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tttr rrnw TARIFF ACT,
.i .-- T.iT Art. in the
;TU Allowing it ropy 01 m .-... .
tiCiidKl lorra o wnicn 11 pu
Ut Tb. Hoo of Repre.oat. --
w-ctned th Mncuoii
kiutnitneal n4 it h received
rf House of
W?f-W"" "J mhIfJ, That rorn auu ?
?c if
.on-rf M'"-,r""" . I c,v. in lieu
.f.... - ,.in the articles
. . ..i. r.d oi sicJi as "
fi . ... .v.r,. .IH be levied, coi-
. r III I . I if.l'v . . .
ri in
.f. flrt div '
i. wares and rocr-
nrovi.Jod lor,
tie fallowing!
NO. 2-2.
1 . y i
. J 1 I T
cfta""'- - , - r ,-,,;m:r:eS
.. 1 mm r' -
inoi - . ..... M1inl lin
, and mcrchanaiMj
tafc of daty
r ,i s war
.. ...
n f.HxI.s wares
i in
fruit preserved in sugar, brandy, or molas-
A 1m ' m "
ses; currants; aaies; rigs; ginger root, drier!
or green; glass, cut; mace, manufactures of
cedar wood, granadilfa, ebony, mahogony,
I ,1 1 s I f I V tf - a km a
r .... u.,n.irftL ner rosewouu.auu juu uuu, uuuiicKs pimen
mrrchanli njeotiou-
, . , fr,r, rr cemuui
-hcdulc U, a ouiv u -- i
Oi! poods ar, ?- ,M rv.r
rhJ ilc C, a duty oi i "
rent ad
to: prepared vegetables, meats, poultry, and
rrame sealed or enctosea in cans, or other
. . a c . . ,
wie: prunes; raisins; scanuia iuls lor ia-
ble or other articles ot lurn'ture; segars,
cnntV naner sesrars, ana an oiner manuiac-
tures of tobacco; wines, Burgundy, cham-
naisfne, claret, 3Iadeira, port, sherry, and
all other wines auu iiuiiauvua
rrrentine, alabatta, or German silver,
? . i ,.m..nnfart iirpd : nip. Iieer.
manuiaciureu ui uuihuuu.uv , ,
.i rar 5n rnk!? or bottles: articles em-
IdlH-I - , .
1 . l. . , .1 i :j mPllL Oil- l,,..)ni-oH UIIM (T! Ml 1 . Mlltli J v.w. t
. a , nu'll 1 lui - ..- -- in 11 Mini i.ii . i ....
On 7' Vr rft,fS rCr centum L,t;.ioa ,vnrn t,v men. women, or children,
c . I in m - ' - . . .AmrtfNw . made uo.
ot whatever in;uenai --7 - . .
. ..l.,ilft I o 11 1 I ( 111 l 1 II.. . .... nAff nu llllllll.
wares ana incr :.i''" - 1 or made w nony 01 m i j
a duty of ff ccmuiu bajsams, cosmetics essences, ex ua3,
r.0rfmM. nnd tinctures, teeacimei
1 V. .... .nnni.ftll. ''"I", , ,
On "o,h!s ware--, .n.u .. . mr the toilet or tor meuicai jhiijv.
Vd in
rn p.-ols wa'
' L . ?.-hcdu
tuni ad valorem.
fin J i. V.1frc.
in .schi d'il'J Im a d'ity
1 ..i.nr.di- mention-
rr.S flflfl III'. I '-"
li.-jc mentioned
,ml meretianrn
of rftj per ccmuiu
pA ak'ern
On '!
' I in vr hed;i!e
rfil M J Will1-, in ' ,
r". . , 11 1 ,.r tt cjiitum aJ
S". 2. he d Jurthrr cnicu ,
fr.man.J after iho first day of Decemter next,
tli- lWi,h. wares and merchandise mentioned in
H- ho ii.Se I, shall 1m: exempt from duty.
Srr. :J. he -It fu.-V.Kt cnaciiu, that,
fr.n an J utter the first .hy Ufccmlx:r next
tH.ru shrill lowed, collected, and j.a.d on all
id mcrchand'.so lmporieo uu.n
uid net iH'Ciaiiy provided
f r in tin's act a duty of twenty j.er cenrum nu
Six-, -t. And he it further enacted, That in
all cases in which the in voice or entry shall not
or measure ui
i'd-i. wares am
lorciirn countries
contain the ve12ht or
poods wares, or merchandise now weighed cr
measured or gauged, tiio same shall te wcigli
vd, guaged, or measured at the expense of the
. . - 1 c
kets and ail otherarticlescomposed 01 gro,
osier, palm-leaf, straw, whale-bone, or wn-
T . J 1 r.. . hoir rum
low, not otherwise prov igeu iui,
beads; benzoates; bologna sausages; o.au
lcts braids, chains, curls, or ringlets, com
posed of hair, or of which hair is a compo
nent part, braces, suspenders, webbing, or
other fabrics, composed wholly or in part
of India rubber, not otherwise provided for;
brooms and brushes of all kinds; cameos,
real and imitation, and mosaics, real and im
itation, when set in gold, and silver,
hpr mptn : canes anu sucjv iui
unfinished, capers,
owner, agent or consignee.
walkims finished or
pickles, and sauces of all kinds, not other
wise provided for; corks, earthen, China,
and stone-ware, and all other wares com
posed of earthy and mineral substances not
otherwise provided for; fire crackers, flats,
braids, plaits, sparteere, and willow squares,
used for making hats or bonnets; glass tum
blers plain moulded or pressed, not cut or
printed; hats and bonnets, for men, women
and children, composed of straw, satin
straw, chip, grass, palm leaf, willow, or
any other vegetable substance, or of hair,
whalebone, or other material, not otherwise
Sir. fi. Ami be it further enacted. I hat H orn
und after the first day of December next, in foil
of the bounty heretoibre authorised bv law to be
tfiid r,: tliP OTtHUMatloll OI lUCKIcd HSIl Ot lilb
fisheries of the United States, there shall be al
lowed, on the exportation thereof, if cured with
foreign salt, a drawback equal in amount to the
duty-paid on the salt, and no more, to be as
certained under such regulations as may be
orcseribed bv the Sectary of the Treasury.
Six. 0. Ant! he it further enacted, That all provided for; caps, hats, muffs, and tippets
goods, ware--, and merchandise imported alter 0f fur, and all other manufactures of fur, or of
the passage of tins act, and w hich may oe in which furshall be a component rnaterialjcaps,
the public stores on I he second day of Decern- joveSf Wins, mits, socks, stockings, wove
tr next, shall 1 subject to no other mity up- J, . amfdravver and aU simiIarSarlices
en th" entrv thereof than it the same were im- . . ' .
in ui.) . , made on frames, worn by men, women, or
l-orted resi.ee!ive!v atier tiiaf ia . , ., . , ' J. ' . , '
Siu. 7. Udhelt further enacted. That the :,,lIdren antl not otherwise provided for;
twelfth c-i.i or fk; act entitled An act to, par J cases, pocket books, shell boxes,souven-
1 C t ...... , . . . 7 1 , . t o n rm ' I '0 QT11 fill O I n I 1 1 f 1 t 1 I O C S C Ii 1 t A t'OV 1 r, .
. ... . . . i . I . :l i . . . t .1
iciiai coinposea; carpets, carpeting, nearin
rugs, bedsides, and other, portions of carpet
ing, being either of Aubusson, Brussels, In
grain, Saxony, Turkey, Venetian, Wilton,
or any other similar fabric, carriages; cay
enne pepper; cheese; cinnamon; clocks
and modify existing hws imposing duties on im
ports and tor other purposes approved Au-
I Nr.. saail te, ana me same is
s.-.ace c
t!ays pn'scrn
L-u.-t thirtv, IM.. :a
h-rebv, so lar modified, that all gixxlst imported
f omthis sid.' the Oapc of Good Hope or Cape
Horn may remain in the public stores for the
vrnr itwte-iii t thn term ot ninetv
died in the said section.
And he it further enacted. That it
-hall be law ml for the owner, consignee, or a
gent of imports which have been actually pur
chased, on entry of the same, to make such ad
dition in the entry of the cost or value given in
the invoice, as in his opinion may raise the
anietothc true market value of such imports
in the principal markets of the country whence
the importation shall haveliccn originally man
ufactured or pnduced. as the case may lie; and
to add thereto all cost. and charges which, un
der existing laws would form part of the true
value at the port where the same may bo enter
ed, iijion which the duties should be assessed.
And it shall fx; the duty of the collector within
whose district the same may lie imported" or en
tered to cause the dutiable value of such im
porta to ho appraised, estimated, and ascertain
ed in accordance with the provis;ons of existing
laws; .'md if the appraised value thereof shall
fxered by ten per centum or more, the value so
declared on the entry, then in addition to the
duties imposed by law on the same, there shall
bo levied, collected, and paid, a duty of twenty
per centum ad valorem on such appraised val
ue: Provided, nevertheless. That under no cir
cumstances shall the dutv be assessed upon an
amount loss than the invoice value; any law of
1 ongress to the contrary notwithstanding.
Sec. i And be it further enacted, That the
deputies of any collector, naval officer, or sur
veyor, and the clerks employed by any collector,
naval oil'ce r, surveyor or appraiser, who are not
by existing laws required to be sworn, shall, be
fore entering upon their respective duties, or, if
r.lready employed, lie fore continuing in the dis
charge thereof, take and subscribe an oath or
alVirmntiou faithfully and diligently to perform
snich duties, and to use their best endeavors to
prevent ami detect fiands upon the revenue of
the United States; which oath or affirmation
shall be administered by the collector of the
port or district w here the said deputies or clerks
may be employed, and shall be of a form to be
prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Srr 10. And it frtr
Tcer or other person connected with the
navy of the United States, shall, under any
pretence, import bi any ship or vessel of the
United Slates any goods, wares, or merchandise
liable to tfce payment of any duty.
Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That
all acts and parts of acts repugnant to the pro
visions of this act, be, and the same are hereby
Brandy arid other spirits distilled" from
craim or other materials, cordials, absynthe,
arrack, curacoa, kirschen wasser, liqueurs
maraschino, ratafia, and all other spirituous
bjverages of a similar character.
Alabaster and soar ornaments: almonds
anchovies, sardines, and all other fish pre
served in oil; camphor refined; cassia; cloves
composition; iops ior tables, or oiner arii
le-? of- furniture; comilts,, sweetmeats, or
and parts of clocks; clothing, ready made,
and wearing apparel of every description,
of whatever material composed, made up or
manufactured wholly or in part by the tai
lor, seamstress, or manufacfurer; coach and
and harness furniture of all kinds; coal;
coke and cullin ot" coal; combs, of all kinds;
compositions of glass or paste, when set;
confectionary of all" kinds, not otherwise
provided for; coral cut or manufactured;
cotton cords, gimps, and galloons; court
plaster, crayons of all kinds; cutlery of all
kinds: diamonds, gems, pearls, rubies, and
other precious stones, and imitations of pre-
cious stones, when set in cold, silver, or
other metal; dolls, and toys of all kinds;
epauletts, galloons, laces, knots, stars, tas
sels, tresses, and wings of gold, silver, or
other metal; fans and fire screens of every
description, of whatever material composed;
leathers and flowers, artificial or ornament
al, and parts thereof, of whatever material
composed; frames and sticks for umbrellas,
parasols and sunshades, finished or unfinish
ed; furniture, cabinet and household; gin
ger, ground; grapes; gum benzoin or ben
jamin; hair pencils; hat bodies of cotton;
hemp, unmanufactured; honey; human
hair, cleansed or prepared for use; ink and
ink powder; iron, in bars, blooms, bolts,
loops, pigs, rods, slabs, or other form, not
otherwise provided for; castingVof tr(5n;
old or scrap iron; vessels of cast iron; ia-
panned ware, ot all kinds not otherwise pro
vided for; jewelry, real or imitation: iet
and manufactures of iet, and imitation there
of; lead pencils; maccaioni, vermacilli,e-
1 1 : i ii : l
limine, jcuius, auu an simiiai pieparauons;
manufactures of bone, shell, horn, pearl,
ivory, or vegetable ivorv, manufactures, ar
ticles, vessels, and wares, not-otherwise
provided for; of brass, copper, gold, iron,
lead, pewter, platina, silver tin, or any
other metal, or of which either of those me
tals or any other metal shall be the compo
nent material of chief value; manufactures
of cotton", linen, silk, wool, or worsted, if
embroidered or tamboured in the loom or
otherwise, by machinery, or with the nee
dle, of other process ; manufactures, articles,
vessels and wares ot glass, or of which
glass shall be a component material,
not otherwise provided for; colored,
stained, or painted glass; glass christials for
watcnes; glasses or pebbles for spectacles;
paintings on glass, porcelain glass; manu
factures and articles of leather or of which
leather shall be a component part, not oth
erwise povide-i for; manufactures and ar
ticles ot marble, marble paving files, and all
other marble more advanced in manufacture
than m slabs or blocks in the rough; manu
facture of paper or of which paper is a com
ponent material,not otherwise provided for;
manufactures, articles, and wares of yapiere
mache; manufactures of wood, or of which
wood is a component part, not otherwise
provided for; manufactures of wool, or of
which w ool shall be the comrxment materi-
ai oicniet value, not otherwise provided for;
ior medical preparations, not otherwise pro
vided for; metallic pens; mineral waters;
molasses; muskets, rifles, and other fire
arms; nuts, not otherwise provided for; oil
cloth, of every description, of whatever ma
terial composed; ochres and ocherv earths
used in the composition of painters colors,
whether dry or ground in oil: oils, volatile.
essential, or expressed, and not otherwise
provided ior; olives: olive oil in casks.
other than salad oil; olive salid oil and all
other olive oil not otherwise provided for;
paper, antiquarian.demv. drawings eleohant
foolscap, imperial, letter, and all other pa
per, not otherwise provided for; paper box
es and all other fancy boxes; paper envel
opes; parasols and sunshades; parchment;
pepper; plated and gilt ware of all kinds;
playing cards; plums, potatoes; red chalk
pencils; saddlery of all kinds, not otherwise
provided for; salmon, preserved; sewing
silk, in the gum or purified; shoes compos
ed wholly of indian rubber; sealing wax;
silk twist and twist composed of silk and
mohair; side-arms of every description, sil
ver plated metal, in sheets or other form;
soap, Castile, perfumed, Windsor, and all
other kinds, sugar of all kinds, tobacco un
manufactured; syrup of sugar; twines and
packed thread, of whatever material com
posed; umbrellas; vellum, vinegar; wafers,
w ater-colors; fire-wood and wood unmanu
factured, not otherwise provided for; wool,
unmanufactured. i
Buttons and button molds, of all kinds;
borax or tinctal; Burgundy pitch; calomel,
and all other mercurial preparations; cam
phor, cude; feather beds; feathers for beds,
and downs of all kinds; floss silks; grass
cloth; hair cloth, hair seating, and all other
manufactures of hair otherwise provided for;
jute, Sisal grass, coir, and other vegetable
substances unmanufactured, not otherwise
provided for; baizes, bockings, and floor
cloths, of whatever material composed, not
otherwise provided for; cables and cordage,
tarred or untarred; cotton laces, cotton in
sertings, cotton trimming laces and braids;
manufactures composed wholly of cotton,
not otherwise provided for; manufactures
of goats hair or mohair, or of which goat's
hair or mohair shall be a component mate
rial, not otherwise provided for; matting,
Chinese and other matting and mats made
of flag, jute, or grass; manufactures of silk
or of which silk shall be a component mate
rial, not otherwise provided for; manufac
tures of worsted or of which worsted shall
be a component material, not otherwise pro
vided for; roofing slates; woollen and worst
ed yarn.
Acids, acetic, acetous, benzoic, boracic,
chromic, citric, muriatic, white and yellow;
nitric, pyroligneous and tartaric, and all
other acids of every description, used for
chemical ormedicnal purposes, or for man
ufacturing, or m the fine arts, not other
wise provided lor; aloes, Angora, Thibet,
and other goats hair or mohair unmanu
factured; cedar wood, ebony, cranadilla,
mahogany, rosewood, and satin wood, un
manufactured; cream of tartar; extract and
decoctions of logwood and other dyewoods
not otherwise provided for, extract of mad
der; flaxseed; green turtle; gunny cloth;
alum; amber; ambergris, animal carton;
antimony, crude and regulus of; arrow
root; articles, not in a crude state, used in
dying or tanning, not otherwise provided
for; assjrfoetida, bacon, bananas, barley;
beef; beeswax, berries, vegetables, flowers
and barks, riot otherwise provided for; bis
muth; -bitfeifaples; blankets of all kinds;
blank books, bound or unbound; blue or Ro
man vitriol, or sulphate of copper; boards,
planks, staves, lath, scantlin, spars, hewed
and sawed timber, and timber to be used in
building wharves; bronze liquor; iron liquor;
lac spirits; manna, marble in the rough slab
or - block, unmanufactured; metals, Dutch
and bronze in leaf, needles of all kinds for
sewing, darning or knitting, ozieror willow
prepared for basket" maker's use; paving
stones; paving and roofing tile and brick;
boucho leaves, breccia; bronze powder; but-!
ter; cadmium; calamine; cantharides; caps,!
gioves; leggms, mits, socks, stockings wove
shirts and drawers, made on frames, com
posed wholly of cotton; worn bv men, wo-
men ana children; cassia buds; castor oil:
castornm; chocolate; chromate of lead;
chromate, bichromat, hydriodate, and orus
sirt of potash; cobalt; cocoanuts; coclus in
dicus; copperas or green vitriol, or sulphate
of iron; copper rods, bolts, nails and spikes;
copper bottoms; plaster of Paris when
ground; quicksilver; saffron and saffron cake;
seppia, steel, not otherwise provided for;
copper in sheets or plates, called braziers,
copper, and other sheets of copper not
otherwise provided for; cubebs dried pulp;
emery; either, folspar; fig blue, fish, foreign,
whether fresh, smoked, salted, dried or pick
led, not otherwise provided for; fish g!ue or
isinglass; fish skins; flour of sulphur; Frank
fort black; French chalk, fruit, green of ripe,
not otherwise provided for; fulminates, or
fulminating powders; furs dressed on the
skin; gamboge; glue; gunpowder; hair curl
ed, moss, sea-weed, and all other vegetable
substances - used for beds or mattresses;
names; hats of wood; hat bodies, made of
wool, or of which wool shall be a compo
nent material of chief value; hatter's plush,
composed of silk and cotton; but of which
cotton is the component material of chief
value; nemp seed or hnseed, and rapeseed
oil, and all other oils used in planting Indi
an com and corn meal; ipecacuanha; iridi
um; iris or orrois root, ivory or bone black
jalap; juniper berries; lac sulphur, lamp
black; lard; leather, tanned, bend or sole;
leather, upper of all kind; lead, in pigs,
bars, or sheets; leaden pipes; leaden shot;
leeches; linens of all kinds; liquorice paste
juice, or root; litharge, malt; manganese:
manufactures of flax, not otherwise provi
ded for; manufactures of hemp, not other-
wise provided lor; marine coral unmanufac
tured; medicinal drugs, roots, and leaves, in
a crude state, not otherwise provided for;
metals, unmanufactured, not otherwise pro
vided for; mineral and bituminous substances
in a crude state, not otherwise provided for;
musical instruments of all kinds, and strings
r - . 1 : a . .
ar musical instruments 01 w nip gut or cat
gut, and all other strings of the same mate
rial; nitrate of lead; oats and oatmeal; oils,
neatsfoot, and other animal oil, spermaceti,
whale, and other fisii oil, the produce of for
eign fisheries; opium; oranges, lemons, and
limes; orange and lemon peel; patent mor
dant; paints, dry or ground in oil, not other
wise piovided for; paper hangings and pa
per for screens or fireboards; pearl or hulled
barley; periodicals and other works in the
course of printing and re-publication in the
U. States; pineapples; pitch; plantains;
plumbago: pork; potassum, Prussian blue;
pumpkins; puttv; quills; red chalk; rhubarb;
rice, or paddy; roll brimstone; Roman ce
ment; rye and rye flour; saddlery, common,
tinned, or japancd, sago; sal soda, and all
carbonates ot soda, by whatever names de
signated, not otherwise provided for; salts,
Epsom, glauber, Kochelle, and all other
salts and preparations ot salts, not other
wise provided for; sarsapariila; shaddocks;
sheathing paper; skins, tanned and dressed,
of all kinds; skins of all kinds, not other
wise provided for; slate pencils; smalts;
spermaceti candles and tapers; spirits of
turpentine; sponges; spunk; squills; starch;
sterine candles and tapers; stereotype plates;
still bottoms; sulphate of barytes, crude or
refined; sulphate of quinine; tallow candles;
tapioca; tar; thread laces and insertings;
type metal; types, new or old; vannilla
beans; verdigris; velvet, in the piece com
posed wholly of cotton; velvet in the piece,
composed ot cotton and silk, but ot which
cotton is the component material of chief
value; vermilhon: wax candles and tapers;
w halebone; the produce of foreign fisheries;
wheat and wheat flour; white and red lead;
whiting or Paris white; white vitriol, or sul
phate of zinc; window glass, broad, crown
or cylinder, woollen listings; yams; anni
seed. '
Arsenic; bark; Peruvian; bark Quilla; Bra
zil paste; brimstone; crude in bulk; cork tree
bark, unmanufactured; cordilla, or tow of
hemp or flax: diamonds, glazier's, set or not
set; dragon's blood; flax, unmanufactured;
gold and silver leaf; mineral kermes; silk,
raw; not more advanced in manufacture
than singles tram and thrown or organzine;
terne tin in plates or sheets; tin plates gal
vanized, not otherwise provided for; steel in
bars; cast shear, or German zinc, spelter, or
teutnegue, in sheets.
Ammonia; annato; Rancon or Orleans;
barilla: books printed, magazines, pamph
lets, periodicals, illustrated newspapers,
bound or unbound, not otherwise provided
for: bleaching powders or chloride of lime;
building stones: burr stones; wrought or un
wrought; cameos and mosaics, and-imitations
thereof, not set: chronometers, box or
ships, and parts thereof: cocoa; cochineal:
cocoa" shells; compositions of glass or paste
not set; cudbear; diamonds, gems, pearls,
rubies, and other precious stones, and imi
tations thereof, when not sett; engravings or
plates; bound or unbound; hempseed, lin
seed, and rapeseed; Fuller's earth; furs, hat
ter's, dressed or undressed, not on the skin:
goldbeaters' skins; gum Arabic; gum Sene
gal; gum Tragacunth; gum Barbary; gum
East India; gum Jedda, gum substitute or
burnt starch; iffXtgo; kelp; natron; terra
japonica or catechu: Iiairot all kinds, un
cleaned and unmanulactured; India rubber
in bottles, slabs, or sheets, unmanufactured;
lemon and lime juice; lime; maps and charts;
music paper, with lines, bound or unbound;
nux vomica; oils, palm and cocoa nut; opi
ment; palm leaf, unmanufactured; polishing
stones; pumice and pumice stones; ratans
and reeds, unmanufactured rotton stone: sal
ammonia; saltpetre, (or nitrate of soda, or
potash) refined or partially refined; soda ash;
sulphuric acid, or oil of vitriol, tallow, mar
row, and all other grease and soap stocks
and soap stuffs, not otherwise provided for;
watches, and parts of watches; watch ma
terials of all kinds, not otherwise provided
for: woad or pastel.
Alcornoque; argol, or crude tartar; bells,
when old, or bell metal, fit only to be man
ufactured, brass in pigs or bars; Brazil wood
and all other dyewood in sticks: brass, when
old, fit only to be remanufactured; bristles
chalk, bot otherwise provided for; clay un
wrought; copper in pig or bars, copper,
when old, and fit Only to be remanufactur
ed; flints; grindstones, wrought or un
wrought; berries, nuts," and vegetables used
exclusively in dyeing, or in composing dyes,
but no article shall be classsd as such that
has undergone any manufacture; ivory un
manufactured; ivory nuts, or vegetable ivo
ry; madder root; nutgalls; pearl, mother of;
lastings, suitable 'for shoes, boots, Ixjutees,
or buttons, 'exclusively; manufactures of
mohair cloth, silk, twist, or other manufac
tures of cloth, suitable for the manufacture
of shoes, boots, bootees, or buttons exclu
sively horn, horn-tips, bones, bone-tips,
and teeth, unmanufactured; kerms, lac dye;
madder, ground; nickel; peWter, when old,
and only tit to be remanufactured; rags, of
whatever material; raw hides and skins of
all kinds, whether dried, salted or pickled,
not otherwise provided for; safllower; salt
petre, or nitrate of soda, or potash, when
crude; seedlac: shellac: sumac; tin in pigs
bars or blocks: tortoise and other shells un
manufactured turmeric: waste, or shuddy:
weld: zinc, spelter, or teutenegue, unmanu
factured, not otherwise provided for.
Animals imported for breed: bullion, gold
and silver: cabinets of coins, medals and
other collections of antiquities: coffee and
tea, when imported direct from the place of
their growth or production, in American
vessels, or in foreign vessels entitled bv
reciprocal treaties to be exempt from d is
criminating duties, tonnage and other char
ges; coffee, the growth or production of the
possessions of the INetherlands, imported
from the Netherlands in the same manner:
coins, gold, silver and copper: Copper oar:
copper when imported lrom the United
btates mint: cotton: felt, adhesive, for
sheathing vessels: garden seeds, not other
wise provided fori goods, wares, "and mer
chandise, the growth, produce, or manufac
ture ot the U. btates, exported to a foreign
c6untry, and brought back to the United
States in the same condition as w hen export
ed, upon which no drawback or bounty has
been allowed: Provided, That all regulations
to ascertain the identity thereof, prescribed
by existing laws,or which may bo prescribed
by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be
complied with: guano: household "effects, old
and in use, of persons or families from for
eign countries, if used abroad by them, and
not intended for any other person or pci sons,
or for sale: junk, old; models of inventions
and other improvements in the arts: Provi
ded, That no articles shal be deemed a mod
el or improvement which can be fitted for
use: oakum: oil, spermaceti, whale and other
fish, of American fisheries, and all other
articles the produce of such fisheries: pain
tings and statuary, the production of Amer
ican artists residing abroad, and all other
paintings and statuary: Provided, Tiie same
be imported in good laith as objects of taste,
and not ot merchandise, personal and house
hold effects (not merchandise) of citizens of
the United States dying abroad: plaster of
Pans, unground, platina unmanulactured:
sheathing copper, but no copper to be con
sidered such, and admitted free, except in
sheets forty-eight inches long and fourteen
inches wide, and weighing from lourteen to
thirty-four ounces the square foot: sheath
ing metal: specimens of natural history,
minerology, or botany: trees, shrubs, bulbs,
plants, and roots, not otherwise provided for:
wearing apparel in actual use, and other per
sonal elfects not merchandise, professional
books, implements, instruments, and tools
of trade, occupation, or employment, of per
sons arriving in the United States: Provided,
That this exemption shall not be constructed
to include machinery or other articles impor
ted for use in any manufacturing establish
ment or for sale.
from IoaU JmU M,rt;M 1
A Victoiy!
The Joy -bells peal a merry tuna
Along the evening air;
The crackling bonfire turn the skj.
All crimson with their glare;
Bold niusic tiih the startled street-.
With mirth-inspiring lound;
The ppirig cannon's reddening Lie ith,
akes thunder-shouts around:
And thousand joyful voices crv,
"Huzza huzza ! a icti.rv
A little girl stooxl rlt il. door,
And with her kitten played;
Less wild and froliclsome than he,
That roy prattling maid.
Suddenly her cheek turns ghostly white:
Her eyes with tears are filled,
And rushing in of doors, she screams
My brother Willie's killed!"
And thousand joyful voices cry,
'Huzza! huzza! a victory!"
A mother sal in thoughtless e.i-c,
A-knilling by the lire,
iMying the needle's thrifty task
With hands that never tire.
She tore her few grey hairs and shrieked,
"My joy on earth is done!
Oh! who will lay mc in the grave
Oh, God! my son! my ton!"
And thousand joyful voices cry,
"llurza! huzza! a victory!"
A youthful wife the threshold crossed,
With matron's treasure blessed :
A smiling infant nestling lay
In slumber at her breast.
She spoke no word, the heaved no sigh,
The widow's tale to tell :
But like a corpse, all white and still, '
Upon tho earth-floor fell,
And thousand joyful voices cry,
"Huzza! huzza! a victory!"
An old weak'man, with head of snow,
And years three scoie and ten,
Looked in upon his cabin-home.
And anguish seized him then.
He helped not wife, nor helpless babe,
Matron nor little maid,
One scalding tear, one choking sob
He knelt him down and prayed.
And thousand joyful voices cry,
'Huzza! huzza! a ictory!"
A Battle Field. For two days a thou
sand cannon had swept it, and three hund
red thousand men had struggled upon it in
the midst of their fire. The grassy plain
was trodden into rnire, on which nearly
twenty, thousand men mangled, torn and
bleeding, had been strewn. Many had
been carried into the city during the night,
but some stark and stiff in death some
resting on their elbows, pale and ghastly,
and calling for help, others writhing in mor
tal agony amid heaps of the slain, still cov
ered the ground. , Others which had been
hastily buried the day before, lay in their
half covered graves here a leg and there:
an arm, sticking out of the ground, while to!
crown the horror of the scene, multitudes of
women were seen roaming the field, not to
bind up the wounded, but to plunder the
dead. They went from heap to heap of
the slain, turning over tho mangled bodies1
and stripping them of their clothing; and
loaded down with their booty, gathered it
in piles besides their corpses., Unmolest
ed in their work they made the shuddering
field still more ghastly by strewing it with
half naked form?. White arms and bodies
stretched across each other, or dragged a
wajT from the heaps they had helped to swell,
made the heart even ot Napoleon turn faint
as he rode over the field of slaughter. Oh,
what a comment on war, and what a cure
for ambition and the love of glory was this
ueiuj j. no icii lucu uiiu iiorror sincKen in
habitants came out from the cellars of their
burnt dwellings and strove to relieve this
woe by burying the dead and succoring the
wounded.- lleadley. .
The Two Roses Heing with my friend
in a garden, we gathered each of us a rose.
He handled his tendei lv, smelt it but cldo.n,
and sparingly. I always kept mine to my
nose, or squeezed it in mv hand, whereby in
a very short time it lost both its color and
sweetness; but his still remained as sweet and
fragrant as if it had been growing upon its
own root. Ihese roses, satd I, are the true
emblems of tho best and sweetest creature
enjoyments in the world, which being mod
erately and cautionsly used and enjoyed,
may lor a long time yield sweetness to the
possessor of them: but if once tho affection
seize too greedily upon them, and squeeze
them too hard they quickly wither in our
hands, nnd we lose thecomlort of them: and
that either through the soul surfeiting upon
them, or their just removal, because of tho
excess of our affections to them. It is a
(xint of excellent wisdom to keep the golden
iridle of moderation upon all tho aflecfions
we exercise on eatthly things. Flavtl.
Mahkiace. The marriage ceremony is
the most interesting spectacle .social life ex
hibits. To see two rational beings, in tho
glow of youth and hope which invests life
with the halo of happiness, appear together
and acknowledge their preference for each
other, voluntarily enter into a league of
perpetual fricmUiiip, and ( all heaen nnd
earth to witness the .sincerity of their solemn
vows to think of the endearing connection,
the important consequences, the final separ
ation, the smiles that kindle into ec.stacy at
their union, must at length be quenched in
tears of the survivor; but while hlo continues,
thev are to participate in the same joys, en
dure the same sorrows, to rejoico nnd weep
inunison. Boconstant,man; bcconsidcratu
woman, and w hat can earth oiler so pure m
your affection!
A PoonTirrLEit, who had spent hundred
of dollars ot the bar of a ccitain groggcry.
bein" one day faint and feeble, and out ot
change, asked the landlord to trust him for
a glass of liquor. "o," was inesuny rcpty,
"I never make a practice of doing such
things." Tho poor fellow turned to a gen
tleman who wassittingby, and whom he had
known in better days, saying, "Sir, w ill you
lend me a sixpence.'" "Certainly," was the
replv. The landlord with alacrity placed
it.- "Axyor nnd i?las before him. He took
UID n o ... It 1
a pretty good horn, and having swallowed
it nnd replaced tho clas with evident sat-
isfaction, he turned to the man, nnd sau!,
"Here, sir, is tho si pence I owe you! 1
lake it a point, degraded as l am, ui w ay
. i ....irtvr li.frirI nav a rurnscl-
pay Dorrowcu iu'"-; i .
Ier." .
Jon Newtox. "I see in this World,"
said John Aewton, "two heaps of. human
happiness and misery: now if i can take but
the smallest bit from'one heap to the other.
I carry a point.--If, as I go home, a child
his dropped a half-penny, and if by giving
it another lean wipe away its tears,! feel
that I have done something. 1 should be
glad indeed, to do, greater things, but I wijl 'Marryinsr a lady for her beaut v, i
not neglect this." eating a bird for its singing.'
Law. The bitterest practical satire upon
r..v we have ever seen, n aiiordcu oy mo
course tho aggrieved parties took to arrest
the tvto men who lately eloped at mo ixorui
with too married women. They were ovcr-
taken and arrested upon wnai cnargo uoe t
the reader suppose? Upon tho charge of
larceny, in as much as the cmics oi inc wo
mtn, in law construed to be the property of
their husbands, were found in the poc--.ion
clandestinely, of their seducers! This is a
specimen of the farcical fictions to which
lawyers some times resort. -1 tck. Z-.u.'ih-f.
To CvBnlTnvu. A lady, pit.". ! f f the
Sofcietj cf J'licnds in New Yoik, way- bo micccss
ful in curing Burns, that many uppos.d her p'w
c.ied of the power of working imrncles. I ho
following is the receipt fr the medicine: Toko
one ounce of bee-swat ui h f"ir mines burgun
dy pitch, simmered in nncnrtlien vee-i together,
with ft much sweet oil tin will fof.cn lb' m into
iho consistency cf a salvo when cool, Kcp .1
from th3 air in a tipht hot or jnr. V "h:n Used.
spread il ihinly on a cloth, and apply it to the
part injured. Open tho b:rn with a rWd'e and
let out tho water till it heals.

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