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7l-IV;1?. " ,n PAID IX ADVAXCE; R j
:y-'viuvl or TUB KAR
vi i!-- . ,,-,-rtiiriol unci wars?, are j
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VK.wibV a d vim tis Kits.
n r-, an t o.a r vrio a ivt rti-e rfsn
t ;i iii'i-,, :'i lw,i r-cortl at
!iu!H!.u. I.uy i'- lv; Otiart' j H . Fl;ra
i j'.r '!l ii ! r.i-iiij: over ht? I!i:i:,
i'. i .'!: .f.mw ! I r.-if'i !.c rrulr
tt;i-: r. h :i'U rt:(-r :-f t'if tit:t of
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,t t isi- ii -i.:.i-ji-.!, trl:.e'..'iule vill
f-n-,-nt Card. n t efeiT5ncr;
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t' thi : ' i- J'-i le.
1'i:ot::ctio." to all iixclvsivi: rnmLuaua vy r.oNi:.
i. IV:
Tho Stolen Kiss. -
One dewv eve in Lahnv June -
The twilight inlhe west was falliiig.
ly rue the approaching hour .of danger ?ur
memories tt Joved ones wlicit .the coniitrj
strurrtrles iuight leave . alone in'the worlds
1 r 1 1
'!. t
or tsii
:r- :il y;t: .
I jT'jluptlv
1 in. the mtv
And. o'er the chasio', bridal, watchful rnoon, chill ness without, a protector," v. hile t!"1
Acload ai '.iirJ, slowly stealing. , . jchemlted.eVe would be pre-seiJ
The soft, cool grassand leaves were wet jto thf helart' FerhapVtO rise' and -fall ou its
' -Wivh infant Jcav drois clear and gleaming; ,ast t.lToobings. - . - -
That evening ha! if haunts nvs vet, . . " As lor myself, I know that a braided trcs
And will, thro' all luVs fitful glearaiaff. of dar
- - ' , " around
ti sToru .Lenoawi an arciajf vine, , . . , me to m v svvorJ whh Joubie streiwlh;
-V htfc tendrils droopd-toKiS3 the water, v t i.'. . 4u , :r r n ,t . .1 t
iv. ' i-or 1 knew that if I feil, tus udoyed mrcr
Tora-et the pastor's charming daughter-- " V"'." , fa 1 , -.i.u;.
i trul v.
rk silken hair, which "Jiacl been clapped
id my ' w rist bv a , fairv hand, caused
When I commenced plnntin.', rcr.io 12
01 J 3 yen r. xi;ro, in the ::ci Jihoi horJ u htie
I now reside, I founder cry b Ay coin j lan
ler a town and nui.n!'!o itrcrim 1 cinir
convenii'iit to them. '1 iu wnnt f oj en
land, :i!id'l::iiir: al -o i nutnl cr of women,
children, sir! did j coj L, u!: c -.!d pot
I -iOrph, induced me to ti.Iiivaie coti n to
;;inti c'vlci', ti.e-.m J !;::vc- M-!d -t n, in. ! 0
or lef , e L-rv e :r, ;m 1 1;
JeyiatWof the enemy iVc-m thelr'iine, noVilonilujh the whig hanrinV ar.MU-f, !.::at 0,:Uo;.K ?C,,t V'-V
-e '. mv (f.
in 1
It !:;.
y deadened , tiiir headw ay, hut threw freed autlurs of that oa!;
tnem ri-ht, athwart . the bow, of our inner
boat. '. . ...
oa.'aniii v-
:d let v
make a!l re -entment t :C Bi hi4i.v r
-, rr" ) I a. 1 1 v n . 4 wn i.ii. nut uiiu
' 4 ionr:o perceivt'd tnat tpxir cnance; oniv cotir-e to .q ici lowed bv tli' -cni!
ng' JlfVU i::- the "! bc-rs and amateur, , .l!,. -j; maU.
;:"r tuey mvanat-ly tenr.ed u.i.oi: ners and En-lish ro!d.,V. O. (V,..,-.
c.4- v.n; i- on tueir.own cleirttut.
In an ia$:ant the itnddlp wor dr,n....t
their -tihea ra.- ed tU the quickie s of
iiKjiiwanu. as-nsm';.troni mv ?cat, 1 tura
ed to order mv cock-wain io"rtn m-.- ,..-,t
alongside, his heart's warm bood 0011 ted
VJtrdiq C13.70IJ.
-Th following h clipped. from one of our
exchange .papers; it was -d by one oi
;he recent an IvaJ.i fi. :u liiir.e: .
On a" of b'5t ni.tu!;cr of.-I. fiu.nc n
lip in my lace, while a .burning fcntj.'-ti -! Pcr P'tiblis'ucd in Xiii:rai V-utalu? the
I kYS'-ilS ! 1. uoss.
tov. r o . r rr,r.
wiiddA'd wjirrr.-iDi:.
r X ( ; iM!'i "I on.
r;? is ?i. iia(.'KU'oht:i.
Y!,c!. 1 jamks i:rdr:n.
:i c;,' i"r. i Jen h. f.ooihCTT.
! M;npPFl .MOTT.
! ; !
" .IV'
;S I : i-.
r. I!. SMITH.
- - - i
1 ill; ! s in tlio practice of
'.-;. -if full y teia'.-T t lo ir profxrs
! j':" fit. 7'irf'of Holly SpHttg.-4
.iinir ( 'n.'.-y. ' TIi .ir jx'ut .sr-r-n,
v. h !'iir i: ('.-" -';trv, wit'ioat
. ? r:r- oVr. tile cftJtc
". - jiS 1 m
) .. .:,! . i ?i. . . - 1 1 .. t 1 a 1 11 -i" 1
.1 wria, v.n.1 gui, wna fcian..u. ejes irui. 1 Knew u;ai sac v.ouia leci. a sut y;o:;gmy S!te, told me how narrowlv 1 h- T f:o!io;j-aimciuicep.ie.nt from Walar Pit
... ..... ru. uuuou, oui.ioiiy pnae,iri;u? inouni uutt iic, vrno.pcapeu ioosii-r tse num!)er of mvo.e for' "Aobc Sold, hv the :-.v:s and heivi ft I
TW t-r half heavenly dyes,.. had won her heart's pure.ittreasure.a sacred , 1 ro.e, the ball grazed mv . rih'.bo-U-in . ! -Xh-inAas Aiko, at lid.hav,.,; Wvo utn.
That tint ti.c blu.hm- .hells of ocean. stdove; hnd died sword iu hand, his face-death's menage to him, w ho, bnt' nn in.i f:unilici the maU memher of whh h
I'd told her this and told her more ' j to tha fee, her name couple w ith Lis coun-'itant before w a ' sheltered by .'mv jerscu.!.arj fur th- greatest, part, laborers,, lock.
How earth,.nithout Lr, kerned so "lonelv! I trv's on dying lips, cherishing a hope p'heir aim, tliougli fpucjily taken,'v.a? fatalj5;i,'t' '?'Uje"5a". g'id mithi, .an.1 mu.-i-
And oh my bended knee I swore " that those who were don.ed on .earth to three ot'oiir rnen, but nav, as we closed i 1 The proprietor of ;the-e families
To love her aye and Iovo her only. (part, would soon meet, to ta joined in an y.vithhi' pistol - shot, clnr tunt commenced J xv t dispose i-fihcai "iti any sn.ahcr lot-
And she fond tiling believed i? all
And ah! I heard her 'young heart beating,
W hil? as I pressed her hand so small,
She promised nie this stolen meeting.
I watched the 'hour a vapory mass .
Had eilod the moon, as with a curtain
Hut list! a footstep on the grass!
A rustling dross 'tis sdie Via certain !
Ah yesfthat stop, that grace divine!
1 sprang 1 clasped her lovely figure,
I glued her lovely bps toinnic,
And Heat ens! if not kisf.i ASicoru!
J. c z:, & 1 4 ,
1, j.:: .
TTtHl N n V 'S AT Jj A W ,
.1 ( .-OS, MI-
! !
. Fecial
and ad-
1 1-1 v.
from t!;e Wrt-rn
.itrfrv Journal.
r 3. r
i I
JC-i'f'il U. KII.i'Vn'.it'K.
vrnniw.Y's w law,
ivjLi.v sr;ti.v;s, 'its...
1.1 ir.-cit . urts ot 1 ippan,
o, Pa'iol.t ruid I.n'.av'fte coun-ri.-t
Throw- ry (.ti;-t at Holly
Hi.'h t'o-ut if Krror and Ap-
eteri:al union, in.a woild ,
'AVhfre ; !f2urc"s rose innt.'t.-tl LIo.vs,
A ik I fi.i an I "sorrow arc nj noic."
When a Spanish maiden weejK, her tears
are tire overrunning of the fountain" "of joy;
when she mourns that fountain is dry, and
her tearless grief is deep,, lasting and all
absorbing. Like liie tree or flower which
is deprived of nurturing moisture, s!ie fadcs,
tvithers and dies, " . .
All having been 'made readv" for" action,
headway was gi en to our boaU. : The im
)atient crew sent them living tlirough the
waters w ith a speed which soon removed all
uncertainty as to the whereabouts of the
"llsta Chattees." ; -Making a . sudden turn
around a projecting cint,.vve da-hed into
hnd our ma Lets, londei w ith- ktaw buck-ii'r,n1'l,?ie idling of 'live ihmilus bid
-iini, roo.'i iiicnced lium. , - I uiepia-tf u 01 ,ie;ii lo w er ay a ducat per
-lhe boats liaviug diilted in'tothc horetl!ea,l Uia,x toe .r..in.try established rati,
aai advantageouaf iacihiies lor paCment are
tenHercd;" ; " '
00 1;,
i 1 1 c own w
.11 t!us 1 a
, 1 .
c;u i
t ('.!';
t tc
:', c -d.t
: s
laih !.
during the.Jieat'of the contest, enabled the
survivors to. leap mto the ghdes,, w hi. her
we ail quickly f indued. ' k-" -
J strue.v i ll on a trail w ith one of mv
boat' crew, and had not run over one bun
Ire'd yards b?foie 1 stiuul-Icd over the bodv
ot a chnd tmee or four ears old, with
i; t!
and t!,,-
i Oil,
1': : i'V.
jo--, w. cu.vKMF.as.
v i'.:::.::v s .; for.N.i.i.ous at law.
Hoi t-v ScsciNc-:. .Miss.
TnU. t.raetice in lhe Circuit Courts of De
.la. Mrohr,!!, La!;iyet;e. Tip-
!.?. and T.siv'iainicro; the reueral
Pon'otoc. and the Cicnifry court at
i-i;;:;, und the court of Appeals at
Ja !;".:. i'c; in Holly Springs.
-o k i ; !
1:. M"ivvrr
) !). S. V, KLI-S
Soon after, the suit came up frtni her vdsjt
to the netlier world, we entered into the
"Tal-ha-okee" or "grass water," as . it is
termed by the Indians; which is an ira-nien-e
sea or level field of saw grass, cover
e 1 with frerdi w ater, varying from fourteen
inches to four feet in depth, rising from in
numerable springs in all parts of the vast
extent. It extendi from latitude twenty
evtn degrees north, down as far as lati ude
twenty-live degrees and twenty minutes to
the southward, van ing from thirtv to sev
ent v. miles in breadth. It receives the name
of "Everglades,
an und ving growth of eve
mg aooUt.six ieet irom the Mtrlaee oi tne
w;iter, and waing in tire breeze gives it at
times, the semblance ot'a vast green u:ean.
its monotonous appearance is relieved liere
and there by groups of Island', which,. in
some n. ensure, serve ai land-marks to the
navigator, as he pushes his w ay through the
meandering channels which renders the
strange lake passable.
For several days w e ras red through the
"grassy water," without meeting anything
worthy of particular note, except occasion
al sign of the cunning and ever watehful
enemy, and had apparently readied the cen
tre of the glade, as neither the ma"in land or
any islands were visible around us; not a
the tiresome sameness of the prospect, save ! si:eeci ! boH seemed to oe tieany e'.pial
one tall palmetto tree, .which stood nlone,!some ol, uur 1io,wet. boa.ts t?ul;bn he
like a solitary watch tower iu the de.ert,- 1' tiey all Keeping in a body together.
. it-. 1 1 ! ntti4 Jill . was rni.i.ilv' ei-or
rearing its leai-crov.neu neaa ana orancii- . , ., , 1 . - i- '
less trunk far above the level of the glades, vvitliout imy percept inie gam 011 citherMde;
Towards this ooint we had been pnress-i na(l' lwurl n, u na Clews sir?ll!5 every
i illlisc ic ill. uic ucuaiu' uai5 411.1UC Oie 1 4 L; 1 1 1
thong of br.ekvdvhi w ound so .tightly aroui.d
i's little neck,"" as to have T'rodnct.l rtra:rTu
latipn; and its head forcerl .1 ruder the roots
of a bunch of trras?, where it had probablv
i ec:i piacea fy some o. .the hi-.tn ts 10 ;re
vent giving an alarm.'- In about fifteen mi. ;-
utes we overtook a squaw who bore oji her
. Th'amuruncemtat ii "'not," ns mi-.ht be
supposed at tir.t sight, a plea r-mtry, it is ?e
iTous, and what i morcit is le ral; for the
Civil Cod.-,-gniiitrd'in llS, by lhe Viin-.-a
Joen Ivora.lech, to the pi int lp i!Iii t,f .Mvl
davianud W'uIIaclda, a!id vi:Icli U at t!:i
lay in full force, and vigor, actually s:nc
ti(ms this slavery. "
J"!us, w l.ile the Chri-tirm rrdionV of I'u-
rope are yearn cxpendintr mil:h::i in vend
i.ig "war cs-:-is to ihu African cat, lor the
; - r .. . ..a A i.iMrri.t!,, . .!.,. ..... I . t' 1 1 I
I v-1 '- . I'nuiuir.' t,.e u,Uii.' Oi O ' k j
1 hi !:eve the :rst i. ..
ere cotton planter-, aud t
tt;. : u tm - -f o! tis it.tve c;:r!;u
a' II b 'lieve l.a ccoIPu: ia tile ;nu.u !,cc:i
t !.!-. w !io J know bin ght . : :i an d mtat
in -t cir; and r ome who wo:!di! well if,
with .their atteuti.m cxcludwly devoted to
!:e.:i, tiiy ccn'd prodi iv n jair M.pj ly of
hog and hommony. I V-rVe cu rd ecu s I :ica
I havi -been preaching ;c:;w:i-1 cotton with
about the same sr.c-c s 1 l'.-uncsly j :
in Ja ortif it. 1 was at ah ; to c,.,i;
thy.Thcse recent c-'uru's t. 1 1 u 1
cioi.. !y vjt'k ti it, until 1 ) 1 icl
it. not long since, front o:.c d my m :
wliotn we nil call "Inch Joe." I!
accnuui'utted a handset, ;e prot w bv
ing corn ; but some t nr- I a L in
to dduouliies, and always wanted t b- n . w
nioney. I 00 coa e vain u t.H o!-i;r t -on
our crop-, line you; jut m any -u;, ;i
t!m year, Imcle Joe," r cud 1.. "Ah u, a
little about comou !:," ? aid he. "ibw is
it,4 Hicdc Joe. tb.at you, who nevi r planted
cotton until i.r,tl,and n,a !c your t ri t;n
at corn, wi 1 putr-i.t in cotton when it U mi
low? . Voucrin do much h, tt. r at c i n."
.. "IVihnps "so; but I'll tell you the why of
it son. 1 foihiv. 1 .1 h . for foily v c :u end
a gol part ol'tha tiiua !riv my nun . ; -.!
to town, and afterw ard .-old it m.c!i", r c::r
ly alwnyf, I .can't ti ll how tl'u n 1 w
there, Ic.it I i.iicw ew-ry h.oc
irvcrv body as itlsoucjit . ;.. n
Ibit the money came in by d;i! ii
1 11 1 j Jc ha ! to Ik ioU ulv cruc'cl.
iu town noticed him but t!
1:1 low
1 nw
:i, :
ro, l j,. ,
a broad lagoon, upon the -surface of which,! hack an infant. As soon, a Vise saw that t bite otus are adverti-cd and .old,bu cr aud the : hot U .. , c;. v. h oc he ; .-t
at about a half a ni lie's - distance,'. lay five I escape was impossible, she calmly turned a- un'.'r the .protection' of the. law, in' tv. oibis ca'ico for -the old woman, mid hi . ou 11
Indian canoes, the occupants of which were 'round, and, without the least sijn of emo- Christian- -untne--,itnated in the. very iu-f v.dih"key tin I to' :i . o. Vmi lemcmber how
engaged in fishing. , A yell from tJiem echo- tion visible on her dark countenance await- beriijr cd'llurope it Jf. . jolteu ou iccon num 'c.l otioti to me lv-
ed by three hearty cheers from us, aim.mn- fed om approach, placing her haml 'on iter Here, we.' would think, i" an ample fiw!djt'"' bold, but at lit I oi !. 'I he v iy
ccd the mutual discovery, and instantly l;"om as a sigu of sub-uis ion. -. ff,rthe ia'n.'rs of t!ie len-poc ;".,' -! in f an b'ad I tnk up, every body jhn'.id icimd
fii itr,fm ii-jfl 1 ! rf ov fll iu,t ich!K 1 - r-i - t ' ' ,aii .-.0.1 , .l'i.Al....- ;..'..." -iirwu If u -u- I !.,. !, ,,. . 1 . I I . . . .
conunenctd the mot exciting race which 1
have ever w ittiesed. The one party, urged
on by fear of death or capture, the other by
ambition, a burning desirfi to avenge their
fallen . comrades-, Hind to do their art to
wards ending then a war which had not
ordv been ilrr.iliiille linrrnin ir to i'v Imt
from being covered with!1 l! "-iy oite-iua.i 01 our nine uanu.
h". h Y-", i 1 'ut ot tne lew omeers wiio at m st i-unid-vr-
" lor tiis aruuous an.i tnzaroous ervice,
i'epin, of Georgia, A'adille, of lVnnsylva
nia, and Smith und Siucuui, f i-ar'ia, iiutl
aheadv beeai called by the cold hand Of
death. The rifle ball, combined with fell
disease, had left but" the. skeleton of the
picked crew which hud entered il,e territo
ry, hazarding, their lives to project those
whose unprincipled and avarich us conduct,
or, to sav the least, culpable imprudence,
i hail brought the war-scourge upon them
selves. Hut we'll return to "the chase."
Our boats having been under full head
way when ve first discovered the enemy,
had for a moment gained raridly upon them,
and after narro wing the distance between
us down to about six hundred yar.Ls, the
i-ir.cmg i:cr to be lhe ordv enc on this
trail, we letnvncd tovvanls t!ie boats. On
our back trail we passed hy tha body cf the
dead child, and now learned from the bro
ken language c-f the .woman, that the in
fant was hers, and that to prevent its Cries
iu Ita ling us in our pursuit, she had killed
it with her own hands. - This information
was imparted to me,' by her, without a tear
or asigh, as if it Ii-ad beea but a common
dace thing., she evinced tb.e same stoical
want ofreelir.g, when or reaching the canoe-',
she discovered her husband K ing dead
in the grass at tin
margin ol
toe lagoon.
our OWIl CoiiatrV a he hi where their - v:o:t ' ue.
-lock of phijanthropy might lieVvell lail out.
l!ut we fear they are too much interested
in -the condition of the well IV-1 and well
clad negroes of the South, to direct their
cnergie t( the ojiprc-s cd .people of their
own color in Europe.
n heavy sitdi
11 w ri i ic ie .n e Ci; e, :pj 1 1 iic.e.'oo
there. I Ind pit nty of Cue li und, 'I I,, y
s.tmpli.l my cotton, M.d b!d ; 1 -i 1 1 one a.
nother, and when I nd.l it 1 had it diiv
round to the n.u'i b.on-c, where 1 iu--.tr
sLcd such polite people. And 1 v. : ; In it-
iii 1 i .1
1 t ail rouii'l; ;i!nl u u;n "now many I .1
do you make, a u.l "how man'hae
sold?" and "1 should like to haio the
lieaycd, many a heait broken, many as;, 4,fthe next load," and "I r-hot. Id b- ghn
ileisreiK.eixd moemole by the tcnible iu-l,o store it tor on, and if you want an ad
i.nii..m;ii 1 1 1 1 jiareni3 oiren evince in
'hoosing a lifo companion for their daugh-
Ik. " . -i i f
y i . .. ' lie" ever since davh'-ht. tor .old .1 ica. on
iV:v;( :t;:, ttK':ttt':i9 ty i i., ... .. 'boat'' tremble from .tem to stern still the
copper colored guide, (he had turned traitor . :. ,irmu"1' - ' 1 . .," Slli,-i'i-
Co.'.nL.n V Forwunk.uir M rchants, j to tribe,) being quite bewildered and ;"l,J;neT waters dairced in the bright sun-light
hvxt ::ow, x l icv nooa? scr rn of kxc:ia:,u!: perplexed among the thousand labvriuthian between us and tne li ving ioe, as d they
..irvne. .nriwis, ticnx. turnings and windings of th.e channel, dc- nvP njoc1Kin5 our- eborts; e were so
i-'!" 1". "bV.f. :rr.,i tV. tool- fr-o... in .l,rntl lui.;i;,.n n ,r - near and nir way so rapid tb.at the. 'tinv
O 'f -i ISSiO N ?i i: It f II A MS,
i O. M
irr. At...
i-iin, J.n't,
iil. an. no oni.
l.iviiii'it. r. A. Wiiivi:.
Whole ale :ml Retail
ggists and Apotliecaries, Dealers in
the main channel, which' he. had lost in Ike
twilight of the preceding evening. Half an
bout's energetic labor brought us up t the
"look out," and the van boat w ith the guide
in it, proceeded to the foot of the tree, the
- rest laving on their cars at a , short distance
from the spot. - '
3Iiea commenced ascending the tree, and,
while engaged in silent admiration of his
eel-like manoeuvres, as he Was wrapping his
limbs around the smooth trunk' of the tree,
l: .id?-, $.;-.:.:!, yjwrei, 'JiTsist :o:l Inrd Oil;
tc.mt, wintry iix-. utty, i nuns j j observed his fiuick'Cvc suddenly tnriicd
1 :..-. I. .. i - 1 - -
A u-il ;h IS i."?.
Vv'hoh: ale Dealer ami Importer of
rii 1 i.n-K K.-cinrfir-".. Cordial, ;in, II.iiii.
JtS:vr!jit fix'", Wrxl l'rult nu)
I'.vxcv Ouocr.Kius, v:c. vrc,
Betrccn JrjJ'i rson ttad Adams Xtretl,
I'rau'a At? ncJ ".Vrn-r, bv the trarrvl, i-jaitJutljr onhan.1.
March '21. lStr. " -i-lv.
towartls some evidently startling object,
and the next instant ho 'dropped Irom the
tree as if shot tlirough the heart, .
One moment sudiced him to commnieate
some infonnatioa to Lieut. VTeL., and then
sreedilv and noiselessly the vau boat ap-J
I . ?
air bubbles which arose from the plungin
paddles had scarce tune to burst, ere "we
were oil them. For. once -in the world, I
could say that my way over the waters w as
not. trackless, for we had a path of -w hirlin-
foam before us we left a wake like driftiiK
snow behind us. . v .
- -Occasionally, the thrilling war whoop
wouin rise upon tne neaien air, joint above
the splash of- paddles and the nantin"s of
tired men, reminded us of scenes where the'
same unearthly miibic had pealed forth the
death-knells ot" brave and beloved com inn
ion?. ".-! ''-
She even smiled w hen 1 made her a pres
ent of my blanket, to cover 'the wants of the
oie3 Hiii'.ii M.euuu loitr irom ncr nmiJa m
her night. . "
When we had again with the bugle-cali
gathered our forces together, . we made an
inspection. On examination, we -found
that only three of our crew 'were, killed,
though several others were hadty injured.
Fourteen of the warriors hail been killed,
and tour women and children were eaptur-;rv (av
We found that one Warrior and his squaw
had escaped our search. Hastily our forces
were scattered through the sw amp, v et our
pursuit was made in vain", rind night closed
over our unsuecesfuJ e'ditts. We tried to
set the grass on fire, but it would not burn,
I vane,, you s-hatl have it," and "you run
I draw on nu for vour net ei 00 ii' )ii v ro 1 1
tri's. I low is it jv.bie It Inpjine-sto ninn.v in th :i:tlllller. 1 tin -"-lit tin v
ivnutii-oni tlieuuion ol two principles so u 011;ti j:n e t.:it m. . at p,,t lj.v
uiamenieally opro.ed locrmh other 111 evc-,li(. ., clPri OIl thw u!i(.r(. j p.,:, i(.v.
rypomto view, us urtuns to' vice? ; And!,... .,,.a introduced ia all lhe hrtv y.rus j
yet l.owo.ten nijie hr,t question whi.-h is,,,,, (,,rn. TiC ,,, ,,., ,au nt ,,ovv
aed rcpeetmga suitor oi a daughter, "Is h suxk tKlt ,,,,,,,, S..1Iltilr :, ..,,,.
. - - .
1 in." n. a n i cm mm sic- ro'c. m u .a 1 n i.-1 1 . . ,,!
I ' .... ...v..,-V
r 1 eh:
Is fie rich? Yes, he abounds in wealth,
but does that afird any evidence that he
will make a kind and aie'ction-ite husband.'
Is ho rich? Ye c, his dothin" i puride
. 1 . . i- . 1 - 0 - 1
ami line uuuen ue lares .-nmi-tuou- e ..
but can vou infer from tiii that b
is virtuous? . '
.Is he rich?' ; he hns thou-ands Hont
ing on evcrvoCtan; butdo iut riches some
times take wings and tly away?. And will
v ou consent that your daughter shall rnarrv
a' man who hn - nothing to recommend him
jbut his wealth? Ah! beware: the gilded
w.u4t,.c uC uc.c uiui-c, to UUU..1U miol)at Sombtlfjles coversa barbed hook.. "Ask
our boats, and there await the approach tdjnot, thea, "Is ho rich?" but, vis. be vii to
day, ior there was no land ; withm sight, on?" A !. n,.f .1 !.p:. If 1, , ; ...,...!, 1.,..
. . - 1 --i" .-', A. L II lilt Ul I
1" I 1 ' II. . .
11 nenas nonor,an.i do not- saenhco vour
daughters peace for money.
- - .... " ' r
n.ixi Aurwiunii v t (.ijni:as.n, nor
wheie we might pitch our camp. -
The English official in tin - country, utx
ally called the X'atlonal Intelligencer, grave-
I I . 1 . . 1 1 r . .... I
iy auviscu tne. people 01 tne 1 .mted taicsj Vet silver.ns ai.-tK.atN bv the tdtinmt bi.ro.
(. r.n.r-1.. ... D..I , l 't . . ' . . . . .
iu '..yj..uii iiiui me m.uiwv me;, j wy ( r ol the iort v odd thousand Spani didr.U
before thoy think of fighting, him ansd aM a.faucient dateand :inpenrhm-e,-whir,
pi.es its . adwec. especially t the. States ol;were exhumed lately, bv the fall of a tree,
Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, Ind.ana .and So,new here in Ceorgia. The coins, on !.
Pennsylvania. "Possibly, (savx; -that img- utr exaiianalion, T-rme to be counterfeit
hsh Jomnal) these States would be less be!- a ,a,e lnixtUre. of conner and zinc, w ith n
icose,.were they, like'ome other States
are, through their entire-loCofocoism, ram
pant for war with Britain.
We venture to say that there w;i more
money Iof bv tl.o tople of Great ihilain
through -the frauds of tluj Unitel States!
thin coat of ilverwu-h. The tinder, how
ever, is not utterly xvithout cati";e for thanks
to his good luck the dollars are worth
some hundreds, it is said, a bell uieta!.:
EvsTF.u.x AxruMi:. As a woman was
After some time we began to perceive !I5ank;nav, ten times asmueh. as they have! '"-i'! looked at her and ioiiowed
the superiority of, our long oars, which,! lost or wi'!I loJe tlirough the icfusrd or ina-J her'i - '. ;
from having a dulcr urn in tiie row-focks- of'dclitv of the States, named in the Inteliigen: ""hY.')' hjliovv ine?" she aked. . "
inw ouai, .fu.uji-u.iMi ut.-.i 10 ws-.c w:tli!cer, to meet their civ -a -re me fits. Ucisniu;, . - . ...v.. ... .v,.v ....t.. ju,
... .1 . u i . . a . . . ,.m -,i .1 . . . . . . . . . rt-r.! ift.i.
nnoc!i-tl tlic nnin ra'rtv - Tlie wonl uaii"'e i"i uii mui m lcuti vatatiieir pvia .ieWs teniblo crime ii.r.a uiatc; "7 "
ver td are t,imn H n-ua"tshort ddl thns hl a v ?-"ng its lot' the American Onion h be guilty of-and Y ynu m lovo witli me?" said she.
irenl thVt we weS ? cideJ advantage We had gained .uit tt Is a lamentable and.hsrcputahfe.circu.,. 'tV ina eTwe t tc "
close in the Ked man's wake - fieiently njn them to observe; and distin- stance but for a Lank,'" the United States co ng alter me. t. on 1 make love to he..
its obedience consists but in a close exami- crimsoned rimmed .scaljvlock, of three war, to.1 by w ugs, and inarged by-whig if "
ivatim of ammunition, shiUing old iliutsfor nors waved tauntingly m the breeze, w hile latos-lor ,uch an institution to e ph.de h et '
.e7.. ,, , thn iieads of severed womf-i nn u , , ,,',,,j,.j,.t!,, t !..- .. n din oj k 11- mc a .abenoo,.
Cor.ivr of thr Public v;
nt lr.
r---'-: t?i-..':.v!-d Juiues of lhe Peace and Con
o; "-.; hi aid for Harsh dl County, Stoic oj
V .i:a!n r
Syis orio. Dist.
J jiiii OaU., i S. E, Eoran,--
r. r. Re -aonj...!
J-.-'ia H. J ..:-..;s, Jirae Cooper,
Distwct.rfo. 1-
Dis'.rt "o. 2.
j-i-i e. i.t!.
Jjhn C.T' rrr!,.J J Rogers, r.strictNo. 3.
DorrelM. Vouri2-,.J
At--i.a rtr-r-ior, - J m- R- Baker. District No. 4.
-'p-.ah H. A?)Jan.. ,
-N.S.Callabao,... reruwb Grcjr LUtrict 'o. 5.
Horatio Trson,.- .
L,yrhy Thomp.cnJ AI?3t- B k '-",." "rara;C;rton Dit."
j'oha A. Lsu?sat... : .
: A . n.r.l U!"ff.f. Sno-rCrk
j ind laying aide all cumbrous clothing, ever
(brings a kind of indescribable, nervous sen
sation over one. . Being fond ot , watching
the varied workings of human nature, 1
have often observed its efi'ect.
Upon the old.war-wcrn veteran tar, it
would cause only an additional leaf of tobac
co to. the quid distended cheek, an up-iutch
of the trowsers, and a determined quiet and
gravity of manners, speaking: as plain as
looks can, that " , " "" ' 1
'He hclds txo parl.r witb nntaaalj tVars. " i
. Where dutr b:J."hU vx,irss he s. t rs.' - .
The youngster's more excitable nature
would beam out of the quick flash of the
ambitious eye, the slightly, tremulous lip,
the throbbing breast and fingers instinctive
ly playing with the hilt of the ready, sword,
as if itching to feel- its well balanced weight.
In some the eye would darken with anx
iety, - the pale forehead" inferring busy
thoughts of distant friends, who might tlenr-
: . - -"",iiculi.iU,i.ui,( iuv-u .! .nu ana inoiia:iu yi huh- .-. ,. - . . , ,.
;ered in from over theMow wales of theUlies from aflluence to tvauM.! that is all "l"lihe.r ihd ''' i the truth," repli
moes. Only, three of our: fleetest, boats right it.U an affair of the grand financiers,' .'V -yU WCfe ,m OVe vllil ,n.e
id been able to. keep in company, the rest patronized by l.cnry- Clav and the whig! dlIY leave me to loo upon my sis-
being far in the rear. In one Lt. McLaugh
lin, in another Lt. Drayton, and in the third
sometody else, lie-ides the ohicers in
jiarty say nothing on that subject.
" But, then, many of the families thus re
duced to want bv the repudiation of the
There is much good seno ia the remark,
and if more gills were a s sensible as this,
tb.ere would be less inconstancy.
each boat there were fourm-n v-MnVti JX V i? u r- i ; I there would t3le iacotitancy.
eaca oo.u, i,.t,ic were loarnu.i, which (thejiank, are Engh h and ub ects of her gra- g.
anUirnetical rear wlU rertreiveyxvas. equal jdous majesty Queen VicWia-indeed. a A Goon Eri c. Wh -n aav one i, di
with.the fo.ee ot U:e enemy,, -barring" the considerable portion of the capital was mn-(Com: ocd and peev- h 'i-r nothin", or mere
children and women the latter x)f which v.v- nrit-jtrti nnd li tot i', ! '. t . -1 : , o T.
,.. v--.., ...... ... .v. . ...v.... , u a.es. i see i i .oa te: i c ; .10 . -ne s 01
w... . . .. u., auuicu. iiiusft! nusii! many 01 our dearest iriendj.
uotn jarije. naw oecame pertectly silent,
for, though tlie tug was well kept up, it was
evident.that the struggle could not be delav-
ed long.
Seeing our rapid gain upon them, the In
dians endeavored to . gain the banks of the
lagoon, where, in the tall grass, their mode
of fighting xyould -have given them an ad-1 dollars if they would pay up these sums,
ue!i a tern: cr. and the weakness of mind it
are" deeply indebted to. the United States j proceeds from. Perhaps it will he my turn
Bank and have wiped oil their "debts by to-morrow. Let it be a rule with ine up
the bankrupt act. ? Some of the editors, of j on such ocea ion-, to do all I can to heal
Gazette-?,", now loudest in their- clamours j arid roften, an 1 never to irritate; and e.-re-against
repudiation, and against 'resenting dally to guard against the infections of the
the aggressions oi England, owe the. Bank,? disorder and hatred of the person.
some i.iiy-iw o, oiue one nunureu inousanu
. - . l AT - - - - . I I.T i T T 1 I I - I.T -I. . I t .
vantage over us; uui in uuiicqaiion oi ine a smau uiviueuu imgui oe paia io me rmg
manceuvre? we had spread our boats at dis- lish creditors but it is better to say no
tances across the stream," and the sudden 'more about it only let us abuse npudia-
' A very polite young lady seeing a doctor
opening his lancet to bleed her, begged him
to desist, as she never had any thing to do
with doctrinal jmids.
u. ui, an. i '.'111111111 s u i a' 'i 1 1 1 1 1 i a 1 1 1 1 " j j 1 1 n, J
and opened the ioi:i of the Bank wide o-
peu to him."
"And havc-yoii stuck to it vr-rtinee."
.. "Ever fimv, and I m'ot h id on, th.a; !i
it i s mr.-nty low.
,'Do vou sell corn now?"
"Do vou buv meat?"
"A. hello to help out sometimes."
""And all your clothes"
'"Oli ye-, Uncle J,.o mu t hive on a Ijttl-?
sfoiv cloth when he goes to town lo ue the
big folks."
"Are you in the Hanks, Uncle Joe."
".ot much half a ciop or so. Mv two
last crops was oiry, and pii.-es low, nud I
uot'a lv.ui'-es so 1 had to l orry to'rei .ay
tic m." .
"Vou tued to bay a negro or two every
V'car, Uncle Joe; do ou buy now .'"
"Ah son, J have qmt that: lines is too
hard, and 1 have too nm -h to buv, and
nothing to buv with. Times is mighty hard.
and cotton down to worse than nothing."
I did not pre-s Uncle. h e farther. 1 :-avv
the secret. The vanity of being Cotton
Phuitcrs lhe politeness of the cotton buy
ers, factor , ;md warehousemen, the advau-
t-", and the Ictnk nr-cornrnodations the-n
were the things that had seduced my neieji
bors in commo.iv.ith l-'ncle Joe; and will I
fear bring liicm all into the same condition.
Pride is a great prodigal. How many are
ruined, to keep up the name and st!e of
"Cotton Planter." HALE CROP.
To ni: ri:oy c riaciMLi :ae. A Mr. Wal.
lice recommends the following martial
mode of exterminating the e pet:s :
"In the morning or evening, they nre in
their I1P4S and may be blown away by the
u-c of a nhot gnu, with a .small charge of
powder." I place- the muzzle close under
t.hc ne'.t, if I caa rear h it; if not I put in a
jui j er wad, and n ii small cii-ts of dry
lumps of earth, which dear tnem out with
out injuring the tree. Jt is a convenient,
effectual and rather an amu-dug operation."
To m-Tfuv ,moi.i;s. An 1'ugli d! waiter
says, make a paste with powdered belie
bore roots, wheat flour, and ground class;
place it nesr their holes to cat.'aud you will
soon kill them. Ag-In, make a mixture of
brimstone, lo in ami turpentine, put ther.i
into a horn with a narrow neck, first envel
oping tne same iu tar; ret tire to the tar
thus prepare I; then in ert the mouth of the
bora into the burrow of the mole, aad ho
will .-Oon be su.'ioca'c.l to death.
Whenever a pickpocket gi;ts out of practice
he needs some l-rttle exertion to t his haul
"Women ought to have their will while
they live, for thev are not allowed Wi!!
w hen thev die?"
V i

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