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It PubUthed every TTednezdaS Morning, tjf
At 3 per Annum in Advance.
Advertisement inserted at 1 dollar for one
square or less, and 50 cents ;for each continu
ance. A liberal discount to those who adver
tise by the year.
:JUNE 14
f : it jl jl
I l lb u dn
r i l ji 1C i
I l p I U I J V I a v y L
Gov. Jones has recovered his health and
is battling gallantly against his powerful and
popular competitor, Col. Polk. Large con
courses of people assemble at every appoint
ed place of discussion and great interest is
felt throughout the State in the result. The
effort of Col. Polk at Fayetteville in old
Lincoln is said to have been one of the most
able ami happy of his life. We can well im
agine, thatthe excitement of being surroun
ded by so many friends in that sterling dem
ocratic county would give an unusual glow
and power to the eloquence of that distin
guished dIator. From whdt we can learn
from ;ravel!ers from different parts of the
SUte, there can be little doubt of his elec
tion by a decided majority. It is thought
the democrats will carry the Legislature,
also, and thus secure a democratic majority
in the Senate of the United States. This
last is a most important consideration.
Democratic National Convention. It is
now, we think, generally conceded that this
important meeting will take place in May 1844,
a majority of the States so far having declared
in favor of that time in preference to Novem
ber of the present year. We rejoice at this,
because we have no doubt the latest day will
give the most general satisfaction. In the
mean while, let the friends of the respective
candidates press their claims, if they will, but
forbear to excite prejudice against either. We
should be ready to support the-successful nomi
nee, if fairly presented, although he may not
be our individual choice. It should be the pe
culiar pride of the democracy, that they have
so many distinguished men, either of whom
would do honor to the Presidential chair. We
must not let the whigs conquer ns by our di
visions. The North can support Mr. Calhoun
or the South Mr. Van Buren with perfect safe
ty to the interests of both. Between these two
great statesmen wo .feel confident the choice
will be made.
C Our bachelor brother McMahon of the
Enquirer is becoming a convert to Mesmerism
at last. Dr. Moore with his man "Richard"
labored in vain tho Col. pronounced it an
arrant humbug, but Dr. Boynton and bis fair
subject have succeeded. The Col. is mesmerised.
Dr. Lardner. This celebrated lecturer
has been delighting the good people of Vicks-
burg and Jackson. We understand the Dr.
will be shortly in Memphis. Could he not ex
tend his visit to our village? We believe his
lectures would be well attended. Several
gentlemen have expressed to us an anxiety
that he should come.
Gov. McNutts Address. We have read
in the Sentinel part of the Ex-Governor's ad
dress to his late constituents. It seems that
.when he said "he was right upon the Planters1
Bank Bonds," he meant that he was in favor
of their repudiation. But little new light is
thrown upon this subject. We find nothing as
yet calculated to change our formerly express
ed opinion.
The unlucky day of tiie week. Friday,
which is generally considered the most un
lucky day of the week, is" the only one named
altera woman, Friga, from which it is derived,
having been tho wife of 0n, an old Saxon
warrior. What Bay our married friends to
Spare the gentle bird. -
Nor do the warbler wrong;
In the green wood is heard
Its sweet happy, song;
Its song so clear and glad,
Each list'ner's heart hath stirred,
And none, however sad,
But bless'd that happy bird.
And when, at early day, .
The farmer trod the dew,
It met him on the way
With welcome blithe and true,
So when at weary eve,
He homeward wends again,
Full sorely would he grieve
To miss the well loved strain.
The mother, who had kept
Watch o'er her wakeful child,
Smiled a the baby slept,
. Soothed by its wood-notes wild ;
And gladly had she flung
The casement open free,
As the dear warbler sung
From out the household tree.
The 6ick man on his bed
Forgets his weariness,
And turns his feeble head
To list its songs, that bless
His spirit, like a stream
Of mercy fcom on high, "
Or music in the dream
That seals the prophet's eye.
O ! laugh not at my words,
To warn your childhood's hours,
Cherish the gentle birds,
Cherish the fragile flowers;
For since man was bereft.
Of Paradise in tears,
God these sweet things hath left
To .cheer our eyes and ears.
f . 1 t - a I
parts oi ine country win do inviteu to sena aeic- i he onuff maker.- lJeter l-orillard, the from the Baltimore Republics
gates, a ins measure is to do pui m iorce as great snun manaiacturer o xsew i ork, died ai A Democratic State. Every one knows
. I -ir j i, f A ,u A?u - Vl- that New Hampshire is a thoroughly Dem-
mount to three millions, and such a course is to day, in the 80th year of his age. He had ac-L,; J1j mlin r ,
i j : : :!...: .'u, ' e ... .. .... ocratic btate, and stand amongst the first
, e ,.0t tL iii j nnm0 t,,0 rw .u !' rnk in her party; but every one does not
laic kij it rv vl iao auuaa a uv iiiou iawwiui i u v LTwii aa laminar tU lllKS IJcQ- I 1 L j . . .
in the knowledge, forbearance, sagacity, and pleas their daily prayers. It is a sad com- Jnow tat.she stands equally KelUs regards
faithful devotion .of O'Connell, possess a treas- mentary upon poor human nature, that its idle Ver Pecun,ary condition.. The Bay State
ure wnirh wi 1 ensure the attainment of their habits and lollies enab e men tnnma ti, uiuurai nas uie louowmg among oiner re
legislative liberty. Already do the oppressors greatest fortunes; but so it is, and if the matter mars uPn the old Granite Slate:
quake with tear, ana sees some preiexi ior were careiuny compuiea, we tnink it would be leio Hampshire. l his JState presents a
crusnmg me movemeui. iuuuu inai neany as mucn is expenaea in grat- most remarkable spectacle, when contrasted
SPAIN. ifv.inS 'hese, a3 in providing the actual neces- with manv others of the Union. She is one
Tho Madrid inurnals state that no modifica- Slltesana COmiortS Ot lite U; 5. Dtm.
j . .
The steamer Caleionia, Capt. Lott, arrived
at Boston on Friday, 19th inst., from Liverpool,
bringing dates five days later than received by
the Great Western. There is no chanae of
nole in the state of trade, and manufactures
continue depressed. The Overland Mail had
not arrived at London at the last advices.
Another debate has been held in the House
of Commons upon the Webster treaty, in con
sequence of Mr. Hume's motion for a vote of
thanks to Lord Ashburton. The worthy refor
mer should have substituted "Webster" for
Ashburton" in his motion for to Daniel is
England indebted for the acquisition she has
got by that treaty. Lords Palmerston and
Russell led the opposition to the motion, and
Sir Robert Peel and Lord Stanley, tories of
the first water, sustained tho motion; the latter
lengtn ana
of the few that owes no public debt. With
Life Wftrnmft intrt Mistflrw,.-,, fnr a population larger, by some seventy thou
a few years on the stage of action, and are sandt than Michigan, and nearly three times
hurried away, to be known no more. Thus as ,arSe as Arkansas, she is yet free from
is lifebrief in its career and sudden in its debt; while the former owes between five
close. But notwithstanding the shortness of ad six millions, and the latter over three
life, how seldom do we reflect on its termina- millions.
tionj ,wWhat hopes we build! what projects Unlike many others of the States, New
we commence! how full of iov and pleasure Hampshire holds no stocks.'and has no inter-
tioes the luture appear! Alas! alas! for human est in any railroad, canal, or other corpora
iraniy anu snon-sigmenuess: in ttie muist or tion ot a business nature. The true purpo
me dying ana me dead the prostration of ar- $es of Government have in that Slate been
dent hopes and fund expectations. We look faithfully observed, and therefore the affairs
about us and rejoice m out strength and the Qf tne State'and its public concerns have not
prospect ot years to come. Our next door .u i,.: r:. j::j
on the ZZd,n a large public building called the neighbor our paiticular friend our nearest a, T,. nL-pt with hr Smdotorc ha
Coliegio dos Nobres, formerly the Jesuits' Col- relative is taken from our midst, in the prime T. f Uh her legislator-, has
lece'ard latterly the Polytechnic School. The of vouth. .r in thft .Vnf m.nhnnl TU "" UUV uuwu VP uie prospeniy
tion of the ministry would take -place until the
(Jortes was definitely constituted, which would
not be until the 25th or 26th. The choice of a
President of the Chamber of Deputies would
exercise considerable influence on the solution
of the ministerial crisis. It was reported at
Madrid that the Spanish Consuls at Bayoune
and at I erpignan had forwarded information to
the government that the Charlists weie about
to attempt another " insurrection. This report ,
however, had not created any sensation.
ijisoon papers to the '.54th ot April, give an
account ot a destructive nre which broke out
Douro Y ine Company Bill had
royal assent, and the Pope 1
appointments of the Patnarc
Archbishop ot Braca, and the
A general feeling of regret seemed to
on account of the failure of the tarjff
portion of the people at the expense of ano-
hts and liberties
the free and un-
forffotten the memory of the de- interrupted exercise ot nis Honest Jabor, and
prevail parted fadjs away, and the song and the dance lne enjoyment of the fruits thereof. So are
nccotia- are resumed. . ne just ends ot uovernmeni Dest suuserved,
'he prosperity of a State promoted, and the
Feelincs of Despondency. Every human haDDinass of its people secured.
i - - - - - t - i
received the solemn event thinw a mnmpnlarv olnnm rr
iad confirmed the our spirits, and we cease to induce in our Uier. bnt Protect lhe n.S
h of Lisbon, the arrnsiomal iovnn niirtiit. T5nt 5n fir A OI aIt a"d to secure to each
I - -J I J I- . ft
Bishop of Lreia. the event :s
Saxta Fe Traders. The St. Iuis Her
ald of the 13th inst, says, we learn that the
main Santa Fe caravan was very near Inde
pendence, with upwards of 40 wVon, 120(7
mules and a quarter of a million0 of d'olfars
in coin and bullion. A special term of the
U. S. Circuit Court will be held in July to
try the robbers and murderers of Charvis,
The Searceys have not yet been taken. An
unsnccessll effort was'made to apprehend
them by a small party, who were fepulsd
by the triends of these rascals.
The St. Lonis Republican thinks that the
marauders will find but little opportunity to
intercept the trading party who are about
to leave Independence for Santa Fe, as a de
tachment of Mexican soldiers, to give them
safe conduct, have arrived at the forks of the
Arkansas river, to which place the traders
are to be, escorted by a detachment ot U. S.
Sir William Drummons Stewart's mrtv
had reached Madame Chouteau's Landing.
below Westport, in jrood health, where thev
encamped, to await ;he arrival of another
party from St. Louis. In the mean time,
they were making all necessrv nrepenlions
for their long march.
Fi-owers. The soil most suitablo' for
powlowers is a compound of that taken
rom bogs and swamps.of a black color, and
marked by those characteristics which are
usually supposed to indicate a vegetable or-
gin, with a portion f sand or silex, and
arden mould in equal parts. Flowers have
ot only a present and homely, but have al
so a classical interest, b rom the earliest
ges thev have been used as symbols of the
affections and passions of the human heart;
we hope therefore that all our fair readers
II do something in the way of their. cuU
1 1 , -.1 1 !? J
Qnn r, . . j r i i .isuui iias w ssiruKRie wun such leeiincs, auu
- ...w. w ... i.i aii z l i : i l i i i .
Dc;n AUt u-u j .! uie xu seeing aione Knows now nam u is au a Irienrt ot lh pd.tnr nt the. fVew York
uw"i iiicuiiai.es it, uuiu uuu uecisive move- . i. .u . L . ,i , n "
mentupon European Turkey, and of course tes to obtain the mastery; but they should Tribune has furnished that gentleman with
the English are weighed down wit h sympathy P5?33 tlx)Tut Jng told, except to record the some statistics in relation to milk. Heestim-
for the Sultan. John Bull is a creed y rascaL triumph. In this world of sorrow and conflict, ates 0iat lhe population of the city of New
and cannot bear that any body should usurp eey ra" y 7 cnui B wee york (350.000 souls,) consumes every day at
and tyranize but himself, and sooth to say h possible, and if he cannot speak hopefully, be nQQ quarte Jf milk and water not
has proved his title by his acts. Any barba- aAW J 1 T- ' u 'of the purest kind, purchased and paid for
reus nation, to .our mind, would U in the rJJT:, under the co.nomeof milk; when, in fact,
hands ot Kussia than m England, but in the ' r:.t w r w. 1 ' one-fourth is water. This, it will be observ
worasoi many, irom avi sue n, good ird de- . ; ed, supposes every five individuals to con
iivci us. . ryrn t n tt a nn.c. fk;a ;f.. ..,u . rv .1
From the Bav Stata Democrat. ."TV.. " 7 J "T. rT, ' " aa ? V1"4 'ilc 'a,u W4. "
I nrnrPPn n n irOTie UUULT d ieUlUL10Il UI VjOM- I rWnnr V . Ir Hntlit f-. .,nfai. nmnnnlinn fin
I L ncn iuik uuny iui iaici, auiuuuiiutjt
gressto rcake inquiries and exammations with n,iai. to one hundred and ninetv-one thou
t nr i r . .1 t r a : nnt I ' " J
neu mr. uenioa siatea, some years apo reierence 10 me uiaiKcis iur auiei icaiv uuuc- -an j Hnl ir!
that the result ot the destruction of the Uni- co on tnat continent, and to co-operate wun
ed States 3ank and the restoration of a sound American ministers there in endeavoring to re- Dreamino. On the trial of Clifford, ac
currency would be, that specie would flow up lieve this great staple product ot our country cording to the Montpelier Watchman,
mo iiissisippi, ana mat tne western tar me ri trom tne enormous tiuues imposed on ic in
would be provided with lone silken purses, foreign markets, will sail from New York in
through the interstices of which the vel low the course of the next or followintr week. Col.
gold would glisten, the announcement was re-1 Harris has paid much attentoin to the subject
ceived with shouts of derision by the friends of has recently visited the several States in which
the bank, and its managers exerted every most of our Tobacco is raised and prepared
mg3i6 to prevent a result so fatar to their for market; and . goes out as we hope and be
Paper, money KChe.mGa- Ti dl n3 thought-! lie v4 wU al Vfi.n.1, r3t - well informed, deter-
leSS Caught Up their cry of contempt, and echo- mined, if possible, t6 accomplish the "object ef
ed it lar and wide.
Mrs. Marvin testified that, after the drown
tnjr, she dreamed of travelling "in. a partic
ular direction, in search of the shawls which
were upon the bodies of the deceased per
i i . i
sons. ihe came to a log, and passea it: ana
at a short distance beyond, discovered both
of the shaw.ls doubled up, covered somewhat
in the. sand, lying amone bushes and tal
Un the following morning she told
in n ennopn c lonintta ion rrrr dn.T " vii niiranaed
x ne lixiucauon uni excites considerable at-
jjviwv-i. iu..uu, vjitf., tio iuc laruntc liilia- luo uuvciuuicm auu csciau v n uic isiiucio i f j j "
L IlC I COO Kilt (Kilt Qtnn1fiif.fn.n.n ! n . n ,1 I n.t f.. ...-1, V.tw UnslfV. lnnn! I W tOCC? TT Ont t iho flinO I T A l "1 f IlH M 17 111
the even tenor of hi3 course, firmly deoiarinfHness and success. Nash. Union. dream, and there were the shawls in the ve
and reiterating his opinions, when weaker - rv condition she had dreamed them to be.
. i
The Lady's Book for June contains its
usual variety of interesting matter, including
the conclusion of JMiss Leslie's delightful story
Anuetts Haverstraw.
Jisdcs Howry. We have been requested
be the Hon. James M. Howry to make
known through the medium of our paper to
his constituents of the Sth Judical Dislric
that he will necessarily be absent from the
State during the next month. .
The Crops. Notwithstandin g the unu
sually lae spring we understand the pro
spect for fair crops is quite favorable. IV hea
looks ve II end . the corn and cotton are
much more forward than could reasonably
Jiave been expected. In the midst of fine
weather and serieral health the predictions
-of Father Miller seem td be forgotten.
hostile attacks awaited "'The hard." For the three months ending j Those who . have read the very interestin
on the 21st of March last, the coinage at the life of Tennant. bv thn late PTCpllpnt Elia
lhe monster died hard: its hydra head. New Orleans mint amounted to 81,000,000, of Rondinot will rpmemher that hp w.t? save
. . I 1 I AA. I rvAA 1 I W -ww
sprung uF. every aireeuon lo perpetuate the wmcn ouio.uuu, was m goia. from conviction by a cans of conspiiator.
frT an nuL'Tiil rnm a hwr tho i rn n m ri o man
W. tJeaK- anj njs w;re in Virginia, both of whom trav
viiu piuuiuuui uciuciuoi iuuiiuu. lev. oi ri Hie in a. lias oniainen ;i naipni
But these evils, like the
times had their day, and run their course, Mr.
combining the conveniences of a trunk and
a wardrobe. The frame of the wardrobe
fife olnoo in iho innor clrloo nT t ho triinL-
tention, both in and out of Parliament
plan proposes to extend the benefits of educa
tion, both of a secular and religious character.
TT ! - . . : t .. . n i . I
Udl Pion.reiaung k ounaay scnoois is very men shmnk back, and
o..VuS,j, u,c.cu iu uy me u,3SCule,3 irom me m on every si(je
ujH3i.upai viiuivtii, uu mc givuim mai 113 ten
dency would be to extend the doctrines of that
church among the children of the dissenters.
Government has consented to some modifica
tions in the plan, but not sufficient to do away
with these objections, and it is thought the bill
will be lost. Upwards of two millions of ner
1 1 11 1: . .1
suns uae ueuuuueu ranumieui. against inQnnntnn m0,n,,Ki;
.1 - j 1 3' . 1 I uiio, until ua a auuinici iiiui u
Dillon ine grouuua we nave inuicaiea. in waitinff for the inwitaW rsiilt. xvi.h ih
The Queen continues to improve rapidly, nnTmnro nf i,. nn- tL r.r.u e
and it was hoped that bv the 20th inst.. she . cii;nj tu5. i. u
would leave Buckingham Talace for Claremont, h;, rmMZth wn var,aA ni,i j'
to stay there some two or three weeks or so, flow UD theMississinni. .nd in rP.r fnr ih
:i m. a. i. d t i t - i x r r - - aw
II 111 1 I 1 ilH J- il . JL 1 HI ks. n h li ir: II f in If rF"f 14 I n I . .
Windsor Castle, and remains there until
royai visit to ireiana, wmcn win taKe piace at nnr.M.n- vot ,u,01,u ,u ..,:.. which the boltom of th trunk is th
m m 1 MT m ft-'1-- ""' 1 wwfcw I lUlUUlf 1 UIO UC I 1U1 0. . 1 U LJ 3 I . w V
the latter end ot July or the Deginning ot Au- of lheir WOrk-dav hata. Ttthn frdlAwinr na. The Darts, as thev slide from within elrh
.. ir. a tkA.i ...... .,,11 . v.inn. j i . j - o i ; . " -
uSi, wi. aiucu nvejr w,0.a0t ttu- graphs from the New Lisbon fOhio Patriot other to their nrooer nos t on. are fastened
vices ana his youngest aaugnter proves to Dea shnw wiiat nrft ,uA unnv f',k r u cnrln Whon ua ; cr.uj
na tnt Via a ft tt Iittlo Hon r Mfhpf mrir iAra .. . .. .. IJ-Q
.t..iV .Mwu.f t. eWe9( and hQW we Mr. Rflntnn iinrlr. I its. Hnnh Annr ro nn nxU nn tn f
m U I kn Kir K MA(riA nnH Cif fnw K.it I . ,.www w - v wmi wiivu) uwt
exceodingly small ears, and
feet that ever mortal was blessed
ine tunerat ot ine uuKe oi oussex was to intpiv rptnmpd frnm
. i t i a.u u ,1 u ri i I J . .
lUKt: ymvc oil mo nu ,uai., mc.uajr uic aicuu- (other da
nia left Liverpool, ureat preparations were est kind
making tor ar? imposing spectacle, ana an the t o.t
.11 11 .1 1 1 Jw.
shops ot Liondon were to be cioseu, oy ine orders ont Kp
. . r ii mi - l ;?!
ot the lora mayor, ine vuceu uaa signiuea & , of oUr wortnv
to the uuicness oi Inverness, me wiuowoi inGfrnm th& r;verw;th onlti fnll nt th A,
JJuke.tnai sne cannot conunua iu occupy me a- ,:utri rrnu TTn Mfl.k:n n7oii,r;?! .-
parimenu m ae ra.acc, w .wug luuauucu were told that one of its mercantile firms had
k tiiiskind hiif h!it shf Will SfilftCl H. SUlt Of I i . j t . . -
nc ----- ------ t . uaieiy returnea irom iew urieans, towing up
ruuuu u iuo "- " the river a lew Doxea weli lined with humbugs
up the other rooms to uovernment. Thig looks ag if the tagw waa reall medi
Th3 Chakjist Trials U Connor and the tatmg a sally upon us! If the farmers will
other Irish Chartists tried at tha late Lancas- only pay out the specie which they receive, in
ter Asiizes. together with White who was tried stead of layins it ud. we mav hoDe to see it be
at Sta fiord, have received notice to appear at coming more generally in circulation. But I now almost perfected.
Florida The settlement of this Territory,
under the provisions of the late act of Congress
appears to be going forv ard steadily. At the
and onice in &t. Augustine, up to the 1st insr.,
there had been granted eighty-eight permits to
settlers on public lands uuder the armed occu
pation law, and there were eight or ten appli
cations pending. These settlers have establish
ed themselves at Indian river, St Lucia, and
Lake Worth.
The Tallahassee Floridan, of the Gth inst..
says that Mr. Levy is re-elected delegate to-
Congress. Lou. Jour.
evils of paper banking, and for a time the idea
ot specie s ever flowing to the West seemed as A VARnRonE Trunk. jIr. J
tr ""1 rpeiua. n.oi uu. iey, oi rniiaaeipnia. nas ootainea a patent peA on foot to New Jersev for the nurnose
evus, iiKe tne plagues oi ancient for a verv usefu and inrrenious invention, r u: j
. 1111 ilUIll ' lllllli UUU illlllLU UdLlll 11111LI lllllib
-.,!. J O " ' . . J r - -
the court was sitting
It is also a fact and a most extraordinary
n '' nnaa font XT.' ll l rf i fx' a Ymrc invoctirr)tor1
cupying yery little room, and is drawn up ,uof ir AAma ih r,r0 r ritc v;um
by, the hand, portion after portion, in the .u -j-Kt hofnr Ur i,,Kinc mnrr
oui.iv n.unwti no uic oiuca a icicauiue ftlC Jrogmthot c'o on at him h UoA out nn nnH
v-.wuipw,, Uil 1 Villi U 1U1 fcUV 1 . . a . . . . i UAVUIftV-A kllUI. Cll UlllU VUk U Mft V
rich nroHnrtanf ih ceiorn a,mo A arawu oui, uniu a very nanasome, ngnt ana uj : o ., u
. i ----- . ixatwii luuiibij) gum uwi . . . - . . . i rl ill u uu a 1 1 in nas UIC U'Caul)
uhinfl thrn.mh ihn r u: :iu i eieirau i cioseL or wararoue is erpcipn. omii .l j- i
....vuii. iiniouca ui Liitrn &111LC11 i c ' -innn n nppn inn 1 1 1 1 r u i r 1 mnni imnn npr
mind, that she opposed his going out on the
fatal day. Nor, when he failed to come
home at night, had she any doubt of his aw
f ul fate. N. Y. Com. Adv.
A Remarkable Man.- At a temperance
meeting recently held in Alabama, Col. Leh
manousky, who had been 23 years a soldier
1 stood the resources of that countrv. and the nat-lintUp nf n wnrrtrnKA. with hnnls nlr.,
the very littlest nrai onerations nf tho. litvo or ,or? I l . j j
;.u I Wl r , , . naug yuur tums, auu vesis, ana pantaloons
. "Une or our river traders, we learn, having ,
below, came to town the nv a minute, and van hvp .m PTtPmnnrano. In nrmlog f Pnnnnri nt.
yofTnLialLK f Xel,W'h3 Ci?fetV!3.,firT:.!0,id',nd. cTPact 33 dr.efse! audience tall erect and vigorous
week, in passing through some of our fT f u U1C ?T ol uie iruPK ?re ai" w"n ine g'0)v OI nealin m n'lIace ana. !a,a
m townshin. wo .4 P iacnea cdbiui-, so mat you can wneel your "l ou see beiore you a man 7U years old. J
a " w iuvisiuu.ui. i "v'UiJ V I I'lii. C C . r a. . I 1 1 I m m i i t ias
nirmprshavlntr rPtnrnpH lllue Fwul ,air n"iure wnere you win. have 14 wounason my oody, nave uvea u
i - - -
A Needle Manufactory .-
the bark of trees
ice lor my drinK,
Poitsait Paihtikg Those gentlemen and
ladies who may have an inclination .to "see
themselves as others see them" and pcrhap3 im
proved a little on canvass, can now gratify that
very natural curiosity by calling upon Ma.
Pons dexter at the Marshall Inn. We have had
the pleasure of examining some eight or ten of
his portraits, taken in our village, and consider
the.m striking likenesses. He is a gentleman of
.quiet," easy and unobtrusive manners, poli'.e and
good natured, and what", is of consequence in
these limes, when money can no longer be man
bfactured from rags, idorks cheap.
, days on horse flesh, with
curious things I was permitted to examine at the ca'nopy of heaven for mv covering, with
riaversiraw, notnmg awawenea so mucn in- .,t obiniro nrcK m rat aA wJih
terestas the machinery lor making needles. on, fc " ra for clothing. In the
ve are no longer to oe ; aepenaeni on tor- deserts of Egypt, I have marched for days
eign countries lor an ariic eoisucn primary wilh a burninj? sun UDon mv naked head.
liccajuj 03 uttuiw. iiuo.imu wiu.n MIC roai Kliofarorl in ( iQ cnrAh nf cnnH on4
ursi attempt 01 tne Kina in America, and isj TO:th pvp, noUru, and mouth filled with dust
nnA ihivef e (rtvmAn t in rr tlifit T t A-n nnan f K o
l . . Dah.I. Thurcnn V. tViflV 4th in I fV.i1v it vomilnoin 4-hfik UTk.ik. U n IriAita efQfiac r I tho nrnpnpnne Ki tvhiAh Ihattl . - . - . .
we vuau ucutu uu .li-.Ni-y, i i it una ii ivumiiw iu uuuui) ijicmci uic jiyutjr i iuuj ..vo uvvo jio uj Hiuui I veins of my arms and" silcked my own blood
receive uieir juagmeiu. oi mc uuumrjr is iu u a ecw one, or tne re- are maue irom tue wire, preparea on me r0 vou s, uQW could I survive all these
JRELANU. va:FiuS v - FaFr ayem, we uuu i won- same premises; ana was surprisea at tne ia- h -r? t .npr ,int. upti tr thP kind
Tl,a f.n.,ni ffnm Huh n reoresent the ai buy uouy lur noimng lasi to ine. naru cilllV atlordea DV the CUHOUS macninerv !j i
A,iVj " "r - I uKilcf tKow kfitfA rrnt it . L f UlUVlUJUtBOl UUU, 1 UW HIV PI CSC, v aiiuu,
excitement to be very great in consequence oi - wnic i numan mgenuuy nas in ventea to les- mv hea,lh d j - lo this fact that j never
:7tn o? Apd, by U Fox, member from Sxrtkes amox, MECHA-.ics.-Had the jour of the SSi option The wir dm liquor tn my i,e.
wh;ch will make two Names of days. The Quakers refuse to
depressions where the J countenance the general custom of calling
and where the grooves the davs of the week bv the names Monday
and movea resolution that some -legislative mat two cowan a aaj ou are found in the finished article, are stamDed Tuesday. r.hoosin rather to designate
L J irAr YMittinrr sn ond tn silh I WOUIU YOIB TOT X ID aDU X V. 11 SiriKCS US IWV 7 . . . . . - I . . . .
means ""7 .u- " , U n ..,;nn,in in both needles by a single stroke ot a ma- them as HUM. ad, fcc. This aversion to
a critn t inn tin AIOnQlVi tne ISt ins.. Uie Usual I "yulu mvj uaic uuu m 1 fc v .uu..vv. - i , . . - ti , rr a ci i . ...
aguauoii. vuiiwi- j, --,A.,it tTit nitn. chine, with which a single hand can turn off the names of the davs has its orimn in the
week.lv meeuncfoi tne itepeaiers was ueiu auju"""o vwG. nam v-ii "- n, ,,nn , ... . . , . . , , r.i
lL v.a .tti, . trt 4 ted drunkennpsa and debauchery over the whole 30,000 a day. It is then tnrned over to a heathen signification of those names, the an-
ine vygru wwiauc, 0.11.111..- -r -1 -. .7 . . . 1 u .1 " l- u-l: . cr r 1 .1 . -
o'clock-exceeded JE500, and numbers were country, indiscriminately m places protane or Doy, wuo, wuu unuuier inacuiue, puuuucs icienioaxons naviog oestowea mem in nonor
theu crowding foi ward with more. places sacred, in no city, in tne west at least, line eyes, ana again anotner separates iuc 01 tneir aeiues. Anus ounaay, or ounan
rpaictn-np Frnn nn nrripnt erealer. mat II SUC ll l cia, ui utiiocu tuuic uuuuviuj j u. viuviw; ibi him icu ui uiauo uv uic uu urci uiuw5om 1 suu, uuuuar iui xuiuudii,' tuci iiiudu; 1 ucs-
iw a thou- 7Pr hnnnA tn submit to it. ed, than in fittsourg: ana no city tenuerea a mui the eve o the needle is still rough, and day trom luisco. lhe most ancient cod o
mi sptlr its rpneal on v b v Mezal and constitu-1 morw suosiauuiu supjjn i .uc 6uw umes must De Dorea Dy anotner process, wnicrri tne Germans; Wednesday irom Woden or
tional means; but it should be a very strong "1U , leaves it so smootn as not to cui me nreaa.iuaen,a goa 01 me fccanamavians; rnursday
and DreciseUa that would gag 8,00U,uuu ot peo- u if 'ounu necessary ui ui tu. vu uUlu. After this a man grmds a i,andful at a time from Thor. or the Thunderer, a son of Oden
uuu uivvuv-fo , 1 - ' . j- I AsA mnrrmrr t.-v Wtn l-n nut rint tf - ft i fi it ennrra I .... . I n . . . . . . ,
nle. who knew tne;r rS'fl! au(i I . . ,. ' . . , , on a common cnnasione, noiaing mem in r riaav, irom r riga, me wiie 01 uuea, ana
1 . . r . j . u 1 pnncfi in inr ri t n Ann kiioiil raiir npp I I . w -. .1 - . . . .
nosed to nart with them, u was rumurcu . - -- - -' his left hand, and mvinff I
r. . . t..-a ,tprm npd to ! nre- out to obtain sutncieut wages to ouy tneir
nn a i c r rmirariiiiiH rii iiik l law v k i "
w -a ' nJ AwftsA f I
A 1 A 1 mfiDTinO". H.UIC1 L1SGU KVfl
T! nh of Kfldare, at an ear- a very short step from the sublime to the ridic
ly day, and which Mr, O'Coaneil.has announc- ulous.
edit as his intention. 10 atreuu. ; , ;--, i w.. . - .onA uws;mniA nrocesses. in which
Pi.iiiw.Byrf 7?B!ii. A Dlan is now I ine greatest aupea we muse uu was lb b.i iw " j -....r.- . - - - --
i urther movements oj i.epei,. p I fa . ; .u j:naT,rtir,tm., nnj immon numhers can be subiected to the
Father Matuew. We observe that the Free
men's Vigilant Tatal Abstinence Society of
Washington, have adopted resolutions expres
sive of their pleasure at the probable visit, to
the united states, during uie ensuing fcummci
of the Rev. Father MatWbw, the Oreat Apos
tle of Temperance, and that "the correspond
ing Secretary of the Society be instructed to
communicate the above resolution to the Rev.
Father Mathew, and extend to him the earnest
and cordial invitation of the Society to visit
our shores: assuring him of the heartfelt desire
of our members to take by the hand mm- iviw
of all living men, stand first in the hearts of
the friends of Temperance throughout tha
world." VWin
The Mier Prisoners. We had the pleas
ure of an interview yesterday with Mr.
Phelps one of the Mier prisoners, who ar
rived here on Monday in the schooner Ar
chitect, from Vera Cruz. His .account of
the battle of lUier, in which the Texan
fought with such dps Derate bravery, though
so unequal in numbers to their enemies
of their daring attack on and victory over
their guard at Salado of their escape; suf-
enng and subsequent recapture ot tne
htoting in cold bleed ol the decimated num
bers, and of their march in manacles to Mex
ico is excitingly interesting Their suiTer
ing, from the time they escaped from their
guard till they were retaken, is inconceiva
ble. For six days thev were without water
or any kind of drinkl Some of them, to pre
1-1 t... ..
serve Hie, naa iecourse to an .extremity iu
uench their thirst wnich here we forbear to
The time of drawing the lots, too.which
was an act of life or death, must have been
one oi tne most anxious soncituae. uae
hundred and filty-seven white beans and sev
enteen black ones were deposited in a hat
lhe prisoners were marched up to. draw
i rr l . I . I
every two nanacunea logemer tue poor
ellow whose evil late it was to draw a biacte.
bean was then seperated from his comrade.
on whom he was rjever to look again he
was put into a high walled yard and in four
r. t II r i l-i . 1
hours aiterwaras a vouey oi ueuoeraieiy
aimed Mexican musketry seperated his mor
tal soul from his suffering bodv! liase was
this victory of cowardly vengeance. Ar. O.
Ipswich, and a supporter ot tne Ministry, tuion ucju.-u inwuiw ,j t is first cut into lengths,
the 11th of JlJay he would call the attention ot ioia in iou. mat tney wou, uavp vo -biriKo neecjes each The
the House to the Repeal agitation in Ireland, for even living wages, instead of being promised tQ bg made
his left hand, and giving them a perpetual Saturday! from an idol named Seator. Bay
rotary motion with the right, so that, when itfate Uem
the operation is finished, they must De round
I as well as sharp.
hardened,' and
Thev are now to be "case-
finally burnished. , all oi
in which
1 live mis
for an active repeal of tho Union, to which all meanly,, only to die magmncenuy ncn.
CCMrs. Sigoarney has received from
the 4ueen of the : r rench a diamond brace
let of great value and beauty.
t i j c ..,r.r IV nt inn. Inn T inns
in progress in ireianu, ur tuiiwuiiiji i - . . . . ,
al Association, to consider tne torra anu mwe j vca.i j r'-;-" V r J.
Drf Bond's Letters from Rockland.
Only by lhe candle held in the skeleton ban
of. poverty, can man read his own dark heart
Little Children. The contemplation of
it tie children is fraught with reflections of a
peculiar character. We cannot but admire
the perfect, trusting confidence with which
they abandon themselves .to the present
without thought ol the past or care for the
It is an emblem of the unwavering
aim wun wnicn me oooa man
the arm of Providence.
reposes on
Upon looking on
their innocent faces, our thoughts instanta
neously wander into the vast and unknown
future that is before them on the map af life
of which they ere all unconscious, and an
involuntary prayer steals from the hardest
heart, that their lives may be happy. Sa
should our thoughts dwell on the illimitable
future that eternity has in reserve, for men
and by that, our minds be elevated and im
proved. Bay State Uem.
Whys and Whejis. - Why is a pig in a
parlor like a house on fire? Because the
sooner it is put out the better. When is &
lady like a trout? When she takes a fly
that brings her to the bank. Why is the sun
like a good loaf? Because ttV light when it
rises. Why is a bird a greedy creature? Be-
cause it never eats less than " a peck. Why
is a temperance medal like an umbrella? Be
cause it keeps you dry. When is a fovrl'a
neck like a bell? When it's rung for dinner.
Why isn't a boy like a pretty bonnet? Be
cause one becomes a woman and the other
don't. Why is killing bees like a confession?
Because you unbuzz'em. Punch.
Specie. Tho ship Clinton, arrived last night
from Havre, brought 250.000 francs, in gold,
i consigned to Messrs. A. & E. M. Heines. Pic.

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