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Marshall County Republican and free trade advocate. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1838-1839, October 13, 1838, Image 2

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NO. 1.
.f j.ttTKf jxn.ecr, ccrxcc a a .oa-rc war a.ir
G!orir.u3 new;
jef.tof tiie f.-n?
jyour :.mda ';
:,A :--
friend; the
rah-trcasurv bid h defeat'.! in Co.i-re-
Parmer.. I cm orrv fur it.
The :ime u:c..:r.a
' fr C2 ta thi ' - i
' a:id re varti iV ; a :
. r
1 1 y.. u;l ra,
1 -
. : i .e:.. 'at;r, naa
rv T 1 l 71 3 77 ?l - I i "V
4 .
i. t
i A. . I J c
: J
M cnrry tor it! i ou are not r io.'o-t jco, s
I hope. J
F. 1 am -in honet man. I horr.
M. Yo!J, tin honest man, do you not j r.eet-'.! dy irtt.t!:-! to
telle vc tint the sub-treasury scheme would 5-.ek their 1 -T! "'
iolatc tlte constitution, break all the ba.!i- j ah!,; to the..- mah.r.i--:!
i destroy private property, give thi executive j haeaMe -a.
. 1 -'-T
'I'.t. ";
! 1 --
I'otii-irn j:ii'ea t
requited the
ie w wiii t;-ic
f V
c i r-.
t-.i: aa i
... lir
i ll tte.l i
v:.i-.-.- t r I.
t- r -----
the control o! t!.c carrency, at,J ru!n ti.e'T.'.:-; p.:
F What pr.rt of the c i-.-tit-riuri !o
think thU scheme wu! ! i'.!..:
i i - .
M v liv tiiut part h.;n rfr-urs t: e p;
ere! rovermr.ej;t t rsru' ite the rut tvi;-1 J-.'t'v.i. in i.
y. End furnish pnj cr rrtonry f.r th" ronve:.- L.v.ily c ..:.
! t:;t-- v. .'.) r r:
r-u . "
) l:.r.t eh::-;'
yu.i .r. w...
,1 1'
ienceofthe t cor !e.
F 1 beg your pardon; hut thc-jv ii no t:"h j y 1,5!, i
l:u;se in the constitution. I)'. I v. i r-.rr ; -i ; i..; t t:
;ea 1 that instrument?
M Why, no I believe not. Perhir-? 1 1 o. rsrt:ii p.
did when a lov. Ihit Mr. Wehner an 1 Mr. ' --t.r.'.itc t ,
i'liv teU U5 it i ; the CiMistitutional
- i i
i ..
--t thai iiC-vcry tired u li-toi hi i;r.
: Vsl I you perreive, thui if v.e tx-..
! :
dutv of
the general government to reju'ate the cur
rency, by cieati:;g a batik of the United
F Do they tell yoj there is a word about
reirulatinir the currcnev cr e?tablihin a
bank in the constitution?
. 1
M .ot exactly; but ?urroe there vas .
sometliincr about it in the constitution, or rui
ounef cover tf.o W.A
Co i ha t.-c :..-v. ui '-;: 1
the inc-t::nuL
- i i -
tiv r r:,
a::-i hj
- I; :;t
, 1 i U -
j t:.-u-. i.ave :::: u.r
. ". :: t v, o i u'
t:o al Tiir.AsrRw
tnrrriXAL n.iXf
coy- nri rioy i, c
1 1
T. - .: ? ' stw - j 1 . r, v. rr.T. 1 : !r
- ':, :. I Uv;"S i
. . -.v.-.... ' " -i s.
- , . . -.--. f ;lr t "
:hr-re. i
.a UHYi-S i
,u'J he ca:
Piws nrfi n:o cqu'i', :.n j .e -under
tho- i.r.v?. T:-e c' -:n-.- j
fur sua-iiiie. o." ra;a, .u i:i- ,
ui t .' ; i s s t r u t ; .". e
aud .nj.-he i t.ie
c r ; i; a r : y 1 1 3 1 1 1! n t -
was iven :ir,-i V.ic
; a. . ' . . i t : ' : ti .. 1 ?:ii-.-
withcut watian; a'
In f:r;-, hh-;!y ha r,
:nr-!v fu:d-.hcd it
iutij.i oi the r.i-itch-i.-.cr,
ti-.ouih a li.vc
. 1 .
7 1 ' ' V"
- ' -I . V
: .. v " a '
. - - - -
!I-;XRY CI AV S Is..;.-.
k 1
-UiNi: TliL-K AS !
1 -
g:ve :
1 ijw -i and a;';
1 o ! o :
.... t - . 1
etc.: cn c.i pi-e-
fMi of i;Ai niatch dhnhfd.
j.in iiew oat lv una t
U 1: are autiionzed ! a:i:i ).i.v.c
t -1
r - ' , r - . ' r T '
1 rc-
rizca to announce
a ret
r in mis way vou are ti-f -ii-jj t ---,... cm. e..t .,.,; - 1 t:,-.- t;, i,: . ,-.'v - ,v4LiriUii5'
the constitution : I carry " .r.-cep ;re j .au:; ;v iA 01 i 1.., ,v, - 'illJS SAIC'i'iJr
these time,. Ileri . wh! prevent thi, re-alt the y ,0 in. j !:,; , 1 ;.7 (to Represent
currency: -Cu.nV w;:cu rr.u.i riurco u r,-u: d,r, ura;v out -cur ,r H-I; r in TTNc5iature--ta tne
,WW You know what .? 1 ! potiir..S hut the L:i!ue,.ee f ,4 e-irXV V,r, '' cried Put U, -;y dear UWDau.
and such other metals 'as C )l Democrat dwavs to fhcr;. i " J4 o fc
1 11 , . - 1 1 fe. X
f ground, anu oa a a ay ii 10 .. '
jrl constitution in Z . I
! 1
l 1 v- :
- .e ci-;
t si r c t 1.' i. i ": f
.. s?.-.-!-.V- 'i: . t ;i -1-'
f lt-s Xs.-- I ' st ti's"s tz s-c"
lit l..vci. ; - Lv - -a t s & : ' -
r. Fa1t;-: . iijt-, r -si . s ;-. . ..- -
Jt, t
coin into tnonej'. There i
bout paper money, or regu!
M Whv, vou make
favor of the "recie IiuriVju.
F Kxact! so the constitution .cavs Cv-t-
grtss shall hate poiccr to coin yjfeii-h ur.l -js.
M Well, well; I didnft suppose that Wadj- j
iugton and the rest of them who maie the j
constitution, were such loco-focos an J ajrari-!
an But how do you get over that part of
the constitution which says the public money
shall be deposited in banks?
F There is no such thing in the constitu
tion. On the contrary, it virtually says the
public money shall not be deposited in tanks.
M You are joking!
F Not at all; Here read for yo ir'clf:
"No munry shall be drawn from the teeuc
ay but in pursuance cf arprojrriations made
hl.iic." Dofs Lot this virtually say, that
the public money shall first be put into the
M Certainly I suppose it does.
F Well, that is as much as to say that it
shall not be put into the hanii-i of private
citizens, or under the care of coroorations
or tanks, bit not?
M It seems so indeed. Rut if it goes ir.o
the treasury, and cannot get out until Con
gress shall appropriate it, it will lie there
A handful
Word a ior
n:v and a
toasted n
J i
men lately
Ac at Ripley,
kti? of Tcnnt
b greatest men 1
n.j ;..ijv;ri'r 1 it
o -".-sic ana Li
,uud before th.
fft Lark was driven:
A -'a zinc:
-? .! . !r-T'i:. - ; r-s .,
H--v'(1.:;ntv ...... - s. tr-ib. Z-.cl-N : e Xt:t
.vt. i.
4 u;l rv t'r
:A li.KS.s ir;:a i: :e tn.---"
AT r . 1 - -
From he Xer Yoi It Dailj Nt
Our readers have frequently seen
views of Jefferson on the subject o: curren
1 ----
... 1
a ".
a Cor.-.i::.-f x:
; tr..eats to ri r :.-e
Javs aiterwaru?, vjc:..
A few
appointment, met Word and they 'AA - d
the eople- Tie General's speech, it is a: i,
vras a very powerful eahrl, 1'aii ot re scares,
profound rea.so.iing aai impasdad uecia
matiou. It was received with j;reat
p! iue by a large assembly of enlightened
deniocrat'-. Word attempted to rtpiy, h-t
as usual, got bewiUered and tuine i itcd
with a grin or two. If t';is h td Ovjcarreu in
in the House of Representative.;, he v.ouhi
infallibly have been coug'i'd Su.k; but his
audience behaved Utter, aud only laujhl
at him. They mignt we'd say to tne ILpit.j
orator what was oace said to a ce tai:i po ;.
cal doctor:
"Tire wortt we fr. i: Jt j 2u f ,r ".! J J XT ea-i ri': u
It to uke tir os iIimc rJt:.r (nsrii'. T'
Mr. Word merits severe reh-jk h n : .
citizens of Mississippi for Id? trr. : hi r - . -conduct
during the iate :na'uy.. c.'i '".. ; . -,
Conirress, votin-r with t'.e Ahoi.t:.:-.i.-,
cuuviu.sitc. a..vr i ;e hcl.i ..
I. in-; cre-ts t.ne bdiows roared,
f..e iViendiy :ar appeared,
Viail tr.auits of heaven.
cy; but they may not know whit were the j is.-aei:ewT t-rs
heet. We now p ace USore tae.M a leittr - . - ot . fc J
iro-a Washington to Mr. Tnoraas r-.--::.-, ! . .
Where pf-hel oa u
And -azedCT
ev id slim,
xd lighted by a lanil N.
The c-!mr :Is meets 1
Ti.ca -e tat c It hisdar!! iurse toslcW,
lie breat.,1 1 no . i (ay;
But Liav-d the whirj.vindle
Noroace throu-ho
adloag rii.jt,
that dismal ni'ht,
j o fear or douoiave way.
r. i - i.jtt ;s o:t tae c.i
;at i:.jrni- ii-; az.z
- 1.;.' 1 'i.i.c.i ".v.l.'j
n s
a oil
f O: .v n
..- t cjeer h;i war,
iti let hir.i ne cr to sorrow vta.
l'M i.i t..e jiiaeJ p.
A :.a..:.u-i.st-hinc divinely tiue,
d iteer.
of no use to any body, and we cannot, -.uj.m,.; ,wj,ri ,. r .
... j u . - .!-. .ou.u ce j and sacrificing the ir.tsrejts ci h:
row it to daJAJeasury schn.e. tent and theli-hts of th. ccttler.-, :.
-1 . .
u :
o w
F Then the reason you are opposed to Hcnrv Chiv; hut t;.;
the sub-treasurv is, that vou want to borrow would r a.s on him v.-j-dd
t.'ie puwic money to ao businesj npon? own cacidr rer 'at one c:
M Not al though the r. You know I am a t Cnce a week. Il" ti .is Joe
stockholder in the hank, and when we ret th d':r,T;ri,An 0 some-ti. in-
puu.ic money to lemi our. u mcraes our
dividends, and then I speculate a little some-
limes, and it is quiet convenient to lorrow
.. r .1. . .1 .t ..- 1 . 1,. 1..
want to make a rood speculation. , , . , . ,
hive t!ia stoma-:..! oi ano--
F So you are in favor of u-i:: the public t j-
e : .1 l .t - ui.c-.
money ior privaieu I'urjHj-.cs nru i:4r ct:i-
t ;:ri vatn 1 .-;.
a "
td greets his vie-
1 :
l . . 1 : . - ....... . . - 1 . 7 1
:s. . :ei lam ua.-. i;:e ieiui-
T..- vAi load t::e bidows roar,
.'.ui .-0.5II J.i t-i:s ard troubles past,
il 3 an.hur he shill safely ca-t
I.Ot r"Ct:'tsi.
r;-aa. cf eici.uT-s W c-.-ea-
nresent aaaiinisxrauoa is '- i .j:.-.! i e'jr 1 m iirje-i -i rT7
rounds accupied by the Father oi t.ie Con- j ..yc r nL.tc U
which we ask them to rea l, and wc,a,
portions and the reasons he assigns, ana
then they will be able to determine whether j w L
the present administration is r.ot on te j r4lTi t
sthution. V'e ask our opponents to rta
th letter, and, as they proie?s to revcrer.ee
tha opinions of this great man, th:r wi.l
prceive that they perfectly comoiae v. a.,
tr.ose maintained by Lis cotemrx;rari?s, Jti-fa-scn
and Madison:
M-j'irit rtrr.on, Fel. 16, I --
To Thomas Sir-xn
Dear ifir. Your favor of the SOth U't.,
cii.e d'Ay t haivd. To -ive an ofaa-a a.
Lc-ok. oS f-r i.-s-V-.r, -
, -sr
an-:r! -o n.uca u :;orti!:ce -
hi, :-:;dy agitated the. two brct. ;;
:,-, vihoire. ar.J wii4'.i t.'c:." J '-
hip-- - .jr-ro a.v.s:-a ra, 1:: aaer -..
n.attet; bat as tias diversity u: op:. i
a Mi'.e.;: wi.irh has, I i.-ht;ve. ojca:
.iiinisof m.j-t men, ana as i.y .-e-n. a"
ir?r-iri hiie been luliv a
Tit sums u s u'!mr ?s te
LI, c.s.a "I i s--f w; jmt1
e j a a t c t
U iinns Fast. T e a "
irtrr. our u!hw-;;:-:; .
Kc- t jus: w h it ? c x -v-:
Cfery States R: jr.tvr- :- ' :.:
crat. Others w.d i h
id Mr. lUir.o.
Th : oitrs. j-- r
their aito iti YzZ' -c usla " Ift:.
t:n- e :j act th- t; j.
... -
- A S" -
Dr m ia: T:.:r-. :r.
s."a'"-cr; l.r i ftwloCMn ' .v";r OS1 is I " t - -i , , '
l t .. , ; .1;
iLr -ti or -a:t
Vr , -m; lc rt rss
x a. . iaa :r. v
"nzrir e s. far ta be :. r.c .v'
'.-, lu:i ' U-ior- t?.
t-;ij .2-2 a l.-r:ti t;.L ;.;-'. ,
... ' fT" .i.t rt-TT'3 rc 31 iiiiiiwi.ssa, i
- '. ,--.;- - '- - -a? .: ia..r tf r. -.r.,..j si-s(wi CXk-C '
'"s s;" - i. t r.a- ' " i - : r -At tie , :
' -r -.. " Y' " r'
Ror-f-rtfa'dv vo ir a-x t.
: " " a. c, r-
t s -
- c: t- f "
-r t...s o,
t-a. j j-.
U.i :; l::-.ar.'
ii.'ippy snore.
..:-. T..e 1 W Kfi;!!!'! h tit WtioW IVIlUt lit 11-
i I r.' hi "A ! n . r-i ri---". r- - , . , . ' 1 - . 1 - 1 T 1
stitution declares that not a cent oi it shah j , , - , r. . '; f h - . - V-S1J utaiu ui.it iw wiuaa
be used but for public purtKse, and in pur-1 ' TV , :' " ' Vt e ! -1 : :' . In; w iiairvci!oa.l v proper a man i,r
r 1 1 1 j J . i i are now we i n iteh.!. t.. t : i . t , - a . 1 it , .
suance of appropriations made by law! i . , - - the r-ut h to suupuit lur the next Pras-
M Why should not I and my bank use i , ; , . - ,a,:;;JltV. Jiaeicy. To i:h.w what mliucm Mr
for our own profit, rather than, to have u , J. V,nr.i, ; CU a, J chav L;x.;. in Virginia, the mother
shut up m your odioui and infamous treasury j , . . ,. , .- , , a . - 7 7
an.l ,.h.tra,uries.of n., useioanv tlv? ' h'-' !a" ' ' l i u 4 ! --tHtcs, it i3 only necessary to state
oa t.: a- r.;
1 iiH- a; a
oe a.e m-ne-re: sarv a
iia- eeii .-o o.eu aoa. t;nt far
rem x 11 t.it;..;c;;ed; in a wori, in
an an z !i'!m the want of c-cie i
-.! .-is greater than it rcaiiy ia
fat a f.y lae .astunee a-.,-i a
.- -.iiriw of a ti.in ta:jt we r.rt ::, it-
i fir V. ;Lifii Oi lit i.i. i r
V Xrt VA11 arA r.Atfi fl-r fnf !hp rAfi! fnl.nn ! '
when it contravenes vour nerumary interest, j . c .,
.u l licrei .nr. eusirr ;o reaa in? cor,-. , - .
F No doubt of it. I have no time to ar.u r"'s " ' '
1 ; 1 1 s it'. 1 '
j' . . .. s. .
A 'r av. toi'!r- . c ??t iz r it, t ?
' " "" 5- ' - -e .LJ-... j" Joa-- 5.sriit."-C' o :..a r: --':" .."'.. -
. Ti ; - r. taat ta e - - . - .
- - - a- . - " . . : raxz; wr 5rt. :.: : .- -
- . : ,y 1 iie r sa..e CO'.- ; - -
k.ak.i catof djor, as' Fee rz
" C " . 1 . ' - ' -J- C T.- T- -
1 e- a
r :"--. n r
t j.
furher now; but I will see you next tim- 1 ; A ' i
roTie to town -Good bve. ; '
M '"fJus.) Thl feliow fiat more serwe i
than thought be had. I thi ii h U ri -;.t
about the constitution: but rae murl Ln
t'tm BMIBM
' J ,
llqvAV eight?, Fqt-Ai. tim, vm
rri5CE', are fundamental principle f t.hr- j fj .
Democratic creid. That tr.e .e ..rinripl 4
- ... - .1 iT 1 :..n li :
r " , 1
l.i'.'ii- I
lency; that they recognize the vho!e
Jv of mankind as the children of on1 outn
ti'on Parent, equally precious in Hit ..!,
and equally entitled to His 1oumie-, arc
truths that will not be deu.ed by the
vtrietl Aristo:rat in ChrUtendorn-
It is alto not lest true that thee principle
lautifwh'y haxnon'ue with ti.e prec j t oi ;
our iliion, and are admirably calculated to''
ro-ornerafe with them in accomrJi.iiar th
I Tf -1
r.t, t f-i h'
w.,a a ;
!- ! s
f ia Daa'l, wii n the pubisc mind was
j c. .'ia,a:id when every Uiinri was wejn-
.. , J c i iichhcral'. ly and coaly, he v.'u I lie
I Ciiiuiutc ior thy lre.sidicy
: aative ?.taie. kL:n Joha Q iia-1
. ; A(i iiu, re.cacd mare voles than
" ! aa r.r ;ni- k orol jr, in that renowaad
t. ;' f f,aa.:a'aweai:if. " Lyt 15e-u.e "Ir.
iLiy 'i: a.:z- d huaseil by a dcteraii
,, j had t:pp:.-cd the admhiistratioa oi
! .iai.'yjs .a.roe nnd as Julia Randolph
. f j tain iiaa to i.i.-s tcAa, iie was bent on
V I -am la:; the ;:iuthern jople in futttrs
j .. ,ia hi .vraericaa b) -.stem hohhy, ToV
--pw.2 a1 la;y never woula lorgive nirn. S
I Mr. h-Iay has ar.rays opposed the bouth
1 :.
.-:! .
1 ,
i':i!aiot, at
1-? Editor : rrr'n 3. trs.te-.-fr -
- a t-i; : ii trriai 'jmsis a suj , lJi , WTLS ilLid IT!T r.-Z?T J--.
v . .
' .1
S 1 .'i
I a i
i :
. .1
ord f-d ii . m to J 2a h
-h F:'
frifc; -- -. Ti -1 S.-l , . , .
- .L: -v, .a. ctrt-HT L: kr::e. 2J
H . 11 1 im -. T SC..".
-- r. ... v - '.. m . .t-- - ... . . .
-t .. r ... - r A r-. . a..J ,1
. a. Li. is .-r -i " " f IV
.e . i "
tru " 0 1
T 4 i ., ' " m
' -
m-: a, i ;
7 '
' t f.
wca t.-2l c:
a. a'i-t it r ' in tra m 2 an ; t v
'1 : ar
ijji' ai 2 " j
a imit ih tt Ma M
! i,v
' ! . -
I t
a a'j wOuiu ia op .j r.iai.
M?ncrif.ler Gazf,tt:.
1 T
r Mh
-a-r;i t.i
trrand object huaan happiness, by de:.o
ir.q oppression and iU couzotrduxnls the wori i
Mr. V.A V.e, n i ' : ;t!a- o the c . a,'
of tl.(
a- 0.!' n
.ever dd man ner a mr dehhf ra fiie-
! r.'s'DE.'iCn IN FAVO:i OF THE
J I rrrf.5 ok.t Tan irrr.y System
I Jtfdi'a Whito vi IVJU when he was
ijx'-'.A !t:n' .rat, ",., ".Mr. Pre'si
i Vat. if thoo were no bank; either
t ' . 1 r - -
.tate or 1 e a;raj, in uie union, our
tai' ; eoTji d he ohf-eted. the rnonev
hoob The rovf-rnm;nf ntvr i id r i I -"tl y kept and paid out according to
1 1 ranee o: a:r.--.e r; .4-tr,?f! i ! tf.e p-rovi aaas 01 taw, uy inc appomt
:j ln if dtbur t-i a very nariii. ; of nataral perfor.H. N'ow wc
In order to show the n'ae aioftion of
t?.se principle to the reu jir.-mat f our
religion, we take leave to place liieri i-i j'JX.) from him the ad ranee of a '1
tt position, so taat our reader nay se? he has a a'on
juoge ,0. " !:ir rr.otmu-rr.. ni3v cma.'ay them in preference to
rerrtct r riot. " iauevr j t woa, i L.it ( 1 .
lhers ihodd do to vor, do ye even w to '" j bana jt we eho;e. I here cannot,
them,-are the words of ti. illustrious Nj- A most arcaible camp mcettnir therefore ae a .f eces.sity to create a
zirine lUfomer. Ihw lud .ixi thi dc:; he;1 within three mi:t5 of lAinv' -'t c-an ! r ru ai psirr aes; and it vrcmler
.it I'O 1 ;
opi?.on r-r - ,.
are ie-t p-il-j'.-t1
n.oi:'.. I .-ludl
i 1. . . ;
II. ' t" ;
treat :t.
"We were ret ire-feat Tt :.-. r. i-
v --
, a':, t h; f;.' i;. .j'
c to tho a ivrn.-?:: of r
lfereare ory ohr?rve
Ci-;.i, th it f
U:e larrr.er em ." ;?r.. 1
li.rsv pop ha-."e -
who drea-fi
fr:i can po
a hem l ..Id..
r..-jT CT!r rs ...v -
t-e cretr: r e2.-? y. -elire laere fcr? c.i-t f-i' w '
rias m;i r?ea rrarreri'r rr--""-ei Yi'. ; .. 5 " 1
- . . - - - - w a - i " : t -
r:ji nr.
-- r ttv-
- - - - --.T Tlt X -- r ..I -
T3-ta i i f-r ..ru s-x-a ; rarer. te nr
ire. no r.rr. : : tr..: " 1 r Tt---2fr
tar, tVat ti.e aer2 - " (
which remains uaext-orted wiit he lr'-ed I I Coi. Iksriz,-.rcc: zzl ia- rsir
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