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July 3, IS 13.
Agents for the Guard.
W. F. TA.XHILL,at theCrrv Book
Sroiti:," ?demphis, Tenn.; is our authorised
Agent, and will attend to forwarding us ad
vertisement's, Subscriptions, .Ace
W. llsTti.1, A:xufi.l, General Agent.
C. . Lam:, Chnlahoma, Miss."
Wm. S. WAin,TxUf.d, ML-. " '
Eli McXaiui, 1 M., North Mt. Pliant.
A.G. Elms Panola, J'unoia (', Miss.
C W. IIcnuv, P. M., Fairview, Ponto
toc, County, Mis-. . ,
'I'hv a'vt r. !!: 4 r-nl tin i nil-,- anpttit ' t- rr
crive and rert-wt t hist i.murfU ! th wsrd ).hc.
XTr X new sii)scriber will he receive;!
tinier accnmpmiiei with the Cash.
The Deaicrracy of I'olioe District ?'o. 5,
cornrosiir tho followint' ?J:vristrate Iir
tiicL;, viz: Josiah II. AlHtans, X."S. Calla
hn.ti, John A. Lawset an.l Jame Howard,
are reqnestc;l to meet .at UUTLTiil'S
JULY NEXT, for the 'purpose of -appointing
Delegate to the County Convent io for
t!ie above District's.'
fjCr'OLir worthy Post ?d aster has polite
ly furnbhed us with, the following tit of
rt ,-.. i.. t-- t 1 " XT IT
j'o.n Uiiice.-!, within nnie vi iiojiy
Springs, to which newsjnpers can now I e
sent free ofjostage.
Abbeeville,- :
Wyatt, - '
?dcCarsons b'tand,
Oak Pi.lge,
Xorth It. Pleasant,
Spring Hill,
Coi nersviile,
Nonconar, ........
Ta Grange,
HcHutt and tho Press.
Truth is stranger than fiction, and very
specially in regard to politics and thore en
aed therein. The fact that a portion of
tlie Democratic press of the State are veue-
mcntlv urning the claims of this man Mc
Vntt to the. hifh and resrondble olike of
United States Senator, is so very absurd a uc
riiliculou--, that we would be disposed to be
lieve it all fiction, did not our own eyes as
sure us that it w a? truth. That' editors o
Democratic, racers fhoukl su.,tum hnn m
the face of all the startling, and undeniei
caul undeniable developments as set fortl
by the Uonthem ilrtormer, i a gross - ui-iut
to an intelligent people. Even should they
have the' hardihood to" say they attached no
credit to facts so strongly and completely
proven by the Reformer, they should with
an earnest desire to see the party succeed,
refrain from forcing upon the people a man
who is so odious generally through the State
to them as MeXutt. Tliev oncrht with a
knowledge of these facts I efore them, sacri
fice their own personal preferment and in
the language of tho lamented and venerated
Hero of the Hermitage, w e say to them,
"Ijcaiv your fr-tend and stand by yvr coun
try." MeXutt's conrst upv-n the Texas
question and a. great question it is, for upon
it depended and to it are we. indebted for
our late glorious victory; must forever lose
him the confidence and suffrages of a party
whow bhto see their principles ' trhaoj h
and perpetuated. Upon that question it
has !een abundantly proven that he, was
not only lukewarm and faltering, but' that
he spoke of the annexation of Texas as a
humbug and gotten up to break dawn Mr.
Van Euren, also that he would have pre
ferred Mr. Van Euren even after his Anti
Texas letter had been received. So anx
ious was he for Mr." Van lluren's nomina
tion and t-o chagrined was he at the neces
sary defeat of such a selection, that be for-
got his duty as a patriot, in h'n preference
for a man. It was owing to the coldness
and disaffection of himself and others great
er than he, that our victory la?t fall was
not obtained by a much more triumphant
majority, but many thanks to the honest
veomanrv of the country, we overcame the
combined efforts of w higgery and one man
Democracy. And we would ask rgainf
how can papers calling themselves Demo
cratic, sustain such a man. Instead of ex
hibiting as they should a manly indepen
dence and desire to reflect the wishes of
their party, tliey ?diow a miserable and base
subserviency to one man, rendering them1
contemptible in the.- eyes, of .every high
minded man in the community. Vv'e think
instead of' their being called independent
Democratic papers '.they should be called
fiejtendenl MeXutt papers. r ..
About AleXuttV private character vre
have never written one word, "and intend
noi io uo so; n is wan ni ponucu. mi-neeui
a ..l i 1 : I . j t I
we. m to t!e:t!, and ye now -say to hirm
irienda that 're v. i!l continue to oppose
himi a hnq as he i.-? he'A up as a candidate
of the j avty- hb? l ite conduct ha? forever
lot hiui our cenfidoace and rencesed him
i unworthy of our .suprort. We forbear to
say n .ore at pre ent.
TfifWe have before u- a letter- relative
mfii! fbr Ahstan's and Callahan's. Dii-;
tricts to send' up their frve..
rQ'We. are rt-qne.-neti to state that" the
Temperance Celclrt-ation will be held at car-;
u- .,o,,4F i;.i'w:n,r tri-.nnrr.iw ejum?. !
in the Presbyterian Church.
Wm. F. Stcarxs, Ibq., w ill deliver an ad
dres.: (.V-o.! music will be ia attendance.
CC73The Hon. Locis 2-IcLam:, of 31ary
land, has been appointed JUim-'ter to bng
Jandi vice Edward Everett, recalled. ' . .'
' O3 We have noticed several insinira
tions, and heard that some1- industry has
been used to irivc currencv in a covert man
to the appointnvent of I)f legate from Ab- fivery stable keeper. It appears -that the member of thi?.ssoc?ation by ub :cribiug
stan's and Callahan' Mab'trate's Districts, had had some dispute in regard to a lmsHhwname to the Constitution thereof.
It. seeiu, that Los.ett and Dogard's Di,- transaction, when nnble nweede - .. t As30c;alion.proCeeacd to
from tlie h-!it heioreiis, p!l that jet if-:edtotl;e ojuce, and seizmar a pistiu, . - y,. -
ner, to the charge contained in the extract! Coi xty. Cava ipy, on Friday the JSth
r , ' r ' , i it j m 4i I June, on nukioM, Capt. Jas. E. Sxtlhv, was
r-elow bom the llermtrido rHtz that the . ,, ' . 1 , , ; T1
- , ' called to thecliair; who bemir called on,
Hon. Joskch . Chalmers- has taken anJ expiand the olyect of the meet-
charge of the columns of the Guard; and as u to be to pass resolutions relative
tins is the first distinct announcement of it, ! to" the death of the late venerable States
we avail ourselves of its aopearance for the;a Wh1 Soldier; Gen. Andrew Jackson.
aJc. u .r:....,.A On motion, Wm. L. Eppc-s oflered the
l 1 ... n 1 t
w ith a decent present to" the., title of gentle
men and w ho are desirous of knowing from
any 'other motive thanmere curiosity who
replJy assist u?, will knock at t!e ii'it
Icor, we are authorised- and lequestcd to
say thev will find the writer and he will not
e the Hon. Joseph W. Chalmers.
"We -understand that two of tiie most
li'inguished jurists in this State have ta
ken to their old calling.' Gen. Ilenrv Stu
art Foote, one of the lde;-t, if not the oldest
editor in the State, -ha become the "guar
dian editor" of ..the Reformer, at Jackson:!
tUui that tl so-i ion. Joseph W. Chalmers, h:
taken hold' ot the columns of the Holly
Springs Guard. For both of these gentle
men, we wish success in any-calling. Ue
port, we trust, does "not belie" them It is
time they should quit poring over dneil-up
eld volume.', crude arid ehsele-.s, and turn
their attention-to something Ixmefioial to
mankind, by sending their thoughts abroad
to the multitude .
. . "vtlr t?-.'uijtoi!i,t!ir Trc-J
Correapondcncc cf the Gaard.
Mt:m TillS, JCN'E l6b".
Gaitkmrn :The river continues rising
here, and is, as I am informed by those who
know, within six or seven feet of high wa
ter mark. It has risen from l.to 18 feet
within the last fortnight, and its broader
surface adds much to the beauty of the view
from this city, which I consider .one-of the
most lovely landscapes ever presented to
the eye; especially" when arrayed in the
gorgeous splendor of sunset. The placid
expanse of the, mighty''. Mississippi the gal
la nt steamers passing and repassing -the
distant shores that deck the bori'a with
richness and verdure the drapery of the
evening sky, rcilecting. iri a thousand ray -,
the departing n'.orv of the sun orient a
combination f beauty beyond the skill of
the poet or painter, and finds no parallel in
any thing but itself. It is beyond all human
etibrtand can only be produced by Om
nipotence.; ;
TLe 1:anil tJ.r.t i.,a Uf it m .Uvi.wC'
and cold, col l is the .heart that does net-reflect,
as its dazzling brightness -lles away in
trie fwiligbt; how frail are a'd thin here
helow,how brief is the dream of lil'e, and
how necessary it is to improve the tlectian
hours that are left, to 'prepare for the-ik-od
of death Which is sweeping onward and on
ward to the great ocean .of eternity '
There is a speculation abroad in this city
vv.ucn is ce-'.nie-i to work wonders tor gcM.nl
roevil, if persisted ia. The business bcaRtic;
have for many years, been ' fluctuating;
sometims3 down and sometimes up, and
anon down, again.- Xow the"prcipositicn is
to build blocks of stores along the batture,
between 'the bluff and the river, along what
is called W ater street ; indeed, two or three
foundations have been already laid, and
yesterday there was a sale of "lot for the
purpose on the Westerly end of Poplar and
Washington street-;. The. ale was well
attended and the bidding, proceeded with
animation. Some of the more eligible lot.
lam informed, brought as high as s.KH)
anil lJ3,000, and so on down to G00, ac
cording to the situation. , The occupants of
stores on broul Eow,'m many cases, think
that the matter will end in smoke; and that
though the land may change hands, there
will be no building of consequence al pres
ent; but I believe many of the buildings
have already been contracted for, and will
be speedily erected. This will produce an
entire revolution in the business part of the
city, and probably do away with that fruit
ful source of misery and crime, the Flat
Beats. Though a great convenience at
present, and many of them conducted upon
w holesome and upright principles, there can
be no doubt, 1 apprehend, in the minds of,
the rejecting portion ot the conununity, but
that their entire al-olition would vastly im
prove the morals of.that neighborhood, ana
that'ranges of w-ell conducted stores wotikl
tend ' fo intpoduec peace and quietness into
a region w liich has too often been the scene
of violeirce and discord, not to say hlecd-
nnd mi:rrlpr It t nnlv a few. nights
.... - - . J w
ince, that a poor fellow wa horribly man-
d 0n j of one-
0me half a dozen
; t,ure 'an(l Barely cs4
caned with his life, throu-h the a-s-Lstancq;
of a skilful phvician, why wis called -fi'cm!
hwld'pfter mid-niht for t!ie pvjriwe. : I,
..v... v." 1 - . : 1 .
(iamb-le, wa ihot lv anotner natiitu v;ruu
lev-ureen,' the successor oi iocKerei, . u".
r-t to thf tt--4'f. mul seizmi? a MS
eharned the contents consisting ofivebuc
7 4 ' J
shut, at Oarnble, w ho wcis m pursuit, ani
the "whole of them took effect. Green gnv
hini-elfnp. and Gamble taken to (bt
0?4ce ft DnX-iitmn, where he v.ss uci
attended to. lie was yesterday removed t
hi -I !odging,andibave ju-theard'( o'clock
that he vas in a very precariotrs situation
A dwebin'j hou-.evas robbed one high)
this week, of trunks, clothing, ecc.; and last
ni"ht, about 0 o'clock, a store on Exchange
Siuare was enfered and jotdied ot about,
fifty or srxtv dollars wt"rtlt of fancy good--.'
f enclo-e "von a corrected, price curren f,
and rema'n vour-4-c. ICTLVEOD..
Coiapany Keetinj.
At ft crdled meeting of the AIahsuah
follow imr preamble and resolutions:
WinaicAS, it lias leased an- AU-wi-e
Providence to remove from 'this' lifj Go.
Axoiuiw Jack sox, who, by a life dexoted to
the best interests of his "country, las en
deared himself to every one proud of the
American character. And .vhereas, we
deem it -a privilege aad a pleasure to pay
suitable respect and honor to the memory
of all who have elevated onr reputation as a
X'ation, or nobly and ably defended us
against the hostiia assaults of foreign ene
mies. - - I
Wiieheas, we believe that next to the
fatber of Ids country, our deceased fellow
citizen, Gen. Amhkv Jackx", ha reflect
ed trie iiighest ?redit ip;li tt.C AMri-LH
Armies and iNation. .
..Therefore, be it Resolve.!, 1 hat we deep
ly sympathise vith our fe!I'.v-countrymen,
in the deploratle loss winch they have sus
tained in the death of the Hero and States
man Gen. Axmirr.v Jackson.
Hr.;otti'd, That as a mark of our respect,
we will, as a Com pan v, join cur jeliow-citi-
zens on. the approaching Anniversary- of
our Independence, m paying the last tnoute
ot respect to his memory.
llesulved, That we, as a Company, will
wear the usual badce of mourning for ZO
licst.hrd, That tl;e jToceedings be signed
by the Chainnan and Secretary, and fur
nished for publication.
V?i. E. ,Eppi:s, A.Vc.
IZscaarJcs' Ilsetinj.
At an adjourned Meeting oL tlie "JLtr
shedl County Jlt-chinics Association," hold
at the Court House on' Saturday ,2Sth ult.,
James Et.or.a, Esj., was called to the Chair,
and J. C. MoniuLi. appointed Secrftlarv. '
The Committee appoiuted at a jTeidous
ineeiing to draft a Coristifufien, made- the
louowing report' winch, was inianii.n.o:i.dy
adopted. ' - : -"
' TIOX. ..-.-'
. -a.Tici.r. u
tkrtuv E Tins Society shall be called tlie
"Jlarsftcul County Mxianks Association"
fkciian E Tire objects cf this Association
snail be," to- promote," by all honorab!
mean, the interest d 3fcehanics generaliv,
especially .those -of Marshall- County; arid
t It 4', -'1 . . J-
ooc an, iu uso uii proper etiorts to pro
cure tlie abolishment of the present svstem
of convict labor as carried on in our "State
. Section 2. An order the more-sreedilv and
effectually to accomplish this latter olvect.
tiie ' meuiber-i ot this- Association pledcXe
the:neve- to vote lor no man for Governor
or member of the Legislature, w ho w ill not
agree to-use all hiwful means to bring a
bout a reform in oiir-present Penitentiary'
system. . .
a an cle ni.
Section 1. The officers of this Association
shall consist of a President; three Vice Pres
idents; a Corre?onding Secretary, a lie
cording Secretary and a Treasurer, each to
hold their cilices for six months. ' :
Section 2. It shall be the duty of- the
i resident to preside aj all the meetings ot
Association, to appoint all Committees, pre
serve order, and do all other things jertain
mg to the duties of presiding ofi.cer3. of like
Associations or Societies. -
Section 3. It shall be the duty of the 1st
ice I resident, (or in his absence the 2d or
b as the case may be,) to discharge all the
duties of the President in his absence.
Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Cor
responding Secretary, to write fetters to the
Mechanics m the different Counties of the
State, urging upon them the necessity of
for imprown" the batture, aixl ior. t:;moniesoi me Association; to (U.ur-e ine
c-roval jf the l'rit. " v ' I same only by the direction , of the same;
On Tiinhy evening bt, a fnan by th9:'aiid make lib report 'regularly at the end ol
nm'i- V.f Gainble, lamiliarlr .calicl 'Jack, each (aiarter. -
forming like Associations in their rcspec-
live W'unucs; iu iinvci un ,v.'.iimiiuuiwu
tions received by the Association; to con
duct such other correspondence as may be
niiW-ted bv the same-. all of which he shall
A . rw,. nil orvnimiH
pay before; the Asdx;iation at its regular
meetings. ; ,
Seciujh o. It tdiall be the" duty of the Ue-
Icording ecretaiy to keep , a correct record
of all the proceeding of. the Associatiolr, to
monies, of the same, and keepan account
tnereor. - . -
- Section 6. It shall -bs the .duty of the
treasurer .to ."receive and safely keep all
. . , .. -
, article iv. - -
- ton l.. Any person may uecome a
PrAident. Joseph iIosnx,Y.
VieePresldcnts.TiioMx PowxLr;, T. A.
Faico.uh, Ja.mi:5 II. Swan.
G?rn spom'i)if? Secn(tri.3 . C. Mokrill.
Jit brrdt ng Sfjrrctnry. James Eokk.
TrrasuiTr. ti. U. tTiTH.
' Oh motion," . '
IlrtolecJ, That this .Association -meet
monthly on .the last jNIonday of each month
G. A. .Wiijcox, Eq., being called on,
made a tew very appropriate remarks upon
theriun.ect ol .Mechanical -Asocjations.
He reverted with wannth nnd animation to
the pre-'cut system of Penitentiary labor,
and concluded his remarks ina manner al-
tcget tier creai table to lumseu ana satisiac-
lory. to the audience. 5
The meeting then adjourned.
. . - - JAMES ELDER, Ch'n.
J. C. MonRiM., St c'y.
Hr At a meeting of Holly Springs Lodge
No. J5, of Free and Accepted IMasons, held
at their Lodge Room in Holly Springs, Miss.,
on the evening of the 23d ult., on motion of
R. W., G. A. Wilson, P. G. M. of Missis
sippi, the. following preamble and resolu
tions were unanimously-adopted:
IVierctis, In the dispensation of an a II-wise-and
tenevolent Providence, our late
worthy and beloved Brother, AXDEHW
JACKSON, Past Grand Master of Tennes
see, lias been called from the labors - of an
earthly Lodge to that celestial refreshment
which is prepared in our Father's house for
all - faithtul. craftsmen; and . whereas, it is
our duty as well as pleasure to offer, upon
ail suitable occasions, a public and marked
expression -of our regard for distinguished
merit; be it therefore
Resolved That the high and meritorious
character and services of our deceased
I tlv lorv dt tlt hand of onr frater
nity and of the world, marks of the highest
commendation and regard.
Heaved, That as Free Masons, we mm
ide our unfeigned regrets with our fellow
citizens at large, on account of the death of
our deceased brother Andrew Jackson.
Reared, That we w ill wear the usual
badge of mourning thirty days.
Resolved, That the newspapers of this
place be requested to publish 'the foregoing
preamble nnd resolutions.
A true copy from the minutes.
- (. WA1TE, Sec1!.
.' Democratic Neeting at Korean's.
At a respectable meeting f tlie Demo
cratic, citizens of the Morgan Precinct and
vicinity, on the 2Sth ult., for the purpose of
npjtointiug Delegates to attend tho County
Convention to be held in Holly Springs, on
the first Monday of July, John AshE-p,
wa? called, to the chair, John II. Kyle, ap-
pointed Secretary,
The following trentlemen were appointed
Delegate-, to wit: Capt. W. T. A-h, Joltu
li T',-1.-. 1 InT.l.l W TTi -i- 1 1 1 nn rm
II. ll It. IU . 1 . . . . - - .
-i .
r-V, Tr..,,:itr. r."io.i v0 r 'l
lowing re solutions for. the consideration of
the Meeting. . - -
. Resolved, That we have witnessed w ith
the deepest sorrow and regret the difierent
controversies now going on throughout the
State, with regard tof the Senatorial' ques
tion. - .'
Re ford? That we, as a portion of the
Demoeu-atic jiarty deem that our. candidate
for-the United States Senate, shall be sonnd
and orthodox on the great Democratic prin
'c'iplc.Vviz; 'Phe Tarifl", a' Dank, thcAnuex
atk?n of Texas, occ, waving all -personal
claiins o"r personal partialities.
The meeting then went into' an election
to ascertain who was choice of .the Demo
cratic, party; in this portion of the County,
for the Legislature, vvhicif resulted in Dr.
Tlios. J. Malone, who was. unanimously
chosen" without a dissenting voice.- And
our Delegates are instruced to endeavor to
u?e all honorable means to secure his nom
ination in the Convention, that convenes on
Monday the 7th inst., at Holly Springs, for
the purpose of nominating members to the
State Legislature.. . .
On motion of D. W. Hamilton,
Resohed,'That if any of the above named
Delegates "should not attend at said Con
vention, that their places may be filled by
the Delegates that may attend from that
precinct. ' '
. On motion of Capt. W. T. Ash,"
Resolved, That a copy 'of the proceedings
of this meetiag be signed by the President
and Secretary, and forwarded lo the Editors
of the Holly Spring's Guard for publication.
hen on .motion of John 11. Kvle the
meeting adjourned. JOIIX ASH, Ckn.
Jortv II. Kyle, Sec'y.
The rSterSTEpitaplL '
Here lies his form in pi,
Beneath this hank w 1th briars o'ergrown:
1 low many cases far un worthier lie '
'Xeath some irijtfisiug aione
From rtie 3V.fl. l'kmunt-.ofilm l?tl ult. I
From Texas' Important
The steamship Xew York arrived here
yesterday afternoon from Galvetot, which
jdace she lett on Sunday last, the 15th ult
President Jones has issued another Pro
clamation, announcing the result of the ne-
collations that have been conducted by
Capt. Elliott with the Mexican Government.
. Captain Elliott came passenger, m the
New York, perfectly content, it may be
presumed, with himself for having produced
confusion in Texas as he did in China. We
say that the Captain arrived here in the
Xew lork; but we beg to bo understood
as not announcing this fact upon hb own
word for it : nor do we dedgn to make any
statement in regard to las destination upon
representations that he may make in that
respect. It is. unsafe to allude to a diplo
matist's intended whereabouts in advance
ofjiis locomotion; especially when speak
ing of one who gets abroad a belief that be
is going to Charleston, in order. to blind the
public eye to his escape into Mexico. The
Captain lias exhausted all tho opium lie
brought with him from China it will trou
ble him to put the Argus eyes of the pre s
aiecp again. We 'dozed once over his re
presentations it was a short sicsttt, and the
la-t we will indulge in from the same .sopo
rific. - . .
We proceed at once to lay be for the pub
lic this third Proclamation of the President.
How ninny more are to follow, we canm-t
trust ourselves to guess. Ills-Excellency
ha got in the vein,, and they may succeed
one another to the "crack of doom,' like
the spectres of Ilampuo's issu to tho bhm
of Macbeth, unless they are cut hoitby
the. t-ux dei w hich in the regard Mguiflo;
the voice of the people.
The Executive is. now enabled to declare
to the peop-Je of Texas the actual state of
their a flairs with respect "to" Mexico, to the
end that they may direct and dispose them
as they shall judge best for the honor and.
permanent interests of the Republic.
During the course of the la;t winter, it
reached the knowledge ot the Executive,
from various sources of information (un
official, indeed, but still worthy of atten
tion and credit) that the late and pu- cut
Government of Mexico were dispo -ed to a
peaceful settlement of the diilicultics with
Texas by the acknowledgment of our In
dependence, upon tho understanding that
Texas would maintain her sepcrate exist
ence. No action, however, could be taken
upon the subject, beause . nothin jr authentic
was known until the month of March In t,
when the Representatives of Vtrvtncn and
Great Britain near this Government, joint
ly and formally renewed the offer. of the
good offices of those powers with Mexico,
for the early and peaceful settlement of this
struggle, upon the basis of the aekuowlcdg-
meat of our Independence by that Eepub-
It would have been the imperative duty
of .the Executive tit once to reject thce of
fers, if they had been accompanied bv con
dition:; of any kind w hatever; but wil'i ac
tive watchfulness m that respect, and great
disinclination to entangling alliances of any
description, or with any power, he must de
clare, in a spirit of justice, that no terms or
conditions have ever been proposed by the
two Governments in juestien, or either of
them, as the con-ideration ol their lin ndlv
Maturely considering the situation of af
fairs at that time, the Executive. felt that it
was incumbent upon him not to reject this
opportunity of securing to the people of this
country, untrammelled by conditions, a
peaceful, honorable and advantageous set
tlement of their difficulties with Mexico, if
they should sec fit to adopt that mode f
adjustment. .
Thu? influenced, be accepted tljcgood of
fices of the two powers, which, withtho-e
of the United States, had been previously
invoked by I exas, and placed m the hand
lot their. lttnre-tntativci a statement ot con
. . , . -
dltions preliminary to a treaty of
preliminary to a treaty ol peace,
which he declared ho should be ready to
snhriiit to the -people of this -country for
their decision and action as soon as they
w ere adopted by the Government of Mei-
c:'' .!lt he emphatically remindeil those
tiUuaionares for the spoc-ial notice of their
Governments, that he was no more th;u
the agent of the 'people; tha't he could nei
ther direct, control nor influence their de
cision.; and that his ltoundeu duty was to
carry out their dettnidnation, constitution
ally ascertained and expressed, be it what
it might. Our Reprc-v-ntative at the courts
of France and Great liiitam, in addition to
the task of strengthening the friendly dis
positions of those Governments, xva's also
esjiecially instructed to pre upon their at
tention, that if tlie people of Texas should
determine to put an end to thetcj arate ex
istence of the country, the Executive, so
far a3 depended .upon his official action,
must and -.would give immediate and full
effect to their will.
3'he circumstances which preceded and
led to an understanding .with Mexico Imve
thus been stated, and the peoplei speaking
through their chosen organs, will now de
termine a? they shall judgo right : but in
the meantime, and until their pleasure can
be lawfully and constitutionally ascertained.
it i-3 Uie duty of the Executive to secure to
tlie nation the exercise or choio between
the' alternatives of peace with the world
and Independence, .'or Annexation and its
contingencies, and he has, therefore, to is
sue the following proclamation: .
Wheueas, Authentic " proof ba. recently
been laid before- me, to the effect that the
Cougress .of Mexico has .authorised the
Government to open, negotiations and
conclude a, treaty witlr Texas, subject to
the examination and approbation of that
body'; and further, that the Government
of Mexico has accepted the conditions
prescribed on the part of Texas, as pre-
iimmary io a uuai and ocnujie ireatyoi
peace ;" - -" '
Therefore J, An - on .I
the Republic of Texa, w
Chief of th' Army :in
thereof, do here'",- jc
eumstuuee : to t:i ebb,
until the s '...;- !.i ' v :
caled to tb Ic.:. . e !
. I
i , '
I. . "
miiuoiz oi ne- -').,-, ,
tion, at the f ! i. ,. , t' '
the lh'th ol J'.!;,. :w i ."!!
pending ti.e . aid
. i' e.
id, I
;i ' ii i
authority i n,- .
and ircL-d"i r.c
land rind ! r i,
Mexico, r a :.,,, t ; 1 (
In le-t'tinotiv v ' -r- ;", i ' .
Seal of ti.e U -j'.,'ii i
Done i'A Wa diie O . : :,
J-b.- ;
i s. . 1 .' . , .
the lb.pi U::C '.-.
Ihjth Fn ::'.d ,
Etm.V!'. , i )
Secretary !' Si.t
indicate cj, ni.
the l'i"c i '
pre e.it:i it.
deuce an.l
tlUgClielc '.
ever,- no !
truly e ;oo.! ;
certain .la-,:
to ac al.fe'i ::.
whioh u e .,
:i t ij i -r Icier b'
trrotind to
e.!g:'? d in .i
popular will
: i.
i '
!her Miiii !; ,
iusulli.e' -i", I
fail- of the !
that a ik
luti! .i c
national v.
Col! -1 i t e ti !
the d :"':': .:'
ha "c o ,;'..
T'.- j i : :
a ted re i nl.
j arti.e ii- .
the ti . ';, '
On , :
iii'to.i, of i'
si.lent V-:
me:it.- rii',-':
d iy, I p.-
'A'. '
",, v v
:: O
.-1 '
bcis to if., 'i . :
of J la n i ! : . v. hi. ii
We ! '.. , -;
p.,i, ;; ;';:
( unity, '.' ;i :.
Coi 1 1 u i : i 1 1 ' e i'-. ; i -
gaif-d il
l iii ' the i -. i :
i -.
e i
u hich
The ! ! ;,. j .
I h; logy !J ti
to-ntoi i o, , i- i
the Court ioe
em i.i.v
pC'-t!!;llV )-c
t('!e I iV in Pli,
b:;-; I
rb ,ck. y. I
i i
U Co
!eei .'.. i'
1 :c
J. N. b.i.. e )" " . i . '
C!lit flJi-I , ., !,-; j i : - . j ), . .
! i!y p: i . n ' . !, :
;' a - i t !, . , i i.i ,,-.!,-. i , , t
inn y i , i i i i i i . i v.. - m : ;. ;
fiutJi.'i, ;ie.: i)v. :i.. .-i ; : .
lia to Aral-;..,; i 1 t - . ,.
Ai:a' '. ii a! i '.ui. ' . v a ; . i i '. .
cine.) and i. . ! !.-- i:i) i P. j : .
press pur,.".. i" ni -p-hi i k .
.Medical pu :' iii:, v, :.. , p
css-firy in-ii n;e u:-.)i'.', , , ,
model -i t'i j !'. : i.i rtii.e .-: e , . ;,
may If ,r.', iir I ;h . .'.., l ',
lliinks tbrf It,- I i j . i;., i j.. .
Dr. I'.'s exp.'l i.';,f .. (:,, - k i ; 1 p...
atlei'.lioe. Ihal i,. - v. h i .. v (a;r
-ves lo I'l.t-i r care nail , ' . j ; v ; .
ly t( alt wills.
Juiv:b if.
frTJ"H I public are ico if v ,!i i'. i
tor n.e v, i;!i a tli, , ! "i u, :
to rtb'V th'.'M of m ,:: of ti , ir I. -.'
propase 1. lu-nt ull -irnn: : :e;.-cii' a .
and Cc:c's of .-jr j. ..-, ',- -. ,', - ,
Ery!iinH, Sull'Jt iut--, .Milk I b-. . ;
Croup, Vht hi Iy-p.-p.-ia, S. a: J! :
fiflbcliouss urisieg l'ro:,'i . !i ii v a i J.'.-
JSpler n.
My clmr;es iu all ;.-. ; ui;l !. s . i e
when tlpnirl CilK- i - i i . ;. . I; ,. a . t
is piven.no thu.c will j;. ;!-.
llesidenee tif, i.fles lia t of .u:.'t V.--Pleasant,
n'ar the real U-a .li.ig t" b'
Post Office, North .Mo,u Fl. a aa'. M
All letters must lie post n n aire i.e n1'
JulvJl, lN1.-. i I"'--

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