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Marshall County Republican and free trade advocate. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1838-1839, October 13, 1838, Image 1

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iiy n; ira
iT, -M. Jii ill jtA
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14 rt BLIiHF.n BT
i:tji:z:i'.r L. ii.n geialgi: I. not? 'K,
VtkkKtt,- the i'rr,iolloltl Sflto, .Iarluttl con
.l.'o.vr'i.af H)l U HCtLl-AKS advance, or MX j
LH.l. A U" tJr ihernd of the v-ar. I
i- .' t., .... notice, in riant, ct Lh to ;-
f I'llr. -' ri '--i t.ave received, and am-now ,'.":t rirvg ,
; J. I't.U .-ALE, on tci.lpe str--t, eat of YViliianiiOT-i's j
!l .'i I, a ..! j . the McCorkle Hank, the folio in.- m- I
tides tor CASH. !
' M ""V r -w " r. -x.
70' JO lbs. IJacon,
2:)() do riour,
:;i !o liio and Havana Colicc,
2500 t!f lirown Stmur.
IiMd Loaf and Havana ditto.
?)) h'idfi cfr.olc a
Ijdxos Sprrm Candles,
,al Uiueud ol fiUnjti;li;fai-, i t-r ctisiuc-iri
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r rvr '!-: n.-rr-:i'0K, undhajpnctjjv c-uh te. ."i
tern fi?-.. l.ix-erUmeiU J'ru'a a diitume m-i- t Uucctm-
li.rucu -i.'A the ttnh, r a rrjerenrr tit tow. :.e tut.-..
I, must v rtu.-A '-'i va u.. .- '
pu4rMii) at ures4ien, veik'y county, len..
a Weeklv Ncw.paprv to te staled
.l l....t ;
, l.enev-r a!iiii'.i:J, ill
i-. Aiticlr of a tM:r'ia! nature,
X.m tP2.-J t thtr rate t" ; i twr en rv trn 1h. t,r -arU i-i
lYi..i. i: c.i.irsi r
-ortcd nails Sj brads,
4 CvlU Manilla !!( j-.c,
Jar.ics River lobacco.
10 K as-
1 IIt lio'-in Scap,
ditto country mnd
nt oi"i!i:hi.!'mI ! or cointatt't lu
a i .tru v tut iiis, jt tl.tf me -f-V
"Ar.i.i.uncii.s an'li.:at.- fr otficc, ill Ijc fir ?l-te ot
r !.; Count 5, payable in variably ki alvance.
.nLf AciiKtiin. tor rt.v line j r k-.. rt
i.Aii.U t fUtiurct a x'te-, No ccsitravt UUu
twr 1 i ti..i. Mil.- lur ami pavaliU- half yrarly.
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1 1 j 1 1 L iVCiltllOKV
it. Mv. ii-m J''.rt Tt-m-r'..VVii.s
liisui-; ami all :uierti-t-iut-i
t:ir :r o n iiiiiut-
?.:! fit i t .!.-r ;-rson, si-nt in by t.'n iu, ruit .
t lr -i ;af.
I'lt-lVl-'iial Ai!crtitt.ent.-..
I'vr S-! li-ts or kn, nut alttraMf , J ri.ii.tiis,
I j tl, !u i 6 ni'jiitlis,
lt ! !" !') li nioiitf.i,
.I.IJOH H OHK mut he pi-id for on dfhvery.
CI.aiUlss:l i:U.; I tf ncU Iir:tiiii ; J iivii.4.a tviir.i, ALoJ,
Id for
riIirH bv'.v ilt-r- are ati aihniral! M.jstituto
I . . . .-I 1( l.:.,.' . t ...K.r,..,l-
1 !r vi'x-i in uiiiviii!; an Mum vi i-.
. . .. . , .. ...1. ; . 1. 1.
r (J-it bri l , an.l hac the a.lvau.!ie ocr tf.at , wiia i . iin
rticie in mtkin the batter perfectly ii:'ht the in- ! .Sti.to sut r
JJuckwheat aTiJ otfCT ttt'
C:;r!ir. Suurli, S,)"cc, Fcp;i r, Wiidu,' tii Itfr Pap.-r.
V lisv.- i:ml( srrars'i lucnt? b-iov to kfr-j a regii'ar
S"i,!v i t't'.i- ub'jve artitU's, liolewilnl rt'tatl.
1 ' ' LLLLS ic JONES.
I lolly Sj 1 ings, tf ml'C-r 15, lS.'iS. CO..
Mis iipi.! Jutlce pud C' nitallcs Guide.
Till scarcity of the revert! Code and hcet
ture, and ihe
acts of the I
: Jn-t'ces aad Consiablc ot
lv thtuiselvcs, and the :reat
W . ' - I
a Justice .i l.i
THE custom r.f the tinr?? has rendered it neces
sary that thoe wh- would asum ihe rs
j ponsihi( station of Editor, si.ocld first lay fccfre
the plc an e.vro-e of ti.e principles by v.hioh
th prrpof i publication wii! bo, jroverrjed to
I setter with tlse course which it i (!.?pi;Tred to
1 Dursue '&n'A the vexed pclttical cue:ions uf t!:e
I day. To hj this, is the object of' tl. folloivir
Til more candid .f al! co!ir;.-nI rurtie d- nnt
attempt to !isjrtuse the fact, that a iarjro majority
the f 0! !e .,f Tennes-ee aro from print-ip!,
Dtr.wratic Republicans of the JefTers.-.n-na school
attached to doctrines advanced ad he crrir--e
i'i:rueu y tr.e :ate arministriti.in. It i tra- t;mt
an at! ctr.pt Las Lwrn recently mn.-le bv s;..;!.eof her
recreant, ion?, to persuade their aiiks abroad,
that Tonnes-re 1ms f.rsaken the ground r;..-ha o
lor and so rro-ly orcK.-.icJ. end tUt ,.a is now
rdy robe transferrtd, as a willing bride, to the
anus 1 r.wl. enwor t'ue leaders cf the whirr par
ty n.ay select as her future apo-tse: but the rr...re
intell; rent, j-art cf the C'jtr.tnmutv know tlmt s?io
warriors or r'cr l.rlear.s spt tl-rir s.n r t.i
of -:cr:;-r i.?T tti.-it their f
before a t.rci'a l.e ind thai it
ered tit ti.e presence 01 a dor::e?tic
COUMry rsnd its institutions.
.uoanwiiue i. ts n-itonou-'l r.e, t..at everv
press in this district (with one honorable excep
tion) has pine over to the ranks of our enemy, w
that in many instances the peo:de are deprived of
G in the lo-t Otfrcei iloilv Sprii .
d, C AI- r 1
bridij, Hecr- Alien 2, Richard Arritt, Berjaciin A. j J
Rars, JaredS Allen, George V Anderf n, Levi II f:i Hi. ca ..-r.,:ay tr.e Jita . t At. - r r.es
Ashcroft, E P Adams, Thomas Allison, J S Alien, ' pro.-ted to sell at r-cthc a'e, th- -ry
J C Alderson, John D Ayers, John S ARcr., C II An- ; erty of the t-. . : CuM Til IC:!. ,3
JL. October 1st, I Si -if. wiiich"if ri"t called fj
be forwarded to the General FoatOlSte
Kob't Allen, L. D. Arnetr, Francis Arnold, C AI- r I " ndersi-al c r.-t.t
; i ti.e iiernaauo t.ati i.c-
drews, James Jda!i.s.
J hn EiVrs, II II Brown, John V Bayliss, Wins
ton Rank, James Rcriand, il C jf.-kers, A'ku II.
Fill, James L'ites, rditchell E'.d, Kolin Erov.-n,
I-scac Eurkloe, Asahcl Erms:ii. Isaac B Eradv, G !
Eutler, Joab II. Eiis, Jonathan Eaker-it.Vl O. ;
iiiahe, Sarah O Lerrv, Trueiv; Eaict; , Th n a?
rt ha Brown. Jas.
Eenj C Eick-
! ... U V
1 rsier. v. cu
S 1 oiJit. Co:
Rrown, VV II EonrianJ, Tdiif I
Bi-inklev. T R EridffCJ, Lee fi
rrsS 1) Ecll. I' T hrown,
i-'roaij'Oule, Euncan J
!,iniP '.. I'm ,
"i tiii-cs west 1 I
ll-rrrt s: , the
E. caIRn- tr.:- at
ve ti i:. k i: u : :. :
t ; ry to ir.d'.lj-
-. ...... : -
it.-, ..iiss.ane j.aiiv?
hen Barker, Jai:.cs JiA.
Henry Cidlders, ClrryA
Vourt L"heat'j::i, Joi- D CsrA
Win Clark, 2,LI-hc -,,n r
; Un, Euiiiun-.
:. Ckik :.Iar-ha
taut thev are mixed. Lack wheat auJ other cii.es, . v un . tJf a work, as
when made with the.e wders, are les itkely to , j, on mv ovvu rart, hj ,- induced me to
(;,,..,rr-e wih the sto!:iachs titan tho-e t..adewithi ,-..,-. ' , i r .1
iea.randas it r-tuires but a fe,v ,.ar,-.:,M to rre. i oiler to the Justices and tonstabe of this
"pare fjrfcakin?. the t .nihility of fcVer havio-th-ui jMate a i!:-cst oi t.;e Laws m iorce, in rel.i
:..l ir.-nttrf U avciJed. For sale at tloa tt ti.t if dutL.s iS:c, together with a COin-
MALUM! FAR CELL'S Eruj store.
Sp 2v!--My
Till; STATU UF MlSSl.sil-lM,
Circnil court, May Term. I:9.
Vt- tj R. N U n, "
fur the ue -f 1
A. Jetr.!!i-,
p'ete .--ot of form-j of Deed.-, Wills,
T k
AttacLincnt f-r v 'O CO.
Janes. Junes
Johii 11. Neil I. J
It appearing to the satt ftction of the court
ttiatthe dt ftndants are non-residents 1 f the t;ote
of -Mis-iiippi: , -
It is th-rtfere C-TMdered mi ordered t the
Court tint ; ..-fe-a'l n be made for four -uecessive
week-" in the .Marho U County Republican, a news
r.er printed i'j the town of Holly Springs, eivio
notice to the said dt -fendant- of the pendency of
this st;tt. and that unless they shalljappear bfcre
the next Circuit Cotitt to be holdea in and fr the
county of La Favette, at the court hott-e ia the
tuwn of 0f .rd.'ou the t-'d .Monday of November
next, and plead, answer, or demur to said attach
ment, j tdti.cnt by default will he rer.dered, and
the properfy soi l to sati-fy said attachment.
Is-ued Au 'u-l'J-, l-i'j".
c. m. nun s, crk.
ep ?vfi-tt-pr3 fee 7 ")
Tin: si,iTiror Mississirri )
La Fayette County.
Circuit Court, May Term, lS.'.S.
Horatio t-uii, j
. a
To olace sudi a work iata t!ie hands of
Uur Justtvres and Constables, would save
rmu-n trotiOiO anvi ntr.e lo tne otaccrs; ior
i:i;ti. the worlc is intended, As the law
now siau. is, it is with the utmost dilliculty
to I e ascertained w helliera written law is
hi ftuve or not, w hich often misleads us.
The work will be published in one duode
cimo volume, law binding, comprising from
J5t) tc :Ua with a digested index of
the contents, giving a condensed statement
of all it contains. The work will be readv
for delivery the 1st of .March 1S'J9.
Terms n:a le known n delivery.
C.ariolltoa, Sep. 1.3, 1S3S.
. OL' FLI.Ji, J. I'.
I er.r Sir An artu.1 called Dr. S. Ilevves' Xor
'and i-ni? Liniment, came to rr.v know!e;irre abo il
tu o if ,!t'is ince hr.t.lt our friend Mr Cam i
tu!', at .i I rue ; rod a Lott'e ani Lad used of it for
a week wltnout any iaterial change, until one
morning I t i::i.l my-.vT under the exercise of very
leclmu"4. ima 'ininr that ecu! J lie
tne means of incing a correct jjduient with re-fi-reneeto
i;n:ortant political ir.ea-.ures. Frequent
ly does it occur, that fur the purpose of obtaining
local new-;, members of the Democratic party are
compelled to patronue a press, devoted soul and
spirit to the proportion and diffusion of senti
ments which we hold to Le alike unconstitutional
and i:npoiitie; and as in many caes, they are ei
ther unable or unwilling to subscribe to more than
one ne". "pap.-T, they are fur from leinir as fully jc
quair.tcd with the views and intentions of their
own party, a? they should te; whilst we have aa
doubt that many hone-t men are Federalists, si n
ply becau-e they do not know how selilsh are the
views and how iruobhithe aims tf the soi disast
leaders of their party.
That these diilicu' ties maybe obviated in this
portion of the State, the PATRIOT will be forth
with established. It will not be a violent par.y
print, nor will it abuse those who may chance to
differ with us in sentiment. On the contrary, its
columns shall always be open to the temperate di--cu-sioii
of any political que-tion. Believing that,
next to the Immortal Washington, 'the country is
mon indebted to ANDREW" JACKSON for the
preservation of those liberties which were purchas
ed with the blood and treasure of the glorious he
roes of Tti warmly attached to the principles
whirls ira rke.l bis administration, an.l convinced
DeroLv CaiOTSrV
Thomas J. Car;
Alary A Cohee,
wood, Robert (
baruit Cooler, J I
Cain, Jean Co!
A A Doucl
Ch rk of theCour;, .da- '.J' ., it -J --r: o,
f er, Jos Carut't, j II Crisp, i . V "-r r
JiiIo.aLun, Jonathan D Can. ; t, 'J 'I'l'.-j tl.'ize:;-. is :
)i Cinit: ir: 'hi T., I "el hi n. . '" 'I 5 " ev- ..f t...
.eatham, Jas Curry, W Cov-p- I Tt f -rrf: - .-;'-lcr fr
t U M Curirt, Kuhai U-em::, : f -" . t f. ;ho
IColhson. Area Citcron, iVh;-; , j:1, tr-l.
" i r: if. -. ; t v".- . t v :
D. V
J Dulerrv, ?Iai Win Davi-, Coi.
-1 11. .
WmDavi- J i-oaas, ao aav;-, o.epiv
C Davis, I yDurrum, Thoriiton Davis, Jaiv
Docds, jJL .-Ciriy, :Irs Llizabeth O DavW
Rev'dSIL DaTTdion
John S. Ellis, Robert L Eley, D II Eft
tirew Ellis a, Lt-rius 1) Evans, An.us Edl
E F English.
Joseph Eorkr.crH ?J II FalcorV II V rv
vid Farmer, John Fo jpi:l twf.Thos jsu
Gacuons Forrest
Geo. 11 Fall,
Fielder, Ila.'
Fletcher. ' ,
!y f.. ... i:
l', t n C ..!
. '1. -v - .. - -
e t - , . v ,
tk. r :-" I: X'
ryo-jL ilu.i ii is f.r :y a
i . r ..." ,
... :
oa th...: u is
ere st to ..:vj a
Tr-t-e .. ifiSSti th " L-.tJ. l
not a pue?lLn f.-r argi::: ;"
tiv ev. ri vo.ii'
W J Gian2, A U
Grav, Gibson Gen.
t i euee. The south.ru l.rtLaofw.- V-.; i-1
,Hcr' btei,aynia growiia::.! d.-uriCi.iui citv ut ..ks t ,a;--u
A i-razor, -a ; air- trjc; the taiLile !,,;, a!
the e
in i.-it'-.r-Al s:
.Ilis, 11 Flerald, Ralph
2, Joha v3 Given, Airs.
j D.MCJn.M,C C Gould,
John G 1 ens, Geo YV
artley 2,'nenry Greer,
Uray, jbson Ger;j . 1 art.ey cnenry Greer,
S.doinon E. GoodiejfXl in.ter Glover, Greer and
Crockett, ii n Giilr0 (Jord and co. James Grin
der, Wm Given, Benj. Glove
John E Hohlen, E M Hurst, S E II-:ia '2, C A lluulii-
son. Sirs. Saruli Harris, Dr. Thos Hunt -2, 1. U Hill, Josh.
-iAi.ll- .1. h K.h.A, Tlit RF.jr.t IE3 OF THE
.... ..v ... ,w..s:..uu.i:r,..-!uH, .re.aiion ', Hull, James C Hawiey 5, K G Harc, J ticrretuy, ItuUs ; jutil C
uii.ii ::t: .iiatn.-i lowartl L.ie sa-T- or the iter
i to either, is yet tributary to
j The object of our eau-rpriso i
.n jsi--irt-i cpa. Uviv ant;i-.s :..
suuihern jtrt.s of ih-s H ale, suui if ou
zens but will it, a:.J will ijive t s the
fellowship, waiUt the S-.'i'.a has. her
n.iviaic tier lcksburr, tne Nort i r.iu
L. i
Au,.rut 11, IsJi. 2-C
iiiei't1 wul I -.- u hiH-'d
ommerce to il-. r'....:.
S. liuiupton, Mrs Marv A Hail, l-i llciri-, ts-. -i, Mus 1 . ,
Elizabeth Hill, James U. Hsu..tttou, Mr.. Eliza Hawk-y, 1:0 Xl' u H 1
n fc ---' . j "ti.
;i ..v1 - t
r - ... 1
i-. V .
-"t.-:;-c. t-c
1 llr-vN.
t " -f
; -. . -. t
! i s-
! t.. :
I o . .; t
t i -
C. .
one at: 1 two oit:
of I
i helped u,
i r-
I conk 1 tm i and
nuta r". 'tter cualib.-'d tain arc :ie- cnmtat
liiie.V to L.i '.c.' ire the riin at the n.-vt fV-ii.n Jc-''l, iterroii, r ituti a it. uu;inj, ,ej:r.i ti.ir.in, .miss A liO lellrti e
to carrv o.ll t Osa .ir --.cir.lp-- w ,,.s-.l ,..:i. idsmiis, a hum, u uo:t, .u niihiAT, j.-.m nak- . i
him our I:..;,,:-!- -unport attd -nad advoete tiie ; Uid ft Ilondcrsou. tt W. 11 .u... J.-h L il-he.
mea-ur es whieu have so far marked his admits- j Dickson Ilea. ton 2, Srh Aha Ucrlev, Ktmbril Harris,
trafiori. Wm K HorU-v, J C JUiiskv J, !uur":ce Hall. Atlc. II.
V. wiU .irMrtKyt,.m P 1 ! lt;. iO,.t.. V-'t -e. - -
ments to be carried on under the patronage of the j Xclsot Ivcv, Sun,hen jccsWl Ja-k-,n, L M J.meS
States, and will tppo- any system ot the kind in- I S: l Jo!.ln. Arcliibald Juhnstou. Jol.u M Jjues, Jas.
.' i'V
l o :
tended to l sun.HJrteJ bv ay;ro-riations trotn the i yhnson. L I! Juhiisto-.t, I) Jow 2, Col It 11 Jariuuii; A U .
S Jeiiiison -2j Kcuhou Jonliii, Suaou A jacgi-rs, i
HOLLY SHUXGS mill Colli:
ctiv-.t ttirt-c; trous
of fre-h
Trea-urv of the General Government. We will
i 1 v to aid t ie.
t.-u-l n yself l n
ro VP. fti- . :: d a
h it i!.-y were unwilling I -hould
i y t" et, ii. jt hiving for the la-t
tvtF lr.ihsever e .en ir..:ch the
1 t.t my c.Titi !e::ce was so great
N. S. Jcnnii
.. I i nat tnev co utcd to p.s-i-t me fro: i my bed. I
Jol.a 11. .,vwl. J ... - , .. . , . , fJ '-I!; i : cuid ti-e mv hrrs v. ICn apparent ease, but
I T at peanng to tne satisfaction of the Court that cu.,, j . tj, v.cLrLt va my fe!jt. With snn
1 the denfrndants ar non-residence of the State evcrt j cou!a f.jac0 oni f.X)t befure the 0.
i t Tdi-sis-ippi. ther w ith a facilit y that astoni-hed me and all a-
i i..... onniif.iroit n.i nniereit nv trie i r.-. . .
- " -"- ; , - . routta ir.". i tvv i me t ice acro-s the room;
Court that rdicationbe made for tour t-uccc-sive l Mt djvV3 with-.- y . 1;f happiness that I never
weeks tn the .Mar-hali county i.epuoitcan, a no-. s- , .f ,,,;,..,,,. .i.,;.!,, thiit 1 was. once aain
paper publi-hed in the town of Holly Spring", iv- i f()
notice to the .-aid defendants cf the pehdin.'of j
this uit; ami that unless they shall appear c lore
the next Circuit Court, to be bolden in and fur the
County of La Fayette, at the Court House ia the
town cf Oxford, on the 2nd Monday of November
lien a n d plead, answer, or demur to said attach
ment, judgment by defendant will Le rendered
ni the property sold to satisfy said attachment
Issued August 'Jtrth. 1H
c. .M.rniprs, crk.
Sept.9.-G-4t-pr's fee$7."0
couhl scarcely tat or sieo,
Mrs. t.
The SrATEor AfisstsMppi, r . r
anoia countv.J
.NO VE.MDF.lt 1 CILAr, 1S3S.
John II. Keith, ) In attachment for
vs. the sum
Carter T.Buckley. ) of ?UG 91.
me onerui oi ranoirt county nas ieiurn
ed into the clerk's othce the above attach
ment, duly executed.
These ire therefore to notify the defend-j
it f lrA r An-lArirti' sC ss rn i t i n.l 1 t nr.- I
.1, A.t-S uu , u-r ,, 'muttxtraora.nafy ot any Ieverneard ot.andtt U
'"s iuc ucicuuuui. Mi.ni u-ou t.w.c Hot extensive: v rude known to the public, I think
If you know the
vou had bot;er
be rc-forod to the world ran through my frame
near, e.ectnc shock. JMy lamuv surrounded nie
in tears of joy, anl the excitement so completely
overcome me that I fainted. The same day I walk
ed thr .o times across the floor, again bearing a
liitle weight at each time on my f-et. I then u-ed
crutches for a few days, when my strength had so
fir bet-o;ne re-eatabli-hed, that I could cross t!ie
f.oor w ilhout the least aid. My advancement from
this ti:ae his almost been incredible; 1 can vlk
t'Ao K indred yards and back with ease, and mv
obi Id ron, (the bedrid n re often b'.es-ed like me with
near a dozen) have been so overjoyed that thev
sec;ns to fcei half a score of years younger herself.
Vou v. ell recollect how much bent together I vas
when you were !a-t here; I have entirely overt-unit
i his. If i looked as odd as I A It when I be-
..... 1 T ...... ( , .
j.i io 3i, i v.ot.ot i.ave ijeen .razea ai m a.-.on-
others wati'.J scarce ere lit tksir sen-es. au 1 would
hard! hive been ru. rt &s:oni-I;cd though one Lad
ri-eu trora the dead. 1 have now etry couiidence
thit I am a r.-ell man. I think this article is the
i. vuju wtri.ii ica ai ii UMUU-
i-hmeit. I have sen trany tf my old actjuaiut
ances. some of whom did not know me at all, ant
Circuit court ol Panola county, at the Court
houe in the town of Panola, on the first
Monday in November next, give special bail
or plead, judgment will be entered and the
property so attached will be sold.
Sep. 1st lS3S-fit-(pr's fee $7.
Doctor A. IIcter
r ii y s i c i a n; s u k g eon, kc
OFFICE The Counting Room of B. J Malone's
New Drug Store.
the proprietors are very culpable.
per-oi.s in Aew lorksel.inT if
show ti.etn lios letter and let t.ietn rettr tt yen
or put li h this if you think it v. ould aid the dis
tressed. Rami t.iuer tiie to vo ir family.
Yours, verv truiv,"
For ilfat Malone & FarrelFs Drug store, N
Eas corner public se,uare.
Hody Springs, Sep. 'dU-S-Iy.
rpilK paper n.I Pj.hiUuk-lphia Krtirravinjrscf ihe Real Es
1 ta U itikin,' Conqany, of Holly Sprinr tiavc bet-h
trat.st. rr 1 toatliff-rriit ascx-iation of iitiiiitaal, of which
1 . T flT'D.'.H- ! l .1 . , v .... ..... ... ......
of Hol'y Springs, ia the practice of Medicine iC.arr. the miMifir. therefore t,mh, U
Slirsjery and Obstetrics. th.r ii.ttnn and deterratnation of the "prt-srr.t corupiiv b
Cir" OtEce next door to Dr Reid; where he ma) ! tiK-ir buIii-s in fieh manner a at ail times oc
be found at all times, unless absent on his profes t a w 1 u n"f"ai,er ll'ur ivwrmiim presented,
ional business.
llr. .T. U. IiihoIiii,
FFERS his professional services to to Citizen
adveeate a prudent and judicious system of hink
i:! i'i-if .itiv ns under the trtthortty of : Sutiej,
and will o-- -e a Nati eial Rink whatever tlr:n it
ilcZtklult JOIIOS, JOSCpU JOIKS, il it JUufj. i
K. ! w
M!. . M'arv Kennedy, V"r.i Kirkoo.l, E t- ilpr.tnt k. A
KHi.fii-hti. .Ma tlit-w K.iur. W ia 1 K le j, -lv 1
: ?-v
.n ? .
.-V. I w
r- '
r -.
bolitionof slavery in the Dis-1 y0hn E. Kctidritk, MrC Eydi K.
'1 ie- 1 Kui:e, ;
may asui.i.': th
trict of Coiutnhin, a:al any tari;r not rendered ne- I Mrs EIUtt;Ui ' Kerr, Mrs, The be Kane, Joiiu kiu-cl!,
cessary by the svants of the Government. i Samuel Kclsey.
. .' . . .- . r . ... .31 tiiKir.l T.svil Sarah A Lnnan 11 11
Kenticdy, ; ,i , ... .ii
attention will be
pa HI IO I r. . . i." ,:i 1.. I . I :-!,., -a-, :i Win 1. I ji.i.T 2 W
a rrieuitur,', and the usual space occupied with an ; y Eewis -, Malisoa Leuhetter, kolui C Levy, Uerj Le is
account t-f the markets, foreign and donisiic intel- j 2, E Let'twitch 2, Wiu Liudsev, Kobt L-g:tt, Jas l.yuch, .
utn; kin, 1
stoeii co ni-:s iu ; srt oi
PAINTco, id:"S::LU AND i'i..i M r.L
t . -
ligenoe. esc. cvc. In word, we intend to make
it a xe.vs papek, designed to amuse as well as in
struct, for the old and the young, the Farmer, the
Mechanic, and the Merchant the grave and the
gay, the studious and the severe.
The Patriot will be published weekly, at three
dollars per annum, in advance; or four dollars at
the end of the year. The first No. will make its
appea ranee about the 15th of November next.
Dresden, Ten. Sep. 8, lt?-l.
nNDh il the provi-ions ol adeed ot trust, undo
the O'.h of December, eighteen hundred and thirty
senven, and recorded in Look (D.) on pages 2 57
a.nl 2X3, in the cilice of the Probate Court of the
County of Marshall, and State, of Mississippi on
tue bm day ot Dcccuuer, 15o..
Samn&on Lane, Richard Lipscomb, S ta L, ,B, to L"r, !
Jas Lewis, A B Lewis, illis M Lea, Frs Lane. i
M. !
Wilson or Jos MeKir.ney. Miss Lucy F. Mott, TI M- t
son -2. tieorye Murry, W. 'McMillan, Wt Aiorniati W ru. i
McCartv, V G McGatighev -2, James M'r.cis, A G Mitch-
ell, Wnl McKane 2, Maj T Mull, Jos Mo by, Thos Mate, j
J II Murray, Mr. McW herter, IHmd .McGalltro2. John.
McKemion. James Mcllitniel, Win McGuiime, McMooiIy, '
A Morgan, II II Means, Jet e Murray, Dr. U. Maloue,
Wvlie Mathews John G. McCIurc,W G McC'Iurc, Wm L
Moouev, Preston Moore, U S Mitchell, Dr. J 1 McCrar,
Arthur' McKean, Haul McXeal, l'aul Morton, ftarsh J.
Mitchell, Walter Moore 2, B S Mittcwk. James Marr, Mc-
. . . . ' ..Ik , C..,S ...1- . t.-
srxs ii
Sop i----!y
ALL.t. S. USE.
A . l-
1 Zi
AJuiller, AMilatin 3lclee, ft t .mirc,j -i vx
Mallotk, RolK-rt McKismev, Wm McKcon 2, Sl.ath-ick
Mi" David, Madi"soa McCor" C1I M-as!, C C .'clSho-.!,
R T .Mkthewfc
John II. Xorris 2, Drur Nam e 2, X,G Nye, John Xoj.1 j
J 11 X an nail v, John H Xorfictt, Nelson, Chambers i: Co. j
Hugh PinLiu, John X Phipher 4. Waltrr D Patk-, J. j ;
Powers, Jas Payne, Wm Peggee, Pegues &. How.-, The InilbrATE
Pritcueu, II Parker, Henry I arWer, Utaiuly t'ai krr, I-..
F Potts, G S Potts, Jesse Peebles, Stringer Perkins, J- X
.1 T T u j: av i: i $ A T LAl
Will attend to culectioas ia th- North -ra part
tf the State. Sept. t-r.--.."-ly
Hon. John Citron,
Fletcher L Cair?:bell.
S. F.Nidilit, FhiU leiphU.
Arch. Hart, Evn'.thuore.
Hon. Jeha M. Ta:-n. Rbd.m
Pabnev & Wat- u -.- hi-
James a Alder-.-a,
O. D. W.-tso
C. Hubert,
L. .1 - C 1 ' r t ' -
. . il .. .... - . ... ;.. v
. . C.. --- .... . . . . .
. s ...... .t .... .k ,
i .- -: :.- t : .-i
or Al
! folding4 G V Piaiasn, U-yal Park, V L Pnyne 2, J G !
Ti.e sub-cribtr will, on Saturday :tlie 27lh of i Partridge, Mr Sarah Pcw,Jn It-Parker, J .-J ervs, It
"ct ;Ltr, lfo, expose for sale at public auction to i i"Ses " Pratt.
ti.e h:i."!.. t LiJ ler, t;pon a credit of time mcnths
with Uotnl atul
a ner
ved security, the several
tracts of land in the said deed named, as conveyed
to the subscriber, the proceeds of sale, to beappli
.ohn Q'i'dlon.
John Uoark 2, A J Ross, Paul C or Jv.hn It -ad, : Iavac B
Roberts, R--md-jlnh ic Simps-'m 2, A P Ross, JAiXt KoU rts,
ed to the payment of a debt of twenty-six hundred j Barxilla Kkkets. James Read, Jas RicharJion, Im-u' R.
dollars and twentv-three cents, due. and un-aitl ber,n, Uees ltoatk.Laot-h Iioberts-o, 1 aiu:m U3y,.fa.
on the bih day of April lS'dS, to Michael Murphy
&. Ferdinand Evans, Merchants &. CopartBers ia
Neei!;u:n jftcvec-s,
Ian?l A. Il.!.h?. )
The SheriiT oiP;i::o! i c
into ttie Clerk'i r;Fi e the
duly excor.ieJ.
Ti.e-e, ere t'.'.er.) .?re ;a
j ant of t;:e pemtt ..cy ! t
tf.'i. N. .
-:y- )
I'd: I,
-. f., . .
11. A
! .
mty l.j :
L-ove at..
t & - -
Iook nt Tlii.
SCOTT & MORRISS have on hand direct from
New York, a lot of Superfine Cloths, Cassi meres
and V eatings; also, the best of sewing trimmings,
fur the accommodation of those who may favor
thera with their patronage.
Sept. iS-lr'J-S-G-tf
rnllE subscribers having associated themselves
I ti rrher for th transaction iif a i'. nri t
fcj-"-- p. ws...- 1
cy and commission business, under the firm of An- J
uersort & v aiker, tender their services to their
rientis and the public generally. They will occu
py th house on Mississippi Row, lately occupied
by Walker Atkinson.
I "le.nphif.Jtiaa Kks11 6.a.
s-u-h I snk notrs pass cjrrent and at par.
15 order el .ie l:omnanv,
,, B ' ROBF.it r ELDER, Cashier.
ll t!y Springs, Mississippi, Sep. 15, ISoS.
THE su'.scribe-s will eotwluct the ahore businesv in its
srious branches ur-der the stvle and rrn of ELLIS
A. G. ELLI3,
P. B. JOXE3.
lie 1W Springs, Sept. 15, I S3. 7tC
Sperm OH
CASKS Winter Sperm oil just to
hand and Lr sals low, by
Jan. 27. I IX . -nJ. B3 J V u CHRISTIAN.
Grocer, Commission and forwardinir
Particular attention paid to shipping Cotton and
fjrwar.Iir.g goods.
Dr. T. Henderson,
Robert Bullock.
John J. Goodlow,
Dr. Thomas,
O. D. Watson &. Co.,
J. W. Burton, Esq.,
John Williams, Esq.,
Rowland. Smith. &. Co., Louisrille, Ky-
Prescott, Jones &. Co., New Orleans.
Eusius Prescott, New York.'
Oct.6-10-4t .
fr-The Reporter. Somerville; Whig, Lagrange;
end Republican, Holly Spriaz?, will iv9th9 above
f-er insertions.
J Fayette county.
1 Holly Springs.
La Grange.
s . ; ; . ; : . . .. . . . : . -. fc...
' t cua.ttv, at the Court
te.wn of PrtUoia, en tit? Erstj
S l j. i T- . . W 4 ..,.-.1 f 1 sia Vi-.t,:e.. t- c.-
trade under the style and firm of Murphy and Evans. Geo W Sherman, Jos B Swan, Elijah Smith, R Saadcrs, j -'- Lie ue.tri: -l ...K
The lands n eiitio'ned in said deed and which will i Wm B Stovall 2, Henry Stavall, JoUn R Simnw, Jbha Se- i Circuit CKirlo! P.l
. - . . I . V ir I ; -s".,. lh.W inimnnt r- . .
he o;;, red t..r sale are the YV est halt Section Ao. ! ' W - Vi' " f .Z u sV. . house in t ie
VJ. i..w?i-.,;p 4, and Range 1, W eot, of the basis t F si.nien. Y"m G Smith 2, Xoi-f.eet Smith, Rjbert ; Munday hi ?sovetnl'er next g
ineriviia:;. ..iso, so muen oi tne ori.u oasi.
quarter of the same section as lies on the West
side, of Chcwalli Creek, supposed to to be about
So ceres the sale to Lo iiiade at the Court House,
in the town of Holly Springs. Thoso lands are
said to be of good quality, situated South-ea-tward-ly,
and six or seven miles from Holly Springs, and
have been sold at twelve dollars per acre.
October 6 l?:,r?. 1-10-tds.
i .......
! . :'.
u.a a a- li
s . V
. .. s . .
.it:,.; .....
tsCfVv ,s r...ec
Sarev, John R SiRmon 2, Robt Simpson, eml Smith, Sr. or vr. vad-ment wlh lo CUtCrc i ani t':C ; ' " 1 1 ' T ?
Simpstm & Sullivan, John Sentall, Geo 1 Shepherd, RcTd j " J ,r" i l - t i l. ---0.'.. -.a-Cj W .
1 O Shattock, Joha Smith, Jas P Simmons. S C Savi-ry, j estate SO aUac.".e.. tT:., s-O ..-4. ,f
James Snail, Joha Stone, E S Syers, James . If S'ron-,Jv4.u i DAVID BOVD, CLx. " -t," 'r' .'"" ,v ?
Slaven, Joha S Sutton, Joha Strong, Jatnes Scott. ! Sep 1st I c t (rr's tl o ST) J '" -s. -
. . ww r. r- I c- 'f T .1... ff T . .. " . ' . . . . . . . ... ... . .
isnam nomas, j a i ari;r ,no r t i;oL assurti sties Vi.v i .i ; i t ?' - -
Samii, I H Tavlor, .lrs. G YV Terrell, Sand- rs Taylor, ' IT I 1 1 i ,;r , vX ; . , ", . F-i-.-'-s . 4 ' "
lfcivid Twld, I'lugh Tlompson, S T Toncmy..1.s,.Varga- Y x U , V" - t" - f'.r.tg l:-2t.
ret Toraden,WmIThompsor, Jeremiah Tlomawi, Jom j.h t T sae a v ou? art::...o.-e. opi:t-; - - , . .
W Tallr, Lovis B Tally, Taylor k Smith 3, WilUn K j Jo!:-ous H-HtL L -'O i o A; ti I it IS ft AN, I 1-
on. Kobt Temple. Amos 1 ona-e, Jss 1 I nomas, Y nh. -lie I v.J''t-ts, J le.;:i i- '-; -.. - ' s.v ,
... . I .-- !-- .-- '
Thorn ns
J S Thompson, A B Tally, W ia S 1 ui-ner, John C i til, i jan e.- j - :
I hmvrat. Lei) V l errcll. .i
Richard Tick, John Vitteto, Morgna rance.
O D V&tson 2. Thos innHorce, Jno "ie, David E
White, John Vv'orthain, Lc.ne West. J O Walker 2, jchn II
West, .tiles Willis, Thes YVsrd, .las. Sarah Ward, A G.
Circuit Co.
Wrne, B V YValtball 3, Wm L Williams, Edw'd E Wil- j
liams, JDWimberlv, FS"ite, R II Williamson, t
W"Briin!rtoa Baldridge, Av yooflfin, Detnossher.es : Ji
j The Stati: or M i-: .-.-irr:. i
Parana Cottatv.
Mills Goodwin ) hi attahmeat f"
vs. for the?
.eerman II. Go idard. sum u; tiJ m.
ji THE SheriiFuf ?anoia county r.i tetarn-j
Ted into the Clerk's othec ti.e above attach-u
mentdulv execut e!.
- - "
V . CJ
:x. rts
.le. iute
tL. CL'vv
.;.!e in !.cr i
. . i L r u -
. a it, ii ' ' - -
If eatherly. .
Sindr K ounff, r loung. ... t . ' . .. .1 ...... t i
t-. l.".no. for anv of the above letters, "will t litese ul"C laeiClute to I.J..5V l..t ut.c.iu
,rV. .v " -U-tt2:,;.a " w. poijc. v.st. 1 . -r.t i
pieascaay ure; . ... T iHJll Oi Hi" ptiiucti. ui i.., ..-.n -
' ... ' I fee th t1pfn.-!nnt sh;t!I aptwar bcL'fi t!;C I "",!
natlo t c:
.i'i i
ties ei Jr. '
.... - j
NOTICE. j Circuit ouirtot Panola county, a; ti Ccurt!
r-r-ur .MrtnPTshiP heretofore existinr under i house iu the town of Panola, ca the first
1 thetheerin and style Fleshheart &, Debutts
is this day dissolved by mututl consent.
i c J
The business will be continuea ai me tia siaou
by T. R. DEEUTTS, who alone is authorized to
ett'e the business of the former firm. - .
Monday ia Noxiemtcr next, ive special td
or plead, judgment will be entered and the
estate so attached, sold.
Sep. 1st I53S.HJ r'f
the A u jr. ra-s'
1.1. rr ..v--.,it. a t
, t rc s . . g t t...e
r. "jr.vi ;. -r.t;
oa tt.'c d. iirVs
corn, txrr-, ani cv:iei :.: v-.r,; t.o,.i t
trees ta rol ia th? .tvc::.'. 11
oS rsvl Lv.s;t or. ,.r.-,s, Ac.
whites --"

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