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Marshall County Republican and free trade advocate. [volume] (Holly Springs, Miss.) 1838-1839, February 02, 1839, Image 1

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I' K i T S
it x a Lisa a ar
;irv, .Uoi ', rUL'll IXJLLAUS in advuncej
ir M IK I.I-AIh tu the end tf lle year. j
j A failure to jive wtur.in writing, of wish toj
iMX'timir, at the end of a aiiLacri'ioa year, will t
srid-Ted a wish to eimtmae. No auhacr.plioo U
l fie le. than oiw ir.
.i liY EHTtS E.t FJrS C9niam.n?-Tt in,
a tnterte.J for ON'K lMl.I.AIt.- a-srf FtKTY
C'E.T r,u-K miihfjtrv uteerttan ienrer tier.
'mm t eni per Uie fe the Jirit insertion, ami ha'f price
fte raol inter t . thereafter .utter uementt ji m a
t(t: tie must he arcomr,ru'l tmth the caih, r u refer.
.... a r - . .r .
met s wm. J 'e nuiiuter aj merurm reqiuren.
must be mart I an the uikierLeeient r they mU be
unul rjered out, and charged jar uceor.
. Articles rf a personal naf'.re, whenever a!mit.
4 "w.ii .i .harmed at tin; rate "j" 1 for every ten linea
te eeh -rtiin. I .li' iral tirruuri or put. be ad
, f r the Viu(t rf ii.'!nn!ual w-rori rr eom
ni. , til ba sl.ai t d adei-ueueu,aad at the
i i.ne i s ea
"Aniono.-;..; rM! !i for office, will he Ctr Si
. Jc: : J'"ii' pituahle invartubly in tulvancer
9m" 4tf Aii kTli". For fortj line or IcM,
.lf f pl- aurr, nr a $-. No C'Mlrel
sien fur ! tKii one rar and aille lal f J earl
1 ha priiU-; Ami'ial A'lrrttrr i luottcj
"'. r oa ii iii.i.r '.(al buuiteta; aitI all alertie.
nr lir tha i.eiirr,t ot fitli-r -rou, avnt in bj tLcra,
'Kit pa "I f 'f l ihe r)uare.
I'r- Ii-nn.i!ia drri-ment-..
"r" 13 line ar Iraa, not alieraUle, 3 mnmha.
! il- ! woiiih.
Ii ttrr 4a li month,
JUOM WORK mutt LtpiiJftr n UeUter.
JLNlrav Notices.
Ihe.Siale of .Tli-ilipp!, f
,Marhul Cnr.iTV.
. "pAFvF.N o i br C. Suiret, liainjr 4 rnia aat
J of li.;!! S:inr;. one dark bar 11UUU
! i?t in tha Tact, right f re f-rt white, anl.!h
left h.nii fuot w!.iie. appraiaed to fifty dullara
r.. W. GRAHAM, ranr.
;aa'. 5. 1S.19 20-3:pria:erfra 2J
Marsf.a!! County. -
Y Wtl'on. 1iine en Sect. 15. Tovnhi
t ( Tiv.zc thre. a STRAY MARE, black
lolwri"!. vnth a vsr and a iri? in the face.
1ft"-. r intJ fn,t wt.ite. hi-b we value and ap
: ra.e to t wenty-fiva d.Itn. Said Mare I aup
; t ti.fre eara oM.
i. W. liRAKRM.ranjar,
Jaa rr' fe $-j
Marsha' I County.
FY Am A. Fur"4on. living 13 mi! uut.'
f II- ! jr b;.firja. t-n yrl ow bay Mule. ry
i-id. ih- M': cat. a lit. I white w't on the
if'ii 4uiJer. o-.-ca'Ted br the gear, ftprai
4 c I. vi.i A H'm. Furg'icn to forty d-A-U.
W. GRAHAM, rantr.
Marha!l County.
I. wry. Iivmjr on CvtJ Water, near
. a fci?k ttd i'uaey with a Leil on
hY F.tole fuur j ar- old, m.p't rii d to 0
-i f, i t." f .ley su; ,ce4 to be il year
i-ii-fJ to 'ZZ ilvV.xT. iii ct., il-o cm
?J rt . cr p ( J the riht ear. crop and under-
r.a t Jt . Uf' rar. aoorai-ed to a0
II. W.JiKAHAM. ranger.
Ja. 3. iriri'.er-afea fi.J
Mam. all County. )
I A.C liker. livirjr fi niiV outh-we-st cf
ar'ahnTB. a n: all brown mare pney. mtm
I t f. Utail. la hand hitfh. r. crsnd. r er-
v, 2 jenra rid a? -",inj. api-rned to
,5 ia U -!;'y Srirgt money.
Cf . v . t i.am.im, ranker
it 3. I-: 9 iO-;'t r rimer', tKm i j
roa Tii aiPCJLicaa
The teftrnj xmrii theiU voice the v'tm tjaret
future wt ' fule, mnUttear her bet at we.
. Hheruttne.
Why d-.at thr-o iwHirn the KaSraa abada.
The lonely detnlatrd jr lade
Wrajit hi a wirury jloraf
What" it.t"rl.ot a cUrerla day
Spring lrociji jij iaturr tltatl array.
In rrooating l.loom.
Though hir1 itda riae and tempe' rare
Vet earth raeli ml.ryo Urm will
I hat lies wilhin hr wombj
So hlctom f tr i h unfading mprinjf,
' Vber thou haat frit death a froat-harbetl a'.inf,
A nd w ii.trr of the tomb.
What though thy woodlarl, frroee and bower.
Beil-tk- d with ijiotlra inf-.ni i"rr,
When pring youn charma ara fay ,
Are fair to are ly early dawn.
When iler dewdr p (rem the Iawa
Or at i W cloae of ily '
And when raild rephyr'a ftet breeao
1'aiiia on thy floer, awkc thy tree
Brtatbmjc frvah f graiice round,
Ti taeet to Lear the hinl in on(
From hjugh to bough, thy groe irorij,
Wake aj '.(" harm on i ou aoand.
But oh ich primped a they flow, m
Are but a momentary flow.
Of nature' fl ratine; aeeae;
Then let tbine ee of taith ejaud
Heboid an ef trlaiiing land
Abort: yoo Llae aerene.
Sa may ihy oul fmro earth ar
To bnlitrr world bt-yoi.d the kiaa(
That are by Jeu gi.enj
There thou ahait ia e a aerapli' aioj
A ad bak in an immortal aprinf
dcrnallr iu llrlita.
eiiil.;i-.-0-I erl. ; him-ail' l. c'r, pid and un le, p.
wnreti i inn Dy me i:!t.imre .t w.-alth. and the i-.rau
f iiirr ri rit eointrr. J
pet,k.-r 1 md not Ml the Hom- tllat ihe li U-
otfmrorc is o iii"f to the t-n. TU i.'i. ...-.I
air. t i unwise th-i to r-K-t 1 thi i.ri itrmK!, n..:. : e l
; with t!e ffi-ctionS tf Jdr jk- pte; it it hard th to de- J rour capital rnr sta 4 nn the bank of th Misaiisinl
pn.e otr of l.u h.me. hq.nhle thoii- it be. Sprunj I ,rl hrd riwdow. orer the. nrie, f r..
' wT.rJ.T ? V arn " ;T f ver " b-n. 8,r, . hen your ciannonuue repre,,.
f i , , " . , . " " ' l oS jrroi. ei.an a.vl rr lit! could too comnUio if
that m.r.m h., fdantcd in u. 1 br 4or oo the -aay ,1 , ee oftbe ir-t W, ,h mid retnindTn?.?' - I
..erp- i in i..,K- liMi.an a-..l wild t hw.tef on the pr-.i- nrKlect At no disfan.' cia Hir ! MrliVh alministrr tO OUf
. a . " . i - a: ' i aii)r.iiiBr iai t'.ir n... t - - .
,i . il '' 'w. we. us an im o 1illce. u B(.re ,0r noW. .i"" " lore b co:i:dered a weaun
I w-aaa a a iritur m 1 m nee aa"-w --1 imp ia ail. fa7.- . I ... . . -
i uta..d withered. tUe heart that would not blenrh at ! - k i - " ,,C-Tur minds, Uie arilCieS Of lillU-r ,j. c UKTUlW.j are . H,n,. . ;lJr,. ,- . T"
... . ... . . ' - ' ...... ... I. i. Mint . arm .t... - ... s t . . - . -
- - From the JZjms Funtrr.
PENDS UPON TtlE f AU.VIE.tt AND I A srext r: i" ti -MECHANICS.
ilLvie ve-t.iiV t a e ! 4
WftH wealth? Those things which f U nci.ho iwn Ij tr rv U
are convenient ana necrs-arv to cs and f.r -.v t - . s :
waats atitl twriSva of th r-t -: i .
"forts. Mtoey "a'one cannot there-';Wa toavi etfcc fo? 1!-
I t J a
- m
to . S a, .,
, acenea n crime a- d binod. will a,ften u-J.-r tlw - I.k .Len-d' 7kl " " I . n '
t , ... i ijiuausitr!
Il U ... u..dvi..K ferhns , ad -t..n one ha gone out ero.d a tte . v P, vor b 'S"! tOW:
from huf-hcr-. atel r-mfal inth"- n-tr Mldeii f mtj ! . . J yof autiful river swe. p
alu-ered Lis fiimily around aTtn j oTe-lm m" -Mowl tv
Neeit wreste-lfrom hin, by ,he law of his c ,o,.tr J Ifr J kaA te.M ell .fcT,""S' V''
Sir. Utancorai-na.ieVern,nl-,.i f.r Vh. t ' . ' ! o ' - skcU:b l' "- ' rarWlv
tlK. love of it pe ..le What i. aour overfl-wi, te. - ... "r ""ns nn '
. - 0 . ai.M c mM a. i. i itae1 si n a.
aury alien it i Gtiercd from tin- tear of llie
wriiri; from the hard eartiini . f ihoe lio w.jul
Ul. nt l.a.e an ....... a-
retclied.i lieUton If e k but Inr a mJM . .. .
eo - 11, . :.. . . . " - we
- --- .,.. n , iii-.iisfeiu n win. tho i.iwi r
the.r f your pr-,t.-ei.,., ,..d ram,rt mu.-l .. , 7,7, , " tn 0,,0"r -b"" ;
C.p..nl with t K-h d..t bo.l.e ocf ire .1 hould tie pol- auTreX rhetn .Tto K it U ri-1'0
lutetl by ll- ,ence ..fan enm, ' ir if ou i,hto Tlrt Zf . ,ViT b.artlrs ,eult-T l r;ve u,
eatiniJ, tlle fatal Miug to .huh I T-re aud to Gi.e us .h, A "r hra '
cure.he.pu.-te.j.yme.Sofvat righu f ,r a to JftVe Jke ife 7 F" Pt'r,, ' V' fcr
eom,-, you w ill ie to eer ir.ai. who trk, il a lw. 1 S i ' XT ".T' P-?P"; e a, II waWn the
not tc be hai or are nrt i;j exi:eace, a
man woul.I be por mdeed, tno-j? ae U cr5feaJ r-i.'.-i.
were loaded wita gold aad il ver. if hetri.it Mr. Rn f See a
ira -a-a I. i rt f-T 1 n I f f fca raa t U I". t . l-- J F - - t -
WCiU llUilJ ai!. ti. w aw j 4IW a r .if " A ? 1 r P S'lO T a A
i.ri ::a:
k :. ,T It iro
1 1 etrre-r.-c i!l
Tf.e i:-npu:a:".Ki r-s: cr.a'e s rtV:-
m ik. Tt . r :.l - . . 1:-J uir mu (9 innenir Irw lot,.;... r
ers. or i ,he litK-rty they affect t I Kuarau ee ; but it i. wi eehi fm ,-lry. our gaMant
pmbable ihUprt-er merit w.,uld endure u,:ou..t. d ten- MaTe To ' l to ralley, and frtn
t Tie if eeer quarter section cif the .t.l.i.r. dnmi.. ' . ... . ' 777 vo"r hannr float. hr-
hit ... w ijf.li n.h.A. . .. .. . i. . .. .
:n k- .. . . . i.uta,-5i there thev
!e Ixniht it he were stiireriit with txd
ana-iiere no garment made for oie his
jo!d would be bill little service. It itru
oi iiikind. by a "cominoa coaseuu have a- j riJ are not Nc?i w:i Sri:
greed that pUl stJ silver snouid be the fan-itL-m. Ti ere are tvaa r tiree cf t
sign or eviJerw- property, or ia ol.i li-rnorrarlc nvr.
he who has .aruoaui oi it, has evi
dence of so Kmca-ealth. He can ex
From tt Darisn Tel-graph.
"3-T.s ofy,)r". when I wasroun?,
t I tri;i;H-d about so ira?:
liiai ma ny t -aux around
in ail ilioir bri-jht di-
h time thn nipd
n .
i i.a t eveninc catr
-Kug.injr Ufa yr
wuiu uucu t:i
Si " ouiu Oil
,f Yet, still I r
Holly Spring, laa u:ry W. tl37.
B. P. D.
aiet tl
And irave inir
I 1
I 1
e suajr
so sweet.
i dmdy feet;
Marsl.all Ccuint v.
V J. 11. r.anr.ey. i . i r-- on S- --. R. 2. T 'J.
llt.u !ar", up;.CM'tl l be or 9 years old.
'.v i ,,! h'!i. rif.t Jiind fjH whi'.?, sirn
hira in the fac. k rr.e aaddie jg. oa tii
. ap; iir d tu 40.
(. W. g.TaHAM. fsflier.
1, ", l-;9 ;0-::t rriattr'v fee f.'.J
'7. OF. Mississippi, ,
" r.N ' p ' Amu P. Man livirg aHout three
lr ik rtti-t 't IJ'.lly -jr" g to head cf More
re a cl I ar k i.r ejr, t'h a -r r rn ih- r'ght fr.r-
. ;;. d ta Le l"ir . l ! tw-lt spri (f. Ap
.! t t.ri ttr e . .liar Tl.e rth-r a I. tack horse
war .i ai.ip in hi la. e, t ' H luid fret a Lite,
ofcd lj he fwur year old i.eii ;.riny, A praised
I. G. W. GK All A M , Ilaj fer.
i'rinter (? 4
Mj.rsh-ill County
AKEN ?"ot John Morzm livin; 13 mi'ei
S'-4'b e-at f Holly Sj-rLajs coe chfann
! h'r left eye out a star in ?h face I i
o l 1 - I a hiii ap.'f titd t firiy dol
1. SvJ hore had 4 accall aaddle brid'e and
Jan. the 7 le'2S.
110 N. J . F .. II . CLAIBORNE.
W'e made a few remarks last week in
elation to this gentleman, which we were
led to, by noticing in some of the W."i
Presses, a .disposition - to persecute him
even in hi retirement, and from acciden
tally taking up one of hi Congressional
e-iTorts (his Defence of the Settlers of
Public Lmd-Owhich stamps htm a staunch
i'riend and advocate of the rights of man.
tnd gives striking evidences that had h
continued in the council of hi countrv,
1 few years longer, tie would have distin-
ruished himself among the master-mind
f the Capitol, as the foremost champion
of thw MA.tr, against the encroachment
.f the amstockatic tew.
'The npfech is the speech of an enthm-
astic advocate of-equalityr a hater ol the
odious aristccratic distinctions and oppres
sions which are the effect of partial legis
lation f one who beholds the " wrongs
a Vt f (!
"and outrage wun wiacn earir. is riiita.
witii indignant scorn f..r the oppressor,
tnd the conm.is:-erttion tT philanthropy
for the oppressed. It is in the tone of a
reformer, who leel and knows that the
institutions bequeathed to us by the work-
ng men of the revolution, have not se
cured to their children so wide a distribu-
ti with a
A any in iheAia
mi., wutj.ur property m an actual artiler. .ntnrporate will he ,h, , .
ererr iaa.. with the soil, eluati-r ai-mmd h.tn h.- hle.,1 I iUt' bo,d "d geroui aetUer. ot the W
.i.(f.i.m...,f. .i k...... .. .. . I 1 11 !
........ .... .... v. ......i.. juii u.iifj uiiu iu an allegiance
tro.iger than a thousand oath.
Mr. speaker: For vcari i,a-t our Ic'islation and our
I eoiistitiition. or at i.-wt ih. .i.n-ii r,t' n- ,...,;,.,,; ,,
hae been frequent autipodeito each other. The couatJ
tuiion roe irnrn iiie mk ot a:.cient pi-ejidice, a
trut ture f"lihf and beanty,hased upon tJie gr.-sit jirm
e pie of equal rights, and ded.taLd to rational liberty
a xl law. The other ha too often been dtf irined by
ft-ature incmtiatible wi h the jreitiu of (he ace: aiarou-
ed itn the crude conception nf f, udal time; f tiered i
wim restriction dtiu truiu e u ilired ceutun -a. '1'hus
your criminal cod- in thi age of phi osophy, isf umld
on the precept ol Draco. 1 he dung on and the acaifjld
"to their woi k a ihey did a thousand jeat s aojaud tlie
Pmniethian liht t.f sci uce that we hold iu our hand.
f -rra nui 10 anow tne karieions ol tue si tuns ainM up
j for debt, who in.e eiidie. amid the death dampa of
J your jails and pr.su. s. The same tuiie-t run Lluouli
j your oh le voeiu of j .ri!'-u.h-i.;e. For er iml it
j ha et-tn-d to be the stud of "rntleinrii to vr ate cast, a t
! orcla.b in aiety ; ai.d to slate for one at the ea
I jw-iise f aiioih.-r. bat i j our larilTsy t'eui, but a iLr
I itijj outrage on the irrca principle of r-iual-tv ; an esi.e-
i riment o llie lorlM-nrauee a.il credulity of liie people ; '
j a .Imiu. f il plan to enrich the .ion-producers, at llie t x- j
I pene of those who produce W bat ar- jour bank,!
hut part and parcel i f the same t stein deid It liar- :
ne in the eriee of the faa llie l.od-jjtveu eiwrgiea t.f'
the many? Incrporated manufaciun-ra, tock-j rOber .
and .luo-ers spring u; like tui.i into atiltiei.ee and tiis-
tinction( but the laboriiij; men, the wealihrealora, re- I
main pfior. Whv is it that iho-te who cause the earth i
to ro!i. e, live tfiemsrUes without cou.fjr", consent
eoce or luxury, ai.d continue to be jioor'" o r rum ,
giviiij; th. ro prtction, tin re is a heay burtieii up"in I
sary article ot prime necessity required by the protu-
cer. You las to r..preas one man a.l lu beiurfl auothc-r;
.1 . L : : . . i. . . .i i . i . . i
ii.i mi ii jiKit.r. in wk arc n-'Mi ri'iw. o u , una h u
lectise pohe is eah-ulated to reud-r all the tieceSkar.i ;
ct Iiie scarce and drr, and to mak- manual labor, indi
vidual proilue iseness, a Hunt drij; in the market.
Lx k at the tta'e of things in our g-reat cities. 1 here
are thou-wnds of poor f. male dt-siiiute of clothinir ami
fmin. f m t. . I l .... . I.. ' InA n i r . I . I . . . tr '
nater-nal symp.thieato hush lie cries of a famishing
child, are ilrittn intl piosli utiou. to b. lauiied and
aceff d at by liefirtunate and happy. Others -jo out a
raeniaia, or labor for Oie geal merchant-, at waea
barely enough to subsist ukii They pay the mjat ex
orottant prices f r tne nrcesaariea f lite, and a lax to
thi Gosernment rr eserv irarment put on tleir sluv-
eriiMS children. Thus we lay an exisru,Ajti wrt-tclieilii. a j
itself; we iletnoraUxe bund, eas of ui.l -nui.aie beings, J
crowd the almshouse with LastaH, and the streets a i.h
misi-rable wreleh-s, starsiu a .d plun.lering.to labor in j
the plutMh-riiig. to labor in the -nitt-iitkarir- or prriJ I
on the araflTolda. Vou create criininaU.aud then cnao e j
them, like tlie abaiHloiM-d mother who strangle wiihj
hi-r own hands the ui.Cirifnate olfrii.g of her aljomin-
ation. If this he the efTi-et . f y-.ur prolt-cli ve stem, I
on the morals of tha com uui.it v, what mu.-4 Oe us j
effects in political point rf 1 pass iIms by the I
odious a stem of land! T'l and p'l-ant, and abseutelsiu,
and stewardship, which are C.t gr -u.l in Un
coumry. 1 pass by the larjc uuuutai loricTk, and the
seeties r.f et.prt-ssion t,d sulTi-rinsf and irui'i tlial are
witnessod tlw-rr-j tl.e ri.k-t'r ilnl'lr- n dmmed to an
early slavers; the unhappy beings I to viiaiue iu ihe .
depratity r-f a pr'-ni.ac-uous iitiims; the .asaal ten
amry who f.n uj-on thv rich pro -ru-tor at the polls
a ieiea rf Helotr, more ai-rsi)e than a southern slave,
it w:i
eir iarrs .."e. vae r---"T5e It
il the w
: i of
h itS. v Is? s-.;"re
tl;e s;ca.rie?s ot tr-ese r:er.--seT ijrws.ea ret
theJatter mlrHt be sa5-i w irrs . i..rh iniii
nils eric-cted t.1.. or tr.at the w . x caxteJ
1 p'au-ib-.hrv
M.ne i in
as vaat ha ter-j r-
rc:a.;an m tr.e r- gtAt..e3 of
Mr. Eo.ld; w ha; a the w:'.: tc'J b
wriirn s O kill. airaicV. ar rr.r.fr ;r the
ae ot r.ie vo'e.
i pieuVe. that I w &Tra
" .- r ' v. . . v.u it: lane.
The evening oon was passed and gone.
u. guitar as yet,
'fad oot te rm "The Mellow Horn,
And mu.e was flageolet. O
Thus days, months and vtuthful year-i,
Away had qui kly sjed;
And I boau :o have my fears
For many beaux had fled.
Ti'l no- I'd sought to please them all.
And iial ihouht tnat I
SiiouJd ever surfer suc-h a fall;
Tor J bid flj-ii o bin.
Ia little time no one appear'J
To care a j ji fur ,lle
Then to my toilet 1 re;ir'd
The reaoii there to aee. ..
I brush'd my glass to take a look
A; my angelic face;
Tne toilet 1 at once forsook.
With brisk and lively pace.
I at n.-e down, and here I wept .
I wept and soba.d aljud .
To think that o'jr my brow had crept
Such wrinkles in a crowd.
Then to my toi.er diJ go,
A ad powder ofi. did 1 try;
To lode i he wrinkles from each beau,
In my poor evening sky.
My hope- are blasted, like th corn
Trut feIs tne early frost;
And 1 am ad and much forlorn,
Since I the line have cross'd.
An loh! a darken'd cloud I see
An didii of the storm
And yet. I kaoM not wiiere to flee.
For one to ke-ip me warro.
chanjeit for tiie verv tni.is or article
which do in fact constitute wealth. - -
Thus a man who tTa? a fiUadreJ d -hilars
in his p'tket has tne ticket, .;s it Were, to !
entitle hnn to enter intJ tae pOisesiion o.
an hundred bushels of corn, or a huadieu
yards of cloth or a hundred acrts ot wild
larid, or a yoke of oxen, or a hor?e aad
w.ujoo, as tlie c:ie may Le. lit if tiie-e
thing do not exist and he nsed the.-u nis
ticket is of no more u-e man if he h id a
ticKet to go into a taeatrv. aai it.houid ?iot be o rea!y t j ut-ye ei.
have been burned down befo.e he ued it. I The v bie nil vet rVt:: i
Tue elements tuerelore oi wviha co:i-is:s I of th- Ip v I 1 awI-i e a
i ..f ve-c i irext .zs
as the fellow J;i th-oc-r a:-:4i-th
iii.Un e-.-. - v 1 -'
If these whlgwvre-. .st,x5tr-ci ta.
f pe rpe trate rl Iliin : e-n-. ' ' s, t. v 'd
e -. rx.
in natural productions, bro-3g.it together, tually broe up m rreei; tSf e ec
ceanged and mad; lie J by th-j s.ill and lz jaderr.:ra:Ir Se n.a:or, whta the -iee.
Dor ol man: 01 me iarincr aua aaecamc nl nn !Trn- nn..- -.v v wr l
Couiinerce, though i.ecessary and Losior- j We sar tie wh's hare r--: i"-g-x? t
able, nothing more than the moving or t passage thir potltical.-.j
changing i tne.e prouuctio::s irom j .ace thev are mtud
wfio, reieisit.J fir hisduih lab- ir just e.i .uriiio ipprt
... , , , - Iiie, neser holies I ir em.ititi, nation IJIi, sir, eoul l we
tton Ol the blessing Ot ireeuomand pientV throw open thos.- prison manufa.torie, amid were I-iue,
. E3tTfrti u, en ixses. Wc Ie'ira
that Mr. ilalitlav hi
- . ... . . . hll'
a i I l.. .1 i the price ci pnriiie la.io, an l place a home itiim l;ie . : . . r
happiness, is was intended by the , rXot eer one.ho. ...m. siSor of ..w.i intercut ol Gvn. BesariQon m the
illustrious donors, and as they arecapclje j "u,1 mshoutto our iad.'(rreea ies.a.iuuiii.,jf x.Uchz Free Trader, and th it the
' I streams, to harvest wealth and h n- .rs : Ho man; ol .. i.iiva lis u iiic
of dirensing, and who is ready and wil- i tt young and beautiful a ye. u lun.te.i b the touta- j paper wid be under his exclusive
, . .". c , gion of crim, wouhl leave ib )ae darkoioe cell. t be . .... - iir ,
ung to go a tar as he who will go larth- j , sejvou mo.hrrof ire-mn tf ur off stsof 'tpcriifi. W care sorry to learn
-,a."t thm rrr-trPt I-saih!r nmomif ,h Hi raany too would ab-nd tb-iae aee(M:. ' aso th-it fr. I F- hi i?m! r.i J t
vfc,v i ol pjserTT that , .read alsv' your AUautie ca III .se i . , . " ' l"
of good to the greatfit niimieroi ttie j eo- ,nr,,l,r'rr,:,r iKWMaaiiM., wmii iravv irorn trie political arena,
IP O ' . J aerted halls that echo otilt tuUie wiiiMliii' wind.; ih se f ., I ,
cnimbling totnba, mat- memorials of the past! Hjw ; 1 J --U:JV, lOr IDG IUtUrC, "i
many ittie poor wouid lave : their m.ser.We h osels in ; tCTal ITrontld. W'e rCOTet thlS d
Marl -nl, V ir.M.iia.ain I ie -ol iu., surrnastii. . . f , O lilt's ti
sre upon the reminiscences of by- .e prospents, f ir I tCriUint? lOil. Th FfUC PradCT Wd -a
h -me upon - aril! where in l.iry iaiwc . rewarded! 1 rknat ,f fUa ...t,,,. ..!
Ai.d jet jreiiEleraen ha.e and wiilc munoe t j p .se re- uuivii. .'Vl III III 1 "IT't HOil p.l-
ot tr.:r it x-e ret
to place. It ba always apieaied sinu-'ora ta su-;ec: ci eri. T -y tae net
lar to us, that merchants shou.U co;.Si.uer jfargotton that th:s snie Mr. J 3 Hes
themselves.a too m ny of thtm do.above jdersoia headed rhxt :ow.f - r-oee-r-t
tlie farmers or the mechanics, mereiy ua of the w!." Sfo-itrs iz. 211 r
account. of their profession, wtien Uiey are Lfearful that the p-sr:ei c?. ;- will
indeed only the teaais;ers, to the otuers. fco-nman-ied to his oa hr. V"e-tier If
They are the agents to transport tneir pro-J Jlr. Hervier-ca hs x o-rv- cf that -ctt?r
ductious hither and thither, as rails uiav which he w-ote v D-fTG-e-. srs-rr-
exist for them. But to return to tne sua-'account of the Lerir'at-re of lJ3.x.i re
ject. If we are right in the position we hearsin ah'i muc4 se.rhhrrlirrccr the
tav- taken, tuat wealth consists in natu- service whkh he hai rezierei the pr
ral productions changed and wrought up- l rc's of Mr. Pohiexter xd v-e -
on by the labor ot man, il ib.iowsi.iat me I cause, bv prever.:i-.g the ecI-s f Ses
cou.ury which passes es me most of tr. :aor at tkat time Sweet h::V ert e zzx?
elements or matt mis to wors upn, suci li yrs prtate-i z?.d drc-:ei s,eVet!
as god s )d abundance ol water tarest e ive?v at the tirjie- aai rresests a ? -
of timbr quarries of diitfreut kiads of ; e-invn of whhr ia:rrie'i.-t "". t'. Wi-
stones, mines, ana oea 01 a.ueteni. a;uas . hnnestv is th."r xr,id.e,C.
oi nunnerals, Jcc &.e.mat nave t.r taoat coz ada,.: ir t t h tfce
natural vye.ilui. it men on y re pjares tne s cot a!i 03 t e :.ie.
h and ot industry aid ai'ii to put t-iee nxa-
teriaisiuto sna, e, aoa to put Uiein togeth
er to forni real substantias weaita- ILL.
,1 .... .r .. . "..-.. a ..4 .. r.-r .-
T- "... i e se, bet 1: is i . teri. to
1 nev lake the raw materia. s as t;.ev :t -
come from tiieiiands of tne Almighty, and f " f
nh in th it fit ihf-ir I.Tiiii- nitu m f ui;i;if .1.1 ' O-Ui a UPOT
l,.a tenn't!...:t.r)n.b nl" rirrTurit tor,.,. : M tO lOStrCCtC, lSt'J'.H C-2.
render n u?etul to man, wmca
rnre miu-tr - r-. . '
county. ow,i Mr. Lzzz l".e c. r rre-r?
hr in this s.tu-itl'Vt.' W pressure Lr
rule will work bolh way.
- In the rt p'ace, there is Mr TTIT, ei
Marsha!:, wh-o-eJcocrTr vD?i tie Dec
1 era! ic tick
If Mr Bi Lid i i r
aTold pi.j, his coJ-r:
w.u'd rere-
:-M rv us a strcwrc" r is ;r x-r
uirr a. ccxa
M. Bo"-i
;at th Ia:e cone-I-aaa eX't o x
mike it subservient to tiie wants adco,-n-iIor -"' xzl ar r--' 7--'
forts of human life. The
ous and skilllul tnis class tiie mo.-e
wa'ilth will be -accumulated ia the coua
try. D larrrrers and tnercnaats consider;
these things rigutiv? Are thev not too
3 O v a
apt to thi.k tlicinseives as meie plod Jers
and servants rather tnen as tx-o;;d to me
: fof Co.r --es-
x-i have 1
great firt cuu-eia tne p.-oduct;oa aud m-"e'ectel a Derr.acntlr ucist Pr Ccrg-
ci ease of wea.t i.' And indeed is mere not ; Tnd have -He- e?c:ei a De-rrrirx: Tic:
vi"i en
J 1
S. A. Tucker a sorrel coloured
ire left find foot w hit, star in tlie fore-
ihy of one who prided ht7?5f orl 'inS a
Representative cf the people, not oi
cralic corporations. Most of our reJIrs
have, no doubt, read the sjeech we allude
to, but a re-peiu-al o"a portion of it. wili
not fail, we think, to atTord them as much
pleasure as it has us; we therefore extract
the foih'wing:
I o.:, .erT.met,tt . . a ffec loo the people r.rr between the i e,a-euvt Slate. ..d forbid the pe pie
. B . - .ii. i tt tias Iron, one to th ot Her ..r. l.t it w.t ilo lra w
dust.o.1 Irom thesc.n,.., I nral c .a.d rat.a,,. thai , w 11 MCrs m the ta!e, ail J its KiSS Will
sand .f iIkT.T eonsiitu -nft to a l.fe of t-nl and wf-n.i, I CTCltC a TaCllllf
....Ji., ,...;....rt.. t. it ran be out down with ! to Jiass Irom one to theoth"T' Str, what it no l.
. . . ' l r i . . i.-.tk-.t v-rnrii- o.T part of the pop"daiioo of certain diJritt' Is it not
' T.'JC ir. A . J.- Z. i-t. ;.j.,4o f mere.y atra .sl'er fro.. owe Sta'e tot'ie ottier, under th.
'IsaTa 'tHhieera arel'tion-prnd ocera The Erst con.- , broad -eg. of otir lOiUona! Ua.on ? Are we
im in nnr rnriL- vhirJi
.itdr.-u to an fuh-rita'ce nf povert. rsir, l--t the 1 1 ; , j . r -
el-i be"esil,..:d t tiw-m be ! ll1 H'-g-.-ttcd by every Detn -
toldthaiaco,,.f,rTao,v ne WM' "'"""T V ,r j"' I CT.ll. U it E N Dl 4 .V. -
fr each t.f them, hut f-r t.-.' "Pr" 'i''1fl f "".'IT 0,rn ' '
repre-cntati.e.; let th. b known mL"1 aJ w0,'u 'i n .. , " . ,
geutier-en wiUreKr-t.he.rcoor-e. j , . nm the Southern Advocate.
i 'M n an age oi nwrniuig every thing
.joes iry puff! puff! puff! .Neither Religion
Law nor r ..'v?i'C is exempt from universal
empiricism it is pow the only way to be-
-S;r, are wc to trtis laws to rewr.et ai-'ratiofi' nT-
e t issue a writ of ,'e eeeia? Mi I we throw a . ar-
a false false standard of respectabi.ity too her of th? Legt-ct-e by oure t-
iiiucn .in asc in soaetv and are uot Lie hurt Jred a' i tr vces. e
productive classes apt to measure the oi-1 there fort- Mr. II,. i tsprepi-ei to tNe xi
selves by it? f nis siaadara appears to t-e f here to this Ws.'g ruTe. Ti.n rh-re "m
idleness and a fine cuat; and CJasue illy j Mr. Portiss- f Tii pah. wiase r--:r v.
the m ire id e a man can oe and me 1m rltrd the Ie-3ecrat-c tlcitt- M - Bs2,
trie dress the more of a gent.emaa. N'o. of Lauderdale, b in the so.-- si. ruat. "-. is
so. Ilespectabiiity shju-d consist ia an? w-'I Ms-r. Jarr.e -vti M-ciecv. f
im proved iiiiiiil and skiilui and lu-iustrioUsiSi n sn. We Iaui: that 2v r.;ca CXfr
uands. Morai tpaaiilicatious txraig etpua. f ty has in-tr
lie should h.ive the most honor, wiio, o ! vote me De:
tiie increase oi tiise tn.i.-CJ
. . . ..... .ra ri.i. u -rm. . .M? k. . . . f .
tute tne riv. bit tSn-e- ourth. vf their hW .oe t f p? i-;;r. g'- . Our eves were frpte I vestordav as Wf
i twieli lOe lat.-r. i he few oeome rn-M, ' n ia..j . e t
w rnricii ic j.i -r. . . . . twer rreuilerates. if fwi ei a enuaJ Law and oro- enierei
ut.rmT; uwi.ri -ii aU . of t.v.orid, iu.se, more j w " .vr,i- .ou Uae the m -a... of ; j,.ind-bill p isted on t!ie wall and much
or lesa,eld the la.'-makiaaj s-er ia their handa. B it naking o many mdi-nt lam.l.r. .mf ruMe, and of . . , ,h of exteasjvik .fe(,a.
Ili the mas has. the Wr th, and tl be, aI the aun-..tx4.g at ,be -annr lime your natna wealth, will . refill JUng in e Ol eXiertolV .UCf.a
-trnioi bv a ion sr ueiuai . - - ... " .... j i nui ..u viii;i ihii.iuiiuu i.l...
not 1 come famous.
. 1 l"fT ..t -.1 L .1.-
waand nro- enieren one-oi oir ii neis wun a nan ar;re
ii' rnht fVA i t BkitK nn IJ-r t noo
J uppHed to be twelve years old I
t r raised to twentv dollars.
(I. W. GRAHAM. Ranger.
l'ria. fee. 2.
Mar dial County.
krsislatioa, their ' ', y u oe Wu t o .he lab ormg clas. , . f r t j j . f natnt
fuU,alastoV,f ill,' Uh- -b "-k a.d fil-of sour army mti.ne ol war' . 11 . T ni a ri 1 e pent OI A patent
h-jildred v J.oim s W hose b-mea Us aea'tered fm-r your hattk-Seld ' ; me iuit tae dKCOV TV Ot W'hlC i has been
ran hr? and when roused to --vrnoi,
r.i initicc or f,s var of ou irewwve
-.or. M.r.on i ti-'rrible. Sir. hi -orv i ft
i3 0u,-'l.brarv crimwd witithwat.? of pop. 'ar v. - , d 'k "yr meo-oi-.r' The la be ; orj, a:, J J.,od1v Called for by suffering hu--r
' . .1 iB.d,.ri..iii.I. iifi.iil f.ln ' Wing tnen, have been patr V ai aass. frira nrU : . . - e .
gtae. rum t .o ' ili invr-.r d-r-Ws,, . j. tiii-ai -irti,aoat n'iiiiy. Apart fro n th common every
lerXtrJOU ' tclt..h-.. iha p-.,rf a d 4 v rur th,. . h as m heretofore effect
be I.W tb-t, b-r-ever paotl nr aRgravaUd by 'f'.- ? th-rf,i..d f koe!rr.l .p.- j' j .ljf,.nf uledPcilP, U '!l as restonUOt
wtber rase. thr al wava cWneetl with tme uure - ! fevered m b-r ea.i-r-rwln t - nib "! edoca.e.1 1 r . 1 ' u. J .
gTd'rSno. c ulet.rle. Mr. Speaker: -lie f wt nso.u, in niail.-d ar-ay go..s, ,1... 1 1 ha!t nd me h.lfl I g.Vlflg. VOUtb to
farian sp.ri, .. very dros,., it i. P'-!-; - aged, and like religion, triumphing
l2ig!.n.l. .ro..--v tui-,. a.- every matiwh h., ; . ' , Jr::!: . i -over death, bed and the' crave." it -
ere atini moat tn-rerivte ta ieo-rea wtneb. atatea - . - j. . r . . . . , .- . ,
AKEN ' by William Craia Livin-f On ! forth, lat ten year,. f--re.i ay mrvml Uw.aud high mVn'T''Ze f" "3V!-V tiier Pr"PAr.l,e WnU Cannot
Nrt. . . Town 1 tme red cow ma4 calf uno .lutsea it na speeaa wim iy am. .e-p.y icuiar- . S(r -nekr d.i i. th,- onlst; . , e'i thai ever pJt prove a!3. everi.isnng uiessiilg to our
tv has iatn;:ed their rerrese-i:l-? t
tXemocratic trl? aI r,st tt-re
the co ubination of tne effort ui hi- nnud f zeatlesea hare pTeiged Lhfrv-?xei t
and piiysical powers !ia3 coatnouted mut
large, v to
wuica consiitute weaJih.
St.cii an one has done more fur t:e aai-
elioritv of -societv, man a thousand u.
productive daud.es woo loii in tne shade
and wash witii Cologne. "And society,
should bestow upon sue i a coresoiiug
med of honor.
ey. If they are ii-tru-rtei we have tf?-
much re pec t for t.l.s ge:IT:x ta sup
pose they will fjrte.t t'.r.r : T-jig-s.
We sho--'-I he z'ri -. 5? th-ese Wh
declare that thev. ; 1 vote me val.he
their coontie. a i p-'are the f'ecLo-s tsca
that issue. They dire ect co il! Tcey
in-is u;a the doctrie of :-trnrtlz
when the re-a"t w;'.i be t v r aur,
but dliregiri il w aril"--! thet-2.
Thrc; pvoints to be put in italltat
i 11 r 7 . a W -..-i .
vtlle Auvertiser, (de:n.; tus-inu uorae luaij oj a. v.i3
isfi the alxilitioa letter o. ; v t:;- ;Jt- cx z ivrr
Morton, ol Massachusetts. - - ' y t
aiTtiru ki;..t;i i:i -tr to iu.
r..CrnPothebfter and apl.t in the right 'f ? r T ."7 5 t on'of ' K..ia.Hi. when !hr!4.W- race. .Among the mod extra irdinarv
nrd, ! cn t:. rum- with M. B. Ar.,raiseJ by j 'IhV -r-iia' of t leJrU'peislon are "m '". ff her .t, Sj-i -. Ea a- r,ra.rri.4 pesed bv this wonderful
i -1 vtnw- mJ M R U'.tji.i j anesety, ivi ie . , ? L - " her lands. Her aooa were the pto.,eer of b ' . .' . . . . -. - . .
t tr.nv and .M. U atl at Io. . ,.-.t,ai, silaw 1 b.. . aeru-aly ih weak lr0..r,.n mr mhh tf u,..n.,WH sea. r famine, nor mdici-ae, tt is said that It prevents the
A.-ojoni r.si mtmxr ,-,-h wf., bll7 .nl faee go-r-rae-. Ij i. not dm...... or f ,g .ggrraa.o-,.0 .h.psr-eek. aid A-ti th- tn..t. tbv w.-wt.intiMs LxUfl .rrwth of fct ail hands b-vbnd
ut t!0 trejn ha ,W marked s ftbotre .ppf aised eitm! et.p.r, ar aralis. t-it thi. verv eofacaun- e,g;.r fef a(J,rU,rr Un, ...r- "U f -f , I V.s fi'lin nt'e-
f th simt at ft. typrta.i.de which we ni, dr. ad. 1-t a repnU.e it must .. w,, M ,het. al tlse.e de la-ataey i S Iades aa I O.fistn gent.e-
A!-oer-d tar marked erop and arlit in Jvevabl- be -trrwluerd by laart al .ad -ppr.sa.se b-gia. j. . fc.rir, ef ph,, fr.,m lJrtS - rner pv i -neij- . ft is' thus a great sivijg in le.T er
irh err.h.i. t 3 ytar. old apaised the , prlc-of w:?ch-VoUfd be muci re-i-
,..lfi' '' i ran n au. sir, tn. itMoauij i . or le.istasioa .a traorhiry trianiph eecr ott.r! bv eiv dxed val e i , , . . . .
r. 1 by every UWir.g ma the wst in n fereir t- bt p!,rMcal Texas ba t rs..el the am 4y ced bv it pn-raJ use. An " Old sentie-
Marliall Count v.
1st r? MTV IV n
great - et of i-rre. iKe ,4? -rU. ' . ' and .tt w.silr.f- esiurat. . f h r iuU, d io hsd
IU rw. peart .ea.ly iaat y. i, ir-m of W-X be. fcttere.1 w.th the aatne I. rewr-Uuts ! tle-
f,V W r-irrir" thr-e head (X eatlla nf t t , . . , . - 7 ! b'a"4s now ti,-rr wmitd Iwee crowd the isaniu..'.
It t r 1'irriOi lurew urma i csu . or " tw-wt . ,U. t Vrry vala.r.le I'M. n. ae;l the in- rj.t. . , . , , o ,
i .. U ar.., f ...i,. wwj,,iwa wr-rry . r,. au . ae.. "-"- ,Bt ahe ha lavitrd theia bv h-'e-ral rl"i-jrtio,Si a'd wfw-i
i a ir 3" C-cri.lon. ln t'etner ll a re-td1' f Mensatjon tha arotieed to a; alstnea, 1 hee are lbn ... . . . . . . -, . r. . . l ,
, , e.k - .. . i . i. i . t f . , mat d wai lafa-'led. and the 3a? of oV's'iotism re. vmj
:,,r mark w.th a crop of the right ear.or.a c . it apai :i.on to ih..-hs-U4.hr. U. tU eler . u beantfa nrairi- .k lassr -ravef, U,o4
f ..I . .,k wrifh a s.liwf.rk in lh aor n eoennrt.'Mso wtS ll.a sratletrt planter or asao- l ...i . j- .
n ..; .reu nan wun a amaiuw ijii in in -.. , 1 . . , , . ens.rw fae ro be 1 1 h"-r 'l-leivae-. m sir.soti iraiv
. . i J t :. .. 1 staled capital' Cm he w cl. sr at let. oe twentv dot- , . k- r rc 7 -
ear ar.d -p vearfjrr red ioc r.ite ajyiftrd . . r rx . . , . nae tfce le.fr rf hisfrs.-s lor tieei of Cane; oa ma t
ark ssith a rmo tf tha? flirt t ear. a I of which !.i .i. .t ... :n....; .U ..iT. ,-.i .k ' """ the fW.lef eolaana and ra.:.i.lar,I wml,
, " - afc-ea a.!? fhtea m I sea . . . . . jai . "r rT Ol-a.ffiW ffr-ft tl. ti"! r lHoHtll
: It" L.4J .rjiilt: K'Vewa AUl via ,Mm, wryw r m I W'TWtK It W I aW'WTlpr! OT Ih w J 4 w saw 1 1
-.t. 6. T. U. R.4.
G. W. GRAHAM, ran jar
Iaa i. lfi i 0-.-t C.ari:rafwtl J
ba asayW o ... fasoe tlse care-w tea oeenpaot ret a aa, hlt!n rave ,-,Mr B-in.i,d. ihan .a- eaCae of T-aaa
with a brtter and rtbeSlioa sp tt, to ynesatt d.-p- jA-, the aod fn?e. e (f tH , a,lnrtanaIe
ret4 and .rrtcbe4,ea.of t owa ire-rj b..ch,l- . oneof lh .j h -ar g
4re wewaW.w-t. b- ,, tft-. a bw afoey af : ma . lawwd awaier af I,e,n rtner '
man w;o had used this celebrated oint
ment for nTvons he-olaciie fonnd tourteen
"JranJ children cured of acaJdhe'ad, and
gr it !y relieved of worm-s. And we saw
but yesterday an old laly who was m t
king aniirtus eriuiy wiielher it o;i-l
"actually make old folks young again on
account of hr cAl man who had fcc-ircely
leen himself these twenty year-.."
Tlie ol.I woman only wan'ed an extra
jytnt in hsrh irkrhon on hrown account.!
- i
Good. The Lours ville Joaraal
(Whig,) is trying to prevail u-xn
tlie Loui-j
re -pub!
Ti... b.ffrse In if roi V. aVsit I
-.'.i... ' i ll-r. ;.- ,.'.Urf! tLnii.iTs.
without ditficuity. Let it re-paa-j j-,. f-.Vi-r."
Ii.slj the vyhig reIutiua- passed by sxs4. Th tr?s czs--Tiive i
the Legislature of Indiana, Ohio, I ih i,rI is tl drx-tsic rrfav.
.Yew York, Mavvacbu.etts and othi j Th'-rd. Tfcy rr: V iezt f hxi tf t
er States, ia favor of. the right off fyr-n trl -r,r? .- i
pet t tout ag Congrest- oa the hubject K , p
oi abo itiurj--thj address of liie
bany aboljtiotiists in. favor of thej
whtir ttckef Mr. Webster. s avow-
Th?- Decratiz StxZe Kigitl
-w . - sa TV
al4agirjiaverT overnar Hit- y00 ntioa, ao at
ner's de.iuaddtioa of the dark spir-Jac- ft lar, Si iat-itof-UverysJ
Q- Adams' speech nndethe fJatnxS iwamj
agaiiJt Texas, and his late circular Foit Govca.f A- G- McjLTT
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freely place Judge Mortoire letter
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For Auditor Fublit ACCtV.
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