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Prim the Carolina Planter.
Ma. Editor: As I think every one should
contribute his mite towards advancing the im
provement of Agricu'ture, I am induced to
rend, you a few remarks, which you may pub
lish, if you think thcra wortny of insertion.
It is almost ncedlers for me to say any thing
here, of the r,ecesity of greater oltention ben
given to manuring cur lands 33 all who (like
myself,) arc in possession of exhausted lands,
vyell know. Bat if I can suggest any roetms
by which the production cf ti,i truly invalua
ble source of improvement maybe increased,
I thall have done something towards the pros
perity cf individuals, and of the State,
It is a serious fac', air.- tua., uv uwy
valuable means by which our manure heap
might U much enlarged, are neglected, and
the material waited, lint lew persons -
-r.t.- r.-ifiiiUp matter tnat
ware oiioe ujnimn ,
i . i r .1 .-,! mnlo available as
rJ2 V1.f. K th noMinon of a Mile animal
matter, and hence so few make more than one
blf tKMn,.fiv thev might obtain, by greater
care in supplying to lhe,r an.d ,eav
ine no animal offal. 'hat can possibly be ob
tained unapp'icd. 'My object is to save every
thin? of the fc''d, and tothiaend 1 adopt means
w.ucn i mum r Bi J.' f-7 T usury void, forfeit double the usury,
rrmpn ana Planters. In the Iirsi piace a j j
would say w i:h the late Mr. IJerbemont, "alter SouTrr Carolina, 7 per cent., forfeit of inter
you have thorouphly littered your stable and est and premium taken, with costs to debtors,
cattle yard, with leaves and straw which we Georgia, 8 per cent., forfeit of three time
II easily obtain, tfien go uca u.w.-. - he usurVf and conlract8 void.
Alabama, S per cent., forfeit of interest and
JLegal Interest Table.
Exhibiting ihe legal ratea of interest allowed in the dif
ferent States and Territories witbin the United Stales,
with the punishment inflicted for usury in etb State.
Mi.e. 6 per cent punishment for usury for
feit of the debt or claim..
New Hampshire. 6 percent., forfeit of three
times the amount unlawfully taken.
Vermont, 6 per cent., recovery in an action
Maes icncsETTs 6 per cen? forfeit of three
fold the usury.
Rhode Island. C per cent., forfeit of the usu
ry and interest on the debt. j
Conxfcticct, 6 per cent., forfeit of the whole
New York, 7 per ct., usurious contracts void
New Jersey, 7 per cent., forfeit of the whole
Pennsylvania, 6 per cent., forfeit cf the
whole debt. - '
Delaware, 6 rer cent., forfeit of the whole
T5 A T2T5?TSSs5S'2XD2223 "
5 J
F A II N E S T o c K ' S V ER JI t FCC E
xv It has met with a success
cure iui '
hitherto unpsraiieiea
The Prop-ictor has made it a point to ascertain
th" result of its use in such cases as came w.th
n hi- knawleds and observation durm? the last
fifteen years, and he invariably found I .t to pro-
Makvland. C, and on Tobacco contracts 8 dce the mo.t salutary eu-
after neariv an me j r ' -
. , . hurl tippn nrenuusiv resurieu
mendea ror wun. ,r,.
B . A
A certain
can a
over again." - , , , .
Mwnwnn attached to the stable and is
mad contra in the centre. In the Spring, usury,
these are cleaned out, and the manure hauled.
per cent., usurious contracts void.
Virginia. S oer cent - forfeit double the usu ...:..,.., nv rwrmanent advantasre. This fact
ry taken, - ,-s attested by the certificates and statements of
North Carolina. 6 per cent., contracts ro,Z bv ca . on
i or tue cuuuu , www . . ,
the proprietors or their autaorizea sgenu; ana
should induce families always to keep a vial of
the preparation in ineir puscsSiun. , 3 mnu
in its operation, and may be at'roinistered with
perfect safety to the most delicate miant.
B. A. Fahnestoct'a Ahti-Bilious Pills.
Have now stood the test of sixteen years, and
Mississippi, 6 per cent, on contracts made experience has provea men a ue a saie and vaH
imhiA remcuvi juitiuimvn', .h-jhhlcui, anu
Bilious Fever, Jaundice, Bilious Cholic, Indi-
' J iunuin i),0rnn I 7 ' ftion. Uropsv. x'yseni.ery, cinous vomuinrs.
earth taken trom low gru"2 '"""T;""; aioa torueot. Colds, and all complaints of an inflammatory
Tk no nro bm. IOr tile COmlOrtOll t . . ... . IvUlUS, au r j
maio u . , , Louisiana, o per ceni., Mnk interest G, and character, me compieie ana universal satistac-
thc cattle, which are penned at mgni inrougn convenfional as hi2h as l8- hcvonfi rnn. L;nn which has been given by these Pills, to all
the rummer, and salted, which is a 6real ,n tracts void. the have once used them, readers the publishing
ducement for them to come up, itiiey aro nepi . . of how numerous certihcates in their favor unne-
Tennessee, G per ct., usurious contracts void.
cessarv. To prevent counterfeiting-, they are
" i -v i a
jxrcicr, 6 per cent., usury may bo recov- now put up in a red Xylojjrapbic wrapper.
nthcost8. Price 25 cents for a Box containing 30 Pills.
B. A. Fahnestoek's Liquid Opodeldoc.
on nlfi-KTp twin winter. These margins are
ccraned everv week or ten days, and the drop- Ken
ping thrown up on the litter in the centre, on ered wi
which also the statoie manuiB-F.c-. .v Ohio. G ner cent., on written an-rrr,.t
my practice throughout the year, 10 in row h- , ag j t f p f . f Thi, Liquid Opodeldoc differs entirely from
leaves and ashes into the privy, and under the dou the exce8s. the common Opodeldoc. It is warm and attenu-
rnnif nf th nniiltrv house. I DOW have these .tinir and will he fonnd neculiarlv serv!rpaMo
ihorouebly cleansed out, and the contents nd- Illinois, G per cent., penalty, three-fold the ,'n Rheumatic and Gouty affections. Stiffness of
dod to the manure heap, with the sweepings of amount ot the whole interest. rfie ncck or joints, Numbness, Cramps, Sprains,
the yard, wood pile, and such ashes as may be Missouri, G, and by agreement a high as 10 Bruises, &.c. It may also be applied for sudden
cn hand, from the lye hopper, &c. . per cent.; beyond that, forfeiture of the whole hp.ad ac,he' J?01!1 acH' r,ecent .rJ" aU? SCaldf'
There is always a pile of leaves, weeds &c, interest due and usury taken. wh? re le sk,.n 13 not broken: pinches and wounds
from the gardenin aPcorner of the yard . upon Michigan, 7 per cent., forfeit the usury ta- tAlW """ "
htare ken and one fourth of the debt. 7 Comrtock k Co'.. Pneumonic, or Cogh Bal
es to this pi'e. and to ihe poultry house and Arkansas 6 per cent., by agreement any This preparation has proved itself to be of very
crivv co far towards rendering their contents rate not exceeding 10. amount of usury recov- great efficacy in the cure of obstinate Coughs,
nrn,,. onrl AA mur.h tn the value of the erable, but contracts void. Colis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, fcpittmnr of
a nwvjvi vrutw I m 1 - ... T -I - v .
manure. These last mav appear to many, a
small matter; but sir, the ocean is made up of contracts void
drops and from the pile in the ynrd alone, i. e
Til . - 1 1 U n . n . . fVmml I . . I . 1
District op Columbia, G per cent., usurious nrODritiror feeI warranted in recommendincr it a.
r ... . "1
j , Y i ' i r ...&m ,'.,,i excess in case of usury.
nure, the toap suds, urine, ashes, c being Wisconsin, 7 por cent., by agreement, not
very efficacious in rotting the leaves and over 12 forfeit, treble the excess,
weeds; thus converting to an excellent purpose Ihwa, the same as in Wisconsin. On debts
substances, whxh are cherwiso lus', if tbey or judgments in favor of the Uhied States, in-
are not even ailovved to become nuisances a- terest is computed at the rate of 6 per cent.
buui us. i in uug iiuui me wmnc y cai , ui u i per annum.
as opportunity oufcrs, the stable is cleaned out.
a safe and useful medicine, and are prepared to
r LOKIDA. per cent.. lorleit of interest and nw ceruncaies vi inuisputaiie auuiuruy, in
and fresh leaves continually given to the hor District Chancery Court of the Slate o( Mis
ees giving them good beds, adding to their
comfort, and to the manure heap
If the above remarks may induce any far
mer to adopt means he has heretofore neglect,
ed, they will have answered their purpose but
if you think they are all now nniversaily at.
tended to, you can destroy this paper, and not
at all offend. A Young Farmer.
Greenville District, (3. C.) Aug. 1844.
7 co w s .
Cows thonld have warm water for a few
days after calving, otherwise they are very lia
ble to colds, inSamaiion of the udder. &c. It
is a good method as practised by many, to pre
pare the first drink by putting a shovel full of
hot coals into a pailful of cod water, and after
a few minutes take eff the swimming coals c nd
then give the water to the cow, whlcn must I
have become sufficient I if warmed, and it will
have acquired an alkaline quality, which is
considered beneficial. Bosston Cultivator.
acation,OcU29, 1814.
testimony of its value. It is pleasant to the taste
and offered at so low a price as to place it with
in the.reach of every person. There are perhaps
but few Cough preparations, that will produce
such decided effects in so short a time.
Price 25 cents per Vial.
B. A. Fahnestock Sc CoV, Carnjinilive Lozenges,
Have cured hundred of th Bowel Conplaint,
while not an instance has ye come io our knowl
edge in which they have failed. They will cer
tainly and speedily allay morbid irritability -f
tne noweis. restore tne cnecKea per.piraion.
sissippi, at Holly Springs.
Joseph J. Pickens, et. al. 1 October Rules and in a short time cure the most inveterate rase
456. vs. K 1844. of Diarrhaja, Chronic Dysentary, or habitual
Jnmes Thompson Jr. et. al. j looseness. Price 25 cents per box.
TTTPON opening the matters of'h'S Bill it ap- B. A. Fatinestock. Et Co's., Cough Lozenges,
pea ring ta tha satisfaction of the Court Possess all the virtues of the best Cough Syrups
that the Defendant James Thompson Jr.. is not and being composed of vesetable extracts in a
an inhabitant of this State, but resides bevond concentrated form, are very convenient to carry
the limits the'eof so that the ordinary process In l,,e pocnet, while they are not iiitle to injury
him There- Irecz,nff" rermentrtion or hreicai
Vegetable JCiver meaicfHc,
TVrr H1JH is so well known as a remedy
VV for all kinds of liver complaints, and
all,iseasea and indispositions thai originate
from a tfieased state or inactivity 0f the
jver such as chronic and accuse inflama
fiou of t e Liver. dipepia, sick headache,
.ourness ol stomach, foss of nppetiip, low
nes'sol spirits, cholic;. cosiivenes &CC. &.C.
ALSO, 1 11.
ft . t - .t . n r m n A . . . t It '
Fn;ale ieases, and weakness, or rreneral
I 1 IT. - C -
deoliiiv iroui ..ri cauf.
a r : i : r .
i ucici i u i . in l; rtriiif v inr ha fhan.i .
Pains, in all iu ditferent stages and varieties. Ln" .! PtTelD.d"n c?th" 'Parent
r1 tlia tionlirm afT st a T . t . I . . . I n-r 11 linr In thai. T . t 1 .
. . "-' -oc uiruiCIIIf'in IIIIS I " , . , . '"- ""Hlfue, C)1Hf
1.. 3-. nuu uuwei complaint, tiiey tanj u
"Pro5 all things, atJ hold ikt Uim g .!.
-THIE Pills tive'tow if ccmo tea jt j
-1 medicine of ac st eerv.aGur. Ti. tr 1
considered by all who have gixtn iWd trial o
b the most pleasant. anJ J-ctjaI t-?h -1
cine in use ther have the aactiua aoi ap?rctl 1
f the most errinent Physicians ui o i .a-.e s.'o; t-1
ed them in their pnetice. purci.a? ih. u b.- te ?
i - . e . i . . . " i
their patients and recvtivatwd ti.ai a i
perior to any c.t:.er vti.tr. it nu lr re thr ,
puoiic. ihey are not unly legrtab.'e ia c:.: Lji
in substance, and act as a frier, j to utter- in al
her operations. They may te tile a br rrca
of any age; aod th feeble and tLe liir.u. tit
nervous and delicate are strengthened fcr tieir
-- f-- iu. j pviiisi ivnic aru rest
-sill - ' tTt::i,j- . . .
Lortt i .'J. ' s- ! f .i."
H !y S r.r 'i 1 lr I t z
Mil 'i ;:
a-. J --4 .-:,
t " - - -
i .;.
" I. u
vicmiiy: we therelore depend entirely upon xi V- 7, c omlJ'a,nl t"J "'and uonul.ej
those persons tc recomend them viva voce ,hfm.'tU y .k0-1 Lou1J h' '"."!
bu, those who have never used'hleT trr:!
ernes ueed not be afraid of receiving anv In. plaint, and thev Iv.tUL.... . C0K !
u i.ne ana k
JU.J- iiicui, ior iney, in common With . ' s miJ teen by the f,
an gooa medicines are purely vegetable and
peneciiy narmless.
torsaleby DR. L. SAWYER,
n31 3m. Hclly Spring Mississippi.
., ;- ," " .r . - , "
; .. i -e "-.
,VLI .... t: . .-: "-i
Vegetable Ague
line following is from' Mr. In. f ti...
chant.., Tal-degapr.rgs.Alai.r"" "'r
laladega prin8, TalaJeja county Ala.
This is tocertlfr. that r W' a : ,
r - e' JJrsPePs- Liter C.ci-
plaint, and tostivenp f,.r ii... t.
years, during which time 1 Lad taken! a eli
bis i
rriHIS Medicine has been used by the p-oprie
A- tor a number of years, in extensive ..
nee, uunnir wnicn time tie has treated some
inousanus ot caset or irever. and from th t,
cess in this mode of practice, he is confident it
mus-ana win oe tne prevailing practice in Fe
vers, it never fails to cure the Chill and
the first day. Bilious, Typus, Nervous, conges-
a. ! J . T" a . . O
uve anu winter revers. an yield to the u i.f
z -
tnis medicine, and are cured by this system n
practice, in a snorter time, and with much mnro
certainty than any other sj-stem of practice that
ias ever been recommended.
A certificate from Dr. Julius S. Taylor, a prscti-
ni .
sinj i nysician.
I do hereby certify that I am personally ac
quainted with Dr. champion and also acquainted
wun nis system or practice n fevers, and I am
of opinion that his system of p-actice surpasses
any that has ever been recommended. I do ear
netly recommend it to all persons laboring un
der Fever as a safe and effectual remedy. "
Dec. 23, 1S42. IULIUS S. TAYLOR.
Dr. F. Champion. Dear Sir: I have been af
flicted with the chill and fever about eight months
furing my residence in Michigan. I become
much swelled, alaree A?ue cake in my side. t.e-
ere pain,in my -ack and side. My anuetite wa
jor.e, countenance sallow, and I was very much
ehilitated. For the cure I tried a number of any other Pills
rem-dies, ail ut which failed, and af er I came to
twelve boxes of reterN Pi!U..ni a nurnU-f!
?-etC 4a?r,0n S anJ 'anJre:L- Till.
whichafforded me but Jntle or no re!iof. At U J
I a, recommended to try Dr. Spencer', .,:t-
b f r,J f di,,; far 1 "-.r i.ti b!r ,1 1
tuck of thc.ck head ache aAer cor, m ! S
tailing iiie i lus. (noa
I .; ! T, - - j ' - - , . '
aOtif i. v
f m 4 I I t J
all the other medicines and PitJ
1 I
ttan frvra !
s that I hare er.
er w Ken, ana i would earnest' recetnaad tLeaf
m use fur all Jmgenn? comMaint. Th- IMui
have done me so much goK. taat , n l ?t(f- ;
De wiiiiuut tfra f .
uu i i a ii run dui in tr . .- , . i
Spencer for having prred -1, I t e . I
icinu. ana ii.vi ..- . t
. - wunuti i u . r, n r
-ery great favor on the public, a, it U , tL, if '
ho utmost importance that every tumlr
have a supply of Dr. euccr' truly vab:tt' mis ?
constantly on hand. Iac .M. T..oA !
Tomiiim D!uir,Sumi,itP(.v l.u,. i. . .
IV. .-1. ot;.cfr.-
T f : T
' cir. i wiv'i vnj to f,,rir,r,l
' Ut, . .M.
1 C 3 i
r: a I s r
sunr;v ul rnnr Pi l r ri.-. . .
- w w - uvi i i:u;u .'C-l b-n to-J
i-vaiU4nmj IO senj. I SOU t"ij
iai m.v mor.ifis. trier ,r
tot'-. t! -
in this place. For JJiHou r,v.;. . V
ache, dyspeia, coMitene an 1 uch like d,4- !
eases they are corn;,?r.i .... f
j. , . " --(. an n,i,,i5,e
remedy, i nave Oeen l"cntf,r It. n.. ,
aitil f T ft i r I it ,-.'.! k I r
it .t v.tr.ea.l)JUnt vary. B
, : . . '. 11 ju t tj up or Li t
Li v r c
:; 1 1
i.eecifully yt urs,
his place, I got a box of your Vegetable Ague (&Vq careful to rncuir fr. n",V. v-
J f
a the Sta:?.
ee. Eoth
the above Loz-nge are pleisant to the taste.
Price 25 cnf9 per hox
B. A. Fahnestfxik Co'a , Eye Wafer, for ihe cure of
inflamalion of the ejes.
This Eve Wa er has proved, itself to be a val
uable rem.'dv f r dipas of he Eves, arising
from . iritatioti , prodmed fr m nd, du-t and
"ther foreign sunance acrm vaoors expo
sure t! intense n a.r oiiuv un lea chingM vf
temperature colds absortion of scrofulous
District Chancery Court of the State of Mis
sissippt at Holly Springs.
sanies rroD,
506. vs. V In Vi
Haywood Cozart.
UrOiM opening the matters of ih n;n i
appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that the Defendant is not an inhabitant of
ihis State, but resides beyond the limit1
thereof, so that the ordinary process of this
Court cannot be served on him, Therefore
it :s ordered thai unless the said Defendant
appear before the Vice Chancellor at the
Court room in the town of Holly Springs,
on the 1st Monday, of January next, and'
plead answer or demur to Complainants Bill
the several allegations thereof will be takta
. for confessed and ruch order and decree
made therein as the Vice-chancellor shall
deem equitable and just.
And it is further ordered, that a coTjv of
umrr ue puoiisnea to "ihe Uuard a
newspaper published in the town of Hollv
Spring, Mississippi, once a week for two
months successively.
Bill charges, that on the 29th April, 1S3S,
defendant purchased of complainant a se
tion of land lying in Lafayette county. Mis
sissippi, designated and known as section 4.
"""nip o, range 4 west oi trie basis meri
dian; and to secure the purchase money ex
ecuted his two notes for $2SS0 each, due 1st
i W and iS1- Payments of $ 139
w-iu,anaai3 Were made of, l!ie noe
.JmUary lS45 nd on the 2Sth
, 'in.t k irCf "lp -nanl so,J to defendant
the east half of section 5. township S, range
4 west, for the ,um of $2200, fcr which
defendant gave his note, due one day aftef
date. Complainani gave bonds to defendant
to make him title to aid land xvhen ail the
purchase money was paid; aad no security
of any kind was taken on said notes, nor
vendor's Ven on said land waived; at Aiav
Term, 18-fO, of circuit court of LafayetiV
county; the defendant confessed judgment
on said several notes on which execution
was Issued, and returned nulla bona.
Prayer that said land be sold to pay said
debt! and the vendor"! lieu enforced. 8
Oct. 30,' 1 aH. 39-2m -
small pox. and other virulent matters; also the I "inking enai n at th pit of the stomach,
Jaundice, headarhfand sick tomach, palpitation
of the heart, diarrhea, nervus affection, dysen
lery or flux, heart-burn, whiteswelhng, and all
those disease arising from impure blued.
The above Medicines are for jale at R. P.
B. A. Fahnestock. &c Co's.' RubffacienL
External applications for a certain class of
inflammatory affections, have been in constant
use and high favor, from the commencement of
of this Court, cannot be served on
fore it is ordered 'hat unless 'he paid Defendant
appear before the Vice Chancellor, at the
Court room in the town of Hollv Springs, on
the first Monday of January next, and plead
answer or demur to Complainants Bill, the
several allegations thereof, as to him. will b
taken for confessr d. and such order aid decree
mde therein a the Vice Chancellor shall
deem equitable and just. And it is further or
dered that a copy of this order be inserted in
"The Guard," a newspaper published in the effects of scarlet and other fevers
town ot lloiry Cspr.ngs Mississippi, once a Price 25 cents per Vial.
week tor twi month?, successively.
That on the 18th December. 1334, Sarah Lid-
dell, of Abbeville District. South Carolina, can
veved in trust to defendant
useand benefit of compla
rah A., Peter K. and Ann J. Pickens, and such j that embraces all the properties requisite to cure
otner cniiaren as me saia tieanor t. might nave complaints in which stimulants are usuall em
by ner then husband lames I. Pickens, the fol ployed. Who would be troubled with this tormenting
lowing property, to wu. iuar?arei a negro riri, I be Uubefaci-nt is an emolient, and at the pain, when it can be cured without extracting the
I i 1. t.it J. 1 Tl TTI I . . . 1 9
a smve, anu icmp, ner cnnuj iso, j una, u fyssis iiime time a powerful and permanent sii.nulant. lieetb;
and Kacbel, slaves for lire; that since the said The complaini. for which it is principally used,
conveyance by said Sarah Liddell, said negro are Chronic Rheumatism, Glandular Swellings,
girl, Julia has had two children, Silva and Sore Throat, Bruises, Sprains, and all other
Liny; and the said negro girl Margaret has had complaints that require the external application
two children, Catharina and Peggy that com- of stimulants. It is equally efficacious in many
plainant s husband of said kAi anor, and father of affections of horses and cattle, auch as sprains, Da. Lacount having appointed several agents for
said iaran A., J eter and Ann J. 1 lckens, be- bruises, ring-bone, spavin, etc., etc. tbe sale of his valuable Drops, for the cure of the
uiguKsiruus io remove iromme oiate or aotitb Price Scents per Vial. Toothache, can with confidence recommend it as
uaronna, emigratea apout the year and lo- For a&le by E A ii, Hon- Soring Mis. U infallible cure in all cases, however severe,
cated in the countv of Pontotoc. ftTUsIsemni T.- ' '5.,JVH aol7 ppnngs Aliss. . . . ' j
T-i . ri"'u j, ti. at Wm. li. Wnrht la tiranwp Tpnn girmg iu wj ibw uiiuum;!, n.uu tmi fcw
the said Eleanor, his wife, was anxious and de-1 Wm. S. WUkerson T SmenTille T?nn a injurytothe Teethor Gums. It
si rous to nave said negroes removed alsutotholr . t,r
btate of Mississippi, that she might enjoy the May 22. 1844. nlG 6m ' ' - when io a morbid state, and of restoring a heal-
advantages and use of said negroes that com-1 thv and viuorous action. This medicine acts in
piamani caiiea upon defendant Miller to aid him
in getting the negroes from South Carolina rr. Table
Pills and took a part of them according t direc- ble Pills, j rice '?.cem t tr l ov ' i --r. ,
ions whicn cured rre etje tually. My brother t" A. Ialcot. Ifoliv S'ii- . "
i .-1 :.u .t i.:. ir . . . I t - - v a .:
. n ?u lanTi vvini me tunis auu lever, lie Iook y n itiunu in every t'-wn i
he balance of the box ofPilN, which cured him I 5,"Jr l5 ,sii- e!5 m.
mmediatelv. V ours witn respect.
Cincinnati. April 12, 184J. JOHN SEARS.
frr- Each Box contains twenty-four Pills 12
f which are sufficient to cure an' ordinrrv cae
of chill and fever. A pamphlet accompanies each
lox, with full directions, and ample certificates
of the etficacy of this medicine.
Price Re uced to$l,C0 per Hox.
Anti-Biliou, Anti-Pyspeptic, Piirifyin? & Cath
artic Pills. posesir.g four important combin
ed properties for the cure of diseases, careful
ly and correctly combined, one article to aofcit
the effect of another for the benefit ot the
lieahh of mankind.
THIS medicine is rcommnded to the attention
f those afflicted wi-h the Liver complaint Dys-
eiia Dropiy, Bilious habit', ch lera morbus,
rheumtHn, "crfu!i. ful stoinarh, depraved
appetite, wrm-, cT(Jiafga, which is known by
S '
v ft i
rvn tin r i . .
. IrPd,,.gaU .-iher t retrati ...t
cough, rrnrrh; ti-htncsr i.f f.. ri e,, ... , f ,
is, nJ -in.i.ar p..lt!1( miry aiT-rtion
HundrcU cf pr.n. .. J or'W po:..., f,n I
who have lorn trunUUd H iU an o'J Im-erit
cough frj.m five to :Wer,y year, and .!.. U,
bnentircly cured by uiti r two or .i.r. .. f..
of tl,ee Lozenge,. In fact, the t.ro,ri, i J
r'H v. '.j i , '.
S " - , " -V t - - -
dxspCi- ;'3 h r a z, a c h ,r i o v
. J - .'' . )
nr;. src.v.:.3 lli! c; ,r.t.Tt-,
i.. ... nT2Ji ... .
t ! i e I
never known an instance vlere thny JiJ ro
perfect sati-f'a.niun.
budden colds and coughs are cured ly the-j
a few Intirs. ' ' j
Several thousand boxe, Uve hn s. 1J within
he ast fewmoU.s. re,torin. tit tcalth M-r-n.j
in almost every Mage of Pulm, nt,y u,r,j
and those lab..r,ng ui.d.r the n.o.t c'i,trMir7
cold and couehs. They d, not cle-k a,,d dr
up the cug .. but ren Jer it ea,y. pruawIe
torat.on relieve congest.oa. ai:,y the t.cimM
or irntat.on. an! remove the proJame or die ting
cause. Thpy are mi.?. fr... . . rlcl $
of the most valuable expectorant ... V. - '- 1
itarnii -fc
. - -aVilw, A..aJ
:i. South Carolina, can the healing art to this time, and the proprietors Lewis Drug Store, South Side of the squar-.
int. Thompson, for the of the above medicines, flatter themselves that Holly Springs, May I, 1811. nl3, tf
inant.. Eleanor P., Sa- they have at length discovered a combination . "
Toothache ! ! Toothache ! ! !
Certain and Immediate Cure.
cine, ami are undoubtedly superior t.J e.err
thing m u-e for those compU.nta. HuaJr
upon hundreds of certificate La ve ben .
of their wonderful virtue,. 0.:
justly thought, have been ,ved from ,0 uauVl,
them rtSt0red t0 rer-Cl lllh
1 - t-t
thy and vigorous action
such a manner as to deaden the nerve of the tooth
which is the only way that it can be effectually
mis ctaie, ana to act as trustee in said deed. Showing the total number of members nr ik- ir... -r cured without extracting. Tbe proprietor has
WniCn Said Miller rpfilifri to 1n nnla.. .nm.t.:- 1 RnnrviMi,ii. f .1.. c... i. 7. JT c ul I . . j r ' .
. .uiiipiaxii
ItenrsentiitiT nf th iTnWi Ct.io. j-.cr- . ! i . i. : .. t . ;n
ant as the husband of said Eleanor and father of l,0 the adoptioo of the Constitutioa. . LUCCe6sive cases, and did not fii
-uiuvi.. -'u consent to sell to him said ear. Katio. - - Memrp '
aura of 9fIrT: the vV- : c , ed Dy the ConstUutio. 65
;!Ang;n?.'he groes to this State, to be allowed 1803
J siidOlerdtd go to South Carolina and Soo
bring the property to this Sute, retaining in his
poaion. .nd as h.s own properly. iidS negro JJ
girl Julia, and her two children, but wholly re- 1843
k.;. " rrj1? .becaBse ptends t0
I S egro ooy with Four - hundred
33,000'.. 14,
35,000 181
40,000 , io
47,700 " otA
than twenty
I to cure in
.n. SB . I trt
either case. One phiai or ine urops, which cost
but 50 cents, is sumcieut to cure from 15 to 20
cases of Toothache. Hundreds of persons have
declared that they would not be without a phial
of these Drops for 20 dollars. Price; 50 cents
per phial. fjrFor sale by Jfc.. A. lalbtt. Druggist
Holly Springs. may 15, 1844. 6mn 15.
hundreds and its thousand, whom thUYM
rned.c.ne might Lave ved if it had IJ
taken in time. How Important i. .1 3
everv in4!.;.i...i .i...i ifr.?' lhc'1. tkat
1. t B .
curia tif.
IUJ"' "s uch a powerful teudea". t .
undermine the constitutior; before the J.n
ger is .uspected. The delay of . fe i, 4
r - Hicuic ne will ,... . 1
efficacious than these ll. .foujJ n
T.OTan -.. - . I
uleasant to th -"-f--, iney areas
25 cen ; ;;;;;; '." f1. 'fr
, . uirectioa.
Also Dr. HulPs
aa. 11 la inr 1 vi vii "ir 1 1 a a. 0 a v4 a . k..
r.J 1" , UI1 cenis, while in
oOUth Carolina. ftr Pl. l - i . . I
Miller alW hn, ' Z,:.": ",a the flrn, r TrT.TiCl"fLre listing under
- e- upon inei .. . . : rtuen a. ri...v
presumption thats
trustee under sa
S T"? ?nership heretofore
said Miller would h .nnnin.H dissolved bv motnai T "if'1 's this day
id deed. comD.'ainant had . the Law will K . . 1 De practice cf
ofland.to it: Southeast quarter of section 12. Maesdek & Tnn,... under lhe firm of
town U, range 3, in Pontotoc eaunty, conveyed to ' r.."
ur iub use ma oenent 01 said Eleanor a-dl -- iAKSDEN.
::i)l liH" II II
her children, and purchased with their joint October 23, 1S44
V?m. risin? frm said negToes, which land said
claims tuba ve the right to control exclu-j ''a
;wely ; that there is no Irustee in tie State of UT,T.. ' A
Zl7A:llni- whose ly iti to aee the property U'" n 01 Ala
TflE public are hereby cautioned against beine
n . r J 1 . a
ituv.-cu upou Dy paying in tnese nara times cne
dollar and twenty-five or one dollar and fift
"Mississippi, whose f?ntv It a tn . I nrltk 01 iMarsrlpn X- r . .uu iwniiy-uve or ono ouiiar ana nit t
ng to defeat the entira int.rJ-. f l.L rt Cessarv that ih k.,JT o . 11 becomes ne- medicine 10 cure chiJls and fevers, when a box of
or aodchild hnl roe -11 IVnml?"?'-?'?1 flrm b elos"d Fv" & n1 Auti-Fever pill., car
'rt the whole to h mself " P nd C6a" hit? ? ,od,VI1a huaineB3. x, be had for Ouly OnV Dol.r that ha ve neVer failed
FrayerforUieapr entor. t t C If the,.enufe Management of tl4 Ki- T i" ngie inunce of curing . the chills and Fe-
2.1 Til,er be 3iIr,S,rth!; ,rs'Mseu&ThofflaS3onlwbl, f lo ter.whe. used according to the direction, ac
OaT ny recommend, to .the - pa rona '5' panying the., Remember this.
W.I6,iei-37.m fl DlVIs" Soiv (nindi' JOHN QUI 1??! ti"eHair.PilI.. and thereby save your half
. DAVIS, S01 r. October SO, ISIS. nS 1 " VlLLlN. a dollar. ft-r-For sale by E. A. Talbct. tvL: f
Holly Springs.
my 15, 1644. 0m nl5.
a - 1
Are tne surest and aafest Worm Detro,iB, me!.
icine ever disc vered It '"jracu
the United States estimated lUt in
100.000 Children Die Annuallv
from the effect of Worms alon t ? . '-v
tality can be almo.rtireU Drel'r 71 rao'
us of Hull's celebrated Lozcrf::; br tke
without anv hn.fi?Ctrv'
the Lozen, -7"Va ""a r deses cf
.re an infill b e remedy " , them- ThJ
taste thatrhiMr -:,T,.And.,P,at ta the
they would a eornn,oB n"":!? .M r"di
turbed dreams. f;i;;:; i -uu,Pra cheek,, -
the mouth, offensive b X' 1 bi Ut9 ia
irus. pain ofth t ' ,1U4C? or tte nos-
petite .welled st.m,..i." uei onaaturalap
. 1 " u Li r rr r-w
rrn i.;xr;; ct 1
1 .
'a -.1 . s t r 1 1 n.
4j C' 'k ... s
1 t a.
an faaai i tvt aJ r. :
Trta4 W'iia c i as s, t ,4 n k
Dr. iiatiuclf n:i3's
1 1
i 1 e e..r
tr vi c ."., aij : f
fc4 i C j
iii a cra-a"'f ; -m a a w 4i - u
T2-iTi Urn.
4 l . i
- ... i. .
a-. 1
thing rising in l, . . lirn&. cCse i.f ofae
time attend to tki lhese Lnge at any
Jcents ner h, :.t. ...
Bate in 11, V. oirecucns.
wt lrutli,t Sfjr SPf,n k E. A. Ta!
Hair. I."51L' ""-etui to enquire fr Dr
" . rciui to enquire fr Dr
edforsal thtr!i re re mr other oSVr
. ie 'hat do notoowi.. ., . . .
I Illk.C, U" w
jyy 15.-19 ll. 6ainl5
IV. if tit-pfy 'f eao,ne ETRS' F.LLS-
a. just received and fo.- v
y f ien.-Di5. tf. J
J!a ?tra ay t Jr.. !:.,
that "5 Ca taJ t fc . is e ssu
tIte re yw-mi f,f .r artic 1, at ft3t
br jmU ar ssitk aay ! m. tat Wn ar s
. -t- II IV E TU est OK ?lti c, U m
aniart r mm , iW. AH tl an c In t b
,. fc4 vskaUaI aal ttaui Jy f
ForSa!e Vha:e,a -j Heu.! tv C.
pV11,11 s ri-- K. p. Lt:.
U A. TalbHt;at Hetcaci tv S. Carrr.c ai
and at La Grange Tec a . bv .Vtiwi, Wn'
February 7, 1kJ4 -a,?r

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