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Sauk Rapids frontierman. [volume] (Sauk Rapids, M.T. [i.e. Minn.]) 1855-1860, February 18, 1858, Image 1

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Sifc,flp *> r," life,!' *■"'« f- i-ME' f#4 Wm~ms. SSjbi*
»1. j a ,nlv.i Mm* ~*• ■•*** w&pm* * m s , *'«■&& .vsw|«>lw f I r'Pl' *4' aw*
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tj»t« ftaOetvdrlXUfCed $M to Land djlßoe,
Attority at;JiW i (^fleral%s^||gp
-MM :'of &r* KmptiaM proofk 'fbit «h»*ttm»*<
mnd )Ite Proxkcotkv*, or. <X#i£ta befar* ih
Q*r«. " ***** WP «* MptoW*?# «trt
«*•»•* WO»*fiMi>n I* tl»u4« *'k • •aiyC'vitide ifc-tlr fctt*
[email protected]
Sauk Rapid#, * 1 .-Wdq V
h ■ ,"' •
Attorney A !..««.** <• -UUicifrtr in
Rhi»»«w, \Lrt*w**.t. Tke ciillectioo i.Hely*, ua
‘ irtent «t rtt‘b«>< t &e.f roifeUy •ttemied to.
(Urt Rtonttit 0 ; . 8. Uro Ornery
,- i( i . -it. a AND <■■ ; ■„•) id ; b
SAUK RAf»H>S, MDL TER. * -.;
.; ~. '.'-T,. ;■>>;■■;■,■,,. ~ . ; ;. ,; . i
TThad :m of four year* .at
1■ ; ftsfcfator rtf me f U. 8. Land Office, ant
four year* wore »«Surveyor hi Mmtirsota, treats that
be rta-i give ; perfect •Miafoi’oon ti» those entrtMting
iMisinrea to Bis charge- Will attend to the sale an<j
location of Land Warrants, the l- aning of m »ney,
pariaent'of taxes, and' the pttrchsse arxlsale of Real
fertate. Perswt* wi-hirg to: make invest menu ot
loan money, will he guaranteed 25 per rent p*r an
ntirn. T - Preempt ion paper* drawn up for.claim
ant*,am) >lnim< proewfit«)befor* the Land Ofllce.
Sauk Rapitta, June 5,1887 t ’ itXtr. i
Genera’ Lahd Agent,
Baulk. 3flpS*t>h! P*** V.p
a»«Hj to th* wmC* °V : W»^ ,e
WY ,of Land Stc. '\v \
, . p R- E -E Mp r ORS wilf find it to Iheir
te calling upon him before going elsewhere si
prepared to prosecute contested Claim ShiU, At*.. *
otA Preemption papers at the shortest possible
t»e,«irf *r rates which arili #nh the pre-emptor .
PFIC’E next tlhoe *». E O Basking
hours ftqp 0 to 18 A M aod X I<>
* • ii-Et £ft in css ' :> <*
; WAGnrndm, *f kfaj*" ■so
H-Wlt WaHi «At Houd •' "■'->•?** *■■■ ■-*<'•*-
•«■»•» fl,A,W..>fc t 5 T
*;«( nll O' ltSti-d *■ ’• • M* *■ ! ’
Jerv mah Hu-setl. Sauk K*Cld* it[ ‘«f K
Saek-R-tpidt, i'dj A 5 IWr RRT
Geo! 'W.Wvrir. V 8* G GVft*w|Efu^
SW ‘ ET A CAltllTHpS,
Attorneys an! Lani ‘Agents \
.. ■ S.l UK RJtnm.B.:M.\ T., 1 .
Wtl.L 1 th-vote • tbeW ,aMentionr lo pretwiring
pa porn fur. <*laiuiiints for the j
4>tltrv «f TO FKV : SITES, and prwserthin*
1 ’iaiuis before the LaiKf Offiet). ’l*hev will 'iho
■buv ii,d well Land Warrants, pa* ,'Pince.Ac. / * i
G,mveyapcing done rni dhoet ■ B"tice—Copies of
the .Government Pint* constantly dn h>tnA tor
sai«. lahtf
Sauk Rapids, A»ga«t »th. IBST. ; i' f ’l
' mummMwmaa*^iad*nAim*ai*Aaw<dßAahsihliaians^
a a. sruuTlvANT.lProßriehir
■ ea* ; Bßis« M Aww i ■>" ./-£ \ j»»
j. c. BUHIUA'K, *
■ ":**pu #?# h - -
* f ■"■.']? * ■
THE Proprietor of thi* Express, fskes this
nr»tliod of ioforinin* the ioh;ibib<n»s of |H»*
Uprwr< Mi«siw»i|it)i, ihst hut lme is now fatty estab
lithe 1, amt that his n«* is bv Wafufumi t*
St. Cloud, Clearwater, Monlxcelh,
no, and Man mini «*».. Bi. JUnlhony 1
'' and Bt‘ Paul, and all iniennedt- ‘'
.' -7
.Passenger* taken on soasohhbi* ttenns )
of all ifoscriptions' Mifo)r tak*ii to their tfocvlifation
with mi delay t atlSndOn pditl to sli otdH's;
t «4lecti<m* msdi>, odd matters of hn-ideM Wrualed
t#W», mre will be carefully attended to. - *
Sauk Rapids, Sepf. .17, \llßffiL f yyf
iiortN e J #
ATTonip aiw:
t* bnsieews; puMiaiag u»
Ins pcofesskin. TalContetUd Glrnimt befate ths
- Lend 008* ; Drawing, up JPfrt EbufUm-Proof*
Ac.. Office in same betiding as Receiver’s
Saak Rapids, Aagnst Bth. IMHL nlOOOif
’.w.iT t Tj§MR MtxT)te& y:z
A ,l4*pem ind«itt«il wG. B. PAN. JIEBT.
Xm hy Afots or Am
mil *i tH gifarriiirt mrjmahtji ablife nw»n»> m
i ' . iH#o|;lini>ti.i..iauiii, l tit.'ii.i,.. v'i> fa;. <, r t-u-,1,1
, A^^WiVi-e
i:||iC|l|l«CT A»KI> BUILDER,
« finstsßuiiniii ~nrirl Itniaild fAniihad in
- rVTI " s. l js ■ * 7t< - * < tTT uia «m.
v call
- 4 '• Ml ft- '-.(d(itv.i-.-h ui yi'.T »ud.C- a 'tanO oiioivtaq' baa ..., . ■ •nr-illotHi v!>o«it4} S»s W’tiKk
|.; WffißfuMliftLliTßßlMflcilAlVTGS
. Tlwr (IWR,)
,: w»m«lb kn<iw wher» tagA. Thi editor
•peaking Gir ttvh hhnttsaiwb »netnpj<iyp|
* arpatid him, tAUW ge •omeirherriiniths
f vprif* «a«i »• awtioimto know wJwnfthx
f\ Jg»o-►»!»:- .V V-iibay rttiT .fwM
‘ ,f iit pife«»p*Rt,*fj|»« ti*yii, t
V fti*ge etnigraiton ft-om rrarGiepn Mod
l mifMl# SMteb in lhe if rifig. VhMMnm
i a mwier .‘bf *nm !: d
rti* taring «rHI «fIR» hrfrtybfotir raetthdf»-
' and rnamififduHftg operatiVe* oui oT
i aha frith M hope of tfriy
j thing bettter for some lime to come. A
gr**it many oihera who are occupied,
but b«i%ljr enough to auktatn themselves
ifi the cheapest manniir, will be ambitioua
1 to bettet their condition. A large pro
portion of thbse cliMses 1 willMbfuraHy
turn their attention to the West, Where
homesteads are cheap, and Where a man
may Boon establish himself so as W
make sure of a snppbfi fbr himself attd
family upon his owri land. It Will be
for IhOSe Who are likely to join the great
army of emigrants, to consider btsfore
luand whither thpy shall direct their
steps, Thefe 'are many considerations
thSt should I he taken into account by a
man who, to the highest welfare of
his family in selecting tbtiir future home.
f of fio «l «> desirable, but if
' v r malaria.
an 4 Attain to produce JJ it is
better to tpke land m a higher,
and more salubrious region. And where
both boil pnd, climate are satisfactory,
sometlines moral considera
tiona TouM induce * prudent New
to' * v Bettleiaents,
« a 4 pa«* by on ttii? .
*t*:*fam j
h AtS ’rifi ‘'f - ;,v VifK ; * I I*- 1 - } n *m -
s<>Cieiy t>f Blit iV *
iaWw which invire the *
Emigrant to Kansas rather iHhn MiSsou- "
ij would attract him to rather
l ' <4
hail either. Apart from the excitement j,
which btts advetiised Kansas ns a the- p
itiw .of uphilatitliropic e>mign»fi«.n, th t
f'.ountry possesses few qualities which ■
should recommend it to title New fing- f,
■ - !l s
Tl*e only arguhtent which its friends n
»MJable to addtice in favor of Kansas
is against -Minnesota, is that it has h
mrlder winter climate than the latter, c
• Rut this. Bo far from being a favor-., »
t»t4* fe.nture of the country is unobvim* *y
ißsadvantaue to 'the New Englander, 1
involving an entire and violent Cbattle i
in all his habits, and the necessity, oft- *
ep fatal jin .its coqseqvqncrs, of accli- ,*
(nati«>n under cUmafow circumstance*
widely different from those hinder which'
his cdnstitßiihu waß formi;d. The tkrr- c
a hie winds! which on theAtlflhticqoast, >
are saturated with the; ’
pcean reach here across the’ width of *
half a continent dry and of diminished (
lores. : iH - y- ■ d
It is not necessary in this |>lace to show *
why, but it is certainly the fact that with *
the same average d(i>an temperature as
that of New England, the climate of the. .g
groat plain of Which ldinnesota forms a f
part, is vastly more uniform thnn thit
of'any other region north of Ist 85 don g
this continent—and as a general t
of cpiirse ianot without its except ,*
tiops, •, ip .exempt from the midden and vie-> ‘
lent ehaogos to which health is exposed 'j
ip the The sdaW}
ration as in Mn»»aohuse4tsor New York. •*
Tbe aumaierS Usually warmer^than (
, h r ,hV #
riph ? o i ) Js.a omr* forward f Llian pi J
Nsp^i^liinAfAKAthevlenope f
before ihd end of and the
floats which hafeard ibe er pi of the faip- ,
iMVmm i# few. M* .ir ortr t
N ? W‘K%j«pdfta ) int ! j’i^ P
gusVapd art fc wcely ever
ItitoWn iaMiafoeaotatiU October.: Owing .
tb the modifying infldnnbes of its great t
Jr, ji
. . Uli H Js f-yy vj/<- p» TTm.:**
twwJMm f.
pnesosdi by 4hermometric«i indieationa. if
m measured by m J
m ten
dh and iho stuadinese the diri
m, w **tomjmsm*#*'**
m more than compensating for the few {
X dilfevrrtcd WtSSjMffK-fm
“*! randy falls to a X l i
in! ches, and usually covers the ground d
m f»ug the entire or rait
T: .to tn« entire period between Decernb
** 9& anfd : March Ist. In this clima
Id fetten-and ague never ocfeuf except \
igf M»fl; lowjboßqma which /ringc on »
'vmM bowda
e ' < jv&gu«d£trki' , Lp»4 ! .'
kßnnm^pr C oinposed bt persbiis* who
6t - *frtdn rhc%i
a. lands of Illin.iia and lowa
the dryer and; purer pir of.Minnca-ib
Among hundreds of such instance s pe
son ally known to tis, we knbw of nor
>s where an entire ‘Cure —even in consttii
,g tions wrecked * with , successive years ?
j sickness-—has ,nut been effected by tl
’ chan «f-; The , sQMt.hera §tp|ep r see
7 scores of its ague : stricken , invalids I
e Minuesota annually—and many Mirim
n sot iaos who went to Kansas in the het'g!
0 of i mania n few yea rs ag<
. have been cerppeiied by ili-healih to r<
0 turn to Minnesota. One great advar
e tage then which ..vj innesota offers to t h
it New Ehglander over Kansas, is that it
climate iiimuch; more congenial to th
constitntjMm.' Again, with a soil eqnt
r in fertility to Kansas, Minnesota is vast!
8 superior to Kansas in all that make
a the soil available for agricultural purpos
,f es. We have what Kansas has not
abundance of timber, distributed ove
the surface of the l>nitniy, and offering
f to settlement an unlimited: supply of *U
t nations which unite the prnirii
# culture with ihe protection of spleodii
groves of timber, or the advantages re
p suiting from the close proxipiity of int*x
5 haust.ibfe forests. ’ The. beautiful proyi
, doiice of nature is due to the ‘imihittMii
. off;our lakes and streams which Wetcl
r "Ul thr’ir arms all over bur Territory
embracing thrifty forests in their ttunr
sand forks, and protecting |ong fiirtgei
of wood oh ibeir murgiiis, in t|ie ‘nvo
f lutions of their wrridtno c <u s.>s. and ii
oiore HitiMides, Hiove of Mm
hes are* Hile# with peredirilil
Lonlies of w,:**v - <*«• rivers, in the
swiftness seem to \Unce
in the > xnrbeHih< <« >«bb «.vertbe,r
pebtrly bottoms'. The .puinber
of .these sttwnma, wjth ( itlieir v. v ood« d
fringes, and thy
water pfiwers along their courses, is'.»
feature peciiHar tif Minnesota! and con
stitutes an immense advantage over the
naked and aterless. plains of Kansas,
or the b‘H«ldless t low, unbroken prairies
of Illinois r|
Buf MinheSota presents other pnd
even more Striking advantages of situ
ation to the New England settler, which
Bull form the subject ot future discussion.
— St: Povl Jlirertisei. ! *
;';■ os trf'jl* l ! " f ‘i?*'***'• .-‘*" ' ..•»'*■ iv■ ‘■"i
fW* Here is one of B- F. Taylor’s
Vi-Tipß ** Ifit is not w t orih reading let it
af< he t l,i The printer is the Adjutant of
l’tio*ight,sand this explains the mystery
;of *be wonperfid word that can kindle
A hope as no sopg can—*-t.hat
cun warm a heart as no hope—-that
*we,Lwitb h hand, warmth
in it, for Jb« Aiilbur and,ihe printer are
Engineers together. Engineer- indeed!
When the Itttfe Corsecan homiiarded
Cadiz «t the distance of five miles, it was
deemed thf very triuinphiUf engineoring/;
But what is that paltry range to. this,,
whereby they bombarded the ages yet
. There at the ’case* he stands and
info pfne the forces armed W
5 trtiih, clothed iwimmortality and English
jA.nd what can be nobler than the equip
meat of a thought in sterling Saxon—,
Saxon wi«h the. ring of spear op shield
,therein, andHthht commissioning h when
wU are dead, to move gradually on td
“the latest syllabic of recorded time,”
This is te will a wciory froip deakh, for
\ The printer is called a. laborer, and
;thii drffilce is tuif ' Oh, ft* is
jwo# work, bur a aublitne rite bd is psr
formins>> whea he »Gius taights' Uie ehr
gine, that is to fiieg^w-worded truth in
grander curve ‘than missis We brfore
de*cii|}«d]—4ing. jt intpj te.jbosom of gn
age unborp. He throfrs oflT hif coat
indeed'; wd hut Wonder 1 the fSthef, that
he does BHA pet- his shoes from off 'hU
feat, for the plica whereon he lit and* is
holy ground. 4 -tV> .gi>Vwoh<vS- v.sL-. m'i' sr
. sontt, somewhpfe
lortg ago; it. wandered, through the twi
;hgnt 3 fmtoi a 'StAf; Vt died upon'
.life ‘ Bdffi tffe; |*rl<S#¥r ‘ it4^*
|whf re - iMtasi I ithetev indthe;, spkraßm
Jikep wcundfd bird!
wnew with wing*, and,he sends it forth,
from th. A.k. kimi'iMWAU'S.-kirf
A Wms on into ttii fidure the olive
brknch'ot r and erouhd m wM
wHb. dew*in| jMjtf
Spring morning." .i/.e m erii'fo a
y-j 4 * -
o* a*
emigSStwo, haa hut one: rival— Karma
Nsbiri|Mcai "viw mat thei questioo; tfi
i. n»Hgi|ff pHl6cta js : more desolate wit
iWRWWWNft tgwJWj pre^ie^dlw
and Jowa have assumed th
> ofs>ld fettled Staten. The.em
* mi
,f IffisJohuJ feffmgs have. XhwPfi
notwguplly belong: to her. The bat
o tie fielffhetween the hosta of freedon
« ani*^ e ®f: *h« bW.ha?
I Cfpwda to settle in her border!
_ andtake part ip the contest. Lea vine
f out rf *his advantage, she v
9 notate land natural for settlement b)
I Northern emigrants. She is below that
! line south of which enterprise anc
l gigktmfntal activity do not go. SJie i«
, Missouri and Arkansas, and is
• SjtjKpct!, fo those climatic influences
U J^ deplete men aridenervate nations.
' > a < >n ,h « border of the great Plnyis
! <s l # -P« rt 4 Ihe great
| viSltes of .untimbered, unwatered land
fut , ,,re ■V s Y*l » T r ? w «R,i Wd
1 rtjiose surface, however much they may
l» adapted for , a pastwHil population;
finelyd: to f ntsr |pto
•||ioh with, great, agricultural conitnu
. pities
»”rftv’.!' r- -u:< . . :••• ..ft
f j phe is moreover greatly cursed in the,
t iwprff of all inflictions, *// health!
We have lately seen a private letter
Ifom Topeka, saying, emphatically that
nearly a!) Lecompton, Lawrence, To
peka and Kansas .pity were “ down
with bilfoua Ht»d, intermittent fovprs."
have also private fr«un
Ohio, stating that a large. emigration
tWB iiR i>f ry n
were p' ep»r-i
wjß^vsymnvunWa;'''wartr' ~ tha ; :
opt rung. iTT spring. ...j ... V} -
t W h s«A!h«rica.i pcrfplp 7 msx>he carried,
KWW.hy excUeuient for ajime, hut they
cannot be permanently blinded to their
own interests. Kansas Will, undoubtedly,
aside from’ *U political influences, in
crease in population aad importa.ice in
common With the wholes.[great West.
vCi&hßt the emigrant aid societies and
the politic** iutorests which Si nt North
ern people th?rf. it would probably
haye been peopled.by 2 clhss similar to
the occupants of* [fewer M i.*>^ ,,ur ‘ an 4.
Arkansas, men #hh don’t rec«*gt7. ,ze
fever and ague as a disease but take
■ ■,. ■ ■ ■;„ s , ; P
their shake as regularly as they take
their brandy and water; men who re
gard the bowie knife and revolver more
essential ingredients in American insti
utiohsthan the sChool honse and cnurch.
Grdvernor VYa lXe ti just before 1 Having '
Kansas denounced the Southern wing
of the Democracy, 'represented in that i
Territory ;’ by such I people, as “sots, j
ruffianx aud aasassins.” terms
are rathor strong but we doubt noti l
-The/better chss of emigrants, men it
of intelligence and informal ion, when i
free - from excitement; and viewing J
things calmly, will seek a more north- ,
ern ktitude, and in Minnesota they ,
Will find a rich soil , a health reiving cli- i
mafe apd at least pight piilUons of acres 1
of uspre-empted lanClyipgi ready fpr
them. Oar pure oifiis at a tonic to mind
and tody, and inttesd of einkmg debit)- ",
tatedVilhferfite lelf influences of 1
disorders, our citizens all go forth to .
their daily tasks with a *vigor and clear
ness' df mind that 1 canhot but insure ,
mir success a people 'arid d comma- V
nityi .wwifTA antlfsll » ,
; Jfoicd& ihust * always prtt- 1
dti<*e^ ‘ >l ll revolution! j^nd ( the;
high-pressure which; hHS beSn applied ,
to drive populatibp into Kknsns, once i
wiiitdraWh! ds or iaier '-rhust'’ 1
Ije, by thb setifemeht of tKfl difficulties 1
through the tre.mhh of the Frte Stnte
people, and we will see ~ tjtat .treeless ,
fl hd hirf»Wf-»% its die
appfeirm'd'thi.Usaud-i who Wftf •
iiomes io morir congeuial climes—S/. \
Paul <Adv>rti»er v-„i
B»chj*hbU',i sdJO.dwfered,that the Pfi* ,
**Ef*iMW* awqrd,r oqgfesto 1
feifp sppkuu % good word in favor of the.
,** aoUsbra.^"'.-.-,,V. .• ? • -.j-Lf]
Sl; IT t2Ra«r»bSBKN» OODtf W »* '
h whoao iroest.ry * athttbout tofofatt
o Lizzie Slone, the only daughter nr t
£ miller,
. Lizzie was a child whom nwjwho
r , draHy,'*v«|y «„d intelligent. MifWf
L H l^*o •'wet# gent I# And MMffUfal
t « few yearsiblderiban herself,
weft* to school and to church L'gethi
end prricet agreement
»' j m, :*yw>'. vm*
, aflernood they had a visit from two ljtt
girl*, Weir who lived about
a mile distant. They had wild, joyoi
! Mn»e, t they played in the yard; iif t!
i barn, and all over the house. JVff
- Stone, Who was a kind, uleasant woma
. locked on and laughed, if ?he did n
. hrittgie ih theirsporti She got them 1
nice early le«%; trtiiiinlves : and whr
l. the visitors, after pup last merry gam<
were about leaving, she said to Lizzie
, ’’ “ jfour brothers will go home wit
Alice; and Celia. Ydu ' may go wii
then* H 8 far a# the mill, but be sure- t
*t<*p there, and . come, home with yot
father.'! * ;
As the cousins set’out, laughing an
IVolickibg along, Sfrti. stood »Vt th
1 little front portico of her cottage, Idol
ing after them as they went down th
km ;an
above all, what good children. the
Were. She smiled at Lizzie’s affection
ate Way of takingleave of her/ thong
she was to be gone so short a lone.-
Lizzie :: never parted from her mother
even for akalf hour, without kissing he
loVeingly, arid bidding her good-bye ih :
voice as sweet add tender as the cooihj
of a dove. Now, as Mrs Stone wen
into the house, she said softly to herself
4 • It ie nearly ten. years since G.od gav
me that child, and she has never ye
cVtised me a moment’s sorrow.”
The cousins played so much a long fh<
road, and stop ted so often to pick Sow
ers:aod berries, that St nearly darl
when they reached the mill., Then
yet so many thmgb to telt each other, so
many in vital ions to give,, so many good
byes to giyd* it was. no. wonder that-they
lingered awhile;
tt' Seemed that lizzie could not let her
cousin* go. She parted* from therri, ; iiri
her loving Way, so many times, that her
brothers; grew a little impatient, and
Gporge, the oldest, said--
44 Why, sister, I don’t see but that
Ndd land t Will' have to help you la yoiir
kissing or'ybu’lf never get through. ”
•Then Alitce and Celia; blushing and
laughing, broke a*ey f p<, m th+ ir c msio,
and ran fast down a little hilt towards
their home. . 'I he boys soon overtook
them, and Lizzie, after watching the
£.*oll p.a while; : and thinking how good
God iS’as to give her.such amiable cous
ins, afl I o^'jle,brother^,,.and such dear
parents to L’ve; .turned end went intoihe
mill. She fou.no ft and was al
most frightened by the dinjV inane, ami
by the darkness; for night was 1 fa«t
coming on. Site Catted > her father’*
name, and he answered, but the ma
chinery made so much noise that she did
not hear. 1 Thinking that he had afreadv
Btbne/ *he turned -to go home alone.—-
Sho t ook a way ahehad often safely
taken, "over the ghteie. by the great
water when!. But to-night she was be
wildered— lost her footing, arid fell on
:he Wheel,which whirl’d her doWn.crush
ing and tearing her in a shocking man-*
aerj It happened just at that! moment
ier $ father, that Lizzie had
tieen sent to calf him home, stopped the
nill, and began to search Tor her; Led
if tier Cries,'tie came to the 'Wheel and
;bere found what;had occurred, “ 3
44 Are you .badly hurt, my daughter?”
lie asked,,in great grief and terror.
4 * Yes fathetif 1 I seem to he aUcfush
?d tH plebe*, end* : ) Ttirtmof stir f but I
think 1 shall live tilltyou get me nut
Leave me here arid go for help.”
| Tji| neighborhood was soon
und many men hurried, wi h saivs and
axes to The miH 'But thev f hind That
inly one' of two ebutd Work at n time in
cutting awayn- e fAfoag, heavy thnbeC*,
*»# bp Wm
Lizzie bould/ie taken Bom the . .place
.here she w. h.ld io f..t, and Mi
m' 1 diti'atffuttyi and they said that to
move 'the wheelbackward nr forward
nigbh Mtt toff Wi «*#•««' i
1 m l *,■ 4 i*e
lien let down a tight into the wheel, so
IhWt klieTsoulJ poor child. Wheti
dm-i ahw liimtm’a Whit# l and
>leedina larati held! UxWard her, ah«
»hri*iked and bitterly But Lizzie
Miyd “p ... her .. S «Myi , nd
fully as she had ever spoken in her life,
mf#*dife ,r,io*rmnrt
in Don’t cry, mother t They will get
inn nut Mora Dug . keep upgood covr-
Igp, and nray An I* *d /or me.” t . j
Antf ao ffii continued to talk, hour af
ter hear, While the men kept cutting
j l sawing at the great timber* ; an«N
f ebaeyed pod comforted bar parent*, rad
r f;^ po °s bcot >T l r ho *.V, n m lO ?r
her r<m Very Tow and ?«-
i, dWtiuct*—tlien it ceased altogether ; the
ie looked down n nd. sail she bad
pnD|L and they spriukled ; .wgier UfPfi
i fifej. A? *° on a Vf l ?. rev,ve . < *« "be began
» ngkin to say comforting things, nhd to
4 heg bfr mother and hrothktW Wot to cry.
Wf Tihh said she did not snfier nd much patti
k as at hr#, and that she was sure .that
» l ;*®, K w«-,wr
g| was /nidnight when the lam timber
workman lifted her gently o'pf'anllaij
he rin her, father ’a a rifts. The paift of
rr being m<>ved caused ‘ the poor cpild to
i? ftgaiu, and she did not revive until
a *he hed been carried home. When she
9 her eyes, she frrUnd herself oh
b her own little bed; with her dear father
; and mother and brothers at her side.
, The doctor carefully dressed Lizzie’s
t wounds, and gave her some opium to
, make her sleep f but he told Hfer father
, and could not possibly
. get well When AeVrrartHhir dreadful
l words, Mr. Stone groaned and covered
i his face, with his hands ; and, for a
t few moments .Mrs. Stone leaned on her
i husbartd% shoulder, and Pitied. Tlicn
• lifting her eyes, and clasping her hands,
, said, “ Thy will,'oh | Lord, h«,
I dpne !” and went and sat down calmly
, by Lizzie’s side, and watched her tilf
she slept. - :
iSThe poor little girl remained sleeping 1
ihost of the next day. She would ofterf
awake and ask for water ; hot she then
seamed hardly to know where she; was*
or who was with her. Her epusins,
Alice and Celia, came to see her ; but!
she did not recognize them/Wnd’ they
went away, sobbing bitterly.
in- the nigpt, however, shfti.
awoke, and seemed better She knew
all ahoyt thetn, v gnd. smiled on - them,
hut said she must leave them, and go to
a better world Very soon. She tow Her
father that she wanted to hear him pray '
once more > and Mr. Stone »k'neft down
by her, bed side, ayid asked. Gop to iak*.
safely home the little daughter He had
given the mV end thanked Him for leav
hC> with So long. f ’ . V
• Llzzld' saiJ to"’ Hey-mother, 4 "*
44 Will yon just sing me one verse of the
hymn 1 love so much*, 4 Jesus sought
me ? U’ - l% r tried bnt she co’ft
not lor weepipg ; an«J Lizzie said, —
y NeVer f ain going there
is beautifol singing. Yet It seems to me
I .shall kear no voice as sweet as yours,
mawma. Whv do you cry ? Only think,
mamma, if 1 should live, now, how
crooked and sickly 1 should he. *L
mightvhe- a ’poor hunch-back, and give a
great deal ot trouble and sorrow to you
all. Will it not be better to bury up
this crushed body, and let the pleasant
grass grow over it, add have a new,
glorious body, such as the : angels
have ?” rr,i- ht-< ■ '
As she Spoke these words she smiled; •
and did not weep \ hut when, after- :
wards, she asked for a faithful house
dog, awl her pretty Maltese kitten, and
they were brought to her, she burst id
le tears; 44 Good-bye, old Bose f good
bye, Kitty !’? she said. 44 1 cry; mam
ma, to part from these, because I shall
never see thetn again : f>r they hay©
ho souls, pikir things ! But you and
papa will come, to Heaveu before many .
years $ and you, top, brothers, it you
are good boys.” .
A little while after this, she said, —
“Georgie, give my love to Alice and
Cefin, and tell them I am glad I kissed ;
them so many times last uight. Eddie;
take care of my fl iwers ; and boys,
don’t miss me too.much in yot»r f play.”
After lying very quipt for some mo
ments, she spoke again, and said :
“Mamma, am the shutters open,and
lids' the morning come very brightly ?”
44 No, my daughter.” her mother
answered, t! it rs snHd;;rlt night.”
44 Oh, then,” said Lizzie; “ it mvat
be the windows of God's beautiful pal-,
ace I see, with the pleasant' tight Whirl
ing through. lam almost there ! Gdod :
bye, marmrie, and papa, and brotfaere, c
good bye A*tdi wifht a smile spread >
h T ep , £ Lizzie out her,
arms, looked upward, and so died !
When IVizzie tay in tiejr ' coffin, that
smfld wks Hti lDe Bide atill-i
--brighter and purer thaei tka- white rose* ?
that by upon,,, her pittow—add Mtm
Stone tried pot fo let the tears fall upon
it ; lor she said, “ God has taken hack
a little angel He lent to me fcr a few ‘
years, and why should V weep for my
happy, happyichild ?” •
- -= n< it
&T An absent-minded editor having i
courted a girl and applied to her father,
the old man aaid .*
What tort of a settlement will jreit. .
oidie f* What ; Will jiin giVe her
« Give tier ? M replied the edilbntook- \
iogriip vacandy: 44 0 b, hdr*
faie tier,” replied the okLjpMm.

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