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Sauk Rapids frontierman. [volume] (Sauk Rapids, M.T. [i.e. Minn.]) 1855-1860, October 08, 1857, Image 1

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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Yolunw, aad will hml in every reaped the aoperb
®f*‘ Jtorianaiaa*?meatfly pftTwb-
Yd. V will caatoua a new MLfeca portrait, executed
an' afetel, aa wm a* (MnrjnH p bia residence,
tebb, aridala, be; ~ lb awtr to five tbia work a large
ciceaUtifß it wilt be eold at the low price of 91 50
WORE THAN £300.000 SOU* IN
MJ EXPEDmONi'i* now being read by more
tbaa twd hwidieb t bowed porsom, oM and yonna,
Jk U ji»a» tbe book wkigi
amaaU bo owned ana ireqd by every American. SOD
W* War am ns bare'eßeb proooqawd it die mod
rt—rtrablr and a»rtoVineiw«* ever nubtkbtd.—
Th*F*«w* Jownal* *>d the mort qiatinguUhed
anew** of Europe are extravagant m Ita praiae. It
la Wore interewingthan Robinson Cue soc • being
a fidl acoaoatof privatioM aad bawUbgpd dm tat#.
»Ure of' which ewnofebo read aolb*d torilffiMiO ■■>
Oar moot Eminent Mpnh**e vjed with each other
la extolling iia nierita.' TWo vole., octavo, Superbly
■lHaaniad. Throe Hnndrod Engrviaga. Price R 0
f| HE United States GrinneU Expedition t«*
M tear Aof Sir Jokn Franklin , during the
Jfeara 1850 —*51. A peraoml Narrative by EUU
Kent Kane, M. D., uTs. N. On* toUmne Bvo.,
apWaida of 6M pagea, eontaingOOO Steel PUteaand
apd Wood Engravinga, including a flab Med Portrait
tetnUjr diatiact flaw the aeeaad Aiv)tie Expedition,
and etnbraeea imacb valuable aad iatoreetiag matter
never before, published. It akoold be OWnad by all
wbo have purchaacd tbe Uat Expedition, a* it make*
Dr. Kaoa’a works oouplato '
Tnkawfraw Life by Brady of New York, Price $5.
PREPARED by 0»b Aathor, and • embracing
eH hie Expeditions. Faperbly Illustrated
with Steel Plate* nod. Wood Oita, engraved under
tbe 'immediate Mperintendence of Col. Fremont,
•wUy ftem Daguerreotype* taken oa the apot, and
win we issued in a style to match IV. Kane’* work*.
It wilt kite contain n new Steel Portrait, being the
only aorrerl likeness of the authtr ever published.
Two votamea, Octavo—ss,oo.
BYREV.DPfcIDDEI l, of the Methodist I
Episcopal Church. By Rev. J. Dataller of
style with the superb volume* of Dr. Kaae'a Aictic
Exploration*,) i* tbe joint effort of the above •named
ttawthsmeo, who, an traveler* and asmissionaries,
ham and varied experipßcn■ 3n> jmtab|l, rim—cial
political or moral print of view. Price RMS
.-W rfßb frAawgi»rAvtjiivra».« >.& .>./■
ffklHi£a,W<iuphonifftOa.,l«, Wimarwt.. Beaton. I
Hew f Y**k>:? and . Cm,. 48 Main St„
Cincinnati. 8. G. Griggs aad Co., 11., Lakeßt. ,
Chicago; ni
.--dl;.: ■ : .oscl 'mfo'ipnbff art *baal
fewdfe ANITB ClTY,i(Wwwdin Uwdakmdf lr
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I ofdhaSarfwb hiafet*alagppßrtmi» ! Mkafikd. 1 ’€ai»
* ’ (milmml aad aacaaa voa.aa flaa •laiaßsaiM
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an intmsfi naOMOw q pjf- Tj ao ooa otlm
OlVjEaiaauf F,9 mGE*,B
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ak**Vvl2* ni t iMnrtfflftl
Awb btAtrr^imcKVt)ssmskw* os nourWAC-^s^Kifi'iiA-.
■nH.ISg j 1 . I v...mwuw r . l ,U | .mu. *w »W,,mn. a to '»■ ■■ "M■ 'W W"TP? ’~l ■ I U,'i '"" ' ' .. 4 \ \ 'i<\ 1 ■ .
%*m* M&mtf** ■< l
T Jirruv !,• i AND GENERAL "
land: agent,,
WILL attepd to baying and aelliag Lands,
Town Lrii, aaftlng or renting Hoawa,
Collecting Debts, and negotiating
on Commission; drawing up aad taking Acknowl
edgments of Deed*; drawing up
Pre-Emption Proofs;
CKMKcBttK Claims at tbe
kuid alt athcr business whick may beentraated to
kin care. AUo, for sale to Actunl Settler*,
20,000 ACRES
of the beat Farming and Timbered Lands, situated
a bag the line of the Rail Bead, from St. Paul to
Crow Wing, besides a. Urge amount of fine
4,000 acres, near Sauk Rapids—price from s4as2o.
ROOO acres near the St. Clouds—price #• to Rf§.
lit acres two- miles from Little Falls—pricegfi.
1,000 acres a«wnd Little Rock Lake—price @B.
000 acres on the MiatUsippi River, just above the
mouth of LittU Rock Creek, and one miU above
Watafat—price ST^O.
The last two tract* mentioned, coaid be divided no
as to make six er eight splendid Farms, each having
prairie, vroCd, water, and.meadow.
6 Improved Farms, near
Sauk Rapids, ak various prices. 50 Lots in
Russell, Wood, A Gilman’s Addition
.. To SUmlg. Rapicim.
OFFICE in Sank Rapids, fur sale cheap.
Information given gratis to new cofaers who wi*h
lo make
Nearly all tbe above described Lands were care
folly selected at an early day, near the most important
points on the upper Mississippi, and must become
very valuable. Some of it will be sold on time—tide
good, j Fpr&rther particulars enquire a* »*» 0®“
Sauk’itnpbls. July 10,1857. MJ
-(ltßttkl Sank
•miklg. Rapld«,M. T-,
'EITILL >rito*d to tbe payiHknt of Taxes, sale
will fled U to their advima^e
Pre-emption papers «C tba shortest possibU oo
t«y, amLat totes which will suit tbe pre-empt or.
dOor to B O HmnOn’s Banking
Hnase—Business hoars from StoHA N aad I to
W A Goranfe', Ex-Ctovemof ofhfimUmta -
esMMikatesiSti *
\ WaaMoaktin «Sd£ .Odtenk; HBboi* / ,f
$ -'V
i , h ' ■■ {• V■'■ l' Rife - -
i It! <kiiun
F !M>w*hßtitoAftiwwlwrtiig!CT
’ SAUK put., ,
.•d the pa.Btw.X.oß op : fift.*p«t ,bkfor* the
jLaad Ofico. liaving bad n nxpermnee of raore
titoM-’feac ytoirk ak IDMaitoir sf iIU Vi *• Land
. UliU. 4-$* Sfni
(Latx LteumY.’** L*t» Ofpiok,)
, —.ladoil i«ot w
snii. KsVAVa waoaa*,
>; "“‘siwtietwßs. mir'tYa: *>■«■
i »wawtytfwf»ij[ r lOI< v m
baslness to kmebawm, Will attoad to the saU and
Ucatioa sf Load Warraats, % Uanim of money,
Emm* Am,
Sfty- otria?. v;
IMMI mOMts WIN 09 PMIIiWWI #9 p®* ™n* pw MH-
Stiufjrdfee pfipllip »apwii#>wMiNPMitito
Bawl JuX ii.-tj. ...ri.n iii
iUdi >
t PR—ibsyhartihar uWnaartUyfasHU sdstamiiiato
h ikaa ,wi#B obin'j «ki i V'iiv'm ■ ,****.
, i^.^Kpßpig,WW, « ,
wvi»lfllfg || CsWte» aad Mtotiw Bttfosp
’ urvtusßM cvcitv TkentDAT Bonirmw tr
SkoKißAPtot.i Brwvdiv Cb.j Mtirtrkaota
1 adveEtisSing Rates ¥
One column for one year ...... . . .sfßo 00
One enldiquftft)six months......i 40 00
>*- »BSaSS»W3S!?::::: «*S ;
Snlf a eolapn for siptpaatbk-v •» *® ;
nlf a column for three months... 20 00
tknarter of a Column for ohb year 15 00
3nsiHK»s Cano»—Not over fivplineK
, ■ oaeyesr, * ~; y :
Over 8 lines and under 12, do .
Over 10 end under 15 lines, ’do 10 50 .
One square, 11 Knes or less, l ias. 100
and tor each additional insertion, 50
Advertiseirs will be entitled to a change of their
advertisements twice a year. Payments to be made
half yearly. Yearly advertisers out Of the Territory
must make their payments half-yearly in advance,
and when advertising for shorter periods, the money
must m all cases nccompany the advertise neßt. Ne
abatement Rom our published rates. Special noticso
charged twice. • J
Pip copy, one year.............; .$2,00
Ten copies . “ out of the Territory, 15,00
Twenty eopieaout of the Territory.. 20,00
Strictly in advance.
Persons forwarding Clubs,should retain certlfl
cstes from Postmasters.
Saak Rapids, Minnesota, April S>. 1554
l-'l J JHggggggßW" WFffJf HUgSBg
ARE prepared to execute all baSiness in tHeir
lino with neatness and deapatch.
Plans, Specifications and Details furnished to
Office at Day’s! Hotel, corner of Broadway
and Warren Streets, Sank Rapids.
Sank Rapids, Feb. 28, 1857. 80tf
SIMON lairas,
Proprietor op clear water,
would inform tbe public that he is ready
to give clear titles to lots in that new hot flourish
ing town. He would further say »o all seeking a
place for a residence or to establish themselves in
aqy mechanical or mercantile business, to call and
tee their town if they are not satisfied with other
points they may visit, before they leave ibe Tertitory
in disgust. In connection with his other business,
he keeps the Ferry aero** the Mississippi, and is
always ready with a good careful man to cross men
and teams, at all times.
■MJMjmncmim ■
i erlMww'A"***'« waras aw w«w
r'li\ -u» Mtinl
(So cttiiin 'b w-'
! :t ,/ ;L ;J ; Dpalefh || ::: -4*- t M' r
Iron . Steel, Coat, Ane&t,
- BeUmvs, Waaoa Botes, Springs And * Axel s, ‘ 7
'-if ■M'pL e ment s,
: rr 's;Vl' xm 'h*Q i km »
T , AND . -
• iim .jjg-■yfaf.- ***<% .
P6rtßte4ri»t ) MiHS, : Flrif Plroßf iSkte
1 i; &c , Ac., Re.
WfiSm.w' r i * ** i 7 3ts u*f**~
. --trrutx ir‘f <*, -"‘"l e:: ,>.a» >
STmPAUL citf marble manu
, i -,;a • i y> 'n
: AZWItiH AWjEfrui* marble ;,
.saw -te HrfJrntfilftaa
country that they have jusnweerit. j *“ and
etki atithoir . manufaOtorjit upposito the Ptot Ofltoe!
made vrith their
balayofjh. wUlhp fUfed trictly a ngNidipg jto^yrtii
: mi»«|JUMTMK!
: IrtitKlflh fL .iHsW %>
,; 1 m tm^xntrf'Uimß, aa
1 ,rui tttM. siww <» Rn-AM Pi.«Mr
s nMbLiWbfiA H»asi Jjß.lt ARi-ttniooi
a \ JfST «ofisi|4if^s!Wl»rß#pU^»lllPA
| 'jii'?- 1n JftHMER .
• MMhrtS^4,. -
\ i wnifUri It P (t ■ r ' 9, { l ?'
brtwa t o® eyr il Y #<w|noD \
bu, pay
, .■ 'Ti
" Ttte fRPB TALC. <
J<V , y «•-• *> ? J:■ $ |i v •?•; £f. * >•’. J-i V f 1i •
Oifi cold windy morning, the. Inst'
«whdliy dFl>flcember, 1840, H halt-nak
ed man Mocked timidly at the basement
door of« Stiff aubstantfal mansion in the
city of Brdohlin. Though the weather
was bHtef ffveti for the season, the young
man had ho clothing but a pair of rag
ged doth pa tits j and the irhinains of a
flannel shirt) which exposed iiis muscu
lar chest in msiJjr large rents. But in
spite of his tattered apparel and evident
fatigue, as he leaned Heavily upon the
railing of the hrflenlent stairs, a critical
observer could noil fail to itotlcff' t coh
•cious air of dignity, and .the marked
traces of cultivation and refinement in
bur pole, haggard countenance.
1 The door was speadiiy opened, and
disclosed a large, comfortably furnished
poem, With its glowing grate of anthfa
cite j before which Was .placed a luxu
riously furnished breakfast table. > A
fashionably attired young men, in a bro
cade dressing-gown snd velvet slippers,
Was reclining in a soft Jauleuil, busily
reading the morning papers. The
beautiftil young wife had lingered at the
table, giving to the servant in waiting
her orders for the household matters of
the day, when the timid rap at the door
attracted tier attention. Shecommand
td it to be opened ; but the young mas
ter of the mansion /replied that it was
quite useless—being no ope but some
thievish beggar; .but the door was
opened, and the sympathies of Mnr.May
wood were enlisted at once,
H* Come in to the fire/’ cried the
young wile, impulsively, “ before you
The mendicant, without exhibiting
any surprise at such unusual treatment
of a Street beggar, slowly entered' the
room, manifesting a paioful weakness at
every step. On his entrance, Mr.
Maywood, with a displeased air, gath
ered up hispapersand left the apart
ment The compassionate lqdy un
wisely placed the half-frozen man near
the; fire, while she prepared a bowl of
fragrant coffee—which, with abundant
food, was placed before him. But no
ticing ihe abrupt her hus
bpod, Mrs* Maywood,, with a clouded
rv nrr> *• :r ■ x™ •
She then: ran hastily up the richly
mounted staircase, and paused before !
the entrance of a small laboratory and
medical tibrary, and occupied solely by
nj&iir hbsband, who was a. physician, and
inrpctical chemist: She opened thd
dbor and enrered ths room. Mr. May-
was sitting at a small table/ with
hiofiead resting on his bands, apparent
ly in deep thought.
“Edward,” said the young Wife,
gently touching his aim, r * I liar I have
displeased you ; but the nMrti‘'looked 8o
wretched, I could not bear to drive him
her *weet ; . voice Gambled
,as she ndded—” you, kpow, I
jgaorattmhl to-day, t
Mary,” replied the really
r fthd hwflhartd, •'** f appreciate your mfc
tirffo.^!4 f ?kno# it is pure goodn/ss Of
heart which leads you to disobey i me v *
but still I must insist upon my former
commands-—that no beggar shall ever
ftfeyoat safety that T insist upon
'How deeply you might beiiirtposed upon
in ray frequent absences fatm home . I
shudder to think. TM mao that is now,
below may be bpt a burgler in disguise,.
aOd already in your itbsehce taking im
pressiens ia wax of the fdiflerent keyi«
bolesSa the' toora so as. tm enter raomo
night at his leisure. Your limited ex
bLwM4& 'T]'
ji“l4 uiay Wniiuif’> reepondffd
Maywood, but it uenu wtclted not jto:
aMt the
! Atthio m^nr4heS^vaMi^ppedrt- :
tfldfltif at door, "cryingourtiidt ihy
'• bi»lr<r‘ wffff floinffi' l j b-'ogfees '(!«««.)
EdWffrrf, ymi/skill can iitfVff
i wm f l*kffow,” i«M hiff wfR hifctffbifm
fVem iM room. " gmiidt \t. > ,tnni*m
to his professional vanity, for We * imme
■ arid uftjrimsfftou*
|hw harirtbpjpsd lih. his wWohnehe4eoai<riie
chair, Mrs* had fqated
l closed eyelids were bordered by long,
® mm *ife
square masshie dhiff diOplalrrff> ‘iiiomH
uhe dead ?” asked the young wife
"** Oh, Ho ' It is only a Minting fit, in
duced by the sudden change of temper
ature, and perhaps the first stage of
starvation,” replied the doctor sympa
tbixingly. He had forgotten for the
moment cold maxims of prudence,
and added, *' He must he carried to a
room without fire, and placed in a com
fortable bed]**
The coachman was called to assist in
lifting the athletic stranger, who was
soon carried to a room in the chambers,
where the doctor administered with his
own hands strong doses of port wine
sangaree. The’ young mah soon be
came partly conscience, but ail convers
ation was forbade* him, and he sank
quietly to sleep.
** He is doing well } let him rest as
long as he can ; should he awake 111 our
absence give him beaf tea nnd toast ad
libitum said the doctor professionally,
as he left the room.
# ■# * # * #
In less than an hour afterwards Doc
tor Maywood and his lovely wife entered
the gorgeous church of “ the most Holy
Amid the hundred of fair daniea that
entered its broad portals, dressed with
all the taste and magnificence that abun
dant wealth could procure, not one ri
valled* in grace and beauty, the orphan
bride of the rich physician. Her tall,
graceful figure was robed in a violet
silk, that only heightened by contrast
her large azure eyes, bright with the
ftirtre of youthful happiness ; yet, there
was a touch of tender pity in their
drooping lids that Won the confidence of
every beholder. The snow y erm'ne
mantilla which protected her from the
piercing wind, rivalled, but could not
surpass, the delicate purity pf her com
plexion. Many admiring eyes followed
the faultless figure of Mr?. Maywood,
as she moved with unconscious grace up
the central aisle of the church, but none
with more heartfelt devotion than the
yduhg, way Ward, but generous hian who
had recently wedded her in spite of her
poverty and the sneers of his aristocratic
acquaintances. ,
ThVstalelv organ had peeled Jts lgpl*
rich botes, Which were still faintly echo
mg-in the distant arches, when a stran
ger of venerable aspect, who had previ
ously taken part in the services of the
• alter, rose and , announced for histpxt
\wh oft-quoted, hut seldom applied,
words of the Aposfle: *‘l?e not forgetful
to Entertain strangers, for thereby some
have entertained angels unawares.
p.r r Maywood felt his forehead flush
painfully: it appeared tq him for the mo
ment that the preacher must have known
of his want of charity toWards strangers,'
and wished to give him a'public lesson ;
bathe seen saw, from the tenor of '• his
remarka, that pif own guilty conscience
had alone made .the applicationip,,
particular case. 1 have not .space, nor
indeed the power, to give any synopsis
of Mhe sermon; hiiU that- it, ; Combined :
with the incident^ pflket tnohiing, effect
ed a happy revpjqtiou ,in the mind tpf fit;
least one of its hearers. So much so
that oh tbe'refdfn’oi Dr. Maywood from
choree, he repaired at otacd th the
of the mendicant tb offer stieh attentions
as • he. might stand in, need; of*j But -the
young man seemed to be much refreshed
By Vest and nutritious food, and com
menced gratefully thanking his host for
the kind attentions? he had received,
which, without had saved hislife.
But I will recompense you well,- .for
ttiand God, 1 am not the beggar that 1.
jadflhr. I shipwrecked on Friday
night/in theOdean Wavfe; on rrty retiird
ftom Ipd<a,. My. name whs doubtless
SHlb M t
from tfie waves by a. miracle. l.Mx
tahifited tir tnAkb rdV Way to'ffrew Ufora,
Wihwra.i J.i baVe ampfe" rdndd V bank
swatting my orders, but ! must have
pushed:ifomcold and? hunger had it:
•Mt w#r wmi m r s*gVqprpn- 1
repqfsqd from ey*ry,
'as an impostor, and c o'M get W»- •
itlilStf Tohe an exlUr from
oner native land idn l heft, after
eptetpigg from tfterperibiof the ocean, to
: “Wfhaifie fi Arthur WUliett,” added
the strangdr.m ! ' , ‘ i
3*«! Wbjfo- sbatA» my i wife's ? family;
name. #h9,Y i VtJMi ple*sed, 9 atl
ed iiki«rh r . v " "
»»tnttflfe#«t«»TO the town of BlUj
• tk»frt/ • lf *‘ ls s * I *’ !]
, ’At thh «iqment i Mrs.Mif#dbd Writer-1
ed auifrised kftfe
' look of the
' «it dihnrit’bffkidt 4fnnbt Mith
“What naihfhl
, MiVwib#. kSitVd^’^ddressWi^.
|i tWH«hJdftf%lofhdr enhdtfct.
•*- -r. •- u: AJEbatM
irtg deeply, “only this stronger is the
image of my longJost brother, Arthur.”
And Mrs. Maywood, overcome with
emotion, turned to leave the room.
“Slay one moment,” pleaded the
stranger, drawing ft small mourning
ring from his finger, and holding it up,
asked if she recognised that relic ?
“ It is my father’s gray hair, and you
“Hisfoti, Arthur Wifletf, and your
brother.” T ' ’
Mary Willett Maywood fell upon the
mendicant’s breast, ' Weeping tears of
sweetest joy and thanksgiving.
“Doctor Maywood retired from the
room and left.sistor aikt brother alone in
that sacred hour of reunion, saying to
“Be not forge.ful to entertain stran
gers, for thereby some have entertained
angels unawares.”
Shooting Affray in Canada. —The
St. Mary’s * Journal’ of Friday says—
We understand that a difficulty occur
red yesterday between a young man,
name unknown, and one of the over
seers, named Mclntosh, on the London
and S», Mary’s Junction Railway It
appears that Mclntosh had discharged
hi) old man in the morning. Immediate
ly sifter dinner Mclntosh ordered one of
the hands to do something about the
siding, when a son of the mail discharge
ed, called out, “d—n you, we are not
slaves,” and came running at him with
his spade, swearing that he would split
his skull. Mclntosh told him he dftlnot
speak to him, at all, and commenced to
make out his discharge, when he was
set upon by all tho hands, Mclntosh
backing nil the time to. his coat which
was lying a short distance from the cut.
As soon* as he obtained his* coat he got
his pistol, and presented directly at the
heart of (he young man. Some one [he
thinks the v »ice came from the pit] call
ed to him not to abbot, or he would be
sorry for, it. Mclntosh replied, “
can I do ? I must defend myself,” and
immediately fired,altering his aim so that
he would hit hirn about the legs, being
unwilling, although suffering Trom pain
from the wounds he-hiinsolF had receiv
ed, to kill his enemy. The hall struck
him in the groin, and lias not bren found
by the physician, and in all probability
he will die from the wound - mortifying.
Mclntosh was then set upon by a num
ber of those in the pit, and beaten in ft
cruel manner, till, in foct, it was tho f t
lie was dead I :wh*tt all hands took to the
woods, when they returned and finding
their victim where they left him, they
took away his pistol; Mclntosh it is
thought will recover. (C. W)
Examiner , Senf.TT! ,
, - ■*« y.
Reflections or Marriage.—The
leading features in the character of m
gohd woman are mildness, complaiaaiice
and equanimity of tamper. The man,
if he be a worthy and provident husband,
is immerseditva thousand clt res. His
mind is agitated, his memory is loaded,
and his body fatigued.. He returns from
the bustle of the world, chagrined, per
haps, by disappointment,, angry at per
fid jou s WQple, and lerrtiied Jest bis un
avotdablp conneqtions r sbould make him
appear perfidious himself Is this;yhe
time for the wife of his bosom, hi#
eat and most intimate friend. In add W
hisvexations, to increase the fever of
an overburdened mind by a contentious
tongue and a discontented brow? Bus
iness; in ifsbest state, is full of anxiety
and turmoil. Oh f how' dear fo! the,
memory of man ia the wife who c'otnetr
her face ; smiles', who wees gentle
expressions, and who makeftber hpaoA
tb receive and hush his cares to rest
There *is rtbit W nature so fascinnsting,
an hftjecUft the faithfbr. tender 1 and
fectionftto wife. or* iti *«d
Fatal Acot»E»f%rpr : *th6
VVfevTfcßNßoAD.—Last eveningabout
ll4i« laborer mametk
.John Connelly, employed op tpe, gravel
train of the Dubuque Western Road,
fell off one nf the ebrs when in motidoV
anjd \k* :ewhale tiUtn of I|jloaded cars'
over him tattling off, botbfegft’
above the kneep nod
macompamons lit iney were
hiftl to Ins home in the lower end oftown r
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: young m«n : vd
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