf -K16 (km 4 s--liuuidation.
Memphis, Apri) 10, 1633. Q. C. ATKINSON.
V opartncrsftip.
HE subscribers having associated themse''03
together tor the transaction ofaifeiieia'agan-
y nnd commission business, imdcr the fi.-.n of An-
:rson fc Walker, tender their services to tMeir
friends and the public generally. They will occit-
y the houseon Mississippi Ko-", lately occupied
by Walker & Atkinson,
Memphis, Juno IC nl4 6m.
raissisniiipi tf ouie.
tfPENCE HALL begs leave to inform his friends
and the public, that he has taken the above
establishment, situated at tac corner ol sa.ua ana
ackson Streets, Memphis Ion., which at gmat
expense ho has thoroughly repaired and handsomv
ly fitted up, where he is ready to receive anu en
tertain visitors and boirdera, with the best the
. ... . . . M, L
country can afford. His Best exertions win Do
used lo promote the comfort anu convonienco u
those who may fiivd,' him with their patronage.
Afemptus, Joiio s.i.-niu-nm.
Leather for ale.
I HAVE for sale, at Sorey's shoe shop, a quanti
ty of first rate eastern tanned sole loathe!
which I am dispu sed to tell very cheap for cash.
Feb. 10 3w. f. PRITCHETT.
ttatsfkife KElS No. 1, White Lead, just to hand:
mrv and lor sale low tor cash
at the whoht-
sale Drag Store of
April 31, 1838.
Memphis Tenn.
COMMISSION Merchants, New Orleans, ten
der their service to th Planter! and Merchants
of North Mississippi Refer to
Oct. 7. H. S. MOKliAN. & Co., Memphis.
July 5, 1838.
RESOLVED, by the board of Directors. That if
any subscriber for stock to the Northern Bank.
shall tail to secure tho same cgainst the ttrst day
of September next, that they will not be consider
ed stockholders of said bank.
WM. R. HARLEY, Cl'k.
rV HE subscriber .wil- rent, on accommodating
JL , terms, for froi one to fivo years, his coach
shop in the towof uolly Springs. It is situated
on Memphi-and La Grange streets, nearthe pub
lic square, and in the heart of the business por
tion of the place. Tho shop is large and sub
sttntia), and was built by the subscriber, express
ly for the business. He will also rent for the same
space of timo, in connexion with tho above busi
ness, a hlacksmitn snop, winch is adjoining, witn
one set of tools which are entirely new, and of
the very besL kind. Those wishing to engage in this
business could not select a more suitable placeor a
more fit occasion than tbe one offered above, ap
plications can be made verbally or through wrung.
Wanted, also, a first rate wagon Maker, rwhon
liberal wages will be given. A singl man, or.
one with a small family would be prcfe'red.
Tho Louisville Advertiser will cpy lhe above 8
times, and send bill to this office for collection.
Holly Springs, Miss,, July H-18-3t.
rpilE subscriber fntuins his siucere thanks to
' "nblic, for tho liberal patronage extend-
a . l" r't -i ' :" ""Jsiness with Mr. N.
ed to him whilo engageu ... -a ,y,n
W. Scott. I would also inform my frienoe buu
public, that it is my intention to recommenoo b.
siucss in this place on the first of September, at
which time I hope to bo favored wilh a call from,
my old customers. I am now making arrange
ments to get on some first rate workmen, and in
tend to introduce a new system'of cutting clothing,
and if constant end unremitting attention to.
business, entitles a man to atronage, I shall re
ceive a share. My work shall be done well, or not
"'r',- ji R J.FRANKS,
July 14-18-Ot.
$25 f
from the vicinity of Roll
Springs on Thursday Ihe 5th. Two
horses, onos larire bay: hind foot white.
scar in his forehead, a small knob on each shoulder
and aoout six yci
rather swaybackerf
years old. The i
their recovery, or
old. The other, a sorrell,
s finely, and about nine
reward will be given for
'irmation thankfully re-
I, 1838. ia-4iv
Holly Springs, '
8;,.:.' Ware.
1 firir"f"ll""" Ston', Ware well assorted
ViV'yJ jusi received and for sale low by.
July lt-18-tf.

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