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t "" . -
( ;RKSSION.M.. 1Ui.tim.irk, Dec. '2-2. In
s',-iiii.s to-day, Mr. Se'mMim presenscd a
r,-i:irilini it'e Ala!.un Judiciary.
' v. II iiniiii presented ;i bill to provide for the
.uni-lnnent of atelejrrrtphie lino to the I'd- ! --
l (.is o'lered a rt sol n I i
mi, which was
1 -.1 ,1. lii.i' iiKluiry s',iuiM
made into the
i ., v ol 'ivi:ir lltt widow ol '('ant.
- II .1 p"lS.'II.
V n - ''.iii ui lo aiiihori.f tiie President tu con
brevet rank of l.ieiitniiiiit t'enpral yvas
-cusmiI. Messr. W.ilker, Pellit, Mason,
,;,, and Dotiolas made speeches in nppni-
t .i it. Messrs. Shields, !ass, and olio is
.. ),, in f iver of i'.
v r,-..!tiiioii to atijourii t Tuesdav from lo
i . i i
trow w as aIi''t'il. .vipiiirrieu.
M I 1 -1' vt I. . ..,-.
;Ihi' lllllsk'. .MI. .I0I1IINOI1 ;-cit.ii, pic-
i;-. .1 !ii-i crciii'iitials.
V resolution was adopted to inquire into the
,a . ;ii!'n-y of selling useless navy yards and
, -pitals."
'!'::, lull on Frt-neli spoliations was taken up
. 1 u i rt'H'liei
,,i ., I'll ,,.i,i; i;.. ii.u
Mr. Miller prrsenled a bill providing lor the
..... :i..z nii'ii ol Aeoraska.
Tin other Implies done in the House was- un
i;i;Mit int. Adjourned.
- 1
A '.Y-.is'.iii:
j, . t ! pursii
i ::oi Pacific
:lori letter sjy." :-"A flun is on i
i,e Congress to lend its sanction I
1J .ilroad in the following form : i
i he (Ji.vrniinenl to lend Us nouns lo 1 ae I
iativ, takinu t'ie ro:n! as sieurity lor Ihe
paV- I
,,. ,.i i i tM am 'in t "! money pani in tjv iihm-
.!..! Inr ev, ry sldlltl tuns paid in by
;iii:il i . he loaned bv the (Jeneral (Jov-
v i i u ; i s .
, n.ii.eM. II liny iniUi 'i'S are paid by suhscri
I,, rs to the t 'oiupany, Congress will he asked
.. siiliM-iihe the sime amount, (-onirress, I
ii, ink. wu! in'l s.meiiiiii this form of aid."'
(illV. W ool. OltllKUKI) TO tAI.IKOKMA. It is
-t.if d tii it M.ijor (leneral Wool has heen order
. : i , e -mman l of the rri ! itarv d i vision h,iv
iier it- l'.".il iii irirrs at San l'laiH-iseo, Ciiitor
i,i i. 'i'iiis eii.ni'je il is thoiiiilti, lias heen made
ei icv of the i:!ip,ir;.ii'ee of llip position of
I' i'ii. rni i and the neee-ity which recent events
h.tve demonstrated of havinir a military officer
s!..tj.)i:ed there of (he hihe.-.t rank, and clothed
Willi the luMest powers lo suppress any inlrliure-
t.t upon our neutrality laws, and at the same !
. ...
to proieet our cni.ens .111 ttie 1 acllsc. len.
., i, ... '
Wool, it is understood, w ill leave f.r the scene
l lii duties as soon as he can make the tieces
v.irv arr.iuoeinenls for the v .ynoe.
Ciriii'.:i't tf' Stnthut.
f' rum tin A . I'ifi un nr.
to 1 ton -.1 i:wi:t.
sit iKlnl .V'iKMVi, Dei . -lobe! "0 1. I -.".!.
1 r,,. 'i"oi- Li,'.'. i,-e- !i tin- Asia, t!...- .-learner
the il'l ill-; , Were bei'.ilV tie' pu'l.iic Ulul lli.-ap-
.,iu', ,I 1 be 'rin-ral evpee.latisiu. as an advance
i.:. ! 1 an; jeipat-.-d front the tenor of the Artie's
adv ice-. The demand w as in eonseipieuce limi
. ,1 end tin- -ait s contiued t , : ".t'Ht I. ales. On
A', 1 in l;i . :i -001I 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1: ne. up :i 1,1 1 Co tit imied
iluriu- I'ue-il.iy ; 1 ! h I We.iiiesdtiV , the .-ales of I'ue
'liiee ,:. , li.nmu leiiel.ei', O'.l.."0tl bales. Yes'.er
ie.. .u 1 nr to ! he i 1,. I. lie-1 lev of lie- weather. I lie
s We
:i iu-i.
eoiit, u.-.i I,, l.ifltl bale-. I'ln, niorniu--,
'h! the letter- bv the ,ia. which .!
r to have brought iin' incre;i-.ed limit.-,.
. ' 1, :,' our m:i rkel to be i riie.i 1, , local 1 a-es.
lie- in 111:1ml wa- limited and t'ie jle barelv
, ;,, In -d tj'i'hi making a total for ;!i,-M-e'k
..1 :.e..r:i' ba;e,. 'I'l,, neek close- heav ilv at our
civ Orleans ( la iticat 0:1.
I !. T3 , (b),)!! Mil, 1:1 l;.
Mimu.tM, Fair l(M , ( in 1
Fair II
he i;i:.-ni; tky ii;axs ;,
, v -en-it ive j, art of t lie human frame
eeptibility !odi-e;i-e manifests itself
te a pecu
. and iln ir
itt v arioii-
uch a- C
rh-. Colds, Ci
-t lima, and that fearful -course of our race, Con--iinptton.
To letiiedy these iii-er.-es, STA-
F.l.KK'S a.vduvm; CIIKRUY KXPF.C'l. ")
K T i- ,,t!",-r-,l to the public, with the a-sur-
- "i e 1.1,11 n i no empirical C"iiijintiii..l, hut a pre-
p nation sanctioned bv medical .-cience and com
i. -n 1:11, ,111. k- i.eni neial etlects 111 all the aliovi
' in- of ,li-e:i-e. ha', e been (.eftitieil to bv iiu-o-,,-'
.,- ,-, t !!. te-t inioii v. V,m mv advi.-ed to sixe
'rial. S !'.;I,K1C- Dl AKIM'.A C ilihlAh is
si reinedv vchicii has been tested and apprv
- huu-beils of pb y -i" iaiis and others. See
, . : ' - .-tiieu; i n 'n,i her col um 11 . and de-cri jt i ve
.e,;-!.'et-. !., be had i',i!i, of liie a-euts. Price
1 '1. only at) cents, or siv bottles for S'2 ."ill.
'i 1 ii n ! i; 1 1 ;:r.i atisai cck kd.
i'i .a a. I. . 'Veiii, in, A jeni nt ft.'tiiwu, .'.. fur
11. '. I'nrrrll's f.initnr.;!.
to your I.inaiiiei.t, I am becoming more and
ion iuced every day of its virtues. A
: ! in !. itiiineniling if to a peisoti, states that
in ly ct
Cttoll ol
arior,- 1
1 himself of a chronic rheu
1' staiiil iiiif, htlviiiiT pieviou.--ii
ines. be-idus usini.' mineral
vain, lb- now claims to be entirely
lie Liniment is becoming; pttpular. and
doub; my sales v ill increase.
d. T
a 'a a
111.. Oct.
"I ver; i-c-i
in our p
ii:i!CAL cai;i.
. K. IKIIKP,, o-fers Ins profpssiona! ser
to the citizens ol Jackson rni.l licinitv.
m v
'1 it'eis himself that th
!'e of medu-itie in I
irty years devoted to the
.eiitut kv and Mississinni.
11, eie him sumew hat acquainted with ihe diseases
'' ' to the South-west, ami their Irealment.
' - I'-i-.ce, M ij. K. S. Parish's old Stand. Office,
' 'tr. - t. opposite the Mansion House.
I ! Rsi' - to an order of the Probate Vcnirt of
1 II i-,ls coimtv .Miss., made nl ll, Vnvo.,l,..r I
div .
l -'l. I Will sell n ,,t, prom,s,.s 0 tllf, 7,1, 1
-I o.ii irv t s;, 1 ...... . ,
,r . - "-ieu.1 01 twelve moiiins,
'" l"f u.M.i- l.on.l and a 1 proved security'
t.. ..!lov,,..Mlcesr.l.ed re.,1 ,...., ',,.,, , Ve t !
' ekson, !,, : h(. :ut m j,,,,. w,!son,
e.uaiiuiin abo,,, one ..err- :,,! from in? about f.7 feet, !
- late residence of Francis IVisMnore, in sa-d city I
" '''f n. NANCY PASSMORK, Adm'x. of )
i' ''. .Hi, J- H IM is I
.Vss.MoRr, dee'd.
LAND nm salk.
; i'rt i-.k lor sale
mv tract of l:m,l r, II. .,.,.
I land
V .'in river. ii-,tl;.. 11 .. ,-, ; 1
ti teen liun.tred acres, all -mve overflow and sus-'i'-mir-
ot cii;i,v,tiu, within four miles of naviga-
"" "'V ,'!""' liowl 'lii"'-' house, cistern,
...ae.i, enx.it nee, cabins, cribs, stable s Jtc.. on
1 ...... .on, t:ultiv(ion, and
..lined. Mr. I. 1. MrSrcc ,,,,
x Imndreij
Itlcp wdl
lew it. .vir. I lioin.is v..
minted ith tiie i,!;,,-,-,
Menu, oi .i.icks.ia is ac
I'm 1,'ier particulars en-
"' 'rit.er ai .1 e As,,,,. Mi-
,-, 1 hi sell at t'ie ntv ,,1
ickson on Tiies-
.. to (he Imihest
l ieu by approved
M.tlie .i.;t day ot' Jin 11.1 r v , 1-'lie.-,
lortuelte 111 out hs In I i s :n ,
uses lrl ,.w Orjeaiis. l.-n ! , L . .,-
', u oil aeel tma-
-'roes. VM
l-ickson. M.ss., Dec. ."'(I, Is,"-.'!.
rV tit.- Poultry ,1 .aires, planters, x
c.ei-s at the Sunt!,. fl, subscriber is
'i'i fan-
II DM ,,rp.
o '-u to (nl or,! vs to any extent for an v
known i :i n...
. none in,(,it,.u ami .lomesiic Fowl ,.;,
!'ie!.s. Turkeys, Swans, and Pea and ; ,,;,ie.i Fowl,"
' I wul I sell st1;k bv the ,,a.r, trio ,- t, at ve,N
"' "''nM prices. Those who buv to sell a.'aiti s,,-',.
1 " nivoruule terms. 1 will warrant all
o me ne
lii.ll III
itnv in ihe
coniitry. Stnc
I 'lilted States
. can be safely sent to any pirt of tl
No charge made for cages.
li.... !, . '" "t cages
... ..s,,.,. j w. PLAT r.
Rhinebeck. N. 1'.
l i. LI AM FKCKR ha,
resuincil the practice
v. . 1, "'"'.r ,"e ' '-".leu a copartnership
., i i T'S r RUlk' Ksri riu ""end to all
""-mess eiitriixleil to I ...... :
tr U.. i 7. . . our.s 111 J JCKSOII
' tKS win also atteiid the courts
in Rav moii J
oo- aui,jr counties,
D. U. & D. S. LEMMAN,
surueox destjsts,
lacksou. Mississippi.
HAVE the pleasure of announcing that they have
secured the Right of making and using Dr.Al-
I'tilnU Continuous Grim.
We would reijuest persons in want of artificial
Teeth lo call ami examine specimens, ii bicli for
beaut) , natural appearance, dm ability and cleanli
ness, cannot be surpassed.
We will continue to make professional visits to
the adjoining towns of Brandon. Clinton and Ray
mond. We will also attend lo all calls in the
con nl ry.
Constantly on hand, fine Tooth Brushes, Tooth
I ,-Iim .-, ml Powders.
ilice in the Sin miler.- Buildini's. Canilol St., a
lew O mts east of tin' iis-.. jipi.tu Odice.
Dec lti, ls.X.
iK!:r n?i:i:iv property for salk.
Vi ISI1IM" to eiiijae in other business, I otter
V I'm s;ile ni -plantation on Deer Creek, tofreth
,it with corn, foiUi-r, Mock of every kind; 1J(,(HC(
i or 15(1.011(1, brick, ami with or without M" or 36
! hands, most of tli'iu youii! and likelv negroes
i none reserved hut those in whom mv wife and
children have a residuary interest by devise.)
t ne iiaei eoiiiaiiis nine now aris or i ,'nm acres,
,..,.,. , , -lw , , , '
IM .. ..... .. . . . -.. . 1.-..1 ... ... .1 r ..i...
! laroed if de-ired. It lies on Middle Drcer Creek.
! lietween Messrs. Harrison and Down's siImivi :nnl
Thompsons. Vieks. and Cameron's below. There
is a '-ooil mail to the 'Ivor liv Mr I.'ivl.lir'.i
Silver Lake, to .Mr. (Sutler's Landing.
AKo, .'W I acres unimproved land in the same
A ir a tine tract on the Arkansas l!iver, in the
1 1 1 . i' M .. I-" . 1 .. .1. r i i...
oil;,1ooi oooii 1,1 .HJ. rv I 111 orou tll , LIU, ,1111111, IT.
Jordan, and the late Col. Clav. It contains T'tKI !
acres, ,"'I0 cleared, and fronts on the river and a1
hike, and is well improved, known as the Mrs.
Tavlor place.
These lauds are not inferior to any in the South
ern country. They need no commendation from
me or any one else thoy will show for themselves.
1 w i-ii to sell immediately and will sell low for
very prompt payments.
I'or the Deer ("reek lands refer to Judsje Shar
key. Jackson, Miss.:T. Whaloy, Vicksburij; and
Planters of Deer Creek.
i'or the Arkansas tract refer to Col. Smith and
Dr. Jordan, and Planters on Arkansas River.
Address me at Vicksl.unj. II. R. WKST.
De.-eml.cr vM, ln53 Vicks. Wlii";.j
rT',IIK undersigned Administratrix of ihe estate of
, ,. .i .j ...:ii i. . . i.
- ""!,v a ubcbmscm, win, uy inc ui me ;
P','v,'r;""1 ''"''nty in her vested, sell at public sale
-'i no- iao- resilience oi s.iiu .inos 1 ea ver t. cceaseo . .
in the city of Jackson, on Saturday the 2sth day ol
January. Is";-!, all the house hold and kitchen furni
t'tre lielo!iiii to said state, consisting of a large
Mimoer of bedsteads, bedding, chairs, wardrobes,
carpets, piait".-, lui.Jes, blankets, leather beds, and
numerous otlior articles, too tedi-.ius to mention.
S.ile to conuueiice at 11 o'clock, A.M. Terms ol .
sale six mouths credit, liond with approved se
er, tv re,iitrel. MARIA CLKVKIt, Adm'x.,
UciiERr llou Li.M;.) ol' A . ( le VER, dee'd.
Auctioneer. 5
Dee. L'.i, )s:,,t.
IIJ'K'S Patent Oljlicpie Pointed G
very hest oei.D rr.s made a new
old Pen the
supvlv at
i 1 KKKX LEAF'S :Jrd..
I iience to be soUl at uubli:
of E
icr's price at
J .tckton and Canto
16, o.l.' MDRKVS.
SIIII'I'KI) from New York December St h, from
Win. II ill 4c Son,b'i octave Piano, which with
Stool, we will sell at ii300. Als i 111 store a $37.
ami a si 77 oi) Win. II.1II& Son Piano.
Pec. -j;;, -.";(. J. t;. &j.h.mori:v.
y 1 1 1 ! I S T I A S J ' E S E N T A T I O N ( i i it-.
Dec.i:i,-'.3. A great variety at MORKY'N.
l!uck- heal Flour,
(ioslicn butter,
Fresh Ruisriis am Prunes
Filberts, Brazil nu,
Canton liinger, Jelly,
Ch iinpagne " Heidsick,''
Worcestershire Saurre,
Pepper do.
Fresh Niluion,
do. Sardines,
and all kinds of Fxtrncts.
Steam Syrup,
Goshen Cheese,
, A linonds, Pecans,
West India Preserves,
Currants. Cranberries,
Walnut Ketchup,
Tomato do.
Mushroom do.
Fresh Lobster,
Underwood Pickle",
fact almost every
thing for t'ainilv use can be had, zood, fresh and
t heap, at Will TING ic KAI SLKR.
Dec. II). IS.J.-?.
Vl'l'LKS! Al'IM.KS
Apples, just received and
bids., choice
lor sale bv
V. J. liROWN.
Dec. 10, 'ni.
you want Ducks? Do vou want to be free
from Dvspeosia and all its horrors ? Do von
wish to behealthv uu l strong ? then jjotu BROWN'S
and buy you a good (iu7, tiumeluig, Shot Bjg, J'oir- ;
diT Flunk, Shot and Powder, $-c, and take healthy '
exercise, and wiu will have very little use for physic,
and msti ad of horrible s glits and Nightmare, diirint;
your hours of slumber, you will have pleasant dreams
and be much refreshed by nature's sweet restorer.
Prow 11 sneaks from experience. Will you try it
Dec. lo. ISoj.
ritHK subscriber will offer at public vendue, with
I 111 the hours prescribed by law, the 15th day of
January, 18o4,on the premises, in the city of Jackson, ;
the undivided interest of Patrick limes, dee'd, in :
(ioods, Wrares and Merchandise, belonging to the late
linn of Ilines & Maguire; on a credit of b" months,
the purchaser will be required to give aoproved se
curiiv. JOHN M. HULL, Adm'r.
Dec. lb". 1S:"3. f-d-s. ;
Superior Court of Chinctry of the Statevf Mississippi,
1 Xocemher Rules.
; Farmers 4i Mechanics Hank of Memphis,'
J.M.. vs
liriys, Lacoste & Co., ct al.
L"T PON opening the complainant's hill, and it ap
) pearinjr lo the satisfaction of the Court, that
the dei'enda nts, Minor Kenner, Charles Brii;ss, Floril
Herman and ('.rant, are not citizens of this State,
but reside beyond the limits thereol'.so that the ordina
ry process of this court cannot be executed upon them,
therefore it is ordered, that said defendants enter
their appeal ance herein, at the next term of this Court,
to be holilen at Ihe Court room in the eity of Jackson,
on the first Monday in March next ensuing, and
plead, answer nr demur to the complainant's bill,
otherwise theseveral allegations (hereof will be ta
ken tor confessed as lo them, set for hearing e.x parte,
and the matters thereof decreed accordingly.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order be
published in the " Flag of the Union,'" a public news
paper printed in the city of Jackson, once a w eek for
one month. " J. T. SIMMS, Clerk.
Dee. n, 1S."i3. .25-lm. liy L. Mimh, D. C.
tleo. I.. Potter. So!.
I Offer for sale my Plantation, 3; miles north of
Jackson, containing about '20 acres, one half
111 cultivation, the balance heavily timbered. The
, improvements are good and new, consisting in part
; of a gin house and mill attached, large stable, negro
; houses, cribs, &c. This land is very valuable, ful
j ly 300 acres being rich creek bottoms and prairie
land, the latter unsurpassed lor the growth of corn.
I uplands, witli a small exception , excellent hick
j ory and black jack land. Presuming that no one
; vvill purchase without an examination, a further de
i scriution is- considered neediest. The f
j ua wou,j l)C ,n,:rc.ised, to a person desirin" a
I larger tract 10 llllll-,,.,.. ,..,1 u.i :
of a l.irire dwelling house, and all needful out build
ings, with several springs and cistern near, and a
youus: orchard of choice fruits S.r .-c
- - ....o, ..,1,1 uimtu i.iiiiruit'inr us
: ,v, 8C, .several servants, with or without the
place. among them a good plantation carpenter, a
I .rood cook and choice iroi.er ,,l ti.
II he sold low. Apply to myself on the
Dec. lti, 1S.13. (Jt.
ii. P. i;arland.
X to be had at
-The very best are
at ten bits a pair,
11. ,t P. rin.7llK.IM.
I" ItSSKTS 1.000 pair,
A No 1 quality, bv
.lacksiiii, Noveuiber 11, IS
OHM CH Al RS , Mahog .ny, Cane
Scat, and
-tJ W i
udsor. iust received bv
"ec. 2t, 'ol. J.c. CARPF.NTER & CO.
, P,,"iA,(ROlKKKY, o. rious7fii7uish
I '"' 'Tiiclcs, a full and large supply, f(,r sale
l ' , ' . IL & V. llii..tiKiM.
I Jackson. November 11, I?;..3.
! T l'sTnl"l.CK,vis'
, U and Pistols, slot Bags, Powder nsk,aud Cut
t j ...
.. ...s, ... A . IRDEN-S t Co.
Jackson. ISovemliCr 25, 1853.
Always to be had. of rm.rt n
IL. TELIGA. has the pleasure to inform the citi
s zens and visiters of Jackson that he has open
ed new rooms over Mr. Shaw's Store. Un the nierit
of his work, he looks for support lo those who want
trvt, well finished, and taxiing likenesses.
A superior stock ol material on h.ind.
Jackson, Dec. IC, 'o3. It'.
200 BE WARD!
"I'lTILL UK PAID for such information as will lead
to the arrest and conviction ol the person who
placed an obstruction on the Railroad Truck of the
Vicksburg and Jackson Jlailroad, near the Clinton
Water Station, on the morning of the 7th iiist.
Hv order of C. S. Yr.Ror.R, President.
Dec'. 16, lfia3..2-4t. J. ROACH.
MR. CTIAS. K. WKIGANDT, having returned
from a prolessional lour to Europe, has now
resumed his profession of Portrait Painting in this
city, and solicits a renewal of the kind patronage of
his friends and the public generallv. Rooms on State
Street, one door above Mr. J. C. Carpenter's Kurni-
lure More.
Jackson, December I6th, 1S03. .2-3m.
Auction and Commission Merchant,
No. I Cheapside, Jackson, Miss.,
General Dealer in Produce, roceries, and
Plantation Supplies.
Auction dle Each Veck,
Of Dry Goods, Groceries, Furniture & Kancy Articles.
J. H. LEDBETTKR, Auctioneer.
Cas-h advances on Cotton, Lime, Cement, Flour, Ba
con, Sugar, Coffee, Rice, Soap, Salt, Tobacco,
Nails, Haggiiig, Rope, &c, &c, &c.
HErEBENCEf-Bradley, Wilson & Co., A.J. French,
A. F. Dunber &c Co. New Orleans; J. S. Chenaworth,
Cincinnati; Theo. H. Hunt Ai Co., Louisville; L.C.
Moore & Co., Cotib & Maulove, Vicksburg.
Dec. 16, 'd3. .2-tt.
Important Publication.
The Proprietor of the NFAV OR LtANS TRUE
DELTA. Office, 103 St. Charles street, opposite
ihe St. Charles Theatre, lias just issued, in pam
phlet form, a List of In TKRMKvrs in all the Cem
eteries of New Orleans, from the 1st of May to the
1st of November, 1?.:1, together vvilh names and
Ufjos of deceased, place of nativity, causes of death,
date of interment, anil name of Cemetery in which
interred, alphabetically arranged.
To w hich will lie added
A Review of the Yellow "ever, I tst'a uses, &c ,
and an interesting and useful abstract of Mortua
ry Statistics.
Price Fifty Cents per ropy.
1 The vork, hy the single ropy, or in nuanti
ties promptly forwarded to any part of the United
States, on payment lieim; made in advance, in post
office stamps, or in current funds of any State in
tliel'nion. l'artiesat a distance desirous of pro
curing copies of the work, and persons wishing
to forward it to t heir friends or correspondents in
ot her States, w ill please seinl their orders to the
publication office of the True Delta, 103 St. Charles
street, New Orleans, as early as possible. '2-tf.
SuperiorCout t of Cha nrtr y ,of theSlute of Mississippi.
December Term, A. D. 1S53.
K. Boisgerard, etal.,
4S7tl vs V
M. J. Standard, et il. )
UPON openinglhe complainant's bill, and it ap
pearing satisfactorily, that the defendants,
Nelson Kavanaugh, Thacker W. Winter, Krasmus D.
Fenner and Samuel Neil, are not citizens of this
State, b t reside beyond the limits thereof, so i
that the ordinary process of this court cannot be :
executed upon them, therefore it is ordered, that
they enter their appearance herein, at the next term j
of this Court, to be holdcn at the Court room in the i
city ol Jackson, on the first Monday in March
next ensunur, and plead , answer or demur lo the com- '
plainant'sbill, otherwise the sever. ilallcgations there- 1
of will be taken for confessed against (hem, set foi j
hearing ex parte, and the matters thereof decreed '
It is further ordered that a copy of this order be
published in the "Flag of the L"nioii,"a public news
paper printed in the city of Jackson, once a week, for
one mouth. J. T. SIMMS, Clerk,
(i. L. Potter, Sol. By K. P. Rlssell, d. c.
uec. lti, 1S.03. .2-5w.
Superior Court of Chancery of the State of Mississippi , j
December Term, A. 1). lSoa.
Warren P. Anderson, 1
A"$ vs.
C. II . Clifton , et al. ) - i
UPON opening the complainant's bill , and itap
pearing satisfactorily, lha( the delendan(s, Win
S.Bndleyand William C. Walker are not citizens of
this State, bu( reside beyond the limits (hereof, so
thaf the ordinary process ot this Court cannot be exe
cuted upon them, therefore it is ordered, that said
defendants enter their appearance herein, at the
next term of this Court, to be holdcn at the Court
room in the city of Jackson, on the lirst Monday in
Alarch next ensuing, and plead, answer or demur
(o (he complainants' hill , otherwise the several alle
gations thereof w ill be taken for coulessed as to lliem,
set for hearing ex parte, and the matters thereof de
creed according.
It is further ordered that a copy if this order be
published in the ' Flag of the Union ,?' a public news
paper printed in the city of Jackson, one : a week,
for one month. J.T. SIMM, Clerk.
F. Anderson, Sol. per K. P. Ri sseli., d. c.
Dec. lfj,'So3. .2-5iv.
Superior Court of Chancer if of the State of Mississippi.
December Term, 1853.
Win. Weadiersby, J
4S73 vs.
Daniel D. Webb, et al. )
UPON opening the complainant's bill and it
appearing satisfactorily, that the defendant,
John W.Webb, is not a citizen of this State, but re
sides beyond the limits thereof, so that the ordi
nary process of this Court cannot be executed upon
him, therefore it is ordered, that he enter his ap
pearance herein, at the next term of this Court, to be
holden at the Court room in the city of Jackson,
011 the first Monday in March next ensuing, and
plead, answer or demur to complainant's bill, other
wise the several allegations thereof will be taken for
confessed against him, set for hearing ex parte, and
the matters thereof decreed accordingly.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order be
published in the "Flag of the Union,'' a public news
paper printed in the city of Jackson, once a week, for
one month. J. T. SIMMS, Clerk,
Adams & Dixon, Sol's. By E. P. RusfF.i.L, d. c.
Dec. 16, 1S53..2-5I.
I)ROWN'8 rod frieud.s have actually kept
y him so busy (May Heaven bless them,) that he
has not had time to make out any advertisements, and
even at present, he cannot do more than say, that he
has greatly improved by age and experience in his
business, and solicits every body, saints and sinners,
to come and see what he has got. His store is too
small to hold all of his goods, consequently, only has
samples exhibited. If you want an article that is
good, and vvill do you some service, say so, and you
shall have it ; and if you want something very cheap,
that seems w hat it is not, you can have that also, but
guaranties it to be the dearest in the end.
December 9, 1853.
11 UNA
largest assortment ever brought to Jackson, and
at small profits at Dec. 9 BROWN'S.
vvill resume his Classical School for young gen
tlemen the 1st March, 1854.
December f). 1854.. l-3m.
C VaIU-ENTER'S TOOLS. A fine assort-
ment of the very best, and some not so god, of
w hich fact, the customers will be informed, as Brown
wishes to sell everything for jnst what it is. Come
and see I Dec. 9, '53.J BROWN.
HARDWARE. Our stock is complete. Call
and see. II &: P. Hilzueim.
Jackson, November 11, 1853.
JL'ST opened, a fine stock of fresh and choice
Teas consisting of the best Black and Green,
to which they call the attention of those who wish
a r7"" article. WHITING & KAl'SLER.
NoverulM-r 4, 1633.
New Orleans, Nov. 29, 1853.
Public notice is hereby given that instalments of
ten per cent, each, on account of subscription, in
Mississippi, to the capital stock of this Company,
will be due and payable on the following dates:
February, 13, 1X54,
January 2, 1855,
April 17,
June 19, "
January 2 ;1856,
May 10", "
Ry order of the Board
Dec. 2, 34tf.
March 8, "
May 10, "
March 8, 1856,
January 2, 1857.
AR. GREKN and LADY will Uke charge of)
, this School on Monday the second day of Jan- I
uary, 1S54. j
The chatr. for I lie first Sr. s ton, t
si j
citlrntUr iiimit 'ts, null or tt.s Ji!;uii'.
Spelling, Reading, Writing
and Prima -y Arithmetic,. .isS 00 per month.
Arithmel.c, (ieograpliv and
Grammar .' 4 CO
The Higher Kngli h Branches, 5 CO "
Ancient Languages,. 1 00
Modern Languages, o 00 " ' '
Music, Piano and Guitar, each, " 00 " 4i
Use of Instruments, 1 00 " " "
Board, Wrashing, Lights and
Fuel, 15 00 "
Kach pupil will furnish one chair and table, and
each boarder will be required lo furnish her own
towels, sheets and pillow cases.
Pajmeuts one-half in advance, the otht-r at the end
of the Session. Dec. 9, 1S53. . I-ot.
In the Probate Court of Hinds county,
Xovi mbcr term IS;J.
To Viryiuia I,, and Hmry A- Kent, minor hrir j
Richard A. Kent, and non-resident.
"7"OlT are hereby cited to he and appear he- ;
I fore the Probate Court of Hinds county, althe
Probate Clerk's office thereat, on the first Monday of
February next, on the 3d day of the term, then and ;
there to answer the petition ol" Jacob F. Foute, your .
Guardian, and show cause, if any you can, why the :
said Guardian should not at that time hate his final ;
account with you as such Guardian allowed and have ;
a decree made thereupon accordingly! j
Witness, Hon. A. L. Dabney Judge of said j
l. s. Court and the seal of said Court, this 21st j
November, 1S03. G. B. DOWNING,
November 2o, lt53. .ol-dOd.
1 f.t;
' I-antat.-m tur
. county, li miles Irom
sale; it lies in Rankin
Jackson, 011 the Brandon road. Il contains 3S5
acres, 125 thereof in a high state of cultivation, the ,
balance is finely timbered. There is a good dwelling j
house on the place, a large barn, cabins and other j
convenient buildings; also, a good garden and a line -orchard.
If desired, I vvill sell a large stock of cat- '
tie and hogs.
I also offer my house and lot, in the western part i
of Jackson, for sale; thercare 13 acres in the lot, ai
good two story brick dwelling house, line large cis- ;
tern und suitable outbuildings, srood garden and or
chard. T. 1". COLLINS.
.ugust 2u, 1S53. .41-tf.
L A N C A ST I '. U D I ST ft I CT.
Kx Parle, ") Petition for sale of
Minor Clinton, Exec't '.House and Lot, Laud
of Abram Perry, de- and Negroes; estate of
ceased. J A. Perry, dee'd.
IT is ordered, that the children of the brothers and :
sisters of Abram Perry, dee'd, la.e of Lancaster
District, S. (-., that were living at the death of Mar- ;
garet Per:y, widow of (he late Abram Perry, (which
was June 30th, 1,51,) do establish their rights before
the Commissioner 111 Equity, lor Lancaster District, !
S. C, on or before the 1st day of March, 1S54, and
that the Coinmis-sioncr do report thereon al (he next ,
Court of Fquit for said Distaict, (w Inch will be June ,
2Gth, 1S.3-1.)
The above order was made in above case, by the 1
Court, al June Term, 1S53, and the persons to whom
the same refers and applies, are notified to comply i
with the requisitions therein set forth, a failure to !
make known and establish t be relationship aforesaid,
vvill cause the estate of the Testator, (Abram Perry,)
to be distributed between those who do establish
such relationship and operate as a bar to tin se who !
do not. JAMKS H. W 1THERSPOON, !
Commissioner in Equity, (
Dec 2, '53. 52-3:n Lancaster Dist., S C.
Sheetings and shirtings, all widths and qualities .
Tickings, checks, plum and plaid liusevs;
Bleached and brown table linens;
Huckaback and Scotch diapers;
Napkins, towels, crash and cotton diapers ; ;
Fine bed and negro l.-lankets, and kerseys ;
Heavy boots and russctls; at j
Nov. 25, -53. A. VIRDKN-S & Co.
Jackonet, Swiss, thread edgings and insertings ; i
Flouncing, velvet ribbons, bonnet and sash do.; j
Kid gloves; silk, woollen, and cotton hosiery;
Children's fancy hosiery and shoes;
Bovs" and children suits, attached aud detached ;
Ladies' black lasting shoes, with heels;
Ladies" kid and morocco bootees, buskins, and
ties; At A. VIUDEN'S & Co.
Jackson, November 25, lb53.
A. VII? DEN it Co.,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes. II a. s and Caps, ',
Hardware and Oroccries, tine Brandies and Wins- j
key ,Ch iinpaigue and Cordials, Bitters and Schnapps, ,
Flour and Bacon.
Jackson, November 25, 1S53. ,
IOK SALE. A valuable piantation, four '
and a half miles west of Jackson, containing
SdO acres, 400 acres cleared and under fence, with
cabins for 20 hands, Cin.Mill, &c. Also, a good
stock of Cattle, Hogs and Farming utensils, with
Household and Kitchen Furniture, and a few likely
negroes. L. C. HARRIS.
Nov. S5, "53. -51-6t. !
ry Mississippian will please copy.
:"0 casks clear and ribbed Sides; 101) barrels !
mess Pork and Beef ; 100 barrels Harrison and
other Flour, just received by ;
Nov. 11, V):!. ' H. & P. II11.7.HKIM j
V U R large, extensive, and rich assortment of
f Books, selected Irom the great semi-annual ,
trade sales of New York, and Ihe most prominent !
publishing and importing houses of the United States, !
are now being received at Moreys', and are ready '
fur examination. ,
N. B. All parcels purchased, or ordered lor ex
amination, at Moreys', will be delivered with prompt
ness in the city, free of charge.
Jackson, Nov. 25, 1S53.
ALL KKC'C'IC have this day entered into
co-partnership, und are prepared to execute
all work, either in town or country, in their line of
business. They promise fidelity and promptness in
fulfilling all co tracts they may make.
Jackson, Dec. 2, "53 52-3m WM. A. BRUCE.
rp H E PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing be-!
I tween Yandf.ll & Bai.f.v, is this day dissolved ,
by mutual consent. The business will be carried on
in future by Dr. P. T. Baley, who is fully authorized
to collect and settle all claims due and against the 1
concern. Also, those against li. Yandcll as Drug
gist. B. YANDKLL,
Jackson, Miss., Nov. 30, 18i3. P. T. BALEY.
C1AUTIOX, AXO NOTICE All persons are
hereby warned, from and after this date, against
trading with anv peison on my account, without my
written order. ' STEWART McRAVEN.
Jackson, December 2, IS53. ."2-2t
"niIE Subscriber has on lianj and will le
I constantly receiving a good stock of articlen
in his line of business, having selected them in
person, he can recommend them as the very liest
that the country can afford. His assortment cm
sists in part of the following articles:
Paints of every kind, dry and in oil; Wall and
Border Paper, some beautiful patterns; Varnish,
several qualities; Lindseed Oil; French Zinc,
white; (Jilt Mouldings for Picture Frames; (Hue,
several qualities; Japanned Tins for Signs; Sand
Paper, several qualities; Spanish Whiting, and
Spirits Turpentine. Heasksof the public a share
of patronage, and will warrant, anv article.
C. H." MANSHir.
Nov. 11, 1833. 49-tf.
1.YJ keep constantly on hand a large supply of
Louisville, Cincinnati, Philadelphia. New York,
and Boston Music, and receive monthly' packaoes
of new Music. Our assortment of Musical Ware
and Instruments will always be complete, con
sisting of: Win. Hall & Son's, Nunns fe Clark's,
and Chickerinjr's Pianos; Guitars, Accordeons,
Flutinas, Flageolets, Violins, Fifes, Flutes, French
Horns, Clarionets, Banjos, Tamborines, Triangles,
Music Boxes, Jews-harps, Tllnill! Forks and
Hammers, Capo D'Astros, Clarionet Reeds; Gui
tar, Violin, Banjo, and Violincello Strings; Guitar
Heads, Pegs, &.C.; Violin Bows, Bridges, Pegs,
Tail Pieces, Bow Hair, Rosin, Piano Stools, Min-ic
Books and Stands, Paper and Pens ; Folios,
Mute's Hunting Horns: and, in fine, everything
in the Music line. Merchants and schools sup
plied ou the most liberal terms.
J G.i J. B. MOREY.
Jackson and Canton, Miss., Not. JI, IKi3.
HAVING just returned from New York, I am
now prepared to exhibit, to my numerous
friends a large and choice siOitk of
Rich fig'd plaid and brocade silks;
" chameleons, all cohu s; flassdo.;
" reps ami armures, crepinetts, nationally;
bl'k watered, plain blacks;
rhnlics and poplins; enib'd silk robes;
enib'd dilnine rol-; emb'd merinos;
" French and English merinos, all colors;
" ' " " delaines, "
" neck, hat, and sash ribbons;
" velvet cloaks, mantillas and talmas, vary
ing in price from $10 to 100;
" emb'd crape shawls, from $12 50 to S'100;
" embroidery; real hoiiiton lace collars;
" mates and vaiciicicnne ; "
" hoiiiton and valeiicienne cheinizettes and
" emb'd linen cambric hdkfs:
" hem-stiehed "
" " trim'd with honiton lace;
' l'rench work muslin collars slid sleeves;
" cheinizettes; transfi-r work;
" Swiss and jackonet bauds and flounces;
" emb'd infant's dresses, &.;
Plain and plaid linseys, and cloak lininf?;
151 k and fancy oas-imers, (lioot patterns;)
(Ireen and black cloth, for ladies' cloaks.
Li ' Particular attention called to my ltirjre stock
of Men and Hoys' Clothing, India Rubber Hoots
and Shoes, &c. K.M.AVKRY.
Jackson, November 1, IHo'l.
C"1ARIKT1NC;S, Ac Imgram, ply, Hrus
J sels, and Velvet Tapestry Carpetins; Tufted
and Chinese Rups, 1, .", and 6-4 Straw Matting,
at Avery's CarjKtt Ware Room.
Jackson, Nov. IS, lsij.'l.
T? I . OIL. CLOTH, 4, :, ti, H, and 1
,vi(k., at E. M. AVEKY
j;l()ksoMi November IS, lsVl.
and 13-1
oils, paints, select powders, and all articles
usually kept bv Druggist is now complete.
A large stock of select stationery, school books,
Diaries lc."4, Aic, it.; 111 store, anil at low
w prices,
Nov . 1H, "53. ity .1. S.
"1 I'l. AT I N I'.S of all liimh
for sale by
.Nov. IS, f3.
Jl'ST opened, a lare and full assortment of all
kinds of Carpenters Tools, w hich we will sell
low. ii.iv 4 VIirriN(i A KAPSLEK.
To the. Marshal of the U. 8. for the
rioutlu rn District- of Mississippi :
VTOrf an; lutitdiy re-quired to adjourn the
J. Circuit Court of the I'nited States, for the
Ninth Circuit, and Southern District of Mississip
pi, from the first Monday of November next to
the fourth Monday in January next, and of such
adjournment five public notice.
("ivi-ii under niv hand, this 2(lh dav of Oclo
ber, A. D. ls.VL " S. J. C.HOLSON,
4S 11. Judjjc U. S. D. C for Miss.
"XTTIiriTNi; i. KAPSLEIl have just received
V a lanje and well selected stock of goods,
consisting of Hardware and Cutlery, in all its
branches -China and (Jlass a large and beautiful
assortment of d rot-cries, all kinds for family use
Wines and Liquors, the rery best Plated and
Planish Ware, rich and elegant Cordage, Oil,
iVc, ivc. In fact, every thing any body wants, to
which they invite the attention of their friends
and the public. Nov. 4.
Fletckeb, is opened for the reception of Pupils.
In this Institution will be taught all the Branches
of Litera(urc usually pursued in (he most popular
Institutions of our country, embracing the elementa
ry and common English Branches, Natural and Exact
Sciences, Belles Lettres, French, Spanish, Italian,
and Latin Languages; Drawing and Painting, Em
broidery, Wax and Worsted Work, Music on the
Piano and (iuitar.
Tuition the same as charged in schools of similar
character in the South. The present session will
close on the 15lh day of February next.
Mrs. Fletcher's ijualitications for teaching have
not been surpassed if equalled by any lady in the
United Stales, if unsolicited testimonials from many
of the most eminent Professors in the United Stater,
who know her well, may be relied on respecting her.
She adds to these advantages, thirty years' experi
ence in the school room, which eminently qualifies
her for training l!ie youthful mind.
By order of the Board of Visitors.
Jackson, Nov. 25, 1S53. 51-3in
T(R SAI.IC- Will be sold, on the premises, on
Monday, Ihe Gih day of February, 1851, 1,200
acres ot valuable land, in the county ol Holmes, and
State of Mississippi, lying tour and a half miles south
of the (own of Tcliula, 600 acres of which are clear
ed and in cultivation, with a Dwelling House, Negro
Quarters, Gin House, Barn, Slables, &.c, t'.ercon
being the upper portion of the tract known as the
"Gamewood Plantation." A, so, Sixty likely and
acclimated Negroes, thirty-five of whom are w orking
hands. Also, The Mules, Horses, Cattle, Hogs,
Wagons, and Farming Implements, about four thou
sand bushels of Corn, and a quantity of Fodder, on
sai.l place.
This is a highly productive and improved place, a
healthy location, and within four and a half mile of
navigation by Ihe Yazoo river.
The Negroes will be sold in families.
Terms of sale, a credit of twelve months, with
approved New Orleans acceptances, and a lien re
tained on the property.
For further particulars apply to Mr. II. C. Adams,
on the place, or to Mr. W. or D. W. Adams, Jack
sun, Mississippi.
December 2, 1653. 52-lds
TCTST R lit' 131 V HI Ov er 3000 rolls of Wall
" Paper, yvhicli we offer at small advance.
Window Sash and (Mass, of all sizes just tohand.
Fine Pale Cherry Wine; the liost Brandies;
Stoniaok Bitters; Holland Gin, Ac;
All for medicinal purposes; now in store, and
For sale, by J. S. SIZER.
Jackson, November It, 1S5:1.
"VTKIV IIACOX Sides, Hams, and Shoulders:
jL a large supply, just received bv
Feb. 'J5, 1853. LANG' LEY y Co.
"T NDER and by virtue of a certiin deed in trust,
I J executed by Joseph Spengler and his wife,
dated 3d January, 1S52, lo the undersigned as trustee,
to secure Wirt Adams in the prompt payment of
certain sums of money in said deed specified, which
saiil deed is duly recorded in the proper office in the
county of Hinds, and State of Mississippi, I will, on
the 2d Monday, the 9th day ol January neit, within
the hours prescribed by law, expose to sale, at public
outcry, at the front door of the Capitol, in the city
ot Jackson, in said county, to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following valuable property, to-wit, lyirifj
knd being in thecity of Jackson, and known upon the
puunc maps inereoi, as l.oi a in square I north, and
part of Lot 1 iu same square, and Lots 5 and C in
square 7 south. Such title will be conveyed as is
vested in the trustee. D. W. ADAMS, Trustee.
December 2, 1S53. 52-5t
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed in trust,
executed by Joseph Spengler and his wife,
dated the 13th March, 1852, to the undersigned as
trustee, to secure Wirt Adams in the prompt pay
ment ol certain sums of money in said deeds speci
fied, both of which said deeds' aie duly recorded in
the proper office in Hinds county, Mississippi, I will
on Ihe Second Monday, the 9lh day of January next,
within the hours prescribed by law, expose lo sale,
at public out cry, at the front door of Ihe Capitol, in
the ci(y of Jackson, iu said county, to the highest
l.Kl.lor I'm ,--,.h ,1,. r,.IU.;. ,UI
bidd er. lor Cash- the followinir vainahlA ner.n.tv 1
viz, lying in said city of Jackson, and known uoon
the public maps thereof, as live acre lot number one
south, or lot one south, live acres, and being the
same upon which the Brick Cotton Factory, built by
aid Spengler, i situated. Such title will be con
veyed as is vested in the trustee.
Dec. 2, '53. 52-ot
L,. V. IJIXtirv, 1 riitee.
rllHK most readable and beautirul or Am:''1
...d English Books. A met .plendid or-
ment of recherche Gift Abti-e. Juvenile uooaa
and Toys in the greatest abundance.
Dec.'l6, 1S53, t J. G. k J. B. MOREY.
Jackson and Canton. J
ISS HALE'S School will re-open on the first
Mondav in November.
November 4, 1 85: it
roit ot mis', col. ns. MitoMiiiTis. citocp,
The valua'., le medicines in.o.e named, are not eu,,iri
ml. hut arc nr.'.:irr.l i'. a -re. 111. lit with the cu rl.-nrr
ol the must learned and ju.lirioiis practitioners
not scrn t liirllu r ll an i" 1 -r:ir lo proli .- I lie
, mid E rc
torS U Hi! lllOSP I.O ll-C II Pill III" 111 ,S- MlHl illlJiOsI- Hl.
lis Iln-con,iil.i nl ,ar;s l ave li.-i 11 mailf know 11. 'M
HUM i n. i.v. fruiii tune lo nine, to pi rlmps
mm iMivsiciai.s:::
In Maryland. Virginia. Iii-tri. t ol i Vuui'.ia. Oliin, ami
otl.er pia.i-s. '.' uf ". m'lio,' a ttitflr rrrfitian
lu. vi' a Jiprov d el I l.e torn i.'ii. ai .1 liiosl ol II -iu ur know
leiifcp ll.al lliry aie tl.e lrt leuint it-. I loil lli-y have iv
er known lor tl.e cure nl t.,e it s- uses tor wl ii-li lliey nre
recommend! .1. Our confidence in li e excellence ol'lhese
medicines, nd.lrd to our ilesiie lo avoid t lie- just prejudice
nl II, c in. du al pnuei.si.iii nsiiirst n"' in. d Kiri nos
trums induced us lo adopt H i- raiidid lourse. We ap
pend a ti'w ol Cn; noli es we have received I ruin I'hjsl
cians, viz .'
t'ruM Dr. H'm. II. Virruir, of SmoiT Hill. MJryloMd.
Ctsii tMKN I liave fi cpientlv In n.v ira liee pieM-rili
ed )our finlili r's Anoilii.e I l.errv r.vpectoriu.i" und
'lliarrlm a Cordial," vv ilii cn.-it saiisuicl.on lu in) self,
11 ml to tU entire relief of such diseases as tlu-y proiess
to cure. I consider them liappv ronilii'iiitioiis ofniiiie ot
our nnwf valuable and satc.tlierapeulical nueiits and must
he of inliuiie worth lo II. e ali!i led anil mankind al lar.'C,
In liiruisliiiiz 'he incilii al proli ss.iui w i'.h iliese iictive
and roncenl rated pre pa ral ions, so convenient torndmili'
isTr::ti..n. and ol' st.i ii.lard iu.hty. loll hnve rendered
them an eminent service, nnit I culi do no less tluiii ear
nrsllii reconau nd lliese prcparation.s to prarlitioneis. nud
esperiallv hi Hie count rv, where (lie impurity ul roiiiuu r
cial Inn's is one ol Hie read's! ol stacks m Hie sueress
of the I'll) si. in ti .
Doct. W.!s. Love, writes tu ustl.at l e has ndininis'cre.l
the l.rirclor'int to his w He, who has I nd t lie Hranchitit
foe fu art ten years, and iJiatsheis lust rr-roieiirg Irom
her luiijr slainlfn? inalmlv. Il I us in a few weeks done
her more itood tluin all liie reuu dies she bus licrelolore
u&ed ui.ilt-r tihlc iiiediL-nl counsel.
prvttt iJr. II. '. If ort hivpli'U, l.tiuret, .Mil.
"Alter severn! uiniiti.it usti ol your l-iipcctoralit holh
in in v o-.i n f.-iniily. and in general practice. I a tu run
riruied in the opi.iiuti expressed ol'it, wl.en i r s t iiuule nr.
qiiiiiui. fl with tl.e recipe. Tor one I Ituink ynn lor so
i on vk Nit nt ami iliii.m a pre pa i at ion ol W ild Clierry."
from ti. flc.-nj, M. D. of Hoin"ii-et Co , ..
Ilei.tlemeii I have used inmiy of the d-t'erent Clierry
t!pect,iruuls. and I do assure you Hint yours fur exceeds
any t hare eter tried "
from Dr. J . It. JluJrr. of Kisjirlou, Talbot Co., Mil.
'Having examined the component paits oi' '.s(.(i.er'w
Anodyne Cherry Kx-per'oraM :' also ot'e'tntders iiinrrtura
I'oiilial, and having used litem in practice, 1 feel lio
hesitancy in recuiiiiiiendiu tluiii."
from J II. Marsh. M. D. Hmt Co., Mil.
hsve made free use nl' uur I li.irrlui a Cordial, in my i
Taiiiily. It ivr me iuiii-U ,le.isnr.. to add iu testiiuuuy
to Hint lt others, in luvor oi ils ettiriency, t
From Samuel Martlmilale, M. It. L'hesapeal.e Cilli, M&- I
"I liave niiicli pleasure in nddiiij: my testiiuuuy in la.
vor of your valuable Cherry K.xpectorant. I have, alter I
an exttnsicie use, found il to answer all my expectations.'
'-o Dr. Dan'l. If. Jnies, Somerset Co. Mil. I
I liavp given yoar Klpeclorant and ili.-irrh.ea Cordial,
n l"nir Irial. mid am ileliif bled wilii their etlecls, never hao
img hail them lo fail in a sinulr iaslunce. I slmll take
pleasure ill recoiumeudiii them.
We have heen favored w ith a written certlticiite, cheer
fully eiven Ity numerous Mt:nic.n, lii.uiileuipu in .Maryland.
Virginia and Ohio, which alone should convince the most
doiilitinj:, that these lire rciilly "Good Mciln nu s ;" ulier
statiiiz that they arc acipu, iiiled willi the rouiiuisiliiiii of
belli Hie Kxpcctorunt und Cordial, mid that they hi, vend
ministered Ihem to their pmienis, they testily "that (hey
a rc remedies of if rent rtatve, enfe. efficient u nit trcll tcorthu
of the palrnniicc of the I roli'Ssiini mid Hie I'liluic, that
they are more reliable than nny other proprietary medi
cines with which ive are hctiiaiutpd." A:c.
The n' uve notices uf reroiiiiuendal ion I'rniu lupiiibers
of the Medical Knciilty. IMiiiruuiceutisIs of high stnlidiitr;.
and Mirrlnints ot ihelirst repcrliilulity, slinuld le suf.
ticient tosalialv till, tl at Hiese luc.lir iiu-i are worth of
trial by the nttlirted, n"d that tncy lire of a .lillercni
stamp and class from the (luarkery " and "Cure Alls"
so much imposed upon the public.
See the descriptive I'nuiptilrts, to t,e hud gratis of nil
who have the mcdiriiu's for sale, rouininiui! recommen
dations from Honors Mirtim, I'alikki,!., Auihkok,
Pavnk. Hasdv. I.ovk, Sc.
l or sale by l)riigj;isis. Apothecaries and Country (Store
keepers eenerally, at ti e low price of Fitly reins per bot
tle, or six bottles for K II. H'l'A I'l.KK .-. CO.
Wliolesnle l)ruBii. Importers of KiiL'lish. Frenrh and
(lerinan Drugs, dealer in I'miits, Oils. 4cr., li'l) Hrntl
Street. Baliimorp.
Sold in Jackson hy J. H. SIZEIt.
and hv Unionist eeneralli',
M.iv '','j;i. ..'.'Hlf '
T'HR i!vriF.iisin
KI, having heen
duly aipointi'.l Agent
for t he ale of t hint rill v
CIVK, woulil respect
fully invite the atten
tion of l.arlif and prac
titioners ol JarkHon
to tl;e grnt-
epa Hint linn
ntti'udeil ii use s hrr
ever introduce.! , ami it
happy iiiiaptioii to the
cure of all the diftlrc
ius .1 isensi'S for wtiirh
it Uolferi'ri; l-einj; those
iuriileiital to t he resppr
talile iV'iimle. u-lieili
er married or Viiurlp.
a nil usually kiuiwii liy
tlie name ol l-KVIAI.i:
COM 11.. M NTS. Ol Hiese Hie I'noi.hpscs I'tpri, or Fa II
liis ot VVoiuh; flour Allms, or Whiten; Chronic Inflam
mation anil ricerntioii of t lie U oni'1; luci.iental lla uior
rliHiie, or E-'lootliui;; rainful. Suppressed, and I rri-piil ir
Menstruation, 4 with h II the ai-rompa nying cvila,
ICaiicer rxi'Ppted.J no iiinltrr how severe or of how loiij;
st n nd i I, ir .
Tliat this C ATMOI.ICOX i in every way worthy of (lie
ronl'ult lire of Ihe Hltli. tcil as a Hurrcuslul, sale, our) rhenp
reiuertv, is vouched Inr by llip fart of its havinir n-rcive.l
tlie approliatifin niui lineral pnironnjrpof iniinv protntnrnt
niPiiilH?rs of tin- MEDICAL rACULTT in tl.e
Cnitpd PtatP; Mini also hy the voluntary test iiiioniaM riv
en in die pamphlets, from I.Hdishiul riiysii-inns of Dip
jilier rsptirta!iility, asccrtiiied liy tiie mos( salisfnr(ory
anil ority
This prepsratinn Is not a "rurp nil." hut I Intended px
prpsly I'or the ahnve naiucil rompliaiit, so very fti,trpp
ins in thpir i attire ami roiisc,iicnrcs. and which Imvr
heretofore resisteit IlipskiM and exertions of the most uc
rompliiOieil Pl.ysicinns of nltrouutries. tu n dt'irree l.eyouil
that of pcrhnps any other malady to winch the. human
family if heir.
TUB I It EM FATS, ns certified liv liiah mc-dirnl nu
thority, (re pnmphlcl.) are ALL VKCKTAHLK. anil are
not associated with any article untriea.lly to the animal
P. H. FkckhaM M. I . 1'tira. X. V.
I.. II. Kmimiso. M. 1).. Cahniiilniipia, N
, Y.
l y . rooTK, M. !., rivrarup, N. y .
M. II. M11.1.S. to. I).. Korlirsler. N. V.
I'rol. Hi sin, M I).. Ilaltiuiore, Aid.
J.C. Okki. k, W. O.,
VV. W. Kessa, M. 11. .City of New York.
W. Pkksi ott, M. I . Concord, N II.
Painplil.li ran l.e had ir rails nt our Htore.
Y NUKI.I. t I1AII.KV. Ilrusitists, No. 1. Clienp-iile,
Jackson, flliss.Fole Aiecni.. Also sold l,y Himki, C.
Lti. us, Itaymoiiil; TiiOMrsos tin , Ys.oo City; I, nil hy
most of the leadinr Uriisgisis in the t1 e.
Letter addressed lo Mr. Ilench. of the firm of "each fc
llrownsoii, A;euts i,t Newberry C. II., H. C, l.y Kcv. C. H.
, Ueard, of same state.
ilLtcxH Srmsos, Jan. 9, 1H5.'.
Mil. I1k. h: Sip." send for an.ill.i-r hottle of your
MarchiiiV I'terine Catholicon " My wile liu i.eeu afflict
ed for eleven years, tin, I a variety of men ns lias bi-en re
sorted to for her relief, hut none was ohtainPd until I rp
ceivpd this iiiPdiciue from you. Its iiifltienre seems nluiost
liiHCical. 'I'liere was a manifest improvement from the
day it was taken. As there nre a creat many lemiites
in uur country Inhorini! under tl.e artli.-ltou for wi tch
your medii-ine propones n reuiedy. I feel it a duty lo re
coiiiuiPi.d'it to all silrli.
try- J. R. Mri Hint's 4c Co., Proprietor..
Central lie pot, 314 llroadivay. New York- j
CALL AT Messrs. Kcarn, rutiniiii &, Co., Mr
Win. II. Allen, Mr. K. M. Avery, .Messrs
Langley &. Co., and Messrs. A Yirdeii i- Co., a-,
buy a superior article of Soithfrm Cssrk-
manufiictiired at the Rock Island Factory,
lenlitiri county, North Carolina. .r fabrics
The manufacturers guarantee that'iiners.
and colors will give satisfaction to, CKIF.K,
CARSON, YOUNganufju-turors.
Charlotte, "V. C, Sejit. 9
orth of Watches and
1 IIWKLRY.-10,'l'o onr former larrje stock,
Jewelry in additit j q j. R. MORKV.
; -t received by xt'i '. Nov. '., 153.
. . J ,1011, -l ls?i - ,
Jackson and C
The undersigned is permanently
rv imivv;,!. Messrs
It ,VV llilzlieiln of tins
loeil". i would lie irlad to see his old friends
ci,r'Jstoiners, and where is to be found the most
a,"i.u;v- tc.ck of Goods ever offered in this
e"-",.... ...,.i t tl.e most reasonable prices. Come
jjiarkci, "" " y p JOJVES,
Jackson, November
, .,IV(i VI I W V V f I? V
-tr-r Avivn Arna the last week added a very su
H penor workman to our Watch nd Jewelbt
m u v j ..tnonta. we are now enabled lo ee-
euMwork wilh deapatch. J.C. k. J. B. MOREY.
Jackson, Dec. 16, 1853.
"eRFUMERY of all kiodu t
Dec 16, -53. MORKY'B.
il IJ&trL'-' ,'.'ld vicinity
P.-JtrP.XDX;- Vw-JK-OHymtt mer
x. ii, imkki:m.'s
Celebrated Orlfilual.
. .V.1 cir. .- i St a
rv . f Jt 1 v v
ifaLAtt ADI
KSTABL1SI1KD, 1 8 4 4.
77p qi nninr can uliray be known by Ihe name, "Dr.
W. tl. FurrelV Arabian Liniment." All other
Liniment by tliin name, are connttrjeitt.
The Arabian Liniment
Is used upon the Human System, with unbounded
success, in Rheumatism, Gout nnd Palsy.
The Arabian l.iiiiinent
vvill cure Pain and Weakness ill the Back.
I lie Arab an l.iiiiinent
will cure epiii.il diseases, swellings, sprains, nd
'I'lic Arabian l.liiinient
will cure sore fret, ship hati.is. corns, and wrli.
I lie Arabinn l.iiiimei t
will cure mumps, Irostcd parts, and swelled neck.
The Arabian l.iiiiinent
will cure sure throat, sore eye; and headache.
Hie Arabian J.iiiimt lit
will cure burns and scalds, wounds and fresh cuts.
The Arabian l.iiiiinent
will cure snake bites, and in .my cutaneous diseases.
The Arabian Liniment
will cute contracted cords, Mill joints and neck.
'Ihe Arabian l.inluicnt
will cure neuralgia, looili-nchc, and ear-ache.
The Arabian Liniment
will cure pain in the head, tirrast and side.
'I lie Arabian l iniment
will cure sore lips, biles, tumors and wens.
'I lie Aiabian Liniment
will cure swelled and painful breast of females.
The Arabian Liniment
will cure or relieve nearly all nervous or lullains
(orv diseases.
The Ar tiian Liniment
is adapted to all constitutions.
1'lie Aiabian Liniment
is a blessing to Ihe iilllicted.
The Arabian Liniment
will render perlt-ct satisfaction in all cases,
l-'nr Horse ai d Cattle, Ihe Arabian Liniment
will cure sprains, bruises, windfalls, and swellings.
The Arabian Lliiiincnt
will cure galds, cuts, wounds, and scratches.
The Arabian Liniment
will cute sweeney, founder, and poll ii.
The Arabian Liniment
will cure, colic, holts, and all iiillaiiiations.
The Arabian Liniment
should be in Ihe slore of every dealer.
Grand Depol, 17 Lake Street, Chicago.
The true and Genuine Arnhian Liniment is sold
by J is. S. Sizr.H, J cksom; P. II. McGraw, Natchez;
.1. Wright & Co., N. Orl.-inn; O.O. Wood nun b Co.,
Yickhburg; I'arker k Thornton, and Hell At Wilkin
son , Brandon; and by Merchants and DrucK'sl" gen
erally throughout (he I'nited titteaiid Canada.
A large discount made to dealers, prices uniform,
and terms liberal. Orders addressed to W. M. Ksr
rell, Chicajro, 1 llinois, promptly answered . 19-ly
November IS, 'S.i.1.
inii uim:at im:mi:dy !
For Ihe cure of White. Sivtiliug, Sure I.ecs,
Piles, Teller, Scnifulous und other Tumors, old
and fresh Wounds, Ulcers, Hoi It and Su,tlinf;s,
Inflammation, Snake liitis. Scald Head, Snraint
find Unit sis. Burns, Sure Breast, .Ifziie cater, and
cases of rising on Ihe Hip Joint and other dis
eases where a cooling and healing ointment is re
quired. prkpabki) ovi.v v R. V, C IH'OOKS, u. n.
C T. Mann, Ch. mist and Dniiroist, Yazoo City,
yfent for the State of .Mississipjii.
kom li kko Mios., July 2?d, IHjI.
We t lie iimlersiKned do heri hy rcrlilv tltut we have
used llr. 11. K. ('. Iirooks' Msuic llenliiis tfislve in woiiip uf
the UiseiiHi's nhovc mi-ntioiied. and Itierclnrc take piessure
iu '.'romuieudiiiii it lo the puhlir as n sale and viiluiitile
J. . Proves, M. . Iloliertsiin, J. Y. Hook, J. W. Mor
gan, K. C. Wilkinson, C. I. I'iii p, und J. II. Low.
Monii.B, May, H-fA).
Fir. II. F. C. IIrooks lipsr Sir, I hsvp llip ptesauip of
traiiMiiittinir Ihe ninuiiiit due ynu mid permit me lo ,
that 1 um under many otUipHtmliM lo you tur tlip MiMtnc
thai your Mselr llPHlinj Hh Ivp I tin heen to me. Yon know
when I .n.v you in Jackson, thst it wss with ditlirtilly
that I could sit up ill my riirruir', owing lo I lie .liuiitioit
I was lu wiih the Pile. I applied nur riilves directed,
nnd. ni. if hy magic, tiie soreiip.. slid pain whh removed.
The sivelliui: soon led. nnd I .'uMiire ynu that I am mm well
ns ever I wits. I must nny one w nrit lo thnse srilicted w- Ith
this the most truulih-somp of sit rnitiiaiutM.lhl yuurs
is the Lest mid sureit remedy now eitant. 'iurM.
F ARV : HF.lt U Y ol.MHTKA O
A llll.l, Mi ,t"ept. fith. lr.'iO.
I do hereby rertify that In April Inst, a negro hoy of
Hit in raiiiiht on tire nut! hefore ii could l-e ettinsuiphrd.
I,e iv.-iM liurned lo n hlisier up tu hi. liipM, that I iiumedlnte.
ly cHlled iu ine.licsl aid sod coniinued lo u.e every exer
tion tu save him, hut mil lime seemed lo do nnv food. In
this .dilution lie liniipreil fur iihont three nmiith. and a
hull, when I was pt-rmiiulcil to procure I, ox of Dr. tl. 1.
('. llrooks' Msi'lr llenliuu r'nlve, n ml used It a. rorrilnif lu
the directions. It hud li e most liuppy erli-rt In draw ing
on l the Inlli intiou, and tiinir up a mont heslihy rin.
lit I iuii where It wns npplied. I l.eheve il to he the list ar
ticle fur turns rver orii-red tu the puhlic To those who
stun il In in ert ol a salve coinluninc the prdpertips uf rniil
inn and heating I would reroiiiincud the above Ihe best,
mildest and cheapest remedy eitant.
J, Kaiin. Mi , April 3d, Ifit.
I tiprel.y certify that I have used lir. Itronks' healinf
sal vp in my laiuily. and I ci. n say w ith a truth, that from
tlip raseM in which I luive tried il, I think il is eiiisl tu
anything everjotlered lo tne puhlic. T. K)S y it .
AlTII.Lt Co. Mi.. Aug. Illlll, riyj.
Tnthp nfflirteil ami their friends I would say thai I
am ruiifuleiil thai llr. Ilruoks" Mealing Halve is I lie hist
thing ol the kind I Iimvp ever met w Ith for drilling uh pre.
I have ui'il cm the moot aggravated ruses with uiiparal
leled success, nud take plenMiire in rrcoiniitPiidliig it lo
IIiomp who Miami in need uf such no article, and say truth
fully that I would not hp without it for ti n limes its price.
Jul KS.IN I', RISK, I.H., Nov. IK',0.
Dr. IIrooks Sir, I luive tied your Ylaitir Healing Halve
ns directed, nnd I hnve the pleasure of sini ing to yon, ihul
ihe piiiiettt cm whom it was used, received immediate re
liel. I would say one word to those who are ultl. i ted w ith
Teller gel a hot or two of (he a hove itniued salve and
use II. I am confident there has never heen anything to
eiiiril il. J NO. C. (.RAY.
That after suffering for 91 ears with TetlPr on my
hnnils, nnil having exliatisied nil the nirnns rerommeitded
by the most emluPiit M. IV., they were cured hy Dr.
Brook. I called on him w lu u my In nils were riiawn up
and rriivled to so great nu "Vtent, tluit i rmiM not use
tliPin hut thp l.lood would lenvp an impression on what
ever they cuiiie iu coiituct with. He pre.cril.ed for me,
and to my grrnt sal islaci Ion, my hands arp now pprlpctly
sound, and since thpy gut well, I can go through the rain
and cold without their chapping in ti e I. list.
I have also us. il his Magic. Healing Halve, und in justice
to real met it I snv thai I am rruilident ills the lest I hi
of the k Inrt ever ottered. I have used it on cuts and 1,.
and I know that for luiriiaMioihing ran equal It. lire
one douht.i the truth nfihis statement, I with th-nout
a in i in- mv I. amis und try the Doctor's salve, aq 'tltl, plu
lliev will he conviiirPd that there is no V'fT.KR
i hese remedies, (iiven under my linnrt ,.'. Vi,'
d. of fphmarv, ley.'. A A ' ,'""
Late of ."'. I'-. I'-''-.,
ccordiincp w ith my
'"'a short note. I hae
Mr. II. F C. nRooK. -tlPitr ij d Bnd ,r.
promise. I now proceed to ilo il,(orm you of the result,
used your Magi. Ilea ing .,, , ,,rm.ur,d it are now as
mil melusay Hint I nut T,,ev commenced healing in n
Those indolent ulcers, iltrd in ,,, place they were eii
ound as ever V'.''v.eive my IipsI wishes fur vour Imure
slim t time, and In r . s.VV. rAKKKs.
tirely healed ur
success- M Firrer, tilgMv resipital lp Minis.
'.VLv'i'i l inircli. :ipr having u.. d Dr. Uruok's
1 lie lip- HBV, ,ls family, tnthp mnst aggrnvuted
i Hore Kyp; I"" i""" " w aimementto
r "iviiile.'nt LotiisviilP. Ml. whiclt he lias rpported lo
in a teller dnied replenirwr 15, 151.
Win. M. Knrrprsavs your Magic Hpaling Halve la
Utevpry thing for H..r. Kye. Ho
worsl crises. Rei-ctiillly J. I. Mill IK.
vox Male hy D V. I.vIpp. Keymond; J f Hir.r Juck
.on John A Thomas. Brownsville; and hy Druggials and
country Merchants ePiiPrnuv.
T TAIUAVAuJS. A coinpieu; uKsorttuciii
X I ol Ihe be.t rpi.l.ty .t Dec. ) BROWN'S.
. - , t
"KA! TKAl! ! Ilnuws Iiim a very lurg
assortment, bought ol the importer, wnicn tie
warrants to please. December M, IHoj.
1T Ktf CitI)" lie to cull the attention
of otir old friend nn.l customer to the fact
that our Stores are filled wilh the Newest and
most Fashionable C.oods. Among tne roou jusi.
otx-nea are
... . .. 1 -...:11., r.f oil e..l..ru-
c;ioaK aii'i .'n"i"i'" ,
Black Brocade Silk; Illackt'ras tie Lyons;
lilack C'ras de Rhine; Brocade Chameleon Silk;
Small checked Silk; Lare plaid do;
Plain Klazed " all colors; Plaid raw do;
Brocade for Evening Dresses;
French Merino, all colors; I' rench D Laum do;
American DiLains; Alpaca; Hombaiines;
French and Krifrlish CrapeR; Ditto fr A ells;
ill .t reduced orices. IL Sl V. Hiuhitisi.
niIs"ANH I'lHTOLB, Slc Double and
G Mangle barrel Gun. Coif. Reater. Rowie
iTd Hnntimz Knives. Shot BelU.owder Haak..
2iQT. 11,

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